I Survived On $0.01 For 30 Days - Day 25

Ryan Trahan
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Day 25. 1 penny. 1 MILLION MEALS BABY!
donate here - www.feedingamerica.org/penny




24 Haz 2022




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ACTOrange Shorts
ACTOrange Shorts Aylar önce
Already over 10 million meals. I'm speechless at what Ryan has accomplished so far.
javid khan
javid khan 10 gün önce
Hello ❤️
Blender Rendered
Blender Rendered 11 gün önce
@26 Mic random as advertising bro
Holden Aylar önce
@Don't read my profile picture okay
holxys Aylar önce
@RLM o
hid6 Aylar önce
SilkilySticky Aylar önce
imagine just waking up, getting your mail, and seeing Ryan Trahan sleeping on a hammock right in front of your house
Mr. Nidal
Mr. Nidal 22 gün önce
Or someone walking in the night and hearing him thanking his 50000$ donation
LDcobra93 Aylar önce
no i cant tbh.
Nick S
Nick S 17 gün önce
currently binging tf out of this series. Started two days ago. Such amazing work man! super curious about the crazy populated spots you put your hammock up at and if you caught any flack or just set up and took it down super late and really early.
nick 5 gün önce
i started yesterday at like 2 pm now it’s 9:33 am the next day and i’m already here 😅
Trek Greenwood
Trek Greenwood Aylar önce
Currently rewatching every episode in one night before Day 30 hits. As of this video, Ryan has: - Been to 5 states. - Been Great Reset 6 times - Been Great Reset IRL 1 time - Been Double Great Reset 2 times - Got 2 $100k Donations - Got a $69,420 Donation Memelord Trophy from Shopify
Alberte Carlsen
Alberte Carlsen 16 gün önce
how many times has he went to mcdonalds?
Queen of the underworld
@Josh Taylor he means stayed, flying over a state wouldn’t count neither driving
Josh Taylor
Josh Taylor Aylar önce
Hasn’t he gone through more than five technically since he has flew and taken a bus all the way across the Us
Denny Aulia
Denny Aulia Aylar önce
and a great refund.
clrssss Aylar önce
As he do this challenge for a great cause, you can see the tiredness on his face, yet he never forgets to enjoy his stay on different States he went on. Bless you Ryan. Definitely worthy series to watch 💕
TacoBellFan 22
TacoBellFan 22 Aylar önce
This has to be the most entertaining TRvid series of all time.
TacoBellFan 22
TacoBellFan 22 Aylar önce
@Trick stars thanks
Random Clipz.
Random Clipz. Aylar önce
Don’t read my name… . . . . . .L
Random Clipz.
Random Clipz. Aylar önce
Don’t read my name… . . . . . .L
TacoBellFan 22
TacoBellFan 22 Aylar önce
@Trick stars LOL
US Aylar önce
@Don't Read My Profile Photo POV: Attention Seeker
Lavyy Aylar önce
The amount of confidence that Ryan has in his cells is just insane
Lil Wonders
Lil Wonders Aylar önce
12:41 Ron if you see this comment I just want to say I really needed that I’ve been going through the worst time of my life and what you said kinda gave me some hope. So just thank you 🙏
The DDG Family Too
The DDG Family Too Aylar önce
Let's get ryan to 10 million subscribers before this series comes to an end. Honestly, Ryan deserves this for all his hard work! It's so crazy to think how he has managed to actually raise almost 11 million meals in such a short period of time. Way to go ryan!
Josh Taylor
Josh Taylor Aylar önce
Yeah ryan
Grace Rose
Grace Rose Aylar önce
He did 🥳
delyjah bradley
delyjah bradley Aylar önce
been watching since day 1! so proud of how far you have come, your doing something amazing and i’m glad i got to follow you on this journey
Ryan Casey
Ryan Casey Aylar önce
Monica Higuera
Monica Higuera Aylar önce
Hi Ryan! As inflation and gas prices are rising, earning money has been difficult for me. I was so sad when I realized I'd have to sell my car and ride a bike to work every day. Then after watching your series, "If Ryan can do it, so could I." The first day I decided to ride my bike I ended up finding an abandoned puppy and she made my whole day. I named her after you, her name is Rya. Back to the point, watching you humble yourself as you cross the states is so inspiring to the rest of us. I've been watching your series every morning as a reminder that anything is possible. Never has a TRvidr inspired me as much as you do. Thank you and God bless! Best regards from California, Monica
Saleena Akther
Saleena Akther 5 gün önce
@Don't read my profile picture ok i won’t.
