I Survived Minecraft's Hardest Mod...

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We tried Minecraft's most difficult mod! This was hilariously challenging LOL! The ending was absolutely mental so make sure to stay for it

We are almost at 10 million subscribers!! That is so cool oh my god, let me know if you subscribed before 10 mil!

Edited by Tommy + Elodie :o (@elodiegif on twitter)

@Slimecicle @jschlattLIVE

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Seriously for a second, thank you guys so much for almost 10 million subscribers, I can't really believe it lol. I appreciate you lot so much, it really means the world. Let me know if you liked this type of video, it's something new and I had so much fun recording it :)




21 May 2021




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TommyInnit 8 aylar önce
Let me know if you guys enjoyed this type of video! Who knows... if you guys like this... those 100 days videos sound pretty fun to do >:)
BasicBunny 12 gün önce
It's been 7months I don't think we're getting chat-
TommyNotFound 16 gün önce
Shapeshift_Moon Aylar önce
Please do that, it has been 6 months! :o
Melanie Amélie Liá
Pony-Tube Aylar önce
@idk 🙄 do it
Ozan Burt
Ozan Burt 7 aylar önce
I like how jshlatt casually try’s to sacrifice his cat and has a religious mental breakdown in the middle of the video
E E 6 gün önce
[ ru5ty sp3cter ]
[ ru5ty sp3cter ] 11 gün önce
6:26 ( ゚д゚ )
・B_ONk・ 17 gün önce
It’s about a 5th into the video but yeah
2FoolsInOneVODS 7 aylar önce
@Tommylnnit ᨆ ah yes. Fake thomas
Gabrielius Lukošius
Gabrielius Lukošius 7 aylar önce
@Tommylnnit ᨆ A M O G U S
Carpe Diem
Carpe Diem 4 aylar önce
Charlie: - But I'm pretty sure god was affronted by something we said - Schlatt: *slowly turns to Pope *
Munkin 5 gün önce
@White Obama Don't tell them that! Let them have their fun!
White Obama
White Obama 7 gün önce
@olivia grace god isn't real
olivia grace
olivia grace 15 gün önce
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 🤎.
Antus Fire Nova 64
Antus Fire Nova 64 4 aylar önce
I love how Slimecicle sounds worried the whole way through
The  ExiIed  FeIIow
The ExiIed FeIIow Aylar önce
@Liam Barberian Goopy PTSD
Liam Barberian
Liam Barberian Aylar önce
I mean I think he has some vietnam flashbacks
Vaibhawi Roll-57
Vaibhawi Roll-57 2 aylar önce
lol so true
The  ExiIed  FeIIow
The ExiIed FeIIow 2 aylar önce
"RLCraft is not fun, it is stressful!" - Charlie Slimecicle 2021 Colorized
Mask of Doubts
Mask of Doubts 2 aylar önce
It’s RL craft what is there not to be worried about
Paradox 3 aylar önce
Jshlatt: “am I having a heart attack” Everybody else in existence: “I’ve seen this before” Edit: OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE LIKES THIS IS MY MOST POPULAR COMMENT EVER (happy noises intensify)
Urie Asui
Urie Asui 3 gün önce
yup sounds oddly familiar
Olivia The Wolf
Olivia The Wolf 3 gün önce
TheCre8t0r 20 gün önce
I am the 1000 like
Bella Abbott
Bella Abbott 24 gün önce
Oh damn😂 memories
Yoonkitty's tangerines
Snowdrop Pax
Snowdrop Pax 2 aylar önce
Tommy: Why's there a pressure plate? Schlatt: For the door dumbass. Charlie: Never make that assumption again. *Later on* Schlatt's Dogs: Both die because Schlatt made the same assumption and stood on a pressure plate that activated a trap door
Masterboa 15 gün önce
@olivia grace what does the Bible have to do with tommyinnit?
Snowdrop Pax
Snowdrop Pax 15 gün önce
@olivia grace I feel like if you're gonna go around 'preaching' and spreading your religion where it's not wanted, you could at least quote scripture that not everyone knows and quotes. For example: John 1:7; "But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin."
olivia grace
olivia grace 15 gün önce
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 🤎.
