I Took My Pizza Delivery Guy Around the World

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This week, Matt and Thomas ordered pizza and asked the delivery driver if they had a passport. If the answer was yes, then they asked them what their dream destination is...and actually went.
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14 Jul 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Yes Theory
Yes Theory 4 aylar önce
Subscribe y’all! Much love and thank you for watching ❤️ - Thomas
Lankesh 2 gün önce
If you want a great story video, i have a great story guys mail me on - lankeshgopal@gmail.com
Miko R
Miko R 23 gün önce
South Africa, Cape Town I subscribed today and I also only discovered your channel today. You guys are dope and amazing. 👌
Icarius Unknown
Icarius Unknown 23 gün önce
Yes Theory you blew it
Fabio Deras
Fabio Deras 25 gün önce
Done, hi from ES Central América
Miguel Macias
Miguel Macias 28 gün önce
Ok me atraparon, ya me suscribì, jajajaja
Luckylovebae 48 dakika önce
Actually day drinking in Italy is normal AF, Italians love their wines and prossecco’s they drink it all day long
Username 6 saatler önce
The burestta giveing them cocktails be looking like charli dimelo
XTIEBABY 13 saatler önce
y'all really should've came to alberta
Manuel1723 _
Manuel1723 _ 13 saatler önce
2:00 *dude just randomly asking for the pizza*
ExplicitPlayz 1
ExplicitPlayz 1 Gün önce
You should hire him
Bad Word
Bad Word Gün önce
Alberta kinda sucks though
Seth Strauser
Seth Strauser Gün önce
"T-Boogie is KO'd right now"😂
OBSCEN3 Gün önce
Hire him as your photographer
Renato Leon
Renato Leon 2 gün önce
Travel to Rwanda! I'm a 19 year old who's had the opportunity to live in several counties so far in my life, but Rwanda was something else. I hope to be able to go back someday and reconnect with the things that made my time there some of the best years of my life ❤️
Lucy_ 112
Lucy_ 112 2 gün önce
Aimee Tambwe
Aimee Tambwe 2 gün önce
I just wanna know what kind of camera that guy was using????????!!!!!!
Flavia Medina
Flavia Medina 2 gün önce
Reasons why you need a passport Facts
ErebsarGames 2 gün önce
CSGO 7:03
ferre van ham
ferre van ham 2 gün önce
My dream is to have a huge cacti garden for commercial purposes and also cause it is just so damn beautiful. Planted 6000 seeds 4 months ago. In 2 years they will be too big for our house so forcing me to buy ground and a greenhouse etc. Once the seed of your manifestation is planted there is no way back, atleast if you take a big enough step. Dream big boys.
ferre van ham
ferre van ham 2 gün önce
Non subscribed viewers is a sign that it are mostly new people. It's a sign you guys are growing and it is obviously good to get new people on board.
aniket virat
aniket virat 3 gün önce
When will you take me (a subscriber) around the world 😋
JEBUS CHRIS 3 gün önce
I live in Alberta and I have no clue why he would really want to come here.
Wok Among Us
Wok Among Us 3 gün önce
This idea was so crazy its AMAZING!
Brennan Prasad
Brennan Prasad 3 gün önce
as someone from alberta, dont come here
PhotomagBen 3 gün önce
I have subscribed after watching the very first video with you guys
PhotomagBen 3 gün önce
i was shocked to hear that you were taking water boat :D
AxelQC 3 gün önce
Venice is extremely charming and extremely frustrating. After a few days, the frustration starts to overwhelm the charm.
liisa 3 gün önce
Hello, I have passport and place where I would like to go ;))
Hamiz Playz
Hamiz Playz 3 gün önce
AvilatGreen 3 gün önce
hey guys just fyi i have a valid passport
ilove2929 4 gün önce
His smile gets just bigger when he arrived at venice . Glad u did it guys
ryan banister
ryan banister 4 gün önce
I subscribed after watching two of your videos. I'm about to binge the rest, but also, I appreciate you guys showing the photos he was taking. It shows how much you care about the success of others.
Jorge C.A
Jorge C.A 4 gün önce
Find an academy and go running
Random RimRock
Random RimRock 5 gün önce
Ogae I'm actually a huge fan of y'all but I forgotten to press the subscribe button now I did
Zihan Zhang
Zihan Zhang 5 gün önce
first youtube channel that I turn on the notification for
Anna Khaustova
Anna Khaustova 5 gün önce
JP is so cute that he should be part of your gang
Fred S.
Fred S. 5 gün önce
Soo.. i'm glad i'm in the 46% part then
SAVAGE-_- GAMER 5 gün önce
Thomas said hell in a church " oh stinky" xD
Robbie13 5 gün önce
am already subscribed dahling Thomas 😍
Tbird761 5 gün önce
Imagining myself in this position. I'd have been the absolutely most boring possible invitee to film, but I'd have enjoyed it.
Dannan Pearcy
Dannan Pearcy 5 gün önce
Man, Alberta sucks. I've lived here my whole life and it is BORING.
Andrew Lugo
Andrew Lugo 5 gün önce
It would be better if it wasnt a fan bc they wouldnt no what they’re in for
Dani T
Dani T 5 gün önce
Wtf we were in venice around the same time what if I saw you without knowing
Samuel Jose Figueroa
😭this video makes me want to go to Venice so bad ...my school is hosting a trip there and I wish I could go but I'm broke 😭
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