If You Are Seeing This Video It Means ...WE HAD THE BABY!! 👶 (Nursery & Name Reveal)

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So if you're seeing this video right now it means that WE HAD THE BABY!! We filmed this video in advance so we could upload it to keep you guys in the loop when it finally happened. Like I mention in the video, the next 4 weeks worth of new videos were pre-recorded before I gave birth so that I could take some time off filming to rest, heal \u0026 enjoy being a new Mom. Thank you all for your love \u0026 support through this entire journey!

Make sure to follow these 2 socials if you want to be updated more with baby/personal updates! First photos of us with baby will be on there.
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Also thank you to Baby and Me Nursery for the Mommy bag gift. Check them out: instagram.com/babyandmenursery

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7 May 2021




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Lanky  Norris
Lanky Norris 2 saatler önce
How’s melody?
Avery Keener
Avery Keener 4 saatler önce
Congrats I'm really happy for you
Kat & Ellie Playz!
Kat & Ellie Playz! 6 saatler önce
I love the name and have a good time with the baby!
sophia pisani
sophia pisani 7 saatler önce
Your so brave congrats.
The Coolest Man Ever
Stevie Pearce
Stevie Pearce Gün önce
Wait you had the thing.....
GAͣCͨнⷩAͣ S͛нⷩAͣDͩØWツ 2.0
I have chased around my baby sister and she is SO FAST
Missy Walker
Missy Walker Gün önce
I love videos like this you are about to get a very special gift🎁 from God he has blessed you.
Feem Yang
Feem Yang Gün önce
Congrats! Lauren!
cayden little
cayden little Gün önce
Yayyyy!!!!!!! we're gonna have a mini Lauren now!
Nutella Biscuit
Nutella Biscuit Gün önce
her birthday is only 5 days before mine :>
Amber Grimes
Amber Grimes 2 gün önce
You can use the big bed as her bed when she gets older
KAYLA RHAN 2 gün önce
Omg congrats
Kaylie Gaming!😊🤍
Melody, melody, melody, she is the best baby♪♪♪
excellent gamer101
excellent gamer101 2 gün önce
Melody is the cutest thing 🥰
kawaii here!
kawaii here! 2 gün önce
Baby: b-b- ✨ *Bread* ✨
CameronandBelinda Haak
Aw. Just aw
•Yachi’s Hairtye•
Melody was my TRvid user for awhile 😅
Ami Bowen
Ami Bowen 3 gün önce
May 6th! A little Taurus! As a Taurus myself welcome to the club! (My birthday’s the 13th of May)
Amber Lee
Amber Lee 3 gün önce
Ailyn Dooms
Ailyn Dooms 3 gün önce
Congrats Lauren!!!!❤👶
Nicole Benitez jaimes
I think when melody grows up a bit she can use the guest bed
Matty Bill
Matty Bill 3 gün önce
I'm SO Happy For You, Congratulations On Melody!
Brandon Kajihiro
Brandon Kajihiro 3 gün önce
Layla Kassad
Layla Kassad 3 gün önce
Congrats Lauren😊
Clumsy :D
Clumsy :D 3 gün önce
I just realized that Melody was born on my sister’s birthday!! Yay 😁
Amalia Quesada
Amalia Quesada 3 gün önce
i think the baby is a girl
Amalia Quesada
Amalia Quesada 3 gün önce
im so happy for her
Jason Scott
Jason Scott 4 gün önce
My name is melody omg 🌈🌈🐨🐨🥺🥺
Ingrid Tudorache
Ingrid Tudorache 4 gün önce
Gacha Jay and Euni
Gacha Jay and Euni 4 gün önce
Congrats sorry im late your now a family god bless and congrats
Choclolate Choc chip
A agine a videos the baby giving birth while it screams
Luna Amronski
Luna Amronski 4 gün önce
I love the name and nursery 🥰
Yannie Omococ
Yannie Omococ 4 gün önce
ah! I had been waiting for this moment!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you guys!
