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13 Eyl 2021




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Jaclyn Hill
Jaclyn Hill Aylar önce
What should I name this series?!?
Almost Kardashian
Almost Kardashian 16 gün önce
#jaclyn uphill
dreamcatcher75418 17 gün önce
Jaclyn making teen girls feel bad about their bodies by promoting over indulgence followed by paying for diets. $$$$$$
Lerry Jonson
Lerry Jonson Aylar önce
I’m soooo excited for this!! We just started this lifestyle change recently so this is so exciting!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Sadi Ward
Sadi Ward Aylar önce
Feel Better Together :)
Nicole M.
Nicole M. Aylar önce
Life Haul
Sincerely Rhi
Sincerely Rhi 11 saatler önce
Hey JacAttack❤️ we love you. I'm so sorry for how hard things have been for you. I went through a divorce around the same time you did, and I'm remarried now and happy. It happens... I also gained 25 pounds this last year... Sometimes eating can be healing too. I recently had my awakening moment as well...but just want to let you know, there are women here, who are walking right along side you into healing. Go in Peace! ❤️
Angela Gün önce
This has 100% made me want to get healthy too. I have been thinking about it but keep pushing it off. It’s about health mostly not about weight. People don’t talk about the health issues they experience when they do gain weight from an unhealthy diet.
Elisa Digna Krol
Elisa Digna Krol 4 gün önce
Iam very proud of you.It is a big step.Iam waiting for that.Yes,we are doing together
Winter Wirkkala
Winter Wirkkala 4 gün önce
I chose to do this myself this year. Congrats on choosing to change your life!! Be patient with yourself and be kind to yourself!
Stephanie Diaz
Stephanie Diaz 5 gün önce
You so amazing and I really hope u dont let anyone get u down for what you are doing for yourself. I have been following you forever and I glad you are back on youtube regularly... it's amazing how your are being realistic and real. Love ya girly
Letty's Sparkle Make Up
You have inspired me to start this for myself this is something I have thought about doing for such a long time, thank you for being real, and I even think I may try and be as brave as you and document it as I feel that will help me!!!! Thank you for the inspiration 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽❤️❤️❤️
the crazy game brigade
Lady I don't know how you are, and I don't care either. Please stop sending me emails! I'm getting tired of this!
[D I A N A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
LA also has a lot of healthy spots. I was on your for work and was still able to drop weight in a healthy way. Check out food prep places. They have a lot.
Von 9 gün önce
Why her face look so expanded? Did she do some surgery or sth?
Angela Gün önce
She said why if you watched the video… her entire body is severely inflamed
Danielle Ault
Danielle Ault 9 gün önce
I've been slacking on TRvid videos but I AM HERE for this series!! Oh my gosh I got 4 more videos to watch after this and just seeing the previews of real life shit: ups, down, good, bad...I feel like I am going to fall in love with Jaclyn Hill all over again!!
ana becerra
ana becerra 9 gün önce
Jaclyn!! You got this! I am currently going through a weightloss journey. During the past 3 years I've gained alot of weight. I finally decided to take action and after many test I got a nutritionist. It got soo bad I had a sleeping disorder. I am currently down 15lbs and although I have more to go I feel soo good mentally, physically, emotionally. So you can consider a nutritionist. She tought me how to eat. I've been eating wrong and now I eat more and im loosing weight! I am virtually cheering you on! You got this!!! 🙌😊
Shyla Jensen
Shyla Jensen 10 gün önce
Is it weird that I'm excited to see Jaclyn become a mother? She's going to be amazing.
NoFeArChiC2 13 gün önce
Genuinely love you! I've been going through all this since January and I feel you. I'm 56lbs down, so I'm excited you're sharing this, not only because I can relate, but because I love getting to see the behind-the-camera you. You're such a silly, beautiful, down to earth person. The haters always baffle me. It's so cool getting to see more of you. You got this girl!
NoFeArChiC2 13 gün önce
Don't know if you've named the series yet, but I say name it : Bringin' it back, with Jac!
