If fast food restaurants were people

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29 Kas 2021




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 ShortHax Aylar önce
Burner King be like: “Why go to the clown when you can go to the king”
louisamuriel2009 4 gün önce
Burner king or burger king?
Matthew Brunette
Matthew Brunette 4 gün önce
Because the king can’t cook.
GruppeSechs 5 gün önce
Burner King is appropriate. Hope that wasn't a typo. Also, you mean "why go to the clown when you can go to the crown?"
Jerrica Townsend
Jerrica Townsend Aylar önce
No I actually seen an actual poster that said something very similar on a Burger King wall
Ken Fromchicago
Ken Fromchicago Aylar önce
@JPowellCreative Trey knew best not to mess with the Kang, Burger King! 👍🤣
Eddie Doyle
Eddie Doyle 16 gün önce
Arby's stay being the most underrated restaurant of all time
Jacob Williams
Jacob Williams 12 saatler önce
@Ryno6465 Yeah, but Burger King getting shit on is deserved
Brandon D
Brandon D 21 saatler önce
@Jonathan Han beef and cheddar 2 for 6$, gas
Jessica A
Jessica A 2 gün önce
It’s nasty.
Sean Mce
Sean Mce 3 gün önce
@notmyselfusee I don't know if it's because of kitchen practices or what, but a bad Arby's sandwich is not enjoyable at all.
Jonathan Han
Jonathan Han 3 gün önce
Curly fries, beef and cheddar, and buffalo chicken sandwich are incredible
Angeline Madyara
Angeline Madyara Aylar önce
The irony of Starbucks saying “it’s not that hard to get people’s names right” when that’s literally their thing 😆
Algo Rhythm
Algo Rhythm 3 gün önce
I usually tell them my name is Frankenstein
Stemavesa 15 gün önce
@Vayvay So you’re just disrespectful.
Pete's Feet
Pete's Feet 22 gün önce
thats... the point
Angeline Madyara
Angeline Madyara Aylar önce
@TimsRedShirt oh that's clever of them then!
Angeline Madyara
Angeline Madyara Aylar önce
@Lisa Murphy Hey Febreza 😌
Sarah Spindler
Sarah Spindler Aylar önce
This was great! The only unrealistic part of this is that Wendy’s wasn’t saying every other statement and roasting tf out of everyone else like their twitter account!
TeenTraveler 17
TeenTraveler 17 3 gün önce
Maybe their the type who act tuff on the internet but once outside in real life they aren't.
Kiara Animefan
Kiara Animefan Aylar önce
Wendy's would just be roasting everyone!
Charlon Official
Charlon Official Aylar önce
we all know wendys is undefeated, they can't be touched lol
Nwakaego Amaechina
Nwakaego Amaechina Aylar önce
He needs to do one with colleges..Ivy leagues, State Universities, Community Colleges, and Private Universities.
AJ H. Aylar önce
This just needs to be a series. I want to see him do a pizza version. Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Papa John’s, Little Cesars 😂
ᴄᴏʏ ᴇɢᴏ
ᴄᴏʏ ᴇɢᴏ 15 dakika önce
PhillySportsGaming 5 gün önce
Great idea
GruppeSechs 5 gün önce
So Little Cesars would basically be the Long John Silvers of this video?
n122vu 5 gün önce
Can't have a pizza vid without Casey's 😂
Cody Estermann
Cody Estermann 7 gün önce
@C-Notes I was looking for that! I used to work there so I felt obligated to request that lol!
Andrei Jikh
Andrei Jikh Aylar önce
Taco Bell was my favorite
BlackFloral Aylar önce
As an Arby's employee, I can confirm saying "We have the meats" is pretty creepy when it isn't the guy who does the voice overs in the commercials. Or the guy who voices Archer.
Roger Keast IV
Roger Keast IV Aylar önce
I love how TacoBell was high the entire time. Considering their recent ads, there advertising team has got to be on something.
