I waited 2.5 years for this folding monitor… - SPUD

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The SPUD Pop Up Display is a different take to foldable technology that we're getting a bit used to lately, but is it worth it?
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25 May 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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J Denton
J Denton Gün önce
The concept is really neat and I would definitely buy one, if it was any good
Concept Minds
Concept Minds 2 gün önce
DarkPortal 2 gün önce
dOneManShow 4 gün önce
So basically a mini projector and a foldable projector screen?
Alabastine 5 gün önce
"high resolution" - 720p. That my friends, is false advertisement, even in 2016.
Hriday Koppikar
Hriday Koppikar 6 gün önce
it looks like my old CRT TV
Gereksizz 7 gün önce
litteraly a battery powered fucking projector
Rose GregorYT
Rose GregorYT 8 gün önce
So its a Light Flatscreen CRT with HDMI
Assumed Spider
Assumed Spider 8 gün önce
Is it just me or does it look like a old crt? (I was dumb he said it later lol)
Fire Fly
Fire Fly 10 gün önce
it's raining my friend: "Have you got an umbrella?" I: "yes... i have."
Techasaurus Rex
Techasaurus Rex 11 gün önce
Linus that screen is a piece if crap...
Willians Rodriguez
Willians Rodriguez 11 gün önce
one question, can you remove the umbrella part a used it like a projector?
Yashas Gogna _Nanobotical
Lameee ! Tooo lame , Just a Projector with a screen .......... you can diy it for about 50 bucks
Spectra Blaze
Spectra Blaze 15 gün önce
Be cool for camping 🏕
voltare2amstereo 15 gün önce
Rip the projector out of the casing - use it separately
Laurie 15 gün önce
hes got a better pc than me holding up his plants :(
FlockofSmeagles 15 gün önce
That would be great for a camper. Light, easy to set up. Folds up nicely so that you can pack it away and forget about it. It's kind of the quintessential camping monitor, tbh.
Just Austin
Just Austin 15 gün önce
Augustus 15 gün önce
wtf is this crap lmao
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 16 gün önce
Brian Moote
Brian Moote 17 gün önce
REAL folding screens are around the corner. The first publically available folding screen smart phones are now available. The problem is, yes, that "thing" will be cheaper than the first large LCD-type folding screens. But that "thing" is still in it's early days and so are folding LCD's. By the time that "thing" finally matures it will be totally obsolete. And you'll be able to buy LCD color changing and display capable shirts and shoes.. Okay, maybe not that soon. But foldable LCD screens? Sure.
Brian Moote
Brian Moote 17 gün önce
*That thing sux. Sorry to put it straight out. But it BLOWS. I'd cut it up and make a raincoat out of it for my chihuahua.*
ArtoriasYT 16 gün önce
It more than blows, It's fucking awful.
Facu Benito
Facu Benito 17 gün önce
just buy a projector
Microsoft Cortana
Microsoft Cortana 19 gün önce
I got an ad with Linus before this vid for pulseway lol
Nojeepers 20 gün önce
Than he drops it
John Grimes
John Grimes 21 gün önce
what moron is try to watch tv camping... at that point just dont fucking go. your defeating the purpose. just dont go if you dont want to be there. people are getting stupid
Travis Gleason
Travis Gleason 22 gün önce
The camera has better quality than the Potato quality SPUD. Also costs less.
Friday Californiaa
Friday Californiaa 23 gün önce
Damn, what a waste of engineering... 😂 Better pay for a spud gun 😂
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith 29 gün önce
What if you replace the built in projector for a different portable projector?
Arturo Tabera
Arturo Tabera Aylar önce
Hot not to Kickstarter see Family Guy S18E06.
King Katura
King Katura Aylar önce
You should of know from the looks that it was just a projector which would be blurry if you have a semi transparent cloth which it is. And more than likely they used a low to mid grade projector to begin with. you should of know better. You could make your own better and cheaper most likely.
tclay1970 Aylar önce
As a soldier who deploys frequently, this would be AWESOME for deployment. Packs into a reasonable size to throw in my duffel and I can set it up on any table to play xbox or switch with my friends. This is like perfect for us
non't Aylar önce
so it's sort of like a crt
Verdad Whitefeather
Thank you for finding that out for me!
David Waite
David Waite Aylar önce
linus said it theres more to life then size
chatty Chippy
chatty Chippy Aylar önce
400 hundred dollars you can get a laptop for that price
Kinryko Aylar önce
Peep the OnePlus. OnePlus gang UNITE
RICH KID Aylar önce
Spud sounds like a swear word
I Draw 4FUN
I Draw 4FUN Aylar önce
This does not even look good on paper, why would anyone need this?
MPG187 Aylar önce
0:13 Use a phone or laptop for that. This would be handy for administering headless machines. Although I got a KVM switch now...
