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For one of my New Years resolutions, I wanted to try new food! So I had my parents come with me to order anything they wanted me to try. I got about three different plates but I definitely did not expect the out come.. Im happy I at least tried but this did not go well sadly.
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31 Oca 2023




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cupa_xcvi Aylar önce
your mom is definitely getting more comfortable around the camera we love that for her…make a series cooking with her
Sonny Hernandez
Sonny Hernandez Aylar önce
@Louie's Life how much will you charge me for a birthday shout out for my daughters sweet 16 🙏🙏 we love your TRvid hella funny always a good laugh 💯
Jennifer Balbuena
Jennifer Balbuena Aylar önce
SweetDolce Aylar önce
@Louie's Life hi queen💜 Hey you should try getting a magnetic camera holder 😉 for your ride they really work and very strong but feels good to see your videos again and to see you happy 💜
Cynthia Quiroz
Cynthia Quiroz Aylar önce
Your dad is so funny too! 😂❤ they’re great 🫶🏼
Sincerely Wendy 🫶🏼
Diamond Mancilla
Diamond Mancilla Aylar önce
Okay but can we talk about how your mom literally does not age 😍😍😍😍
Francisco Castro
Francisco Castro Aylar önce
I agreeee!😍😍
Alyssa Limas
Alyssa Limas Aylar önce
your dad has me cracking up in the back of the car while you’re ordering 😂😂 your mom is like “ say hi “ and he looking around like “who “ 😂🫶🏼 y’all are so cute
Rebeca Arenas
Rebeca Arenas Aylar önce
Louie as a person who can’t eat certain food because of the texture IM PROUD OF YOU I use to have meltdowns because my food touched!! Took me years to eat a plain cheeseburger! I feel your pain
Jessica Matos
Jessica Matos Aylar önce
I never grabbed my hot cheetos so quick to watch the baddest of the perras LOL
Cactusseesghost Aylar önce
Jessica Martos
Jessica Martos Aylar önce
Girly I thought we had the same name lol, but your Matos and I’m Martos 😭😂
Not RickRoll 🅥
Not RickRoll 🅥 Aylar önce
*Here is the full clip: Louie's commented on this* *trvid.com/video/video-jhTTxdBKSyI.html*
La Morra
La Morra Aylar önce
The estupidas intro reminds me everytime of when my sister introduced me to you and we laughed our asses off. Thanks Louie, for being yourself and never switching up.
La Morra
La Morra Aylar önce
GV Aylar önce
It’s always so funny seeing picky eaters come from mom’s who cook so good. 😂
Aliciaa 24 gün önce
thats meee lmao everyone loves my moms food and i just can’t do that i’m so picky i hate it 😭
Brenda Gonzalez
Brenda Gonzalez Aylar önce
I love that your mom was more comfortable being in front of the camera she’s beautiful and Andrea looks exactly like her ❤
Kimberly Sanchez
Kimberly Sanchez Aylar önce
You should cook meals with your mom that you haven’t tried 😍
Denise Prado
Denise Prado Aylar önce
Your mom laughs just like Yoatzi , they have the same smile too 😊
Nelly Arroyo
Nelly Arroyo Aylar önce
Your parents are the sweetest things I definitely think you should make this a series with them much love ❤
Alondra Gonzalez
Alondra Gonzalez 25 gün önce
Louie is me when my mom try’s to make me order everything on the menu 😂😂
Araceli Aylar önce
i admire you for TRYING new food! I used to be super picky tooo ! but TRYING it is what will make you love new foods! and doing it when you’re super hungry is the best way! You did great ❤
Krystal H.
Krystal H. Aylar önce
Obsessed with your mom waving! Lol she’s beautiful!!!! 😍 Your dad all cute in the back 😂 Travis cutie as always!!!