Hells Belle
Hells Belle 13 gün önce
It’s so awful that it was the lipstick issue that was the tipping point. It really showed how disgusting people could be. People have no idea how gross they were being. I have quite a few of those lipsticks and I bought quite a few off of a bunch of different people selling them and guess what…. every single one is perfect! I will always believe in the theory I came up with and I know you would NEVER release something that wasn’t right. BTW….. everything you have released since is absolutely incredible! I am praying for your success!! You certainly deserve it!! 💗🙏🏻💗
thealiceftw 14 gün önce
Angela Gün önce
She said she has had a million tests and I bet that was one of them sooo
Lindsay Robinson
Lindsay Robinson 14 gün önce
I’m gonna tune in and try too.
Elisabeth Marie
Elisabeth Marie 15 gün önce
I am so sad I haven’t been keeping up with you. I have been struggling myself SO bad and watching this, I am also relating to everything you are saying. And I am also at that point things need to change. As always you are my inspiration. I know we can do anything we set our minds to.. but you really make me feel like I can. I love you Jaclyn! And I miss you. 💛
Mia - Sᴇx Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ 18+🅥
Love everything about this! You’re so right about not starting a health journey until you’re fully ready or else it won’t work. For me it came after my own health issues started coming out. Sometimes that’s what it takes, but it’s all good if it makes us make healthy choices in the end! Can’t wait to follow along your journey!
SaraSmilesLuvsMakeup 16 gün önce
Walking is so helpful for weight loss! But I love love love that u are doing u girl! Ur amazing girl keep up the good work, ur not only changing up physical, but it's a big mental journey at the same time♡ sending all my love and positive vibes!!!
Riaa Isabelle
Riaa Isabelle 16 gün önce
Jaclyn... it’s happenin
Citrine42 17 gün önce
It could take 60 days to form a habit. Change little things week to week. You got this!!!
Liz Rich
Liz Rich 18 gün önce
I’m so here for this! You will be my motivation to get healthy too!
Megan Claren
Megan Claren 18 gün önce
Jaclyns lip game in this video is UNMATCHED
Val A
Val A 18 gün önce
One of my favorite things about you is how you are not afraid to be honest. Health and appearance and body shape are sensitive issues sometimes and you courageously let people see how things really are.
Blessed Girl
Blessed Girl 19 gün önce
Probably because of the vaccine! Women are having so many problems they are doing studies. Doctors are clueless on this
Bonita Mom
Bonita Mom 19 gün önce
Does anyone know where this sweatshirt is from?
Ann-Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
trvid.com/video/video-wWuCfUGM_4U.html I’m totally into this!!! And I’m so happy and proud that you’re going on this amazing journey!!! I started taking better care of my body a few months ago...and it’s been fantastic. A lot of things in life become so clear when you start to really take care of yourself. My health and relationships were on a constant decline and I couldn’t live that way anymore!! So I made the choice to take my health seriously and it’s been such an incredible experience!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Dezarae McCollum
Dezarae McCollum 19 gün önce
“Go Through the Adrenaline with Jaclyn” this ones a bit in the silly side
Dezarae McCollum
Dezarae McCollum 19 gün önce
“Jaclyn’s Breaking the Porcelain” ?
🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With Me
GIRL, I am buying front row tickets!!!!❤️‍🔥 sooo excited and already so proud of you!!!!
FUNHUNTER 19 gün önce
Remember guys ... don't rely on motivation..... their are going to be some days when you have to rely on discipline because the motivation will not be their
Stacy Brooks
Stacy Brooks 20 gün önce
I just love you so much!!! I’ve been taking baby steps with my own health lately and focusing on “feeling good” and being good to my body rather than a number on the scale is so empowering!!! I’m so happy you’re sharing this with us, sending you all the love and support ❤️❤️❤️
[L A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
“Jac on Track” like a wordplay on Back on Track or “Journey to Jaclyn” since you’re working on becoming your best version of yourself
With Love, Grace
With Love, Grace 20 gün önce
Good luck with this journey babe ❤️
You should consider the name “Up Hill” 🌿 since it’s not specific to a topic just that you’re on an uphill journey to whatever makes you happy!!
