If I Laugh, a Pokémon Dies #9

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NOBODY can make it to the end without laughing...

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if my viewers can make me laugh, I lose a pokemon in my nuzlocke. Can I beat pokemon emerald with quiet possibly the hardest chances of winning? This You Laugh you Lose pokemon challenge in pokemon emerald is literally impossible.

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15 Haz 2022




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Silva Star
I like that every " we do not care" was timed perfectly 🤣
I said this in the chat during the stream, but I used to work at Chili's. When fajitas are made, they sizzle a little and within two minutes it completely fades. To make the fajitas more appealing, Chili's made a sizzle sauce which is a grey-yellow liquid that adds no flavor and is only meant to be added to the actual skillet to make it sizzle super loudly right before the fajitas are served so the customers get excited about it!
The EG
This stream was really fun to hang around in, I'm pretty sure the Golbat could've been a really good addon.
April’s Pokemon Love
I loved this series, I can’t wait for more.
The fact Chat hit him with that "We do not care" clip 4 times killed me.
King Bob’s Roblox Account
Just so ya’ll know, you can make cliffe laugh with quick time events.
The Tomodachi Life submission had me dying.
Glitched :]
The ultra instinct sound gets me every time.
The Civilian Vid
Can we talk about how Cliffe has gotten so much better at this? Like he didn’t laugh for almost the first half of the video and even after that only laughed a few times. Now I think he might finally be able to get good at Nuzlockes too! Loved the video, keep up the good work.
Matthew Anderson
All "We do not care" timestamps:
Such a good stream. Plurplecliffe has a way of bringing so much entertainment and joy in all he does. Already subscribed, so good luck new subscribers! You won't regret catching these streams.
opzz xsin
One of the funniest parts of this was when at the end when he lost the final run some random clip of french lechonk just pops out unexpected. Good way to end a great video
Nikolai Bløndal
Your editors really elevate your already hilarious streaming vods to higher levels which makes them oh so more enjoyable and rewatchable. The way you offer yourself on a such an honest and vulnerable silver platter for humorous content makes my day. Let’s get you to 1 mill subscribers and into that Gardevoir outfit Cliffe :D
Jabo Badashvili
Let's take a moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into his content for us. Great job
In terms of not laughing, jack did the best in this video so far
bodoti qwiu
Man I really do love these videos, as they always make me laugh, so I always look forward to the next video of yours, especially these ones.
Dilemma Whatson
This is an amazing concept and video, I’m so excited for more
My day was not going great so far, but then I saw that you uploaded another video of my favorite series of yours! ^-^ Keep up the good work!
Giga Lad
Most of the time it's Purplecliffes reactions that make me laugh add Purplecliffe In a funny video= Masterpiece
This was so fun during the livestream but the edit makes it so much more fun. Thanks! See you next vid/stream
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