I Went To A Japanese Spa Theme Park

Safiya Nygaard
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So we traveled to Japan to film a three-part series about beauty & style and we’re kicking it off with a trip to the SPA THEME PARK for skincare & relaxation! Yunessun is kind of like a mash-up of a traditional hot springs spa and a waterpark, with some very strange baths to boot - including wine, collagen, green tea, coffee, sake, and more!
Thanks to Yunessun for allowing us to film there! You can check their link out here: www.yunessun.com/en/
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11 Jun 2018




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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard 2 yıl önce
HELLO FRIENDS!! sorry for the delay on this guy!! i hope y'all enjoy the first of all of the videos we filmed in japan - we have 2 more coming out on this channel and 3 more videos on tyler's channel! and HAPPY MONDAY! xoxo, saf
Aubrey Matthews
Aubrey Matthews 6 gün önce
I have a question for you and your
AVERY T 19 gün önce
Itz Nova
Itz Nova 26 gün önce
Safiya Nygaard gwEc
XxMoon_3uberxX Aylar önce
Sandra Ou
Sandra Ou Aylar önce
When I went to Yunessun, there was a PANCAKE SPECIALTY POOL!! (you missed out bro)
Leena Hodzhova
Leena Hodzhova 16 saatler önce
You so beautiful
Lexi Mai
Lexi Mai 23 saatler önce
Ur so close to 9.0 mil well done girl ur honestly the best youtuber ever
Kamala Misra
Kamala Misra Gün önce
are you from cuba?
•Ken• {{bi\\moody}} •.•
Me noticing that there was a house facing the naked zone...
no no
no no Gün önce
weren’t those fish in Victorious? 😂
Abigail Gutierrez
I can just imagine all the gays flying to japan for the naked area lol dont be suspicious, dont be suspicious
Anika Gün önce
I'm planning on going to Japan in a couple of years. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to go and what to try out?
Alani Batten
Alani Batten 2 gün önce
The bullet trains are really fast it's crazy 😜
ZaneTheGreat 2 gün önce
watching this in 2020 be like:
Rainbow Apple
Rainbow Apple 2 gün önce
15:43 what is your hand doing?????!!!!!!!!
Riley Tavernit
Riley Tavernit 2 gün önce
the bullet train rly said: speed
squishy 3 gün önce
Me after watching this video: *dumps all my tea into bathtub* CLEAR SKIN HERE I COME
Rae-ann Slack
Rae-ann Slack 3 gün önce
I love all the videos you post
Hello fellow person looking at my comment
“The best part of the naked zone is the view... OF THE MOUNTAINS” lol 😂 what other view can there be 🤔
Jade Neal
Jade Neal 4 gün önce
When he put his sake hands on his eyes... I couldn't handle it.
Jesren Games
Jesren Games 4 gün önce
Wait a min I here the escape the night season 1 music in the background lol
Weirdly Cookie
Weirdly Cookie 5 gün önce
Luv u..! 🦋🦋🦋
Azlynne Edwards
Azlynne Edwards 5 gün önce
Train? boarded. Hair? flawless Ass? shaken
Kayla Mcallister
Kayla Mcallister 5 gün önce
Btw the fish can actually give people infections
• L a v e n d e r •
It looked like we were pigs when we went to the coffee part😂😂
aayla borgman
aayla borgman 6 gün önce
Many years later and this is still one of my favorite videos to watch
priya g
priya g 6 gün önce
This is still my favourite vlog among all the other videos on this channel😍
Chloe Bamford
Chloe Bamford 7 gün önce
Abigail Herman
Abigail Herman 7 gün önce
you swim around like i do
mingii 8 gün önce
traveling through your vlogs during covid :')
Jenna Stilley
Jenna Stilley 8 gün önce
Safiya: I'm kinda salty I missed it Me: wait, wouldn't you be not salty if you missed it.
Evelyn Brown
Evelyn Brown 9 gün önce
i wish I lived in Japannnnnn ;-;
Anushka Sinha
Anushka Sinha 11 gün önce
Me: Mom lets go to Japan Mom: Why? Me: *sweats nervously*
Sara Lance
Sara Lance 12 gün önce
Who else is watching during COVID-19, wishing they could be there.
Kayleigh The Game
Kayleigh The Game 12 gün önce
the fish that get rid of the dead skin, i've done it before and it's ticklish but it works
sunflower seeds
sunflower seeds 12 gün önce
Imagine people taking a piss in there and then someone gets a mouthful of water ;-;
Loura Jarvi
Loura Jarvi 12 gün önce
Spongebob square cats
Arianna Summers
Arianna Summers 13 gün önce
“I’m not sipping tea I’m becoming tea” quote of 2020 Provo 👏🏻
Micaela Castro Debes
Micaela Castro Debes 13 gün önce
the fish THE FISH who else is thinking trina vega straight away?
Asmr Time!!
