I Wonder As I Wander - Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling
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Shot by: Graham Fielder
Edited by: Lindsey Stirling
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19 Oct 2018

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Fatima De Anda
Fatima De Anda Dakika önce
This gives me Merida vibes
Pang Kou Xiong
Pang Kou Xiong Saatler önce
Wow! Epic!!💖💖💖
victoria b
victoria b 2 saatler önce
How does this only have 2.6 million views???
Evan Hetland
Evan Hetland 3 saatler önce
one word.....WOW!!!!!!! :)
Kamikaze Fluxe
Kamikaze Fluxe 3 saatler önce
That white outfit is stunning and that voice is amazing and beautiful.
DENI LAGS 5 saatler önce
Hermoso video
fractos 5 saatler önce
Emily Vaca
Emily Vaca 6 saatler önce
So talented
Galen Knode
Galen Knode 7 saatler önce
X.75 speed is pretty rad
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith 7 saatler önce
Always catch myself smiling when I watch me some Lindsey 🙂
Protestant 12 saatler önce
Yes, she has an amazing talent and beauty in all that she does. But why is she wearing Satanic Ram's Horns on her head representing her own "Christian Redemption"?
Haley Gore
Haley Gore 13 saatler önce
I’m formally apologizing for not discovering this graceful being walking our planet sooner than today. I’m sorry Lindsey! Edit: I’m also very happy I found you and can listen to your amazing violin 🎻 skills.
Palmer Grysban
Palmer Grysban 14 saatler önce
So beautiful, everything you do and put into your songs and videos is amazing, Lindsey! You are truly a great artist.
Valeria Briss
Valeria Briss 14 saatler önce
she is gorgeous!!! simply inimitable !!! incredible lady !!! I adore her and her work
Эльнара Амрахова
khomotso monyela
khomotso monyela 14 saatler önce
Stop it!!!!!!!! i like it, she is good
khomotso monyela
khomotso monyela 12 saatler önce
+Protestant I have no idea.🤦‍♀️
Protestant 12 saatler önce
She says in another video that she's a Christian and this video represents her Christian Redemption. So why the Satanic RAM'S HORNS?
Raymond Nash
Raymond Nash 20 saatler önce
Lindsey Stirling Jenny O'Connor. Please you to calibrate
Rocket DroiT
Rocket DroiT 21 saatler önce
Kasai 21 saatler önce
Lindsey’s singing **shrieks of delight**
pedrito floreste
pedrito floreste 22 saatler önce
Eres la mejor
tiofos 22 saatler önce
i'm dancing this as a solo at my dance academy... oh boy i'm excited
P V Gün önce
Une musique comme dans tes débuts ça fait plaisir. Dommage que c'est plus ta marque de fabrication. 😑 Dommage que tu ne chanson pas assez au-lieu de faire appel à autre personne. Je trouve que cette musique représente ton côté sombre et de lumière où ton côté musical et ton côté vocale.
Osiel Solis
Osiel Solis Gün önce
Linsey keep inpireing people
Jessica T
Jessica T Gün önce
Lindsey you are absolute perfection! Your music is something I discovered just about 5 yrs ago and I am always impatiently waiting for more of you! A true talent and absolutely gorgeous
Alex Odinson
Alex Odinson Gün önce
Unless it’s all photoshopped, she had to have been super cold in that dress lol
Giovanni García Pérez
She's Odette from Mobile Legends!
Angela Fahlenkamp
I love how she expresses herself through her movements and stylistic way of playing that violin, she is one of a kind 💖
Mike C
Mike C Gün önce
Beautiful music, beautiful video! ❤️😀
Lex A
Lex A Gün önce
Этот шедевр должен меня будить и вдохновлять - ставлю на будильник. С таким на работу как на праздник. Спасибо за положительные эмоции )))
good music and good photography
Lighthesky Gün önce
Your voice is very auto-tuned. But otherwise, I like it a lot.