Derek Wyld
Derek Wyld Aylar önce
"It's a weird trio but we're boys" that has me dead lmao it's true af
Scott Dassler
Scott Dassler Aylar önce
I love how taco bell is just baked the whole time
jaklumen 24 gün önce
@Bedford Crenshaw yup.. remember when they served up their "bar food" leftovers? Fries, mini tacos..
Sarah Larson
Sarah Larson 28 gün önce
@Johncas416 hahaha.
Fuzzball Aylar önce
@naecotsol Hey, at least Long John Silvers is known, while your like the Indian Food restaurant at a gas station, the place you go when your starving and your mom hasn’t opened up yet.
April Warner
April Warner Aylar önce
Dirty Mike
Dirty Mike Aylar önce
A Nilz
A Nilz Aylar önce
I legit started dying of laughter when Long John Silver said that t bass sandwich breakfast idea along with all the other companies!😂😂😂😂 I literally have tears in my eyes. Ahhh. Too funny.
Stephanie Aylar önce
Quality comedy doesn't need profanity and crudeness to be funny. This guy is the perfect example of that.
Yolanda Wilson
Yolanda Wilson 11 gün önce
@Stephanie Still missing the point...but ok. If I don't like spicy food, it doesn't mean it isn't good. It just isn't my preference and my personal reason behind not liking spicy foods is because I don't like my mouth burning and I have low tolerance. I wouldn't criticize spicy foods to express my enjoyment of non spicy foods because some people love spicy food. It just isn't my preference but it isn't wrong nor is it automatically poor quality. Spicy foods are for those who enjoy spicy foods and non spicy foods are for those who enjoy non spicy foods. When you compare the quality of something based solely on preference, it diminishes the quality of both. I like Trey Kennedy as a comedian. I also like Katt Williams and others who use profanity, explicit, violent or even vulgar language. I like Trey because his content is hilarious, he's creative, great at acting out his skits, etc. So if he used vulgar, violent, profane, or explicit language I'd still like him because his skills would still make his content great.
Stephanie 11 gün önce
@Yolanda Wilson - It is an easy comparison. Stating the f-word for laughs doesn't take any thought, originality, or moral compass.
Yolanda Wilson
Yolanda Wilson 12 gün önce
@Stephanie You're missing the point love...people like what they like. If you want to support someone's talent or abilities, do so without comparison. Comparing him to something you don't like doesn't pay true homage to his comedic abilities. It simply says, you think they're better because they're not like those you don't like. Me personally, I like a variety of comedians not necessarily the style. You don't have to down one to uplift another.
Stephanie 12 gün önce
​@Yolanda Wilson - Crudeness, and the repetitious use of f*#@, doesn't require any thoughtful comedic wit.
Yolanda Wilson
Yolanda Wilson 12 gün önce
Girl, there are different styles for a reason. You can enjoy his comedy without bashing another style. You like what you like and so do others. Don't be weird.
ChellZelda Aylar önce
This was the funniest thing I've seen in a minute 🤣 👏🏾👏🏾....the fact that he had me really believing that they were all in the room together was crazy!! 🤣👍🏾
Matthew Stephens
Matthew Stephens Aylar önce
"We can eat fresh or we can beat fresh. Who wants to lay down like a flatbread?" LMFAO the best line
Miguel Martinez
Miguel Martinez Aylar önce
Can you do a therapy session between Walmart, Target, Costco, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s? Please?!
K. Jones
K. Jones 20 gün önce
@sally skellington And Aldi 😆 the one by me is so truly bad I'm surprised it doesn't have a dirt floor
Lightning Lynx Gaming
Can't forget Meijer and Aldi!
pipxx Aylar önce
Can’t forget Kroger lol
Jenna Phillips
Jenna Phillips Aylar önce
@Evening Sky His brother with a big family and more specific taste
Evening Sky
Evening Sky Aylar önce
Sam's would be Walmarts's brother
dagman85 Aylar önce
So funny - when Taco Bell started talking about his boys KFC and Pizza Hut, I thought to myself "but what about Long John Silver's?" Glad you had my back on that one, Trey
Rita Lady
Rita Lady Aylar önce
Starbucks: “Wendys girl I like your braids but not your chilli.” 😂😂
A. Johnson
A. Johnson Aylar önce
These jokes omg I can’t even. Trey is a genius. He needs a real TV show.