Dalila Aguilar
Dalila Aguilar Aylar önce
“ Yo te quise mucho, mucho, mucho Ya te superé, y qué lo sepa el mundo Que ahora te quiero, pero lejos de mí” - Ya Acabo Becky G and Marca MP😂
Maria Gomez Lucas
Maria Gomez Lucas Aylar önce
@Louie's Life ❤❤❤❤❤
Louie's Life
Louie's Life Aylar önce
Caren Valentin
Caren Valentin Aylar önce
I literally love your parents Louie 🥺❤️they’re so supportive🥹 I honestly wish my mom was this understanding and we had a relationship like this😢
jenny b
jenny b Aylar önce
Keep this going! If it’s really about texture stay in your safe zone but try new things within that:) also there’s some things you just don’t like and it’s ok
Monique Monique
Monique Monique Aylar önce
Yesss this how I feel an sea food!!😅
Claudia Chavez
Claudia Chavez Aylar önce
Him singing ya acabo in English but Becky’s verse is everything!!❤️❤️❤️
Maleriy Echeverria
Maleriy Echeverria Aylar önce
MelieeRod Aylar önce
I love that your mom is so comfortable in front of the camera now 🥹
frito Aylar önce
I love Louie’s energy
Lori Lopez
Lori Lopez 29 gün önce
OMG make this a regular series with ur parents. This was too funny.🤣🤣🤣 Much love to you and ur family.😘
J Aylar önce
I love seeing your mommy super talkative and super comfortable on cam. Tell her we love her
Lizbeth Meza
Lizbeth Meza Aylar önce
you’re parents are so wholesome 🥺
Ana Aylar önce
Don’t think about the texture think about the flavors and savor them 🎉
Blanca Bedolla
Blanca Bedolla Aylar önce
So nice to see momma Castro in the video
Susy Rubio
Susy Rubio 19 gün önce
I love how you and your family get along, such a beautiful thing 😊💫💙💙💙
Quetzalli Hernandez
Your mom is literally so precious 💜💜💜
Petalbee Cla
Petalbee Cla Aylar önce
😂 Louie getting disgusted of the texture of food but yet doesn’t mind other type of texture probably
carmelite Aylar önce
You should film a video of you trying food your mom makes that you typically wouldn’t try!! Love the video 😂❤
Tracy Vargas
Tracy Vargas Aylar önce
I’m proud of you for trying babe. My son is 7 and has hella anxiety and texture anxiety for foods. Currently working on helping him try new foods 🤍✨ Pls keep trying you may find something bomb af you love! Mexican food is amazing & everyone deserves to experience it ✨ Wish this on all
Relaxation Cove
Relaxation Cove Aylar önce
So proud of you for even giving new foods a try! Little steps are huge! Good job Louie 🥰 i def think you should keep trying more❤️
bivi reyes
bivi reyes Aylar önce
Louie is my kids trying food🤣🤣 they are picky AF
Ana Guardado
Ana Guardado Aylar önce
I love seeing your parents! They’re so supportive!
Melanie Toledo
Melanie Toledo Aylar önce
Louie I’m so proud of u for trying foods u normally don’t ever eat! Keep it up ❤
Julie Holcombe
Julie Holcombe Aylar önce
I loved seeing your parents and cute nephew! ❤️ I hate cilantro too! It tastes like dish soap to me 😂
Alexis Martinez
Alexis Martinez Aylar önce
Awwwe your mommy waving at the camera made me sooooo happy 😊
Sayde Alfaro
Sayde Alfaro Aylar önce
the vibes of you on your way to your parents had me dying I love you louie! haha
Alexandra Lira
Alexandra Lira Aylar önce
make it a series pls!! it’s so funny!!
Stephanie Vargas
Stephanie Vargas Aylar önce
I’d love to be eating that food right now 🥲
Isabel Bautista
Isabel Bautista Aylar önce
Your parents are so cute!! I’m so happy your mom is more comfortable with being on camera! 💗💗 love you guys!!!
