im going to court over the baby!

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7 Ağu 2022




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Ashly Doll
Justice, do NOT be embarrassed by the situation. You stepped up when you thought you were going to be a dad. The only ones that need to be embarrassed is the babies mom and dad. Keep your head up. It’ll all be okay.
It broke my heart when you said it was embarrassing. Don't ever feel embarrassed for being a MAN. It's embarrassing for miss thing that's it. You are an inspiration and did every single right in that situation. Tell your lawyer you have everything documented and see if you have receipts for everything you bought not even to get money back but to show what you went through. Sending blessings and positive vibes your way J x
Alma Garcia
It’s a tragedy that she caused this WHOLE mess for you 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ not only for you but for her child. Hope everything gets resolved for you, Jcook 🙏🏽 so you can move on and leave this situation in the past where it belongs.
cameron askenette
props to cel for being a real one and understanding. Wish you the best of luck and Remember keep you’re head up, positive outlook looking forward!
Marce Minita
I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again!!! All fathers should get a DNA test in the hospital to avoid situations like this!
Zenyase Sanchez
I still remember you sharing you and your moms reaction to you finding out she wasn’t yours. That shit had me in literal tears. Like I knew you personally. I don’t wish this on no one. Nobody talks about these things enough. A lot of men are currently going thru a similar situation. Very happy you are in a better space with such a beautiful girlfriend ❤️
Been here since the beginning and Just seeing how much you have overcame and faced is insane never forget you’re still a real person with real feelings and it’s okay to express how you feel 100% you are VALID🤍 I love you J!
Randi Brookes
I'm so proud that you stepped up to be a father to her. One day you will be a great father.
Jenny Medina
You have came along way proud of the person you are I feel like I known you forever you inspire so many people love you
Cindy Umanzor
I love how respectful you are towards your relationship. 🥰
alyssa d
justice NEVER feel embarrassed. regardless of how this situation turned out, it showed the kind of man you are. you put your life on hold to step up and be a father. that’s something to be PROUD of!!!!❤️
Kait Kait
It’s crazy because I’ve been through a similar situation and that’s what originally led me to be a huge supporter. You’ve came a long way, push through and do everything necessary for YOUR happiness. Still the only person I’ll come to check on and keep up with your life spending endless minutes watching your content! 😂💯
Destinee Swick
That chubby face means she feeding you good and you’re real happy 😌❤️
Tiffany Ruiz
It’s a messed up situation especially since the real dad won’t add himself to the birth certificate. I feel for you J Cook and I’m praying for you that everything gets resolved peacefully and y’all can move on with your lives. Much love & support❤️🙏
Breanna Martinez
Much love J. Sending you good vibes.
Alexia Garcia
Make sure you have everything ready.. dna test proof, text messages between you & babys mother.. being ready is everything especially for this situation.
Mirissa Tzeo
The fact that he said no is so embarrassing on HIM. He/she should really be the only one ashamed in this situation, not you Justice. Hope everything works out for you! 🙏🏼 couldn’t imagine this on anybody.
Brooke Lollis
Lots of positive vibes your way! Hope everything works out in your favor, so you can move on, and have that behind you. You did all the right things, at all the right times, regarding the situation. You deserve to be able to have closure with it. Praying for the judge to see the real in this 🤍
Turkson Benedicta
I love how honest this guy is. God bless you for being the good guy that you are