I Survived the World's Quietest Room

Ryan Trahan
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world's quietest room. pork chops. world records. let's defeat dr. phil




18 Eki 2021




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Ryan Trahan
Ryan Trahan Aylar önce
watch this with headphones for fun time 🤠
Leo Storm
Leo Storm Gün önce
@Grim Reaper 😂 I'm pretty sure he/she won't get any more deaf than they were before and would probably feel as if the would in a normal room ,maybe sense less tactile vibration but apart from that same I believe.
Danielle More
Danielle More 2 gün önce
I am wearing with thy headphones. This is like..... Cool
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 2 gün önce
What if a deaf person is in there ? 🤔
Adeen 3 gün önce
wow cool AND dramatic!!
Matthias von Helvete
What are these rooms for? Pardon: What´s "doing the pork chops" ? 6:17 *OHMYGOSH WHAT A GREAT GIFT TO ME - TRUE STORY* i immediatly wanted to watch the listed video "ASMR for men" but it would have taken me to long to figuere it out, and i couldn´t earch for it because i couldn´t remember the four letters...and direction, so this backholded video cames first.
Jorge Mario Gonzalez Ortiz
If is a quite room why you not shut up?
KatNITE 6 saatler önce
Umm…. No one’s gonna talk about the fact that his eyes are glowing white from the flash. If you didn’t know it means he has an eye disease,yeah you might wanna go to the doctor!!!!
super tuna🐟
super tuna🐟 8 saatler önce
Why aren't u blinking i think that why ur eyes getting hurt.
𝙎𝘼𝙇𝙄𝘼 11 saatler önce
is this how a blind person adapts?
TheWayoftheKing 11 saatler önce
that was a chicken breast.
Dream Bxnny
Dream Bxnny 12 saatler önce
wow! so cool and dramatic :)
princess lopez
princess lopez 13 saatler önce
Lmao 98% of the world’s moms would appreciate this, count your blessings.
Andreas Lundkvist
Andreas Lundkvist 14 saatler önce
One of those videos where you actually loose IQ just by watching
the 1falln
the 1falln 16 saatler önce
Johnny L1
Johnny L1 20 saatler önce
wow this was so cool and epic
Nuno Pereira
Nuno Pereira 21 saatler önce
People clearly don't meditate or reach deep states of mind if they think this was anything near an achievement lol
Shambhav Sajith
Shambhav Sajith 23 saatler önce
wow cool AND dramatic!!
Star Light
Star Light Gün önce
Vegan: The animals are raised in cages in excrement, and urine, and you put them in your mouth?
Mbbs in Urdu hindi
I would sleep there to make a new record
Abdulmalik Umar
Abdulmalik Umar Gün önce
MONKS can spend hours in that room, deeply meditating. It's not that difficult for some people.
Meloman 201618
Meloman 201618 Gün önce
🤔 I have to dispute the 150dB claim of “front row” of a rock concert. Being in the music world for a while now I’d surmise that 150dB is at total peak transient - and that’s a maybe - why? Most active (powered) speakers have a total output handling of 130-137dB (at peak transient) before failure or driver distortion. That being said, most Rock concerts, if EQ’d correctly, achieve 110/115dB RMS with the peak transients around 118/122dB. RMS = Root Mean Squared. In other words, rms is the overall decibel (A-weighted) average throughout the program. 150dB is more like a Glock or a 12-gauge shotgun fired at 1 meter. These readings could be achieved from a high pressure microphone that possesses an unusually stiff capsule - and even then you may damage the mic. If you measure a rock concert, C-weighted or Z-weighted, maybe you’d see some 130dB or 135dB. I’m not trying to be difficult or a d*ck or a know-it-all, but after a particular level, one can’t hear the music anymore because it overexcites the room modes within the venue and the sound engineer just turns the band back down after a few songs anyway. Sometimes this happens by as much as 12dB. Most guitar amps won’t produce more than 120dB. 150dB is very difficult to achieve with EQ’d sound waves. As soon as you EQ anything you’re messing with phase and the physical property of the wave form changes.
Meloman 201618
Meloman 201618 Gün önce
Btw, GREAT comment on “I am the experience.” Exactly.
Austin Harn
Austin Harn Gün önce
This was cool and dramatic.
