If You Seen This Anaconda Attacking A Dog WWYD? 🐕 🐍  

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11 Kas 2023




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@MattRomPsalms 2 aylar önce
And the dog got back up and joined the fight. Let’s go!
@toddone2913 2 aylar önce
@ryanhim2647 2 aylar önce
Na I think the snake still has him in the grips of his fangs
@michelesmith3589 2 aylar önce
😂yeah you see that shit😂
@caronanderson99 2 aylar önce
​@@ryanhim2647that snake has no fangs
@buypremium6943 2 aylar önce
anakindaku yo tavba hayron qoldim
@donnaspencer7219 Aylar önce
When it comes to our dogs we have no fear because they protect us. So we protect them.
@dianamajka1060 8 gün önce
This comment yes yes yes! Agree! 100%! I pray the dog was ok? 😢
@billcarter6007 5 gün önce
@kakandecharlse8548 5 gün önce
Dogs domesticated us😁😘🥰
@raymondperales1085 3 gün önce
Fuk yeah I don’t play when it comes to my family!💪🏾
@liveagoodlife3926 Aylar önce
The world appreciates humans like these guys 💪🏽💪🏽🫶🏽🫶🏽
@jasonplatero9230 2 aylar önce
Dog got his breath back and started fighting again 😂
@vanthai1419 2 aylar önce
Sắp chết tới nơi rồi vẫn còn muốn chiến đấu 😂😂😂
@biggn6801 2 aylar önce
Yeah you saw that, I thought it was just me 😮
@tashaphili184 2 aylar önce
Boy now wait lololol O man
@percelbrown7563 2 aylar önce
@arianduran1725 2 aylar önce
LoL 😂. I thought he was twisting from no oxygen, but he went in attack mode🐍💥🦵🐕
Anacondas replace themselves at no cost. A faithful friend can't be replaced.
@user-rh1hb7tz2t 29 gün önce
@___michael___7165 19 saatler önce
Snske God say What do you mean ???
@BladeFitAcademy 2 aylar önce
As soon as it could squirm out, that dog still went back into the fight to protect its masters⚡⚔️❤️ Dogs are amazing.
@mathiasnefarious 2 aylar önce
No the dog still had a snakes mouth attached 😂
@margolives347 2 aylar önce
Eu mataria todas estas cobras!
@ernestowisznia5431 2 aylar önce
Increíblemente suicidas 😅😅
@joeavelar2222 2 aylar önce
Or just stupid!
@mjerome1457 2 aylar önce
That dog is their dinner
@user-fj6hd1hc8y Aylar önce
Men saving and protecting is the natural order.
@38alphaez 29 gün önce
Of course save the dog they do so much for us.. a long span of loyalty deserves our help!!
@ayubmatadar1136 2 aylar önce
Who noticed when he got released he wanted to fight with a anaconda 😂😂😂
@user-rl1cb9ez7z 2 aylar önce
Ещё не понятно-кто на кого первым напал?
@belajar_mancing_3615 2 aylar önce
Yes i do😂
@kapussfloyd4501 2 aylar önce
Had to get his bite back.
@pboley1 2 aylar önce
It looked like the snake still had a hold on the dog!
@neilsunstrum933 2 aylar önce
You'd be pissed too after getting the 💩 squeezed out of you and almost drowned! Plus he realized his owners were now fighting this snake and saving him, puppers is all in
@SusuAung-um6sg 26 gün önce
Thank you kind guys for saving a poor dog! GOD bless you all!
Brave men. Why are these videos always cut so short without an ending?
@FireBrand78978 Gün önce
Staged obviously
@rokpodlogar6062 2 aylar önce
how that dog survived that grip and under water is beyond me.
@jozeferickson85 2 aylar önce
Because of these people right here
@stevenrodriguez4863 2 aylar önce
I was thinking the same thing
@SoyAndyRoz 2 aylar önce
Tampoco lo entiendo... Jaraba que no sobreviviría, según yo, ese apretón puede hacerte entrar en paro cardio respiratorio en menos de 5 minutos... Apreta muy duro... Y bajo el agua, pues más difícil... Fue raro, pero lo bueno fue que por lo que vimos, los humanos fueron mucho más veloces en esta situación...
