I Watched *ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES* For The FIRST Time And Its BETTER Than The Original! 

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Today we're watching Addams Family Values for the First Time and it was even better than the original! This is also my Movie Commentary and Reaction for Addams Family Values!
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30 Eki 2021




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CeliriaRose Yıl önce
I love the touch about Morticia suffering through Cat in the Hat. Just selling the point of how much they love and support their children even in cases where they may not like or understand what their children want.
No Thanks
No Thanks Yıl önce
Same reason they sent the other kids to camp, Debbie convinced then that they wanted it.
Kayla Wise
Kayla Wise Aylar önce
That book is true suffering
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy Yıl önce
Morticia almost crying and exhausted while reading Dr. Seuss is brilliant 😂
Movies in Depth
Movies in Depth Yıl önce
Best reaction to a Dr. Seuss book I’ve ever seen
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar Yıl önce
@Movies in Depth Try to never cut your reaction to show only the movie scenes. People enter to your video to watch your reaction , the movie scenes are only a complement , don't work without your reaction . You only show your comment then cut and show only movie scenes . Best reaction are spontaneous sincere an uniques first impression, not only post scenes comments
Enya Moore
Enya Moore Yıl önce
Imagine how delighted Mortician would be to find out how twisted Dr Seuss truly is
Brain_Dead Yıl önce
Debbie fit perfectly into the family she just didn't take the time to realize it
ScarlettM Yıl önce
I disagree. Adams family is based on....well, family and love and weirdness. Debbie was incapable of love.
Brain_Dead Yıl önce
@ScarlettM true
Jaer Nihiltheus
Jaer Nihiltheus Yıl önce
@ScarlettM true, but they would have loved her anyways. The only thing she did that morticia truly was offended was debbie making fester wear pastels lol
FreddieHg37 Yıl önce
She was too selfish and egotistical, not really…
Questionable Life Choices
"why are you dressed like somebody died?" "wait" "i'll play the victim!" "all your life" "but debbie...pastels?" 3 GOLDEN fucking comebacks!
Willis Allen Jr
Willis Allen Jr Yıl önce
"Pastels" slay me EVERY TIME!! LOLOL
joshsleeze Yıl önce
Pastels kills me every time 😂😂😂
Willis Allen Jr
Willis Allen Jr Yıl önce
@joshsleeze lolol
Sir Jedi Sentinel
My favorite is: "But...don't you love me?" "...AH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"
Nicamon Yıl önce
@Summer Rose In the italian version they say: *A:* "Can I be the drowned one?😄" *W:* "Yes,FOREVER.💀" *A:* "Nice seal swimsuit/costume."(
Osman Yousif
Osman Yousif Yıl önce
Pugsley: Our parents are having a baby, too. Wednesday: They had sex. Amanda: Why are you dressed like somebody died? Wednesday: Wait. Morticia: Wednesday's at that very special age when a girl has only one thing on her mind. Mrs Buckman: Boys? Wednesday: Homicide. Amanda: Is that your bathing suit? Wednesday: Is that your overbite? Amanda: I'll be the victim! Wednesday: All your life. HOW DARE YOU IGNORE THESE ICONIC WEDNESDAY MOMENTS!?!?!
ashante Yıl önce
AGREE so quotable. " Is that your overbite?" gets me everytime
Anneke Oosterink
Anneke Oosterink Yıl önce
I love how the lit Morticia's face in EVERY shot. They did that for a lot of the first movie, but they REALLY committed here. Apparently Angelica Huston had a horrible (not all the time, obv. but she didn't love the light and the costume) time filming this because of a costume she couldn't walk in, and being basically blind because of a giant light directly shining into her eyes. She has said she ritually burned the costume afterwards. Debby would fit right in with the Addamses if she had actually been honest with them. And loved Fester. But like, she is fine with murder and grave robbing, and the Addamses are totally cool with that as well. And they gasp in appropriate horror when they learn about malibu barbie. Doesn't Debby deserve LOVE and jewelry? Yes, yes she does.
KrisCynical Yıl önce
She also had to have the sides of her face physically _taped back_ to get that effect to her eyes. It kept coming loose and would only last for a few minutes at a time.
