Ice Fishing BIG PIKE in Super Clear Water!!

Clayton Schick Outdoors
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Ice Fishing for super sized Pike while getting to watch them eat on the underwater camera is so amazing!! It honestly never gets old!! Cheers Everyone!!

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{AtlasLeAnimator} 11 aylar önce
can i get pinned?, i just subbed ur vids r awesome!
Fishing and Freedom Fiend
At this point we’ve been here more than 24 weeks
Outdoorsygal O
Outdoorsygal O 10 aylar önce
@Liam Thomas ~ LOL! 😆
Liam Thomas
Liam Thomas 10 aylar önce
@Clayton Schick Outdoors it’s been longer than 24 hours
{AtlasLeAnimator} 11 aylar önce
@Clayton Schick Outdoors ty!
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Appreciate you watching!! I will pin you for 24 hours :)
Spencer Smith
Spencer Smith 11 aylar önce
This is some of the best underwater footage I've ever seen! You really gain so much respect for the fish when you see them in their natural habitat.
Dustin Curle
Dustin Curle 11 aylar önce
That’s awesome, that was a big crayfish lurking by there.
Misisipi Mike
Misisipi Mike 24 gün önce
I’m from Louisiana, I had no idea crawfish live under frozen lakes! Great video.
Bryan Titus
Bryan Titus 11 aylar önce
The one of the recent pike I cleaned this year had a crayfish in its belly. It was the first one I'd found, but I don't always check. It was a bit of a revelation because for whatever reason I didn't think of them as pike forage even though I've caught them on craw plastics in open water while bass fishing. I had dismissed it as coincidental at the time, but definitely changes the game now.
Matt Brown
Matt Brown 11 aylar önce
@Clayton Schick Outdoors that's so cool. with all those pike and walleye around he didn't dare move.
Clayton Schick Outdoors
@Matt Brown he stayed the whole day!! I have video of him finally leaving :)
Matt Brown
Matt Brown 11 aylar önce
@Clayton Schick Outdoors he's still there at 25:04 when you are fighting the 43" pike.
MIOutdoors 11 aylar önce
How in the heck does Clayton only have 45k subs? He catches tons of fish and absolute giants in all of his vids. The content is as good as you'll find anywhere. If you're watching this vid and aren't subbed, get on that. This man is a legend.
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Thanks for the kind words man!! It will come :)
William Pollock
William Pollock 11 aylar önce
Beautiful pikes! I’ve been fishing the qu’appelle lakes most of my winter break and back in ON for work. Your videos get me so excited to hit the ice. On the ice fishing scene here in Trenton, gonna take what I learn from your videos and hopefully land a pike! Thanks so much for the amazing videos Clayton! Cheers
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Thank you for watching and for the kind words! Good luck to you!
Mark Haworth
Mark Haworth 11 aylar önce
Clayton! Thanks for keeping them coming! Love the ice fishing videos especially pike and trout. Great job another epic day.
Mark Haworth
Mark Haworth 11 aylar önce
@Clayton Schick Outdoors Appriciate all the knowledge you share. It's great entertainment but I use so many of your tips for my own fishing. Cheers 🍻
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Appreciate you watching the videos!
Booyahh77 11 aylar önce
Clayton does it again!!! Such sick footage. I love big pike!! Thanks for keeping us entertained!
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Thank you for watching! I love big Pike too!!
ColdDead Hands
ColdDead Hands 11 aylar önce
You make AMAZING videos! I know how hard it is to do anything when it's that cold out let alone video underwater and above!. I live in Northern, Maine and like you said when there's no wind the below zero days really aren't that bad!
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Thank you for the kind words!!
Outdoorsygal O
Outdoorsygal O 10 aylar önce
What amazing footage ya got there Clayton! Absolutely beautiful! And the vibrant colours on that pike, 😳 WOW! Thanks for all the time you take to film these awesome fish and your adventures! 👏🏻😃. Well done!
Outdoorsygal O
Outdoorsygal O 10 aylar önce
@Clayton Schick Outdoors ~ You are welcome Clayton! We are fans of your videos here. 😊. Oh! And your honest approach as to how you present things in your videos. 😎🎣
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Thank you for the great comments!
Brent Belot
Brent Belot 11 aylar önce
Clayton great video! Very impressed with how you have set up your fishing camp. You have developed a great process in how to catch and release fish! Thank you for sharing, my son Jessie and I have utilized many of your techniques/equipment and have started to catch our own trophy fish. Hope to see you on the ice or water one day to thankyou in person, maybe the boat show in Winnipeg when it is back on. Keep up the great work and Thank you for all your efforts.