Perrin Arceneaux
Perrin Arceneaux 9 gün önce
@Yns Mkr fu
Perrin Arceneaux
Perrin Arceneaux 9 gün önce
I like your comment
Galaxy Music9090
Galaxy Music9090 10 gün önce
I can't believe you adopted abandoned puppy dude you are an absolute Legend good luck with your life man
celia hunley
celia hunley 11 gün önce
aw this comment is so so sweet, i’m so happy that the puppy was able to be even a little bit of a light in your life 💛💛
Lion Plays
Lion Plays Aylar önce
Dude it’s like I’m going on an adventure with Ryan, he narrates very well, and the editor and camera man are the bomb
Taylor Phillips
Taylor Phillips Aylar önce
ron is so sweet omg the interviews have got to be my favorite part of this series. ryans confidence is unmatched
MB Aylar önce
Ron is amazing. Help those that are willing to help themselves.
Macy Schepper
Macy Schepper Aylar önce
ryan let me just say you are amazing, taking all this time to raise money! you are killing it!! thank you!
El Yankee
El Yankee Aylar önce
Bro, you have such a kind and great heart, this world does not deserve you honestly🥺
the_names_omar Aylar önce
@Toxlfied .
Will Slade
Will Slade Aylar önce
Epic_Gaming_Roblox Aylar önce
@Toca Olive like what do you mean the world doesn’t deserve him lol 😂
Epic_Gaming_Roblox Aylar önce
@Toca Olive that’s what I’m like
antxn Aylar önce
Going into the reset risk with 187 dollars is just such a baller thing to do, much love Ryan!
rued siuu
rued siuu Aylar önce
I’ve been keeping up with the series from day one and it is so entertaining! Keep up the good work Ryan, you help a lot of people! :)
The Homie
The Homie Aylar önce
What Ryan is doing is so awesome! He’s proving that u can accomplish a ton without a lot of money, while raising so many meals for people in need
My Journey
My Journey Aylar önce
Congratulations for 10M subs RYAN!!! This Journey has been amazing and so inspiring to all of us watching!!! I'm so glad to be part of The Journey and more to come!!!!
Respect 8k
Respect 8k Aylar önce
Ryan, you absolute legend, hope you hit 10 MILLION SUBS before the end of this series
Random Clipz.
Random Clipz. Aylar önce
Don’t read my name… . . . . . .L
Elijah Aylar önce
@Goochie Thanos I didn’t know who he was until I saw a tiktok ab this series and I started watching and subscribed
philpmc Aylar önce
@Alfredor_10 9.42 m subs thats barely????? And ppl who domt sub to him watches him too
Elizabeth Harvey
Elizabeth Harvey Aylar önce
You give me so much inspiration and hope for the world. You and the people you’ve met on the way gives me hope in humanity. Thank you for what your doing
Steven Sierra
Steven Sierra Aylar önce
These videos have given my days such a positive boost! You’re awesome Ryan
Specialized Chemicals
let's take a moment to be grateful for the others behind the series! we probably wouldn't get these daily without the editor and occasional cameraman!
Lori McCurley
Lori McCurley Aylar önce
I’m so happy about all the meals that they made I am so proud Ryan
Varuna Aylar önce
over 10 million meals raised and almost 10 million subs. I'm so proud of the youtube community!
wilbur games
wilbur games Aylar önce
​@アレックスAlex 🅥 haha
Random Clipz.
Random Clipz. Aylar önce
Don’t read my name… . . . . . .:)
Random Clipz.