Stephanie McMahon
Stephanie McMahon Aylar önce
Now that I FINISHED the video, great to hear he’s going on a comedy tour. He definitely has earned it. If he was ever in Boston, I’d loveeee to see him. 🥳
Cheese Louise
Cheese Louise Aylar önce
I literally felt so bad for Long John Silvers lol. I wanted to go get me a breakfast bass meal after he said that just cause I felt so sorry for him. 🤣
Frog Fur
Frog Fur 10 saatler önce
I loved Long John's when I was younger
Cameron Hammer
Cameron Hammer Gün önce
@Gucci Del Taco nah it was hours afterward that I regretted it. It always gives me the runs even worse than Taco Bell. Still hits tho
Just A Chad
Just A Chad Gün önce
I’m legit surprised when I see one in the wild lol.
Michelle Schultz
Michelle Schultz Gün önce
I don’t even eat sea food and I wanted to go get some breakfast bass.
Adolf Stalin
Adolf Stalin 4 gün önce
I wish there would be a bigger market for seafood honestly
Madalite Queen
Madalite Queen Aylar önce
As a Chick-Fil-A employee, the representation was on point!😂✨
Kareisha Jean Pierre
This is amazing! He should also make a part 3 to the social media family! Love his videos so much he never disappoints!🤣
Jennifer Lewis
Jennifer Lewis Aylar önce
This was hilarious and spot on! I loved the Taco Bell guy, the Starbucks guy and the Chick-fil-a guy.
Ky :D
Ky :D Aylar önce
The “Jared wouldn’t like it then” absolutely sent me 💀💀💀
Chase Potter
Chase Potter Aylar önce
And the quick 😯 look over lmfao!
Logan Allec
Logan Allec Aylar önce
We need a Chick-fil-A vs. Popeyes rap battle.
Robert The Bruce
Robert The Bruce 23 gün önce
No one should challenge Chick-fil-a, unless it's in-n-out, they're the only one who stand a slim chance against the mighty Chick.
It Can't Rain Forever
Logan Laughlin
Logan Laughlin Aylar önce
KFC vs Popeyes!??….. why chick-fil-a?
Landon Lozano
Landon Lozano Aylar önce
The sauce is the lifeblood of canes, without it, the entire tester ain’t would shrivel up and die
Carragan White
Carragan White Aylar önce
Debbie Rhode
Debbie Rhode Aylar önce
I have watched this at least 10 times, it is brilliant! Makes me laugh every time!
finding.liberty Aylar önce
🤣🤣🤣 we need a part two ASAP!!! Also, Captain D's over long John's anytime!!
K Manwarren
K Manwarren Aylar önce
You know the editing is fire when I keep thinking Trey is one of a group of septuplets. Yes...more restaurant's please.
Levi O'Neill
Levi O'Neill Aylar önce
That ending had me feeling so bad I went out and grabbed a fish basket with hush puppies just to make them feel better.
dredhead117 Aylar önce
“You have to be fifteen or older to buy it” “Jared from subway wouldn’t like it then” DAMN shots fired....
Sonja Alriksson
Sonja Alriksson Aylar önce
@evan k oh no! And thank you for the answer!
evan k
evan k Aylar önce
@Sonja Alriksson Jared from Subway was caught with child pron or something of that nature. Thus, the joke is he is only interested in kids under 15
Sonja Alriksson
Sonja Alriksson Aylar önce
what is this about? I tried to google but I can't find anything
Power5 Aylar önce
How did you miss Burger King? I love Long John's chicken strips more than any other fast food restaurant. I mean I never go to Chickfila because the line is always 3 miles long around here. I am pretty sure the god people are giving out small bags of coke with each purchase or something.
