I Went To A Lost Luggage Store

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Hello friends & welcome to another video!! This week, I traveled to a Lost Luggage store with HopeScope to buy and try some lost luggage items...

Over the past few years, we have tried a number of interesting ~secondhand purchasing experiences~, like buying an abandoned storage unit, buying a box of Amazon customer returns, and visiting an Amazon returns store - and something that I have been very interested in trying for quite a while now, is buying lost airline luggage. Because apparently if you lose a piece of luggage while traveling, and never come back for it, the airline will eventually sell it. And if you're in the US, chances are that they will sell it to the Unclaimed Baggage store in Scottsboro, AL - who sorts through and resells the items from that lost luggage. So we flew down there with our friend HopeScope to check out the store and buy a lost luggage haul of our own: a head-to-toe outfit each!! What did you guys think of our lost looks? Would you shop at this store?

PS - Unclaimed Baggage does sell some of their inventory online here!

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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard Aylar önce
HELLO FRIENDS!! hope you guys enjoy our investigation into the Unclaimed Baggage store! what did you guys think of our Lost Looks (tm)? what's one treasure we should have picked up? make sure you check out our collab on HopeScope's channel after this one!! :) trvid.com/video/video-v5aHcu19wio.html - xoxo, saf
Jacqueline Hattersley
Jacqueline Hattersley 20 gün önce
@Nellie Monkichi I agree that this is stolen goods. All luggage has to have luggage labels with address name. At least in the UK, even if that's the outward journey, to holiday etc the Hotel would know the person's home address. It's not technically lost property. Makes me wonder whether the UK Airports are doing this with people's luggage that is piling up in the reclaim place now?? Question though, why would your sister or anyone else put sentimental/valuable earrings in a suitcase??! Surely that's what hand luggage is designed for......I would NEVER put valuables in the hold of an aircraft for this reason so she sort of asked for stuff to go wrong. Sorry..... Hate this blog, laughing at other people's belongings. Not every person travelling can afford designer things , like Hope can!
LaNathy 22 gün önce
Why did I think this video was going to be like garage wars haha 😂
Lisa Albert
Lisa Albert 22 gün önce
You were passing my house when you passed the Huntsville Rocket Center. That's so cool. I could have told you the best places to eat... :)
Instrumental music
Instrumental music 26 gün önce
Melissa Petzer
Melissa Petzer Aylar önce
I think Saf was right about the bags they gave her to unbag being staged. There's no way someone would put Gucci sunglasses at the front of a soft shell checked bag....
Meow Town
Meow Town 9 gün önce
Also completely bothers me that there is just no toiletry bags, who travels without ANY of that at all. It’s all lies, I totally agree that this is straight stealing
Elizabeth Scovell
Elizabeth Scovell 25 gün önce
also the lady conveniently knew what everything was
haley graben
haley graben 27 gün önce
I used to work there and even though is hard to believe they are completely un staged! They have to go through it to make sure no needles or bad things are in the bag before customers go through them but they for the most part leave it how it is found!
Generic Egirl
Generic Egirl Aylar önce
@haylnah 15:37 they find a toothbrush?
haylnah Aylar önce
Also not a single bag contained any toiletries like shampoo, body wash, a razor, or a toothbrush like tf😂
Nicole Doyle
Nicole Doyle Aylar önce
As someone who’s luggage was just lost by United just this past week, with almost no communication from United about where my bags were, I have to wonder how much of this stuff is actually just stolen. This is completely unethical.
Shadow '
Shadow ' 3 gün önce
​@Sweetie Yams
Designstina Marshmallow
We should just all file a police report of stolen luggage, and we think that it's the airlines anf baggage handlers that stole it. Because this is getting ridiculous. I am also waiting for my luggage that's been gone since July 1. No one is answering calls, answering emails or anything here in Europe. 🤬😖🤦‍♀️🙄😑
Annika Jade
Annika Jade 7 gün önce
hey, what did you do about your situation? do you have any advice? as I know of someone who was in a similar situation.
mika hu
mika hu 7 gün önce
yup, also nice to see a Critter here. Jester is one of my favorite characters!
Moop 10 gün önce
All of it. Literally everything in these stores is stolen.
Channah Davidson
Channah Davidson 29 gün önce
I went to Unclaimed Baggage in late May. I was chosen to open one of the bags, and I got the same items that Safiya opened first. Down to the two fake Gucci and Versace shirts and funky slides. AND the yacht mop bag with chargers. These bags are completely staged
N 11 gün önce
Your comment NEEDS to be highlighted !!!!
Elisa Bauer
Elisa Bauer 12 gün önce
To me the "Its a piggybank!!" after not seeing the hole plus "is it a piggybank?" seconds later confirmed it.
Patsy Kiniry
Patsy Kiniry 16 gün önce
omg ur joking
joliesse carmona
joliesse carmona 19 gün önce
This comment needs to blow up
Lee Block
Lee Block 21 gün önce
@AmberRooster Did they lie?
The Real Tea
The Real Tea Aylar önce
Airline selling the luggage THEY lost is so violently American. Honestly, kind of disgusting.
P. C
P. C 3 saatler önce
@Pretty Sunset you understand your experience might not apply to everybody else, right?! If it was THAT simple they would not end up with tons of bags being sold.
Valter Valter
Valter Valter 17 saatler önce
After they kicked you off your flight that you paid for
Pretty Sunset
Pretty Sunset Gün önce
@boy lettuce no. Not literally everywhere. Sorry your incompetent of being on the phone, bc that's the way it seems. And if you lose your packages everywhere and your luggage everywhere to know that this happens everywhere, wouldn't you take other precautions to make sure your stuff isn't lost? Like a carry on? Bc you claim "everywhere" has horrible costumer service, maybe you're just a horrible costumer? Maybe you just like to complain? Maybe you like the attention, or just like arguing??
Pretty Sunset
Pretty Sunset Gün önce
@boy lettuce you have probably just had a bad experience bc this is far from true. They are wonderful at helping get lost bags back. They call, email, And help you get it easily when you show up to get it b
Pretty Sunset
Pretty Sunset Gün önce
Yeah, but the airline hold the luggage for 90 days and if you don't answer the calls and emails, or if you don't go to go get it then they're gonna sell it. What are they going to do with thousand's and thousands and thousands of bags of lost luggage? Keep it forever? There's no space for that and nobody is gonna want it back after a year. Not disgusting at all.
Nova Sol
Nova Sol Aylar önce
First, I love Safiya so the negativity isn't about her. But this whole process feels so scummy. I don't believe for a SECOND that this many big-ticket items just get abandoned by airline users. The airlines have a side-hustle going on and it's at the expense of travelers. Also, that Hoggle puppet made me FURIOUS. There's NO WAY that they tried contacting someone in the Jim Henson Company because I can't see such a beloved piece of Henson history being intentionally left in some Alabama thrift store. Even if it's a replica, someone spent a lot of time and money on it and they deserve to get their collector's item back.
Midnight Cassiopeia
Midnight Cassiopeia 6 gün önce
@Matilda O I'm not going off one article. There's multiple, including one from 2017 corroborating. He'd been lost for a long time before they found him. I believe even the Smithsonian checked the story and said yes it's him.
