I tested them in Minecraft early and so should you...

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We added the mob vote mobs to Minecraft early so that you could form the perfect vote for you. Check out the glare, the allay, and the copper golem on Origin Realms. ▶ play.originrealms.com | originrealms.com

Minecraft, but I added the mob vote mobs early. If you enjoyed this video, check out I gave the savanna biome an update for Minecraft. I coded Endermen differently in Minecraft. Or even I coded Your Ideas in Minecraft.




15 Eki 2021




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SystemZee Aylar önce
VOTE GLOWSQUID and check out Origin Realms! play.originrealms.com also maybe subscribe.. this was a lot of work :)
Choxolazii 6 gün önce
@Renato Schlaefli now i fear that this will happen lmao
Axolotl yt
Axolotl yt 10 gün önce
@Jacob Rainey the useless hella dumb strange flying thing for lazy people who are lazy to get iron lazy to make hoppers lazy to collect/allay. They said it has only a 15% chance of spawning. It’s rarer than 50 iron and. I’m not lazy to go on a cave trip for some iron. The game itself is called MINEcraft MINE AND CRAFT. Which means mine iron craft hopper…USELESSSsSsSssS….. I will never use the allay.ITS JUST DUMB
Jacob Rainey
Jacob Rainey 10 gün önce
@Axolotl yt Copper Golems are useless, they can be replaced by a chicken and some pressure plates. The only useful mod is the Allay
Egan’s cat videos
Egan’s cat videos 17 gün önce
yogesh bajpai
yogesh bajpai 26 gün önce
I will vote for copper golem
Isaac Hampton
Isaac Hampton 2 saatler önce
i wawnt the alley!!! its got a little halo!!!
Tim Ohara
Tim Ohara 6 saatler önce
Copper golem and allay wouldve gone together good
Shaun Starr
Shaun Starr 15 saatler önce
I want them all tho
Ryan Jagpal
Ryan Jagpal Gün önce
Oh they’re actual mobs, I thought they were achievements Woah I’ve never seen those amethyst like crystals hanging down those caves and there grass in the hollow trunks, I hope that’s actually the generation in 1.19
Karan Kohli
Karan Kohli Gün önce
Copper golem is so cute pls vote him 🙃
gyan bissa
gyan bissa Gün önce
Uyaq Anvil
Uyaq Anvil Gün önce
Successful & Pretty
the golem
Renvor Gaming
Renvor Gaming Gün önce
I hate people for voting on allay
Sara Riley
Sara Riley Gün önce
you should be able to tame the coper golem and it shold attack your enimies like a dog
Jacobs tv
Jacobs tv Gün önce
I vote allay
Scorpion0535 2 gün önce
Can you give the allay netherite drop netherite will the allay get netherite
Paul Niezing
Paul Niezing 2 gün önce
Kohan Rains
Kohan Rains 2 gün önce
Yes copper golem has my vote copper got added and is useless asf
Silver Scorpio
Silver Scorpio 2 gün önce
I kinda wanted copper golems. Would've given us something cool to do with Copper.
The Stuff of Lime
The Stuff of Lime 2 gün önce
I like allay but i dont like how it drops /gives you items next to NOTE BLOCKS. What happens if you dont have note blocks
WinstonCantWait 2 gün önce
Does it work on bedrock?
John Caldwell
John Caldwell 2 gün önce
Copper golem
Toi Let
Toi Let 2 gün önce
I vote coper gollum
Connor English
Connor English 2 gün önce
It's not working for me cuz I'm trying it out
Maky Manson
Maky Manson 3 gün önce
If only it was possible to add all of them
Bing schilling
Bing schilling 3 gün önce
Thanks to dream we have the allay
Porsha Clontz
Porsha Clontz 3 gün önce
This was posted on my 14th Birthday!
Ahmad Zaydan
Ahmad Zaydan 3 gün önce
We lost the third member of the golem brothers.
mineWorlds 3 gün önce
Copper Golem🥺🥺
Ishikaze 3 gün önce
okay, i get why the glare might be useful on bedrock but there are plenty of ways to make a randomizer, so thats why i dont get why people say the copper golem could be useful other than being super cute
Johnathan Hoeft
Johnathan Hoeft 3 gün önce
I'd vote for them all!! They all have great things to help you out!
Notplzhelp 3 gün önce
I Will vote allay
raghad ♡︎.
raghad ♡︎. 4 gün önce
When those thing will add to minecraft??
Aryan Sidhu
Aryan Sidhu 4 gün önce
3:22 ...
SneezeLoweze 4 gün önce
I hate how the dislike button is gone
Multiverse Man
Multiverse Man 4 gün önce
I want all of them!!
Madeleine Nieuwenhuis
Where is archaeology.
Qaseem Khan
Qaseem Khan 5 gün önce
Qaseem Khan
Qaseem Khan 5 gün önce
Copper foaled
KiD's Eat & Play Channel
The Minecraft mob vote in 1.7 was a rig
shreyansh Yogi
shreyansh Yogi 6 gün önce
Vote Cooper golem
Pikachu 6 gün önce
Allay already won
Choxolazii 6 gün önce
let's have a vote in the comments! :> 🍧 Allay 🍒 Glare 🐚 Copper golem Write a reply for the one YOU want / like with the emoji that I put in front of it! :D