Asmr Time!! 13 gün önce
I am deaf i miss traveling
Aaron Duffy
Aaron Duffy 13 gün önce
did anybody else see at the stat when her lipstick changes
Lucy Jaynes
Lucy Jaynes 14 gün önce
Here's a fun fact: the "pool smell" you always smell at a public indoor pool is caused by the combination of water, chlorine, and pee. that smell doesn't occur when there is no pee in the pool. :3
Moo Moo9876
Moo Moo9876 15 gün önce
Jonah Kazama
Jonah Kazama 15 gün önce
Zoinks!! All-You-Can-Eat japanese buffet! I really really love japanese food 😋
Ella Nevison
Ella Nevison 15 gün önce
This place is amazing to bad I CANT GO BECAUSE OF CORONAVIRUS Sorry just had to get that out of my System😑☹️🥺😭
Mia Pavlou
Mia Pavlou 16 gün önce
who else thinks that safia is sooooooooo beautiful 💖💖💖💖💖💖🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Kaori Ibinyopakaka
Kaori Ibinyopakaka 17 gün önce
I am half Japanese and half African American. I was born in Okinawa Japan. Did you know that in Japan schools you would change with your friends there is no walls or rooms just in front of you but it was gender sorted. The naked zone is a thing n Japan because in Japan they thoguth that it was OK for woman to see other woman naked because woman knew what woman looked like and same for men. Safiya here's a fun fact
gabriella stoica
gabriella stoica 18 gün önce
Damn that place is gorgeous
Michelle Chorny
Michelle Chorny 18 gün önce
Red wine looks pretty like this girl 👩🏼
Dave 6 gün önce
Pls stop lying to yourself, it’s not healthy
Michelle Chorny
Michelle Chorny 18 gün önce
Ewwww swimming in that stuff
Lila Cole
Lila Cole 18 gün önce
so having mildly boiled the booty-
leelan82 18 gün önce
I heard those fish have a bacteria or something that when they nibble on your feet, your feet and skin go numb
Jayla Spellmeyer
Jayla Spellmeyer 18 gün önce
I love ur hair
sofia 19 gün önce
Why was there a baby in the wine throw
Ryleigh Jenks
Ryleigh Jenks 19 gün önce
You're the best TRvidr I just want to say that cuz I subscribed and put on the notification Bell cuz you are awesome
Maria A
Maria A 19 gün önce
I just want to say this is CRAZY, i went here when i was younger and loved it.
Nongda Xiong
Nongda Xiong 19 gün önce
What does buday
꧁Kk is bae bae꧂
꧁Kk is bae bae꧂ 19 gün önce
Whoever disliked this had there phone/iPad upside down
arisbe quiroz
arisbe quiroz 19 gün önce
Schier Squad
Schier Squad 19 gün önce
this is me in covid19... safiya is traveling to Japan!!
Zari_wizard 20 gün önce
17:43 me:again really =_=
Zari_wizard 20 gün önce
lol i think safiya didnt get cleansed enough cause she said "the winner is the veiw........... of the moutains"
Shayla O'Rourke
Shayla O'Rourke 20 gün önce
That’s nice you got it to your slef
Crëämpøp_Cøøkie 20 gün önce
The spa place looks like a huge house
Kaitlynn Swenson
Kaitlynn Swenson 20 gün önce
Someone tell Christine about the tea bath
L Harston
L Harston 20 gün önce
Who’s watching in 2020 while your waiting for Sayfia to upload
iiGachaFailureii 20 gün önce
I think I should go there tbh
Eco Earth
Eco Earth 20 gün önce
Tyler "my butt's shaking" Safiya Laughs at him grossly Also Safiya "me too"
Hai Kimhorn
Hai Kimhorn 20 gün önce
I want to go there
Elysha O4093
Elysha O4093 21 gün önce
Ashley Canturk
Ashley Canturk 21 gün önce
Hey i just uploaded a video also about Yunessun ! and the reason I went was from watching this video!! please go check it out
Lexie Orpin
Lexie Orpin 21 gün önce
This is random but I just saw a commercial for Buffalo wild wings and the guys said ”buffalo wild wings, RAWR” like what Buffalos don't roar
Mila Fernandes-Mckenna
Safiya it's this healthy for the kids Tyler unless those kids are getting wasted
duckstab 21 gün önce
This was posted on my b day and is the biggest celebration in have had in a while
Kari Thompson
Kari Thompson 21 gün önce
Anybody here because of quarantine
Hien Truong
Hien Truong 22 gün önce
I love the hehheheehhhehe lol 🥴🥴🥴👩🏻‍💻
Hien Truong
Hien Truong 22 gün önce
She’s random
The Cat Weirdo
The Cat Weirdo 22 gün önce
6:20 saf did cloudy baths before they were a trend!
Melody Robichaud
Melody Robichaud 23 gün önce
it was slow cuz your fat
Mase 23 gün önce
Did anybody notice the escape the night season one theme ⬇️
El Capitan
El Capitan 23 gün önce
Safiya's skin is gorgeoussss here! The glow
Abby Burkey
Abby Burkey 23 gün önce
Hi Safiya I love you’re channel
Little Mochies
Little Mochies 24 gün önce
Who else wanna try out a Japanese hot spring because of anime?
Afrida Huq
Afrida Huq 24 gün önce
1:44 Tyler's words reminded me why I am not fit for travelling. I would just sleep all day.
chi bui
chi bui 24 gün önce
Cristine from simply nailological would love the tea bath like she did in her bathtub
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