I Turned a Fun Road Trip Into a Nightmare Voyage - The Long Drive 

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I Turned a Fun Road Trip Into a Nightmare Voyage - The Long Drive - Let's Game It Out
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More about The Long Drive (from Steam):
This is a road trip game in an almost infinite random generated desert. The focus is on freedom, driving, exploration and immersion. It has minimal car maintenance and survival elements.
Infinite Desert, Freedom and Driving:
There are no invisible walls or unable to jump over small fences, or blinking red "wrong direction" signs on the hud. The car won't need 10-20 liter fuel over just only a few hundred meters, with a full tank, you could go approximately 500 kilometers. If you see a distant big mountain, you can go there and if you are capable, you can climb it. If you don't like where the mirrors are facing you can adjust them however you want or throw them away while driving at full speed. If you want to lean out of the car, or closer to the radio or near anything, you can.




30 Haz 2022




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Let's Game It Out
Let's Game It Out 11 aylar önce
Download and play The Battle Cats for free: app.adjust.com/kkzb3qj The Battle Cats is celebrating Summer Sunfest! Check out the app to collect free Cat Food each day, challenge limited stages, and pick up a Rare Ticket gift on July 4th to recruit a mighty Cat hero for free from the Rare Capsules!
E 11 aylar önce
Damian Maynard
Damian Maynard 11 aylar önce
Sweetu Patel
Sweetu Patel 11 aylar önce
please try terraria minecraft or subnautica! :)
Rayanify 11 aylar önce
:O sweet I'm early sick video BTW keep up the good work :D
Shawna Banana
Shawna Banana 11 aylar önce
@E D
The Long Drive
The Long Drive 11 aylar önce
Being a fan for a while now, and suddenly noticing you play our game is just... really fantastic. It is interesting to see the stuff you made, so cool :D
L 11 aylar önce
The theory that this game was custom-made for Josh turned out to be true!
Coskii 11 aylar önce
Did you just notice with this video? Josh has been live streaming the long drive for almost a year now. He's done so so many things.. so many awful and hilarious things. We've spent so many hours counting gold bars, using severed limbs to hook other vehicles to the gold bar bus, freestyle crouch dancing, and 20 second fades to random images which Josh really enjoys. Also, macro jumping to the heavens, glitching license plates to the side of plywood sheets, and generally watching every single physics object in the game gain sentience and attempt vainly to escape from Joshes grasp.
bornana gaming
bornana gaming 11 aylar önce
Sad that bots are getting more attention in the comments than the guys who made the game
finnbuu 11 aylar önce
@bornana gaming Wtf I u commented in the exact second that I was here
Some guy on the internet
Not sure if you're the real dev, but, this game is all I ever wanted GMOD to be. Add more things to do! Like submarines, airplanes, .. Maybe even an rpg system for the fun of it
BusterBussington 10 aylar önce
I just recently discovered that there used to be a second person named Anthony on this channel and he really was the last thing holding Josh’s sanity together ever since he left he has resorted to torturing the innocent souls of games he plays
the man the legend the cab driver
You get to see hints of Josh's antics when he would either play or have Anthony play horror games XD
Ninja Master
Ninja Master 10 aylar önce
this lore is about to get even better than fnaf lore
Cici Baua
Cici Baua 10 aylar önce
Anthony was Kim and Josh is Saul 😩
Vakk 10 aylar önce
@Cici Baua "Let's Call it Saul"
MisterBrick42 9 aylar önce
I need to see him
Fi Fi
Fi Fi 9 aylar önce
You leaving the giraffe behind had caused me the most emotional distress I’ve had all year /hj
MoonlarktheWolf 9 aylar önce
🧽A clean window 🧽
The gggiiirrrraaaaffffeeeee
TheNinjaOfLU 9 aylar önce
Piperbird 9 aylar önce
Same. When he was testing out the bike I kept saying 'don't forget your giraffe!' and was so happy to see it in the little basket. And then it was just immediately abandoned again.