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Thank you for the kind words Brent! I look forward to meeting you one day!!
shawno 11 aylar önce
Great footage Clayton. Both fish of a lifetime for many. Awesome as always! As Wayne and Garth would say, " We're not worthy" ... 😄
Clayton Schick Outdoors
HAH!!! Love it!! Cheers man!
The Nice Guy
The Nice Guy 11 aylar önce
Always taking AMAZING care of his fish . Your always on your A+ game . All the extra time you take to record and all the gear you have!!
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Have to take care of the fish for sure :)
adamkoindustries88 11 aylar önce
Clayton, you are the most consistently consistent and entertaining fishing channel on youtube. Great stuff, as always. Keep on keeping on.
Clayton Schick Outdoors
I do try :) Thank you so much for continuing to watch!
The Fishing Doctors Adventures
That was an awesome video man, loved all the underwater shots of those giant pike. Prime video! So much set up work pays off big time for you! Nicely done!
The Fishing Doctors Adventures
@Clayton Schick Outdoors I know! You rocked it. I get tired of dragging one GoPro around on a tripod, haha.
Clayton Schick Outdoors
A PILE of setup.... but.... VERY worth it :)
Electrical Outdoors
Electrical Outdoors 11 aylar önce
Absolutely incredible I loved this footage great job Clayton keep it up man thanks
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Thanks for watching man!!
Matt Isaak
Matt Isaak 11 aylar önce
Thanks for the great content!! Always looking forward to watching your videos. I started going for more pike because of those giants you catch!
Clayton Schick Outdoors
I love me some pike fishing!!
Aaron Vail
Aaron Vail 11 aylar önce
Man, losing track of time while catching beautiful monsters is the definition of "Life is good." That is the goal, Clayton. Well done.
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Life is Good :)
GoodRedBlackRatio 18 gün önce
Dude I appreciate you! you handle these fish so nicely, great footage, really awesome!
Jason Schmiedge
Jason Schmiedge 11 aylar önce
Awesome video! It's great to see you treat the fish so well. You're an awesome ambassador for those of us in Saskatchewan. For the one camera, do you have it in a slight downward view? It looks really good. My camera doesn't allow for that, but I had thought of using a ziptie or something like that to position it downward slightly. Keep up the great work.
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Yes, the one camera is slightly pointed down, almost a 45 degree angle. Thank you for the kind words! I hope one day everyone takes care of the fish in Saskatchewan so we can have big mommas cruising around for everyone!
Daniel Lefebvre
Daniel Lefebvre 10 aylar önce
Just found out about your channel a couple weeks ago, I gotta say your videos never disappoint! Great content.
Clayton Schick Outdoors
really appreciate you watching the videos!
rob kreutzwieser
rob kreutzwieser 11 aylar önce
Nice job Clayton. Nice pike action I really like how you go over your gear and explain what your doing. Keep them coming.
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Thanks man!! Cheers!
Ryan Lenz
Ryan Lenz 11 aylar önce
Best channel I have discovered in 2021 hands down. I was about to ask how you find such big fish but then you answered my question towards the end. Keep the vids coming!
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Appreciate you watching the videos!
Rimmy Jim
Rimmy Jim 11 aylar önce
The underwater footage is incredible. Love the big pike videos keep them a coming
Clayton Schick Outdoors
I will try! :)
Ammon Peart
Ammon Peart Aylar önce
dude your vids are so good keep it up!! i have fished for 5 years of my life but ive never gone ice fishing, this definitely wants to make me get into it!!
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Really appreciate the kind words!
Mat Bircher
Mat Bircher 10 aylar önce
Unreal video Clayton! Thanks for the hard work and braving the cold for this content. It’s time for some warmer March madness pike fishin!
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Thank you for watching Mat!
TannerJay Fishing
TannerJay Fishing 11 aylar önce
Always a good day when Clayton posts a video!🔥🔥🔥
Clayton Schick Outdoors
YES!! Cheers!
Joe Calhouns Chasin Tail Guide Service
I wish I could Like this video 1,000 times. This is my new favorite ice fishing video on all of TRvid. And that's saying something because you alone have a crazy amount of amazing videos. This was an absolute stunner !!!! You literally take it yo the next level with your quality of videos. Well done.
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Appreciate the kind words man!!