Random Clipz. Aylar önce
Don’t read my name… . . . . . .:)
based Aylar önce
@26 Mic Lame af
TheSchaeWay Aylar önce
I’m delusional from a long day of work and Ryan knocking the bowl over and accidentally scanning it sent me into a rage of laughter 😂
Mohamad Emam Al Sharif No6b
this is so wholesome seeing how kind people really are
I am subbing back to everyone who subs me
Already over 10 million meals. I'm speechless at what Ryan has accomplished so far.
Avery Riley
Avery Riley Aylar önce
I love this series I’m not ready for it to end
RJMBricks Aylar önce
I have a feeling Ryan is going to cry when this series is over... and so am I... because this is one of the coolest things to see happen, and probably the coolest thing to experience.
alinton Rosales
alinton Rosales Aylar önce
he did he was a legend for that😕
Nuova Aylar önce
He won’t cry most of the emotions are played through
Ayari Lais
Ayari Lais Aylar önce
DAYU Aylar önce
Violet Molloy
Violet Molloy Aylar önce
asos zan
asos zan Aylar önce
U can see how exhausted he is in his eyes but this gentleman will do ANYTHING to bring to us amazing content hang in there buddy it’s worth it
Jennifer Abney
Jennifer Abney Aylar önce
Ryan you have worked so hard and you are so good at starting with a penny I could never do that❤️
Ryan B.
Ryan B. Aylar önce
Ryan Trahan is my new favorite youtuber. This series is amazing and so entertaining. I found myself sneaking watching it when i was grounded
JustaKid Aylar önce
What Ron said hit different after just getting hit in my first car, dunno how I'm gonna have the money but just gotta hope it works. Keep it up Ryan 🥲
Electricskul Aylar önce
I bet he is just so tired, no days off and he hasn't even complained about it, the fact that he didn't buy a ticket to finish the series means he really cares, and it is inspiring to see such hard work tied with such a great attitude. I have an Insane amount of respect for those who donated and the ones who are making it happen❤
Ayari Lais
Ayari Lais Aylar önce
Just Nez
Just Nez Aylar önce
@Jaydee One is one person and the other is a different person? That is how it is different? One is in front of the camera and the other is editing it so that he can actually do the challenge? I don't see the point in questioning the integrity of the video that is trying to bring positivity. That's like guilty unless proven innocent and brings down the vibe of the series.
catheseries Aylar önce
Joshua Wilcox
Joshua Wilcox Aylar önce
@BrunoClixe he does, but that doesn't mean he can't be tired of it
Angelica Urrea Cisneros
he having fun
Ohio United Pro Clubs
Hello Ryan me and my cousin have been watching your videos and we got inspiration from your penny seris and we are going to be doing this on vacation. Just like you all the money we make will be donated to charity. Thank you so much Ryan!
lopsided lizzie
lopsided lizzie Aylar önce
can we just appreciate that this man is actually doing this
Soham Paranjape
Soham Paranjape 10 gün önce
Ryan man... Amazing 💯 No other words... U show in the videos it's not that hard and it can be done pretty swiftly but there are countless obstacles you have to deal with every sec that we cannot imagine
billuak4shot Aylar önce
Have a blessing day ron such random kindness we've seen in this series is unbelievable.
Jake Aylar önce
Ryan’s so humble he only ever mentions the fundraiser and not what this series has done for his career. Man has gained 1.5M subs and still get emotional about the donations. Just a good dude who deserves the platform. I’m excited to see how this ends and what series he does next. This has been the highlight on TRvid in 2022 big ups and congrats!
@Jesus Saves! amen 🙏
Jesus Saves!
Jesus Saves! Aylar önce
Your worries (yes, anxiety), depression, suicidal thoughts, EVERYTHING will melt away and be NO MORE when you lean on God and put your trust in him! When I have physical pain, I literally pray and the Lord quells it, that I am healed! Know that there is power in the name Jesus Christ! His name casts out demons and heals! People are bothered by his name. The world hates the truth and wants to continue living sinfully! God's children are set apart (holy) and righteous.
Jesus Saves!
Jesus Saves! Aylar önce
Hey! Did you know God is three in one!? The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit! Bless him! Jesus died for our sins, rose from the dead, and gives salvation to everyone who has faith in him! True faith in Jesus will have you bear good fruit and *drastically* change for the better! Have a blessed day, everyone! ❤
Will Turner
Will Turner Aylar önce
Biking across America
Random Clipz.
