I Built TOO MANY Automatic Farms in Hardcore Minecraft!

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Transforming the mushroom island in Hardcore Minecraft
I spent 300 hours transforming the mushroom island to a massive skull shape with a huge city on top! This project required building 30 automatic farms. Please check out the creators below who made some of these farms.

ilmango - trvid.com/show-UCHSI...
Shulkercraft - trvid.com/u-Shulkercraft
ianxofour - trvid.com/u-ianxofour

There were a few farms I did not include here. That is because there were no video or channels to link, but huge thanks to them!
Discord - discord.gg/wunba
Instagram - instagram.com/wunba_/
Merch - shopwunba.com
Music - www.epidemicsound.com/referra...
Current subscriber count - 365,534




14 Ağu 2022




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Wunba Aylar önce
THANK YOU A TON FOR WATCHING!!! I hope you enjoyed! Even though this video took 300 hours to record, this is only part 1 of 4. If you are interested in seeing the next 3 parts remember to turn notifications on!
BIG BRAIN TIME 5 gün önce
HunterCool22 9 gün önce
Take a shot every time Wunba says *”Farm”*
TheBitenix 10 gün önce
Awsome vid. Can you point me to who's designed the dark oak farm ?
Bladee YT
Bladee YT 14 gün önce
@SUPTDE KING No one cares as long as they have a dream they can make it a reality
Huge.Ed. Aylar önce
The dedication this guy has is honestly incredible
Saanvi kakkar
Saanvi kakkar Gün önce
Nieronthenoob Aylar önce
@Mishan 🅥 i got cursed by those many times bro and i already became an angel
Toadlol Aylar önce
@RoosterInMyRari what's sad is your comment calling this sad
TimeBucks Aylar önce
I love this build really enjoyed
Urvashi Kumari
Urvashi Kumari Aylar önce
Wonderful 👌😊 so nyc
Morella Továr
Morella Továr Aylar önce
Mazubamanji Aylar önce
Wow 😲😲
Bonnie Bouliane
Bonnie Bouliane Aylar önce
Great english…
Tomoko Kuroki
Tomoko Kuroki Aylar önce
tambem gosto
explosion_gaming Aylar önce
I can’t believe how constrained he is. I can barely sit still for 1 hour when playing Minecraft. By the way great build I love ur series so far keep going!
Alex Sahy
Alex Sahy Aylar önce
even if i had 100 years, i still wouldn’t be able to complete a project as big as this
Kıvanç Kaan Algül
The amount of hours this guy spends for these videos are insane and this is the reason I support this guy! Even sandiction doesn't spend that much time for his videos!
Blooh Aylar önce
The amount of effort put into this one video is insane.. That wood farm looks AWESOME! And to think this is only 1/4 of the actual main build..
NightFury407 Aylar önce
@Blooh oh sorry
SomeRandomDude Aylar önce
@NightFury407 lmao bro got no likes while.
tam tri
tam tri Aylar önce
Deku Aylar önce
@NightFury407 bruh
Minecrafteee Aylar önce
Bro he’s not a bot check on his channel
NighthawkWR Aylar önce
Most of us don’t appreciate how long it takes wunba to make these kind of projects because he speeds them up.
SMToon Larva TV
SMToon Larva TV Aylar önce
*_Honestly, I'm impressed with the time and effort you've put into these videos! 😊✨❤
Satyakanta Pradhan
Satyakanta Pradhan Aylar önce
I honestly would never in a hundred years be able to complete just one of these farms but he completes 30 farms in 1 video. Awesome work man.
Ethan the Asian
Ethan the Asian Aylar önce
You should have more subscribers for ALL the effort... I have watched most of your streams and they are always enjoyable! Love your content
djinflames1 Aylar önce
this guy has almost every farm to think of and im sitting here with my tiny iron farm that im proud of building lol
Woelfie Aylar önce
I remember when you started building the skull shape it was the first time to join your stream, love to see you growing, keep up the good work
airy Aylar önce
can we just take a moment to appreciate how much effort he puts in these videos, he really cares about his videos. Continue the work!
Ebbelotus Aylar önce
It´s unreal how much effort u put into these videos I really appreciate it
ChromaCaipira Aylar önce
Not only an insane dedication to this build but also to the video itself, changing the title and thumbnail so much times to get people attention to this insane project
AdvancedSettings Aylar önce
This is absolutely crazy, this shows me how much time people put in minecraft survival videos, insane work Wunba! it's not only the builds and the effort in the minecraft worlds, its the editing quality that you put in those videos.
kDragon14 Aylar önce
Once again amazing video man, can't wait for the end result and I'm sure it'll turn out even more amazing than we all could ever hope! This is awesome!
