If Only Rude Fans at Races Could Understand This...

Cleetus2 McFarland
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September 24, 2021 Burnout Night at the Freedom Factory.
Ticket available at thefoat.com/488678

October 2, 2021 CLEETUS & CARS Texas- Houston Raceway Park
Event info &Tickets available at houstonraceway.com/event/clee...
Burnout contestant registration at thefoat.com/164218

October 15, 2021 DRIFT NIGHT at the Freedom Factory
Event info & Tickets available at thefoat.com/816822
Pay Per View tickets available at www.BaldEagle.com

October 16, 2021 DANGER RANGER 9000 at the Freedom Factory
Event info & Tickets available at thefoat.com/176158
Pay Per View tickets available at www.BaldEagle.com



15 Eyl 2021




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Cleetus2 McFarland
Cleetus2 McFarland Aylar önce
These are the same people that call me Leroy and don’t even know the difference between Leroy and a Canam lol.
Broo_sh 6 gün önce
There is weird peoples in world, and Also in youtube some actually think at they know you like a friend jeeves. But Calling You a Leroy Thats Really Odd But Those kinda peoples needs to get their own giraffe what they can hug.
Barrens chat
Barrens chat 10 gün önce
All this from a guy named after a turbo :D ...wink!!! you guys rock, keep on being your selves, from just a fan... sorry Mr Garrett. ment no disrespect none to the team or the doggo's for all the effort that has been put in.
Cuz Cuzz
Cuz Cuzz 22 gün önce
Leroy a canam? There's no way someone is that ignorant or maybe it's cuz vettes are my dream car so I can't fathom mistaking them
Kenny Aylar önce
How about I call you Garret and shake your hand? Hope you and the crew are doing well in KS today man.
Brian Heinz
Brian Heinz Aylar önce
Dude why is it called the freedom fact. When you have to pay to burn your tires up. I can do that for free. Prolly he thinks he a big celeb and peeps need to pay to see him.
Tommy Mandrell
Tommy Mandrell 2 gün önce
Dont cry about the shit side of being famous u think the celebs like paparazzis?
Terry Cochran
Terry Cochran 2 gün önce
To the fans (idiots) that just don’t get it. Back off these cars that are being raced have to be prepared religiously for the drivers safety. You can wait for a damn autograph.
Will H
Will H 3 gün önce
Hey, I don't want or need your autograph, but I'll keep watching 👍
raymond castillo
raymond castillo 4 gün önce
All i gotta say if it aint for the fans u wouldnt be know. James had the time nd blew me off.
Just Harry Johnson
Just Harry Johnson 4 gün önce
Your life comes first. To them it's only a second of your time to sign something. But to you a moments lapse in concentration has the ability to kill you due to the fact something has been overlooked forgotten or missed due to that one fan wanting your attention. I have it when flying. You step out to the flight line and people just want to ask questions. I now just pretend I can't here and walk away to perform my checks
D C 6 gün önce
As a former traveling musician, I'll tell you from experience that some audience members feel that, because they've bought your music/merch that they somehow own you or at the very least you owe them time... RIGHT now. I'm not the only one. I've heard real celebrities talk about it. Some people have no scope, or ability to prioritize their importance in a scene.
frank bevan
frank bevan 7 gün önce
Ban people from the pits
Son of Art
Son of Art 8 gün önce
theres always got to be that space between the soldier and their loved ones at home
J RA 8 gün önce
Has to be pretty embarrassing if you realize that you were the one he was talking about... Don't act like a fool, be kind.
Tim Wall
Tim Wall 8 gün önce
Sounds like you need a Bodyguard at some of the bigger events you attend and even at the events that you put on yourself. Let me know if I can help in anyway.
bonedigggss 8 gün önce
Yeah 420
Todd Olsen
Todd Olsen 9 gün önce
how's that guy that got burned at your first skid comp?
Nick Romano
Nick Romano 9 gün önce
Guy wanted an autograph for his spoiled brat!
Lee knight60
Lee knight60 9 gün önce
Well said and hope this message gets to certain people.
