If you beat this, I give you $2000...

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Install State of Survival for FREE: stateofsurvival.co/fundy for a chance to win a Lamborghini!! Thanks State of Survival for sponsoring.
Giveaway terms and conditions: ss-news-master.kingsgroupgame...

I will give $2000 to the first to beat this Minecraft Difficulty, because I know it's impossible. There is just no way...

Twitch (I STREAM A LOT): www.twitch.tv/fundy
Twitter (FUNNY STUFF): twitter.com/fundylive
Discord: discord.gg/fundy


There are secrets I didn't showcase in the video, to make the game even harder for you ;)


first get this: cdn.fundy.tv/ImpossibleChalle...
thats the plugin (aka. difficulty that I made)

Get a spigot server up and running for 1.17.1, the plugin is made for that and you can just follow a tutorial for all of that.

Make sure to have a full recording from start to finish of you beating the game, (it can be attempted with multiple people). The person who wins the $2000 is NOT the fastest, but the FIRST to beat it and prove it to me. You can send in the video/twitch vod via Twitter dm's, email, or just tweeting it.

no hacks, cheats, xray, etc... is allowed. A set seed is allowed ONLY if the portal isn't fully filled in. My plugin HAS to be the only plugin that is enabled. GOODLUCK

now the word soup:

In this video I dont play on the DreamSMP, but instead I made one of my babymode difficulties, or impossible difficulties. It makes minecraft impossible in the hopes of a minecraft, but video like dream / dreamwastaken or george / georgenotfound or tommyinnit or wilbur or other dream smp members have done in the past. I coded it so that minecraft is actually impossible, and this is a custom difficulty / challenge / minecraft but for you to try out! I hope you enjoy this fun little project, it was a blast to record and make, and I definitely did enjoy it. I hope you have fun watching!



