I was FORCED to buy a Chromebook….

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My son needs a Chromebook for school so I began my search to find the best bang for the buck Chromebook...and of course, we tried to game on it.

Take a look at the available Chromebooks below:
Amazon: geni.us/jj8ruZ
Best Buy: geni.us/BF9Jru
Newegg: geni.us/OCdFABC

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Crouton Github: github.com/dnschneid/crouton

Installing Steam on Linux Beta: www.linuxmadesimple.info/2021...

Chromebook Automatic Update Support Page: support.google.com/chrome/a/a...

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0:00 Intro
0:44 Chromebook Penetration
1:16 are Chromebooks bad?
2:01 look how cheap they are!
2:40 Linus goes shopping!
4:10 better luck online?
7:30 Gaming on Chromebooks
11:14 Why did you Cheap Out??
12:58 Outro

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31 Mar 2023




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips Yıl önce
Thank you to Wealthfront for sponsoring this video! Use our link invest.wealthfront.com/linus to open a Wealthfront investment account and get $5K managed for free.
Ollie Starick
Ollie Starick 2 aylar önce
I have a chrome book and its screen touch
Jordan Montero
Jordan Montero 3 aylar önce
video didn't age well... Framework did make a Chromebook in 2022, and google stadia is dead now... google killed it, a shocker to no one
James Campbell
James Campbell 6 aylar önce
maybe he should get a Framework chromebook.
Texas Red
Texas Red 8 aylar önce
Linus I have this chromebook that my sister gave to me,sense I’m 14 years old and really don’t have much to do I tried downloading roblox it downloaded but for some reason it could barley run I can’t tell if it’s the internet or the hardware itself I even tried downloading Old school runescape on it to my surprise it worked and ran very well so it’s ethir that the hardware isn’t ready enough to handle roblox or that it’s just my Internet connection ethir way I just want to find out and know what it is
Mohan Sirvi
Mohan Sirvi 8 aylar önce
Why didn't you just install dual os on a normal laptop
Beowulf tfsmartguy
Knowing Linus, his son will need something drop-proof.
Just A Retro Gamer
Just A Retro Gamer 11 saatler önce
@Haydenw86 I call BS. A t420 did not get a broken screen from a drop.
Gork Skoal
Gork Skoal Yıl önce
lol well...um...yes. I'd hope he's not this much a cluts in RL. or he'd need padding all over the house!
ilovefunnyamv2nd Yıl önce
@Darryl Jack I like those odds! Personally I lean more towards Linus. The only thing I haven't dropped is my education, not that there was much there to drop
Team TheEeveeLovers - TtEL
Litfa Tua 4 This is a hot hardware discussion. Not a hot girl discussion.
0605 Yıl önce
@Chris aka Schulbus what
robert Yıl önce
Imagine being the BestBuy employee watching Linus mess with every chromebook and then do his little freak out when the security alarm went off.
_W_ 6 aylar önce
Best Buy employee should be happy there is any customer at all these days!
Pork C. Fish
Pork C. Fish 11 aylar önce
I took my Mom to get a Chromebook for her a few weeks ago. She set off all the alarms.
Unfortunate on blitz
Unfortunate on blitz 11 aylar önce
best buy employee: Linus, y r u in the chromebook section lol takes pic* this gonna be a meme
Yeah it’s me
Yeah it’s me Yıl önce
to be fair the chrome books are REALLY good at what they’re built for. like if you’re basically just writing papers and researching and that sort of thing then it’s all you really need. i’m in college and i’ve been using one and it work perfect
Scott Hayes
Scott Hayes 2 aylar önce
Issue for me comes from how much excel I have to use in college. There’s just not a good enough substitute for professionals. (Also no adobe or affinity)
Yeet Yoot
Yeet Yoot 3 aylar önce
@AdroZz my school district must really be low on funding-- every chromebook ive used, ever, was provided by a school and theyve all been horribly slow and laggy. maybe somewhat because of the "stay on task" software they throw in? unsure.
SakuraPhantom 3 aylar önce
No offense but that’s really pathetic. REALLY pathetic
Carlos D Gutierrez
Carlos D Gutierrez 4 aylar önce
It depends, i'm in my PhD and as I need to simulate stuff in ANSYS and do thermodynamic calcs in thermocalc, a Chromebook wouldn't cut it. My trusty Helios predator works hard to finish ANSYS simulations in under a hour.
Aiden Chainey
Aiden Chainey 5 aylar önce
@AdroZz i dont know what kind of upgrades you made to your chromebook but chromebooks are usually a pile of crap
Chaz MichaelMichaels
Chaz MichaelMichaels 2 aylar önce
I worked for a learning management software company, a HUGE portion of the issues we received were from chromebook users. It was very difficult to tell people they essentially "bought the wrong laptop".
Robert Lamb
Robert Lamb Yıl önce
As a best buy employee, I was happy to see this and help me learn more about the Chromebooks, even though I generally avoid selling those unless the customer directly asks for it specifically
_W_ 26 gün önce
@Robert Lamb Aside from the fact I actually design and architect computers for living? Your sales pitch material comes from people like me... And no offense, Best Buy is not a place OEMs send their best models to. Sadly, Walmart and Target outsell Best Buy in computers. Heck, even Costco outsells Best Buy.
Robert Lamb
Robert Lamb 27 gün önce
@_W_ Aside from the fact that I am currently a working salesman for Best Buy? I would think I know at least something about what is available for sale there literally daily.
_W_ 27 gün önce
@Robert Lamb Your information is so outdated. There are plenty of high-end Chromebooks. They are released at the same time as Windows and they are still cheaper than Windows systems. It's very very clear you haven't shopped for anything recently.
Robert Lamb
Robert Lamb 27 gün önce
@_W_ that is fine, when you have products with exactly the same specs. The problem is that CrOS laptops are sold with much MUCH lower specs, generally using the old as chalkboard Intel Celeron or Pentium processors. For anything above basic web browsing, these processors just wont hold up very well. I'm all for decent low price notebooks and while there is a substantial efficiency gain for Chromebooks, they just are not up to par for what most if not all of my customers are asking for. When they are up to the spec requirements, they have a price tag almost equivalent to a similar spec Windows PC (providing it is on sale). It's for this reason and a few others that I usually end up recommending Windows over Chrome in 85% of cases.