Random Clipz. Aylar önce
Don’t read my name… . . . . . .:)
Garden Girl
Garden Girl 21 gün önce
Best series ever! ❤ thank you Ryan
Danny Rowland
Danny Rowland Aylar önce
Ryan you are an amazing young man Stay true to who you are God Bless you
This Julius
This Julius Aylar önce
This has become my monthly routine, every evening watching these videos knowing that it will end soon 😢
AHNAF KHAN Aylar önce
there is just so much positivity in his videos makes my day better
Qwerty Aylar önce
Can we just appreciate Ryan's editor and how he cuts a full day into 15 minutes
Troll lol
Troll lol Aylar önce
@gage wilson you will be so "fun" in a party
Clear The Runway
Clear The Runway Aylar önce
I don't think anyone realized that before your comment.
amongus is real
amongus is real Aylar önce
@gage wilson you must be fun at parties
gage wilson
gage wilson Aylar önce
18:42 not 15
LilSituation Aylar önce
Probably edits the important parts when he earns and spends money and also the end and beginning along with his meals
Brandon Eggleton
Brandon Eggleton 5 gün önce
Idk if Ryan reads the comments on any of these still but your series is amazing and what you're doing is just so wonderful. You're putting so much good into the world. Also seeing Rob receive $400 to fix his truck reminded me of one time when I had a flat tire and basically no money but someone just randomly gave me $50. I didn't talk to him or anything he just came up and gave it to me. Stuff like this just shows that when you put good into the world good things will happen to you.
Amanda Ottaway
Amanda Ottaway Aylar önce
Let’s all appreciate him for making videos
Brodyn Aylar önce
Hey Ryan just wanna say great job and keep up the great work!
Kindra Yvette
Kindra Yvette Aylar önce
"I could eat this every day" Ryan, mate, you practically have 🤣 Also so so thankful you didn't get reset, I thought you were gone for sure
Smile Aylar önce
Congrats on raising over 10 million meals ryan!! Next up let's get to 10 million subscribers before this series ends as a reward for Ryan for doing all of this hard work, I know its possible! Keep being awesome Ryan and team 😇💕
Don't read the profile photo..
Don't read my name 😶
PM_Gaming Aylar önce
Phil McHawk
Phil McHawk Aylar önce
@ZBlinkZ I’m here before the blow up then
Night Aylar önce
Ayo belle delphine
Aanchal Cholkar
Aanchal Cholkar 28 gün önce
i love the awkwardness to all his videos! it makes me crack up! :D great job on your videos ryan! You will be very successful in your life and career!!!! :DDDD
Hey Thanks for the feedback,❤️ Expect more videos very soon Send a directly message👆☝️👆 I have something for you.📦🎁🎉🎁
neposchluk Aylar önce
this series is so insane and the best project ive ever seen on yt
itsHollowBoy15 Aylar önce
I like how he comes up with ways to make so much money on this video and good video Ryan :]
Kyra Akers
Kyra Akers Aylar önce
Ryan is like awesome, I would watch a 7 hour movie if he was in it.
kingpin1 Aylar önce
Ron's message sent literal goosebumps through my body
Dallas Davis
Dallas Davis Aylar önce
im proud of you ryan.
TMG Fishin'
TMG Fishin' Aylar önce
As a Tennessean, I'd just like to say we call all sodas "cokes", keep up the good work man!
KenSpeedruns Aylar önce
Im proud of you Ryan
Drive 615
Drive 615 Aylar önce
I don’t want this series to end :(
CuddlyBubbles 69
CuddlyBubbles 69 Aylar önce
It might come back next year!
Vewerty Ploik
Vewerty Ploik Aylar önce
@Panzer Eee
Panzer Aylar önce
@Vewerty Ploik Eee
Don't click on profile photo
Don't read my name - -
Random Clipz.
Random Clipz. Aylar önce
Don’t read my name… . . . . . .
Lul Laya Loves
Lul Laya Loves Aylar önce
Gold 9 gün önce
This man is always so positive
davidryansanchez Aylar önce
this man deserves 10 million more subscribers!