Visassess 8 aylar önce
Alexander Elliott
Alexander Elliott 9 aylar önce
I feel that this is genuinely how the game is supposed to be played.
jane 7 aylar önce
Especially because the devs are fans of LGIO
QuantumBlur_314 7 aylar önce
This game's meta is "whatever's funniest"
Steven Knauer
Steven Knauer 5 aylar önce
@jane That makes SO much sense
Anytime Josh says, “Let me give you the grand tour,” you know your about to see monstrosity beyond comprehension
Remedy 9 aylar önce
The super jerky and stretched yet precise movements of the character is exactly how I imagine Josh's body moves
Hammer PK
Hammer PK 11 aylar önce
You know a game is made for Josh when he doesn't even need to ask "Is there a limit?"
Shie 'Tar
Shie 'Tar 11 aylar önce
Yeah, I've gotten used to Josh turning games into Nightmares, I got caught a little of guard when these guys send Josh a game that doesn't do anything except be a Nightmare regardless of what the player tries to do. Well played ...
Icery 11 aylar önce
Or when physics is just non existent, my favourite.
URAGOOFUS1234 11 aylar önce
Josh and sandboxes, name a more iconic duo. I'll wait
hidden leaf member 4
hidden leaf member 4 7 aylar önce
Grumpy Teen
Grumpy Teen 7 aylar önce
@URAGOOFUS1234 Josh and Grace
Razorcrusher 10 aylar önce
9:05 “we have fun here,” he said. “It’ll be fun,” he said. Also the entire plot is a yellow man with a traffic cone hat goes alien hunting after he ditches his broken down car and his motorbike. Although he abandoned his mother, he lives among the stars now, sitting atop his Unidentified Flying Object.
frisk 9 aylar önce
hmm 115 likes and 0 replys let me fix that
theninjamaster67 9 aylar önce
Honestly this is nothing compared to the storyline of his playthrough he did of this on Twitch with the whole gold bar lineage and his marriage to a pair of severed arms it's a pretty wild time. Personally I'd love to see him do a recap on TRvid for all the peeps that haven't seen it cause it got pretty crazy and lasted a reallyyyyyyyyyyyy long time.
Luke Stevenson
Luke Stevenson 7 aylar önce
@theninjamaster67 I would adore that.
Hans Wichmann
Hans Wichmann 9 aylar önce
"Oh physics you're so open to interpretation!!" Too funny - I spit out my beer!! Best yet & thankx for years of great content!!......
DarkShadowsX5 9 aylar önce
I wasn't even drinking and i spit out beer.
thatguysanimation 8 aylar önce
I spat out my cat
Viking 6 aylar önce
@thatguysanimation red
🥔 PotatoSaladFace 🥔
I spat out a greyhound bus
Ju Reid
Ju Reid 9 aylar önce
I'm shocked at how much patience Josh has.
Jack Nelson
Jack Nelson 5 aylar önce
Try Job Simulator in VR
Your worst nightmare
Your worst nightmare 10 aylar önce
Anytime he says “hello? Helloooo?” Is just amazing, it’s like one of his signature lines
pizza time
pizza time 4 aylar önce
Josh relentlessly causing mayhem and destruction in the games he plays never fails to disappoint me
HarryBarry 11 aylar önce
He’s like midas, but instead of everything turning to gold, whatever game he touches, breaks
ti3g3r2000 11 aylar önce
Rather than turning everything into physical gold he turns it into comedy gold
cat 11 aylar önce
@ti3g3r2000 yes
Barry Bobert
Barry Bobert 11 aylar önce
Trust me this game was already broken
Richard 11 aylar önce
@ti3g3r2000 oh you should check out the stream and archive on this game. He turns everything into GOLD. Gold Barman
vonknorring09 11 aylar önce
Evangeline Audet
Evangeline Audet 10 aylar önce
9:04 might just be the the most terrifying, and creepy thing I’ve seen and I LOVE IT Edit: wait it gets better, watch it in 0.25x speed
Birdlad1.0 10 aylar önce
CAT_MASTER 9 aylar önce
HarmfulEntree88 9 aylar önce
Needs to be clipped, could be even funnier out of context
thatguysanimation 8 aylar önce
It's my favourite te he he
Butterfly? 6 aylar önce
We have *Fun* here *don’t we*
Mac Attack Zach
Mac Attack Zach 11 aylar önce
9:20 never before has josh organized in such an immaculate display
Jarrod 9 aylar önce
It looks like the models of the people all stopped shrugging half way through. Like they are in a constant state of confusion. That ultra crouch really drives it home. Very fitting for this video.
