I survived ??? days in Star Wars Minecraft… 

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How many days can I survive in Star Wars Minecraft? Let's find out! For more Minecraft challenges and new Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga, stay bombastic 🕶
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30 Tem 2022




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Andrew's been ignoring The Rise of Skywalker for so long that he's in a completely different game
@kaseyc3453 Yıl önce
@dubbingsync Yıl önce
Yep, that’s what I thought as well. Blame the insanity I guess.
Intentionally or not, he's putting his distaste for episode 9 over the completion of the 9 movies.
@bluesundu Yıl önce
This map is not very good when it comes to not just changing what everything looks like
@bluesundu Yıl önce
The fact that they built the whole thing is crazy though
@marcpalau9086 Yıl önce
Hey Andrew! You can use fireworks while having the wings activated to boost your flight. Also, what you were doing with the axe was striping the wood. It serves no purpose other than to have a decorative block. Hope this helps!
@EobardThrawn Yıl önce
thats what I was gonna say
@robotswjd-9857 Yıl önce
@@EobardThrawn Yeah I was gonna say that aswell
@oscar_hayden09 Yıl önce
Just about to say that
@ZainZaferZZ Yıl önce
Andrew has become crazy enough to switch from Lego games to Minecraft
@General_Wispy Yıl önce
Next phase is roblox
@@erkutefeongor2247 next phase is Gmod , oh wait...... That wouldn't be so bad
@TalkingSushi777 Yıl önce
@@erkutefeongor2247 Roblox kinda sucks. I don’t think someone as good as bombastic would ever play it.
@mackmoss3055 Yıl önce
Tip: when looting a chest, and there are multiple of the same item scattered in different squares, double click one of them and it automatically collects them all into one square for you, instead of grouping them one by one
@brutality75577 Yıl önce
and shift click to move them quickly to the 1st available slot
@ItsMePopSquat Yıl önce
Andrew is so insane that he has gone from battlefront vids to Minecraft vids and doesn’t know if Minecraft is Star Wars or not
You were stripping the logs when you clicked on them, making them look different. It’s a cool tool builders use to make their builds look nice. Can’t wait for the next episode!
@drklarita Yıl önce
Really cool! Andrew, by the way, what you were doing with the logs was stripping them (it works like that for decoration) by right-clicking, but to actually mine them you need to hold left-click.
@HoodedFigure Yıl önce
I Find It So Funny That He Fights With A Golden Hoe Instead Of Iron Axe
Lmao same
Andrew is so insane that he has went looking for a “teddy Bear” village only to nearly hit one off.
@ARxAHS Yıl önce
I feel like Andrew shouldn’t have hints for this series so he can actually “survive” 😂 maybe he’d go more insane
@The_Dark_Umbra Yıl önce
Usually watching people who barely ever play minecraft play minecraft really annoys me but watching Andrew play will always be fun :D
@ARC5555Fives Yıl önce
I also have Star Wars Minecraft, and I completely flooded an entire Star destroyer and filled it with stormtroopers that try to kill you. Best experience ever, but I just wish they had a prequel version
@louie9724 Yıl önce
@DARKAURA999. Yıl önce
They have a prequel skin pack
@TalkingSushi777 Yıl önce
Commander ARC 5555 fives, the time has come. Execute order 66.
@knightium Yıl önce
how do I get it
@DARKAURA999. Yıl önce
@@knightium it is only on the bedrock edition marketplace
@starwarsnow Yıl önce
I remember when I first started playing minecraft I was playing like Andrew I pretty much had no idea what to do but you’re doing pretty good so far.
@mr2stein624 Yıl önce
There are two things I really like: Star Wars and Minecraft. I love this Tip: if you shift click an item from a chest or a barrel it automatically puts it in your inventory. Like this you don’t have to drag the items every time
I'm usually not interested in Minecraft but this this is beautiful
@starwarsnow Yıl önce
Tips: those tall droids are called endermen in normal minecraft you can defeat them by making two block high structures. You can fight back with your axe which will do more damage then a hoe. You can mine up your bed that way you can bring it with you that last major thing is that you can craft items by mining wood (or at least you can do that in normal minecraft so I’m assuming it’s the same).
