I waited 2.5 years for this folding monitor… - SPUD

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The SPUD Pop Up Display is a different take to foldable technology that we're getting a bit used to lately, but is it worth it?
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25 May 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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SuperCookieGaming 6 saatler önce
it is was 1440p it might be passable
Kraum Lanko
Kraum Lanko 14 saatler önce
Oh Linus you greedy dweeb, the two youtube ads + sponsors is a bit much, even by your standards don't you think?
Aldo Miike
Aldo Miike 19 saatler önce
Which are the portable displays showed in the video?
David Alexandrovitch
I rather just bring my own 24" monitor to the coffee shop as its half the size of the spud.
David Alexandrovitch
I don't understand why anyone puts money towards things on Kickstarter which should be called Scamstarter.
SnipeGhost 4 gün önce
Random dude64
Random dude64 9 gün önce
this is basically a projector type of thingy right
Matthew Neil
Matthew Neil 12 gün önce
i get better picture out of my 70$ walmart projector that is pretty portable size and weight.
Lava Java
Lava Java 12 gün önce
when you said "don't be that guy" it reminded me of when I was at Tim Hortons this guy pulled out a gaming RGB pc out of a big case! the pulled a monitor out plugged it in a was off for 2 hours
Fred W
Fred W 13 gün önce
Why would you even release this, it’s embarrassing. I’d be pissed if I invested in this.
LookIts Lucas
LookIts Lucas 15 gün önce
Its really just a projector
iRay IRidium
iRay IRidium 15 gün önce
ok, what a shit,crap is this? this is not worth anything. using this outside? pff no way, only in night time, so much on the go lol. just in half year you will get better than this crap. today is pointless to buy new tech as soon as come out. the tech today is a trend, so you cant just buy and pay load of gold for something new while tech is growing so fast. imagine this crap just after one year, it will be disaster. this product is clear shit.
Premium Sounds Music
Premium Sounds Music 16 gün önce
DryTaste 21 gün önce
A flex oled you can store in a tube would be cool.
Jesse Montoya
Jesse Montoya 19 gün önce
Or the device itself is the tube. Like a digital scroll with kickstands on the rounded parts to keep it up.
冬Winter 21 gün önce
I really don't want our screens going back to being as big as crts
James Kiss-Csermak
James Kiss-Csermak 22 gün önce
Garv Chawla
Garv Chawla 22 gün önce
Wow Linus betrayed tunnel bear
Pelliq S
Pelliq S 22 gün önce
Lol more to life than size
Isaiah Volcy
Isaiah Volcy 22 gün önce
Michael Yang
Michael Yang 22 gün önce
Could u imagine bringing that into a public coffee shop? Couldn't be me
P1xls 22 gün önce
139$ for a 720p projector and an white sheet
JustANinja 22 gün önce
i would just use one of those bending phones
Neon Red and Blue
Neon Red and Blue 22 gün önce
10:44 the robbers are just gonna steal the doorbell dont even think about buying it lol
Hacher Unfriended
Hacher Unfriended 23 gün önce
Watching movies on a train: use a phone Sharing presentations with colleagues: a projector would be better, but I guess... Being more productive with your laptop: how about a TV. But I guess.....AAARGH BUT IT SUCKED THO
iProgramInCpp 23 gün önce
The CRT display. Reborn.
Niklas Malm
Niklas Malm 23 gün önce
Anyone know the name of the "chines monitor" ? :)
Dodi FN
Dodi FN 23 gün önce
Linus: I’ve waited 2.5 years for this Also linus: it does have speakers apparently (2:29)
Szymon Gołąbek
Szymon Gołąbek 23 gün önce
This material part could be disconnetctable from projector part so you would have projector xd.
Spektic 23 gün önce
Who else came to the comments after he said As I’m always reminding my wife, there is more to like than size.
Ricardo Pesenti
Ricardo Pesenti 24 gün önce
Wow... This product is so bad... Any normal external display is better.
Ashsaloft 24 gün önce
ayy a kickstarter that actually do what it promise what a miracle
mjc0961 25 gün önce
It's a projector in a light box and is just as lame as I expected when I saw the thumbnail on Twitter.
pathmada 25 gün önce
im not sure why you expected a small cheap projector and a translucent bit of fabric to be good quality
boom pyro
boom pyro 25 gün önce
Game on it and call the video GAMING ON A SOFTBOX
2012isRonPaul 25 gün önce
image looks like 10 times crappier than in the promotion vid
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith 25 gün önce
They advertise this for usability in a car on the road.. But that fucking screen wobble makes that basically an impossibility. I mean shit, I'd be motion/car sick in seconds trying to watch that. Even if not, it would still be a miserable experience trying to watch a movie that looks like every scene is shot during a b-grade natural disaster movie sequence. I don't see any real legitimate use for this. It's huge and bulky, LOW RESOLUTION, not high, the focus is useless at that range since they went with a flat surface screen which mean the edges are dramatically further from the lense than the center, the color grading is awful and you lose distinction between colors, the screen wobble with the slightest movement is nauseating and useless/aggravating at best, using this in public would make you look like a complete moron, the screen brightness is too low to be usable in anything more than a standardly bright room, and to need basically the entire main compartment of a backpack to transport it is rediculous. This has to be one of the worst tech products I've seen from Kickstarter actually make it to market/delivery.