Matilda O
Matilda O 6 gün önce
@Midnight Cassiopeia That article is only from dec 2021 though, the author had probably visited the store, got the same story from workers and wrote an article just based off that
Actually I’m Not Really Sure Yet
@lanie🤍 There was really delicately crafted jewelry as well, easily worth triple their raw material value. People paid so much money on those.
lanie🤍 11 gün önce
@Lulu Loves To Plan or wedding ring like that’s just so messed up
Vampiriffic 22 gün önce
@Midnight Cassiopeia It deserves to be preserved in a museum. The Smithsonian has a restoration department.
Rachael McInnes
Rachael McInnes Aylar önce
Something feels really shady about this business. I'm not sure whether it's legally shady or just morally. It just leaves a sour taste in my mouth thinking that airlines lost peoples' (often sentimental) valuables and they end up being riffled through by someone looking to make a quick buck.
Hailey Gün önce
@Alyssa Marie um it’s illegal to sell fakes that are trying to pass off as real.
Ann A
Ann A 13 gün önce
@Moonchild🌙 Sweetie, that's bs. Very few people are going to travel and not claim their lost luggage. It's obviously not ''junk'' otherwise it won't be able to be sold off to people selling it off. If only yall knew what goes on behind the scenes.
Moonchild🌙 13 gün önce
@Ann A hun, they try to, most don’t even claim their junk.
Judas 13 gün önce
@Tahlia Riedel you ok in the head? we just watched the same video… get some help
Tahlia Riedel
Tahlia Riedel 13 gün önce
@judas Please tell me who’s getting paid
Valkissa Aylar önce
I'll never forget when I lost my luggage in Scotland. The sweetest old man who worked at the airport drove my bag from Glasgow to Edinburgh and I had no idea until he knocked on my door. But I lost a piece of luggage in the US and it was horrible trying to get it back.
Bee Loves Bee
Bee Loves Bee 7 gün önce
I remember a girl on my cie trip in march had to deal with that too. It's the worst nightmare of travel.
Lucille Knox
Lucille Knox 29 gün önce
Just returned from Scotland a few days ago and I have to say, they are some of the nicest people! Everyone was so friendly and patient with us, great demeanors! Also very happy that my bag made it back to Boston with me and not at this store!!
Jayson Raphael Murdock
Flying in Canada is so much better and I'm an American.
Malva Aylar önce
@Cafe con leche wow now I’m scared to fly to usa
TheFlutefreak Aylar önce
This video makes me want to volunteer at the airport to be a "customer baggage advocate" whose only job is to do a bunch of detective work to reunite people with their lost luggage.
Dóri Harum
Dóri Harum 11 saatler önce
same! just imagining my luggage being lost makes me so sad😔 people want their own stuff back
mika hu
mika hu 7 gün önce
let's start a movement.
Sana 24 gün önce
You wouldn’t even need to do any detective work! luggage tags have the travellers full name and would link to addresses, numbers ect :,( I recently left my hand luggage on the plane and they never contacted me!! The airport had no phone number or email so I had to go back in person to find it :/
Candy 28 gün önce
Omg yes 🙌🏽
Nick Hentschel
Nick Hentschel Aylar önce
That's a far more productive course of action than much of the kvetching going on here about "airlines stealing your luggage." Thank you.
Jordan Wright
Jordan Wright Aylar önce
So, I live in this area and none of the locals shop here. It’s just an overpriced tourist trap with thrift store items at ridiculous prices. Not to mention the fact that both the airlines and UB are profiting off of stuff that the airlines lost. Ick.
TheLivingApocalypse 20 gün önce
Yeah I live in Huntsville and wanted to go again a few months ago until my mom said it was basically a thrift store now... pass.
marietnoix Aylar önce
that’s what I thought. the prices were way too expensive and the business seems shady asf
E A Aylar önce
Let's normalize specifying that the *AIRLINE* LOST your luggage. You didn't lose your luggage. Don't let large companies weasel out of responsibility and then profit from their own incompetence
Hailey Gün önce
@Blue Is My Love just letting you know the legally can’t throw it or give it till their specific time limit and if you decide you don’t feel like trying to go back and get it then your out of luck
Doryy 2 gün önce
Ppl usually pack things they need the most, so why would they not claim the luggage, and how do you lose it exactly It makes no sense Makes it a bit disgusting that they make profit for their mistakes
Pa Bailon
Pa Bailon 5 gün önce
You mean like recycling and credit report “guard”? 🧐
Lani A
Lani A 6 gün önce
@shinyshinythings I'm sorry that happened to you. But what would you like the airline to do? They can't turn back time. They didn't lose your luggage on purpose, they want to keep you as a customer. They apologized. They gave you monetary compensation. I don't know what else you want them to do.
Designstina Marshmallow
@mEllie In my case, my luggage has been missing for 34 days at the moment. No one has called, emailed, updated the PIR-report website, NOTHING. No one is answering calls, answering emails or anything. It's a total stand still. It could be that it's the current situation that is delaying everything, but it is starting to get ridiculous. 🤷‍♀️It's been a whole summer without them (the airlines and baggage handlers) getting their game together. 🤦‍♀️😖
Erin Bailey
Erin Bailey 29 gün önce
Tip for getting your lost bag back? Tell the airline there’s medication in it and request an “escalation.” At least in the EU, escalated searches mean they will literally track your bag with security cameras through the baggage chain in the airport. Worked for me 👍🏽
Erin Bailey
Erin Bailey 5 gün önce
@Marta Morta oh weird, okay, maybe it’s not universal? But it worked on KLM/AirFrance/Delta and Lufthansa for me
kcricket39 6 gün önce
Any medical or assistive device can do the same thing. It depends on which airline it is as to how you have to claim it. I just went through this with American Airlines. There is no way to do it through their online system. You have to just wait on hold on the phone to get to a real person. Once I actually got to a real person, they were actually really nice and helpful and got me my bag back pretty quickly.
B.Frank 7 gün önce
Interesting. It's pretty impossible currently to even get ahold of someone.
The Pinkest Pigglet
The Pinkest Pigglet 13 gün önce
I don't think hats a thing everywhere but generally in my experience if I freak out about medicine they'll find it in a few days.
Ravenclaw_Charm 13 gün önce
Or tell them something is dangerous like radioactive, or smuggling drugs. Bet they will track that down real quick. 😂 (please don't do that, just in case some idiot takes me seriously )
S Hadi
S Hadi Aylar önce
The fact that these airlines are profiting from peoples lost items (that THEY, the AIRLINE lost)... is just so horrible 💔😢
suckiiiit 7 gün önce
I mean you actually can tell the airline what was in the bag and get reimbursed quite well. Saw a lawyer talk about it but idk if that’s for a specific airline or what.
Catchmeifyoucan 12 gün önce
@Ravenclaw_Charm just remember to always lock your electronics with iCloud and a password. Nowadays apple electronics are very safe, even if you find an iPhone and it’s locked with iCloud that phone is useless, it’s basically a brick, nobody can unlock it, they are not like the iPhones back in the days that where easy to crack open. You can easily track them too.