Kat Webb
Kat Webb Yıl önce
Wednesday was already my queen since I was the weird "goth" kid in school but this movie really solidified it. I'm Native American so the Thanksgiving scene was amazing to see as a kid lol. It always bothered me how watered down the real history is but it was also the only time we "learned" about Natives at all. So part of me enjoyed the Thanksgiving activities at school but this movie really changed that perspective for the better. Also Debbie is awesome and a big reason why I love this movie too lol.
Leslie Daubert
Leslie Daubert 7 aylar önce
I'm also Native American and the Thanksgiving scene is my favorite part. I always smile. Because maybe it feels like people are getting better to understand our ancestors and getting justice for them.
Kat Webb
Kat Webb 7 aylar önce
@Leslie Daubert Very true! 💕
Of course it's better. And we love that, while in more pain than giving birth, Morticia read _The Cat in the Head_ to Pubert, because it made HIM happy.
Izuela Yıl önce
"How did she overtake Lurch?" They all sensed a good villain monologue coming. They wanted to let her finish.
Colette Bezio
Colette Bezio Yıl önce
The fun thing about the Addams Family is that every version is different, but every version sticks to the basic truths of the characters. There were the original cartoons by Charles Addams, the 60's TV show, these movies, a Broadway musical, the new animated movies, and a couple of non-remarkable animated programs and comic books.
the_nikster Yıl önce
Wednesday's Pocahontas speech at Camp Chippewa is my favorite part of this movie. she is my Queen. 🙌🏾👑
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy Yıl önce
The ENTIRETY of the Addams Family is invincible.
Nancy O'Malley
Nancy O'Malley Yıl önce
Which makes Debbie really stupid! She should already know that at least Fester is immune to electrocution-boom box in hot tub situation!
Asriel Williams
Asriel Williams Yıl önce
The way Debbie would've made a great Adams had she actually loved Fester.
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy Yıl önce
I’m here for ‘Addams Family’ content. The Camp Chippewa scenes are 🔥
Andre Carpenter
Andre Carpenter Yıl önce
Movies in Depth
Movies in Depth Yıl önce
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy Yıl önce
@Movies in Depth 😂
EmmyAngua Yıl önce
Birdcage! Debbie is such a great addition. I'm always sorry she dies because I always want her to join the family for good, as a terrifying Aunt (and role model) to Wednesday. Margaret was unpleasant and mean in the first movie because she was unhappy, and she settled into the family perfectly...
Jim Pemberton
Jim Pemberton Yıl önce
Wednesday Addams' smile at camp is the absolute best in all of movie history. Christina Ricci nailed it and produced the creepiest straight smile ever. Pure gold.
Jonathan Osborn
Jonathan Osborn Yıl önce
it's my favorite individual moment by a child actor
Fun fact: when they made an "Addams Family" musical on Broadway, Nathan Lane was cast as Gomez. Funny how this movie was made BEFORE the Broadway show.
Danielle Ferreira
I love Wednesday and Joel relationship, they are just perfect for each other
Movies in Depth
Movies in Depth Yıl önce
Danielle Ferreira
@zaylon dead he's not
SBaby Yıl önce
17:48 - Wednesday only smiles in one of two cases. Either: 1 - When she's doing something awful to Pugsley and/or somebody else. 2 - When she's ABOUT to do something awful to Pugsley and/or somebody else.
Joni-lee Smith
Joni-lee Smith Yıl önce
Please let Wednesday ruin the entity show! Us all watching: Don't worry she will 😈😏
Movies in Depth
Movies in Depth Yıl önce
Laughing maniacally in the background 😈
Reba Joe
Reba Joe Yıl önce
While Disney movies are very happy and sing songy, what Gary and Becky didn't take into account was that a lot of those movies were about the protagonist fighting against authority figures, refusing to conform and being themselves, Wednesday, Pugsley, and Joel got the message loud and clear.
Chloe Joy Henry
Chloe Joy Henry Yıl önce
Plus the movies were pretty dark back then.