Bryce Fahrnkopf
Bryce Fahrnkopf 11 aylar önce
Love pike!! I've grown up catching them and they are by far my favorite fish to catch. My biggest this year has been 36 inches. Still looking to top my 14 pounder (didn't measure it only had a scale) that I caught about 15 years ago through the ice in 3 feet of water.
Bryce Fahrnkopf
Bryce Fahrnkopf 11 aylar önce
@Clayton Schick Outdoors yes sir!
Clayton Schick Outdoors
@Bryce Fahrnkopf me too but it will be a replica so I can catch the 50” when it’s 52” :)
Bryce Fahrnkopf
Bryce Fahrnkopf 11 aylar önce
@Clayton Schick Outdoors i hope you're right!! If I ever catch a 50 incher its going on the wall
Clayton Schick Outdoors
I bet you will break it this year yet :) I have a feeling!!
Jill A
Jill A 11 aylar önce
So cool watching them with the under water camera!!! That first fish was huge🐟😳👏🏼🙌🏼🤗 Love your channel. I never miss an upload!!!❤️
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Appreciate you watching!!
Dan Desjarlais
Dan Desjarlais 10 aylar önce
It never gets old watching the excitement on your face ! . lol Love these monster pike vids.
Steve Ray
Steve Ray 11 aylar önce
Amazing underwater shots in crystal clear water. Enjoyed watching the pike as they moved around - their body control is awesome.
Clayton Schick Outdoors
The way they move is mind blowing!
Dave 11 aylar önce
I’ve recently taken the plunge into cameras if only to scout substrate in our reservoirs. Second time out, boom, the camera was grabbed by a burbot. Reminded me of the one that grabbed your transducer. I’m mesmerized watching those clear images of pike fins in action. I enjoy your enthusiasm and passion, Clayton. Keep it up!
Clayton Schick Outdoors
The Burbot always play with the cameras!! :) Thank you for the kind words!!
john jones
john jones 11 aylar önce
"Wasn't an amazing day", I would love to catch fish like you do man. Hats off to you
Clayton Schick Outdoors
oh my.... Did I say that? I feel so dumb about saying something like that. When the video turns out like this. Just keep in mind that all that action is fit into an 8 hour day :) Thank you for watching!
Outdoor Dave
Outdoor Dave 11 aylar önce
That's some awesome footage! Great stuff Clayton
Joel Chapman
Joel Chapman 11 aylar önce
Love your respect for the fish. It's what makes the fishing great. Lots of people just don't get it. Keep a few smaller ones to eat but respect the biggees and let em go!
Clayton Schick Outdoors
100% Need to let go of the 40s to catch the 48s :) PLUS you need to take good care of them :)
klg1001 24 gün önce
You the man Clayton! Amazing content as always. Thanks for teaching me about the slush in the gills issue.
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Very welcome! Cheers!
David Smith
David Smith 3 gün önce
Excited to come across your video channel. Appreciate your love of the sport and attention to conservation with things like; wanting to remove the previous hook, live well technique, catch and release, great camera work, instruction and commentary. Your enthusiasm is contagious. :)
4 Seasons Outdoors
4 Seasons Outdoors 11 aylar önce
Super clear underwater footage!! Awesome job love it.
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Thanks for watching!!
Mikayla Waller
Mikayla Waller 10 aylar önce
Wow awesome video man!! You rock 💪🏼 representing SK so well with your fish handling and knowledge
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Taking care of the fish is 100%
Kereen Wardle
Kereen Wardle 10 aylar önce
Hi Clayton, love your channel, so cool to watch those pike make up their minds. Bonus crayfish super cool too 😎
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Thank you for checking out the video!!
Scott Stykalo
Scott Stykalo 11 aylar önce
Unreal footage Clayton keep up the amazing work! Which lake were you on as that water was amazingly clear!!
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Sorry, can't share the lake, but sometimes just need to check the shallow water for the real clear stuff :)
mh fishing
mh fishing Aylar önce
Thank you for this insane footage, beautiful creatures 😉
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Thank you for watching!
gary nelson
gary nelson 11 aylar önce
That was unbelievable !!!! Can't wait for next weekend my first time for lake trout. To try some of tips 😀
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Good luck out there!!
whitetailkiller 91
whitetailkiller 91 11 aylar önce
Best days of the month are when I'm fishing or when you post new vids!
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Sounds like a great day!