Jj Kram
Jj Kram Aylar önce
Can we just say how good Ryan looks with his beard
Naperossa Aylar önce
The fact this dude can put himself through all this and still wear a smile on his face is super cool. Big props to Ryan for this amazing series!
CasualCat64 Aylar önce
@Yung Weej no
Yung Weej
Yung Weej Aylar önce
@CasualCat64 he just needs to make 70 tomorrow or buy a ticket and wait, he’s pretty much done it
StarLafer Aylar önce
CasualCat64 Aylar önce
Hes not going to make it
Meltz Aylar önce
read my name >
Starii_Skyz Aylar önce
At this point I think Ryan is McDonald’s most frequent customer lol
Ridlay Aylar önce
Respect for standing in the road to get that sick shot to introduce the city lol.
jackson rutt
jackson rutt Aylar önce
Hey Ryan can you tell me how you can be this strong in this Challenge i envy you so stay positive in all the challenges of the future and just know I’m routing for you ok
Blobzii Aylar önce
The fact that he went through this journey to raise money for food makes me realise how much of a kind heart Ryan has. Lots of love and don’t stop being an inspiration ❤️
1.21 Gigawatts
1.21 Gigawatts Aylar önce
Rest in peace to the dude that quit drinking water. Such a brave soul, even to the very end.
1.21 Gigawatts
1.21 Gigawatts Aylar önce
@Hina Rahman You silly goose you!
Hina Rahman
Hina Rahman Aylar önce
@Freya oh
the tone-deaf genshin player
"tyrin' to quit water. have a drinking problem."
Freya Aylar önce
@Hina Rahman no its a joke
Hina Rahman
Hina Rahman Aylar önce
He died?
Lakeside Pvp Network
Hey Ryan Amazing editing and Videos Just gotta Recognize The Dedication
Connor Veldstra
Connor Veldstra Aylar önce
Mad respect to the editor
Vindex Gaming
Vindex Gaming Aylar önce
I love this series, I'm just curious how you charge your phone lmao
The Burger King
The Burger King Aylar önce
I love it when he says good morning sleepy heads because I always watch this in the morning
Lexi Hensler
Lexi Hensler Aylar önce
Killin it ryan!!!
Richard Bergner
Richard Bergner Aylar önce
CRAZY GAMER Aylar önce
Atleast he is killin it and it’s not killin him
Omg Lexi I luvvvvvv your videos! I’ve been a fan for 1 year! Keep up the work! You might be stealing Ryan’s spotlight…
ratio Aylar önce
Skybe Aylar önce
Happy or Sad
Happy or Sad Aylar önce
i always watch this series and i so proud of you ryan,,,you're very kind person😍
Will Wagner
Will Wagner Aylar önce
Can we just take a moment to appreciate that tame lapse tho 👀
NovA💕 21 gün önce
This guy’s hilarious i love this video
vearing islife
vearing islife Aylar önce
Ron's goin through it man he was getting choked up just saying a few words
Pip Lucas
Pip Lucas Aylar önce
Ryan, you haven’t focused on a couple negative things that have happened on this trip, and I’m sure there’s many big ones we haven’t noticed or seen. Mad respect for that. Keep your spirits up.
catheseries Aylar önce
@Xag wtf, that’s awful! Where did you read that from?
EvoiD. Aylar önce
@Xag yo that's fucked up
Matthew Aylar önce
@KataCoin Its not confirmed, but since he is removed from the donation list, people suspect he scammed him to be in the video.
Jfunk Morton
Jfunk Morton Aylar önce
@XagHe really looked like a nice guy cant believe he i that
Jfunk Morton
Jfunk Morton Aylar önce
@Xag Wow, I was wondering what happened to him
Oreo oerO
Oreo oerO Aylar önce
How about… when you deliver this penny. You go and see the country(s)/citizens that you have fed. Either way! Another brilliant and interesting video!!!!!
Michelle C
Michelle C Aylar önce
Ryan looked terrified when that dude came up to him😂😂😂😂 he seemed drunk
Specialized Chemicals
ron is cool af and so is family fizz, lexi, the anonymous dudes!