Othership Adventures
This is a $20 wish item at best. lol
flum pool.
flum pool. Aylar önce
Gaming computer but it’s portable
Thanasis Dakakis
Thanasis Dakakis Aylar önce
it is like a crt but with a projector on the inside
Lego Yoda
Lego Yoda Aylar önce
seems like a really good concept though, sad it didn’t turn out that well
Dexter Estacion
Dexter Estacion Aylar önce
This is a Teleprompter Not a Monitor
Michael Price
Michael Price Aylar önce
Lmao Linus just goes and roasts his own weenie like that
Etan Motz
Etan Motz Aylar önce
It could be used for scientist doing field research that don’t have access to large monitors.
DaxleplayzYT Aylar önce
its May 20th the year 2020 and this vid is about a year old lol
CasualHobbyist Aylar önce
“Size of an Oxford Dictionary”
Sir Daddy Spankus
Sir Daddy Spankus Aylar önce
best use case would be watching movies in bed without a tv or wanting a laptop on u bc heat
Gage Coombs
Gage Coombs Aylar önce
Imagine a doorbell having better image quality than your $400.00 projector
harld kardika
harld kardika Aylar önce
Imagine doing a presentation with that thing and not get fired immediately
Michal Šabat
Michal Šabat Aylar önce
plz dont drop tips
Mustafa El Malqui
Mustafa El Malqui Aylar önce
I thought it was going to be an oled display
Some Guy
Some Guy 2 aylar önce
Shawn scott
Shawn scott 2 aylar önce
how about a projector
TheShinySpud 2 aylar önce
i have been summoned...
TheDeadLinger 2 aylar önce
It looks like a CRT monitor, lol.
MrRiddleMan 2 aylar önce
Hey Linus, try sit in a dark room. I mean projectors are better in the dark aren't they?
Panos Rod
Panos Rod 2 aylar önce
The gadget that will make everyone laugh at you every time.
x iDropKillz x
x iDropKillz x 20 gün önce
Yes his is more for the office presenter who is showing off a slideshow
Lee Oswald
Lee Oswald Aylar önce
kotoura - san
kotoura - san 2 aylar önce
Lol, true.
christoffer andreassen
worst startup ever spent 2.5 years ''developing'' a small powerbank powerd projector, coulve rocked that up in like no time wth
BOYGENIUS538 _ 2 aylar önce
You’d be better off with one of those small projectors
ccxlolz 2 aylar önce
How about trying it in a dark room?
Sing Host
Sing Host 2 aylar önce
I know who this product is for. If you move for work or you are in a new office this would be great. Plus the brightness doesn't matter because you can just turn the lights off.
Foster 2 aylar önce
The background music at the start of the video sounds like the pornhub intro
SoMNoMW 2 aylar önce
SPUD: Is literally Projector Linus (with lights on): The brightness is disappointing
Mathew Garcia
Mathew Garcia 2 aylar önce
Honestly I would buy it just for portable lan parties for halo
JerzyLasica 2 aylar önce
Is it waterproof - by that I mean fabric? some waterproof housing could be made for the plastic case. that could have some application somewhere, can't think of it at the moment. Is it stain resistant fabric? Is it cutproof fabric? not some high degree, but some lower end rating.
JerzyLasica 2 aylar önce
they missed in marketing strategy. I understand that this made them more money (these neat smarty people in the video) but from the picture it was obvious it has huge volume. you just couldn't use it in coffee shops, libraries or whatever. so, who wants that (with better resolution)? campers - truck campers and tent campers, people who travel around the world and film their endevour (to edit videos and weight is of importance), tailgate party goers, people who film adventure races (to edit or review footage), people in africa and asia (assuming normal price/this is just overpriced) - arduino + spud + keyboard and you have (close to) tv and pc, maybe hunters who wait for the night to fall and look to lose some time - playing android games, you could use it in the back of a car to advertise through back window, maybe in army some application exists, screen for drones that swats and firefighters use maybe - those controller screens are too small, ...
JerzyLasica 2 aylar önce
the thing with this product is that it was already outdated the year ipad launched (so before it was even conceived). it just a projector with a different perspective. don't get me wrong, it was a great idea but too late. when ipad launched chinese companies also launched big and bigger screen tablets for low price. but if that came out in let's say 2003 to 2008 (and it could've, technologywise) it would be da bomb. it could never measure up, imo, to actuall screens, but the size of the screen + productivity + up to 200$ price (which would be good at that time considering other solutions) would make it highly desirable. and last how can you make a product in 2019 with 720p on that size of a screen.
rashid khan
rashid khan 2 aylar önce
so its a projector with inbuilt screen
Bautyss 2 aylar önce
I waited 2.500 years for this folding monitor
New change unlisted_viewer
Ah man I thought it was gonna be a huge samsung fold
NumberSixteen BusShelter
Whats the background music used at 2:12?
NikeRemixer 2 aylar önce
10:49 nice
Thinking Paint
Thinking Paint 2 aylar önce
It looks like a CRT.
Minecraft & More!
Minecraft & More! 2 aylar önce
hi linus
shine weeb
shine weeb 2 aylar önce
Linus Sex Tips
MrWillgum 2 aylar önce
Damn linus you didn't have to do yourself like that
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