Kaylee Ri
Kaylee Ri 21 gün önce
I’m obviously a few weeks behind but I’m so excited to begin this journey together 🤍🤍
joseph mcmaster
joseph mcmaster 21 gün önce
What’s the goal here
Hollie Nguyen
Hollie Nguyen 22 gün önce
Back on Track with Jac. ❤️
Dr. Logic
Dr. Logic 22 gün önce
First off, you look amazing, but I totally understand what you mean. Making yourself happy is all that matters! Just know we’re all rooting you on with whatever you do! 💜💜💜
Meghan Jean
Meghan Jean 22 gün önce
I like the idea of "Up HILL from here" or something like that!
Dawn Hubbard
Dawn Hubbard 22 gün önce
RN here: I hope your doctor is exploring the inflammation in your body. I am only mentioning this because I care about you. My journey has been long and similar to yours. I would hate for you to be going through all of these symptoms without the right help. Most people trust that doctors and nurse practitioners know everything or at least know what to do, but some miss things and fail to order the right testing, make a correct diagnosis, or refer to a specialists. Please ask your doctor about Autoimmune Disease. I personally have Celiac Disease, Fibromyalgia, and potentially Psoriatic Arthritis. I have watched your channel for so many years and have seen your journey. I only wanted to learn how to use makeup brushes😂 and now here I am years later personally invested in your well-being 😭 You are the same age as my daughter so I want to talk to you the way I talk to her😂❤️. I am not sure how this will be received Is this weird?
X-V93 22 gün önce
I am so happy you are taking care of yourself physically! I’ve been a follower of yours for YEARRRSSS. And I’m so happy to see you get healthy again. I was worried. Health is wealth and do what is best for you.
Delilah 22 gün önce
analucia motta
analucia motta 23 gün önce
Congratulations and wish you all the best in your new journey 🥰💞❤
Roksana Ramdew
Roksana Ramdew 23 gün önce
"JAC up the HILL, to the other side"
Wendy Rucker
Wendy Rucker 23 gün önce
Name the episodes! -1st episodes -getting jac on track -jacs healthy snacks-healthy snack and meal prep -getting jacked 💪🏻-workouts -jacs big mac - when u have a bad day and have a cheat lol! just kidding tho ect.. then the last episode: BACK TO JAC! lol i took the names from people's awesome ideas above 🙂
SWEET LADYVEE 24 gün önce
Omg Jaclyn 💜 I feel you girl I needed this video thank you
Carly Johnson
Carly Johnson 24 gün önce
I’ve never watched Jaclyn Hill but I’m going through the same thing and I’m so here for this.
newfie girl
newfie girl 24 gün önce
What got my first 50 pound off was tlc total life change just the sachets i got
Phoenix  𝙾𝚙𝚎𝚗 𝙼𝚢 PROFILE
Love everything about this! You’re so right about not starting a health journey until you’re fully ready or else it won’t work. For me it came after my own health issues started coming out. Sometimes that’s what it takes, but it’s all good if it makes us make healthy choices in the end! Can’t wait to follow along your journey!
Abby Levy
Abby Levy 24 gün önce
Jac’s Journey
Ketosis Focus
Ketosis Focus 24 gün önce
New to your channel. What rock have I been living under?! Congratulations on making a healthy lifestyle change! I made that decision 2 years ago and am down 90 lbs so far. You will reach your goals! Exciting to follow your journey 💝
Venus-November 25 gün önce
I can agree with being healthy before pregnancy and even after. I’m in my mid 30s and I’m at the same point. Wishing you lots of success towards you goals💜
Sherri T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
trvid.com/video/video-6To2s_4Zs-g.html I’m totally into this!!! And I’m so happy and proud that you’re going on this amazing journey!!! I started taking better care of my body a few months ago...and it’s been fantastic. A lot of things in life become so clear when you start to really take care of yourself. My health and relationships were on a constant decline and I couldn’t live that way anymore!! So I made the choice to take my health seriously and it’s been such an incredible experience!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jessica Nares
Jessica Nares 25 gün önce
I’m jumping on this train! 🙌
Ashley Gutierrez
Ashley Gutierrez 25 gün önce
I love this! I want to get healthy I need to loose at least 30lbs to lose for health reason. Looking forward to following you on your health journey. Title idea Road to my best self
Oakley White
Oakley White 25 gün önce
Shayla Wiseman
Shayla Wiseman 26 gün önce
I’m with you
••Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
What should I name this series?!?