Green 2 aylar önce
i made the same comment as well lel
Masterboa 2 aylar önce
@Zen Time HD no
OwO 8 aylar önce
Impossible, he didn't say that this mod was insanely funny. I think the child is becoming mature now.
BasicBunny 12 gün önce
I see you everywhere..- for several months now
Awsomelot 76
Awsomelot 76 28 gün önce
Bilguudei Chinbat
Bilguudei Chinbat Aylar önce
The king is back
Michael S
Michael S 2 aylar önce
He put a >:) in his chat
loocy smok
loocy smok 2 aylar önce
him getting mature is even less possible than him forgetting to say it was insanely funny. in fact i believe he didnt say it not because hes not a child anymore but because he did not have fun while dying constantly for over 30 minutes
DawBlocks 4 aylar önce
14:11 I love how Schlatt is so proud of himself when he fell through the floor. Tommy: I'm sorry to say this but we have bigger problems that that. WHERE ARE YOU? Schlatt: I Fell through the floor :D Tommy: WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?
Elys :P
Elys :P 3 aylar önce
*jschlatt was slain by spider* the death message: "someone forgot to drink *shroud* coffee this morning"
—「 ayichii 」୨୧
Melz_ 3 aylar önce
"His name was F*ckWorld and now he's dead, I don't have enough skil to eat this bread."
REIGN GAMER Aylar önce
Ngl that was kinda 🔥
TwitterIsShit Aylar önce
Rip fuckworld 2021-2021
Ssushiee 2 aylar önce
I love how schlatt was genuinely attached to both of the dogs 😭
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Jschlatt: *Gets struck with lightning and dies* Tommy: "aRe YoU oKaY?"
Ibran MlR
Ibran MlR 21 gün önce
Ibran MlR
Ibran MlR 21 gün önce
Johnne Christianne lagco
Schlatt: *Literally dies* Tommy: "are you okay"
Joseph_Yagami21 6 aylar önce
@Paige Draney I see em every 10 vids
Uma 6 aylar önce
i see u everywhere. you like the @ikandoit of youtube
RecycledSock 2 aylar önce
Tommy: He's thinking of some f-cked up sh-t Jschlatt: *Peacefully gives cat head kisses*
Lord Yeetus III
Lord Yeetus III 3 aylar önce
Tommy: "Today, we only had *ONE* goal: To defeat the Dungeon Boss, *AND* survive!" Me: The math checks out.
RecycledSock 3 aylar önce
18:14 - 18:17 was the cutest most wholesome scene of jschlatt i have ever seen.
Llzzlf 2 aylar önce
Schlatt: Gets struck by lightning Schlatt: There is only one solution, a sacrifice
Sky LS
Sky LS 6 aylar önce
I love how Charlie acted as their traumatized guide, to RLcraft, especially considering he has played this before, and understands a bit about the mod pack
jessica ?
jessica ? Aylar önce
schlatt played it before with techno too
jellySawblade 2 aylar önce
Olivia The Wolf
Olivia The Wolf 3 aylar önce
EliotDoesStuff 3 aylar önce
@Sleep that’s true
Sleep 4 aylar önce
Well tommy played this before with boffy.
Ozimine 2 aylar önce
there are so many weird mobs in this modpack it actually looks like the scp foundation had a little oopsie
The AWE50MEMAN 3 aylar önce
I just started dying when Schlatt got struck by lightning and turned to the Pope to make a sacrifice, lmao.
Jared._ 3 aylar önce
I love how in the end it is seen that they work well as a team, I don't know if I explain myself
•Bøba_Ivy• Aylar önce
The way Jschlatt says "TOMMY!" at 24:38 and 30:55 he genuinely sounds worried*' Its way to wholesome for me✨
AxoTheMexican 8 aylar önce
I like how jshlatt casually tries to sacrifice his cat and has a religious mental breakdown in the middle of the video.
Max. 3 aylar önce
@Rob Orievolo no one cares about ur opinion lol
Rob Orievolo
Rob Orievolo 3 aylar önce
@Max. wow just shut up
bunny_crystals 3 aylar önce
@Max. Ik- I'm just asking. Are you really okay?