Eu acho que eles trocou o cachorro, nota se que ficou um tempo sem filmar o cachorro. E quando tirou ele da água não tinha nem uma reação.
@rochellejames720 2 aylar önce
@esorkinc4011 Aylar önce
Man. Truly a dog’s best friend ❤
@taz_t_vee1353 10 gün önce
The dog will always come to your rescue, so amazing job helping him when he needed you.
@rustywantstowin 2 aylar önce
Always help a dog. They've been man's best friend since the beginning of time.
@igorivanov299 2 aylar önce
Long before time. Man and dog's friendship and cooperation benefited both species, the dog is inherently and genetically linked to humans. Canines genome evolved to understand human speech, to understand behavioral and emotional cues. The dog is the only animal to understand when man points at something with his finger, the dog comprehend that it's something the man wants the dog to see and dogs reciprocate by looking in said direction. Other animals, cats, horses, even coyotes and wolves which the latter two belong in the same taxonomic group, don't understand that the man is pointing at something, all the see is the arm extended, nothing else, they don't comprehend the gesture. That's how close our relationship with the dog is. There's a reason they're called 'man's best friend' It's 100% accurate.
@dantekratos5395 2 aylar önce
Well said 💯 plus a dog is the one guaranteed animal that loves it's master more than itself. And they show it consistently. The loyalty they display is incredible. I remember very long ago, one of my grandparent's dogs came back from the woods signalling my mother for help by tugging onto her pants, slowly pulling her into the forest. So my mom followed. It eventually lead her to my grandad who was stuck underneath a tree trunk that he had cut down. He slid whiles cutting and it fell on him. That dog regularly went out into the woods accompanying my grandad. I was very young... & from that moment I started viewing dogs like humans. Wish they lived as long as we do.
@manofnature70731 2 aylar önce
100% 👍
@ang1337 2 aylar önce
@@igorivanov299before time?before earth before sun before our solar system there’s a dog?
@RainPhoenixTilla 2 aylar önce
@user-nj2qy5sw9n Aylar önce
Glad they worked together to free the dog team work🎉
@MichelleBell-ne3pn 22 gün önce
That's a Great Save 💯🙏🏿🙏❤️❤❤ Thank You All for saving the DOG🐕 Nature Didn't Get That One 🙏🙏🏿💯 AMEN 👌🏿🥰🥰
@deborasloan2555 2 aylar önce
Bless these three men. Thank you for saving this dog.
@dansantana1668 2 aylar önce
Curse these three men. They messed up a poor snake food.
@Samrco1400 2 aylar önce
​@@dansantana1668 Devil snake do you wish him good food friend
@blubomber6074 2 aylar önce
​@@dansantana1668 Some live and some die , it's the circle of life 🎵🎶
@user-vu1ug8eh6k 2 aylar önce
​@@dansantana1668будь ты проклята
@CizzuCizzu 2 aylar önce
the man with the stick almost killed the dog!
Dogs are mans best friend tamed by man and loyal it is right to save the pet from a wild predator.
@gloriaswaggard4323 6 gün önce
Our dogs are our family 🩵⭐️💙members, they’re good to us , for us , and love us. So in any situation we help them and save them from any predators. These are some very brave men. Thank you for being there and sharing your story. God bless you EARTH ANGELS !! 🌟🌟👍😃♥️😇😇🙏🙏🙏
@Iamshe932 Aylar önce
U gotta love the dog, look at that comeback! Truly man's best friend!❤
@user-nn6tw2po7e Aylar önce
@esorkinc4011 Aylar önce
Man, a dog’s best friend 😂
@user-dg8df1hj6y 19 gün önce
@jeromemcewen5411 19 gün önce
I’m glad benji didn’t get strangled drowned 😢 by da Nicky Minaj snake 🐍 😅
@user-dv5xn7pb5n 16 gün önce
Eso es amor no dejar q dañen alos tuyos 😮
@willderrick4897 Aylar önce
That dog built like a Ford mixed w a trx w nitrous and 2 twin turbos the way he got back up and got right back to it 😂😂😂😂😂😂
@liamscantrill658 19 gün önce
Dog was like.. "Boy I say, now I say, I'm not done with you yet" 😂😂
@rufinocavite343 2 aylar önce
A dog can destroy your couch but he will never destroy your heart forever..cudos to this 3 brave men
@aliciawilliams8817 2 aylar önce
He can destroy your couch and bite a hole out of someone's butt. Their loyalty is unmatched.