Mr. Man
Mr. Man 10 aylar önce
You know he's a good youtuber when they get sponsored by a game that rarely sponsors
Hannah 5 aylar önce
Nothing brings me more joy than hearing "let's see if there's a limit" or "Hello? Helloooo?" You're amazing Josh and genuinely have made me laugh so much; please keep being weirdly you ❤️
Suvan G
Suvan G 11 aylar önce
I love how Josh's character starts out in a prison cell as if the creators knew he would eventually come to fck up their game
TSAsquid 11 aylar önce
He is the stonks man
E 11 aylar önce
Husk the gamer
Husk the gamer 11 aylar önce
Every let's game it out video in a nutshell Josh: is there a limit to this Josh's computer: (sweats nervously) ah poop here we go again
But I mean the game already fck up anyways
Boris Stanchev
Boris Stanchev 11 aylar önce
Patented Organism
Patented Organism 11 aylar önce
This game is honestly one of my favorites. It’s so scuffed that it loops back around to being amazing.
Dead Inside Gaming
Dead Inside Gaming 10 aylar önce
those are the best games.
dwaynezilla 11 aylar önce
"And we're gonna attach it" (arm reaches out) "just..." (arm extends) "like..." (arm extends more) "yea like that!" This game actually looks like a really-interesting out-of-the-box piss-around kind of experience, and I like that.
Riomouris 9 aylar önce
I think Josh with a cone on his head riding a bed bike is the best thing I've seen
GeistChen the Grim
GeistChen the Grim 9 aylar önce
This is not a game, it is Art.
Fruity Mothman
Fruity Mothman 3 aylar önce
Josh leaving behind the giraffe caused me more distress than anything else in this video
probably human
probably human 11 aylar önce
That "weeee!" "we have fun here, don't we?" with the creepy head turn was glorious.
FBI 11 aylar önce
E 11 aylar önce
oOcattyOo 11 aylar önce
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki 11 aylar önce
He's GrayStillPlays other half One plays games to break the characters The other plays games to break him
Dx_pair_gaming 11 aylar önce
Is it me or the game basically based off road to grambys on roblox
mstancil 11 aylar önce
"That was just peddling, lets try it with the engine. Yep, we're going to be to mom's house in no time" this dude cracks me up
Heather Galish
Heather Galish 4 aylar önce
Josh: Is there a limit? His PC: And now I will read off my will
muhmuhmaranda 6 aylar önce
this is literally my comfort video 😭 and I just watch it over and over
Sir Mattomaton
Sir Mattomaton 5 aylar önce
Good choice my friend.
cptunicorn 5 aylar önce
have you found the streams?
Evangeline Audet
Evangeline Audet 4 aylar önce
Me too
Leon Leguan
Leon Leguan 10 aylar önce
I laughed so much but when 13:21 came, I couldn't handle myself anymore. I laughed so many tears 😂
PT_BOIII 5 aylar önce
3:07 HOW IS HE NOT BURSTING INTO LAUGHS i cant stand 3 seconds without laughing my head off, keep up the great work josh
dharmallars 11 aylar önce
This game actually looks incredible. The fact that you can control the UFO when most people would just assume it was a moving asset that does nothing is amazing.
Some guy on the internet
that's real dev love right there
Qintsal 11 aylar önce
cant wait for the next update :D
Dr Banana
Dr Banana 11 aylar önce
I cannot believe he forgot the giraffe
goodolarchie 7 aylar önce
The crouch pile is the funniest thing I think I've ever seen
2nd_place 9 aylar önce
I haven’t laughed this hard in a year! Thank you for rejuvenating my soul.
KC 10 aylar önce
Bro I lost it at 8:20 when he started petting the giraffe like a total psychopath lmfaoooo00o
Chagorith 9 aylar önce
been playing the Battle Cats for years, you're the first person I've seen get sponsored by them and as much as I've watched so far, they picked the perfect person for the job.
shnazzydan 9 aylar önce
I love how Josh completely disregards the chopped foot and is more interested in the bike instead.
danyael77 11 aylar önce
It's like a bunch of devs got together and asked themselves: What kind of game would be awesome to play for Josh? And does it really have to be good?