Maciej Szalbot
Maciej Szalbot Gün önce
Biutyful music 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Laur Stefan
Laur Stefan Gün önce
It's just meh... I expected more...
Derek Nesslage
Derek Nesslage Gün önce
WOW!!!! Lindsey your voice is just as amazing as your abilities as a violinist. I would love to see you live. When will you be in the Orlando area?
THEkevin 910
THEkevin 910 Gün önce
Veloraine Gün önce
Klakier X
Klakier X Gün önce
You should create soundtracks for games
apollogang Gün önce
oh, magic air)
Rouge Vlogs
Rouge Vlogs Gün önce
john morton
john morton Gün önce
Rouge Vlogs i just listened to some nta strauss and i agree that would youtube breakingly epic
ayjfr88 Gün önce
Lin please sing more you have a great voice👍🎻 I so happy I found that emoji violin
Saint Parallax
Saint Parallax 2 gün önce
I wonder... were you not freezing while filming this??
Dragon Gaurdian
Dragon Gaurdian 2 gün önce
Lindsey is a real angel with her voice and she is also amazing at playing her violin while dancing and she is just awsome!!😍😍😘
Tidany77 2 gün önce
Beautiful backdrop of Sleeping Lady in the Land of the Midnight Sun.
Eric Ong
Eric Ong 2 gün önce
This is my favourite violin XD
Bollywood Media
Bollywood Media 2 gün önce
The views of this video are absolutely B R E A T H T A K I N G 🔥
Tidany77 2 gün önce
Alaska is a beautiful place to live! The water views are in front of what is called "Sleeping Lady" by those that live here.
deputyseal409 2 gün önce
I shouldn't be surprised, but this is so good!
Rachel Belcher
Rachel Belcher 2 gün önce
love it
Gal Tab
Gal Tab 2 gün önce
J'aime moins cette musique.... même si comme d'habitude le clip est magnifique!
Weiqing Chen
Weiqing Chen 2 gün önce
I love this song
entretenimiento kev.
Nathan Vinson
Nathan Vinson 2 gün önce
This song is very heart felt, brings forth deep thoughts.
Émi Lie
Émi Lie 2 gün önce
This music is so... Your voice is beautiful like a little angel. KSLL from France xoxo ❤️
julie albert
julie albert 2 gün önce
love kiss
Beef Boss
Beef Boss 2 gün önce
ingénieur ingénu
ingénieur ingénu 2 gün önce
Lindsey is perfect : she's beautiful, she sings very good and she plays violon so good
Musa Style
Musa Style 4 saatler önce
And she can dance!
Andrzej Ława
Andrzej Ława 20 saatler önce
...and is a bit delusional ;) C'mon, how can a human being look at Mormonism and not go into laughing fits? ;) Mind you, the Catholic "eating of magical human meat" is also hilarious ;)
Dijana 2 gün önce
Usually I don't like to listen violinists because their music sounds like creaks and scratches but you Lindsey sound great and your music is the best!
Linus Vanpelt
Linus Vanpelt 2 gün önce
I always enjoy you and your music. very relaxing..
Humaira Anjani
Humaira Anjani 2 gün önce
Beautifully made
Honey Jajo
Honey Jajo 3 gün önce
The lyric tells about Christmas and the music is awesome . Thank you steerling👌
Дрон Дроныч
Andrew Geach
Andrew Geach 3 gün önce
just think your the best lindsey .. this song is one of the best ..
moonwolf 039
moonwolf 039 3 gün önce
I would freeze to death
Rafał Pietryga
Rafał Pietryga 3 gün önce
Muzyka bardzo piękna
LucyFear 3 gün önce
jak zawsze świetnie !!! rób tak dalej Lindsey ... miło się Ciebie słucha w domu, w aucie i wszędzie gdzie mogę ! :D Greetings from Poland
Jadyn/Mike Kretschmer
"How Jesus my Savior did come forth to die." I love this song!
Mike Sollows
Mike Sollows 3 gün önce
WOW Lindsey just incredible you are like fine wine and only get more wonderfull with time . God bless and thank you ..