Bakugou's Hot
Bakugou's Hot 4 gün önce
I got an ad about nappies😳
Jolie Alexandra
Jolie Alexandra 4 gün önce
Melody Zside💜 you know I’m surprised that the nursery wasn’t themed purple galaxy🎆🌌
~☆cherry.☆~ 4 gün önce
My notification came today 😨😭😭
May Harris
May Harris 4 gün önce
i feel like these guys are wayyy more responsible then most people not hating like the labrant family like they will film the birth and they will make videos of people choosing the middle name straight up using their child for content and veiws also another thing the nursery is sooo cute
Violet ,
Violet , 4 gün önce
I happy for both of them
Mike Boom
Mike Boom 4 gün önce
Who else watches this video over and over again 😂💜
77thDirectorHuTao 4 gün önce
Melody: b b b Bobby: say bobby Melody: b b bread Bobby: damm you lauren
Sunny Yu
Sunny Yu 4 gün önce
I like name
Morgan Jones
Morgan Jones 4 gün önce
WHO DISLIKED THIS WHO! I love the nursery sorry o saw this so late melody is so cute
(Student) Isaac Hart
Oh my gosh, congratulations on having your baby, Melody is so lucky to have you as a mother!
Sarah MacDonald
Sarah MacDonald 5 gün önce
Lol who is hear after meeting baby melody
Melissa Goodman
Melissa Goodman 5 gün önce
i love the name if you have a po box i what to sew you baby clothes
Nico 5 gün önce
The baby name is so cute
linda Gash
linda Gash 5 gün önce
Memphis Brown
Memphis Brown 5 gün önce
i love the nursery!
Xavier Riffey
Xavier Riffey 5 gün önce
Is it a boy or girl
•Cinnamon Roll•
•Cinnamon Roll• 5 gün önce
Klara Ratcliffe
Klara Ratcliffe 5 gün önce
Hi Lauren love your channel, please shout-out my channel called gamerklara. My question is 1. Will you ever come back on your vlog channel again? 2. Can u film with gloom or Brianna again
Elizabeth Mcgarry
Elizabeth Mcgarry 5 gün önce
I love the name melody
Amanda Stidham
Amanda Stidham 5 gün önce
aine kelly
aine kelly 5 gün önce
congrats i love her name
savage k1d
savage k1d 5 gün önce
It’s a coincidence that there’s 69 comments and… u know..
Jennifer Woosley
Jennifer Woosley 5 gün önce
i dont really like or comment peoples vids but i watch your vids and they are amazing and i love your babys name the room is so cute! i love your videos :D
The1stJennyBean 5 gün önce
Melody is such a cute name
Hi guys it's me Cecilia
Congratulations! (By the way here is a suggestion for Melody’s middle name, Hope)
Bork Bork
Bork Bork 5 gün önce
Campbell Scanlon
Campbell Scanlon 5 gün önce
Congrats girl 🤩🤩🤩🤩
Helen rose
Helen rose 6 gün önce
congrats i you both the best
Santhi 6 gün önce
I love the name
BOBASUCKERS 6 gün önce
Is Melody 1 month old
Cory Hopkins
Cory Hopkins 6 gün önce
Hi baby melody so cute!!!!
Xia Lin
Xia Lin 6 gün önce
I have an idea u can make another Channel which can be a family Channel and vlogs
itz_yuh_gurl_tamara 6 gün önce
The babys first wordHASSSS to be ✨honey✨
Christina Gallagher
Christina Gallagher 6 gün önce
yyyaaayyy i love the name melody i bet she's beutiful
Nourin Akther
Nourin Akther 6 gün önce
Omg melody is such a beautiful name me.. omg her name melody mashallah that’s beautiful Lauren . She’s beautiful aswell
Nourin Akther
Nourin Akther 6 gün önce
Mashallah for you and the baby congratulations 🎉 man
michael panar
michael panar 6 gün önce
We need to see Melody
Yogi the bunny
Yogi the bunny 6 gün önce
Omg her name is so cute! I hope you have a amazing experience with your baby and I hope you have a amazing time
Andria M
Andria M 6 gün önce
Congrats to you guys! 🎉💖 Welcome to baby Melody. I dunno how but we missed this video and kept seeing others being posted. I was confused because I was sure she was due in May. 😂 Hope everything with the delivery went smoothly and everyone's healthy and happy.