Haley Gore
Haley Gore Aylar önce
Great content!! I laughed so hard in my quiet house at 7:00 in the morning! 🤣
Soyluna Aylar önce
I’m so happy for you Trey, I remember watching you on Vine and look at you now going on tour. Your glow up is admirable.
The Yeagers
The Yeagers Aylar önce
This was so accurate. I died laughing. Keep it up Trey. 🤣
Anna Kate Poole
Anna Kate Poole Aylar önce
The bucket hat for Long John Silvers. 😂 He nailed the aesthetic for every one.
K Aylar önce
Except Wendy needed pigtails ;) xD
Jacob Crawford
Jacob Crawford 16 saatler önce
Some people's creativity is amazing. Had me cracking up laughing. Thanks for the comedy!
stangrrl Aylar önce
You're killing it, Trey!! Funniest video I think you've done... Keep 'em coming!!
When dude said “ They come with hush puppies” … I swear I almost fell T* out from laughing so hard . 😩😂
Mia Charley
Mia Charley Aylar önce
It was amazing, but it would have been hilarious to see the rivalry between In and Out and Chick-fil-A. Great job! 😊👍
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Moriarty The Third
Moriarty The Third 26 gün önce
@Charlie Matzke they're fine in the fast food scene but their prices are waaay to high for what they're offering. Also their app is a mess compared to burger king.
# thekingdomway
# thekingdomway Aylar önce
FreshRot Aylar önce
@GlassyPassiflora I've heard they use some off putting preservatives on their foretold meats, but what quick foods don't? I like some of their samiches too, altho as with all fast food, the really gross part comes in with how the food is handled. Some workers are saints that give 120%, while others seemingly don't care. Things from the same chains can vary wildly, yet most of the time we are comparing our local stores we visit, or in your case, less local, as opposed to comparing the overall chains. To me it seems most places can do both great and gross, but that's just around here!
Debbie Rhode
Debbie Rhode Aylar önce
That was my favorite part! So spot on!!
nadogrl Aylar önce
Arby’s has delicious food! Their roast beef is iconic, and their Market Fresh sandwiches are amazing, especially the Turkey Ranch Bacon.❤️
Sakura's Corner
Sakura's Corner Aylar önce
As a McD's employee this is spot on 😂
ckennedy90 Aylar önce
Man, this was hilarious! Needed a good laugh
Yophi Smith
Yophi Smith Aylar önce
I legit felt bad for Long John Silver’s. Almost forgot it was an act! 😂.
Charlon Official
Charlon Official Aylar önce
them and captain D's.. you really wonder how they're still in business lol
Micah H
Micah H 11 saatler önce
I am a Micah, and I work as meme representative for a micronation called Chickfilania. this is an accurate representation of what the people are like here. we can be aggressive about beliefs sometimes, but mostly we are accepting of our fellow humans, no matter race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or political views. as long as you are a good person with good intentions and accepts others the way they are, you are practically a Chickfilanian already.
jerrr Aylar önce
i love even the therapist had to laugh at long john silvers
Ariana L
Ariana L Aylar önce
I've always wanted to try Long John Silver's especially after watching a comedy special by Josh Sneed. Unfortunately, the only branch I knew was taken over by KFC 😅
Tracy Tarmy
Tracy Tarmy Aylar önce
Please do more of these! This was hysterical! 🤣
RavenclawNimbus Aylar önce
1:15, That part got me burst out laughing! 😂 **we have the meats**
Shadow MorningStar
Shadow MorningStar Aylar önce
I kinda imagine KFC being the kinda old man of the group that takes no prisoners, idk why 😂 like an old grampa vet
I didn’t even know that Long John Silvers existed. And I laughed with them.
