If It Were Not Filmed No One Would Believe It

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21 Eki 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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gamingwithcontane 4 saatler önce
Bro im eating
Madison McClelland
Madison McClelland 6 saatler önce
🐺 Wolf Pup 🐺
🐺 Wolf Pup 🐺 17 saatler önce
3:49 how big can her eyes get!?!? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tailsgaming 18 saatler önce
She did it she took the minion kid 🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣
Cashleen Robinson
Happy Christmas Lia
La'Que Burgin
La'Que Burgin Gün önce
Thanks allot Derek
Tom Brake
Tom Brake Gün önce
ArielzInspired 2 gün önce
7:51 um... it seems like they are calling OCD "ADHD" 😑
cortney fowler
cortney fowler 2 gün önce
The ground got pregnant
cortney fowler
cortney fowler 2 gün önce
Kenady Thorn
Kenady Thorn 2 gün önce
I love her reaction 😂
Alex Yong
Alex Yong 2 gün önce
Hey sniper wolf am the same like u but only Miskitos am scared of other bugs because am 8 right now but I will not be scared when I get older
bria 2 gün önce
The moose one reminds me of my school fights
Courtney Randle
Courtney Randle 2 gün önce
Maelee Haynes
Maelee Haynes 2 gün önce
Dont say my name 3:30 in vid
Sara Jina
Sara Jina 2 gün önce
3:01 😂😂😂
Charlie Stanley
Charlie Stanley 3 gün önce
She said if I don't have a drink every 3 minutes I would pass away but this video was more than 3 minutes and she didn't have a drink
Kara Capriotti
Kara Capriotti 3 gün önce
Hazel pumpkin spice
Hazel pumpkin spice 3 gün önce
Hi lia ps sorry if you do not like to be called lia
¡ R0daii- !
¡ R0daii- ! 4 gün önce
"What in the Wattpad just happened" 💀
jordan garraway
jordan garraway 4 gün önce
ME : 😂😂😂did she just say Addison D'Amelio
Pastel Plays 30
Pastel Plays 30 4 gün önce
In my school, for a Brian’s winter novel, we had to watch the moose tik tok..
Death 5 gün önce
Ngl if that was my child I'd be proud.
Michael Everett
Michael Everett 5 gün önce
1:00 Maybe the robot mistook her lovely lady lumps for speed bumps.
Victoria Lawrence
Victoria Lawrence 5 gün önce
"Behold. The Vegan Teacher's entire head of hair" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Asmaa Hassan
Asmaa Hassan 6 gün önce
That’s my cousin
Elissa Murphree
Elissa Murphree 6 gün önce
Lia: you can't be here you don't pay rent Spider: I pay rent in dead bugs
Vangie Paqueo
Vangie Paqueo 6 gün önce
is this just me or the vegan teacher's hair is inside that drain
Jack Dsilva
Jack Dsilva 6 gün önce
Faith Lee
Faith Lee 6 gün önce
Flat earth girl:IT WAS A SMALL CHILD Me:WHY😭😵‍💫
kArL iVo playz Playz
You imagine I’m not getting that test freaking teacherHow do you🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤪🥳😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😚😚🖕🏻
leovpriasneo 7 gün önce
INDIGO LEAGUE POKEMON go west young meowt episote
leovpriasneo 7 gün önce
Not episote
Foxy7453 Fnaf
Foxy7453 Fnaf 7 gün önce
A few months late
Arika Solomon
Arika Solomon 7 gün önce
She is to good
Keke’s Dynasty
Keke’s Dynasty 7 gün önce
Those girls are sugar babies niw
lola 7 gün önce
Briannah Hughes
Briannah Hughes 7 gün önce
Lol just me or when the baby crab was stuck in her ear my ear inches lol😅
Best Cousins Vlogs✨
It said hewwo hewwo hewwo
Sped Teacher
Sped Teacher 8 gün önce
albian dina
albian dina 8 gün önce
Thatveganteacher be like:"WHAT my hair is not LIKE THAT IMA GIVE YOU AN X MEAN!!
Misty Gensel
Misty Gensel 8 gün önce
R.i.p bob Bob was a spider and lived with me until he fell in the shower and went down the drain, the next day he was back. Bob I love you my best friend.