TheXVibe 11 aylar önce
your a genious
Play button
Play button 11 aylar önce
Shepherd of The Melodies of Silence
On the road, the Rain relaxed us and began to make us sleepy. We stopped by the side of the road, turned on the fireplace on the screen and listened to the sound of rain, meditated and relaxed.
vattumies 11 aylar önce
You should check out DeSinc's videos of this game
danyael77 11 aylar önce
WTF people? Thx for all the ups. Frankly, as a simulator this game is quite sophisticated and given it is still worked on (hopefully) this can be a hit^^
Stoutland_G NA
Stoutland_G NA 10 aylar önce
watching this guy play a game like Spore would probably be the best thing that could ever happen
HolyChaos 9 aylar önce
I really wanna see this now
Ellipse 10 aylar önce
Josh would be the perfect game tester
Chico3hundred 7 aylar önce
Doug Sholly
Doug Sholly 9 aylar önce
I was laughing hysterically throughout this whole episode.
Tfola54 10 aylar önce
Josh: says nothing is more important than the giraffe Five seconds later leaves without it
epicbruh 8 aylar önce
9:20 that is probably the most organized thing I have seen josh do and will most likely never happen again EVER...
Nien Le
Nien Le 11 aylar önce
Legend said that Josh had successfully dominate multiple aliens' planets with his UFO, and the only thing that made it to his mom's house is the giraffe.
daffers234 11 aylar önce
It was dead by then.
SuperJman1111 11 aylar önce
Just from reading this comment before watching the video I’m scared of what’s going to happen
Gust_The_Man 8000
Gust_The_Man 8000 10 aylar önce
Josh : (plays a sandbox game) An NPC from that game : Honey prepare the luggage were moving out
Tyler_Does_Arson 9 aylar önce
I f*cking love how Josh just makes it his solemn duty to break the games he plays in any and every way possible.
zheush_ 9 gün önce
I love how funny Josh is, he just makes me weeze with every sentence😂😂
Lance Lange
Lance Lange 11 aylar önce
Awesome video as always! Kind of disappointed nobody else noticed the Commodore 64 C's. There's a pile of them at 9:47. Also the bottles with "Jizz-O-Nit" on them. :P
Zeb Reacts
Zeb Reacts 8 aylar önce
18:27 Holy crap. The literal moment he pushed the button on the UFO my computer froze and crashed. For a few seconds I thought it was just part of the video.
ConroNorock 11 aylar önce
The cinematic camera angles added a whole new level to this video. I now fully believe that this character perfectly mirrors what Josh looks like in reality
bros402 11 aylar önce
The game actually has that third person camera built into it
Stephanie Chan
Stephanie Chan 11 aylar önce
Ali Worm
Ali Worm 10 aylar önce
The day Josh actually plays the game the way it’s intended is the day the world ends
Geoffrey Blakeley
Geoffrey Blakeley 9 aylar önce
This feels like it's set in a 90's graphic adventure game meets a G-Mod server. I love it.
La jugadora Suprema
La jugadora Suprema 6 aylar önce
josh : we are gonna play this game today. game devs : *pulls notepad* what needs fixing this time
Pancake starship
Pancake starship 10 aylar önce
This is like the dollar store version of the backrooms, just stuck in an infinitely long road with random buildings and shipping containers
Aundria Nagle
Aundria Nagle 5 aylar önce
So I doubt you'll see this comment, but I've been watching through your old streams of this game and I thought of something. You have problems with keeping the gold bars on the bus... Why not attach them to the side or front of the bus? Unless you specifically have to have them inside of the bus because they're family, it seems like an alternative to having to count every 45 meters 😂
Otters Build Lego
Otters Build Lego 5 aylar önce
Spinach 11 aylar önce
fun fact: josh hasn't done a face reveal because he's an escaped boston dynamics robot with the sole intention of causing chaos
Stephanie Chan
Stephanie Chan 11 aylar önce
Ryah 11 aylar önce
He actually has done a face reveal sorta. He used to work at Humble Bundle. There's a video out there with him giving a presentation.