BeckyPlayz 6 gün önce
For both Lauren and Bobby, And any other parent that makes TRvid content, Or just in general, I wish you the best of luck in both, The child (ren)'s And the parent's future. And take a break if you need. Being a Mother/ Father is hard. I might not know from experience (Because I'm only 11) But I know at least *HALF of the difficulties of being a parent. Take as much time as you need off. And for you parents out there that have long jobs, Please try to take some time off of your job for your kids. Especially if you have really young kids, Like, From the age of 0-8 minimum. Or, If you're allowed, Take your child to work with you. But that's only if they're from babies to toddlers. Also, don't do that if your job is dangerous. You wouldn't want the child to get hurt, Now would you? Try to spend as much time with your kids as possible. They will be grateful. Even they aren't grateful now, They will be in the future. And that's what you have to look forward to. Always care for your kids, And stay safe, Healthy, And happy. I will (Hopefully) See you all again soon! Bye!!
Gacha Lemon
Gacha Lemon 6 gün önce
I love the name it’s so cute!
Claire Idit
Claire Idit 6 gün önce
CONGRATS!!! I hope u take care of your baby and what a wonderful name melod
Angel Lee
Angel Lee 6 gün önce
Can you please show us the baby 🤩
Humais Mir
Humais Mir 6 gün önce
Sian Leanne
Sian Leanne 6 gün önce
Can u plz do a video of the baby also congrats 🎉
soda 🥤UvU
soda 🥤UvU 6 gün önce
Am so happy for you Lauren!! 🥺✨💖☺️🥰 Bady: now is here Lauren: hello fellow kid!
axolotl soup
axolotl soup 6 gün önce
Edward Hughes
Edward Hughes 6 gün önce
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I’m so happy for you guys I have been watching you for years and your videos always make me smile much love ❤️
curious cat
curious cat 6 gün önce
My only question is "1k dislikes?" Gosh,A lot of people must have been on the wrong side of Laurenzside and hit the wrong button.
Hybrid Happiness
Hybrid Happiness 6 gün önce
Sidney Fase
Sidney Fase 6 gün önce
melody is a good name I like it
Olivia Tay
Olivia Tay 6 gün önce
・₲ⱤɆɆ₦ ꒻ꏂꅐꏂ꒒ꇙ・
OMG I CANT WAIT 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Slow sloth 🦥
Slow sloth 🦥 6 gün önce
Omg I am so happy for you!!!
Madison Hall
Madison Hall 6 gün önce
Mochi animates
Mochi animates 6 gün önce
Hey Lauren you should try and make a family channel but of course you don't have to I just think that would be interesting. I would like to see how life is as a youtuber and a now mom. Again you don't have to just think it would be a cool concept!
Brittany Taylor
Brittany Taylor 6 gün önce
Congrats babyZside
Steve Reslock
Steve Reslock 6 gün önce
So beautiful And lightning I love it it’s very pretty excellent job just be careful of the I love you from the moon and back picture because of an earthquake happens the baby can get hurt and it will fall in her, 😄🌱🪴💚👍👍🏻 so cute though I can just see that being an amazing room for her to grow up in gorgeous, 😊🌸👍🏻
gacha raja
gacha raja 6 gün önce
Can you adopt meh now
thomas pycz
thomas pycz 6 gün önce
I love the name
Charlotte Y.
Charlotte Y. 6 gün önce
This child is gonna be spoiled😇😇😇Lauren is gonna be amazing!
ttv sweaty yetti
ttv sweaty yetti 7 gün önce
can we see melody please????
Todoroki S•I•M•P
Im new here- My name is Melody also lol, and congrats! I know yall will be awesome
Caroline Carlile
Caroline Carlile 7 gün önce
You guys are so awesome. Congrats!!! 🎈
kyle7350 kyle7350
kyle7350 kyle7350 7 gün önce
kyle7350 kyle7350
kyle7350 kyle7350 7 gün önce
If regret was a video 🤦
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