Delta Lima
Delta Lima Gün önce
I hope you meet your grandfather and I hope he adopts you.
David Seymour
David Seymour Gün önce
Wow cool and dramatic
David Ryūmon Dahl
Big deal. I am a parent. I would go the fuck to sleep or just sit there. Parents know this is not a challenge.
S.S. Minnow
S.S. Minnow Gün önce
To me my life has gotten much better when I lost 75% of my hearing.
Tyler Gillcash
Tyler Gillcash Gün önce
WRONG!.....the world's loudest room is my dining room when trying to eat supper with my five young kids.
buisyman Gün önce
41 minutes world record? Seriously? I could easily do 10 times that. AND I would love it. You'd have to force me to leave
Super Bowl Sundae
JAC Gün önce
My great grandfather survived 2 years fighting in the trenches in WW1.
Madmartigan Kilmer
Wow cool and dramatic!
Morin Gabriel
Morin Gabriel Gün önce
Wow cool and dramatic! XD
Llama Sugar
Llama Sugar Gün önce
I could do this *and* sit still.
Jonathan Pettersson
That's chicken in the end not pork
Frans Holmberg
Frans Holmberg Gün önce
How can you go insane? Quiet places are the best
Lesedi Nontando Mashaya
Literally me with ADHD This would cause a great anxiety to me I'd literally laugh,jump,Cry,scream or shout,I'd literally be super frustrated
Shane... Gün önce
My tinnitus is going crazy just thinking about this
Leonard Sterk
Leonard Sterk Gün önce
KCJ Musik
KCJ Musik Gün önce
Pffft, that's the last thing that can make me insane. My house is silent 24/7.
Umoke Uchenna
Umoke Uchenna Gün önce
i think i can break this record just need a sponsor to be there
Kapo 746
Kapo 746 Gün önce
Man sits in quiet room … Coming next week -man survives hoing to sleep in his bed …
Macs H
Macs H Gün önce
Interesting how he is in the dark for an hour and when the lights get turned on...not even a wince of the eyes. 😑
Impulsive Urge
Impulsive Urge 2 gün önce
Only extroverts would go insane in that room. Not me.
Mohsin 2 gün önce
An introvert: easy as f*ck.
Greg Norton
Greg Norton 2 gün önce
At last, something my deaf ass would excel at!
Bookworm Downunder
Bookworm Downunder 2 gün önce
omg so amazing
Joby Fluorine
Joby Fluorine 2 gün önce
That looks A W E S O M E! No barking dogs! No loud neighbor's music! No neighbor's loud ass truck! Finally, I can read in peace!
Kunle-Felix Olaniyi
Kunle-Felix Olaniyi 2 gün önce
How is oxygen passed into the room?
Ringtone 2 gün önce
Calux did 10 hours in this box
Caroline Lavasteel
Caroline Lavasteel 2 gün önce
Is this what death is like? Being consious, but no senses at all (smell, vision, hearing, touching)
Wayne T
Wayne T 2 gün önce
Hey this is cool and dramatic.
bailey ho
bailey ho 2 gün önce
this is cool and dramatic lol
Noah Holliday
Noah Holliday 2 gün önce
WoW cOol
Indigo Moon Tarot with Tiffany
This is perfect for parents lol peace and quiet.
Eliza Rose
Eliza Rose 2 gün önce
wow cool AND dramatic
Pash Hunter
Pash Hunter 2 gün önce
I hate zoomer haircuts. This was triggering
Dax_Xenos 2 gün önce
As someone who has the fan running even in winter just for background noise, I would go nuts
XRing15 2 gün önce
I could do about a day in that room without food.
craigslistrr O
craigslistrr O 2 gün önce
This is more about someone who can't STFU for any amount of time and enjoy the silence...
Howard Adderly
Howard Adderly 2 gün önce
Id hot box the shit out of it.
Luru Eyes
Luru Eyes 2 gün önce
Introvert: Amateur
Hobbyist Drone
Hobbyist Drone 2 gün önce
I really want you to have a grandpa. Subscribed!
Nenad ИС XC Shuput
You could of just fall a sleep, easy 10h.
