In perspective: Big BART Friday delay and other problems

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BART is back up and running after a maintenance issue forced the shutdown of two lines early this morning which caused major delays and forced commuters to find another way to get to work. BART has faced challenges and problems in recent weeks.

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1 Nis 2023




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P Gaven
P Gaven 2 aylar önce
Being originally from NYC i was laughing hysterically at that last bonehead's comment 🤣 . NYC transit is 1. Much more extensive, above and underground. 2. RUNS 24/7. 3. Rarely has these kinds of delays even when its snowing, raining, hailing or (mostly) flooding. I've only seen some delays when it had SEVERE flooding. Bart just needs to be privatized or funded through taxes like the NYC transit is. I know it would be nearly impossible for the latter and as far as how its structured and inadequate for the population...that should have been addressed when it was created 50 years ago...but I digress...we can at least get rid of janitors who make 1 million dollars and boneheads who weren't held accountable for their pee poor shoddy "maintenance" which led to this fiasco. 30% on time!?!?! I was laughing worse than Mark hammil's Joker..
Jeritha Butler
Jeritha Butler 2 aylar önce
Man, the public don't even care about airport transportation stopping flights for safety! You best best they don't give hoot about local transportation safety issues! SAD!!
William Diaz
William Diaz 2 aylar önce
BART needs to be ripped out and rebuilt from the tracks up. Starting with a computer system that not only doesnt fuck up every second of the day, but with a system that can run 24/7/365 service, has new platform doors that can prevent the daily "medical emergency" aka suicides and by all means DITCH the station and onboard train staff, they do NOTHING, serve no purpose other than to be in the way.
Ralph R
Ralph R 2 aylar önce
I used to use Bart since I would commute from Vallejo to SF. It was convenient since I could visit family in Oakland and Berkeley… but BART is a dirty hot, unreliable mess compared to many other transit systems around the world I’ve traveled to, and it’s unsafe. I’m also annoyed with how I pay for the transit system, yet you have many customers that jump and still cheat the system. I should probably do, too, but that’s just not how I roll… and it’s just frustrating especially how DIRTY it is. So now I schedule everything around the SF Bay Ferry! It’s a lot cleaner, the customer service is great, and there are even outlets to charge your phone after a long day in the city. It just sucks how it doesn’t run as late and I don’t go to the east bay much unless I really need to. I even take the buses in the city and have no issue, but BART…. Forget it 🤣
elguapo💰 2 aylar önce
Honestly say what you want aboutBart, they've been the most reliable source of transportation in the Bay area 💯
West Oakland d Lee
West Oakland d Lee 2 aylar önce
Bart is not only inconsistent but too dirty and dangerous by homeless!!!! And expensive!!!!! Not taking it!! Clean the bart!!! Get rid of homeless!!!! Then ask us to ride the bart!!!
ro pro
ro pro 2 aylar önce
Lol, only in California would a little rain grind everything to a complete stop. The rest of America is laughing at you. 😆
Rocket Boards
Rocket Boards 2 aylar önce
I work at clients houses all through out the bay, both sides, north and south. In 4 years at this job, I've never once missed an appointment or was late because of my car. Literally 100%. These guys are trying to BS their way through their jobs.
Awesome Aasim
Awesome Aasim 2 aylar önce
Driving in traffic is very stressful. At least on a train even if it takes longer you can be relaxed knowing that you are still moving.
MikeY G
MikeY G 2 aylar önce
Bart is crap now omg!
Awesome Aasim
Awesome Aasim 2 aylar önce
Some ambitions for BART: 1. 4-track express trains. This would largely be excellent as it would allow for double capacity and faster service for SF commuters, and more frequent service for inter-suburban commuters. 2. Loop service around the SF Bay. I imagine expanding past Millbrae deep into Diridon and San Jose and then looping back up to connect to Berryessa and Fremont. 3. Platform screen doors and sound proofing around BART stations and freeways. This would make these communities much more liveable and support development patterns that do not always rely on the automobile. Platform screen doors have a big safety benefit as well. 4. Expansion into the North Bay, providing a second loop around the San Francisco Bay. 5. Adding a BART line along I-680 that connects Walnut Creek station with West Dublin/Pleasanton and connecting the suburbs of Alamo, Danville, and San Ramon. This could also be four track express with Alamo and Danville as local stops. 6. Replacing bus service in suburbs with tram service or bus rapid transit so that would-be drivers can still get where they need to go. I believe there is a way to implement all of this provided that BART gets enough funding and correct management. Bogota's former mayor historically said that a well designed city is not one where the poor drive cars but where the rich take public transit. Even if not everything gets done, it still works well in everyone's favor.