Kuya Goldlink
Kuya Goldlink Aylar önce
I love the taco bell guy! He's my spirit animal! Who wants to get toasted?! I already am! 😆 🤣 😂
Aja Ashley
Aja Ashley Aylar önce
Please make more of these with other business and restaurants! Like chain mid range restaurants! This was hilarious and I'm here for those fighting catch phrases
Katie Johnson
Katie Johnson Aylar önce
Taco Bell being high is SO accurate. I complimented the girl working drive-thru two months ago and she said "Can I be honest whichu? I'm high as f*** right now. Just tryin' to survive."
Amanda Gardner
Amanda Gardner 16 gün önce
🤣🤣…not the “whichu” 💀
K Labeck
K Labeck Aylar önce
That's AMAZING!!! Hahaaaaaaaaa!!!!
Michael Furr
Michael Furr Aylar önce
Roman Mestas
Roman Mestas Aylar önce
Absolute comedy perfection!! 😂
crystaltownaz Aylar önce
Don't eat while watching this; I almost choked on my food from laughing so hard. 🤣
Louise Deleon
Louise Deleon Aylar önce
Trey, I sat front row at your show last night in Riverside and I had the BEST TIME ever. You are the best. Wish you all the luck! 😃 Jake was hilarious too!
androssteague Aylar önce
I'm a GrubHub driver and I've been to all these restaurants all over my city, and every restaurant he portrayed was spot on. I mean what's the psychology behind that? It's not like Trey lives where I do. How do these workers at these restaurants have these exact specific personalities?
Design. Build. Sell.
Watch out Trey…Wendy’s is sassy. Their twitter account will come for you 🤣👏
Lisha Yost
Lisha Yost 3 gün önce
Wendy's has really good social media.
Aaron T
Aaron T 6 gün önce
@Hayley Bartek Right! They can barely keep their locations open due to the lack of staff
Hayley Bartek
Hayley Bartek 23 gün önce
It’s a shame Wendy’s spends more effort on Twitter than on their food.
Dani D
Dani D Aylar önce
@Peggy Woods Burger King is savage AF too!
Dani D
Dani D Aylar önce
Burger King too!
Momera Aylar önce
Trey's such a great actor, I felt myself start tearing up for Long John Silver's
Ann Stropes
Ann Stropes 23 gün önce
This was epic. Please do more videos like this!! 🤣
Blake Aylar önce
Long John Silver’s 😂 when I was in high school one of my teachers always asked kids who worked in a restaurant what food to avoid from there. Every person who worked at Long John’s said everything. My dad also said years ago if you asked for extra hush puppies they would pick up the ones they dropped on the floor and give those to you
MurasakiAlien Aylar önce
As someone who used to work at McDonald's I can tell you that every bit of that was accurate.
Billiam May
Billiam May Aylar önce
I want to see a Part 2. There is still Burger King, Chipotle, Whataburger, In and Out, Sonic, Popeyes, Dairy Queen, Dominos, Pizza Hut.
Colonel Tanken
Colonel Tanken 20 gün önce
Shake Shack too
beastmaster415 Aylar önce
Don't forget 5Guys and Wahlburger...oh and Mr. Beast😂
Amanda Mancini
Amanda Mancini Aylar önce
burger king would be a 16yr old high school kid with braces driving a 20yr old hoopty
Amanda Mancini
Amanda Mancini Aylar önce
In n Out, laod back CA surfer dude
Debbie Rhode
Debbie Rhode Aylar önce
5 Guys too!
PogoDarnexx Aylar önce
I will be forever a McDonalds Boy 😂 love them fries, love them Nuggets.
Kristine H
Kristine H Aylar önce
The subway jarred thing just about made me spit out my coffee!! And then the almost fight 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️ best ever!
jayden hansen
jayden hansen Aylar önce
These videos feel like the old youtube! Love your work, man!
J. Miller
J. Miller Aylar önce
Trey Kennedy, Ze Frank, Psych, Brooklyn 99, etc. I don't know how I would have gotten through the pandemic without this kind of humor. ❤
NGEN Customs and Performance
This was funny - definitely need more of these - Jimmie johns, jersey mikes, Burger King?