Lino 25 gün önce
Too fiddly...
DankBlissey 25 gün önce
Man using that thing in a car for movies would be the worst thing. Every vibration of the car would cause everything to go AlL wObBlY
VwertIX 20 gün önce
And you need to focus on the road
TheOnline Thing
TheOnline Thing 25 gün önce
Hey Linus, you could do me a favor by trying to remove the foldable screen from the actual projection unit. I guess then you'd have a small short throw projector that's more usable. I mean if you'd use the projection unit on it's own.
MeowMiau343 25 gün önce
$700k = 720p only, what do you thinking 1.9k people ?
Lee Hitashi
Lee Hitashi 26 gün önce
But Linus, if the image display gets any closer to the edge, it might break
Lee Hitashi
Lee Hitashi 26 gün önce
Nice one Linus
dnh300 26 gün önce
Not even a real foldable screen...
TSLstudio 26 gün önce
6:54 hahahaha I was already thikning that, like hmmm if I brought such screen to uni how while others react :P
NateTheGreat 27 gün önce
This is dumb now that you can use your iPad as a secondary display for your MacBook, but I mean, there are people that use android, so anything’s possible!
Joel Peterson
Joel Peterson 27 gün önce
Please make a toilet seat cover - you would sell a TON of them - That is all :)
Caleb Teague
Caleb Teague 27 gün önce
2 1/2 years for that? For real?
[Mr.] Whippy
[Mr.] Whippy 28 gün önce
That size of a book, being Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Azu Shi
Azu Shi 28 gün önce
what is that chinese portable monitor linus has? anyone have the link to it?
Trends Inspiration
Trends Inspiration 29 gün önce
,is this a joke
mrmoo 29 gün önce
Is nobody gonna talk about how retarded you have to be to think this was a good idea, regardless of whether it was announced 2 years ago? Have we learned nothing from the catastrophe that was rear projection TV?
MrG0TH1ER Aylar önce
Is there a good tech product that was kickstarted? The only ones I see always range somewhere between disappointing and a kind of scam.
Michael McCormack
Michael McCormack 28 gün önce
The pebble was and IMO still is one of the best smart watches available.
Edgar Renje
Edgar Renje Aylar önce
Amount of situations, in which you could really use this bulky thing:
Fellatio Belsen
Fellatio Belsen Aylar önce
Wife? I thought you were a Coco Shunter! Unless you wife is called Dave and has a beard!?
Thomas Winovich
Thomas Winovich Aylar önce
Make a spud out pocket protector and a tripod
Berk Can
Berk Can Aylar önce
razer stealth looks amazing btw
Nikusafrikus Aylar önce
0:42 . Cuz ur not baller enough having a foldable display, you have too have the top of the line digital storm computer when you have a razor laptop that could run it just fine. Lol, Linus tech tips for ya.
vanja code hriberski
why just not invent a led lcd with some good batterie ^^ haha has anyone tought of that ?
TRICKSTA Aylar önce
9:57 look at his hand in the video on the screen LOL
Dennis Mitzéus
Dennis Mitzéus Aylar önce
For 400$ I would've bought a new 240hz 1080p screen that is smaller and cheaper, not as portable but that crap with portability? Nah, dude.. atleast not for 400$.
Mohammad Amin Valizadeh
4:01 "here, let's pur something white on the screen" oh no
Le fainéant
Le fainéant Aylar önce
expensive bad shit
Guzio Aylar önce
1:06 * Immediately starts looking for Poland*
MasterBata Aylar önce
Really? Someone saw this kickstarter campaign and thought "hey, this is an awesome idea, let's back it for $400!". People are so stupid, it's unbelievable.
Giedrius Brūžas
Giedrius Brūžas Aylar önce
why just not use miniature projector
camtwan1 Aylar önce
This was a bad idea from the get go, Idk how you Kickstarter backers get scammed like this so much. It was so obvious it was gonna be bad, it’s hilarious.
Zeldagigafan Aylar önce
The name is a double entendre.
Itz Poison
Itz Poison Aylar önce
S-P-U=D S-tupid P-ointless U-seless D-isappointing
HaV1nGI5sueS Aylar önce
I thought it was a softbox photography lamp...
Swedicolon Games
Swedicolon Games Aylar önce
Damn, them pc sexy as hell!!!
ghostkilla931 Aylar önce
As soon as i heard projector. I already knew it was gonna be crap and disappointing. Not high res at all.
Kentucky fried memes
It looks like the things that your teacher would bring out to watch movies in elementary school
Supreme MC Player
Supreme MC Player Aylar önce
I wish I could meat Linus but a flight to Canada from fl is too much
이민호 Aylar önce
What the... It look like CRT monitor
Lester004 Aylar önce
i read spud as stupid
Naku Aylar önce
Linus must be swimming in the money to back-up this stupid idea.
David Thompsom
David Thompsom Aylar önce
More to life than size
Ellis Samson
Ellis Samson Aylar önce
I_ARE_ GROOTBOY Aylar önce
I have a cat called "Spudd" :D
noob hack
noob hack Aylar önce
But steel it works
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