Joesph Best
Joesph Best 9 gün önce
You need some body guards to let the FAN's know after the race or drag you will have time for fans. Like country Singers do. Love watching your shows and I'm old guy, brings back my youth and rail drags. Thank you
mason little
mason little 10 gün önce
It’s simple if they don’t want to wait they don’t get to receive
s01 11 gün önce
I mean, you’ve made your living because these random people decided to follow you. Signing a sig to thank them is nothing when they paid for your cars
Gavin Erbele
Gavin Erbele 11 gün önce
Fuckers should just be happy they get to meet/see you race. People that are gonna annoy you just to get an autograph are smooth brained humans. I live half way across the country, I’d be happy just to chill and see your cars
Eric Nay
Eric Nay 11 gün önce
Sounds like common sense to me
dirtdude 11 gün önce
Are you serious?
M p
M p 11 gün önce
PRE SIGN items, your own merch, GIVE it out to those waiting in line, so that IF your shitbox car makes eliminations, you are good .
Mean Man
Mean Man 11 gün önce
LoL at people wanting your signature on their time table.
Mark Grace
Mark Grace 11 gün önce
Poor TRvid celebrity.
lerch400block 12 gün önce
I have a cap right now that doesn't have an autograph because yall had to do your thing. No big deal
Keene Palacios
Keene Palacios 12 gün önce
Bro I hope this dumbass dad sees this and knows he was in the wrong. Fully support you cleetus can't wait to take my family to one of your events !
Dream Maker Garage
Dream Maker Garage 13 gün önce
Video is 4:20...
Joey Rutherford
Joey Rutherford 13 gün önce
Bunch of democrats lol
John Hughes
John Hughes 13 gün önce
Love your channel, it's super fun watching. Sorry about disagreeable fans. I think you explained yourself very well.
Nicky550 Z
Nicky550 Z 13 gün önce
Sadly as you get bigger, this will get worse. You’ll need a shadow team that does the worrying for you. If you are going to continue a life of fame this is the price. You have to give all of yourself to your fans.
Jordan Nellessen
Jordan Nellessen 13 gün önce
That angry dad just got even more angry. Haha 'I know he is talking about me!' ... damn right he is d-bag. Learn some manners.
Alex Whiteford
Alex Whiteford 13 gün önce
Very decent sir
Thunder Struck
Thunder Struck 14 gün önce
Looks like you better do some more infomercials you know collects more cash because your programs going down the tubes better turning into the Cletus MacFarland Flea Market festival
Peter Pearce
Peter Pearce 14 gün önce
The 500 people that put a thumbs down on this video are probably the people that would argue and give you problems at events.
Goatat 14 gün önce
You made yourself a celebrity. There will always be challenging fans. Consider it an occupational hazard.
Klem Temlock
Klem Temlock 14 gün önce
Cletus cards (like baseball cards) you just pre sign a dozen or so the night before & keep'em in your pocket for emergency use !!
SS 14 gün önce
Sad you have to make this video.
GETCHA SOME 14 gün önce
Well sir, I'm gonna come just so I can fart on your new bleachers.
Greg Moeller
Greg Moeller 15 gün önce
It’s sad that this has to be said! Love ya Cleetus!
Robsim 15 gün önce
Damn it's like Cleetus doesn't understand that he owes everyone else whatever they want simply because they want it! Clearly I'm being facetious because anyone with basic decency and common sense know that Slipknot is indeed correct, "people = shit" oh I'm sorry most of you like country, Bob is correct "this is my sister, you'll wait your damn turn" greatest hits extended version.
Joey R
Joey R 16 gün önce
I feel like the last portion of this video is common sense tbh!
N Moran
N Moran 16 gün önce
Just put a sign at the pit that says time and place
YOURTUBE 18 gün önce
Shawn Gillespie
Shawn Gillespie 18 gün önce
Some people have a lopsided sense of entitlement. Your in the middle of something that can kill you and they want a autograph for their kid or themselves. It’s Bullshit when your at the races I wouldn’t sign autographs but you do and they always take advantage. Your a better man then I. I would tell them if you want autographs your gonna have to go to the freedom factory. I’m surprised track officials don’t have a problem with over zealous fans all over the place chasing you guys around. Y’all need 100% focus so you can sign autographs tomorrow.
Korruptionen 18 gün önce
Please video these interactions and put them on blast.
Jason Harry
Jason Harry 19 gün önce
Do it for dale.