Yanille 3 aylar önce
bought mine for under $100, I have a gaming pc I just get distracted so its nice to have something portable I can get school work done on. I actually do understand the criticisms, but for under $100 this shit goes hard. It fits a specific niche of users, dont buy it if you're looking to do everything a pc can
R0BL0XIAN Aylar önce
i'm looking for a pc that can play 3d games decently this is not it
ALI 2 aylar önce
@Temperius I am from Pakistan electronic are very cheap here and my was a 2017 dell Chromebook so it was cheap
Temperius 2 aylar önce
@ALI How does that work Is this us dollars as mine was 200usd new and the cheapest one i could buy in my country. (Not the US)
Chaz MichaelMichaels
Chaz MichaelMichaels 2 aylar önce
I never looked at it that way. Great explanation.
J Dragonblade
J Dragonblade Yıl önce
i like to imagine his son was horrified having to tell linus he needs a chrome book.
Station 6 gün önce
His son: "Dad, please don't get mad, we need a laptop for school..." Linus: "Why would that make me mad?" Son: "It has to be a Chromebook..." Linus: "We're changing schools."
DMMS JUSTICE 22 gün önce
@Dwi Randy Pradhika 🤓🤓
Celia Runquist
Celia Runquist Aylar önce
Dad I don't need a ryzen 5 it's for school
Mike Rodgers
Mike Rodgers Aylar önce
he is very priviledged to get what ever he wants. Many of us can"t be that selective.
HeyItsEvan Yıl önce
In college, I worked for the tech department at my old high school, and the fixes for Chromebooks were SO easy compared to Apple and Window devices.
KishaScape 6 aylar önce
Also contrary to the consoomer article referenced in this fad video they’ve always been Linux capable since the beginning. I did it in 2011, you can even do it on most of the ARM architecture chrombooks as well.
Love made in Japan
Love made in Japan 10 aylar önce
Dell Windows laptops are still golden for hardware fixes. But swapping the entire Chromebook is probably easiest for the tech department.
Sauer Crowd
Sauer Crowd 11 aylar önce
Besides the mainboard of a 150$ device decides to stop working good luck getting any data Form the emmc as still a lot of people dont write down their damn account data. Also hardware repairs for 150$ devices are just not worth it in the Most cases.
Jennej Jdkdjdj
Jennej Jdkdjdj 11 aylar önce
real human
real human Yıl önce
When I was in somewhere middle or elementary school Google offered free chromebooks for the whole school, but only if they agreed that they could track student cookies… needless to say, it wasn’t allowed
Doctor Grubious
Doctor Grubious 2 aylar önce
@TheSomethingSandboxer my school did, that laptop is in a lake now and I use my own… well I used my own until that broke and I use the hard drive from that because It’s like 2tb
ReverseshinAMV / RSAMV
hapara has entered the chat....
Vincent Salamatino
Vincent Salamatino 7 aylar önce
I don't understand what the problem would be at all with Google tracking cookies on a Chromebook.
Reason Jefferey
Reason Jefferey 8 aylar önce
Michael Rostom das the same damn thing lmao
Wizardscroll Studio
Wizardscroll Studio 11 aylar önce
Also interesting to point out that Chome OS is 32 bit not 64 bit even though it runs on 64 bit hardware. They intentionally use 32 bit to keep the memory footprint small. So ChromeOS really was made for inexpensive, low power devices from the very start.
Jeremy Gabbard
Jeremy Gabbard 2 aylar önce
@Wizardscroll Studio thanks. There is such a wide range of Chromebooks out there, it feels like how Android phones range from $50-$1500 but iPhones only start at $500. (these prices may not be exact, but the point about cutting the low end out of the market stands. I'm a Pixel fanboy and am not here for the Apple/Android debate)
Wizardscroll Studio
Wizardscroll Studio 2 aylar önce
@Jeremy Gabbard Is possible newer Chromebooks to be fully 64 bit since maybe is not so much of an issue anymore with newer mobile processors.
Jeremy Gabbard
Jeremy Gabbard 2 aylar önce
Interesting - does it depend on processor then? My chromebook is running on an i5 and reports it's running in 64-bit mode (Amber Lake Y, nothing super recent)
FireFox Destroyer
FireFox Destroyer 6 aylar önce
@Wizardscroll Studio I checked my Chromebook's Samsung Exynos 5 Dual, and it says it's a 32-bit ARM processor. And also, my school Chromebook has the AMD A4-9120C, which is a CPU based on the Stoney Ridge architecture, which is 64-bit.
Wizardscroll Studio
Wizardscroll Studio 6 aylar önce
@FireFox Destroyer You gotta check what the OS is. In Chrome on your Chromebook you can check if you're 32 or 64 bits. The 32 bit might in fact still be 64 bit hardware just 32 bit OS.
Nathyn Brendan Masters
“If I wanted to spend MacBook money, I’d buy a MacBook.” I felt that.😆😆😆
MichaelMJDFan5 6 aylar önce
SeaMarie 11 aylar önce
That Chromebook looks like a nice choice. It's similar to the Samsung chromebook we got my niece, then in first grade, for pandemic schooling. The flex hinge is actually quite neat, and there's little rubber feet on the outside of the keyboard so it stays in place, even in "tablet mode". She attended a private school at the time, which has since closed its lower school, so no school-provided Chromebooks. She's in public again now, though, so gets her own school Chromebook. The Samsung is now more for general use/whoever wants it.
Toast 👍
Toast 👍 4 aylar önce
@Knife in high school it’s the latter, idk about middle school as I didn’t see any toddlers with MacBook Pros lmao
Knife 4 aylar önce
As someone who doesn't go to a Chromebook school, can I ask if those schools force students to use Chromebooks or do they just provide them and allow you to use your own computers?
BattMarn Yıl önce
This video could very easily just be called “Linus figures out how to make his kid’s school laptop tax-deductible”
GamePil 4 aylar önce
thats something you gotta figure out? Where i come from, things required for your childs education are tax deductable anyways
Brandon Shen
Brandon Shen 5 aylar önce
More like how to make thousands of dollars from buying his kids laptop
undetected 8 aylar önce
Lol 😂 true
SeaMarie 11 aylar önce
@Per Kroon Same here; my niece is only in 3rd grade, yet she gets a Chromebook, with a nice protective case, that she can take home with her. It's a Dell, and honestly doesn't look like a complete piece of garbage, which surprises me. She's very careful with electronics, so no problems there! Well ... at least until my dad accidentally broke the USB C end of the charger ... Lol! Luckily her teacher's super nice, and it was less than $20 to replace that.