jay&jungwon 11 aylar önce
@Ryah*L I N K*
stonedNcreepy 11 aylar önce
I found it and posted it here, but then deleted it as the presentation video has very little views and he might not want people to see his face as he would have shown it already if he wanted to. But if you really want to see it you will find it, I just did a TRvid search and found it on the first try. Dude is hot as hell
jay&jungwon 11 aylar önce
@stonedNcreepy what do I search 🥺
Cat_MONKEbruh 9 aylar önce
This guy should have a tv show he is so funny
SpeedBoy 11 aylar önce
I wish he uploaded more. Josh is funny asf. 😄
Sam Chex
Sam Chex 5 aylar önce
"Always make sure to be adjusting your mirrors, looking at you, you beautiful creature"got me laughing so hard
unknown player
unknown player 10 aylar önce
4:35 josh: "what a flexible spine" me: what spine! josh literally takes every game and somehow finds a way to break it
Remedy 9 aylar önce
I think this game has gotten the closest to showing off what Josh would look like in physical form
Aleksandr Strizhevskiy
Aleksandr Strizhevskiy 11 aylar önce
I went from “why is josh playing this trash?” to “wow the game is so customizable I should get it!” You certainly did right by the developers on this one.
Dr Banana
Dr Banana 11 aylar önce
He forgot the giraffe
Dave Sunhammer
Dave Sunhammer 11 aylar önce
@Dr Banana I noticed that to. I'm starting to think think he is not a real serial killer.
mkara RBLX the dead youtuber
so true
Banana 10 aylar önce
Its the best kind of cursed trash. Functioning cursed trash!
Goyangi 10 aylar önce
it's not trash
alida flus
alida flus 11 aylar önce
The game seems to be a fever dream alone until Josh turned it into a majestic hallucination!
alida flus
alida flus 11 aylar önce
0:37 and that’s how caillou did illegal stuff and never got married and after that he went to hell the end
LeopardBunny 10 aylar önce
genuinely hope this game is played more in the future
Epsilon Fighters
Epsilon Fighters 9 aylar önce
My ribs actually hurt, from laughing at the ufo taking your car. Your delivery of that joke was probably the hardest I've laughed, since space ghost coast to coast
Dieguezaj 5 aylar önce
The “we have fun here” part killed me🤣
Dane Borden
Dane Borden 9 aylar önce
Your videos are the definition of optimism.
Ronnie Weber
Ronnie Weber 11 aylar önce
This game is so perfect for Let's Game it Out. I can't tell where the game's nonsense stops and Josh's nonsense begins.
kyba74 11 aylar önce
Ahh this has to be one of Josh's best videos! The creepy face, the scenes and the sheer comedy of this game that looks so simple and yet has amazing depth to it!
PakoSwine 9 aylar önce
Just found this channel a few days ago absolutely hilarious love how he plays games lol
Austen Vandale
Austen Vandale 5 aylar önce
Just recently came across this channel. So hooked, and always laughing 😂😂
So Very Almost
So Very Almost 11 aylar önce
We really enjoy your videos! Your catch phrases are a real hit!
Drew 9 aylar önce
The developers really had fun with this one!
Smart Toast
Smart Toast 11 aylar önce
Josh : *"Hold Please!"* His computer : *No please, No more*
Jotillit 11 aylar önce
Atleast he didnt tried to answear any questions
MaeLSTRoM1997 11 aylar önce
I think when he says 'hold please' he's not addressing the audience, he's actually begging his computer not to crash lmao
Smart Toast
Smart Toast 11 aylar önce
@MaeLSTRoM1997 Oooh that makes sense now
B Music
B Music 10 aylar önce
Everything I care about is gone, but you still make me laugh every time I watch your videos. Thank you
TinyToon 10 aylar önce
This man makes me smile so wide that it hurts.
Danae Worrell
Danae Worrell 9 aylar önce
Truly terrifying it’s just on Josh’s level
Trifectum 4 aylar önce
This game is absolutely wild. A whole fever dream
drsapnis 4 aylar önce
it is not enough that I am watching Josh's video every day, now I had to go and play those Battle cats. Thank you!