K. Jones
K. Jones 20 gün önce
Chipotle vs. Qdoba!!!
Moriarty The Third
Moriarty The Third 26 gün önce
Okay I've worked at all 3 of those places and it's no contest. Jersey Mike's wins by a long shot...they just suck to work for which is why I worked their the least.
Charlon Official
Charlon Official Aylar önce
yes, and yes.... those are good choices!
Andrew Bergan
Andrew Bergan Aylar önce
jimmy johns, jersey mikes, cousins subs, subway would be sweet
VieraXXII Aylar önce
Replace BK with Firehouse subs or Penn Station lmao
Beach Life
Beach Life 18 gün önce
Duuuude! I had been laughin' HARD through this whole video, but when that dude walks in and asked if anyone wanted to try the new Long John Silver's Breakfast Bass......DUDE! I lost it! I lost it! That was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time! Respect!
Emery S
Emery S Aylar önce
“they come with hush puppies!! 🥺” HAS ME LAUGHING SO HARD
Rob Regan
Rob Regan Aylar önce
That was perfection. Absolutely HILARIOUS!
MusicalJackknife Aylar önce
Man, I didn't think a video would make me feel worse for Long John Silver's then for Arby's but this man did it.
candiigurl7893 Aylar önce
Taco Bell is definitely the frat boy, dude bro of the bunch. That was spot on. 👌😂
Jerry Chacko
Jerry Chacko Aylar önce
The chiefed one for sure
Sophie Filo
Sophie Filo Aylar önce
I fully expect this to be a series, and on the 4th installment, you'll end the video saying you were sponsored by one of the restaurants yet still roasted the crap out of them...
Lyndz Aylar önce
Yeah I was really hoping to see Trey in some red pigtail braids for Wendy's 🤣🤣🤣
Pam D
Pam D Aylar önce
I was laughing so hard I was crying and couldn’t breathe! The Taco Bell one I can relate, I got food poisoning from there a month ago🤮
tallie Aylar önce
You are literally the only comedian that makes me laugh
Leonel Cadet
Leonel Cadet Aylar önce
The long john silvers part is so funny because it's true. So funny.
nadogrl Aylar önce
@En d - They serve previously frozen food. No need to be near water.
Feed The Twinkie
Feed The Twinkie Aylar önce
@Banyo There’s one still living in Shepherdsville, Kentucky. There’s a few of them still kicking in Kentucky… mostly in Louisville I think?
At Home With Troy
At Home With Troy Aylar önce
So mean but so true!😆
Banyo Aylar önce
@housekilla457 I'm wondering where the ones that are thriving actually are. I surely thought the company had gone under by now.
Tatiana G
Tatiana G Aylar önce
@elladeon me too
Michael Laws
Michael Laws Aylar önce
I swear this guy gets me every time. 🤣🤣
Marveline B.
Marveline B. Aylar önce
I think you're the funniest person on earth. Definitely funniest comedian ever! Legit laughs Everytime!!
Preston Perry
Preston Perry 20 gün önce
This is hilariously spot on! Lol when long Johns appeared I busted out laughing!
Ethan Malone
Ethan Malone Aylar önce
I love how long John silvers looked legitimately depressed 😂
Laqueta Hodge
Laqueta Hodge Aylar önce
Taco Bell trying to include Pizza Hut and KFC in this since they're all owned by the same company 😂😂😂
Debbie Rhode
Debbie Rhode Aylar önce
Oh plus the Puzza Hut in our town is just further down the same street....all are within about a mile of each other 🤣
Debbie Rhode
Debbie Rhode Aylar önce
They forgot A&W! The KFC in my town has KFC/A&W combined with a Taco Bell down the street. The next town over has a KFC/Taco Bell Combined lol!
nadogrl Aylar önce
@Gucci Del Taco - Del Taco has delicious fish tacos, and lots of other good stuff!
nadogrl Aylar önce
Yup. All owned by PepsiCo. For decades there was a restaurant combo of all three in Coronado, CA. We called it KenTacoHut. Several years ago they took out the Pizza Hut, so now it’s just TB and KFC.