Jazmyne Frazier
Jazmyne Frazier 28 gün önce
Even though I do t know what Louie be saying half the time in his videos I still watch them cause he funny asl
Mony&DavidtsVlogs Aylar önce
When louie is a mood 😂😂🫶🏻
Mimi Rocio
Mimi Rocio Aylar önce
I love how your mami is getting comfortable with you filming her 🥰💕
Francisco Castro
Francisco Castro Aylar önce
the way your mom talks to you is how my mom talks to me 🥺🥺🥺makes me so happy 🫶🏼🥺
Marely Navarro
Marely Navarro Aylar önce
your mom is gorgeous and love how she's so much more comfortable on camera!! Love thatt 🥹🥹
Ayleen Rosales
Ayleen Rosales Aylar önce
definitely do more videos like this with your parents ❤❤ they are so funny!!!!
imvalerie _
imvalerie _ Aylar önce
ok but you’re parents are so sweet and respectful. i feel like they really understand you yk? SO SWEET ❤ ALSO soo proud of you!!! keep pushing yourself cuz there’s so much yummy food out there!
Natalia H
Natalia H Aylar önce
I love the relationship with your parents 🥺😍 y tu mami bellísima! 💗
Stefuhhknee Aylar önce
You’re Dad’s so funny typical Mexican dad with the jokes lol
April Sanchez
April Sanchez Aylar önce
Make more cooking vids with your mom❤
Jocelyn Yanez
Jocelyn Yanez Aylar önce
your mom laughs just like yoatzi, in this video she reminded me so much of yoatzi! love your bond🫶🏼
Hillary Cuauxinque
Hillary Cuauxinque Aylar önce
I love your videos, there’s never a dull moment with you 😂❤️
Mayra Grace Flores
Mayra Grace Flores Aylar önce
I feel your pain! I’m a texture person too especially with food and I am a picky ass eater. The struggle is real!
Mayra Grace Flores
Mayra Grace Flores Aylar önce
But that maruchan and hot Cheetos we live for 😂
Louie's Life
Louie's Life Aylar önce
ughh i hate it😭😭
Life as Val
Life as Val Aylar önce
I think we Can all agree that we need to know your mom’s secret on how she stays so beautiful and young 😫💜💜
S M Aylar önce
Your parents seem so chill and nice ❤
Aileen Reynosa
Aileen Reynosa Aylar önce
We definitely need a series with your mom!!!
Adriana Vega
Adriana Vega Aylar önce
Why are your parents so cute and sweet!!! 😭❤️❤️ love that your mom came out in the camera! She’s beautiful !!!
Nancy Juarez
Nancy Juarez Aylar önce
Your mom laughs & all I hear is Yoatzi… she’s so cute lmao 😅
Jas Mine
Jas Mine Aylar önce
Never guessed you were a picky eater either way this video was fun you should keep on trying more things😅🎉
Tiff De los reyes
Tiff De los reyes Aylar önce
Andrea looks soooo much like your mom!! She’s beautiful 😍
Jennifer Balbuena
Jennifer Balbuena Aylar önce
Loved this video! Your parents are so cute and funny 🥰
Karina Gutierrez
Karina Gutierrez Aylar önce
Omg girlie try Thai food!! I feel like that’s a pretty good intro to different cuisines and something new for picky eaters!! Anything with noodles you won’t be disappointed
Shandi Colombo
Shandi Colombo Aylar önce
I totally get what you mean about the texture. I'm not a texture person, but I know people who are, so don't feel bad. I still love you, Louie ♥️
Damarcus Ramirez
Damarcus Ramirez Aylar önce
Aww your parents are soooo cute 🥺💗 they seem sooooo sweet
Not RickRoll 🅥
Not RickRoll 🅥 Aylar önce
*Here is the full clip: Louie's commented on this* *trvid.com/video/video-jhTTxdBKSyI.html*
Maribel Aylar önce
this is a great idea for a series I hope you try again btw your little sister looks just like your mom! a very elegant beauty
Juana Vazquez
Juana Vazquez Aylar önce
I want to see mom in videos more often! ❤️😄
Mariyah Medina
Mariyah Medina Aylar önce
I'm so proud of you for trying new foods
Jackie Saldana
Jackie Saldana Aylar önce
Keep trying new things 💜!!
Kassandra Dominguez
I would probably not recommend you continuing this series! 😂 We definitely don’t want you developing any weird issues when it comes to food! BUT we do love seeing you make videos of the things you do love! Whether it’s cooking, buying it, sitting and talking with us, even if it’s a sopa maruchan and chisme! We love our time with you! ❤️
angie belloso
angie belloso Aylar önce
Love seeing louie’s parents on his videos ❤❤❤
We’re The Lopez’s
I love your mommy 😊 she’s so fun and beautiful!❤. We need more videos with mom!