No 19 gün önce
Cleeter make a. Don't be a Stan t shirt please
AZHotRodHunter 20 gün önce
You don't own anybody shit buddy
The Boat
The Boat 20 gün önce
Love what you do but i really want to see a supercharged topfuel drag car on your channel
SlayHerAMV 20 gün önce
Ive seen you once in charlotte back in like 2019, 2018 area, you were extremely busy and we completely understood that, and sticking around after to see you turned out to be more worth it than bothering you for 5 seconds and gettign only a hey and signature, not like that isnt enough, but we ended up watching you split the plaque , race rc cars, and even enjoyed some mtn dew personally from you! patience is key, people just dont get that.
Money Luser
Money Luser 21 gün önce
if someone is a dickhead, throw them out permanently so they don't spoil things for the incredibly awesome positive fanbase
Matthew Burns
Matthew Burns 21 gün önce
can’t believe people don’t know simple patience or read a situation properly 🤣
Jordan Gryg
Jordan Gryg 21 gün önce
Yeah some people are idiots !
Tripp Rogers
Tripp Rogers 22 gün önce
Hell Yeah Bothered!!
Pleb Failsworth
Pleb Failsworth 22 gün önce
so that's why the deer kept attacking you. you wouldn't sign its antlers.
Tell the rude people that don't get it to have a coke and a smile and shut the fuck up.
S. Bamm
S. Bamm 23 gün önce
Just WAIT !!!
Jasonlt1982 23 gün önce
Hell yea brother, well put!
Greg Indelli
Greg Indelli 24 gün önce
I cant believe people do that to you smh...
Carlos Alfaro
Carlos Alfaro 25 gün önce
I did notice when you guys were racing. How people were hanging around you guys for a WHILE and I was wondering what happen with the curtesy. I guess I was raise different. I guess people just care about themselves now a days.
kd6tas 27 gün önce
You're getting too big to please everyone. Time to increase security so you'll have a buffer between you, your people, your operation and the public. Let your security staff be the bad guys. That will go a long way toward protecting your reputation.
Gary 28 gün önce
Well dang can you just swing by my garage after Cleetus Houston to sign my Donnie shirt, my mower, cat, and Tacoma?? I'll provide the refreshments.
Zero the Wanderer
Zero the Wanderer 29 gün önce
I paid $20 to get into your event, I demand a signature while you're potentially jeopardizing your team and your car worth like $100k! My pussy hurts! Fuck 'em.
Mechanic Taft
Mechanic Taft 29 gün önce
I still dont understand why anyone would even want something signed doesn't make sense
Trever Selle
Trever Selle 29 gün önce
Sometimes you have to be a nice asshole to people!
Patrick G
Patrick G 29 gün önce
Well said man! Be safe!
Jacen Grey
Jacen Grey Aylar önce
One of the very few automotive influencers on TRvid that actually drives, wrenches, creates content, and people still want get into a fist fight while a parachute needs repacking over a autograph.
Retsel Yarrh
Retsel Yarrh Aylar önce
I don’t think you should have to explain yourself! These fans have never experienced what it’s like to be in between rounds!
The Machine Radio Show
You are correct on the fans not understanding my dude. They will get over it, or they won't. As hard as one might try, you will never please them all.
Hunter Grimes
Hunter Grimes Aylar önce
bro this is all i have to say about this if you catch an attitude with this man over hiss signature there arent actual words to describe what you are. like fr, if he stops and signs one autograph then another person sees next thing you know hes got a line of people when he should be fixing his car or something. tf do you want his signature for so bad anyways hes a youtuber for christ sake.
xero256 Aylar önce
Safety first, it's kinda important. Can't sign stuff if yer on the way to the hospital 'cause a safety thing is missed. Hope you are able to get it through to them.
Dj Diddles
Dj Diddles Aylar önce
Don't be a softy tell your fangirls no autographs or stop bugging you it's not hard. 😂
Real Life Cruisers Australia
Well said… wishing you and your lovely lady good health…cheers from Australia 🇦🇺
Don Martin
Don Martin Aylar önce
Ah……the joy of being a wanted man…🏁
James McRae
James McRae Aylar önce
I feel like this should be common sense for most people....
faststang85 Aylar önce
I could give a fuck less about a signature or whatever, Hell if i get a response on youtube im good with that. Some people just think they're entitled.