Steven Perez
Steven Perez Yıl önce
Birdcage! My favorite scene will always be when Debbie is talking about her parents and the Barbie. All I ever wanted was a Ballerina Barbie in her Pretty Pink Tutu. What did they get me? MALIBU BARBIE. That’s not who I was! I was a BALLERINA! GRACEFUL! DELICATE! They had to Go.
Kilian Alexander
Kilian Alexander Yıl önce
The kid with all the allergies was played by the same actor as the friend from 10 Things I Hate About You. He was also in The Santa Clause (Bernard)
Jonathan Osborn
Jonathan Osborn Yıl önce
him and the male head of the camp "Gary Granger" are in the TVshow "Numbers' together
OzzyUK 8 aylar önce
@Jonathan Osborn Also Ghostbusters 2
C D Yıl önce
I know that the two camp counselors are supposed to be annoying but since one of them happens to be Christine Baranski I can’t help but LOVE them. I mean come on how can you not love Christine Baranski know matter what character she’s playing
juliababyjen Yıl önce
Every Thanksgiving, our family watches the "Thanksgiving Pageant Scene." Its a family tradition, and not only is it hilarious, it also points out the inconsistencies of the holiday.
Movies in Depth
Movies in Depth Yıl önce
That is incredible
AutistFanatic1 Yıl önce
Matilda, Harry Potter and Kevin McKallister would SO fit into the Addams Family
Endymion St Cyr
Endymion St Cyr Yıl önce
Nathan Lane made a fantastic Gomez opposite Bebe Neuwirth’s Morticia in the stage musical.
Entertainment Life
Great reaction. I love this movie. As a kid I saw this before the original. Actually didn't know it was a sequel for A LONG TIME. So was actually a little disappointed in the original. I think it is just hard to beat this movie. It had the best moments with the summer camp scenes and Wednesday destroying the play. And I agree Debbie was an amazing villian. It was do fun to see her trying to murder fester. But between her and that fake mom in the first movie I can't help think he doesn't have luck with women. Anyway happy halloween.
KrisCynical Yıl önce
I always wished we could have gotten a part 3 for Dementia and Fester!
Elizabeth Strong
Elizabeth Strong Yıl önce
Yessss perfect for Halloween! 🎃 Btw yes the baby was a boy, but played by twin girls.
Movies in Depth
Movies in Depth Yıl önce
Now that’s amazing.
Ari F
Ari F Yıl önce
Yesssss I didn’t know you watched the birdcage!!! It’s one of my faves too. Albert crying over his pierced toast kills me 😂
Movies in Depth
Movies in Depth Yıl önce
Birdcage is iconic
MarvelousMaggie Yıl önce
this reaction is sending me! 😂 tim burton is creating / directing an addams family show for netflix and it'm hyped for it. it was announced in feburary of this year. the show is probably in post-production, but i don't know the release date for it...but i'm stoked. i just hope that netflix is the right distributor for it because sometimes netflix releases shitty content.
Movies in Depth
Movies in Depth Yıl önce
I can’t wait for that.
Interesting, but it will be hard without the original actors for me. They WERE the Addams.
MarvelousMaggie Yıl önce
@neolithiumproduction that is true. but i'm willing to give the these actresses and actors a chance....plus my fav johnny depp is starring it in...so i'm really pumped!!!
LadyNikitaShark Yıl önce
As a 90's kid I watched this movie so many times on TV and still love it. Morticia and Gomez are real couple goals. In a way, they are one of the most funcional fictional families. They all love each other and show it
Nano Yıl önce
"Don't i deserve love?...and jewelry?" Debbie is such an icon
Nicamon Yıl önce
Favourite movie of the 2 for 1 simple reason: *WEDENSDAY!* 😎🖤 05:16 - 05:20 Flora&Fauna.(Which,in case you don't know..flora means"plants"and fauna means"animals".) 07:54 - 08:08 You missed that Gary is John Cage from"Ally McBeal"and Amanda is Harmony from"Buffy-the Vampire Slayer"!
Ladymacbeth1755 Yıl önce
"The Addams family version of home alone" Well, Kevin would fit right in with the Addams family, tbh.