Ravenclaw_Charm 13 gün önce
especially the laptops, ipads, electronics, jewelery. those to me seem so heartbreaking to loose. the information on my laptop cannot always be replaced.
Catchmeifyoucan 27 gün önce
@J Mo I mean most of those luggages where carry on’s, many people do in fact forget their carry on’s inside the airplanes. However I am skeptical about the checked luggages, those are handled by the airport and the airlines themselves, so if someone “lost it” they did it in the first place. I don’t know how it works in USA but here in Europe where I live, my luggage was only lost once and after I’ve complained about it they’ve promptly sent it the next day and actually brought it directly to my house via taxi all the way from the airport which was in another city. So it’s a different story over here and the companies where very compliant too, it seems as if in USA airlines make more money off of them by just acting as if there’s nothing they can do so they’ll be able to resale them and make a profit .
Brier K
Brier K Aylar önce
@Skye Reed sadly from experience, i know that the ‘compensation’ is nothing compared to the value of the things lost. the airline lost my moms luggage a few years ago and she was devastated because a few items were irreplaceable
Sirius Black
Sirius Black Aylar önce
The thing that made me question the business was that they said if the airline couldn't find the owner of the luggage, the luggage was sent to the store in Alabama. They also said at one point that the owner was reimbursed for the lost luggage. If the owner couldn't be found, how could they be reimbursed?
elle nicole
elle nicole 9 gün önce
Exactly 🧐
Kinga 22 gün önce
@sydandtaytum Im not victim blaming. Im asking a question. Don't try to see things that are not there.
sydandtaytum 22 gün önce
@Kinga why are you victim blaming???it doesnt matter if the contents are worth $5 or $5000- they belong to that person and they deserve to have their personal items back. also there are items with sentimental value that are not replaceable. it's dispicable that the airline would sell it instead of just sending it to whatever address the person entered when they bought the plane ticket with a credit card.
sydandtaytum 22 gün önce
EXACTLY. also, everyone has to enter credit card info to buy a plane ticket. all they had to do is look that up and ship it to that address. i call bullshit.
dumbbellsanddecibels 25 gün önce
@Kinga lord forbid you expect an airline to faithfully execute a service that you’ve already paid for and deliver your belongings back to you
PinkDarkBoy 23 gün önce
This store is the epitome of nasty. First off, the prices are ridiculous. $60+ for used jeans that were basically stolen from someone's luggage??? Only donating the raggedy stuff that the charities will have to pay to dispose of?? They have stuff on display that they KNOW who the owners are but they are refusing to return them?? (Hoggle suit, what they thought was legit Basquait art, Donny Osmond clothes) The owner lady trying to make excuses, coming up with stories like "Oh this wedding dress/ ring probably was owned by someone who was cheating. Oh, this person probably didn't really need this laptop for school or work or anything, etc." It's disgusting. ALL of that stuff should be donated. Airlines should not be allowed to profit off of "losing" items in any way. They claim this reduces waste, but donating everything would produce even less waste. This is all just to profit off of misfortune. Disgusting.
Sofía Verdeja
Sofía Verdeja 7 gün önce
I completely agree
Moonchild🌙 13 gün önce
damn. anyways.
Izzy Marie
Izzy Marie Aylar önce
As someone who has airline traveled for a couple marching band trips over the years, those “unclaimed” instruments make me so sad and angry. The most of the owners of those instruments probably were traveling to or from some sort of concert or performance so I cannot even imagine how heartbroken they were to “loose” something so valuable to them.
TheWitch'sTarot 8 gün önce
I have a violin which cost $350 and I would be so mad if it was "lost"
Jaskier Draven
Jaskier Draven 21 gün önce
I'd be so pissed if any of my instruments got "lost" by an airline... Just another thing to worry about if I fly with one of mine... An expensive piece of equipment gone...
Wendy McGee
Wendy McGee Aylar önce
A lot of this makes me angry as they could have done so much more to find the owner of these products. The Apple products (and other similar electronics) could EASILY be returned to the owners as you register them with Apple. In college I found an iPad and called Apple gave them the serial number and they contacted the owner who gave them permission to provide me with their contact info. I was able to meet them at the local PD and give them back their iPad. The airline could easily do this and identify the owner of the entire suitcase/bag the electronics were left in. Instead they sell them to these people and they wipe all of the content on the devices in order to resell them. A lot of people don’t store everything on the cloud and are loosing sentimental photos, texts, etc. because of this. So sad.
Kornilious 23 gün önce
Yeah my uncle’s a photographer and lost his MacBook on a plane and with it so many photos from his clients that he was working on. Including photos from a family friend’s wedding. Just thinking it could’ve ended up at a store like that to be wiped and resold is just horrible.
Bloomy Cookie
Bloomy Cookie Aylar önce
I feel like they only care about money that’s why they don’t bother looking for the owner which is messed up
cece Aylar önce
Exactly!!! This really sucks.
Anna Trombetta
Anna Trombetta 22 gün önce
As someone who's on their 15th day of not having received my bag, this is terrifying. Also I didn't lose my bag, THE AIRLINE did. And i dont give a shit that they reimburse me if it's gone for good, there are very personal and sentimental items in my suitcase that cannot be replaced.
Anna Trombetta
Anna Trombetta 10 gün önce
@nancy brennan it was international unfortunately so no idea where those end up
Kaname Tsukahara
Kaname Tsukahara 10 gün önce
I feel you. The airline lost my luggage as well, on the 7th of JUNE. 2 months later and still no news even tho I filed a report and did everything from my end:,(
Anna Trombetta
Anna Trombetta 13 gün önce
@Ant not yet...😭
Ant 13 gün önce
Did you get it back?
nancy brennan
nancy brennan 17 gün önce
I say keep an eye out on the sites these companies run if you lost it in America cause it could get put up on there! I really hope you get your bag back
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Aylar önce
I think Saf was right about the bags they gave her to unbag being staged. There's no way someone would put Gucci sunglasses at the front of a soft shell checked bag....
Elliot D.
Elliot D. 24 gün önce
another commenter said that they have been to the store and also unpacked a few bags and that a few of the items like the charger were the same. so its def staged
BluGum Jade
BluGum Jade Aylar önce
I definitely think that the reason why they didn't let you film in the warehouse is because there's most likely obvious contact information on the suitcases and didn't want their shady business to be uncovered. Not sure I can say that I'm a fan of this store...I find it really sad because 90% of the time, it's airlines that lose people's luggage and actively choose not to contact the owners regardless if there is contact information on the suitcases or not. The wedding dress and rings broke my heart.
TheWitch'sTarot 8 gün önce
@O_O yes you can?
j taylor
j taylor 17 gün önce
@Herman Yep, flight/name tags & total shadiness. Glad she kept the vid up, tho, because it's made a lot of ppl aware of this. Also, I don't think she can straight-up say it's shady, because she'd probably get sued...