18 Eyl 2021




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Fundy Aylar önce
Install State of Survival for FREE: stateofsurvival.co/fundy for a chance to win a Lamborghini!! GL WITH THE COMPETITION, NOBODY IS GOING TO BEAT THIS AHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
TTVmrprogamerYT 5 gün önce
Y'know I've been playing this like I don't even know anymore but I tried 400 TIMES and I can't beat it
Jan Krnáč
Jan Krnáč 9 gün önce
Try asking dream to speedrun it
Kadin T
Kadin T 9 gün önce
I think I'll sit this one out........
_Ghost_treasure_ 13 gün önce
Axolotl 19 gün önce
Hello ITS FROM THE NETHERLANDS je moet nu hoi zeggen
Kaner 21 dakika önce
you are wearing warm leather boots to not take damage from hot floor? how you are even possible to breath in the nether? you should burn infinitly since its too hot here UNLESS you have, i know it's gonna sound cringe, any part of netherite armor, since it's immuine to lava and fire
JustPieterPlays 3 saatler önce
fundy: if you win i'll give 2000 dollar Wadzee: okey EZ haha but bro @wadzee where u at bro
Gamermaster234 5
Gamermaster234 5 8 saatler önce
10:26 when you live in Kansas
BobaZ 10 saatler önce
FUNDY tell dream to speed run this!
XxM&M 4 days #roadto45
XxM&M 4 days #roadto45 13 saatler önce
Skeletons should have aim bot and zombies have kill aura and spiders have reach
Fleaths OOF
Fleaths OOF 15 saatler önce
*WARNING THIS IS A CHEAT SHEET* If you're fundy and you will fix this by looking at my cheat sheet boots will hate you *no wood* You could just planks from a village *Need fundy's cat* lead or blocks to cover boots *hell/night/foxes/skeletons* dig down or up speed bridge and you might need a few shields *standing still* just do aswd every 2 seconds *water buckets suck/boots* villages and ruined portals *eyes of ender* squids are super common so just find a river also villages and mineshafts *getting to the end* mine a 1 by 2 then mine stone by placing lava below you then mine it get back your lava and place blocks above you and do it all again *The end* make a play form far away from the end island not to far or to close (if you did not get an obsidian platform away from the end island already) *The end glass* ender pearl to the glass and use a crossbow (maybe from a bastion or pilliger tower) (farm ender pearls 3 stacks) *Clutching* get hay (maybe by the villages) or slow falling potions (farm blaze rods) *Damaging the ender dragon* bows crossbows hit the ender dragon quickly teleport away *The last attack of the ender dragon teleport to your platform (if you did not have an obsidian platform than make one in the beginning of the fight) *Spawn* place a lot of beds in a chest near your bed Notes:Maybe more crafting tables so you dont have to break it farm ender Pearl's 3 stacks maybe also box boots in while close to a blaze spawner also get extra pickaxes for more gold so you can craft more boots might need to learn speed bridging he made trading almost infinite so get a fletcher or a cleric and also you can get sticks by mining a lot of wood with your gold axes you maybe have also you can get arrows and bows from a fletcher also learn how to craft fast
Fleaths OOF
Fleaths OOF 14 saatler önce
Samcal (in the comments found his when I finished mine) has a more detailed one in my opinion combin e both of out ideas as well as other people's ideas then you could beat it
LigtngGremln 18 saatler önce
technoblade, I’ll use the the money for a new sword for orphans
Team Awesome
Team Awesome Gün önce
i have done it
Arya Pande
Arya Pande Gün önce
You can stand next to the ender dragon for 5 seconds and run
Arya Pande
Arya Pande Gün önce
What if you could kill the skeleton and get its Assault rifle bow as a very small chance
Emerald Gün önce
Add FLAME to the skeleton bows :)
Twilight Envoy
Twilight Envoy 2 gün önce
Skeleton hwatcha
Epicdude 01234567890
Wadzee had better play this
Goji Jr
Goji Jr 2 gün önce
i beat it tomorrow owo or ill try
dusttrust 2 gün önce
death of glamour my beloved
erpotatator 123
erpotatator 123 2 gün önce
10:21 every sans last breath fangame be like:
Nate's Page
Nate's Page 2 gün önce
actual impossible difficulty: (so impossible, i had to use the comments on this one just to have enough space)
Nate's Page
Nate's Page 2 gün önce