@Lee-bx5vc 2 aylar önce
Good word's 😊
@c0nstantin86 2 aylar önce
Stop idolatry of animals! It's satanic!
@irinamolchanova3027 2 aylar önce
@edsondaniel9084 6 gün önce
The dog was just reinitializing the power! Got back on track 😂
@jrrico88 8 gün önce
Dog said, get yo ass over here!! I wasn’t ready!!!😂😂😂😂😂
@chopped_charlie 3 aylar önce
Dogs would move mountains for us if they could. Always help a dog. A loyal dog is a friend for life. Edit- Jfc 14k likes? I love that we all unanimously agree on this. Gives me a lil bit of hope for humanity 🤣Love you guys❤️
@newworldgrover8588 3 aylar önce
Lol you ain’t never been attacked by a pack of wild dogs
@douglasanglin4566 3 aylar önce
A golden retriever is a wonderful addition to your family and home 😂
@Nackai289 3 aylar önce
You've said it all 👏
@jimdively414 2 aylar önce
​@@douglasanglin4566this isn't a pack of wild dogs. Obviously a pet of theirs.
@bc03_Amun_Ara 3 gün önce
The dog joined the fight and will continue to protect the family. Good call
Now this was a true rescue video
@Smoking.Barrel 2 aylar önce
I love how the dog immediately goes back into attack mode as soon he gets freed, “let’s get em dad!”
@user-hs2sv7im8h 2 aylar önce
Ещё бы, явно накопилось 😂😂
@thebluebooklife 2 aylar önce
Sometimes dogs aren’t the smartest
@shaydesofblue2281 2 aylar önce
@glendarogers6204 2 aylar önce
@Truthandthelight 2 aylar önce
​@@thebluebooklifesome times the owners aren't the smartest
@user-fq2cf9mo4d Aylar önce
It's some real live hero's out hea w/o capes salute to them & the dog for getting right back to action 😤
@Joyful3 22 gün önce
Dogs are blessed animals 💕💕💕 thank you for saving him 👍🏽
@juanbanuelos6411 3 aylar önce
I tip my hat 🧢 off to you gentlemen for saving that dog.
@amygross5396 3 aylar önce
@user-xr7bv8cl3p 3 aylar önce
پس مار چه چیزی بخورد؟هر چیزی شکار کند تو برای نجات میروی😂😂😂😂بدبخت مار
@ganiecapulong2281 3 aylar önce
​@user-xr7bv8cl3p pet is pet,, i give my pet food not to be eaten by snake,,, that's the point... Simple...
@VeronicaDunbar 3 aylar önce
​@@user-xr7bv8cl3p No not. No one will bother it if it goes hunting...fish.
@maryvel873 3 aylar önce
Si ves que tiene a tu perro no lo vas a salvar porque tiene que comer? Yo si salvaria a mi perro porque es parte de mi familia
@MrYeeYuh1 7 gün önce
Save the dog, obviously! They are our best friends and they’re our FAMILY. ❤
@7018bluegrass Aylar önce
I’ve read there are too many snakes in several areas. This could become a problem with habitat and food chain issues, your pets and grandchildren are at risk.
@karenormsby4111 2 aylar önce
Thank you for saving the dog. 😂❤ They are always there for us no matter what.
@E.A17 2 aylar önce
Naa you Laughing 😂 makes it weird lol 😂
@mohamedaladham9 2 aylar önce
Yes, I can assure you of this, they love me so much that they wait for me every day on the street of my house to take my breath away.😐
@tansiewhong5290 2 aylar önce
​@@E.A17 “7‘😊二❤❤㇏
@1BabyFaceLuchi_ 2 aylar önce
@phillhill43able 7 gün önce
Idgaf if it's a Grizzly we will always try to save the dog...Man's Best Friend even in the After life
That dog the true soldier 💯
@JoanneAnderson-zv7dq 2 aylar önce
The dog had a strong will to live. I’m so happy he was saved ❤❤❤
@giovanihilario4550 2 aylar önce
Então a culpada é a cobra??😮
@jerryharkrider1906 2 aylar önce
@user-ss6rk5ox1w Aylar önce
Мужики всегда должны поддерживать и содержать своих питомцев. Маленький, большой, это всегда помощник человеку земному. Берегите и помогайте ему, он вас в трогический момент спасет, поможет и вы потом будете очень блогодарны ему
@user-ym2yc3li4s Aylar önce
Мододцы дорогие мужчины. Честь вам и хвала! Всем здоровья! ❤❤❤
@jermainemyles1825 3 aylar önce
Dog acting like he was winning 😂😂😂
@user-er4ce9kt2h 3 aylar önce
Animals don't act.