Parth Aylar önce
That looks super cool, love the dedication!! Thoroughly enjoyed watching the video!! ❤️
Turtlez Aylar önce
It’s cool that you’ve built so many things on such a large scale! Also in survival hardcore, I bet this castle island is gonna be epic!
INFINITY R2 Aylar önce
Tri Tam Tran
Tri Tam Tran Aylar önce
van kim
van kim Aylar önce
Amazing episode Wunba, so much hours of work condensed into less than 30 mins while still delivering on the quality and keeping us up to speed. I really love the castle design.
Zhibin Fang
Zhibin Fang Aylar önce
Your channel had so much progress! I still remember when you hit 100k. Go for 1 mil, I believe in you!
Shâdë Aylar önce
I love how every video is an improvement on the last in terms of creativity or work put in.
Stop motion person
The dedication of this guy is insane
WOLTREEX Aylar önce
Incredible this guy is a real talent his every single build is even more and more crazy
vuong tran van
vuong tran van Aylar önce
WOLTREEX Aylar önce
Why are there 91 likes on my coment lol
mycology_cartels on Instagram..
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Zackitscool Aylar önce
0:03 milky way galaxy
Tobias Schmidt
Tobias Schmidt Aylar önce
Great video! I wish you had split it into 5 parts. I hardly have time to admire all the crazy builds and all the work you put into them.
Robya Aylar önce
Thanks so much for making my day today! I loved all of your builds, full of depth and character ;)
Vinícius Dias
Vinícius Dias Aylar önce
That's amazing. A wood farm district is one of my favorite farm complexes (with bone meal farm and stuff) to build. I usually do the nether ones separately though, cus they can be self-sustainable and chunk-loadable so I build them somewhere and leave them running all the time pretty much. That gives me toooooons of wood for general crafting (chests, shulkers, pistons etc) and I have to afk less in the other types of wood farms.
Khallel Gordon
Khallel Gordon Aylar önce
The amount of dedication jn this video props to you bro J also watch your lives you inspire me
Alex Aylar önce
Lets apreciat how much effort this guy puts in his videos
Killing Survival
Killing Survival Aylar önce
awesome incredible work!! just amazing dedication, building and editing 10/10 🤩
Vulcan Aylar önce
For items where you need to collect the items off the ground like the dirt or deepslate, use allays so you wont have to move around much
The Dog with no Parents
When u make a new build every episode i always get inspired to play more on my single player world!
M0nK3y Aylar önce
The fact that most of this is just making farms is kinda funny, the dedication to this build and all of your builds is incredible, keep it up dude 👍
femke Ruiter
femke Ruiter Aylar önce
This is actually so insane, i’m really proud of youuu
Andre's 254th alt account
Cool build, i see your build skill has improved! was expecting it to finish this video but then remembered not everyone has 24 hours of freetime per day You should do like a full build timelapse on this once it's done and maybe add some epic music sync to camera movement, pretty sure that's not been done before 🤔
mycology_cartels on Instagram..
Look .out 👆👆👆 for the handle above, , he got shrooms ,lsd, iboga, ketamines,c🥰ke, cannabis,psych meds, dmt trips, acids, chocolate bars psilocybin and he ships too!.📌☑️☑️📌📌📍📍📍☑️☑️
Webhost Winner
Webhost Winner Aylar önce
Wunba truly on another level. Congratulations 🎉
This vid was AMAZING! Love you’re content, and you should have way more subs ✨✨
MrBeastFan Aylar önce
This guy is the most underrated Hardcore TRvidr... For his effort and achievements, he definitely deserves a place on the podium.
v2- Authentiqz-
v2- Authentiqz- 24 gün önce
such a creative person, love ur builds and all the effort you put into your videos. you're just crazy bro ❤️🔥
klier Aylar önce
What if you make your sorting system automatically to stock itself by using your farms?
4L3X Aylar önce
Man, what a building! And the editing’s sick too
Rhys Evans
Rhys Evans Aylar önce
Great video. Out of interest where did you find the dark oak farm? Would love to build one in my world.
peashock Aylar önce
You know it's gonna be a good day when Wunba surprises us with this banger
YAMETE AHH~ Aylar önce
woah this is so crazy 🙈i love the builds ✨ i would love to live there😹
Naomi Rose
Naomi Rose Aylar önce
The amount of effort you put in is absolutely amazing. I'm four minutes in and I'm amazed. It's really clear how much you care about this channel 💖
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Peti Scratty
Peti Scratty Aylar önce
thank you for the upload, I really enjoyed it and learned a lot🙂
smokeyyClouds Aylar önce
I loved this! I watched all your lives gettting supplies etc. your so talented and you should be so proud!