* * [mobs] * * passive mobs: now have baby zombies riding them and have spiders underneath (good luck with food :), drop 50% less food, spawn twice as frequently oh and bees spawn as if they were natural mobs EVERYWHERE hostile mobs: zombies: are always husks, have cave spiders on top of them, and are armed with sharpness 2 sticks skeletons: are now armed with a sheild, have 3 vexes on top of them, and now get full iron with curse of vanishing (you wont get any) spiders: always cave spiders, spawn with bees on top of them (good luck aiming), and are now invisible (seriously good luck) creepers: always charged, ride axolotls, end crystal hats, weakness 2 (because when a creeper explodes, all statis effects it has are spread with the explosion endermen: will pick up every block they can reach and destroy it, and invisible, and always teleport nether mobs: piglins: hate you and hate gold and are always piglin brutes zombie piglins: same as last one but with more flavor hoglins: are now ravagers wither skeletons: full netherite, shields, sword, and have and area effect of nausea striders: hate you. blazes: ride bats, have skele-hats, speedy stats, and would ya look at that. silverfish: every stronghold block has 30.
Nate's Page
Nate's Page 2 gün önce
* * [plains biome] * * trees: will sometimes drop in planks instead of logs, all wood items when near torches in your inventory (3 slots) will randomly catch fires and turn to dust every 30 seconds (the closer it is the higher chance) enviroment: pillagers now spawn naturally and more frequently than passive mobs, dirt is now coarse dirt, all gravel is now stone
Nate's Page
Nate's Page 2 gün önce
* * [controls] * * movement: movement inverted, jump now x0.5 as effective, shifting now gives you hunger and slowness, running has a random chance to turn you in a random direction interaction: q and e have a 0.33% chance to do the other's function, chests can now only store 3 slots, fighting has a random chance to hurt you, you can randomly get hit thru shields, you are slower for every item you carry.
Dragonblaster X
Dragonblaster X 2 gün önce
Zico tops te invoco para que te pases esto XD
MinecraftGames 3 gün önce
"from your boots" Me wearing literal boots: i am 4 parallel universes ahead of you
Scali Runzz
Scali Runzz 3 gün önce
Shadowtexter 3 gün önce
Yea wadzee gonna beat this
Reapererrr 3 gün önce
you should have made it so that when it rains you drown
Eskoriin 3 gün önce
Minecraft difficulty: Fundy hates you
technoblade will beat cancer
I could do it ( not in the fastest time) but im to lazy
K Clark
K Clark 4 gün önce
Did anyone ever beat this?
Βασίλης Καρτέρης
has anyone beat this yet?
dark 4 gün önce
believe me or not I FUCKING BEAT YOU FUNDY
🌷 Tulip 🌷
🌷 Tulip 🌷 4 gün önce
Maybe this is a good tip? Just go high ground (I don't have Java edition so can someone try this out)
Jubi Haging
Jubi Haging 4 gün önce
You talking in dutch
Rose Jeanes
Rose Jeanes 4 gün önce
Can u give me the mod??? OwO UwU
thaj ratasupanan
thaj ratasupanan 4 gün önce
this is definition of hell to every types of player in minecraft
zqat 4 gün önce
chat: you went to far from your Boots me: IT IS "TOO" not "TO" lol
SlimeTime1 4 gün önce
4:43 no, no it does not. (or does it?)
SlimeTime1 4 gün önce
the cat part reminds me of dantdm hardcore season 2 sireis lol
ThatGalLari 4 gün önce
How do I find a way to download this??? I wanna try 😅
Dominik Asłamowicz
Dominik Asłamowicz 4 gün önce
I play this mad
Huoqw 5 gün önce
yatsu is the best gamer ever
Good M4n2333
Good M4n2333 5 gün önce
Fundy just straight up give us the middle finger
God Yeeter
God Yeeter 5 gün önce
The day/night cycle is structured like something from ark
Wolfern Games
Wolfern Games 5 gün önce
Made this for bedrock and i try it
QUAD Game Gaming
QUAD Game Gaming 5 gün önce
honestly i think 2000 dollars isn't enough
allout 5 gün önce
imma take this $2,000 easily
Brian John
Brian John 5 gün önce
Good luck to any british people out there who want to get 1,456.74 Pound sterlings
MineBlox 5 gün önce
Maguic 6 gün önce
Wadzee is gonna get his free 2000$ lol
Stellar2Blue 6 gün önce
Wadzee be like “HOLD MY WATER”
ALADIN EFE 6 gün önce
Um you have give 2000 ok give me the mode to win
Meerkat 6 gün önce
Well I guess fundy is mr beast
pwn3r1 6 gün önce
thank you for the free 2000$ Fundy!
Ps_RBLX 6 gün önce
I can’t even beat Minecraft..
McoyXD King
McoyXD King 6 gün önce
Axolotl with a creeper looke like a suicide vest
tabassum afshan
tabassum afshan 6 gün önce
I would lose cuz I would lag and crash
E DUCK 6 gün önce
youtubers: nahh forget the money im out✌️
MKxDumbestYT [GMD]
MKxDumbestYT [GMD] 6 gün önce