@rushxhour2146 Yıl önce
Andrew is so insane that he will start to play a different game just to not start the rise of skywalker……. God I love this
With the wood, the axe strips the bark off the logs when you right click them
@moy_loy Yıl önce
I'll love to see a series of this :D
@anshshah2916 Yıl önce
When using elytra, you can use the rockets to boost you. Those rockets are the exploding ones so it will do a bit of damage
@lokkon4 Yıl önce
I like the fact that Andrew knows the entire star wars franchise, but still uses a Golden hoe (the worst weapon in the game) to fend off Stormtroopers. He is insane. go mining for an episode.
I love the look of the Star Wars map! I wish it was free, but it makes sense why it’s not. I love your videos Adam!!
Sorry, autocorrect is a nightmare, I misspelled it…. Can I turn autocorrect off??!
@Acererak0912 Yıl önce
@@theblondepadfoot NEVER
@@Acererak0912 Never, what? I can never turn it off?
@Acererak0912 Yıl önce
@@theblondepadfoot It's a joke man, but in all seriousness, I don't know how to turn it off either.
@mr.yeetamus4042 Yıl önce
If you use fireworks while gliding with the elytra it would give you a boost
You must get a sword. Bowcaster is fine and all, but a sword (or lightsaber in this map) is so much better! Hope this helps!
I've just finished Mandalorian yesterday and it was dope!
Mandalorian is so good! I just rewatched it the other day.
@dzxstche6864 Yıl önce
oh my goodness he gets more insane every video
@malcerne7496 Yıl önce
Ok... that is kind of random... But some of the scenes during this episode really made me think about how amazing it would be to have an open galaxy Star Wars game in the style of those classic Jedi Knight games! ^^
@hyper_extra4849 Yıl önce
there’s star wars the old republic, it’s pc only but it’s multiplayer
@malcerne7496 Yıl önce
@@hyper_extra4849 Oh, Aye! I know the game, and indeed looks fun! ^^ But I don't know... I just like the feeling, mechanics and systems of the first Jedi Knight games, and the way it allows you to use both lightsaber, or weapon, depending on what you feel like.
@johns7863 Yıl önce
Use the axe for more damage and any other humanoids are traders. The k2 droid is an enderman, don’t mess with them early game, storm troopers are zombies, the droid by the razor crest is a skeleton and the spiders from rebels are just spiders. Also you were stripping the wood with your axe in the Ewok village.
@Beans981 Yıl önce
We thought bombastic was insane playing Lego Star Wars… he’s gonna lose his mind playing Minecraft
ikr xD
@Warioer Yıl önce
If you left click with fireworks while gliding with the elytra, then you get propelled forward, so you can fly for longer, hope this helps
@SL75-EDITS Yıl önce
An axe does a lot of damage, so try hitting hostile creatures with that!
@Databank78 Yıl önce
Hey Andrew! You can cut down tress with the axe, then you can make a crafting table that will help you craft things such as a sword or pickaxe. Also you can craft more then one rarity of sword, hoe, pickaxe, axe and shovel. F.Y.I You can craft those items in a crafting table only, before you do that though you must craft some sticks.
@BatteryDiet Yıl önce
The apprentice lightsaber is just as insane as Andrew is
@darthfaul6033 Yıl önce
Andrew has been high on death sticks to the point he isn’t playing Lego games
@PLAYER42_ready Yıl önce
As much as I love minecraft I love how bad you are at this game and I can’t wait too see you improve!
Now Andrew can get insane on Minecraft as well… RUNNNNN EVERYONE!!!
@robmeyer1286 Yıl önce
I know that I and probably some other Minecraft ogs have been both laughing and pulling their hair out watching this video.