Zoey Roldan
Zoey Roldan 8 gün önce
If you said you couldn’t take a sip of water every three minutes you were gonna shrivel up and die then why aren’t you drinking some soft water every three more minutes in the video
Natalie Jester
Natalie Jester 8 gün önce
I have ADHD and I refuse to clean whatsoever
Emily lim
Emily lim 8 gün önce
She said this video calls me single in ever language but isn't she with her bf sausage
Amanda Taylor
Amanda Taylor 8 gün önce
She sells seashells by the seashore also how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood 😁
L M 8 gün önce
Capiche? or I screech! 🦝🖤
Salma Idris
Salma Idris 8 gün önce
FBI come to Lia's house right now
Sienna Baek
Sienna Baek 9 gün önce
They mean OCD instead of ADHD right
Angela Miller
Angela Miller 9 gün önce
"Hello" "Hello" "Hello" "Hello" "Hello" "Hello" "Are you ok?" "Nooooo" 😆 🤣 😆 The best part is, is that I love cats 😆
Chloe Washington
Chloe Washington 9 gün önce
There was this little spider and I Accidentally stepped on it and all these baby spiders came out of its but😵
MrMiiiyagi 9 gün önce
You saw Isabel rap to
Mely Jelato
Mely Jelato 9 gün önce
me (a canadian) ehen i saw the two moose fighting me: Heh, thats normal
Jordan Wheeler
Jordan Wheeler 10 gün önce
Behold the vegan teachers head of hair
Charleigh Kornblum
Charleigh Kornblum 10 gün önce
MoM mom mom mom i love you
Zach VanHorn
Zach VanHorn 10 gün önce
1:45 dis kid is kid katsuki bakugo
Kaylee Manning
Kaylee Manning 10 gün önce
Thr vegan teacher watching this be like, vegan teacher:x,x,x,x,x,x,x😂
Sonali Bose
Sonali Bose 10 gün önce
Vegan teacher getting roasted 😂
Gachacookiethief 10 gün önce
Just that part ladies and gentlemen the official animal of Halloween *bats*
Sandy Nolte
Sandy Nolte 10 gün önce
The raccoon looks like my mom on her day off😂
☆XxxᏟᏞᎾuᎠᎽ sᏦᎽsxxX☆
5:20 I was eatingggg (also I fr puked)
Lacey Daniels
Lacey Daniels 11 gün önce
Christ Tlaxc
Christ Tlaxc 11 gün önce
Mama She ain’t home yet 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Christ Tlaxc
Christ Tlaxc 11 gün önce
Mama she ,
buterfly lover
buterfly lover 11 gün önce
5:08 I have the same thing
Howellz Unicorn
Howellz Unicorn 11 gün önce
The crab in the girls ear gave me the heebie-jeebies
Dianne Godfrey
Dianne Godfrey 12 gün önce
Love this video
CatsGamingLand 12 gün önce
I just love she still hates the vegan teacher
BDude 12 gün önce
I'll get people shoutouts
tianna thomas
tianna thomas 12 gün önce
I got a live in the dream I had a girl I was in crab in the crowd like it was a dream so imaginary so the crap like what into my skin I want to my skin and then it didn’t come out unless I cut my skin open or throw up and I couldn’t throw up so yeah
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 12 gün önce
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 12 gün önce
Dorcas HdzCdn
Dorcas HdzCdn 12 gün önce
What the carbdoin 😂😂😂😂
anjelica 12 gün önce
Omg what in wattpad is this literally every Y/n story😂😂🙄
Trisha Ntalianis
Trisha Ntalianis 12 gün önce
I have to check if that elephant likes to hug when I clkicked on this video
Desiree Escalera
Desiree Escalera 13 gün önce
pumpkin sperm aka pumkin seeds
Ever After High Chapters
happy birthday sssniperwolf love ur videos
_xXLostwolfXx_ 13 gün önce
Happy birthday Lia! (was supposed to send this on that day)
Syona Parmar
Syona Parmar 13 gün önce
what in wattpad omg
Azlahn Caleb Gaming
Azlahn Caleb Gaming 13 gün önce
8:33 among us character is getting born lol
Na'Vya Utuga
Na'Vya Utuga 13 gün önce
BunStarSM 粉色兔子
Her: that spider living in my room? he don't pay rent get out. Me: ghost and demon living in my room? they don't pay rent- AHHHHHHH
carmoronic 13 gün önce
Hello lia I just wanted to say a thank you for being always active when posting cause it really makes my day :)
Charlie Robinson
Charlie Robinson 14 gün önce
Eric Quisenberry
Eric Quisenberry 14 gün önce
I can’t even say sea shell sea shells bye the sea shore so how can a cat say it ? 🤣
Naomi Hart
Naomi Hart 14 gün önce
What the car doing
Naomi Hart
Naomi Hart 14 gün önce
What the hell the egg it looks like it went to outer space and it got a helmet and I spaceship if I had the egg right now I would take a big fat Chomp of the head
Renae Patterson
Renae Patterson 14 gün önce
It’s so cut
Renae Patterson
Renae Patterson 14 gün önce
My cat says hallo
lotus 14 gün önce
Me:*gets back from shopping and about to get in the car* Me:*sees insects in the car* Me:f--k this s--T I m out no thanks don t mind me I m out
NoodleLover UnU
NoodleLover UnU 14 gün önce
"I don't know why your impressed over a talking cat when Meowf literally exists" -SSSniperWolf 2021 (Please tell me if I got the Meowf right or wrong in the comments it's been a while 😔)
Lotaya Montique
Lotaya Montique 14 gün önce
If you died will you still make videos at heaven
~coco.nut^ 14 gün önce
Am now going to clean my drean now :spelling
Dash the Deer
Dash the Deer 14 gün önce
Only in Canada can you find moose fighting in the middle of the road
Alex Pinard
Alex Pinard 15 gün önce
1:24 how my mam and uncle grew up😂
Rune 15 gün önce
Actually those are both males there are moose and know it is probably just mating season for em so they are fighting for leadership or a lady
Durk88 15 gün önce
But don't know address
Durk88 15 gün önce
We're do I have to send fan mail. I know that you live in LOS VAGAS
Melia Fayle
Melia Fayle 15 gün önce
The pumpkin think happen to me to
Melia Fayle
Melia Fayle 15 gün önce
I saw a spider the size of my hand
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