Red sean
Red sean 6 gün önce
Copper Gollum all the way
Chiraggamer 6 gün önce
My Favorite Mob Is allay!
Gakusangi 7 gün önce
Jeez, the Copper Golem would have actually given me something to do with copper. As it stands now, I hate finding the stuff everywhere XD
ZRain wikida
ZRain wikida 7 gün önce
I think they should’ve added them all
Sergio Plays
Sergio Plays 7 gün önce
I vote the Copper Golem! Cause I can make a village with them!
Briohny Dixon
Briohny Dixon 8 gün önce
Copper golem
CrazyEeeveeLoverFan Althea
I wish I had java so I could join the server and test the mobs out
romina svast
romina svast 9 gün önce
I love the copper golem 🤗
Girlboo 9 gün önce
I can't wait to see the new mob
Dream 9 gün önce
Ababei Simona
Ababei Simona 9 gün önce
Arya Chelsea Azarraga
Hmmm i want ALL!
Disguised Puppy
Disguised Puppy 9 gün önce
Allay will be useful when my friends drop diamonds it will steal from them Muhahahahaha
Hikeem James
Hikeem James 9 gün önce
I want the ally or coper golems to be voted in
Benji14gamer 9 gün önce
The allay won
Steinar Hov
Steinar Hov 9 gün önce
I love THE allay + is so CUTE!
Robert McCain
Robert McCain 10 gün önce
I like the glare
Leandro Succini Limoeiro
allay for me
desu38 10 gün önce
Copper golem -slaves- workers!
SKD DLU 2 10 gün önce
Bubble Moosehunter
Bubble Moosehunter 10 gün önce
? What did you say
Mr creeper
Mr creeper 10 gün önce
Can you make it again in Minecraft pe
Joshua Fronda
Joshua Fronda 10 gün önce
Unfortunately the cute little pressy button guys didn't win
ollies 11 gün önce
im mad that they added the allay. like i mean- its usuless. it wont give you diamonds like some people think it will. i wish they added glare or the copper golem. theyre both so cute and they actually do something. even if the glare just shows if mobs can spawn here its so cute and cool and it would be a cute little pet, the same with the copper golem
Adrian Todd
Adrian Todd 10 gün önce
people didn't mainly for it because they thought it would give you diamonds, they voted for it because of its efficiency in farms. from what we were told, copper golems push buttons and are basically a decoration block which isn't bad but less useful and the glare has a cool design but it's a walking f3
tutel 11 gün önce
Brodie Graham
Brodie Graham 11 gün önce
Those mobs just don’t feel like Minecraft
Egg Egg
Egg Egg 11 gün önce
I'd sell my soul to China just to have them three exist in the next update
CP 11 gün önce
Ethan Carrilho
Ethan Carrilho 12 gün önce
I vote for the copper gelom
49 Beauty
49 Beauty 12 gün önce
I have ONLY bedrock edition no java
Mikey Marangé
Mikey Marangé 12 gün önce
I am guna vote the allay
MLG MUI 12 gün önce
iron golem
Master_Block0107 12 gün önce
RIP Copper Golem 😭😭
Nick Low7-79
Nick Low7-79 12 gün önce
Cooper golem is one of The bests because redstone sistems for this
Ja'Cai Woodward
Ja'Cai Woodward 12 gün önce
I voted for ally and the Cooper golme
Asael Orocio
Asael Orocio 12 gün önce
I will like to vote the cyan nob
Sydney LA
Sydney LA 12 gün önce
I vote allay
Ayaan Narula
Ayaan Narula 13 gün önce
Allay is cute
Tinymogul 13 gün önce
Copper Gollum
Norhazirah Sakinah
Norhazirah Sakinah 13 gün önce
The ally is good
ThermoPlayz 13 gün önce
lizard boy
lizard boy 13 gün önce
I love the coper golem
huseyn 2010
huseyn 2010 13 gün önce
LOL 13 gün önce
What is the name of the mod?
dieseldan1973 14 gün önce
its hard to get copper on the server
Erma Ado
Erma Ado 14 gün önce
Copper golem
elena lopez
elena lopez 14 gün önce
Haillie-Jp Fiedacan
Haillie-Jp Fiedacan 14 gün önce
Why did allay won? Copper golem is more worthy than allay
zojo chan
zojo chan 14 gün önce
shity greedy people chose that useless mob to double things now look that copper golem and glare are even cute and useful
Shyanne Martinez
Shyanne Martinez 14 gün önce
It doesn't work it's fake
LITTLE_Dan 15 gün önce
What is the port?
O Soul_bolt O
O Soul_bolt O 15 gün önce
The copper golem+ the allay could be so gold together
anton bergström
anton bergström 15 gün önce
Maricel Elon
Maricel Elon 15 gün önce
I vote all they are cute allay is cute and copper gollem is cute to and glare is just ok
Min Thu
Min Thu 15 gün önce
Call me one day CD cover go down in Minecraft he is super cute
Zin Aniscal
Zin Aniscal 15 gün önce
copper golem!
ehdrick john g. gabarda
Alay is the best
Falco Grice
Falco Grice 15 gün önce
Copper golem, second funniest mob after axolotl 😭
Mildred Felipe
Mildred Felipe 15 gün önce
hmm its good if the allays design into crow
1k sub
1k sub 15 gün önce
I vote for copper guy
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