ScarlettM Yıl önce
Birdcage "She's trying to take his gum away." I wish they would have shown that part! Joan Cusack was brilliant in this movie. Her best role!
Aran Erem
Aran Erem Yıl önce
"I can't swim". Wednesday is awesome
Movies in Depth
Movies in Depth Yıl önce
She is a queen.
Elizabitty213 Yıl önce
“Birdcage” is one of my all time favorite films period! I watch it constantly when I need a feel good movie that makes me laugh When Wednesday goes “the sentence is death” and the babies eyebrow raises lol so adorable 🥰 In an Adams way lol
kattahj Yıl önce
The actress who plays Amanda also played bimbo-turned-vampire Harmony in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I read a fic where Harmony was Amanda who had changed her name, and she and an adult Wednesday hooked up. It was a pretty good fic, but now I think of it every time I see her!
The Nerdy Tiger
The Nerdy Tiger Yıl önce
21:27 because she is a good mother. Even though she hates reading it she will because it is what her child wants
Ilona Tylina
Ilona Tylina Yıl önce
Yessss Nathan Lane!!! Incredible actor! He played Gomez Addams on Broadway!
Lindsey Wise
Lindsey Wise Yıl önce
I’m shocked that he recognized Christine Baranski from The Grinch but not from Mamma Mia
Sir Jedi Sentinel
Oh, I'm sure someone else already said it. But many many years later, The Addams Family was made into a Broadway musical. For that musical, Nathan Lane originated the role of Gomez Addams
Evee Argentum
Evee Argentum Yıl önce
This is one of the best one liner movies ever, I quote this ALL the time, (whether people get the reference or not). It's even better, I have an aunt named Debbie, and we used to call her husband "Mr. Debbie" all the time. LOVE this movie, one of my all-time favorites. I haven't checked, but if you haven't done a reaction to Birdcage yet, that would be so much fun! One of the best Nathan Lane movies ever, and Robin Williams, of course.
Bad Wolff
Bad Wolff Yıl önce
Omg yesssss Halloween has been made. Best review ever 😁 EDIT: favorite Nathan Lane movie has to be Mousehunt. Classic DreamWorks movie.
Robert Molton
Robert Molton Yıl önce
I love The Birdcage! Nathan Lane's over the top performance is one of the greatest things I've ever seen. 😂
Koret Mulder
Koret Mulder Yıl önce
Part of the charm of the Addams Family, back to the original cartoons, has always been that they're somehow immortal in the face of all of their homicidal past-times.
courdorygirl Yıl önce
I love The Birdcage too but my absolute favorite Nathan Lane is The Producers. He also plays Gomez in Addams on Broadway.
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy Yıl önce
Christina Ricci is brilliant! ❤️
Candice Waller
Candice Waller 7 aylar önce
Birdcage is an AMAZING movie! I adore Nathan Lane in everything he's ever done, but him and Robin Williams were too precious in that movie.
WolfStar Gaming
WolfStar Gaming Yıl önce
The Birdcage was such an amazing film. Completely underrated
whatever dani does
9:34 Gomez calling Morticia "cara mia" so much that this guy thinks her name is Carmilla for a second lol
DSGodiva Yıl önce
I don't think my sister and I quoted any movie more when we were kids! Such a classic! Also...the baby is a boy, but they were dressing him up as Marie Antoinette.
