I Tried Mushrooms For My Anxiety For A Month • Ladylike

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Watch Kristin as she travels to far flung places with nothing but an Empty Suitcase: trvid.com/group/PL0PtUxA4JeEJUsdeMKOjnhfSEj8BNlu8-
Watch more of Ladylike videos here: trvid.com/group/PL0PtUxA4JeELmIfUxaN6z-r4-VrSJ4F7v Devin, with the aid of a holistic health coach, tries mushrooms for 30 days to help with her anxiety.
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Coffee blended with ghee butter and MCT coconut oil
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Adaptogen Herb and Spice Food Selection
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Cordyceps Chinese, mushroom parasite. Traditional Tibetan and Chinese medicine, Yarsagumba
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Adaptogen Restorative Food Selection
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cup of fresh fatty coffee with ghee
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Tired young businesswoman sleeping on her desk in the office.
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Ashwagandha superfood powder and root.
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Top view of ganoderma lucidum isolated on white background
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Cup of reishi tea and fresh Lingzhi mushroom on dark wooden floor.
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Reishi Mushroom growing on a Hemlock tree in the forest
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Wild Chaga Mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) growing on a Birch tree.
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Group of people meditating in park
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Reishi healthy powder.
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Young healthy sporty active shape girl with a ponytail doing leg stretches on the floor while crouching with a handsome helpful personal trainer next to her in the gym.
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Human nervous system medical vector illustration diagram with parasympathetic and sympathetic nerves and all connected inner organs.
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quality dates
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Ashwagandha roots and powder.
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Desi Pure Ghee or clarified butter in glass or Copper container with spoon, selective focus
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Reishi mushroom.
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Amrit-Sadhana Khalsa
IG: @bodyblisslife



26 May 2019




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titsbeerbong420 19 gün önce
Reishi is good at night as its a sleep aid for me sometimes i dont sleep well on it Or???well of it othertimes i wake up to start my day n notice oh i feel a sleep after my drink. I have had it dyrig day too b4 i tdy to do foyr sigmatic n others ifften but omg some stores charge a heck of a lot. Did you say cbd? I like cbd also. As i watch this i am drinking some ground coffee with some instiant coffee that has liobs main adaptogens mct n plant based omega 3 with a spoob full of peanut butter four sigmatic protein powder n some hemp creamer. Cheers again!!!
what and why
what and why 25 gün önce
Audrey Dugan
Audrey Dugan 29 gün önce
Why was I not surprised that the health lady was from Portland. I live in Oregon also but I live across the state from Portland and just from going for siblings sports it is such a different places from my area of Oregon
aesthetic lyrics
aesthetic lyrics Aylar önce
oh my lord i actually thought she was gonna get lit on magic mushrooms lmfao
Crypto Chiefs
Crypto Chiefs Aylar önce
Girl them ear rings is hype
Lee 2 aylar önce
Not a erb or even a herb, it’s a fungus!
Ankita Dubey
Ankita Dubey 2 aylar önce
Ghee is dairy free 😕🤨it is made out of milk 🤦‍♀️
vego bronson
vego bronson 3 aylar önce
She said Nut Milk. hehehehhe
Nancy Delarosa
Nancy Delarosa 3 aylar önce
saacor 3 aylar önce
wait whats up with that left nostril thing?
Justin Johnson
Justin Johnson 3 aylar önce
Why not grow them yourselfs like if the specific species is great cost effective methods in the culture of mushroom grows an capabilities
Dr. Ziegler
Dr. Ziegler 3 aylar önce
Your name is not "amrith-sandha".... hahahahaha
Nik 3 aylar önce
Stopping consumption of caffeine can help if you have anxiety issues. Caffeine causes the production of adrenaline.
Nik 3 aylar önce
Meditation can help with anxiety issues. I recommend the book The Mind Illuminated.
Jt Jt
Jt Jt 3 aylar önce
What’s wrong with a H ? Erb?
KatiuskaWook 3 aylar önce
First I dislike this video , I thought it was crazy but I give it a try... It's being 6 months that I'm using the mushroom tea and I feel better than ever!!! Yes , this won't fix it but it have help me a LOT. It helps my pain with my neck too. It took a couple of weeks to get use to it but it's being awesome for me. I don't take tyleon as I use too. Thank you for the video and Thanks to you I will have my mind more open to different alternatives besides drugs.
Simon Varty
Simon Varty 4 aylar önce
I agree about sleep, I have had the most amazing sleep, since taking chaga.
Simon Varty
Simon Varty 4 aylar önce
I have suffered from Anxiety for years, I have recently started taking chaga, and I feel amazing, and I have come off my antidepressants. I tried coming of them a few months ago and I felt terrible, not now with chaga though. I have yet to try Reishi. I love Mushrooms.
billybbob18 4 aylar önce
I'm lucky to live in that Pacific Northwest where many of these mushrooms are just a short hike away. Turkey tail, ganoderma oregonense(Oregon reishi), all kinds of tasty culinary mushrooms and a bazillion psychedelic mushrooms (research shows them to be VERY effective against depression). Try mixing with Chaga and MEGA dose. Take 5 doses then report back. For me, it's always a great body high with a marked decrease of pain. No impairment was observed unless you consider calm yet responsive senses.