*:*: Hamster Muffin :*:*
Yoatzi sounds just like your mom💗 both beautiful 💗
Mercedez Avalos
Mercedez Avalos Aylar önce
I couldn’t stop laughing 😂❤ I love you 😘❤️
A Aylar önce
I love ur mom she’s so adorable 💞💞
Emily Torres
Emily Torres Aylar önce
Louie looks just like his mom ❤I love y’all and Louie make sure you have a good day today and be safe love your videos
maricruz castillo
maricruz castillo Aylar önce
Louis don’t feel bad I don’t like chiles rellenos either , I like chiles and cheese but not like that ! It’s okay , you did great 💜
Plain Jane 🫥
Plain Jane 🫥 Aylar önce
Louie has me 😂😂 🫶🏽🤍
Edith Delgado
Edith Delgado Aylar önce
❤❤ I enjoy your videos so much, looking forward to more videos. Your parents are so beautiful, your mom looks like your older sister.
jennifer ortiz
jennifer ortiz Aylar önce
Louie you’re parents and Travis are the cutest🫶🏼😭 I love the support they give you❤️
Michelle Aylar önce
You mama looks beautiful, her skin looks fabulous, so glad to see you spend time with your parents 😘 And the food at least you tried boo..
JOSIE'S WORLD Aylar önce
You're too funny Louie ✨I love your videos 💚
Stefanie A.
Stefanie A. Aylar önce
i love seeing your parents in your videos, your bond is so nice to see ❤
Alexa Jimenez
Alexa Jimenez Aylar önce
I’m proud that you at least tried them!!!💜
hi ppl
hi ppl Aylar önce
JeliCopter🚁 Aylar önce
Im sitting wondering what you eat on a day to day basis now.. I had no idea you didnt like alot of foody things. 😭 can we get a series? 🙂
Elva D.
Elva D. Aylar önce
Travis said : “you can tell her you wanted me to starr in your channel for free!!!” 😂😂😂
Maria de-flower me now
So happy to see you girly 💜💜💜
Not RickRoll 🅥
Not RickRoll 🅥 Aylar önce
*Here is the full clip: Louie's commented on this* *trvid.com/video/video-jhTTxdBKSyI.html*
Vanessa Martinez
Vanessa Martinez Aylar önce
Aww Godbless your parents they seem so sweet and loving 🥰
Jerry Berry
Jerry Berry Aylar önce
Your parents are so cute ❤😂
Aylar önce
Your dad is hilarious ♥️😂
Anabel Emmanuelle
Anabel Emmanuelle Aylar önce
awww, you should start putting sub titles for your non speaking Spanish subscribers🥹🥹🥹❤️ love you louie, watching this on my tv but commenting from my phone just to say all this 🥹🫂
Ha mita
Ha mita Aylar önce
Can we talk how pretty your mom gets and does not age up and I hope you had a good time in the bathroom and the trash bin throwing up😂
Yazmine Aylar önce
I love this! Missed you 😢 I most definitely think you should do more videos like this make it a series 👀 maybe more videos with your parents their so sweet and funny!
Juliete Batres
Juliete Batres Aylar önce
Okay but i love how they take care of him and are like acting like he is a little kid it's so cute 🥹🥹
Ashley Blanca
Ashley Blanca Aylar önce
Louie your mom is so beautiful 🥰 And yes you should do this more often I love y’all’s vibe and video’s together 💜🥰
shaden tinajero
shaden tinajero Aylar önce
Your mom is so sweet 🥰🥰🥰
jailene duenas
jailene duenas Aylar önce
Your dad is meeeee! 😂 Also, I just noticed how much YOATZILMNOP is like your mom 🥺 her laugh is the saaame!
Andrea & fam
Andrea & fam Aylar önce
Your mami is literally gorgeous . 😊
Daniela Corona
Daniela Corona Aylar önce
Still very proud of you because at least you tried the food ! 👏❤️ all love here and I feel you on the texture part 😭
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