Max. 3 aylar önce
@bunny_crystals jesus Crist it's been four months
bunny_crystals 3 aylar önce
@Max. I'm just concerned. Are you okay?
Isabelle Cardenas
Isabelle Cardenas 3 aylar önce
I forgot that Charlie played this before lol! He’s just so traumatized lol
Wired User
Wired User Aylar önce
I love how traumatized Slimecicle sounds during this entire video.
Ansh Arora
Ansh Arora 3 aylar önce
I love how the moment jschlatt pulled out an iron axe, the soviet anthem just started playing
NeutOmega 2 aylar önce
“Why is the wolve skilled enough to wear clothes BUT IM NOT” -slimcicle 2021
Jpex_ 8 aylar önce
Charlie: I'm pretty sure god was affronted by something we said. Schlatt: *slowly turns and looks at the pope"
Gelas Pecah Chanel
Gelas Pecah Chanel 8 aylar önce
Lukas Eschler
Lukas Eschler 8 aylar önce
Yep, that happened
LemonGamer 8 aylar önce
@Топ4ик aaand there is the reason why i hate humans
Marcela Connell
Marcela Connell 8 aylar önce
When this happened I accidentally said the pepe bye
A Generic Human
A Generic Human 8 aylar önce
Take my offering *give the pope a cat
Justin Santana
Justin Santana Aylar önce
I just imagine tommy, tubbo, ranboo, will, and slimesical just playing this on easy mode. It hilarious.
Kiwi Aylar önce
I like it when Jschlatt is chill and less tyrannical😅
Marcello 2 aylar önce
I love how they only beat the dungeon boss if they tried doing a harder boss or dragon. D.E.A.T.H
AnnFranPlayz 28 gün önce
Can we take a minute to appreciate how genuinely good Tommy is at beatboxing?
Guilty 8 aylar önce
100 Days in Hardcore RL Craft? I think yes
JaxIsh 7 aylar önce
Does anyone know the intro music he used at the start of the video???
Ahmed Ali Nizamani
Ahmed Ali Nizamani 8 aylar önce
you don't know trvid.com/video/video-9U-m7YvkgTI.html
Pery Jack 🎶
Pery Jack 🎶 8 aylar önce
Gelas Pecah Chanel
Gelas Pecah Chanel 8 aylar önce
*Breezy Kiwi*
*Breezy Kiwi* 8 aylar önce
What’s up checkmark
•StellarWolfie• 3 aylar önce
The question is not how good the weapon or item is. It’s: Is Schlatt smart enough to use it
SirTasty Toast22
SirTasty Toast22 7 gün önce
Charlie just predicts what happens to schlatt so well its hilarious.
ꨄ-The Cherry Blossom Duo-ꨄ
Everyone: AHHHHHHH Schlatt: I’m stuck in the wall…
MindyLem 2 gün önce
after watching forge labs beat this mod (he technically beat the mod) then watching tom play was HILLARIOUS
bensonmyybeloved 8 aylar önce
"hes thinking about some fucked up shit..." schlatt: *hugging and petting his cat*
★A Pɪʟʟᴏᴡ★
★A Pɪʟʟᴏᴡ★ 7 aylar önce
@Random man no
Random man
Random man 7 aylar önce
Get saved by jesus so you can go to heaven ✝Tell people about jesus ✝ Tell people to get saved by jesus ✝
Wolfish Bear
Wolfish Bear 7 aylar önce
@Zyran ah ignoring my reply right below his
Zyran 7 aylar önce
@damar samuels like u
AnRandom 7 aylar önce
Reboot Artist
Reboot Artist 3 aylar önce
Why is it the first of Tommy’s videos I watch, it’s this type of chaos. Lovin it
Fredrik Nygren
Fredrik Nygren 16 gün önce
I haven't laughed so hard in a while thank you tommy
rae ludiansa
rae ludiansa 9 saatler önce
Them: tries to do second floor of tower Tommy and slimecicle: hyah run away run away theres so many ahhhhh Jschlatt: *casually trying to get out of the wall the entire time*
Toben🇨🇦 8 gün önce
I like how at the start of the video tommy and schlatt disregard all danger and Charlie’s voice is always full of worry and paranoia.