Herman 17 gün önce
yea like.... idk man but arent those flight tags on the luggage? About the flight that is on? Also some people keep their name tag on it and stuff.. this buisness is so shady.. i wish saf took this vid down or atleast said something about the fact that this is pretty shady cause rn shes just giving them attention
haley graben
haley graben 27 gün önce
Lmao not true. I worked there a couple years ago and all contact info is removed before it’s received at the warehouse. They just have a struck privacy policy and don’t even have the building name on the outside of the warehouse. All luggage is directly delivered through fed ex or ups.
peregrintook310 Aylar önce
FYI: Henson was traveling with Hoggle from the UK when he got “lost”. Evidently they refuse to give him back to the Henson family. It’s pretty gross honestly. These are someone’s items purposely lost and then sold. The incompetency.
Conor Noakes
Conor Noakes 20 gün önce
At the point compensation was paid for the loss they would no longer have any claim to ownership if it was found later, they’ve effectively sold the claim to ownership in exchange for the compensation. Very shitty and highly suspicious in the case of Hoggle but most people faced with the reality of trying to find *their* needle in a stack of lost needles are going to take the compensation instead of the gamble that their belongings eventually resurface
Vampiriffic 22 gün önce
That's absolutely reprehensible.
Leslie Bohn
Leslie Bohn Aylar önce
I was thinking that it's pretty obvious that the Jim Henson company owns that Hoggle.
ThexBlackxKitty Aylar önce
I love how everyone in the comments is bashing the "store". Maybe thanks to Safiya's wide audience more people will be aware of this shady business and will at least know where to expect to find lost items of sentimental value.
ealisait Aylar önce
"a third is sold, a third is recycled, and a third is donated." It feels dishonest to me to pretend that none of it gets thrown away; the business just puts off the dirty work of throwing away the most unsellable items on the charities. This store is already a second-hand store, so how much of what they "donate" to the charities is even sellable or usable? Charity shops get tons of donations and a great deal of it is not something anyone will buy and ends up being thrown away in the end - the shops don't have infinite storage. Obviously there is some amount of this stuff that ends up being garbage, whether rightfully so or not, and it makes me suspicious that the owner tries to frame this as a 100% perfect no-waste situation for all the items when that's not even realistic.
Sarah Nashara
Sarah Nashara 23 gün önce
that's one thing, but "recycling" can mean a lot of things. Greenwashing includes calling burning general waste as recycling because "it gets recycled into electricity!" one way to make the statistics look nicer for sure
pixie Aylar önce
the fact that she was deciding within seconds which things were deemed what like rapid fire i had a solid indication that it was heavily staged. ive worked retail, and even then we take time to bare minimum inspect things when unpacking for issues before deciding they can go onto the floor. and Chasity was a terrible actress.
TheWitch'sTarot 8 gün önce
Nitsirk Aylar önce
IMPORTANT TIP: when packing your luggage the last thing to do is right on top (so first thing u see when opening ) put a paper with ur flight info as well as contact info. Normally that’s the first place the luggage office checks if a tag is missing or something. This can prevent your luggage from ending up here. Happy travel and sending Much love, a former Airline employee
Charlie. Just Charlie.
ALSO PROTIP: get ugly and cheap-ish suitcases and take a picture of them. If your suitcase is unique, it's easier for people to associate it with you, and showing a picture of it helps. If it's tacky and childish looking it's less likely to get stolen from.
S 16 gün önce
Can't belive I've never thought of this! Thank you!
Afifa Dawre
Afifa Dawre 24 gün önce
my parents always do this and ive learnt it from them :)
Perry H.-R.
Perry H.-R. Aylar önce
I always thought my mom was kind of silly for doing this--I always figured the airline wouldn't bother to open it. But I'll have to start doing this now!
Nena Bastiaens
Nena Bastiaens Aylar önce
I've never thought of this, thanks for sharing!
dancinwithmyself3 Aylar önce
I'm suspicious of the statistic that the airline is 99% successful with reuniting people with their lost luggage. If that is true, how does this store have so much stuff? Also, what if someone comes into the store and finds their lost items? It doesn't seem fair that they would have to rebuy their stuff that the airline lost.
TheWitch'sTarot 6 gün önce
@dancinwithmyself3 same
dancinwithmyself3 8 gün önce
@TheWitch'sTarot Yeah I'm sure the math is there but I'm glad we can agree this is shady
TheWitch'sTarot 8 gün önce
I mean 2.6 million people fly in planes in the US ALONE but yeah, this is really shady
Cara McCann
Cara McCann 12 gün önce
@loudic the owner said 99.5% of lost luggage is returned, so it’s actually only .5% of 1%
loudic 18 gün önce
as sad as it is, 1% of lost luggage out of ALL luggage from daily flights still equates to a loootttt of stuff. a lot more flights than you may think go out daily
Madi NP
Madi NP Aylar önce
American companies are something else holy shit. This is so shady I can' believe it's legal! Seeing all of the instruments there breaks my heart. So many musicians hold serious sentimental attachments to their instruments that no amount of monetary reimbursement can make up for.
Mangledfoxy205 22 gün önce
Yeah, it makes me sad too. I’m not a musician, but an artist, and I just can’t imagine losing my favorite art supplies, especially my sketchbooks. Sadly, as an American though, I’m not too surprised this is legal, our justice system is wack, to say the least
Henny Genius
Henny Genius Aylar önce
Delta lost my luggage in 2018, and I never got it back. We even called Delta in Amsterdam, the airport in Norway, both airports in the US, both Delta and KLM headquarters, and nobody could tell me where my suitcase was. I knew what was in my suitcase, but only got half of the money it was worth back 🙃 They tried to say “Oh, so you lost your luggage”, and I think it is absolutely ridiculous, because I did not loose the suitcase, the airline did 😭
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Aylar önce
After working in baggage service for a major airline for 6 years. Please,please put your name,address, itinerary, phone number inside the main section, inside pockets.
Jenn T
Jenn T Aylar önce
And this is why everything of serious value comes with me in my carry-on and doesn't leave my sight. I'll be damned if my mother's one-of-a-kind necklace is getting "lost" by the airline and resold to randoms. Take all your important stuff with you on the plane or don't take it!
E VR 19 gün önce
It's years I dont check luggage. I bring clothes for a week in the carry on and if I need I will do laundry. It's much easier to travel this way.
Candy 28 gün önce
I agree. My camera, medicine, etc goes in my carry on
Roo Diegel
Roo Diegel 20 gün önce
No hate to you Saf, but a good chunk of these items are not "lost" they are stolen. Airlines frequently intentionally "lose" luggage they want to sell and often do NOT wait the 90 day period. This store is soooo unethical and people should not spend their money there. They cannot do this anymore if the public refuses to endorse it. No consumers = no profit
Gabbstar M
Gabbstar M 17 gün önce
Exactly and to think that they don't sell at a reduced price for how much they have is ridiculous. They don't even donate the nice stuff
Ashley M
Ashley M Aylar önce
Just wanted to say I am really appreciating the discussion in the comments about the major ethical issues with this store. Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts and experiences!
3AM Things
3AM Things Aylar önce
AS SOMEONE THAT LOST 4 LUGGAGES FROM GREECE TO PARIS TO TEXAS THIS MAKES ME MAD. After learning French and trying to contact every day I finally got my luggage extremely broken after 3 months. It's insane I'm still waiting on compensation.
