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Türkiye’nin ilk ve tek turbo kompresör fabrikası IHI DALGAKIRAN, demir çelikten otomotive, cam sanayinden gıdaya, tekstilden madencilik sektörüne kadar sanayinin birçok alanında basınçlı hava sistemlerinde çözüm ortağı.

Turkey's first and only turbo compressor factory IHI DALGAKIRAN is a solution partner in compressed air systems in many fields of industry from iron and steel to automotive, glass industry to food, textile to mining sector.

IHI DALGAKIRAN, which was established with the partnership of IHI Holding, one of the leading technology companies in Japan, and Turkish Dalgakıran Makine, started production in the Dilovası/Kocaeli factory in 2017.

IHI DALGAKIRAN, Turkey's first and only turbo compressor factory, provides services in many fields of industry from iron and steel to automotive, glass industry to food, textile to mining sector.

IHI DALGAKIRAN has become the market leader in Turkey with its titanium impellers, patented heat exchanger design, body design, and energy-efficient turbochargers produced with superior engineering skills.

IHI DALGAKIRAN, which supports the green energy policy and makes production to reduce our carbon footprint, offers system solutions that can meet all the compressed air needs of its customers with turnkey projects.

R&D Center

Taking the title of Turkey's First Turbo Compressor R&D Center, IHI DALGAKIRAN offers compressed air solutions thanks to its unique technology; It highlights its users with easy maintenance opportunities, innovative designs that provide stable and long life, and energy efficiency.

IHI DALGAKIRAN, which has developed its own technology in control and automation systems, works fully integrated with the Industry 4.0 system of the enterprises with the turbo compressors it produces.

Test Center

In Turkey's First and Only Turbo Compressor Test Center, the tests of products are measured and reported with high precision, according to customer conditions, with many parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow rate.

In addition to its capacity of 4 Megawatts (MW) in medium voltage and 900 kilowatts (kW) in low voltage, the test center can also operate at voltages between 400 and 10000 Volts (V). Testing and product development activities of locally produced cooling systems, control panel, engine starter panel and filtering systems are also carried out in the Turbo compressor Test Center.


IHI patented copper heat exchangers, one of the important elements that increase the efficiency of IHI DALGAKIRAN Turbo compressors, are produced in Dilovası facilities.


Contrary to existing compressor technologies, IHI DALGAKIRAN Turbo compressors provide long service intervals thanks to their compact structure equipped with high technology. Thanks to its special design that prioritizes the continuity and continuity of the enterprise, wear and change do not occur in critical mechanical parts, and it provides the continuity of the enterprise with the advantage of easy maintenance.

With its team of expert engineers and technicians, it provides 24/7 service support to its customers in its domestic and international service centers. It stocks maintenance kits and spares of critical parts for each turbo compressor operating in the field at its Dilovası factory and service support points.

On the other hand, it provides service to customers in all processes with its service team consisting of experienced expert engineers and technicians in the service support of turbo compressors produced specifically for the customer.


IHI DALGAKIRAN, which provides on-site user training by its expert engineer team after the commissioning of the turbo compressor, also organizes practical trainings for the technical teams of its customers at the factory Training Center.

IHI DALGAKIRAN aims at sustainable development by providing training to all its personnel in the continuous training center, with a management approach that adopts the Japanese “KAIZEN” Culture.


Offering sales and service in Turkey, Europe, Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Turkic Republics and the Middle East, IHI DALGAKIRAN provides energy savings of up to 35 percent compared to conventional compressor technologies. Optimal



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