IMPOSSIBLE SHOTS From Level 1 to Level 100 

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29 Mar 2023




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LuffyPirateKing 2 aylar önce
The moment when Steph made a backwards full court shot when trying to save it from going out of bounds was crazy bro. #1 play in NBA history
Zaza playz
Zaza playz Aylar önce
ikr everyone was yelling and screaming everyone was so happy!
Jett Fuqua
Jett Fuqua Aylar önce
Yes it is and steph is my fav player
Gaming with GSS
Gaming with GSS Aylar önce
Ok😢v zz 😊
Zachary Strabala
Zachary Strabala Aylar önce
Lolololol 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ruben - BS
Ruben - BS Aylar önce
It was just the thumbnail it didn’t actually happen
Bedwarsfan 2 aylar önce
every time dime uploads, he makes us happy
Shannon Reinheimer
Shannon Reinheimer 2 aylar önce
I agree
48kKayzz 19 gün önce
Try rebound
Bedwarsfan 19 gün önce
I watch him aswell
Urgelt 2 aylar önce
Really excellent editing here. Nice work!
TheGOAT123 2 aylar önce
Every time dime uploads it makes me so happy
Joel Tablante
Joel Tablante 2 gün önce
The another moment when the Chef did a magic dribbling against 5 clippers to kill with 3P was crazy as well and a #1 play in NBA
Curry prodz
Curry prodz 2 aylar önce
Dime you make these videos that are way to good the editing is a w keep it up man
Greatwhip_ 2 aylar önce
Dime is goated he is there when least expected 👍🏾
Beach Sunsets
Beach Sunsets 2 aylar önce
these shots are crazy. curry’s offense being his defense is even crazier
JammyFish 2 aylar önce
the screen flash and *whoosh noise when the ball goes in. dime, your editing is great 😂
Traci Husted
Traci Husted 2 aylar önce
Dimes slept on bro get this man 1 Million
Dale Glover
Dale Glover 2 aylar önce
Keep up that good work 🎉🎉🎉🎉
Lil_KJ 2 aylar önce
Bro this guy came up out of nowhere and now I’m watching dude everyday
jasperoni11 2 aylar önce
Dana Collins
Dana Collins Aylar önce
Not saying it should be #1, but Ralph Sampson's no look buzzer beater to down the Lakers in the '86 conference finals was pretty impossible.
contact contact
contact contact 2 aylar önce
Every video this guy posts is a banger
J-Flo 2 aylar önce
It's gonna be a good day when dime uploads
Waffles 2 aylar önce
01:25 The Ja jokes are wild 😂
B-Ball Breakdown
B-Ball Breakdown Aylar önce
imnotmike 7 gün önce
All the shots that he calls the most difficult are just normal shots. Jordan's last shot was a great way to end his career, but my dude, it was just a standard run of the mill jump shot from around 18 feet. It wasn't something crazy or impossible. He had even shaken his defender. Russel lost his footing and almost fell down. So it was a wide open shot.
Arthur Dalenogare
Arthur Dalenogare 2 aylar önce
what about that ja shot with a full court lob from steven adams? and the out of bound save shot by eric murdock?
Panda_Universe 15 gün önce
I love your vids man keep it up
fortnite giveaway
fortnite giveaway 2 aylar önce
Keep Up The Great Work
P B 12 gün önce
Being a Dubs fan, seeing #1 being Steph made my day hehe, tks !
Curry prodz
Curry prodz 2 aylar önce
Dime your the best sport TRvidr in my opinion
hanan huang
hanan huang 2 aylar önce
Y’all don’t feel better when dime posts? Edit: y’all don’t understand that this is a joke…
ZycloneYT 2 aylar önce
Curry prodz
Curry prodz 2 aylar önce
Dime you take a lot of time to make these videos the editing is really good keep it up man
Westboro 2 aylar önce
🗿 The Real Moai 🗿
thatboyjimmytheplaya 2 aylar önce
damn i did not know there are levels of impossilbe nba shots
I'mAShadowLOL 2 aylar önce
Steph curry be like: 🥱 Always bangers Dime
Seeing is believing. Once you've seen one, really close up, it doesn't matter what anyone says, you can never un-see it.