Janice Drummond
Janice Drummond 3 gün önce
Thank you Lindsey for giving Jesus the honor and glory He deserves!! What a wonderful Savior we have!!!
Ingried Halim
Ingried Halim 3 gün önce
Amazing as always
Gstar 162
Gstar 162 3 gün önce
I always enjoy her teams cinematic work it brings the song out in a more unique and powerful way
The LaW
The LaW 3 gün önce
Ling Ling isnt impressed
Eyenvoked Him
Eyenvoked Him 3 gün önce
I've been listening to Lindsey since Crystallize.
Hajar  Renate Midbrød
Disappointed ... beautiful music Ruined by religious lyrics .... I come to music for an escape , free from human religious brainwashing and programmed doctrines NOT to have music ruined by Bible Thumping :-((((((((((((((((((
Bexxa Murdock
Bexxa Murdock 2 gün önce
Chill... people can write music about whatever they want. If you don't like it, don't listen to it. And this is coming from someone who has been harmed by religion.
Rayf Caraway
Rayf Caraway 4 gün önce
All I have to say is Beautiful
Makenziejo Inspo
Makenziejo Inspo 4 gün önce
This is the most beautiful thing I have heard all day. WOW
Liam De Rosa
Liam De Rosa 4 gün önce
Lindsey my name is Liam and I am new to youtube and I love your vids and I am such a fan and I am a violinist, and I am coming to see you in Rhode Island.
CHAD PATRICK 4 gün önce
Agus Didier
Agus Didier 4 gün önce
Te amo ♥️
selbst105 4 gün önce
don't strip, please! .........
Marina Doulcier
Marina Doulcier 4 gün önce
Wow this is incredible and deep!
Lily-Ange 4 gün önce
Amazing !
Abaham Avendaño
Abaham Avendaño 4 gün önce
i love this song
Wilhelm Nilsson
Wilhelm Nilsson 4 gün önce
There is music and then there is music performed by Lindsey Stirling that reaches the deepest part of the heart ... I love it!
Оксана Оксаночка
Я просто русско-язычный человек. Как перевести правильно ваше изречение на русский язык или українську мову?!
Emciss YT
Emciss YT 4 gün önce
Kadir Meşe
Kadir Meşe 4 gün önce
Roman Osipov
Roman Osipov 4 gün önce
Very extraordinarily! Steeply!👍
Alexander Hader
Alexander Hader 4 gün önce
The Best of the Best, Honey!
Пётр Королёв
Dark boots with a white suit is a bad idea. Everything else is wonderful!
M.V.J. w/ Kids
M.V.J. w/ Kids 4 gün önce
I wonder, if they people who thumbs downed this realize what you did to make this video. I appreciate what you went through to create this!
GodBlessTexas 4 gün önce
Saraantuaya L
Saraantuaya L 4 gün önce
back, watch your back
Mücella Demir
Mücella Demir 4 gün önce
Biggirllover888 4 gün önce
I Wiggle When I Giggle.
kelmyster83 4 gün önce
Bet those non deserving judges that said those things to you on AGT are eating their hats right now. I am a picsart VIP which is where I first heard of you. I checked you out on TRvid and was instantly in awe of your amazing talent. You are an inspiration to all, "be true to yourself". I eagerly anticipate every new song you release. Our two year old daughter adores you, and my husband who predominately likes hard core rock music loves your music Thanks for your inspiration, forever a fan ❤❤❤
MrEricmopar 4 gün önce
I wish she sang more often... :D
thỏ 1⃣
thỏ 1⃣ 4 gün önce
Very Nice video
Алексей Лёха
Sean McEuen
Sean McEuen 5 gün önce
Is that Lindsay singing? It’s beautiful!
Fr M
Fr M 5 gün önce
This song makes me fly!!! 😂
Abi Lie
Abi Lie 5 gün önce
Ok I fall in love with this song❤
Hanine - Arabia
Yıl önce