Jaycee Scott
Jaycee Scott 11 aylar önce
Amazing! Always look forward to your videos! What size spoon were you using for the walleye ?
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Was using a 1/8 Ounce Lindy Quiver Spoon :)
Matt Wintomatic
Matt Wintomatic 10 aylar önce
Another great video Clayton! I wish you would give a little more educational content as in past videos. (How and why you are fishing the way you are, terminal tackle, depth off bottom...stuff other than what frostbite gear you are using if you know what I’m sayin) We know you are the real deal and the knowledge and experience you share is part of what makes your channel superior to the others
Clayton Schick Outdoors
100% dude. I slip some videos and forget to do more educational stuff. I agree with you 💯
TTang Outdoors
TTang Outdoors 11 aylar önce
That underwater footage is clearer than my GoPro shots lol. Amazing display of fish behavior!!
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Was sure fun to watch!
Metro Outdoors
Metro Outdoors 11 aylar önce
This is a sweet video Clayton! I love watching how the fish Interact and eat, Great video!!
Clayton Schick Outdoors
I love watching them so much too!
BRIAN OLSON 11 aylar önce
Nice job Clayton! Awesome fish and a job well done!
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Thank you for watching!!
Josh Koch (Intimidator82)
I propped the phone up against my fish finder and watched this episode while ice fishing! I'm watching it again cause I got interrupted half way through from a pig of a perch. Doesn't matter whether you watch it once or 10 times, it's still good!
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Amazing dude! Congrats on your Pig Perch!
Keo S
Keo S 11 aylar önce
Dude one of the best vids ever! They are so curious and confident. Landed some real nice ones last few days here in MT but still looking for that 40 incher!!
Keo S
Keo S 11 aylar önce
@Clayton Schick Outdoors that 2nd big one was insane. what a take. we learn so much by being able to watch their behavior. you have some insane fishing wherever you are up there!
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Appreciate the kind words!! I love watching those giants down there!!
62 BBQ
62 BBQ 11 aylar önce
Totally awesome footage Clayton thank you buddy have a great ice fishing season
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Thank you as always for watching man!!
STUFF 'N SUCH! 11 aylar önce
That was probably the best ice fishing video I've watched .. period . Good Job Clay
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Thank you for the kind words!!
Alex 11 aylar önce
Unreal pike! Big fish out your way for sure, that’s awesome. Not many lakes left like that here in AB. Love the videos
Clayton Schick Outdoors
There are some big pike in AB :) Just have to search hard Cheers man!
Tim 432
Tim 432 11 aylar önce
Every video you post I think it’s the best until the next one you post. Wow! You’re the man Clayton!
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Appreciate the kind words!!
theoutdoorreport 11 aylar önce
Keep up the good work Clayton! you are crushing it.
Scott Stykalo
Scott Stykalo 10 aylar önce
Hi Clayton, I am just wondering What kind of smelts do you use for the large pike fishing? Can you use hearings or recommend something else?
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Cisco, Hearing, Mackerel, smelts They will all work :) Try changing it up lots
Derek Boyce
Derek Boyce 11 aylar önce
Amazing video to watch after sitting outside and waiting and watching for my ifish pro to pop all day. I was using a Mr. Big as well, but I had a 7" perch on a quick strike rig. It had me questioning my use of bait. Are perch suitable for big pike? Or should I be looking for other bait?
John & Marie Dimech
John & Marie Dimech 16 gün önce
In Ontario it is not legal to use perch as bait or any other game fish, as I understand. Great video as usual Clayton.
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Perch will work I am sure, but it's harder for a Pike to get down the hatch. Something like a Cisco, slides right down :)
Andrew Trask
Andrew Trask 11 aylar önce
Clayton is the best at holding fish the way he talks and gasps for air love it YOU DA MAN CLAYTON
Clayton Schick Outdoors
HAH!! Love it!! Cheers man!
Christopher Herrmann
Christopher Herrmann 11 aylar önce
What a killer day, great job. Keep up the amazing videos
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Thank you for watching!
shani lee
shani lee 11 aylar önce
OMG! Is it okay to say that ‘We Love you Clayton!’? You are top notch all the way and so enjoyable!
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Really appreciate the love!! Thank you for watching!!
Duetin 11 aylar önce
Another spectacular video Clayton,love love love them pike vids!!!
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Thank you for watching!
Dena Sen
Dena Sen 11 aylar önce
I recently stumbled upon your channel, I gotta say, enjoying the content! Keep up the good work!