Jonathan Pritchard
I've been using a Chromebook for terminal-based dev work through crouton since 2015 (and the past 2 years through crostini). Low-end Chromebooks fill a nice and somewhat overlooked niche in computing. They trade compute power for absurd battery life (my previous 2015 Acer Chormebook was still getting 6+ hours after around 5 years of use). The $150 - $200 price tag makes me far less worried about taking it out and about where it could be damaged/broken/stolen. And at this point most all casual/productivity/school/work computing tasks are just done through a browser, so what used to be a restriction for Chromebooks really isn't much of one anymore.
veevyo 4 aylar önce
my $130 acer chromebook has been the most fun computing experience i've ever had (necessary context: i love linux). i use crouton to have an ubuntu chroot and i managed to install a virtualization of macOS inside my ubuntu chroot
_W_ 6 aylar önce
@Michael Corcoran Yeah, most of the people don't know much about computers or just out to make silly comments. I took out two old lab systems I have around - identical specs in HW. I did clean install of Windows 10 21H2 and one and ChromeOS Flex 103 on the other. Doing similar tasks, the CrOS system is much faster. AND.. more irony - I tested graphics rendering and video decoding performance and the CrOS version of Intel's graphics driver outperform Windows'! CrOS system may not replace Windows for some situations but it's one heck of good OS to most typical stuff we do these days.
_W_ 6 aylar önce
Finally a developer comment! I moved my productivity/non-engineering work to a Chromebook running entry-level Celeron. Everything - email, Team/Zoom/Skype calls just work better on Chromebook. Battery is amazing and the system stays super cool.
Michael Corcoran
Michael Corcoran 7 aylar önce
"But my Chromebook crashes if I try to open two tabs on Chrome " -- A bunch of hyperbolic computer snobs on this comment section . Seriously, I have used low end computing devices plenty and my experience with low end Chrome OS devices is on par or better than low end windows devices for things like running Google Documents or zoom or browsing the web. But yet half the comments here are people claiming they can't open a doc tab? I'm willing to bet none of these people have ever tried a low end windows laptop or something because I've never seen so much hyperbole.
Keifer May
Keifer May 11 aylar önce
@Tihomir Rasperic agreed on this! Once my Chromebook was end of life (no more software updates) I deleted Chrome and installed Gallium OS as my daily driver on that machine. It works great and it's something like a decade old machine now. I write C programs, Python scripts, run a BurpSuite proxy, and do relatively straightforward hacking CTFs and war games on it. You're not gonna be brute forcing stuff with huge wordlists on the ancient CPU with like no ram, but it works for my use cases. Can stream video and do whatever word processing, programming, and compiling that I need.
Caffeinated Bladesmith
As a nontraditional college student I can understand the appeal of a cheap chromebook; it's portable and allows you to create a work/study space that is separate from the rest of your life/temptations. What isn't so great is compatibility, as I've had to default back to my desktop for several classes. I'm taking a spreadsheets class and found out from the instructor that chromebooks can't run the full version of excell, which we need the functionality of for most of our assignments. iNaturalist has been a buggy experience as well, but I'm thankful that we've only used it once so far in wildlife ecology. Last semester I took microbio and, once again, had to go back to the desktop in order to run the lab simulations which made up most of our grades. I understand that chromebooks work well for a class that is built around everybody having one, like a middleschool or highschool class, but the fact that they are marketed to students in general is shady. If I didn't have another computer already, purchasing my chromebook would have been a waste of money. If I didn't already have a desktop, or couldn't afford to purchase a 2nd computer, I would have been left with the options of driving to the school that I'm taking FULLY REMOTE classes in so I can use their computer lab, or dropping 2 classes without a grade, while having lost $200. I understand that I should have looked into compatibility beforehand, but this is unacceptable.
WaterLilly Miller
WaterLilly Miller 10 aylar önce
i work in my school's tech department and laughed at the dissing of the bezels (my friend has snapped many) and the almost-snapping of the acer (which students have done. . . several times. especially with their hinges). of the devices we currently use (mostly HP G6, Dell 3100s, 3120s, and 3180s, and Lenovos) my personal favorites are the G6es. I've been using it since I was a freshman, so about three years, and they're the easiest/my favorites to open up. The only big problems we've had are with trackpad ribbons being too long, and motherboards getting fried but that's mostly been due to bad chargers.
Andrei Simionescu
Andrei Simionescu 2 aylar önce
I actually reached the same conclusion like Linus after a ton of research and bought a Flex 5 for my MIL when they came out in the US. One of the screws that hold the chassis together broke after 2 years though and repairing it would've cost more than the laptop itself used. Thankfully I got it for free, because the seller was dodgy when I had a technical issue and ebay gave me the money back lol.
PandAnarky Studios
PandAnarky Studios 2 aylar önce
Yo, I had a chance to play with a Framework Laptop. Holy crap! No wonder Linus is invested, it's gotta be the best idea since the ssd. A fully upgradable laptop. The drawback seems to be that you have to wait a little while for parts to become available, but it seems like a seriously solid idea if you wanna game on the go
nimoy007 Yıl önce
As a retail employee, it's good to know that the security alarms on Lenovo Duets are equally touchy in every store. -.-
Simon Bauer
Simon Bauer 5 aylar önce
@Pompshuffle surface go isnt much better. i would get an android tablet or the new duet 3 which is newer and more powerful.
Graysen beeb
Graysen beeb Yıl önce
Lol, high value item xD
h Yıl önce
@Aura The Draak L O L
Repent of your sins and believe the Gospel ofJesus
36 And anyone who believes in God’s Son has eternal life. Anyone who doesn’t obey the Son will never experience eternal life but remains under God’s angry judgment.” John 3:36
Noahscool Yıl önce
If there stealing one, just let them. They need it more than you
I Dont Know
I Dont Know 9 aylar önce
It must be so fun to have a dad like you lol that actually understands about games and pc things
Carsynagen !
Carsynagen ! 11 aylar önce
I was in high school from 2016-2020, and my Chromebook made it through all 4 years. It cost me $150, and although it was on its last legs by the start of the pandemic, it was really good at what it did. It ran google drive, youtube, didn't get too hot, was drop safe, and had a REALLY long battery life, even after over 3 years. So I can say, especially to students, having a Chromebook is a great investment, if u want a nice PC, don't waste money on a laptop you do not need.
TheNukebooster Aylar önce
Linus being based and telling his viewer of potential subconscious bias he may hold because of his investments makes him so much more professional.
Robot Justice
Robot Justice Yıl önce
This makes me miss my netbook. Lightweight windows 7, I think it had like an 11 inch screen, but man, I took that sucker everywhere. It did everything a glorified word processor appliance needed to do, and all for a quarter the price of the dead laptop it replaced.
Drewism 16 gün önce
I miss the netbook craze of 2008. I wish they were still as prevalent. I’d prefer a windows based netbook over a Chromebook any day.
Reo Encarcelado
Reo Encarcelado 9 aylar önce
@Robot-Justice: I'm thinking-about getting a "Thinkpad x130e"-netbook for this very reason.