Spencer Smith
Spencer Smith Aylar önce
You shouldnt have to make a video apologizing for being a normal person lol. People will always have something to say even if there in the wrong.
Mick v2t Shaw
Mick v2t Shaw Aylar önce
Can’t believe you have to explain this to people 🤨
Thomas MacGruber
Thomas MacGruber Aylar önce
There will always be somebody unhappy or picking a fight to sue. Your doing great, trust me, your nothing any fans over autographs. Now come out for Biden then we fighting.
Chris Storer
Chris Storer Aylar önce
If people keep being rude they don’t deserve stuff like that.
Tashanda Jackson
Tashanda Jackson Aylar önce
Have been commenting about the people who stand in a circle around them like social retards
James Dupin
James Dupin Aylar önce
I know most of the people that watch would rather you guys be safe and do well. Rather than miss something over a signature or picture, etc…. Then something bad happens to y’all. We appreciate what y’all do!!! I hope to make an event soon when y’all come to Houston!!! Y’all stay safe , do it for Jesus and we’ll see ya later 🤘😎🤘
Jeff S
Jeff S Aylar önce
Watched you guys at LSfest and the respect you all pay your fans is phenomenal!! Not many people could jump out of a race car and pose for photos until it’s time to jump back in. Class act!!
XOZ Industries
XOZ Industries Aylar önce
You could set up a meet and greet time, post it so there are no unrealistic expectations from fans
Virginio Maldonado
Virginio Maldonado Aylar önce
Common sense is not that common anymore!
crodrc51able Aylar önce
Hey man, it’s a Soldier’s motto. You have to work hard to play hard. I waited for your signing time and got an autograph and picture with you and my son at your first event at Bradenton. Still fans and hit your events as much as we can. We know when your team is working, it’s work time. Rock on and stay safe racing! See yas in October at Bradenton!
chevytrucker Aylar önce
these guys sound like theyre strictly racing fans and dont understand how much goes into racing, nhra drag cars rebuild the engine after every round and some people cant understand that
Phill Black
Phill Black Aylar önce
How dare you🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷.... Sad u had to step away to sign a price of paper.... Forget about the bolts that will make you be a huge lawn dart.... The nerve but hey father of the year.. in case anyone is wondering I'm joking... LOL that's WOW LOL
The Wretched Mess Garage
HEY! Stop messing with your SAFETY equipment and pay attention to my kid! Son, put down the gameboy for a second will ya! I'm trying to get an autograph for ya! Some people are just time and patience "vampires".
Matt McMillan
Matt McMillan Aylar önce
Do events that don't include racing. Sell merch and meet and greet. Fans off limits when your racing
robert m
robert m Aylar önce
I have a hard time dealing with a few people around the car. I could never have the amount of people you have around. Even on a good day, when the cars are going well, it's work for me and I need to focus. I do circle track racing in the north east.
ROBIN SAGE Aylar önce
Really appreciate all you do, and love following you and the team’s exploits. Remind me of a young me and my crew, but with more $ and cooler toys! Keep up the good work, ignore the aholes, they’ll always exist.
sissymarylen15741a Aylar önce
You want a signature and not wait buy the poster on his site
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Aylar önce
this sounds exactly like what the Street Outlaws guys go through, you've made it brother
Brad Ames
Brad Ames Aylar önce
Well said
Randy Famoso
Randy Famoso Aylar önce
I can relate to this to a smaller scale. I feel bad when I’m busy and mentally fatigued at the track and fans wanna chat 😭
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Aylar önce
No matter how nice you try to be, there's always gonna be "that guy". The guy who thinks he is special. The guy who never listens. The guy who thinks you are there for "him".
david kirk
david kirk Aylar önce
Well stated👏👏👏❤️🇨🇦
Darin Traver
Darin Traver Aylar önce
I’m sorry this happens pal but hopefully this video will reach those who need it !!! Love your channel 🇨🇦
nicholas lewis
nicholas lewis Aylar önce
Its easy to tell the actual guys that don’t or have never actually raced. They don’t understand the time it takes to prep for hitting the track.
libraisia libra
libraisia libra Aylar önce
The job comes first then the fun.
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