Joltning 6 gün önce
💋 Sweety Hotgirl • Vlogs
I'm not sayins is unbeatable, I just belive it's unbeatable. But if you ever attempt this, may your soul be spared by this cruel abomination created by a mad man.
puppy 123
puppy 123 7 gün önce
uhh I guess we all die look at 1:05 his cat died..
FBI 7 gün önce
I'm gonna do IT rn u didnt explain some things 😏
KingGeoCat 7 gün önce
Ah, so this is what fundy has been working on
Louis Cyclone
Louis Cyclone 7 gün önce
*Speedrun Music*
Jememster 7 gün önce
Fundy: *made the most hardest difficulty* Wadzee: Finally, a worthy opponent.
MegaCatGamer 7 gün önce
if i win the game but live in another land called Norway Can i still Get 2000 bucks?
Gamer !
Gamer ! 7 gün önce
You forgot to remove diamonds!
Salars minecraft
Salars minecraft 7 gün önce
Does mod count or not.
Zxzizza 7 gün önce
Cant you just get logs by putting TNT inside a Savana village house and get a loads of wood
BZ Kornstein
BZ Kornstein 7 gün önce
Is keep inventory allowed, do we only get 1 life to beat it and if boots dies does the run not count anymore. Also can we pre-pick seeds?
Syrus Grove
Syrus Grove 7 gün önce
I have an idea to make it harder everytime you die an enderdragon spawns to kill you again.
NeoCo 7 gün önce
Easyyyyy i could do this without any problems
When you were at the portal you stood still for more than 5 seconds
Travis Ramlee Fauni
Travis Ramlee Fauni 7 gün önce
you forgot about the no taking damage glitch: Save and Quit to Title
Mouse Gaming
Mouse Gaming 7 gün önce
2k isn’t enough 10k is enough
NicParodies 7 gün önce
Is Multiplayer allowed?
Yellow banana
Yellow banana 7 gün önce
I love the torture in this video
Harry Noznesky
Harry Noznesky 7 gün önce
I wonder why mettaton didn't use the nukes on frisk in undertale?
•••[S]EX-Vlog Go to My Channel
When you were at the portal you stood still for more than 5 seconds
Timothy Williams
Timothy Williams 7 gün önce
I don't have a PC soo I can t play an I don't like our cat but ez
LaughingPineapple 7 gün önce
I sense a challenge
Trinh Son
Trinh Son 8 gün önce
fundy,just one thing: if i can get that 3090 without selling my kidneys, i wil and WILL TRY to do it(just will ok? dont judge me if i cant)
Trinh Son
Trinh Son 5 gün önce
edit: i failed miserably, the spawn just explodes axolotls everywhere the furthest i made is the nether and i got shot by a bunch of skeletons and the kaboom of you, also i died 200 times by eating no-vegetarian stuffs, can you just make this crap easier and just lower the prize down bruh?
Soda Black
Soda Black 8 gün önce
Puts difficulty peaceful.
Thomas Molenaar
Thomas Molenaar 8 gün önce
Game mode name: hell
Vivash Thiruchchenthhooran
Easy creative mode
ツplanetmangoツ 8 gün önce
This one is even harder than hard
Beluga 🥓 BACON GANG 🥓
Xlr8a 01
Xlr8a 01 8 gün önce
Where is the proof?
Amber Stoneplayz
Amber Stoneplayz 8 gün önce
fundy where do submit im playing it in hard harddcpre im going for 1000 days
Sharier Rana
Sharier Rana 8 gün önce
Call wadzee
lemonsxeed 8 gün önce
the final destination difficulty
Ella Burrows
Ella Burrows 8 gün önce
I love cats
Jasper Hu
Jasper Hu 8 gün önce
Boots is pog !!!!!
Eden Tague
Eden Tague 8 gün önce
i will say, you could make it harder... now hear me out. why not add more towers? why not make the final attack more devastating. why not add more mobs to the end? The enderdragon could summon withers. Oh? no- noooo- im defenitly not trying to ingore the idea of a thirst bar. neverrr... {remembers how annoying that seemed when you needed to *heat up water to get pure water that won't poision you* while watching a youtube video}
ツplanetmangoツ 8 gün önce
Yes cats are awesome
Casual bread
Casual bread 8 gün önce
Boots my beloved
••Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
this is CRAZY
The Space Baryonyx
The Space Baryonyx 8 gün önce
10?25 damn the new craftsouls game is looking nice
Melon Amarillo
Melon Amarillo 8 gün önce
RELIXSAW 8 gün önce
who is the winner?
Boss level
Boss level 8 gün önce
Seems easy
nimrod adi
nimrod adi 8 gün önce
*copper golem for the win in minecraft vote
David troll
David troll 8 gün önce
wheres my money?
TheBigBadBread 9 gün önce
Fundy just make slimes out of nitroglycerin and then stats talking about his sponsor immediately afterward. This is gonna be a fun difficulty setting
Luca van Eijndthoven
Enter WadZee
boomcat 9 gün önce
smort cat
smort cat 9 gün önce
cat r cool
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