Dark__Fire_ 2 gün önce
lol I need to try one day
runner007 2 gün önce
It’ not the most loud room , but the most reverberant , a total different thing. It exist in many laboratories. Anyway nothing special happen being alone in the anecoic chamber, it's just boring, extremely boring. You hear clearly natural noises of your body, that is all. I asked my professor to close me inside alone many years ago. Many researchers spend hours and hours inside that kind of rooms for job.
El Game'o Cammando
El Game'o Cammando 2 gün önce
Pfftlooool prob would've fallen asleep in the first 3 mins 😂 such peacefulness ahhh sleepy time
Bubba Hottep
Bubba Hottep 2 gün önce
He talked about hearing your joints and ears and stuff, but what about the sound of pooping myself. That would be fun.
Anaëlle Dinart
Anaëlle Dinart 2 gün önce
you ARE dramatic and that was cool, like cool aha
gebik dugong
gebik dugong 2 gün önce
My tinnitus’ triggered
Mr. Aetherium
Mr. Aetherium 2 gün önce
I could beat the world record.
Tim M
Tim M 2 gün önce
That pork chop actually looked really good
M S 2 gün önce
I'd love it. I wouldn't want to leave.
Loren Struthers
Loren Struthers 2 gün önce
Weak people. Trying being deaf.
Peter V
Peter V 2 gün önce
I would love to try it, I'd get some much needed rest!!!😴
SKYREUS 2 gün önce
Very nice man you did wel!
Nathaniel Nalls
Nathaniel Nalls 2 gün önce
Can literally hear a mouse fart 😅
Noah Julian
Noah Julian 2 gün önce
wow thats so cool and dramatic Ryan!!
Kristoffer Harms
Kristoffer Harms 2 gün önce
I have worked in facilities like this for hours during the night with only a flash light and never thought anything off it
felcas 2 gün önce
If someone pay me, I would like to try to settle record.
Selena Young
Selena Young 2 gün önce
vekshana vekshana
vekshana vekshana 2 gün önce
Wow cool and dramatic:)
Surprised TOM
Surprised TOM 2 gün önce
Honestly the only challenge I can beat.
Ilyes Adam
Ilyes Adam 2 gün önce
my room from 2 am to 5 am is quiet af bro wtf r u talking about ... everyday the same day
GHOST 2 gün önce
I'm from Middle East, I can vouch for 4:41.
Nitin Mohan
Nitin Mohan 2 gün önce
I m ready for being In there world's quiettest Room
Nitin Mohan
Nitin Mohan 2 gün önce
Where is it I want to break it
Swati Sharma
Swati Sharma 2 gün önce
wow, cool and dramatic!!
princess Hailey ella
I sat in room for 4 days and it just gave me tie think 41mnd is not long
Your stolen parachute
I would still hear my tinnitus so I'd be all good😁
laufendlich 2 gün önce
My tinnitus would have quite a debate with me in there
Alken Miranda
Alken Miranda 2 gün önce
But i thought this must be the quietest room, not darkest
Simnikiwe Kaywood
Simnikiwe Kaywood 2 gün önce
"I can hear my own heart beat and my chest feels tighter than a camels butt in a sandstorm "😂😂😂 I lot it😂
Sofia Palm
Sofia Palm 3 gün önce
I need to be in that room! I am a mother of a crazy screaming toddler!!! GIVE ME THIS ROOM!!!!
Jacek Kuc
Jacek Kuc 3 gün önce
I love silence, and I'm not deaf btw. We're disturbed all around every day that we use to it. Someone who mediate can understand it.
justplzme 3 gün önce
Is this room available at Amazon or ebay? I'd like purchasing one
Shashin D.
Shashin D. 3 gün önce
Wow cool dramatic documentary
Deanna Troy
Deanna Troy 3 gün önce
I didn't think I would watch this all the way through... Ryan is a genius.
V V 3 gün önce
Jokes on them I have tinnitus
x x
x x 3 gün önce
Surely he would be fine if the lights were on
Juniper Cosmic
Juniper Cosmic 3 gün önce
Lol bit of a douche move for that guy to lie to you about the 'record' tbh.. : /
Michele Rich
Michele Rich 3 gün önce
41 minutes psssssh. bring it ON. guarantee i could beat that
Ansh Nagpal
Ansh Nagpal 3 gün önce
Why don't people just sleep for like 8 hours? Lol
Alex_likes_lemons 3 gün önce
wow cool AND dramatic
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