Gucci Del Taco
Gucci Del Taco Aylar önce
I've been to Taco Bell/KFC combo restaurants before.
Faith Snyder
Faith Snyder 20 gün önce
Never knew I could feel genuinely sorry for a fast food restaurant… long john silver’s 🤣 poor baby!!!
Kara Danskin
Kara Danskin 8 gün önce
Oh my I haven't laughed that hard in quite some time. Thanks
The Amazing Jennifer
Well done sir. So funny! LJS busting in and bringing everyone together was my fave.
EveningOfficer 8 gün önce
Wondering how it would’ve been if Taco Bell was drunk instead of high. Good stuff 😂😂
Sharelle Eldredge
Sharelle Eldredge Aylar önce
SW: “Who wants to get toasted?” TB: “I already am” Lmao 😂
Dayna Aylar önce
Favourite part
Kirsten Meadows
Kirsten Meadows Aylar önce
I died 💀💀
Woman of Joy
Woman of Joy Aylar önce
The Long John Silvers had me 😂🤣 I saw one the other day for the first time in forever, I was CONVINCED they were all gone!!!
cheetah TFK
cheetah TFK Aylar önce
There's actually so much nuance in this and that just makes it even funnier!
Blake Aylar önce
Long John Silver’s 😂 when I was in high school one of my teachers always asked kids who worked in a restaurant what food to avoid from there. Every person who worked at Long John’s said everything. My dad also said years ago if you asked for extra hush puppies they would pick up the ones they dropped on the floor and give those to you
Blake Aylar önce
Long John Silver’s 😂 when I was in high school one of my teachers always asked kids who worked in a restaurant what food to avoid from there. Every person who worked at Long John’s said everything. My dad also said years ago if you asked for extra hush puppies they would pick up the ones they dropped on the floor and give those to you
Justin Dorsey
Justin Dorsey Aylar önce
Breakfast Bass made me laugh out loud at work...in my office...people are staring at me now. Gotta go.
khardema Aylar önce
I lost it on that part!!! Laughed till I cried !! Funny!!😂🐟
Diane Craig
Diane Craig Aylar önce
I know!!! I laughed so hard at that!!
A Nilz
A Nilz Aylar önce
Same!! It was the funniest part to me! I think Trey is actually laughing too in that scene when he walks back out the door.
Rhianna Lee
Rhianna Lee Aylar önce
Same 😭😭
James Walker
James Walker Aylar önce
@Justin Dorsey Sign me up! LOL
Stephanie McMahon
Stephanie McMahon Aylar önce
This guy should have his own tv show. The way he plays all the different characters and personalities is epic. It’s crazy good. He basically roleplays with his self each day and TOTALLY entertains us. I think it’s a SIN the freaking Kardashians makes billions and this guy doesn’t. Every single role I see him play is always a thousand times more entertaining than any reality stars on tv today. Bless him. Even when I feel at my worst, I watch a video he made and he ALWAYS makes me laugh. Not everyone can do that and I appreciate him so much. So yeah, CALLING HOLLYWOOD- give this guy his own show STAT
Lacey Linnerd
Lacey Linnerd Aylar önce
I want a part 2! Let me rephrase that, I NEED a part 2!
Melena Soleil
Melena Soleil 11 gün önce
When Arby's popped up with WE HAVE THE MEATS I. LOOOOST. IT!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 This dude is just pure comedy GOLD LOVE this guy I literally subbed immediately the first video I watched like 10 min ago 🤣🤣🤣
Internet Drifter
Internet Drifter Aylar önce
Ahh good old Therapist. He nailed my favorite restaurant perfectly
Mikaela Clinton
Mikaela Clinton Aylar önce
Honestly one of the funniest videos you have ever done!
Sly Fox
Sly Fox Aylar önce
Most accurate description of Taco Bell I've ever seen in my life amazing 🤣😂
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