Kyle Yıl önce
both acer and asus still makes great small netbooks running windows. They are absolutely amazing and quiet, and only sips power like a smartphone
MtnNerd 9 aylar önce
I feel like Chromebooks are the ideal solution for needing a separate machine for the office or school. It's cheap enough that you can replace it easily and light enough to carry every day.
Roan O'Connor
Roan O'Connor Yıl önce
Linus: "knowing that he's my son, he will probably forget his charger" Me: knowing he's your son, he will probably drop it after a segue to ridge wallet.
ilovefunnyamv2nd Yıl önce
@Le Mau asked.....what? You can't make a sentence with only 1 word
Just A YouTube Commenter
@Le Mau Hotel: Trivago
Erich Toven
Erich Toven Yıl önce
@Nobody Sure buddy. Whatever you need to tell yourself.
Erich Toven
Erich Toven Yıl önce
@Nobody Im done with this conversation. So long buddy.
Chinese Takeout
Chinese Takeout 2 aylar önce
Chrome books really became a big thing in 8th grade. They distributed them to every student. It was pretty obnoxious because they were really slow and we couldn’t even open them up for cleaning sake. The big problem was that if a teacher didn’t inform us that we are doing something on the chromebook, it would take like 10 minutes to start anything. And we weren’t allowed to use our actual laptops either so we didn’t even have a choice. It was the worst when covid started. My school shut down and naturally they expected us to do online work, but we would actively get punished for using our actual PC’s because the chrome books are worthless if you have any other PC.
Giacomo Gabellini
Giacomo Gabellini 5 aylar önce
I was quite skeptical about getting a Chromebook, because no one spoke well of them, and especially here in Italy . They call them "junk" here . , however I wanted to try to get one . I have to be honest I feel very good with it for my use . Video lectures , documents , some movies , update and maintenance of some online websites , everything I need I have it .
Terry O'Fee
Terry O'Fee Yıl önce
I use a chrome box for work related stuff , and I’m honestly surprised google only really push this for business. Buying one for personal use is next to impossible.
KishaScape 6 aylar önce
It’s possible for those who aren’t dumb. Same as making your own by putting chromeOS on any regular computer.
echung 11 aylar önce
We haven't had notebook-style laptops in many years and Chromebooks were a good replacement for notebook type laptops. If you're mainly using them for education and trying to focus, it's a great device. Anything else, you can find something definitely better. For the weight and price, it's better than full laptops. I used to have one when they first came to the market I had purchased one but my backpack was stolen from my car not long after. The next one I wanted to buy as a replacement for it had a screen defect and I just returned it for a Macbook. They aren't a bad purchase, but also depends on what you're looking for.
PizzaRave 10 aylar önce
Right now, I'm in middle school. And yes these are absolutely littered around My school. They do what they were designed to do, but I am very jealous of the one your son has. Ours don't have a touch screen and turning display. It's those metallic painted plastic ones.
TheUnholyOne Yıl önce
"Why can't they just be good?" A great question, Linus. Truly great question.
John Ekow
John Ekow Yıl önce
@Shannon H. Doak Ed.D interesting
Shannon H. Doak Ed.D
They are better than 👍
Shannon H. Doak Ed.D
@John Ekow WOW, this isn't 2013 there are thousands of apps that work offline!. They also run Android apps that can work offline.
Tele Bubba
Tele Bubba Yıl önce
@robert campbell Looking at all these other comments, you are the first to get the jist of the question.🤣..........It's a sad day😞
Nishant Rajani
Nishant Rajani Yıl önce
@Artturi Stolt I mean you can do all that and more with 260 bucks. Just buy a refurb ultrabook and you can get better display an i5 8 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of ssd plus wayyyy better back-lit keyboard
Kpk Yıl önce
I used to have exclusively a chromebook before I got my Gaming PC. In order to do things like programming and some gaming, I used crouton at first. Crouton is great and I love how you can switch between ChromeOS and Linux quickly. However I ended up switching to dual-booting ChromeOS and Linux. I found a custom BIOS someone made for Chomebooks that allows you to boot from an SD card which ended up getting significantly better performance than Crouton
ChromaFox Yıl önce
I remember back in 2009ish when Netbooks were a thing, then we got Ultrabooks, but after tablets ballooned and settled Chromebooks seem to have taken the Netbook slot of the market for simple and low cost notebook shaped devices and perfected it.
Seth Steiner
Seth Steiner 10 aylar önce
The one at 3:00 is the one I have. I agree it has no ports, and frankly the keyboard on it might be the worst I’ve ever had the displeasure of using. Thankfully, my school provided Chromebooks for our use, and the ones they gave out have better keyboards, but the speakers are trash and it’s a bit too small.
Henfredemars 3 aylar önce
I appreciate the disclosure. It’s a small detail that shows you care about fair and unbiased evaluation.
Rob 7 aylar önce
I bought my first Chromebook late last year and haven't looked back. Having a lot of fun with it. It's mainly for casual use as I sit on the couch and watch TV, but I grab it for short trips every now and then. I recently purchased the M2 MacBook Air and I'm seriously debating on returning it tomorrow. Besides a hefty price tag, it offers me nothing I can't do on the Chromebook. Yea, the battery life and sound is great, but a lot of the programs/apps I want to run I need to run through Windows or a browser. You would think Netflix would have an app for Macs, right? Nope. Only available on iPhones and iPads. The only way to get it on a Mac is to run Windows. lol. It's 2022 and Macs are still requiring these types of workarounds. Glad to see Macs haven't changed a bit. I'm sticking with my Chromebook.
Stephen Gere
Stephen Gere Yıl önce
Imagine walking up and seeing Linus setting off a Chromebook alarm.
Simon Desmond
Simon Desmond 4 aylar önce
@pookey Well CLEARLY it *does*
lucas rem
lucas rem Yıl önce
Linus, ADS only! why you need him?
Madness Reborn
Madness Reborn Yıl önce
@pookey Is that so?
pookey Yıl önce
@Madness Reborn Well CLEARLY it *doesn't* suck...
A random doggo
A random doggo Yıl önce
That's me
gimpalopagus Yıl önce
I kind of feel that if the school is mandating a certain make of product as expensive as a laptop, then they should be supplying that product to the students..
先生CherryPepsi 8 aylar önce
@Solohelion most schools in the U.S. supply them to the students for free
Solohelion 11 aylar önce
Same, I just assumed that was what was going on all along. Nobody needs computers in school.