Zorua Tricksta
Zorua Tricksta 4 aylar önce
Tommy: "Hey there beautifu-" Smile fades so fast. "...you don't have a face." That was my favourite highlight so far.
checker lord
checker lord 2 aylar önce
666 likes at the time I’m seeing this, congrats
୨୧—ˏˋ꒰ pawz !! ꒱
@M a d d i e 5:08
M a d d i e
M a d d i e 3 aylar önce
wait timestamp?
XxcharxX-TG 3 aylar önce
My favorite was: phh phh pu chhh his name was fuckworld and now he’s dead I don’t have enough skill to eat this bread
*+Sammy_Studios+* 3 aylar önce
If you use a fishing rod on the dungeon boss there’s a glitch that flings him away then you can grab all the loot ;>
ANGSTY CAT 3 aylar önce
Tommy attracts Quackity immediately Tommy: I killed the lobster I have krack/crack
Echo Slot
Echo Slot 20 gün önce
This is cool, I would love to see more!
Nora Boulos
Nora Boulos 3 saatler önce
7:38 - 7:51 jschlatt's screams had me wheezing
Pari 8 aylar önce
Tommy and slimesicles: actually trying to beat the game Jschlatt: 𝗜 𝗮𝗺 𝗶𝗻 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝘄𝗮𝗹𝗹
QuantumoGaming 8 aylar önce
Jοhnny 8 aylar önce
@|Drunk Alcoholic Chef Making Food imagine sending a baking video.
Jοhnny 8 aylar önce
@Kurt Anthony Covita no they aren't located on the comment section. They're hidden on users' reply sections
Kurt Anthony Covita
Kurt Anthony Covita 8 aylar önce
@Jοhnny and you have to scroll deeply to find them
Jοhnny 8 aylar önce
@Kurt Anthony Covita at least we have Deep Humor
Bajaco 3 aylar önce
"We're almost at 10 million" 4 months later he hits 11 million. That's insane
TinBoiii 4 aylar önce
I love how Charlie warned them that think process of thinking every pressure plate will get u killed and then it actually happens
Norman 2.0
Norman 2.0 20 gün önce
I love how jschlatt was legitimately upset when fuck world dies.
Francesca Faith F Walde
I cant stop laughing when schlatt was trying to sacrifice his cat
Wacky Wyvern
Wacky Wyvern 8 aylar önce
I love how Jschlatt just sacrifices Jambo with no hesitation
HANHAN 8 aylar önce
@imjustjacob yes very wow
imjustjacob 8 aylar önce
i am the only non bot here very much pog
RAYMAN 8 aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-kdv3lzNpYBE.html trvid.com/video/video-kdv3lzNpYBE.html
imjustjacob 8 aylar önce
Sonic . E x e
Sonic . E x e 2 aylar önce
Tommy: "We only have one goal… it”s to defeat the dungeon boss….. and survive!!!1!11!" Me: that’s two goals…
blinkfilms1 3 aylar önce
Not being able to tell if Charlie is shirtless or just wearing a perfectly skin colored shirt
XDrkPhoen1xX 4 aylar önce
I would like to see them and philza play this
Stelthinator164 Aylar önce
i like how he missed the best chest on the tower that's on the roof
maul and vader
maul and vader 2 aylar önce
17:59 🤣 "I don't have enough skill to eat this bread"
Salahudeen Arunkumar
Alternate title: “Turns out Schlatt is cracked at RLCraft.
George Walton
George Walton 3 aylar önce
Charlie: STAY LOW AT ALL TIMES Jshlatt: I am gonna go hunting
Lily Chavez
Lily Chavez Aylar önce
I love how tommy got 11 mil!! He has reached all lot of milestone to get here 🙆🙆❤❤❤👍
Sneegsnag 8 aylar önce
I can’t believe you guys played RLCRAFT without me
fr0ggie 2 aylar önce
Reem SL
Reem SL 2 aylar önce
Indian Toast
Indian Toast 2 aylar önce
@Ere because you are a
Snaxalotl 3 aylar önce
andrew li
andrew li 3 aylar önce
So true honestly I would love to see you in a mod video
Ultra!Seijin~ 2 aylar önce
*17:56* & *19:27* Tommy is so good sheesh pog!