3AM Things
3AM Things Aylar önce
but overall its ok lol it was just extremely frustrating I had no clothes for so long
LittleBlackStarify 28 gün önce
I'm halfway through the video and it all feels so shady, but now I'm thinking after the 'corporate bro bag'... there is just no way these suitcases aren't stolen. That suitcase was full of souvenirs from Mexico, ready to be gifted to their loved ones. Someone who leaves their bag because of 'an affair' (which still is super weird cause like... you can just pick up the suitcase later when you have 90 days) that they had in Spring Break or something, is obviously not gonna bring souvenirs? Nahh this can't be true
Lindsie D.
Lindsie D. Aylar önce
These prices were all outrageous for what is basically selling “questionably acquired” goods.
TheWitch'sTarot 8 gün önce
@moonxbubbles And YOU have to remember that we shouldn't even have to work paycheck to paycheck just to eat two slices of bread
bney 26 gün önce
@Gina Victoria That is *definitely* considered a terrible price range for many, _many_ people, especially considering none of it is brand new (as in, straight from the original store/seller) and from what is essentially attempting to appear as a thrift-type store. That’s great you’re living a life where that is reasonable to you! However, it is good to remember that not everyone has the same financial situation that you do and to consider that perspective as well.
kt 28 gün önce
Yeah with all that FBI talk it sounds like they’ve even been in some legal trouble or something before
Come On Fhqwhgads
Come On Fhqwhgads 29 gün önce
Ross For More.
thi tam
thi tam Aylar önce
Malene Simonsen
Malene Simonsen Aylar önce
The thing that seals the deal for me about these bags being staged is all the shoes in the first one. They were so randomly placed amongst clothing and the missing pairs make no sense
Candy 28 gün önce
I agree that was a dead giveaway 😒 no one packs like that
Gee 24 gün önce
With the amount of airport traffic and airlines losing people luggage recently this business feels super scummy... this is by no means hate on Safiya, I'm honestly glad to be seeing this video as I'm sure most people have no idea where their lost luggage ends up.
rubbercroc x
rubbercroc x Aylar önce
They definitely staged the bags that Safiya went through. Shouldn’t you expect to find more than just clothes and shoes in a suitcase? When I travel, I pack everything including clothes, shoes, toiletries, and every essential in my suitcase. But somehow out of the bags that she went through, there was none of the sort. Like if you knew you lost a suitcase with a pair of Gucci sunglasses, wouldn’t you do anything you can to get that back instead of wasting so much money? Something isn’t adding up.
Kylie Walker
Kylie Walker Aylar önce
As someone who has worked as a baggage handler for an international airline, I NEVER check my bags. If you have to, always check your clothes and put anything you don't want to loose in your carry on. As a rule of thumb be willing to pick up your bag and throw it 10 feet, because that's whats about to happen to it at the airport. Finally, the heavier your bag, the more likely it will get broken, if you want your stuff to survive invest in two well built smaller bags as opposed to one larger one. Seriously I cant count how many 70 pound bags I broke the wheels on because people seem forget that a real person actually has to handle their luggage. Good luck!
JeSskaa Tea
JeSskaa Tea 16 gün önce
Also, don't use black suitcases, and sturdy soft shell is going to last longer than hard shell.
Laila Hamad
Laila Hamad Aylar önce
My baggage was just lost by Brussles Airline in June and I am still devastated about losing some of the things in my bags. Some items in there far outway any sort of monetary value and I'm still working on coming to the realization that I'll never have those items again. The worst part was the lack of urgency that came from Brussels Airline when it came to locating and returning my bags. It seemed as if they didn't even have an interest in finding them. I am a carry-on lover for life now, even for international travel. I love Safiya's videos and this is absolutely no hate to her but these airlines need to be held responsible.This process seems so foul and I couldn't imagine my heartbreak if my bags are eventually sold to someone.
Constantine Aylar önce
Wowwww that big second hand embarrassment I got when Safiya called them our for staging the bags AND the lady just giggling then cheerfully admitting she did... and then going on acting like she didn't just admit that and treating the rest as if they weren't staged. 😳
TheWitch'sTarot 8 gün önce
when did she say she staged it??
Constantine Aylar önce
@sehhi vooty agreed
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Aylar önce
Wedding dresses, wedding rings, this is horrible !!! people don’t give their stuff, the airlines are responsible for this , so sad 🥲
Eleanor Aylar önce
Some of this stuff, its so obvious who the owner is! Like hoggle?? The labyrinth is a massive movie. I'll be damned if they truly don't know who the owners of at least 1/2 of the items. No hate to saf, she was calling out chastity in the literal nicest way possible, and staying so calm.
beauenfer ae
beauenfer ae 21 gün önce
For real, you're going to tell me no one sent an email about missing their hoggle? That is way too big for any airline to "lose" and then not find the owner of.
Kali Rose
Kali Rose Aylar önce
the luggage was definitely staged, one person suit cases had multiple sizes for clothes, the gucci glasses wouldve been paired with a hard shell suit case at least, and when saf pulled out the piggy bank chastity was like "its a piggy bank" and then realized she wasn't supposed to know what it was yet and immediately followed up with "is it a piggy bank?". The fact that the company didnt let you go back makes me think its a pretty scummy business :/ love your videos as always :)
mary-elise Aylar önce
literally DYING over you calling out the bags being staged LMAO you were so pleasant and sweet ab it too haha
bney 26 gün önce
@Jesus Saves! Why would a god make someone anxious, depressed, suicidal, and in so much pain in the first place?
Bloomy Cookie
Bloomy Cookie Aylar önce
@Jesus Saves! keep your religion to yourself and stop
unbothered kai
unbothered kai Aylar önce
@Vasma Helos your reply is the best comeback because yes, we ARE dying everyday 😭
Binch Eating
Binch Eating Aylar önce
I love how they tried to justify why they have lost luggage as if the passengers did it on purpose
Luvgat Aylar önce
I don't know if supporting/shedding light on a business like this was the play. It's appears to be very shady, no? I get a feeling they just replaced the word "unclaimed" with the word stolen.
Kinga Aylar önce
Maybe it's a good thing. Someone should make an investigation on that business. Maybe it's good to throw some light on it so everybody can see.
pantieslegrandma Aylar önce
This is so scummy. The airline has to pay to the airline client for any "lost" items they themselves sent to the hecking Moon, and not only is that covered by the airline's insurance, but then they make a profit by selling the luggage to this company. And they absolutely should be donating the luxury item dupes. The only reason they're not is because the brand could sue them. It has nothing to do with ethics.
Maddie Schaefer
Maddie Schaefer Aylar önce
Agreed. If it was really about ethics, this store wouldn’t even exist. This video disgusts me.
Linsey McFadden
Linsey McFadden Aylar önce
'Reimbursed.' Yeah, but nowhere near the cost of what you've actually lost. One of my friends had her luggage lost on a flight from New York last week and they only reimburse like 70 a day. She's on a long tour with her band now with no luggage, so she'd have packed performance wear, basics, skincare, cosmetics, shoes, etc. Yeah, she went well over the 70 trying to get underwear, basic cosmetics and facewash on the first day.
Rebeca P
Rebeca P Aylar önce
The prices they're trying to charge for some of this stuff is WILD.
