I Tried Walmart's Terrifying Metaverse Experience

Danny Gonzalez
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21 Kas 2022




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That one guy
That one guy Gün önce
Danny and drew both doing drastically strange things with their hair so people can finally tell them apart
yeet hiTTTer
yeet hiTTTer 21 saatler önce
Walmart referring to children as Young Shoppers feels so dystopian it's actually hilarious
QWERTY Boi Gün önce
danny looks like a military dad finally coming home to his children and trying to find a way to connect with them
❤︎halo❤︎ 9 saatler önce
Danny losing his mind over a Walmart game in Roblox with a buzz cut is something I never thought I would see in my lifetime💀
Sar 21 saatler önce
The random person in the Roblox chat answering Danny's questions is the type of person that is the backbone of society.
BleachedBonez 9 saatler önce
After briefly working in sales, I'm convinced they're from another planet. The people who make those "shopping experiences" think people want a person constantly talking to them and can't comprehend someone who wouldn't like that, even when you tell them directly. They 100% wanted that whole hologram guide thing irl
Starman the Lizard
the most unrealistic part of this metaverse is the fact that their shelves are fully stocked and all the items are in the right place
featureEnvy 21 saatler önce
There is no way in my wildest dreams as a kid I would have imagined fast forwarding to 2022 and watching a video on a tiny computer in my hand with Danny declaring he doesn't want Walmart talking to his fridge behind his back and me realizing that's a valid concern that some people have to have in these weird times
geospasmic 21 saatler önce
I was cracking up throughout the fake walkthrough. The cart and tv taking off to their new lives while we are left trapped in Walmart, truly dystopian
TheOnionQueen 7 saatler önce
I feel like corporations are forgetting that normal people DON’T want this virtual dystopia that they seem to think humanity is heading towards. We all actively don’t want that.
Marianna Gün önce
As someone who can’t do anything in VR without getting insanely nauseous, I absolutely cannot wait to virtually shop at Walmart while feeling horrible!
🔞YOUR SEX PARTNER 7 saatler önce
I loved this video. I totally feel the frustration of trying to figure out Roblox. And I gotta say it was very funny watching another adult play if for the first time. That was me when I first played and sometimes now lol. And yes the glitches are neverending with Roblox lol. But when he tried to equip the sweat pants and shirt.. XDXDXD I have SO been there. LOL It still happens to me on some games. It can be VERY frustrating lol. I've actually played Walmart Land before. And I looked for Noah too! XDXDXD Sadly I've seen stranger things but not all of it and it's been at least a year or so since I've watched it, so I got a lot of questions wrong too lol. But ultimately I found Walmart Land very boring. There's nothing to do that has a real objective. Which I found a little disappointing because the "world" is actually very pretty. OH and he might have picked up a coin while on the mono rail, there are coins a long the track, but idk. Anyways great video I loved all of it! It takes a lot to make me laugh and I laughed a lot. :) Thank you :)
Mason M
Mason M Gün önce
i feel like that walmart vr experience could've been a real cool horror concept
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
"stop talking to my fridge behind my back" for me is really the phrase that sums up in what crazy world we are living
Yehudis Gottdiener
Yehudis Gottdiener 2 saatler önce
When I started playing roblox I legit also thought it was only 1 game. But nobody knows that its the literal minds of every child on earth thrown into a gazzilion gabillion games. Also Danny not using the search bar to find Wal-Mart land, is actually hilarious! p.s. I don't play couple anymore, the weird games were starting to get to me
Morgan McCormick
Morgan McCormick 7 saatler önce
I was looking at swimsuits on the hangers at Walmart once. There was a mostly eaten chicken wing bone resting across the top of 2 hangers and it almost fell on my hand. I screamed and scared my grandma ~
Logic Frog Media
Logic Frog Media 14 saatler önce
"We just talked to your smartfridge and it told us you're ugly" is one of the most frightening statements I have ever heard.
Jane Campbell
Jane Campbell 12 saatler önce
The sound of fucking glass shattering when the wine gets tossed into the cart has me absolutely fucking geeking
K O Gün önce
Imagine working at Walmart HQ and they show you this horrible dystopian simulation that probably cost millions to make, and your boss is standing there smiling at you waiting for you to be like “I love it! So futuristic! People will shop at Walmart more now!” And you have to decide if it’s worth it to tell the truth
Francisco Martel
Francisco Martel 2 saatler önce
Not ironically, it's probably the best implementation of real stores in a metaverse.
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