Nailea Olivas
Nailea Olivas 5 aylar önce
Omg Devin should have done shrooms.
Jdlc 5 aylar önce
She's seems okay,i hope this calms her down cos she is kind of annoying tbh.god shes so annoying
Jdlc 5 aylar önce
Herbs why Eeeeerrrbs
Park 5 aylar önce
you can just pick the mushrooms
Lulz 5 aylar önce
why almost all organic herbal products in the States have this lead chemical exposure warning? even a small trace of lead can make you crazy when you consume it.. smh
Mallory Morgan
Mallory Morgan 5 aylar önce
Her stranger things poster in the background :::::::::)
k odu
k odu 6 aylar önce
These girls do know what they are saying. Listen.
Anders Franz
Anders Franz 6 aylar önce
Damn hippies
Shayna Barkan
Shayna Barkan 7 aylar önce
Regular medicine works just as well, if not better. After Seeing a good psychiatrist, they will assess your needs, and will start you off with a very low dose of a medication and gradually raise that up until you feel normal. But you will never have no anxiety, that is just unrealistic. These medicines are very safe, and are always a good option. I used to be very against it, but I’ve come to learn that it really is very good. With insurance it can be much cheaper than herbal medicine.
Polski partacz w jukej
Is erb = herb but without h? That must be americans language.
K G 7 aylar önce
tipoomaster 7 aylar önce
There's an H in Ghee that's not silent, G-he, not gee Signed, random brown person who this drives up the wall, lol
RedWonder 7 aylar önce
Ghee is NOT dairy free by a stretch! It’s just softened butter in a jar.
Karl Svensk
Karl Svensk 7 aylar önce
No one in their right mind would call clarified butter "Dairy-Free" 🙄
omsonic 7 aylar önce
Has anxiety... takes caffeine... wonders why.. smh
Okin 7 aylar önce
Thanks for the video - this really helps loosing mycophobia and hopefully gets more people to try this wonderful medicine.
Angelo Iodice
Angelo Iodice 7 aylar önce
Some possible strong advice from experience for anxiety and hypertension. Du Zhong, eucommia bark, I have found to be a powerful nervine. Helps you to be calm and perceive and enjoy the moment and meditate better. Also very powerful for kidney function and bones and cartilage.
CandyClouds 8 aylar önce
Here in Ireland Ghee (spelled gee but pronounced the same) is a slang term for vagina. So this was a fun video lol
Sherwin H
Sherwin H 8 aylar önce
dropping the word 'vagina' to keep things edgy
Marshmellowed 8 aylar önce
Dangerous video. All very well and good pinning a disclaimer but a spoken preamble would have been far better. Herbal remedies are placebos, which although can trick your mind into working, are for the most part useless. Many people with mental health issues have money issues too, should you really be urging them into buying supliments with effects no different to camomile tea and a warm bath?
Laura O
Laura O 8 aylar önce
You could completely see the difference in her face and connotation when it flipped to day 40
Pagan Hare - The Green Witch
Sounds interesting. But what if you're vegan? Is there a vegan alternative to this herbal drink?
Adam Anderson
Adam Anderson 9 aylar önce
I hope that powder is actually made from the Reishi mushroom fruit and not mixed with the Mycelium. Some powders are just made from the Mycelium which is a complete rip off. I'm so glad you found a great product and thank you for the video😊
Seth Shepard
Seth Shepard 9 aylar önce
i saw one of these mushrooms grow on top of another reishi mushroom
L S 9 aylar önce
Devan i take those steriods EVERY DAY and am no a crazy person
David Byosse
David Byosse 9 aylar önce
Where the educated drugs at 🤣
TheGoldenRoses 9 aylar önce
Whenever I listen to "professionals" like this I can´t help but wonder if they know they´re bullshitting or if they´re actually that oblivious themselves.
toot-toot92 9 aylar önce
Devin looks skanky in the thumbnail and honestly this video is filled with crap... Shape up ladylike
LIFEAFTERNYC 9 aylar önce
love her personality and openess to sharing her anxiety story! 💖
Dany Boldra
Dany Boldra 10 aylar önce
I legit thought she had a fear of mushrooms and in this video she was going to try and get rid of it
Samantha Atkins
Samantha Atkins 10 aylar önce
Left nostril breathing?!
Marina Fathy
Marina Fathy 10 aylar önce
I suffer from severe depression but your videos makes me happy , i learned to love myself from you thanks sweet devin 💕 kosses from egypt
Ashley Fry
Ashley Fry 10 aylar önce
Same. It made me feel weird!