Clayton Schick Outdoors
I appreciate you watching the videos for sure!
Phanger cha
Phanger cha 11 aylar önce
I like this video way more that the one before when u fished for pike. Your more excited and more into the fishing that u did. Last time u seem to just look like u didn't really had a whole lot excitement in you that day. But love your videos and all of the tips u share and the knowledge that u share thank you!
D R Outdoors
D R Outdoors 11 aylar önce
Another sick video! Quality footage. Monster fish. Over the top trophy management and care with those fish. And probably the thing that gets overlooked for a vid like this is THE HOURS OF SET UP AND TEAR DOWN!! thanks for the hard work my friend. Enjoy your stuff so much!
Clayton Schick Outdoors
So much time!! But well worth it! I have been blown away with all the kind people watching and commenting on the videos!
TGDament Outdoors
TGDament Outdoors 11 aylar önce
I love when those big mommas try to eat the camera. Nice to see the markings and chains on them too, Super clear! Always fun watching you react with the big bites!
Gergana Pashova
Gergana Pashova 11 aylar önce
One of the best fishing video ever!!!Thanks Clayton
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Thank you for watching!
Blair Lesy
Blair Lesy 11 aylar önce
Deadly footage Clayton and those where some nice fish!! What a guy wouldn't know thanks so much for sharing !!
Tim H
Tim H 11 aylar önce
Pound for pound, the best photographer in the fishing business. So much fun to watch.
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Appreciate the kind words :)
R Zambory
R Zambory 5 aylar önce
Thank you for your efforts ! Great videos. and knowledge!
Steven Wintoniw
Steven Wintoniw 10 aylar önce
I have never fished for pike on the ice and can't wait to try using a tip-up for some big fish! I really enjoyed your video "Ice Fish Pike: How to set up your Tip-up". I noticed in that video you tied the second treble to the shank of the first. I have seen some designs where the leader is tied to the eyelet of the first treble and then the second treble is threaded through the eyelet so it runs freely along the leader, adjustable for bait size? Being new that seems great "less is more", adjustable, fewer knots to potentially fail. What are your thoughts on this system? Pros and Cons vs tying the second tremble to the shank? Now in this new video only a single treble?
alex kemsley
alex kemsley 10 aylar önce
Clayton I really commend you on how you treat your fish. To many people out there have no idea just how fragile fish are, especially during cold snaps and heat waves. Keep up the good content love watching your vids.
Rod Morris
Rod Morris 11 aylar önce
Thanks Clayton. Another awesome video as always.
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Thanks for watching!!
Remington Moerschfelder
Love your videos! Just subbed about a week ago and have been watching your videos on my lunch breaks at work. Keep up the amazing work!
Perkyz Family Adventures
Wow what an awesome video!! Northern pikes are my favorite!! Beautiful fish 🎣 I got goosebumps watching this!..
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Thank you for watching!! :)
Walkin’ On Water
Walkin’ On Water 11 aylar önce
Top 5! I’m super jelly as I just caught my PB northern and it was only 37” & 15 lbs.... but happy to see such a quality video! 🎣🕳😁
Joey Tobias
Joey Tobias 11 aylar önce
Awesome giant pike Clay. Love the cameras. I wish I have one lol
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Thanks for watching man!
What's The Word Outdoor
This footage is actually insane!
Atomic One
Atomic One 11 aylar önce
I just watched your video form 10 months ago I was looking for a aqua vu video but I stumbled across you man let me tell you when you thought you got your PB of 42.5 then a 43.5 fish came up I was in shock I could thank you enough for the killer content my man I subscribed and will be watching all your videos
Joonhyuk Bang
Joonhyuk Bang 11 aylar önce
Awesome video CS!!! It's fun to see those fish swimming around in clear water.
Lost Lakes
Lost Lakes 10 aylar önce
Amazing footage man. I got an eyoyo UW camera off Amazon and the quality's ridiculously poor compared to your AquaVu. Appreciated how you were considerate with the fish and had that desire to remove the hook from that pike 👍👍 Gotta love the barbless, wish Ontario would go that way
Imreadyfornothing 11 aylar önce
great video, appreciate your respect for the fish
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Thanks for watching! I will always do my best to take care of the fish...
Patrick Ramey
Patrick Ramey 11 aylar önce
I love your videos everything about them keep it up my hearts racing probably just as hard as yours were when you got them big fish.