@jermainemyles1825 3 aylar önce
@@user-er4ce9kt2h I'm guessing you think you know much about animals ,sorry to burst your bubble lad
@sianemariadavila7347 2 aylar önce
Sim. Ele ajudando no próprio salvamento. Cachorro esperto
@d.k.porter527 2 aylar önce
Wasn't he though? Lol. But I will admit that the dog is one tough cookie! 😊
@larrymar19 2 aylar önce
Spike had MORE balls than the cameraman
@marciacampos634 Aylar önce
I hope the dog is doing well. They are very courageous people.😮😮😮
@Chknugies 2 aylar önce
Definitely save the dog because I know my dog would try to save me and die doing it even though he’s just a little guy he’s got a big heart. How many people get saved by dogs every day?!?!❤
@ryanfrye6850 2 aylar önce
mine saves me emotionally everyday with his love i get it man i would kill anything for my best friend to save him
@MrLocomatt 2 aylar önce
Ya that snake would have been dead in first few seconds of video if was my dog.
❤Dios con ustedes tan valientes y umanitario, que bueno que salvaron al perrito❤
@jeannettedodge5886 2 aylar önce
All big facts, every dog I've ever owned in my 67yrs have done the same for me and my family then myself and my kid's. ❤❤❤❤
@emanueldelove7955 2 aylar önce
Dogs would give their life for you in a heartbeat. You are their family and you sacrifice for your loved ones. Dogs are awesome ❤
@kitty-kat007 6 gün önce
Thank you for saving the dog that was really brave of all of you.❤❤❤❤
@ramonaking-ky2kn 17 gün önce
Thank you and God bless you. I pray 🙏 you were able to save the dog.
@user-vp9jv5ci9g 2 aylar önce
Thank you to the three men who saved that lucky dog. Dogs are the Best ,and we should always help them when we can.
@wuzzycuzzy6656 2 aylar önce
@daz2730 2 aylar önce
very true :)
@Libra_Gang 17 gün önce
That dog pure gangster 😂 he said when I come out of this water it's on and popping 😂
@Brittany_Nicole Aylar önce
What an outrageous question.. “Save the Dog?” Pfff ✋🏼 that should NEVER be a question. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS save the dog!
@sa1nt_john.v1 2 aylar önce
Snakes biggest mistake is not knowing the dogs got a best friend called man.
@mariagonzales7881 2 aylar önce
Bravo irmãos. Gesto maravilhoso. Deus abençõe vocês. Detesto esses bichos todos cobra e anacondas serpentes....brrrrrr
@amberjberger6205 25 gün önce
In the US they are an invasive species, this is a good size snake!
@nikyaporter3475 11 gün önce
What will I do I'm sorry Fido would have been gone an me 2 Lmao 😂😂😂😂😂
The dog was like, "Once u let go, IM ON YO ASS"
@pameliaphillips993 2 aylar önce
The dog got up saying all my best friends are here now we're going to teach you a valid lesson
@Sick8261 2 aylar önce
Just a normal day for Amazon residents in Brazil
@jeremyxx11 2 aylar önce
@ericdetera9349 2 aylar önce
@AngelerFils 2 aylar önce
Reading this made me 😂 n 😢 Just allergies 😅
@GreenAsJit Aylar önce
I love dogs never they never give up especially the ones that loves you
@user-oi9we3el6m Aylar önce
Save MAN'S Best friend. A no-brainer
@jamesrsec 2 aylar önce
A dog is man’s best friend. This is the same as saving a friend from an attacker.