Stephanie Neal
Stephanie Neal 26 gün önce
“Climbing the HILL”
Humble and Grateful
Humble and Grateful 26 gün önce
Call it moving forward. You got this!
Humble and Grateful
Humble and Grateful 26 gün önce
Absolutely amazing content and plan. I think you are going in the right direction!
Sara Crouch
Sara Crouch 26 gün önce
Journey to Jaclyn!
Michelle Engel
Michelle Engel 26 gün önce
Let's do it together
Sheena Thompson
Sheena Thompson 26 gün önce
I need this and gonna follow
destinysutopia 27 gün önce
Go vegan
Rebecca Anne
Rebecca Anne 27 gün önce
You should film yourself going to a nutritionist
Stephany Giraldo
Stephany Giraldo 27 gün önce
The Mia & Rose Beauty Channel
I am a teacher and mother of 5. I am super stressed and depressed and I am diabetic. I have struggled just to loose the last 20pounds for years. I just have not motivation :(
Miss Farr
Miss Farr 27 gün önce
You can do it!!!! Keep on trucking!!!
Megan O'Neal
Megan O'Neal 27 gün önce
Congratulations on starting this fresh change! I pray you keep motivated, & feel better after all the hard work you're going to do, & I pray He keeps you feeling self-love throughout this journey
Margarita Ramirez
Margarita Ramirez 27 gün önce
You should make a new channel, a vlog channel where could share your day to day, where you can be raw and feel free to share whatever you want. I don’t follow you in here because I’m not into makeup anymore but I would totally follow you in your new channel.
TiffanyLovesJesus! 27 gün önce
I can't wait for Jaclyn to be a mommy!!!🤗🤗🤗💟💟💟
Janelle 27 gün önce
This is so inspiring! I’m on a constant health journey too, and I love to watch along with your videos. You’re so real with it! It’s refreshing 🙏
Mia - Sᴇx Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ 18+🅥
“Jac on Track” like a wordplay on Back on Track or “Journey to Jaclyn” since you’re working on becoming your best version of yourself
Münzevî 27 gün önce
You will die, and they [too] will die (Zumar /30 ) QURAN..
Jessica jessica
Jessica jessica 27 gün önce
I’m starting my journey as well, glad i have someone like you to go through this together with!
Ashley Blocher
Ashley Blocher 27 gün önce
So excited for you. Taking your life back and feeling amazing will be the best thing you’ve ever done. I did it and then I fell off cause I lost weight and felt great and now I’m worse than before so stick to it! I do have some tips because honestly I needed a scare for it to take effect
Katie Base
Katie Base 27 gün önce
Getting back to Jacqulyn
Kara Terzano
Kara Terzano 27 gün önce
I suggest meal prepping so that you don’t have to make a last minute bad food decision, I ate nuggets cuz I forgot make a something so shit happens haha
Kara Terzano
Kara Terzano 27 gün önce
This makes me so happy to see I am finally working on myself as awesome. My sister and mother are skinny legends and are giving me all the jelly I could ever need. I don’t add salt to my food and I stay away from super salty things most days and I’m already almost dairy free but I bitch loves cheese. We got this
Amber Lynn
Amber Lynn 28 gün önce
“Back on track W/ Jac! “
Alicia Chavez
Alicia Chavez 28 gün önce
You can do it. It’s just you have to think of it as a lifestyle not a diet. Meal prep and plan your exercises for the week. It will all come together.
aslgemmill 28 gün önce
Jaclyn’s Health Journey👏🏼
TheCaitling 28 gün önce
I feel sure you can make your own guac and salsa super healthy, those things aren't bad to begin with really; its real food and not processed crap!