Clayton Schick Outdoors
HAH!!! I love seeing that big mouth appear :)
Tate Anderson
Tate Anderson 10 aylar önce
This is what fishing is all about. Being nice the Aqua Vu looks crystal clear as well as the water. Thanks for taking care of our fish!!!! Good man! Nice set up nice truck lol.
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Thank you for watching man!!
Chris Braun
Chris Braun 11 aylar önce
Great video man! That water is super clear.
Clayton Schick Outdoors
So Clear!! :)
blaahster 11 aylar önce
Awesome! The underwater footage was so good!!!!!!!
Clayton Schick Outdoors
So much fun to watch!
Ed Bryksa
Ed Bryksa 11 aylar önce
Great video clayton cant wait for the next video to come out id like to thankyou for all the information you give us on ur videos alot of real good tips that i have used and caught fish
John Delaney
John Delaney 11 aylar önce
What an epic day and video Clayton! Major League Fishing man, love it!!!!
iareviet 11 aylar önce
Unreal! Amazing footage Clayton :D
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Thanks for watching!!
B K 11 aylar önce
I went ice fishing today! Love it
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Steven Maughan
Steven Maughan 11 aylar önce
Loved the underwater fight footage! Nice work. Thanks for the cool videos.
Donna Bray
Donna Bray 10 aylar önce
Love the underwater footage!
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Thank you for watching!
Kevin Schultz
Kevin Schultz 11 aylar önce
Love the Crayfish stealing the show =) Nice Pike action!
mat proulx
mat proulx 11 aylar önce
Um. Maybe you should be trying to catch those... Crayfish? Try lobster!
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Right? I saw that when editing... I actually talk about it in my next video. Good eye!!
Drake Oldenburg
Drake Oldenburg 11 aylar önce
Super Duper Clayton with another masterpiece video! Love the footage 😁😁😁
Shane Forguites
Shane Forguites 11 aylar önce
Love the vids! I was wondering what to use for wire line, thankfully you mentioned the afw 7x7 26lb. I went to your vid description to see if you had a link to it on Amazon, might be another way to bring in some $. Between editing, shooting, prep, etc I’m sure time isn’t on your side, just thought I’d share my 2 cents. Cheers and thanks for the entertainment!
Clayton Schick Outdoors
You are right... I need to do some Amazon links. I will look into that :)
Colin The Campbell
Colin The Campbell 11 aylar önce
Monster pike! I've yet to catch a big pike through the ice, or a walleye!!!! I'm starving for big fish through the ice out here!
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Just stay at it :) It will come :)
zonker892 11 aylar önce
Another excellent video! I check my TRvid 10 Times a day looking for new uploads. I ordered a true grit rod last week and I’m curious what kind Of tape should I use to tape on the reel? Thanks Clayton!
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Appreciate you watching!! I just use electrical tape, BUT if you want to put on some painters tapes on the cork first you will save your cork :)
Brisson Fishing
Brisson Fishing 11 aylar önce
Unreal clayton! The best underwater capture ive seeen! Crispy clear! 😯 The way you hold those monsters and say ohh itsss heavy itss heavyyy . Always makes me.laugh with a huge Smile!😅 I Just frikken loveee it Clay! Cant wait for next video! Awsome awsome editing! What a great way to end my weekend! THX!❤❤❤
Brisson Fishing
Brisson Fishing 11 aylar önce
THX to you! Just ordered a Red xl premium Chartreuse hoodiee! HypeHypeHype! You are my Favorite!
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Thank you for the kind words!! Cheers man!!
Redline Honda
Redline Honda 10 aylar önce
Unbelievable footage! Subscribed! That Pike with the 2nd hook in it would be about the biggest sized pike id ever catch in my lake haha. I'm from Sask as well. Where abouts was this?
Clayton Schick Outdoors
Welcome to the channel! Thank you for watching!
Different Fins
Different Fins 11 aylar önce
My take from this video: 1. I agree with you 100% about the wind, cold isnt cold... the wind is lol 2. That is the best underwater footage of pike in the world. 3. That crayfish was cool 4. Pickerel rigs are trash! I've never seen one in use in Ontario but I see shorelines across Manitoba littered with them. And they are snags for other anglers. 5. I want to fish with you someday! Cheers 🥃🍻🐟🎣
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This was awesome!! Thanks for the deadly comments!
Justin Johnson/Cornelius Smith in court
Michigan Steel The Official Movie
Ice fishing Lake Superior minus 25
She shared a chocolate bar 🍫 #shorts
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