@preciousoriaku515 2 aylar önce
Thanks dear
@lazaroortega1916 2 aylar önce
Plot twist they 8 the bog and the snake 😅
@redstickstat4877 2 aylar önce
I always wonder why aren't they considered animals like all others though. Is it just because the majority have decided while other animals can be massacred and eaten but if I massacre a dog I can be Inprisoned? What makes a dog so special compared to other animals?
@user-gn3xj2db6h Aylar önce
Бедная собака...как здорово,что вы смогли ей помочь!Пусть живет долго!
@user-wi4dv3ee7l Aylar önce
У меня дыхание затаилось, а потом заплакала от неожиданной радости. Смелости и ярости людской и рывка собачки к победе. Целую. Обнимаю.
@mikewetzel6470 2 aylar önce
It is not the natural order. That little dog is a member of a family and must be saved!!!!!
@swaythay6493 2 aylar önce
U sound rere… even you are apart of the natural foh
@errolm8313 2 aylar önce
They were fighting over whose dinner it was
@Trevibonuccisan 2 aylar önce
Quel cagnolino è meglio di Trump e dei suoi figli
@Barbara-qo3wx 2 aylar önce
Esattamente condivido
@shawncudjoe9584 2 aylar önce
I take it you're a vegetarian?
@jd1557 Aylar önce
Dogs are like family members!!
@vinny.deadmou5d46 9 gün önce
ALWAYS save man's best friend especially from a snake
@cwarpaint2763 2 aylar önce
Save the dog. They save our lives often. True meaning of loyalty
@user-tb2pm8kh6w 2 aylar önce
@daisygarcia409 28 gün önce
The things we do for our precious pets. ❤
@bloodydeq1995 9 gün önce
Dog trying to get his get back is funny😂
@raymondsmallwood9617 2 aylar önce
Save the dog. Not even a question. A dogs love and loyalty is non wavering.
@LennTec 2 aylar önce
And kill the snake? They could save the Dog without Killing the snake...
@Dave-jx1ch Aylar önce
He like “yeah I got my squad with me now! What’s up now you worm?!”
@stormc4044 Aylar önce
The way the dog suddenly gained energy and exacting revenge like “heck no , I know you didn’t just try to eat me!”
@lindaexley7244 2 aylar önce
Could have easily been a child... Thank you for saving the dog.
@4ways2go 2 aylar önce
but it wasn't and if it was that would would be poor parenting parenting
@lindaexley7244 2 aylar önce
@@4ways2go Have you seen a snake attack? I have seen a rattlesnake attack, there was no warning. Anaconda are not endangered, and they seem to be a major problem in the South. Has nothing to do with parenting skills. Don't know the details before the dog went to the water, so perhaps the dog just went to get a drink, and the snake got him. When you take a child for a walk in a playground, or swimming hole you don't see what critters are around. Like a snake or even a snapping turtle until it's like the dog. I'm glad they were able to save it.
@MarceloFlores-lu2vs 25 gün önce
Ese perro aguanto la respiración bajo el agua y luego se unió al combate.Ese es un perro agradecido.
@tamarajohnson2759 24 gün önce
Thank you for saving your beautiful fur baby! You guys are so brave.
@WesleyP1975 2 aylar önce
Dogs are the most loyal of all animals. It's really heartwarming to see people actually helping a dog in need of help.
@patriciasnyder1192 24 gün önce
How wonderful they save the dog the dog like he wanted to live how wonderful u 3 are Heros
@rgabriel5730 9 gün önce
“Cause a man never leaves his dog”- Cody Johnson
@hpeace5916 2 aylar önce
A dog is a man’s best friend; always helps a friend 😊
@jinkim2506 Aylar önce
Seems like the dog started the fight from beginning 😅
@davidsaunders4206 10 gün önce
The snake like come on bra. I ain’t eat in 3 weeks 😂😂😂
@H.D.74 Aylar önce
Поступок достойная уважения. От души вам мужики.
@user-kz7jd5cc8s Aylar önce
А нечего что это природа, и змея должна питаться ? Зачем отобрали еду
@H.D.74 Aylar önce
Если на его месте, оказался ты, что тогда, а?
@user-kz7jd5cc8s Aylar önce
@@H.D.74 любой может попасть в рацион пищевой цепи, сильнейший или самый хитрый !! ( чарльз Дарвин )
@H.D.74 Aylar önce
@@user-kz7jd5cc8s Но не я)
@vs-c807 Aylar önce
​@@user-kz7jd5cc8sа если твоего ребёнка?