Phoenix  𝙾𝚙𝚎𝚗 𝙼𝚢 PROFILE
What should I name this series?!?
Josie LeBlanc
Josie LeBlanc 28 gün önce
I know you said you can’t ditch dairy, however I just want to point out that dairy products cause sooo much inflammation!! And meat is also bad for your cardiovascular health!! Just my 2 cents. Love you so much Jaclyn, you GOT this 💪🏻 ❤️
Joy Malou
Joy Malou 28 gün önce
💭 I've been waiting for life with Jaclyn. all my support & love to you!! I'm so happy, as long as your personality comes along & blooms I'm all in. thank you! 💌💘💝💖💗💓💞💕💟❣️❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍
Libby Mejia
Libby Mejia 28 gün önce
Yay!! I hope you can motivate me to do better ❤️
Dee 28 gün önce
Her face is so freaking big!!! Like out of proportion to her body
Amanda Woehl
Amanda Woehl 28 gün önce
Getting Jac'd
Devyn Kubley
Devyn Kubley 28 gün önce
I’m gonna do this with you Jac!!!
91geps 28 gün önce
You can do it!
triss gray
triss gray 28 gün önce
Back on track with jack
Tanya Alvarez
Tanya Alvarez 28 gün önce
same vibes with dairy I just cannot cut it lol love this for you girl good luck!! gonna do this with ya
Chrissy1970 28 gün önce
Inspirational Journal, maybe?
Nat Divaz
Nat Divaz 28 gün önce
Jac's Journey of Wellness
Jazmin Kristine
Jazmin Kristine 29 gün önce
Life with Jaclyn
MarketTab Reviews
MarketTab Reviews 29 gün önce
Jac’n Around :D with Jaclyn
Melinda Hicks
Melinda Hicks 29 gün önce
Love this for you!
Ali Winne
Ali Winne 29 gün önce
I’m in the same situation and the same age and finally feeling ready to start taking care of myself again. Thank you for sharing! Ignore the haters and you got this! ❤️
a brannon
a brannon 29 gün önce
Name idea: Hill Health? love this series!!
Dana Uttal
Dana Uttal 29 gün önce
Such a good attitude-you got this! I’m also on a feel good journey & struggle with dieting or limiting certain types of food intake (ive also been struggling with ibs). Portion control has really helped allow me to have some of the salty, sweet or dairy in moderation, though i find it most helpful to just not buy it. My bf & i also started beachbody ondemand last year & i really like the variety that offers
H0T-Vlog Go to My Channel
What should I name this series?!?
Sydney Kobesky
Sydney Kobesky 29 gün önce
I haven’t been watching TRvid videos as much as I used to years ago… I came on the app and saw your other video after this one now I’m here. I am so excited for this series and I love this side of you! You got this 💪🏻
How To Apply
How To Apply Aylar önce
How about Dear Jaclyn.!!
How To Apply
How To Apply Aylar önce
I don’t think you should make such a public effort in this situation. You are going to get so much unneeded negativity. I only want the best for you and support whatever you choose to do. Just don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s not what’s BEST, it’s what’s BETTER! U r an icon. Don’t forget it.. ; )
Chayle McFaull
Chayle McFaull Aylar önce
Just turned 32 and I’m suffering the same things after I lost my fiancé. I’m gonna try to start this when I’m ready but inflammation is TERRIBLe. Especially when you eat something and an hour later you feel like you’re in labor lol. Good luck, you deserve this❤️
Sunny Days
Sunny Days Aylar önce
I am doing this with you.
Angela D'Antonio
Angela D'Antonio Aylar önce
TOTALLY throwing away anything that rhymes or has alliteration at all, I think it should pertain to a lifestyle change. Because that is what this IS. That is what this should ALWAYS BE. It's not a diet, it's not a fitness challenge, it's LIFE. So I'm just gonna say... Jaclyn's Beautiful Lifestyle Journey
Sarah Mccall
Sarah Mccall Aylar önce
Aren’t you always changing your life I’ve loved you for years but now I think you just love drama lol you create your own drama
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