wattsink2009 Yıl önce
“Oh no! He lives!” 😅 Exactly what we all said when we saw The Cat In The Hat with Mike Myers! 🤮
Snick Biordking
Snick Biordking Yıl önce
I have never watch The Adams Family. I have only heard of it because one of the girls is the same actress as the girl in the Casper live action movie. Which I would totally recommend watching it, I remembered watching it in Fox Family movies channel and I rewatched it last year, it is still classic to me. And I remembered I actually had a slight crush on Casper when I was younger. Rewatching, it's still understandable why my younger self has a slight crush on him 🤣🤣 I should probably watch it because I heard Tim Burton is gonna be a director for a adaptation? Of another The Adams Family film, it's like he's reimagining to it. And it seems like the type of film he would enjoy and is glad to direct it. Anyone reply to correct me if I'm wrong, if the information is false please. Because I'm actually really hype for it. Also, I know it's off topic because this is another recommendation. It's not best movie in my opinion, but it is part of childhood and it's surprisingly underrated. Not a lot of people talk about this movie, it seems like it's completely non existent, and that's pretty scary. It's like those movies you had in your memory, but you start to doubt yourself if it was just an imagination. It's called Spiderwick Chronicles. I rewatch it about 2 days ago, I was crying from nostalgia. I was just little baby toddler watching the movie, and now I'm a teenager 😭😭🤧. Again, rewatching it, it really isn't the best movie I've watch. It's a pretty good story that actually manage to just put it all together in one film. I wish it was a little longer, because the pacing was too fast for me. But I guess it works in back in the early 2000's. It's also based on books, so I assume it's one of the books that the film adapted, and tried to fit all the books into one film. Except it's shorter, I felt like it had more to the story but it seems like they cut If off? I don't know, but it didn't had good pacing to me. So I would like to know your opinion to the movie. It's still good, but it's not best 😊
samira Ansari
samira Ansari Yıl önce
I would really recommend reading the books! The movie mostly adapts the first book, but the vibe sod the adaptations caught the books SO WELL and the books are really great!
Snick Biordking
Snick Biordking Yıl önce
@samira Ansari Really? I'll give it a try!
Sheikai the Blueberry Elf
I absolutely love The Birdcage. I also watch Addams Family Values so often.
Kraddaku Yıl önce
Tell me why I just realized this week that there were two Adams Family movies and I thought this one was the first one. I’ve clearly never seen the first one.
Stephen Woehr
Stephen Woehr 11 aylar önce
Don't forget that Wednesday's love interest was played by a young David Krumholtz, who went on to play Bernard on the Santa Clause movies as well as Charlie Eppes on the TV series "Numbers" and Rabbi Gil in "Living Biblically."
Simon Caraballo
Simon Caraballo Yıl önce
Aw man this brings so many 90s memories. You should react to Casper, Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands!
Movies in Depth
Movies in Depth Yıl önce
Love all of these♥️
Patrick Doss
Patrick Doss Yıl önce
Introducing Joan Cusack as Uncle Fester's new wife. However there's more to her than meets the eye. Also, Morticia has a new baby and he looks just like Gomez. But Fester's new relationship causes problems with the baby
Kira Pökelmann
Kira Pökelmann Yıl önce
Feeling blessed with these reactions :D
Lizzie Raye
Lizzie Raye 8 aylar önce
you should react to Romi and Michelle's high schools reunion if haven't already. In this movie the actress who said that Morticia's dress was too tight was one of the mean girls in that.
Ashley Toepper
Ashley Toepper 7 aylar önce
Debby's character also plays in a movie called Where the heart is. And she's rather Firey in that film. You should check it out.
Jaimi Cottrill
Jaimi Cottrill 2 aylar önce
I love this version of the Addams Family! especially Morticia, she is a queen. Also. Birdcage!
ashley davis
ashley davis Yıl önce
I feel like I’m just now realizing they named her Wednesday because it’s rlly hard to spell 😭 I used autocorrect for it but her and the rest just burning down the camp is forever iconic to me since I was kid 💀
Cassie Michael
Cassie Michael Yıl önce
"I think Gomez and Carmilla are relationship goals." Me: Who the hell is Carmilla? That's Morticia.
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy Yıl önce
Quote of the Day: “What can’t that hand do?”
Nancy O'Malley
Nancy O'Malley Yıl önce
Aventura459 Yıl önce
The fact that Nathan Lane originated the role of Gomez Addams in the Addams Family musical on Broadway 😁
SBaby Yıl önce
3:48 - Fun fact, after filming this scene, the director of the movie went home to his wife and said to her, 'I dropped a baby off a roof today'.
Concertina Madrigals
Wednesday's summer-camp romance goes on to become the head-elf in "The Santa Clause."
Movies in Depth
Movies in Depth Yıl önce
I would have never noticed that, but that’s amazing!!
lara Yıl önce
@Movies in Depth he’s also in ten things i hate about you
Claude Yıl önce
Also numb3rs
Concertina Madrigals
@Claude That was an interesting series, too...