@luisdiaz3887 25 gün önce
Man you this dog made my day awesome attitude no fear at all
@LloydsofRochester 25 gün önce
As part of the natural order, I have my priorities in place which is to protect the dog. The dog could, and probably would, protect me, but the snake will never return such a favor. Quite the contrary.
@beckstervanc4947 2 aylar önce
A dog IS FAMILY. Domestic animals are not food for predators. We chose to keep animals as pets therefore sharing our place in the food chain.
@acmtexas3027 2 aylar önce
@BrandonRyckman 23 gün önce
Friendship is a two way thing.
@kevinc233 6 gün önce
We are morally obligated to come to a dogs aid in time of need no matter the circumstances.
@greenpeace7380 2 aylar önce
That dog is a fighter.
@Nspirit-Nreproof Aylar önce
Man with stick: "Let go of my baby"..Dog freed: "That part"
@aunciamiana Aylar önce
Save the dog! Because if it was meant to happen they wouldn’t be there. They were there for a reason ✨
@ridgesail 3 aylar önce
The dog jumped right back at the snake as soon as it let go... he was ready for that smoke 😅
@sandybeach176 3 aylar önce
😂😂😂u aint lying🙏👍💙
He went from "guess this is it" to full on attack mode.
@jdw7384 3 aylar önce
Pissed off, now it's on!
@Marco-58. 3 aylar önce
@user-qg6wk7oe5t 3 aylar önce
Español porfavor
@isharracooper3585 Aylar önce
Aw, they really love that dog because that dog was a goner.
@dianasanabria8826 Aylar önce
Eso es amor por su famia, ese perrito es su familia, gracias por no rendirse
@zinglociabatta3205 2 aylar önce
Damn, props for the dog for surviving that, and for those man for saving him
@user-pp3dq9xq2k Aylar önce
Вы уверенны что 🐶жива анаконда уже давненько сломала его (((
@user-fp3nq1xp9s Aylar önce
Какой респект, это пищевая цепь,животное ест др животное , по такой логике надо всех хищников по перебить
@Create-videos34 4 gün önce
Luckily, thanks to you guys, we promptly rescued the poor dog 😊❤
@docgillygun9531 9 gün önce
Dogs and cats are pets like family. Anacondas are then a threat to family. Snake dies.
@srikumar2940 2 aylar önce
Thanks to these men’s for saving the most loyal living thing on earth.
@nakclahan6445 2 aylar önce
please!! u don’t think snake got eat to
Tot respectul din lume pentru asemenea oameni care a salvat câinele din gura șarpelui acela .
@jacobcharles2850 Aylar önce
Save the dog definitely it’s different with a dog… Dogs r like people
@user-le9zc9rm5m 3 aylar önce
Как пёсик не захлебнулся , очень хотел жить мужики молодцы .
@vincenzoiovine9749 3 aylar önce
E un miracolo che si e salvato👍👍👍🫣
@user-qf8td7jl4j 3 aylar önce
Он в конце собаке трубой не съездил?
@FedorNSozonov 3 aylar önce
Он физически не может вдохнуть воздух, и тем более воду. Кольца змеи сдавливают так, что лёгкие блокируются. Невозможно ни вдохнуть, ни выдохнуть.
@betasom7751 3 aylar önce
Grandi ❤
@Llapiadierllapi 3 aylar önce
Nuk merte ajer 😂😂😂
@jenniferbriggs3796 4 gün önce
Holy moly! 😮that's one tough dog!!😂
@swifthpat 25 gün önce
That damn dog got back up fighting again...😅😅😅
Did the dog start attacking the snake when freed?!?! Godspeed, you little canine warrior!!!!
@user-sz9bo2eu5u 2 aylar önce
😂👏🔥😍🥺🤗 да это так мило до слёз
@danielgadberry7420 2 aylar önce
From the looks it looked like the snake still had the dog by it's mouth and was hanging onto the dog as long as possible!
@user-rw3xi2sw6q 2 aylar önce
Браво за помощь собачке а эту тварь убить пользы не какой
@karenwilson712 2 aylar önce
I think he did😃
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