BlueXyston Yıl önce
To be honest I was a chromebook hater for a long while, but after I built my gaming pc I desired something mobile. Got the cheapest chromebook I could get from microcenter, then installed linux apps on it using the beta and all I can say is wow. If you don't need to game, then chromebook is just far easier and cheaper.
Jakeypoo92 11 aylar önce
For any network admins watching this video that have Chromebooks at their schools, please be sure to disable inter-station traffic on your network. Chromebooks love to talk to each other, which is fine when you have 3 at home, but when you have +1000 at a school deployment, that often causes what is basically a broadcast storm that shoots the CPU on your APs through the roof, causing processes like handling wireless traffic to become backlogged. Sincerely, a frustrated wireless support technician ♥
Jackal Yıl önce
I was half expecting Linus to tear a Chromebook apart and sneak some extra tech into one XD
Harry Niedecken
Harry Niedecken 5 aylar önce
All that I know is that I am always disappointed with Android phones and tablet performance and limitations. ( and that is most definitely not a plug for Apple) In particular I really dislike the challenges of direct transfer of files to a desktop and invasive nature of Google on controlling the data. It's so limiting that I bought a mirror less digital lumix camera for my photography instead of using the phone.
backslashio Yıl önce
Linus' son is one of the few where parents know exactly what they need to buy whereas other parents will most likely get one that only has 6 months of OS support left or have some ridiculously overpriced Samsung
Brilliant Design!
@NJV Artimations I bought a core i-7 HP workstation Elitebook 8570w for $200
boblox man
boblox man Yıl önce
@NJV Artimations on a similar note, my mum spent £900 on an i3
KUPOkinz Yıl önce
I am 27 years old and my parents are in their mid 50s. Both my laptop and phone were recently destroyed from a fire a week before Christmas and they got me a 2060 laptop and a new Galaxy Tab A7 Lite for a phone (giant tablet phone). I am lucky that growing up in the tech world, I managed to teach both of them what's good and how to read specifications. I love my parents!
Rajendra Yıl önce
@Possibly Probably just skip it lmao mans gotta eat
SwiftDuck Yıl önce
@Jaybie Dayy Well in my school, well in 11th grade atleast we use mostly iPads, either ur own or the ones provided from school, they also allow students to use their own Laptops, I for example use a Silicon MacBook Air. Its way better than any Windows or Chrome device because we have airdrop aswell as Airplay for the Apple TV`s. + to top it all of, on Mac I personally have iWork applications like Keynote and Pages which are way better than Word or Powerpoint, no idea why those are still the industry standard.
Renee Moody
Renee Moody Yıl önce
I bought the Costco version (2x the ram and SSD) of the flex 5 on sale last summer for just over $400 and it's treated me pretty well for TRvid watching and travel. The screen, while not great, is definitely nicer than my older $130 Chromebook from 2018 and I appreciate the backlit keyboard as well. It's also convenient to be able to charge it with any 45W or above USB-c charger.
Tophat Owl
Tophat Owl 18 gün önce
The last segment: Its also not great the social development of your child to buy them expensive stuff. Linus is doing great by teaching his son the value of money!
toasted onion
toasted onion 11 aylar önce
I love chromebook, been using one for years. I currently have one with 8gb of ram and an AMD Ryzon 7 with Radeon graphics. It's a lightweight portable beast and does everything I need, including seamless Steam link gaming from my home desktop sometimes. I love it. I'm not a hardcare gamer so I don't use it much for that but for browsing the web and watching youtube, it can't be beat
Veradel97 Yıl önce
I did four years of undergrad/grad school on just a chromebook. Honestly I thought it was great since I only needed it for surfing the web and writing papers on drive. The battery life was insane and it was very portable. Not to mention CHEAP.
Zach Barry
Zach Barry 8 aylar önce
Chromebooks, at least from my experience, also don’t slow down as quickly as regular laptops. That’s certainly something that keeps me buying.
Nix 10 aylar önce
Same, I honestly love mine. I have a PC at home so I feel a "good" laptop was not needed since I just need google docs and like to watch youtube, but now I prefer to take my Chromebook and go places to work on stuff.
Harry Michaels
Harry Michaels 10 aylar önce
As someone who finished primary school (or grade school for the rest of you) a few years ago I can confirm that chrome books took over the education and I wish that I could’ve had a windows laptop so bad.
Seth Cooper
Seth Cooper Yıl önce
As someone who is an IT support for 10 primary schools, at least half of my week is spent repairing, maintaining, and setting up Chromebooks for students. It's so painful.
redmanticore Yıl önce
and, you know, kids break stuff wrestling with each other, so you don't want to give them too expensive computer.
ilovefunnyamv2nd Yıl önce
@Chris N cost is a major factor, whether the school is expected to supply the hardware, or the family is expected to.. the device can't be 'out of reach' for the students/district. and individual windows licenses are going for....$100 officially?
Dave Privacy
Dave Privacy Yıl önce
@thesmashtvnetwork that's just.. not true at all. The most expensive repair would be macbooks which some schools have used in the past. Like it's not even close.
Dave102693 Yıl önce
@Jonathan Lam or just ipads
Dave102693 Yıl önce
@ethan socrates no
nin6246 Yıl önce
Chromebooks used to be decent and at fair cost when they first started entering the market. I remember getting one with an 11.6" matte screen that could stream HD video from TRvid for $150 or $200. It also had an SD card slot (the HORROR!).
space001 11 aylar önce
I want glossy screens
ReDrUm957 Yıl önce
Would be cool to see a video that turns older laptops into Chromebooks for people that want to reuse hardware and save money.
Brian Rockwell
Brian Rockwell Yıl önce
Hey Linus, I'd say another critical item for kids' Chromebooks is a Mil-spec rating. That's been my experience through the three kids using them in school. The only machine I purchased that survived was a MIL-spec one. And after the Chrome support ran out, I was able to install Linux on it Wimpy processor, RAM and Disk yes, but there is a reason it is soldered in. I used to hear my daughter drop it off her bed ... at least weekly.
Lee H
Lee H 11 aylar önce
I've had a chromebook as my main laptop since 2015 and it has served me well. Granted, I do not have a use for anything more than what google has to offer, so it works out well. Google stopped support for this thing around september of last year. I JUST installed Gallium on it and it has breathed new life into this old machine. I wish I would have done this years ago!
Poison Empress
Poison Empress Yıl önce
Linus' son is lucky to have a tech savvy father who knows exactly what to look for in these things, makes using a Chromebook a lot smoother that way. But I feel old when a kid is taking a laptop to school, not a laptop in sight in my schools until my final two years lol
stephen meinhold
stephen meinhold Yıl önce
laptops and computers didnt even exist when i was in school and the ones that did exist outside had a green screen and were text only. i dont think anyone has seen such a leap in progress re tek in such a short lifespan as those born in the 50s in less than 50 years the landscape has totaly changed.