Hanxi Zhang
Hanxi Zhang Aylar önce
Keep up the amazing work man! In a couple of days you will get 5 million subs!
Izaiah Nix
Izaiah Nix Aylar önce
Loved the vid! I think its so funny that you have all of these farms but no wheat farms!
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Aylar önce
can we just take a moment to appreciate how much effort he puts in these videos, he really cares about his videos. Continue the work!
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Aylar önce
I'm new here, but did that totem just blink? 9:01
henr akjo
henr akjo Aylar önce
can we just take a moment to appreciate how much effort he puts in these videos, he really cares about his videos. Continue the work!
henr akjo
henr akjo Aylar önce
Put this shit on your resume.
Harishini weerasekara
I remember watching his stream months ago when he was still doing the terraforming part of the island , his dedication and effort made this masterpiece of a kingdom
-EGS- Defender_Mk2
-EGS- Defender_Mk2 Aylar önce
By looking at the effort Wunba puts in every video he deserves more subs (at least 10mil)
NATALI- 🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞
It’s cool that you’ve built so many things on such a large scale! Also in survival hardcore, I bet this castle island is gonna be epic!
Evan Bakker
Evan Bakker Aylar önce
I love that he treats this as if it only cost him 1 day🤣
Its unbelievable how far you have come and i still remember when you had around 64 or 65k i came to watch your live stream for the first time and you were adjusting the shape of the island (i think its been like 6 months lol) by using maps from there i watched so much of your streams you were making great progress but after colleges and schools opened i couldn't catch up but now i can finally see one of my most awaited things in youtube
Also very very very important question.... DO YOU LIKE...... JAZZZZ
Wunba Aylar önce
Dude means so much!
Ok what i am bout to say is going to be maybe a little weird. One of my favorite thing in your channel was before you Livestream so much you only turn on your face cam only on Wednesday and and you called it webcam Wednesday lool
SteveTheGold1 Aylar önce
It's honestly incredible how fast he's able to complete these projects AND make a video for us
SteveTheGold1 Aylar önce
Yeah... Considering how much was done, I'm impressed
Oblivion Aylar önce
this video took him months to make.
Bumbumumbi Aylar önce
Incredible this guy is a real talent his every single build is even more and more crazy
Pitty Family Channel
Incredible this guy is a real talent his every single build is even more and more crazy
The Hallinator
The Hallinator Aylar önce
bro...HOW, THIS MAN IS INSANE, KEEP IT UP WUNBA love the videos, you deserve many many millions of subscribers, you'll get there one day!!
Liad sraier
Liad sraier Aylar önce
I mean 300 hours are a lot of time achieving all of that in "only" 300 hours is a actually incredible. GG wunba.
masterwyatt Aylar önce
These are the types of videos that motivate me so much to create more content. Amazing video
Devan ZumMallen
Devan ZumMallen Aylar önce
I feel like at this point you can literally make a red stone contraption, and have these items be put into it, so it can craft things for you, such as shulker boxes.
steponme Aylar önce
I can see the dedication with every second you built this. Just a tip tho, if you need to craft stone bricks then use a stone cutter. It makes more stone bricks and uses less of them! Anyways I absolutely love the video, great job
Rylan Chan
Rylan Chan Aylar önce
Wunba, I just found your channel and started watching your videos, I only subscribe to people who's content I love and won't get bored of. You're dedication and quality of your hardcore videos are amazing! I like how you don't let the subscribers/viewers count affect your video quality and how hard you try. I think you've earned my subscription and that you are VERY underrated. Overall, I would like to sum up with the word "wow". :)
Brushee Aylar önce
Wow it looks amazing your work is truly amazing you should really get more subs! You deserve it more then anyone!