TheDorkOne Yıl önce
@Claude Along with the male summer camp counselor!
Zeidoktor Yıl önce
"It's an Addams!" "That doesn't help us." But it IS probably the most accurate descriptor available.
Pedro Valente
Pedro Valente Yıl önce
scariest thing: Wednesday smiling
Karley Crawford
Karley Crawford 11 aylar önce
I think we all want to be apart of their family.
afmXx_ Yıl önce
I'm amazed you didn't scream MAMMA MIA when the camp instructors appeared cuz the woman is Tanya's actress hahaha
Chloe Joy Henry
Chloe Joy Henry Yıl önce
I felt so bad for Wednesday and Pugsley when they were in the camp.
Sean Linehan
Sean Linehan Yıl önce
BIRDCAGE!! So glad to see appreciation for that classic. He looks like he could use a Pirin tablet in this movie
Movies in Depth
Movies in Depth Yıl önce
yeet Yıl önce
As a Jew the fact that we are seen as the same category as the Addams makes me absolutely giddy.
AJ scarecraft
AJ scarecraft Yıl önce
Addams family values is the greatest thanksgiving movie of all time
Ickyrus Phoenix
Ickyrus Phoenix Yıl önce
Nathan Lane played the original Gomez in the Addams Family Musical
Leslie Daubert
Leslie Daubert Yıl önce
I love "The Birdcage ". Nathan Lane is hilarious.
Nancy O'Malley
Nancy O'Malley Yıl önce
The smell of pine actually burns my throat! I must be an Addams! 😈🤣🤣🤣
Disabled Drama Queen
Disabled Drama Queen 5 aylar önce
I apologize if this has been already commented but it's worth noting that Nathan Lane is actually the original Gómez in the Addams family musical
TengansWife Yıl önce
Twenty grand for summer camp. He's Mr. Woo Woo. Cracks me up eveytime
Marquise Vachon
Marquise Vachon Yıl önce
Birdcage. lol iconic. Honestly the one liners from this movie still get me.
Aris Simion
Aris Simion Yıl önce
This video was super fan. Thanks. And two videos of Addams family. 100% A huge thumbs up. 🙏🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Tomas Green
Tomas Green Yıl önce
Best Thanksgiving play EVER!!!! :)
Movies in Depth
Movies in Depth Yıl önce
Fun fact: Nathan Lane played Gomez in The Addams Family musical!
robert scullin
robert scullin Yıl önce
This film is fantastic all the way through
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy Yıl önce
Nathan Lane. ‘Birdcage’. Also voice of Snowbell in the LIVE ACTION version of ‘Stuart Little’.
Patrick Doss
Patrick Doss Yıl önce
I once took my son to his scout summer camp. He had a great time especially when he shot an arrow and a Beebe gun
WolfStar Gaming
WolfStar Gaming 7 aylar önce
The Birdcage gives me the belly laughs. I love it.
Imhotep Yıl önce
actually pubert was killed …or should i say eaten by pugsley ( according to wednesday in The New Addams Family Series) 📢: Actually pugsley’s original name was Pubert then the network of the 60s sitcom addams family decided to change it to pugsley because the name pubert was inappropriate.
Troy Yıl önce
Nathan Lane ended up playing Gomez later on in his career. It’s almost like this movie was his audition.
Arconnelly 53
Arconnelly 53 Yıl önce
You need to watch beetle juice, its a great Halloween movie for you to watch.
LV Marty
LV Marty Yıl önce
Birdcage! Yes! Very much enjoy your content. Keep it up!
Sandy Germain
Sandy Germain Yıl önce
BIRDCAGE I absolutely love this reaction.
Karley Crawford
Karley Crawford 11 aylar önce
I think we all have a little Addams in us rather we know it or not
Kim Talley
Kim Talley Yıl önce
"I Hate them I Hate them I Hate them" 😆 u crack me up!
Andy McCurdy
Andy McCurdy Yıl önce
the cat an the hat joke. the author wrote it while suicidal so when she skips to the end and sees the story has a ending she knows he didnt go thorough with it .
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