Keegan Unick
Keegan Unick Yıl önce
@Jinxie ! also the school provides chrome books for all students but if you already have one you can bring it
Keegan Unick
Keegan Unick Yıl önce
@Jinxie ! I’m a sophomore now and it’s an instant write up and it gets taken away if we pull our phones out lmao
Tesser Link
Tesser Link Yıl önce
tell me about it, i remember the day my school stopped accepting floppy disks for projects and started using flash drives.
Simon Bauer
Simon Bauer Yıl önce
i now use my android tablets for shool but taking my laptop to it? no. just too heavy and hot. for university where i will be dealing with vms and stuff yes but for normal shool work? no thanks my tablet has enough power for that
Rein Deer
Rein Deer Aylar önce
I've decided that I'm pro-Chromebook. I bought a $20 Chromebox on eBay and put all the other computers in the closet, hooked it to my nice monitor/keyboard setup. Boots up super fast, I probably trust it's 'guest' mode more than the other OSs I had running so far as things like banking are concerned, youtube runs fine on it. It's definitely snappier than the same hardware running Linux. It recognizes all my printers. Sweet. One thing I'm considering is putting Win10 on a fairly fast box, loading it up with software, disconnecting it from the net. Anything from then on will be sneakernet from the Chromebox. It occurred to me that I don't have much need for a connection between the internet and application programs that I use, and USB will be fine for interconnect.
Jeff K
Jeff K Yıl önce
I have a Duet and a Pixelbook Go, and I can't lie, I love them both. I don't use them for much of anything other than some browser based work, watching TRvid, and things like that, but they're so much better than what Chromebooks used to be.
platinumraptor250 Aylar önce
I got a asus chrome book about a few years ago and it's the 1st one that Linus picked up, they are good for the basics like schooling and stuff but it scares me how hot it gets
TornadoADV Yıl önce
So sad how laptops have gone from a chance to have massive custom rigs with your own style and incredibly longevity....to bottom of the barrel chrome book clones that I remember making fun of with my IT class in college back in 2011.
Josh Jacobson
Josh Jacobson 10 aylar önce
My kiddo turned 8. She’s been using her cheap $170 chromebook from 2020 more and more. Typing documents. Playing learning games, etc. Went with a brand new $450 chromebook over a similar priced windows machine or used 2018ish MacBook Air. They definitely have their place in the market.
Phil T Kaswahl
Phil T Kaswahl Yıl önce
Son: "Dad, I need a Chromebook for school." Linus: "Our family has been dishonored. Shameful display! I mean, seriously, look at that picture quality, and those bezels. Eugh."
Norberto Pazzo
Norberto Pazzo 11 aylar önce
@Mut4ntG4m3r In italy to force something like this in public schools google would need to win a public contract against at least two or three other companies, pass a government inspection of the products and then someone ( the school, and so the government, or google itself) would need to pay for them. Never the school can force families to pay for a device (only if you intentionally damage school properties), you can bring any of yours if you want (and they can't lock it or force specific software on it and neither check it for games or inappropriate websites), but thats only if the school allows uses of personal computers, most schools just have one for class that projects on the wall and only teachers can use, and they usually use them just as a giant digital blackboard with paint and to register marks with any browser they find on the desktop
Mikko Rantalainen
Duet 5 has OLED panel... it should be good enough for writing school essay.
Nicolas Rodriguez
​@Nezzst Engruwuish
Nezzst Yıl önce
@Nicolas Rodriguez engrish
Mut4ntG4m3r Yıl önce
I still dont get that. Its actually possible for your schools to force the specific device of a specific company and you having to pay for it? Unless its a programming school for chromebooks, I dont see why you cant install chrome OS elsewhere. I doubt forcing a specific OS could be forced on pupils here
Jay Jensen
Jay Jensen Yıl önce
Not every kid has a father with an entire media empires worth of financial backing so Chromebook being the go to choice for the vast majority of students makes sense. You get what you pay for in all things, but also kids are rough on things and it's much better for them to break something cheap to replace or more easily repaired with having available parts than breaking something expensive, even if that expensive thing is much higher quality and will "last longer" (caveat being that it needs to be taken care of to last longer, something kids aren't generally very good at).
Permafrost Yıl önce
Thing to be aware of... our Acer Crhomebook 15 got fried by shutting the lid on a critical update... kids got used to closing the lid to turn it off and decided that would be great to do when it says 'do not turn off - update in progress' ;) Only lasted a 6 months now its a brick (was a refurb deal so was a week past warranty)! Cant even recover the damn thing. Before that I was amazing by it, awesome bit of kit for its use, gorgeous looks and hugeeee battery life.
Kent Hambrock
Kent Hambrock 11 aylar önce
Personally, I do development on Chromebooks and the long battery life and lack of a fan/enough heat to need a fan on the ARM processor models is what really sells me.
undefined trash
undefined trash Yıl önce
i LOVED my chromebook. had it in second grade - private school, so they made us buy our own. samsung chromebook plus worked like a charm. sure i couldn't do a lot, but for an intro to computers and the world wide web it was super fun! the google play store let me play all the games i wanted to even without having a phone. i also loved drawing on it, it helped me a learn a lot of basic techniques. now I'm a MacBook and iMac user, but i still love the innovation of a lightweight device for schools.
Michael Skinner
Michael Skinner 11 aylar önce
I’ve used a chromebook for Years now, and while the lightweight OS helps long term and having Android Apps, not All the apps made it on there (which boggles my mind) I’ve seen people with Larger Tablets, and even your guys covered a few recently. What is Google going to do Chrome and Android? Are they ever going to be just one? I feel like Samsung’s recent Large Tablet is a better tale on a Chromebook, and even comparing Dex to Chrome would be interesting
Jacob T
Jacob T Yıl önce
Only Linus would measure the CPU temp of a chrome book while it’s playing a TRvid video while in Best Buy.
ilovefunnyamv2nd Yıl önce
its the least demanding typical use case. believe it or not we've had some really craptastic laptops in the past, that had basically no cooling. they were under the keyboard / trackpad and would heat up enough to be uncomfortable to touch. Alternatively we had a lot of bottom vented only laptops, which just suffocated if you didn't put them on a tabletop. No resting it on your thighs either... Those were the dark days, now you only hear about that when something catches fire or its a gaming laptop with an honest to goodness graphics card installed.