Misha Cherentsov
Misha Cherentsov Aylar önce
Nice video. Even though, when you said you would need thousands of shulker boxes I was a bit confused. Because the most you can fit in your inventory is 36. And if you need to bring more stuff, then you can just refill the 36 shulkerboxes
POV: You're scrolling through comments
I think you could use those dirt holes for a custom swamp or 2D flat art
INFINITY R2 Aylar önce
i think you should turn the teeth into a farm with waterways for crops as the lines in-between the teeth
Sky_More Aylar önce
wow great job man this video inspired me to make my base on our server with my friends on a mushroom island too
Minecraft Aylar önce
Been watching Wunba for a very long time now and every videos is always topping the one before
Davizoca Aylar önce
esses vídeos são completamente insanos, é um compilado de 100 vídeos em 1 só
MartinWithanM Aylar önce
I got rid of a fairly big hill and I was so proud, can't imagine doing this
Yang-Jian Zhou
Yang-Jian Zhou Aylar önce
Which tutorials did you follow for the wood farms? I'm especially curious about the 5 types one
YeetMyMeat Aylar önce
Just watching how much Deepslate is sometimes needed for such projects, I wish it'd be renewable I dunno, maybe like Lava and Water meeting on top of Obby or Bedrock or something
Jayden Ace
Jayden Ace Aylar önce
Quick question can’t you use the chunk loader for every farm so they can always run or will it not work?
Charan Gaude
Charan Gaude Aylar önce
This took you days. Your Dedication and will power is amaizing. I loved the video❤. Keep it Up Wunba :)
Cherry Aylar önce
The best hardcore series ever.
Yavuz Efe Dinç
Yavuz Efe Dinç Aylar önce
Respect for the effort and the rare biome💯
Kacpii Aylar önce
The amount of dedication… and all on hardcore aswell so one mistake can end it
Gloopot Aylar önce
I could not even begin to build this type of stuff, Good job dude
last_smoke last_smoke
The amount of time that you put in all of your videos.. I'ts just insane for me and I'm very happy with that. Continue the great job !
HunterCool22 Aylar önce
My guy literally builds a farm, to build farms, to build farms, to build farms, to build a farm, to build a farm, to build a farm, just for his original project. *I respect that kind of dedication.*
SirDomski Aylar önce
It’s also perfect for a base because no mobs other than bats and mooshroom s spawn
Hibbah Aylar önce
your videos are my favorite to watch to chill out after a long day!
Weetblox Aylar önce
This is honestly my favourite wunba video I was on a lot of his streams like the collecting materials for the castle stream wunba is for me the best youtuber that I know
Blaze Aylar önce
When you realise he hasn't even started building the city but there is only a minute left.
Jayanti Saha
Jayanti Saha Aylar önce
That was the bestt indeed .... The dedication level ohh my godddd
BenOfCosmos Aylar önce
Wow. That is true dedication, if I have ever seen it. Also, what ressource pack do I need for that skybox. Anyways. Great work as always.
flyingLyzard Aylar önce
I think the wood district would be more accurately fit the farming district, can’t wait to see how this progresses!
Gingr_ Aylar önce
I’m excited just by the title of the video, yet I know how epic the actually video is gunna be 🤩
Fletcher Corbett
Fletcher Corbett Aylar önce
Wow bro… ur dedication is so bloody insane! U put so much work/effort into ur videos, and ofc they turn out AMAZING!!! You have definitely earned a sub. Also if u do see this can u please tell me what texture pack u are using for the sky, thanks king🐐👑👑👑
Sophiya-H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve
The amount of effort put into this one video is insane.. That wood farm looks AWESOME! And to think this is only 1/4 of the actual main build..
The amount of effort put into this one video is insane.. That wood farm looks AWESOME! And to think this is only 1/4 of the actual main build..
Bloedhondje 1.0
Bloedhondje 1.0 Aylar önce
Your dedication is amazing! I have only 1 tip for you: work smarter, not harder
Junparidize Aylar önce
We will be waiting for the protect to be done. I recommend making a farm with your own design and ask technical people for help
Ethan De Vera
Ethan De Vera Aylar önce
It’s crazy how much sandiction influenced hardcore playthroughs. After he blew up so many people followed his type of TRvid video format. The editing, humor, and voice all sound the same. It’s pretty awesome how much people are dedicated to spend this much time on a world.
Oakiyox Aylar önce
Wumba : "I Built Every Farm in Hardcore Minecraft!" Also Wumba through the entire video : I really need a wheat farm That's a lot of block. Respect for the dedication.
Paul Ng
Paul Ng Aylar önce
A tip for terraforming stone builds, or any thing requiring item randomising, a fabric mod called RandomBlockPlacement is extremely helpful, it switches between blocks in your hotbar, so you can still use tools, but instead of scrolling through your hotbar, it selects the blocks only.
Reyxon Hive
Reyxon Hive Aylar önce
oh nice
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