King 24
King 24 Aylar önce
Did level 20 still count as a full court shot
Giancarlo angelo Nueva
nice content❤
Lawrence Williams
Lawrence Williams Aylar önce
Curry has at least 20 shots more unreal than everyone up here besides Kobe. Kobe probably got 80.
saintly 2 aylar önce
This video should be titled “worst shot selections in nba history”😂
Ynniel Rodriguez
Ynniel Rodriguez 2 aylar önce
2 days ago i bought 2k23 i wanted FINALLY after 3 years of playing 2k i hit A FULL COURT SHOT with Pau Gasol🥶🥶🥶
Trm Aylar önce
are we not gonna mention the play where tyler herro wanted to pass to jimmy butler but accidentally made it into the hoop
Deep Pocket Monster Fan
These are weird and insane like when Kobe made a pass to himself
DubuDakah Asfwee
DubuDakah Asfwee Aylar önce
the thumbnail is impossible it would be the dumbest and best shot ever made
Chakat Nightsparkle
Chakat Nightsparkle 2 aylar önce
You are missing ALOT of Levels. I mean you did lvl 1. what happened to level 2,3,4. you went right to lvl 5. DO EVERY SINGLE LEVEL. DO NOT SKIP.
Örs Pavlics
Örs Pavlics 2 aylar önce
No Kawhi vs 76ers? Thats ridiculous. Love the vids tho. Keep it up
Play Angry
Play Angry 2 aylar önce
On lvl 20 is that a 3 because when hardaway touched the ball he never touched the floor
IAmUselesS 2 aylar önce
What about Isaiah Rider's crazy shot?
jasperoni11 2 aylar önce
Another BANGER from dime!
dime 2 aylar önce
pwelp 2 aylar önce
@dime ??
Hayden March
Hayden March Aylar önce
RIP Kobe 🙏❤
Elliott Rehrer
Elliott Rehrer 2 aylar önce
Bro granny shot isn't a girly shot, Rick Barry was the best free thrower of all time using that shot. Players are just too busy worrying about looking stupid to shoot that way.
Krupa Hemraj
Krupa Hemraj 22 gün önce
This is the best video ever super good
Jade 2 aylar önce
Bro did ja dirty☠️
Zesteria 2 aylar önce
Sad to cant see d Mitchells 3 point game at his carrer high game
Caleb playz
Caleb playz 2 aylar önce
Love dimes vids
mybasketballlife 2 aylar önce
Another banger
Henry Johnson
Henry Johnson 2 aylar önce
I miss kid and Russ friendship
Patríciab Zacarias
Os melhores jogadores de basquetes são mais rápidos de mais
apadflife 2 aylar önce
Lvl 98 discredits this whole video. It’s just a MJ GW. Not a top 3 most difficult shot
Tristan Wilson
Tristan Wilson Aylar önce
How does Steph curry’s three beet a half court with one hand?
Lux Aylar önce
There's no reason for Jordans shot to be so high
Coozyyyyyyy 2 aylar önce
Thank You Jesus Christ Of Nazareth For This Truth Amen
Fishybakasus13 Aylar önce
✨My time to shine✨ Tony Parker’s shat was a travel 😑
Travis 2 aylar önce
I just knew level 100 was the goat him self Steph curry
JimtheCODpro 23 gün önce
3rd way to shoot his shot 😂
Robert Duke
Robert Duke 3 gün önce
Kobe doing a double tap from rocket league
keisuke 19 gün önce
i thought i will see kobe in the back of the rim shot
DukesMusic (Alvin Sane)
1:32 THJ be wildin' out there I forgot about that. This nigga even went for the shimmy at MSG, that is swag personified.
Mathew Erenberger
Mathew Erenberger 2 aylar önce
Why was Jordans at 98? That's easier than kobes shot at lvl 1 he was wide the hell open lol just because it's an iconic clip of MJ doesn't mean it's a difficult shot or impossible.
dunkin 2 aylar önce
13:52 push bro and hit his foot that he slipped on
Blitzer 2 aylar önce
Level 97 I that same day I perdicted Memphis wins but my grandpa said Dallas would win lol
I am big monke
I am big monke Aylar önce
When it was level 15 he said 5😂😂😂😂😂
Jayd Aylar önce
Bro, number one was alio not assist himself
TFFProd 2 aylar önce
dime are you proud of me?