Catchmeifyoucan 27 gün önce
@John Martinez exactly free stolen goods and reselling them at high prices😵‍💫 this should be illegal.
Come On Fhqwhgads
Come On Fhqwhgads 29 gün önce
ROSS For More.
John Martinez
John Martinez Aylar önce
Right? I was expecting them to be selling mystery bags for $50 or something, but they're actually sorting through people's property and selling it for $1000s. Sickening.
thi tam
thi tam Aylar önce
Emma Evans
Emma Evans Aylar önce
Yeah! I thought it would be discounted prices but most things are up charged
Cationna Aylar önce
I feel like Saf has been doing more videos on "unusual" places she herself knows very well aren't really legit lately. Nothing wrong with making a video and getting a buck outta that, I kinda wish her signature kindness didn't extend so far as to prohibit any direct critiques of her subjects. We all knew what she thought about the real gold manicure, but now, we can only kinda intuit what is her real opinion on this store or the scalp spa. I like her focus on presenting, informing, and relaying own experience - but i feel like part of informing is also pointing out certain things eventually.
bney 20 gün önce
@Amy yeah that’s what I meant by the “hints and small comments” part.
Amy 24 gün önce
@bney but she did say she thought it was staged so
bney 26 gün önce
There’s hints and small comments here and there during the video that give a glimpse into how she feels about this place, but I really would have appreciated something stating her opinion on the business and the lost baggage practice in general. It feels more like an ad for this store than actual content without any real critique and honest review here.
Imani R
Imani R Aylar önce
It’s very grimy and disgusting that they only donate the absolute worse/worn items. And then they have the nerve to resell for outrageous prices when it’s literally clothes that the AIRLINE lost and didn’t try hard enough to find and return. This whole store feels dirty.
kalysta gutierrez
kalysta gutierrez Aylar önce
Yeah no, this place is illegal AF! Stores like these need to be investigated and sued because there is absolutely *no way* those valuable items weren't asked for by their original owners, tags be damned! The owners aren't even the ones that lose the luggage, it's the *airline's fault* because they're responsible for processing until the owners get them back! This place is disgusting and everyone working there should be ashamed of what they're doing to people's personal items. Anyone that travels needs to keep a tracker sewn into their suitcases to keep things like from happening because I highly doubt those airlines follow the "90 day return policy". 99.5% return rate my butt, that couldn't have been a more obvious lie than when SeaWorld lied about Killer Whales having floppy dorsal fins in the wild! The audacity!!
Gigi S.
Gigi S. 26 gün önce
How the store can charge that much when they didn’t even pay for the clothes is…. Alarming…
4lovesles 27 gün önce
I lost my luggage in an airplane as a kid. My address was inside and outside the suit case. I just know it was stollen not lost. I bet it went to a place like this because there was some really valuable items in it.
Lucille Knox
Lucille Knox 29 gün önce
This makes me sad for the poor girl sitting behind me on my last flight. She said she left her laptop in a bin at security and has no photos or serial number for it. When she looked on the airline website she said you had to pay to look through their database of lost items (and to think they might not even list it in the database - you would be out your laptop and the money looking through the site!).. her laptop is now probably in this store. :(
Florence Aylar önce
Considering I'm fighting for my life to get my luggage back right now it's kinda terrifying to think that they might just... Sell it.
Florence 12 gün önce
@Alisa McBride Thank you that's very sweet of you! :)
Alisa McBride
Alisa McBride 13 gün önce
@Florence That's incredible! I've been checking back to this comment for an update, so glad you found it! (:
Florence 13 gün önce
I'm glad to announce I got my bag back safe and sound after a full month of pain and suffering
Maria D
Maria D 14 gün önce
I'm also fighting for my bag it's the worst. I hope you get it back.
Candy 28 gün önce
I hope u get it back! I always hold my breath at baggage claim
ptl Aylar önce
watching this video i already felt like it rubbed me the wrong way and from reading the comments it brought up so many points that are valid, like how high the prices are for lost items (which could be sentimental). that lady is full of crap for saying that she feels a bit sorry, cause let’s be honest she’s raking in that cash for selling these items. secondly, it’s horrible that they say “donate” when they mean throwaway, like yeah will keep all the prada and gucci but charities can receive the damaged items.
Trevor Holland
Trevor Holland Aylar önce
How absolutely scummy is it when they overcharge for a plane ticket, require loads of personal information just to get on the airplane, and then they sell your lost luggage for more profit instead of connecting the dots -- dots that we KNOW they have -- to get that luggage back to you. This should not be legal. They're crooks.
Vixx Celacea
Vixx Celacea Aylar önce
@Jessica That's why you put redundant information on the inside as well. It's understandable that a tag might get torn or something. There are plenty of stories in this comment section of suspicious lost baggage because it had valuable goods and had tags in and outside the bag, but normal boring luggage getting returned to the same person.
Jessica Aylar önce
@Evn Luggage tags sometimes get ripped off in handling. Luggage gets tossed around, goes up and down conveyor belts, gets stacked several suitcases high, etc.
Orion Stardust
Orion Stardust Aylar önce
I get it's not Saf's fault but making a video like this just promotes this even more
Rock Cactus
Rock Cactus Aylar önce
Here finally trvid.com/video/video-f_TJ9KMAGQg.html
Evn Aylar önce
@S MK Even if they’re luggage was sent on the wrong flight or stayed behind, the luggage tags would still be on the bags with the identification number
Not Mikey
Not Mikey Aylar önce
I’m almost positive most of the luggage in the warehouse has contact information that they didn’t bother to use so they could profit off of peoples items and steal them. Even worse, I would feel so wrong trying on the items. With thrift stores people willingly donate, but with this it is still somebody else’s item that has just been stolen :(
Anonymous Channel
Anonymous Channel 28 gün önce
I just watched the recent trash taste podcast ep and they discussed abt their airline “loosing” 30k-$50k worth of camera equipment. One of them said tht the moment their luggage w/ the camera equipment was put onto the conveyer belt thing (??? Idk) and they shut it down bc they couldn’t hold anymore luggage, he had a gut feeling they’re not gonna get their equipment back, and he was right. Now watching this vid, i have a feeling tht’s where their camera equipment ended up.
Anna K
Anna K Aylar önce
I wonder how many of those bags once had name and address tags on them that were conveniently removed. I stopped watching the TV show where they'd auction off lost luggage and on the footage AIRED, many bags clearly had address labels on them!!! I think this entire business, all arms of it, is scummiest of all scum. Its so easy to contact the person and even make them come and get it, but nooooo, they just look at how much free profit they can get. This is one of the reasons when I did fly from Australia to Canada, I made sure to get a direct flight that went nowhere near the US. I'm not risking my luggage going anywhere near there.
Emma J
Emma J Aylar önce
Here's the thing about unclaimed baggage (from a native who's been there a bunch of times) some of it is donated, some of it comes off of wrecked trucks. If there is no damage to the items in the wreck, they have to be donated because they are considered "soiled" even if they're in good condition. Yes, they do get stuff from airlines, and that can get shady. But a bulk of the stuff is either donated or from shipping errors. Hence why they have things like suits of armor and kayaks and stuff. That's not the kinda stuff you lose on an airline. So Saf is probably right, the stuff they had them open was most likely staged.