Egg Aylar önce
im still appalled that he eats his mcchickens without lettuce 😳😳
Ruby Hatley
Ruby Hatley Aylar önce
Pukingplumesgaming Aylar önce
The fact Ron came back to find you means you've made such an impact in people's lives. I'm gonna be so sad when this is over :/
Eternal Pyro
Eternal Pyro Aylar önce
@CuteChris Asencio no problem u have a good day 2
SLOW_BURN Aylar önce
@CuteChris Asencio if you go to his day 21 video in the comments you'll see my comment I tried to give him money but he wasn't able to accept it and then he was telling jokes on Broadway but I was still driving I tried to find him cuz I wanted to donate him my bicycle I tried to reaching out but it's kind of hard to contact a TRvidr especially one with nine point something million followers and he is traveling across the United States to get to North Carolina so I know he's definitely got other things on his mind besides some guy that ran into him at a McDonald's
SLOW_BURN Aylar önce
@CuteChris Asencio no he landed in Nashville on the 21st
CuteChris Asencio
CuteChris Asencio Aylar önce
@SLOW_BURN When Did You Meet Ryan? Yesterday
CuteChris Asencio
CuteChris Asencio Aylar önce
@SLOW_BURN When Did You Meet Ryan? Yesterday
Trin Trin
Trin Trin Aylar önce
Just now catching up on the series…..didn’t realize how close you were to where I live hope you enjoyed it over here in TN😁
Reagan Meintel
Reagan Meintel 16 gün önce
How’d you feel if someone tried to deliver you a penny starting from a penny
🌱Jhaeden 😺
🌱Jhaeden 😺 Aylar önce
I would love to have that self scanning container
Zenith 686
Zenith 686 Aylar önce
It's amazing what people will pay you for. But then again, I would rather buy the ice cold water from the guy on the street than the room temperature water from a store 2 blocks away.
The monster under ur bed👹
U can see how exhausted he is in his eyes but this gentleman will do ANYTHING to bring to us amazing content hang in there buddy it’s worth it
@The monster under ur bed👹 nope.
The monster under ur bed👹
The monster under ur bed👹
@The epic rock ok
The epic rock
The epic rock Aylar önce
wiilly wonkka
wiilly wonkka Aylar önce
Spending the 4.94 at the dollar general put you as exactly 160.00 and I just LOVED it
Stepan Gavrikov
Stepan Gavrikov Aylar önce
guuuys let's keep going to 10 million subs! Ryan really deserves it!
Alicia Sisk
Alicia Sisk 4 gün önce
The amount of times I have eaten at that McDonald’s is astronomical
Fire f1r3
Fire f1r3 Aylar önce
The way he moved his mcchickens a side like: "it's mine keep your hands of" lol XD 12:49
FadiFlashi Shorts
FadiFlashi Shorts Aylar önce
I was so nervous when he was about to check donations cuz he had so much money on him 😭🤣
Sarah Mufti
Sarah Mufti Aylar önce
@Sarah groucott you stole my name 😭😭😭
Will Slade
Will Slade Aylar önce
lo, same
KiMo Aylar önce
@cinnamon♡ not always, he says reset sometimes but sometimes he makes it a surprise
VoidQ Aylar önce
@Aiden_ horse foot panter
Aiden_ Aylar önce
@VoidQ chicken panther
Griffith Aylar önce
Can finally we made "GOOD NEWS" a trend, please. This is our time to share the good in the world
:D slothsaur
:D slothsaur Aylar önce
i live vicariously through you brother💯💯💯🤟
Angryman25 Aylar önce
im from nashville, and i can say that people being this nice is actually really common
Bruno Rezende de Lima
That was the best day for the challenge, wow!
musical_michael Aylar önce
in this entire series ryan has never been negative or in a bad mood. he always looks on the bright side which is why 9.45M people love his content
holxys Aylar önce
@Nicholas Destefano yes!!
Nicholas Destefano
Nicholas Destefano Aylar önce
Actually 10.2M
Simon Sibuyi
Simon Sibuyi Aylar önce
10.1m :0
Max Gyorffy
Max Gyorffy Aylar önce
think you mean 10 mil :O
Goog Aylar önce
10 million!!!!
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