Chad Yıl önce
i used to download game demos and burn them on cds at best buy LOL cause my internet was shit
Lewis Lu
Lewis Lu Yıl önce
tried that on a bunch of windows laptops myself lmao
Jacob T
Jacob T Yıl önce
@Joel yeah😂
Joel Yıl önce
It's funny because he is doing that not as a youtuber but as a parent 😂
General Nickles
General Nickles Yıl önce
The fact that schools don't allow kids to use whatever laptop they want is absolutely absurd to me. I suppose it makes the tiniest bit of sense, because if they logged into class with a low tier netbook from 2008, then they probably won't be learning anything that day, but that problem could easily be solved by providing system requirements for the remote learning programs they use.
BSLprints Yıl önce
I just got a samsung chromebook 4 for $99 and am super impressed by it. Its snappy for every day tasks and I installed arch linux in the VM so I can build rawtherapee from source and do some fancy photo editing on my cheap laptop. Heck it even runs blender in the linux vm (though I wouldn't want to try rendering anything complicated)
YES 10 aylar önce
I just want to point out that some people including myself absolutely love chromebooks because of the operating system which makes buying a 200 dollar chromebook seem as fast as buying a 400 dollar laptop. I also feel like most people buying a chromebook don't really care about gaming. Also with the new play store support that should make productivity a lot easier, faster, and better. I also have a windows pc that I use for gaming.. It works great, but I want a lightweight cheap substitute for a laptop and chromebook meets those needs excedingly.
Ozmosis 007
Ozmosis 007 8 aylar önce
just bought this Chromebook for you tube, Xbox streaming, and some emulation. freaking found it on clearance for under 200 bucks. honestly expected it to be a terrible experience but so far pleasantly surprised. Not too shabby. Lenovo Flex 5 for the win
Idaefix 3 aylar önce
Computers with outright only 4y update support ? That shouldn't even be legal.
Gwen Ward
Gwen Ward Yıl önce
I feel like this Chromebook requirement might lead to Linus having some opinions to share at the PTA meeting
R Hamlet
R Hamlet 2 aylar önce
Schools shouldn't be allowed to lock kids into shitty mega company monopoly ecosystems by forcing MS and Google. I remember OpenOffice back then, now effectively replaced by LibreOffice. No reason kids shouldn't be able to use LibreOffice on Ubuntu instead.
Harry S
Harry S Yıl önce
@Zyt L This. It has more to do with parents wanting their kid's to have their own individual chromebooks and not ones that may have been shared with other kids/touched. It's a covid precaution type situation.
Zyt L
Zyt L Yıl önce
@Justin 3 Maybe there was an option to buy your own Chromebook and Linus opted for that. In that case, not only would Linus have gotten his son a better chromebook he also had an opportunity to make a TRvid video.
Justin 3
Justin 3 Yıl önce
@Zyt L sure, but either way the school should be providing them themselves. Why should I have to pay for something that they will claim software ownership over and lockdown beyond my control?
Zyt L
Zyt L Yıl önce
Linus understands that chromebooks are cheaper to acquire for kids to use in school.
Hamster07 Yıl önce
honestly tho, for what chomebooks are trying to do, they do it really well
Ryan Hunt
Ryan Hunt Yıl önce
I caved and bought an Acer spin 311 because I wanted something mobile for working away from my home and Chromebooks are massively cheaper than Windows machines. I have to admit it isn't as terrible as I expected it to be. The only major issue I've had is that for some reason if I want to relax with some xCloud or GeForce now it doesn't seem to recognise anything but my official Xbox controller, sucks because I bought a controller specifically to be carried around with me
Ansel Sirius
Ansel Sirius 11 aylar önce
Chromebooks are actually pretty good pieces of technology whether it be for office purposes, first time computer usage, or for school (schools typically provide them but they aren't that good that's why I use my own)
Greg L
Greg L Yıl önce
So long as it has 8GB of ram, you can convert it in to a decent linux machine at the end of its Chrome life which remember is only 5 years. Upgrade the SSD to 128GB and you're good to go. My linux ex-chromebook has 4GB non-upgradeable, so watch out for that. It works but....4GB is 4GB. There's no way around that performance hit as applications soon run in to virtual memory and major slowdown.
林育任 Yıl önce
I bought a Chromebook about 7 years ago for 175 dollars and it's still usable as a backup PC. They are really good in durability, especially at that price.
Darryl Jack
Darryl Jack Yıl önce
Linus: An expensive chrome book is still a chrome book. Also Linus: Gold Plated Xbox Controller.
ilovefunnyamv2nd Yıl önce
no, thats a gold xbox controller, and worst case it can be melted down.
kikhuy Yıl önce
Shaun Young
Shaun Young Yıl önce
@Darryl Jack nah, I think that was mostly show. He said on a WAN Show that he approved the project because he expected it would be easy to sell (it wasn't) and worst case scenario it can just be melted down.
Darryl Jack
Darryl Jack Yıl önce
@RavenCoder lol ik, but Linus seemed dead set on keeping that thing, without Yvonne's input i think we would have been seeing it in every home video of his.
RavenCoder Yıl önce
To be fair, they either sold or are trying to sell the controller to recoup most of the cost of getting it made. It's not like he is daily driving it.
ThatRandomGamer Yıl önce
personally I really recommend the Acer Chromebook Spin 11. its durable, built in sylus, may be a bit slow but it can run games like minecraft (low shaders) pretty well without to much lag
Sammy William
Sammy William 2 aylar önce
I like how you give your honest opinion and thoughts on a product and you don't just say oh yes the best thing ever is because they're giving you a paycheck you are a respectful trustworthy and dignified Chrome OS might not be absolute perfection but at least it's better than Windows 10 or windows 8
Hanzo Hasashi
Hanzo Hasashi 8 aylar önce
I bought my Mom a Chromebooks and now she doesn't call me to figure something out every 10 minutes. Clearly a good option for the non-tech savvy.
Chris C
Chris C 11 aylar önce
I got an Acer 15.6 inch screen 4GB/ 32GB Chromebook for my mom about a year ago and it's not only 1080p but the viewing angles work great. No problems for viewing videos, email, documents, etc. Fantastic buy at 300 and now it's even less.
qwerty keyboard
qwerty keyboard 5 aylar önce
The chromebooks my school issued where built like crap. Constantly breaking, failing to power on, keyboards failing. Until my senior year. That thing was actually pretty good!
Katherine Yıl önce
Linus son: dad, I got something to tell you. Linus: don't worry son, I'm not mad. Did you get a bad grade? Son: no, it's worse than that. Linus: you started smoking? Son: worse. Linus: you got in a fight? ... Son: worse. ... Linus: I was FORCED to buy a Chromebook….