Son of a Bear: Foraging and Wild Edibles
Yay! My reishi photos were used as the cover picture and at 1:38 Reishi is one of my all time favorite mushrooms.
Patrick O'Donoghue
Patrick O'Donoghue 10 aylar önce
Great video! Love the mushroom topic
POTATOCHIP 995 10 aylar önce
Magic mushrooms for everybody I'm joking
nji2300 10 aylar önce
I will say that the difference between you on day 30 and 40 is insane! I could tell right away the difference in your tone of voice and facial expression that you weren’t feeling as good without the mushrooms. I hope you continue to use them and feel good ❤️
Ayden Smith
Ayden Smith 10 aylar önce
Not real mushrooms fuck you
Lana Stolic VI2
Lana Stolic VI2 10 aylar önce
I have social anxiety
Cupcake Animations
Cupcake Animations 10 aylar önce
Devin I'm with ya :3 I have social anxiety so I may try this :D
miyothecat 10 aylar önce
If you have serious anxiety problems like GAD or panic attacks, I would recommend using medication and starting theraphy. Herbals might help you relax but they are not going to restore the disrupted chemicals in the brain. Antidepressants help restore the neurotransmitters in your brain and usually provide premanent treatment whereas herbals can only make you relax for the moment or day. Yes, finding the right medication for you can be difficult since every body reacts differently to different medicines but it is worth it for your mental health.
Maria McCown
Maria McCown 10 aylar önce
can you post this recipe?
Ginger Dom
Ginger Dom 10 aylar önce
0% useful info.... all fluff....
TJ O'Leary
TJ O'Leary 10 aylar önce
Anyone think this would be a good mix with hot chocolate? I don't like tea or coffee :(
sun shine
sun shine 11 aylar önce
You didn't look in anxiety .?
Iodine Kaida
Iodine Kaida 11 aylar önce
I've never heard of using ashwaganda for anxiety, it's mostly for memory issues. And if you're taking medications, YOU HAVE GOT TO BE CAREFUL OF REACTIONS....
notamirror 11 aylar önce
I would love to see a video where the ladies reflect on which tries have made the most impact on your lives. Which ones are you still doing months or years later, and maybe which ones didn't pan out?
jude smith
jude smith 11 aylar önce
I was sitting on the counter in my kitchen at 7:00 and it took me a sec to realize devin was talking to her cat. I lowkey freaked out for a hot sec.
Cosmo Kramer
Cosmo Kramer 11 aylar önce
I think you should try raw sliced Reishi mushroom kept in alcohol for 2 weeks. The alcohol extracts compounds which are available thru boiling, and I think drying and powdering the mushroom destroys some of its power.
Rachel E
Rachel E 11 aylar önce
Would love to try this. Been searching for a comfort drink that helps with energy or health because coffee just puts me to sleep. (Unless its the highest mg of caffine drink from coffeeshops, then i get about two hrs of ~~nyoom). That nose breathing thing just will not work for me sadly thanks to my poor sinuses.
Lilly wallflower
Lilly wallflower Yıl önce
Hi Devin, I wanted to know if you were going to do a follow up on the Reishi mushroom tea that if you’re still drinking it or not!!!?💁‍♀️🤔🍵🍄❤️❤️😍😍
amaya5119 Yıl önce
Anxiety is actually caused by caring about what other people think. I've had anxiety (like panic attack inducing anxiety) when I realized that getting rid of it basically meant not caring about what people think, I worked on that and I'm pretty much 100% ok now. On another note though, I heard marijuana was great for anxiety relief. Maybe give that a try. ;)
Maddie Gooseberry
GIRL I THOUGHT IT WAS ABOUT TO GET LIT OVER THERE! I was VERY surprised that lady was going there... Until I realised that they weren't......
Tyler Latulippe-Haselton
Devin likes to be a deviant any way she can and it's boring at this point
Emily Yıl önce
I'm going to try this!!
Shilialee Jurado
Shilialee Jurado Yıl önce
Throughout the video I noticed that (devon) your so much happier than I've seen in other videos! I'm glad you've found something that works for you!! 💛❤
D L Yıl önce
I have a lot of experience with reishi and i would recommend getting the raw form of it in slices and boil a tea for 2 hours to break it down its like wood u can drink it evryday it works really fast for anxiety it gives u a meditative state, i love using it for coffe just replace the water with reishi tea and it will negate all negative side effects of coffe no crash! And even taste good. Reishi works differently as a tincture also when extracted with alchohol. But i would not recommend ingesting powder form due to products for reishi capsules seem expensive and less effective sometimes even harsh on the liver
a-wanderingcloud 0-0
Great video 👍🏻
Rachel Frumkin
Rachel Frumkin Yıl önce
I really thought you were going to try the "drug"mushroom. That has actually been proven to help with anxiety and mental health.
i Believe your lies
Just remember that the more shrooms you eat more anxiety you will have.
Lindsay S
Lindsay S Yıl önce
My "anxiety" is definitely caused by environment.
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