Florencia Balori
Florencia Balori Aylar önce
I think here in Italy they auction the lost/unclaimed bags without you being able to see what's inside, sometimes they still have the lock on. I think it's less shady than this store. Besides, it leaves out all the fun of opening somebody else's luggage so what's the point. Def not what I was expecting, it's just a regular second hand shop
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Aylar önce
These prices were all outrageous for what is basically selling “questionably acquired” goods.
Monroe Robbins
Monroe Robbins 6 gün önce
I’m glad that so many commenters are adding on the questionable ethics of these stores, and highlighting that you should BLAME THE AIRLINES, NOT YOURSELF. If the airlines lost your luggage, you did not lose your luggage, so don’t feel guilty.
Lydia May
Lydia May Aylar önce
In 2007 I attempted to bring my purple Hasbro Mio Pup on the plane with me. Didn't go well. They literally ripped her apart in front of me and then threw her in a trash bag. I was 6 and a little traumatized by the whole ordeal. Safety is one thing, but sadly airlines just don't care about your stuff.
Fenixofa 29 gün önce
That sounds so horrible ;-;
Roxanne Cooke
Roxanne Cooke Aylar önce
The "experiment" of intentionally leaving a bag on a flight and having it show up in the store "weeks later" kinda proves the airlines don't actually wait 90 days ...
Judas 21 gün önce
@splatyells they said six months… are you ok? get some help
Briann Conn
Briann Conn 23 gün önce
Yeah weeks! Did she get contacted? Lol
mydogeatspuke 23 gün önce
@splatyells I would count 90 days as roughly 12 weeks personally so I guess I'm not normal, according to a judgemental, faceless stranger on the internet. Phew, that was close.
Bronwyn Miller
Bronwyn Miller 28 gün önce
@SrtaTropicalia Yeah, she did. We had to wait a long time for a update. Over three to four months.
Bronwyn Miller
Bronwyn Miller 28 gün önce
We had to wait over 3 months for an update on her experiment. It took a while. I have been watching Hope for over a year now.
Evalynn Aylar önce
I want to say, I love Saf and I love this video, it was entertaining and high quality and very interesting. What I don't love, is how absolutely disgusting it is for these people to unpack peoples private, personal belongings, and sell them for outrageous prices. I've found legitimate designer purses at Goodwill for $5. At this place, they get them for I'm guessing pennies and they sell them for $90. I know how horrendous the airlines are. Most of the time they make little to no effort to return your luggage unless you hound them for it. Aside from just straight up death or criminal activity, I don't understand how any bags get "lost". Seems incredibly shady.
september rain
september rain Aylar önce
I agree with all the comments and I think it's very unethical to sell those items. It would be better if they donated all of the things in good condition, not just the trashy ones. And they could put the interesting and unusual items in a museum and profit of that. It's greedy to profit of someone's loss, considering there're some very special items like wedding rings, violin, etc.
D 17 gün önce
99.5%, my ass. There's a HUGE problem these days with luggage getting "lost". The powers that should not be are doing their best to make people not want to leave their houses, much less travel.
dead dove inside
dead dove inside 26 gün önce
Unclaimed Baggage is in my hometown and I worked there for a summer. They’ve definitely gotten overpriced over the years, but ngl I have found some really great deals there throughout my life. They also stage bags, I’ve heard it’s because they want the bags to be more entertaining for guests to search through since most have dirty laundry and toiletries in them.
Tyler Williams
Tyler Williams Aylar önce
next collab: Tyler and Tyler wear matching velvet overalls for a day 👯‍♂️
Bo Kim
Bo Kim Gün önce
chef stripes
chef stripes 27 gün önce
Sapi Laut
Sapi Laut Aylar önce
Miah Snyder
Miah Snyder Aylar önce
Omg yes 🙌🏼
addi Aylar önce
pleeeeeeeeeeease 👏👏👏👏👏
Nebula’s Fart
Nebula’s Fart Aylar önce
Interesting video! Never heard about them selling people’s luggage. But there is no way that many people lose their stuff ‘on purpose’. I feel like they are too lazy to try and get people their stuff back. It’s either ‘too much work’ for them or they find valuable stuff they don’t want to return. Seeing those workers with their bright and wide smiles just pisses me off.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 26 gün önce
literally DYING over you calling out the bags being staged LMAO you were so pleasant and sweet ab it too haha
Deb 25 gün önce
I think that the airlines should be held more accountable now that I've seen this! Not only do they charge a small fortune for airline tickets and luggage fees, they charge rediculous prices for items found in luggage that should've been mailed to their customers. The names and home addresses are put on luggage tags for a reason and I don't trust that the airlines did EVERYTHING possible to get the luggage back to the proper owners. The prices that they charge on lost/stolen items are rediculous, $42 for a 2nd hand pair of jeans!!! Someone stated they have a pretty good side hustle going; I read it in the comments, and I truly believe that!!! That store; to me, is SELLING STOLEN MERCHANDISE!!!
Marketa Russell
Marketa Russell Aylar önce
The face I made when she said she landed in HUNTSVILLE. It's so exciting seeing Safiya talk briefly about our Space and Rocket Center was heart warming! 😊👍
Laura Aylar önce
At first when you said that the store donates a percentage of the goods I was like "oh, they're so sweet", then I realized they give to charity the trash they will have to pay to get rid of.
Ijaz Mailbox
Ijaz Mailbox Aylar önce
@vineela bravo for having some humanity! I go to a local food bank where 90% of what I get in my box is crap. And I look like an asshole if I dare to complain.
vineela Aylar önce
@M Luna I hate people who say this. People in need are still people. They deserve nice things too. I’d rather my lost luggage goes to someone who needs it than a tourist trap business looking to make a quick buck.
Sarah Bacak
Sarah Bacak Aylar önce
@Stacey Kersting Not everything at Goodwill is going to be a good deal. They just follow some arbitrary pricing guide. They don't know if stuff is from Dollar Tree or not. I've found some amazing steals on wreath forms and flower picks, home decor, real wood items that just needed some TLC, random lids I was missing for my pots, etc. Plus their clothes are unbeatable imo if you have the time to go through the racks. And of course not every Goodwill is the same, so the better the surrounding area, the more likely that the Goodwill has nicer things.
Christina sanderford
@M Luna I don't think anyone wants to buy a plain white t-shirt with pit stains (and they KNOW that, so they gave it to "charity" to make themselves look better)
Christina sanderford
that's what i was thinking
Stephanie Andersen
Stephanie Andersen 25 gün önce
I’ve worked in hospitality, and every time guests left things, I would do my best effort to get ahold of them. There are the people who are excited, and then a lot of people who either don’t answer or tell us they don’t care to get it back. If you’re working with thousands upon thousands of suitcases per day, I can see there being a need for a store like this-especially for the people who just don’t care. However, I definitely agree that there’s probably a lot more shadiness that is going on.
El Funko
El Funko Aylar önce
The airlines lost my luggage after a wedding...direct flight. I find it super sus now since everything in there was ONLY worn at that wedding. Yes, I got some money about 6 months later but I would have rather had my shit back!