Seb Sky
Seb Sky 2 aylar önce
yeah ik alot tougher shots then mentioned in the video but good vid
Alva Jauregui
Alva Jauregui 2 aylar önce
Oh yeah we’re just not gonna Mention when curry got hit by three people for the game winner and hit the three
Rachel Michelo
Rachel Michelo Aylar önce
Damn!!!!bb is something watch after row
jasperoni11 2 aylar önce
RIP Kobe ❤
Mason Bagg
Mason Bagg 2 aylar önce
Yeah 😢😢😢😢
xCubicalYT 2 aylar önce
bro got some balls saying this line in 2023 0:52
n0 God27
n0 God27 2 aylar önce
well he's not wrong XD
john 2 aylar önce
I'd say less brain cells. Girls don't shoot like that
Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama 2 aylar önce
@n0 God27 that technique is harder than the normal one
dime 2 aylar önce
I swear, we thought it was funny, but got people up our instead… 🤣 Next time, no jokes about girls, just make fun of the guys.
Dale Glover
Dale Glover 2 aylar önce
Bro best vid❤
Ronald Roble delos reyes
I thought on number 20 is lebron 😂😂😂
Philip Elias
Philip Elias 2 aylar önce
@15:02 Holla at New Orleans boy Payton Manning!
Khaos King
Khaos King Aylar önce
R.I.P Kobe
Tammy Germany
Tammy Germany Aylar önce
Curry counted down to 3
Cesar Matias Balderrama
Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis 2 aylar önce
Where is Dame's logo shot on PG13?
Mr. Beast Is The Boss
Mr. Beast Is The Boss 21 gün önce
The Yao Ming backwards shot I also didit
ROOPRAYRIMO1719 Aylar önce
7:40 Somewhat pistons were pissed
Nathanael Crocket
Nathanael Crocket 2 aylar önce
It is not impossible if they made the shot which means it ispossible as we saw in this video
SE_DARTH_SOLOZ 2 aylar önce
Bro did the Falcons dirty
jeff bear
jeff bear 2 aylar önce
everytime u upload its a W
Darkshadow Gaming
Darkshadow Gaming 2 aylar önce
These click bait covers where he makes it seem like Marcus Smart actually hitting that “level 80” shot
Virgilio Sanchez
Virgilio Sanchez 9 gün önce
I have one that looks the exact same
Shxdo 2 aylar önce
Ah yes, Anfermee Simmons
notisummer 27 gün önce
“Shoot like a girl”…
Alicia Marie Herrera
Devin bookers shot should not have been at 95
Vivi :]
Vivi :] 2 aylar önce
0:52 bro why did you say that💀
Petr Faigl
Petr Faigl Aylar önce
idk, im not a NBA fan, but half of the shots just looks like a regular 3´s xd
Alessandro Serafini
Alessandro Serafini 2 aylar önce
1:24, wade change skin😮
Big.Quaqua 2 aylar önce
this my fave so much bro
Abdoul’s Gaming
Abdoul’s Gaming 4 gün önce
He playing taps with them
No Name Podcast
No Name Podcast 2 aylar önce
What abt ray Allen shot??
Tokyo Prosciutto
Tokyo Prosciutto 2 aylar önce
"Now let's watch Reggie Jackson shoot like a girl" *Searches "How girls shoot basketballs" on TRvid... **Search results return no videos of girls shooting like Reggie Jackson..
ItsShaunNA 2 aylar önce
Fire Video
Joke Good
Joke Good 17 gün önce
Curry got aimbot
Master Zoovie
Master Zoovie Aylar önce
BBL lawry 😂
G Ralf
G Ralf 2 aylar önce
Its dime time
Johnny Do
Johnny Do 2 aylar önce
nah lvl 100 aint steph's game winner
PrimX 2 aylar önce
1:46 that looks like lebron
KARSYN2KRAZY 2 aylar önce
Next rebound??
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