IgG Subclass & Specific Antibody Deficiency 

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IDF 2015 National Conference session, "IgG Subclass & Specific Antibody Deficiency" was presented by Dr. Kenneth Paris, MD, MPH on June 26, 2015.



2 Haz 2023




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maha77 Yıl önce
I've had no IgA, IgG, IgM, IgE, all measure at ZERO, and T-Cells hovering around 100 for the past 15 years, and that's just half the story. There is no underlying cause found. I do get IVIG infusions, thank god. I'm also deficient in many other things. Life has been challenging to say the least
TheAhmedvienna Yıl önce
Maha, I feel for you. I have a slight igg1 deficiency. And my life is hell. I can't imagine what you are going through. I would love to connect with you and have us track our progress together. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Ahmed.
maha77 Yıl önce
​@TheAhmedvienna thanks for your reply, how has your diagnosis impacted your life, do you get IgG infusions for your situation?
TheAhmedvienna Yıl önce
@maha77 no. The immunologist said that my condition is so light, that I don't need it. He prescribed me prophylactic antibiotics. Which now I take only on the onset of an infection. Which could happen once a month or 6 months. I have grown a bit depressed the past year. I'm still not sure why this is happening to me at this age (36). But I'm sure it way more severe with you. Do you take ivig? How did you get to where you are?
Alabama Jenny
Alabama Jenny 7 aylar önce
I am so sorry to hear. My son is now being tested. For years. He gets sick about 5-6 times a year. He gets well, but catches colds oe viruses easily. He has had covid x3. Needless to say, I am very concerned. He is 17. This has been happening for years. His pediatric doc said, No, he just has bad luck. Well here we are four years later and after having been sick 4 times since August 22. (It is now late October) he is sick again. So it was suggested today to test his IGg levels. Should I be worried?
maha77 7 aylar önce
@Alabama Jenny It took the doctors _years_ before I was properly diagnosed and they tested my IgG levels. Once I got the results, all my issues made sense. If they find that is the issue with your son, do the opposite of worry, because now you will be able to do something about it. The IgG infusions work wonders and your son can have a normal life. Make sure they test the IgM and IgA levels as well. It seems most people with IgG deficiency still have normal levels of IgM and igA, so people who get the IgG infusions will have a robust immune system. Somehow I'm one of the rare ones that is missing all of them, and they can only infuse the IgG, there is no treatment for the others. Please keep me updated on the results! Another thing that may help you son is a really healthy whole-foods diet, with less and less processed food. It seems people with IgG issues can have digestive issues & issues with gluten and other foods. Fine-tuning my diet has helped me a lot.
J N 5 yıl önce
Question: What prophylactic antibiotics are used for recurrent Mycoplasma infections in someone with IgG2 deficiency?
Immune Deficiency Foundation
Hi, You can go to the IDF website, www.primaryimmune.org to submit any questions using the Ask IDF feature (the purple icon in the top right hand corner) or go to primaryimmune.org/services/ask-idf Thanks!
Tiff Ferg
Tiff Ferg 3 yıl önce
I have the same problem. I was exposed to black mold and it caused me to have a mite and worm crawling feeling. I want answers too. iGG has something to do with mold, candida or fugus. I'm trying to get to the bottom of this.
mel bel
mel bel 2 yıl önce
Is there a link to specific antibody deficiency section of the lecture?
Zac R
Zac R 11 aylar önce
That’s what I’m looking for.
estela mino
estela mino 2 yıl önce
GREAT information .
muratz 3 yıl önce
I am male 42. In my blood test, total IGG is 16,7 g/L (high) and only my IGG2 is high 11 (reference is maximum 5,5. What does this mean? My doc couldn't tell something.
Immune Deficiency Foundation
Hello, You can go to the IDF website, www.primaryimmune.org to submit any questions using the Ask IDF feature (the purple icon in the top right hand corner) or go to primaryimmune.org/services/ask-idf Thanks!
Cult Boy
Cult Boy 2 yıl önce
It means you have a slight immunity to Covid. As IGG is the main antibody. ...Maybe you had an early case of covid. Who was your doctor?
LD JT 3 yıl önce
Daily amoxicillin is really your best answer?? Wow, you have a lot to still learn.
TheAhmedvienna Yıl önce
I would love to hear your thoughts. What would you do? What is your accreditation?
Amy Pola
Amy Pola Yıl önce
Im watching this because my cough won't go away, and I think I aspirated coconut oil, as I can tasteor smell it coming out. But Im glad I oil pulled when I did because I had a date stem stuck in my throat that came out due to oil pulling. The stem compromised my defenses and I fell asleep after drinking a store bought smoothy on accident not knowing tbe stem wasin there and woke up feeling funky. Anyway, all sorts of mistakes with this one. But Im thinking my best bet to clear the lipids from my lungs is a fast. And never oil pull when congested again.