FrenchDemon 11 aylar önce
The “hey there it’s josh” makes me so happy
Ezekiel Anderson
Ezekiel Anderson 11 aylar önce
"Welcome back to let's game it out"
MrCat1151 11 aylar önce
Me to
Radioaktivist 11 aylar önce
and gives developers of games nightmares.
NeatRedWolf 11 aylar önce
I need it after the video from technoblade
jamie rahnasto
jamie rahnasto 11 aylar önce
@NeatRedWolf i think we all do
Rapton Mk2
Rapton Mk2 11 aylar önce
the classic "I don't know if there is a limit but if there is I certainly haven't found it" just brings me so much joy
LRMTB 10 aylar önce
Been playing this game for ages now, glad to see it make it to the channel!
mch M.
mch M. 8 aylar önce
The accessorizing bike part got me, when the bike started to spin with the bed on, I lost it 😂
Seth B
Seth B 10 aylar önce
It looks like you finally found a sponsor as chaotic as you are. Well done, Battle Cats.
OlafttheGreat1998 9 aylar önce
this is a game that knows it's not modern art, it knows exactly what it is and runs with it and I totally respect that
Suvan G
Suvan G 11 aylar önce
I love how Josh acts like it's completely normal to see a shipwreck in the middle of open plains
I Love My Beard
I Love My Beard 11 aylar önce
In Josh's world, its completely normal :D
Joe Dingo
Joe Dingo 11 aylar önce
Man lives in the Aral Sea.
SouthCarolinianEntertainment // DayOfDefeatFan
It has happened before in real life.
GamingWithMatt 11 aylar önce
The famous land ferry! (ISP reference)
Sky_ful 9 aylar önce
Love it! So funny how you always find a way to play games different than intended!
Matt 9 aylar önce
This plays out like a creepy adult swim show you'd see at 4am
HolyChaos 9 aylar önce
This was my number one favorite video from Josh by far! I wanna see him play Spore really bad. Also, I miss Grace lol
I play rust
I play rust 10 aylar önce
I wish I could see josh and Anthony play again one more time
Mainmello 6 aylar önce
It hurts to see how strange some of the things are in his videos- and that’s why I love them.
Trisarahtops 11 aylar önce
The last time I watched Josh stream, he spent over an hour trying to hook three buses together. And it was riveting.
Aero 11 aylar önce
Thats like every long drive stream ever in a nutshell
Batmow 11 aylar önce
And then 45 minutes to find all the goldbars. But it's the best content.
Googie Gress
Googie Gress 11 aylar önce
"riveting" oh man
Sander van Heijningen
Sander van Heijningen 11 aylar önce
What's his stream name on twitch?
Ben Tichinel
Ben Tichinel 11 aylar önce
@Sander van Heijningen lets game it out
Simon Isenberg
Simon Isenberg 10 aylar önce
No matter how many Let's Game It Out videos I watch, I keep getting amazed by your mad genius.
Nasimah Ashar
Nasimah Ashar 3 aylar önce
The Battle Cats actually looks fun and hilarious!
Arty Mars
Arty Mars 5 aylar önce
This UFO trap is very much giving me Wile-Coyote & Roadrunner ACME trap Vibes hahahah
DeVictor 8 aylar önce
We need more The Long Drive content.
Puffy Cat
Puffy Cat 3 aylar önce
Josh: The giraffe is safe and that's all that matters Josh 2 seconds later: Forgets to get the giraffe
Andrew Rosenzweig
Andrew Rosenzweig 11 aylar önce
16:03 "oh physics, you're so up to interpretation" is maybe the greatest line in cinematic history
theweirdGT 11 aylar önce
Newton 2021
Wolfie Black
Wolfie Black 11 aylar önce
Couldn’t agree more. 👍
No name
No name 11 aylar önce
Amazing line
Bonnie Dykstra
Bonnie Dykstra 11 aylar önce
Couldn’t agree more with that
GoldenShirt 11 aylar önce
@theweirdGT bro it's been 2022 for 7 months already
dwaynezilla 11 aylar önce
2:56 I want to imagine that the dev saw the crotch face materialise, could have fixed it but liked it too much, and just left it in because it's hilarious
CallMeZilo 8 aylar önce
Dude, I love your content, you are literally the funniest person I know. Even when I was crying about something you still made me laugh, keep up the work!