MeowBean Aylar önce
“He’s thinkin bout some fucked up shit” Shlatt: * cuddling his cat *
ItsUnpug 3 aylar önce
Tiko fan
Tiko fan 3 aylar önce
When charlie say I need to upgrade my mouth I can't stop laughing
Retro System
Retro System 6 aylar önce
Tommy: He's thinking about some fucked-up shit. Schlatt: **solemnly kissing his cat on the head**
Sean Basu
Sean Basu 27 gün önce
18:11 for anyone who’s wondering :)
LeQuassler_lp 3 aylar önce
Perfect timing
thoriq zulkarnain
thoriq zulkarnain 4 aylar önce
@Deprecated i dont think naming the dog "literally anything else" would be any different
Deprecated 6 aylar önce
This funeral would be way sadder if he was named literally anything else
Sheepstix 2 aylar önce
Schlatt is just smiling when he says he fell through thestairs
MxTY 3 aylar önce
Schlatt: I hate this fucking mod dude! Tommy: *Literally makes a rooster sound*
TuxedoCrow 3 aylar önce
Schlatt dropping old school Hexxit took me back man
Rohan Jeremiah
Rohan Jeremiah 9 gün önce
god I wish you'd play this again with wilbur and tubbo too that would be amazing
ツGabiz 7 aylar önce
Charlie: "god was affronted by something we said" Jschlatt: **slowly looks at Pope cardboard**
ait redz1438 YT
ait redz1438 YT 6 aylar önce
The pope is a anitcrst
ait redz1438 YT
ait redz1438 YT 6 aylar önce
@Pure bobsense Jesus Christ is watching Tommy
Griselda Galindo
Griselda Galindo 7 aylar önce
Time stamp is 6:30 if your wondering
TuberTheBunny2021 7 aylar önce
Cat: bro wtf
Ricardo Rodriguez
Ricardo Rodriguez 7 aylar önce
Roblox Max
Roblox Max 23 gün önce
4:30 Charlie : « This is my posture. » Gamers can relate
Liam Barberian
Liam Barberian 4 aylar önce
I like how shlatt looked at the Pope and became terrified
TheDragonMist Games
TheDragonMist Games 3 aylar önce
I remember when doing an rlcraft stream I couldn't even step out of the house I had found since if I did I would be instantly killed🤣
Taru OwO
Taru OwO 3 aylar önce
This video needs to be at least two hours long
Drista 8 aylar önce
Jschlatt: the dog can’t speak English Slimecicle: He’s actually completely fluent in Spanish
Aaron S
Aaron S 7 aylar önce
@Joji Sakai what the fuck??
Waddles 8 aylar önce
@Loqque El Tratado de Versalles fue un tratado de paz que se firmó en dicha ciudad al final de la Primera Guerra Mundial por más de cincuenta países.1​ Este tratado terminó oficialmente con el estado de guerra entre la Alemania del segundo Reich y los Aliados de la Primera Guerra Mundial. Fue firmado el 28 de junio de 1919 en la Galería de los Espejos del palacio de Versalles, exactamente cinco años después del atentado de Sarajevo en el que fue asesinado el archiduque Francisco Fernando, (en alemán: Franz Ferdinand) la principal causa de la Primera Guerra Mundial. A pesar de que el armisticio fue firmado meses antes (11 de noviembre de 1918) para poner fin a las hostilidades en el campo de batalla, se necesitaron seis meses de negociaciones en la Conferencia de Paz de París para concluir el tratado de paz. El Tratado de Versalles entró en vigor el 10 de enero de 1920.