Bhagwandas Ramchandani
@The other John Smith you are perfectly right that they should be able to not use a computer but sometime down the line working with it and before you know you are addicted and you cannot stay far away from it because your life demands it, i don't want to argue with anyone ,I am just stating a sad reality from which i have suffered.
The other John Smith
@Bhagwandas Ramchandani Sure, so they must learn how to use a computer. But it is vital to also be able NOT to use a computer. And in most cases, learning skills doesn't require one. I never said they shouldn't use a computer at all.
Bhagwandas Ramchandani
@The other John Smith but when every part of your life which may or may not be in your control demands technology and everyone else is using technology, you either gonna use it or get left behind and believe me your boss wouldn't care if you did not use your microwave and ate cold or stale food but she would care for that email or that important project update. They might be kids now,but the world of tomorrow is going to be far more technology driven than today or yesterday so they better know how to use it or they will get left behind.
The other John Smith
@un1c0ded I would rather see kids not use computers at all to learn basic skills. Kids can use a computer in order to learn to use a computer. That's it. But you don't need a computer to learn numbers, writing & reading comprehension, topography, or whatever else they learn these days. And it's not a matter of keeping with the times or whatever. You don't use a computer if you don't need one. Just like I'm not using my microwave when I don't need to.
The other John Smith
@B1s9l In terms of hardware, macbooks are far superior. The problem with them is macOS.
Prince Valium
Prince Valium Yıl önce
I've had multiple Windows laptops since I was 14 (now 22). I recently decided to save some money and get a Chromebook instead because all I do on my laptops is surf the web. I look at youtube, I shop, do my banking, etc. I don't need all the extra sluggishness from Windows OS. I love my HP Chromebook. It's fast, simple, and easy to use. I might not ever buy another Windows laptop
Norberto Pazzo
Norberto Pazzo 11 aylar önce
Well, you use a computer like a smartphone, you would probably be ok either with a phone + dock, like the samsung dex one.
Prince Valium
Prince Valium Yıl önce
@MetroGamerKnight I mean if you need to do office work or you like to play games, then a PC is better. But if you're just using your laptop to browse the internet 99% of the time, it's better to just save your money and get a Chromebook
robert Yıl önce
Phenom script and video. Been thinking about picking up a chromebook or an ipad mini to take notes (college) in addition to my actual, capable laptop. I think I'm still leaning towards an iPad, but this definitely helped put things in perspective
Ryvznovik 2 aylar önce
Kinda suprised he didnt just buy his son a full-on gaming computer
procerator Yıl önce
Chromebooks have their place. Heck, I remember using 9" Acer Aspire One in university and it was kind of OK. Single core Intel Atom + 1Gb of RAM is pathetic by today`s standards but it was enough for programming back then.
Wild Outdoor Living
Wild Outdoor Living 10 aylar önce
Honestly for school and other everyday tasks my chromebook is the best device Ive ever had. It flips into a tablet, boots instantly and especially important for travel or rural use operates smoothly on slow wifi/hot spot connections. Thanks to google docs, sheets etc I have no need for Microsoft office and I can easily access everything from my iPhone or my Mac as well. It also works great as a virtual machine. Obviously they are limited but if on a budget and needing something for everyday tasks I think they are a great option.
JudeOnAir Yıl önce
imagine being a fan of Valve games, waiting 18 years since the release of HL2, and then finally seeing mention of the word Borealis in an official Valve project… and it’s just Chromebook compatibility
CrimsonWolf Yıl önce
iron Yıl önce
@blue bay Sex
blue bay
blue bay Yıl önce
Valve is just trolling us at this point. Wait, when did they not troll us?
slighter Yıl önce
POV: After you finished HL2, you conceived new life, raised it and got it into College before actually getting the sequel.
pointy Yıl önce
@Salil Naiskar ***pain***
PrimeTF Yıl önce
"Well this is a good price" That line happens immediately before it shows the very laptop that I have for ChromeOS. The only reason I bought it was because of the price, and the only things I do on it are web browser based, like watching videos. Edit: Actually looking a little closer, it might actually be a different Acer chromebook. The hinges are ever so slightly smaller than my unit, and the rough plastic bezels imply that it's not touch screen like mine. And that's my primary reason for buying it, as a low budget drawing tablet.
Ryan Yıl önce
I had a chromebook for probably about 6 years, going pretty much until the battery crapped out and the updates stopped for that model (those updates got extended twice!). I paid $165 Canadian. I love my gaming PC, but I've never had a device as satisfying as that Chromebook. I did most of my undergrad on it. I haven't replaced it yet but I know when things are back to normal again its replacement will be one of my main devices when out and about. Skeptics need to try it, I promise you'll be blown away by what it does for the price.
Andrew Craig Brown
Andrew Craig Brown 2 aylar önce
We had to buy graphing calculators in school that were just as expensive as chromebooks. It's awesome that now they can use these instead
Chase Baggett
Chase Baggett Yıl önce
Picked up a Thinkpad C13 chromebook on sale. Battery life is worse than most chromebooks, but for about the price Linus paid for the Flex 5 I got a 16gb, Ryzen chromebook. What I didn't expect, but realized quickly, is that installing linux and androis, this thing has 90% of the capability of my m1 macbook. I installed Blender, VS code, docker, have a native linux terminal, etc. It is essentially a linux OS. Anything I did on apple could do on google. The one exception is some specific high end software they don't release for linux.
Aera Suna Channel
Aera Suna Channel 10 aylar önce
I can't complain about my Lenovo Duet. It does exactly what I bought it for, better than I could hope for and better than any laptop or PC
Gh0s Yıl önce
Linus is the type of person to put the classroom chromebook back in the wrong slot
IrishAkita Yıl önce
@Insight yep
Tudi Yıl önce
@Erland Johansen I'm guessing everyone has their own drawer, but all of them get locked with just the teacher's key?
Erland Johansen
Erland Johansen Yıl önce
@Gremlin D. Puke I figured, but then wouldn't all slots be equal? How do you put it in the wrong slot if they're all the same?
The Phantom Marauder
@Gremlin D. Puke It's not usually a big box at some schools sometimes it's a massive drawer that can be moved around on wheels.
The Phantom Marauder
On purpose*
Tarotminora Titania 💙
They are Linux-based, so they can actually be pretty useful in some occasions. None that I would use them for, though.
Jonathan Holmes
Jonathan Holmes Yıl önce
I found a Chromebook for my grandma. She really liked it and I loved how straight-forward it is.
Saffire Channing
Saffire Channing 7 aylar önce
Hey dude, you sound very knowledgeable about computers! I just wanted to point out I own BOTH a HP Stream(Windows 11) and a HP Chromebook. I bought 'em both from Walmart last year. I really ENJOY using 'em BOTH at the same time!
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