Awesome Aasim
Awesome Aasim 2 aylar önce
@P Gaven Having something "free" is a good example of "tragedy of the commons". That basically means, given enough time, a "free" resource will reach the end of its useful life and fall into disrepair. That explains why American road infrastructure is almost comparable to that of a developing nation. Tolls cover the cost of eventually replacing the infrastructure, low taxes cannot. Cities then enter cycles of debt they may not be able to get out of and then have the federal government bail them out when they realize what mess they have gotten into. Also do you think that a private venture is going to run our services better? Do you think in the pursuit of short term profit that a private venture is actually going to maintain the road or tracks if doing so means that they are losing money right now? That is why we have governments maintaining these things; they can use the collective wealth of citizens in order to maintain their infrastructure (interstate highway system), while private corporations are limited to the individual wealth of a few to maintain their infrastructure (private rail). Tolls are just an extra tax that governments use to help pay for this.
P Gaven
P Gaven 2 aylar önce
@Awesome Aasim what are you talking about? Taxes pay for most of the costs for riding the subway. When there's shortfalls they raise taxes. New Yorkers don't complain too much...its just a better approach than San Francisco. Tokyo may do the same thing but their system is Privatized!!!! Whereas BART may get most of their revenue from tolls..the workers are basically running a racket at the ridership's expense. Side note: I nearly worked for bart and know many people working for the agency. I couldn't see myself working for an agency that has janitors milking overtime and sleeping in closets on the clock making six figures. I have ethics..my point is that if your argument is that transit agencies should rely on tolls for revenue rather than how the NYC transit does things..that could work however...to improve things to how efficient Tokyo is..they need to get rid of how things are and go to a privatized model. Maybe sell to Google or one of those local tech firms and be incenticized to provide service to the actual riders who are using the service...rather than using it as a tool to just pay the few workers who have no real reason to clean stations, not make errors on tracks, etc...
Awesome Aasim
Awesome Aasim 2 aylar önce
@P Gaven And you see New York has a real problem of fares not covering cost of maintenance. If they adopted a system like the Underground or Tokyo Metro or BART, where fares are by distance (zones) traveled, then they would be able to make service fast, safe, and reliable. Wait they already have that in place for the LIRR. The regular objection is "what if someone who lives in a poor section of the Bronx needs to commute to Brooklyn" to which the answer is having a discounted fare system for those unable to afford the cost of the full fare. That is the same objection about having congestion charges in Manhattan.
P Gaven
P Gaven 2 aylar önce
@Awesome Aasim well if you untangled all the separate tracks of New York City's subway system and laid them out in a straight line, you would get a 659-mile-long trail that, pointed westward from Grand Central Station, would end up somewhere around South Bend, Indiana. One guy actually rode the NYC metro all day and rode the entire length of 659 miles for 3 dollars!!! It costs that much to ride from McArthur BART to the 19th Street Station which is only a 2 mile stretch!!! Its a pure ripoff. And now I read that due to "weather issues" from the rain (it hasn't rained in weeks folks)..Bart actually reduced the cars from 10 to 8 on all lines and reduced some frequency...resulting in the abnormally packed trains during commute times.
Awesome Aasim
Awesome Aasim 2 aylar önce
@P Gaven Usually these capital expansion projects get a lot of funding from the federal government. Still it isn't cheap, and it requires negotiating with Caltrans and local residents. The price tag for this is in the billions of dollars, but it's well worth it since it moves more people per mile than a highway project ever will. Population is not a limiting factor for public transport, as seen by historic streetcar systems that used to run in suburbs in the US and the modern streetcar systems running in suburbs in Europe. BART expansion makes a lot of sense, especially since it will entice more people to ride public transit rather than drive.
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