Joji Sakai
Joji Sakai 8 aylar önce
What the fuck why are you here drista you are tommy boyfriend
Watermelon Juice
Watermelon Juice 8 aylar önce
Becky :p
Becky :p 8 aylar önce
"Am i having a heart attack!?" -Jschlatt (who actually had a heart attack.) (1:26)
I’m BORED 4 aylar önce
You can actually loot the top of the tower with just a lot of blocks and a fishing rod
thekayme1 3 aylar önce
If Tommy could survive this… he could survive Doom Eternal 😛
Cloudexe 6 gün önce
You should do one of those 100 days rl craft with them! It will be very fun.
Timothy Schmiedl
Timothy Schmiedl 8 aylar önce
Schlatt making fun of Tommy for being cautious around pressure plates and then dying to them is so beautiful
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith 8 aylar önce
Ahhh 8 aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-uyCzK9jkdEk.html ,
Ahhh 8 aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-uyCzK9jkdEk.html ,
Ahhh 8 aylar önce
Kit •٨•
Kit •٨• 3 aylar önce
I think I just had a stroke from laughing at the sound of schlatts panicked scream
kayra yücetaş
kayra yücetaş 9 gün önce
isn't it ironic that charlie said "don't ever make that assumption ever or you'll instantly die." yet schlatt still made the assumption and lost both of his dogs and hiss stuff
WORLD WONDERS 2 aylar önce
Gotta accept Tommy really is good at rapping
TrueSuperNova 3 aylar önce
Schlatt offering a sacrifice was the funniest thing ever
Tender dream
Tender dream 8 aylar önce
Schlatt hugging his cat after having a mental breakdown is the most relatable thing
coffe_cup 8 aylar önce
@G Gjk no stop
G Gjk
G Gjk 8 aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-4Pp8kqXTi2I.html .
Jace Snyder
Jace Snyder 2 gün önce
Tommy is so good at this game. Im still stuck on skeleton boss
Jonah Kwon
Jonah Kwon 18 gün önce
I play RLcraft and just seeing them screw up everything this just the funniest thing ever
nano32_dll 7 gün önce
I think Schlatt screaming at the demon thing after waking up was unscripted lol, he had pure terror in his eyes
OogaBeluga 21 gün önce
Can we admire the fact that someone had to caption Charlie at 6:19
RANDOMNESS 5 aylar önce
Schlatt: *Gets struck by lightning* Schlatt: There is only one solution, a sacrifice
Slime 2 aylar önce
I’m going to get it to 669
google_was_my_idea 4 aylar önce
If I like the comment, it’ll change the 69- Eh, funk it-
Allen Elxirce
Allen Elxirce 4 aylar önce
underrated comment
KrazyKraftYT Roblox#Minecraft
25:27 whole new meaning of fall damage.
_Dragon_Soldier_9 _
_Dragon_Soldier_9 _ 3 aylar önce
Schlatt screaming could be my alarm clock. 7:50
King Connie Bonnie
King Connie Bonnie 2 aylar önce
JShlatt falling into lava was foreshadowed by the beginning scene with the pressure plate
BrokenAlt 4 gün önce
When charlie smiled after dying that got me the most lmfao 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Belle jho Bacolod
Belle jho Bacolod 8 aylar önce
“His name is Fuck World and he's already dead,I don't have enough skill to eat this bread" -Tommyinnit
iron man
iron man 7 aylar önce
iron man
iron man 7 aylar önce
iron man
iron man 7 aylar önce
B_I_R_B_S 8 aylar önce
This is giving me do chunky dead vibes
Hartono yayo
Hartono yayo 8 aylar önce
Melody (shorts)
Melody (shorts) 20 gün önce
i think you should do a 100 day video in RL craft with Wilbur, Charlie and Philza that would be hilarous!
%3RR0R% 2 aylar önce
29:53 ok- but is no one gonna talk how precious charlie's smile😭💔
ShadowFundsX 4 aylar önce
Tommy: “Hey Schlatt I’ve got a knife. “ Schlatt: “Thats an S tier weapon in the UK.” Me: “ No, no, no, it’s a shank tier or shamk (cheems version of shank) weapon.”
Eduda 4 aylar önce
03:50 jschlatt: give me this horn, i'll go have some fun me: oh- okay, am i uhh interrupting?
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