Briar Rose
Briar Rose 19 gün önce
This just reminds me of the twice I have had luggage lost. One of those times I got it back two months later but once I didn’t even though we desperately tried and contacted them multiple times. I just wonder how many times the airline just doesn’t try hard enough to return it because it was easier to sell it off for a profit. I’d rather stuff be resold than gone to a land fill but this feels SO sketchy.
J Swa
J Swa Aylar önce
Hmm how on earth these airlines lose so much luggage is beyond me when it's all tagged, I am surprised they manage to keep their planes in the sky. People tend to take their nicer stuff when they travel so most bags probably make it worth their while to "lose".
Abigail Stone
Abigail Stone Aylar önce
Safiya, your videos bring me so much positivity, thank you and Tyler for all of your work to make these for all of us to watch! Also, low key hilarious that Hope changed into three different people and your Looks 1-3 were literally all the same emo sidekick outfit. Yes. 😂
Celi B
Celi B Aylar önce
Makes sense they would stage a bag for you. I'm assuming there's always a chance of finding illegal products, dangerous items, or just something inappropriate for TRvid.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Aylar önce
you guys finally came down to alabama! i've been watching for ages and hoping you would come see the unclaimed baggage store. hope you enjoyed alabama!
Matt Burnham
Matt Burnham Aylar önce
I really enjoyed this video. I'm a flight attendant based out of Atlanta so I've heard about this store and keep saying that I should drive over to check it out bc I could do it on a day trip. And I think you're right...they def staged the bags that you unpacked but still really interesting stuff and I'm sure that they have some good hit or miss deals.
1v1 RealLife
1v1 RealLife Aylar önce
Never knew I needed u and Hope together. I love u two guys. Y'all make my day ten times better
Morgan Simpson
Morgan Simpson Aylar önce
Chasity is like a mom watching her kid open Christmas presents and pretending to be surprised even tho she knows what everything is
Actually I’m Not Really Sure Yet
@Kinga People who smile at you the whole time they’re explaining something are dangerous
N 11 gün önce
Her attitude, face expression with that fake smile and prepared answers, gave her away like in milliseconds.
Danielle Digou
Danielle Digou 21 gün önce
@Kinga agreed, she made me so uncomfortable.
Angelina Aylar önce
my exact thought omg
Kinga Aylar önce
This woman gave me weird vibes. Ughhh
GTaichou 26 gün önce
I lost a journal from a trip abroad as part of grant research back in 2008. I knew exactly where I left it. They would not let me go retrieve it. (I sought help to retrieve it IMMEDIATELY after departing the plane) The airline claimed they could not find it. The thought of that journal being gleefully bought and kept as someone's curiosity infuriates me, knowing that it was *part of my research*. I hate this industry so much :C
Jade Van Niekerk
Jade Van Niekerk Aylar önce
This whole prosses feels scummy and like a scam. I have a feeling that rarely try to comunicate to the owners and sell these sentimental items at a higher prise to get provet.
Alex S
Alex S Aylar önce
This is so sad. People selling “found” items.
punstress 25 gün önce
This was fun and all but I was really interested in learning about the prices and how they set them, also do they sell online? What happens to objects that identify the owner? Even though the things were abandoned, would they try again if they found something dripping with sentimental value?
verren Aylar önce
I think this video is so funny and something about the vibe between you guys and the editing really works -- I think it's really smooth and was enjoyable to watch! I hope it doesn't discourage you to hear our thoughts about the uhhh questionable feeling regarding this store itself. I still think it was fun for you to explore this and tell us more about this interesting little niche--- i just question the person who started all of this and how the airlines treat baggage lol.
sydandtaytum 22 gün önce
it is so unethical for the airline to 'lose' the bag and then turn around and make a profit on it!! everyone has to enter credit card info to buy a plane ticket. it would be so easy for them to just send the bag to the address of the credit card. if it isn't their home, it's likely a home of someone the person knows, like parent, friend or previous roommate.
Heather Carter
Heather Carter Aylar önce
When the world is crumbling, I binge your videos to escape even if I've seen them a dozen times already. You're a lighthouse in the dark Saf. I hope you know that.
#1Nerd Aylar önce
The prices on these items are outrageous, expecially considering the store’s profit margin is 100%. They get all their stock for free, so anything they sell, they make 100% profit on it. They can afford to mark down the prices.
DoomsdayDollie Aylar önce
The only reason I can think that they wouldnt give you real suitcases and wouldnt let you in the back is that the suitcases likely often come with obvious information that would have led to someone being reunited with their lost things. What a shady store.
MayWolf1 18 gün önce
You never know what's in a bag. There could be weapons or hidden drugs. You wouldn't want someone who doesn't know what they are doing to accidentally cut themselves on an unknown object with an unknown origin or where it has been. I think they rummage and find a clean safe bag that they use so there's no accidents. Real bags could even have unsightly things like adult toys or human ashes. There could even be very personal things in bags like paperwork or photos. Which you don't want just anyone to get thier hands on or be exposed.
AmberRooster 22 gün önce
Nes 27 gün önce
@Tess Crelli not sure where your morals lie but stealing somebody’s suitcase is definitely shady
Christy Brown
Christy Brown Aylar önce
@Tess Crelli lol all baggage is tagged. So yes it's super shady that they're selling things that have owners
Sweetie Yams
Sweetie Yams Aylar önce
@Tess Crelli u don't find ANYTHING shady about a woman purchasing stolen luggage and then pricing the used items 2x the actual price? No one forced then to open this shady ass establishment. They get no sympathy from me. It's morally fucjed up and shady af
Aaliyha Fennimore
Aaliyha Fennimore 29 gün önce
No hate to the video ♥️. You always do a good job at bringing content, but as I watched the video I got a bad feeling at the way the store was ran. They DEFINITELY staged those bags to make themselves look better. Not to mention how overpriced everything is for a second-hand store and only donating the items in the WORST conditions. It's honestly really sketchy and I don't think I could ever shop there.
Marabelle Blue
Marabelle Blue 28 gün önce
While I appreciate this video, I'm concerned that the suitcases land here and no one bothers to get a list of those who lost their luggage and contact them and say, "hi your luggage is here" - I'm sure it's tedious but really, "let's resell people's personal stuff" - not cool. 😵
PuppetOnStrings 13 gün önce
Video felt very shady. What really threw me over the edge was the Hoggle puppet from Labyrinth. That movie is my all time favorite childhood movie, and to see it in this random luggage store infuriates me. There is no way that the person that's responsible for keeping him safe, just lost it. The airline specifically took it to be put as a display piece for this store
MadMax 2472
MadMax 2472 25 gün önce
You are one of my absolute favorite content creators. Loving your work, keep it up 💜
viiont eooiy
viiont eooiy Aylar önce
The face I made when she said she landed in HUNTSVILLE. It's so exciting seeing Safiya talk briefly about our Space and Rocket Center was heart warming! 😊👍
Corin Mink
Corin Mink Aylar önce
THANK YOU safiya for introducing us to Hope like oh my GOD I've been binging her content for the past few days and I'm in LOVEEEEE
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