@1.-.-.1 Yıl önce
Tip: Actually hit the bad guys. Also, the weird blue things are called slime. They are usually lime green and when you kill one it splits into two smaller slime. They stop splitting when they get to half a block tall.
Great video Andrew! I wonder if they add a Obi-Wan kenobi patch.
@Skip_2 Yıl önce
Yo andrew long time fan. Anyways i would just like to say that you can double click items in your inventory or in a chest to automaticly stack all of that item located in that chest/inventoryinto one stack. Hope this helps and have a good day/night/morning/afternoon
@Agent_7__ Yıl önce
For fighting monsters use the ax and not the hoe because the ax does more damage.
Andrew is trying to avoid Rise Of Skywalker so much, that he has changed games so he doesn’t need to start it 😂
@user-zi6bu4pj8q Yıl önce
Andrew and Minecraft!! What a treat
@kimparamo8484 Yıl önce
Andrew's gonna become more crazy that he's gonna switch from Lego games To any single game Not that true though
Instead of using the golden hoe you should use the axe because it deals a lot more damage
There are 4 types of mobs, peaceful, neutral, hostile, and bosses. The bosses are the only ones that have a health bar.
@asukeyyy Yıl önce
please make a series out of this holy shit it’s so good
@e.s_productions Yıl önce
bro went so crazy from lego star wars that he has to play minecraft💀
@snakeoil8113 Yıl önce
you were using a golden hoe as a weapon, which looks cool until you realize its better to use your fist in that case. You did have a iron axe tho, which is a great weapon.
@FLPyroYT Yıl önce
if you don't sleep for three days, if memory doesn't fail me, you'll unlock some *epic* content.
@CosmicOrb42069 Yıl önce
The reason andrew is insane is because of the curse, of own a saber.
Love your videos Andrew!!!
@billykovacs1021 Yıl önce
You can also find the Millennium Falcon in the space port. It can take you to many places.
You’re skinning the wood with the axe. Also axes deal more damage than hoes (gold spear).
I play minecraft, here's some of the stuff you should know! at around 3:18 what you saw was called an "Enderman" normally associated with minecraft's "end" dimension (which is where you fight the ender dragon, the final boss of minecraft) endermen are normally non hostile until you either attack them or stare at them for too long. Also, if you have an item and there's a lot of it scattered in a chest, just click on it in your inventory a few times and all of it should just get organized. What you were doing with the axe was called stripping the logs, it's mostly just an aesthetic thing. (also, please do check the item damage values, the iron axe you have deals more damage) I'd recommend looking at having the minecraft wiki open to check certain blocks, and if it doesn't show up there it's most likely part of a mod.
@hyper_extra4849 Yıl önce
he is using bedrock, so it’s not a mod. the end is most likely not in the game
@FireBall9577 Yıl önce
The fact that he held his golden how instead of his iron Axe is FUNNY
@Radish4221 Yıl önce
You should use a bunch of Star Wars mods instead of just a texture pack. I recommend downloading a software/ mod manager called Curse Forge to help you with modding. Using it is pretty simple.
Use firework rockets with your elytra to go faster and basically fly instead of glide
Perhaps you should make some armor with the iron you got… It will give you more protection.
@ThunderCraftYT Yıl önce
I’m sure you probably already have like thousands of comments of this but you can use fireworks to fly with the elytra, to beat the game you need to get all of those droid disks. Next time go to the death star it is very fun.
@niceguy4629 Yıl önce
It appears that Andrew has found a new game to terrorize.
@boldaec Yıl önce
Absolutely love when someone who doesn't know how minecraft works, plays minecraft 🤣
Andrew's looking for a bed and doesn't bother to look in the imperial shuttle on endor for one.
@axogaming2022 Yıl önce
You said you wanted help, so I suggest exploring planets and going to land marks, so you could find usefull loot!
The way you first surviving in minecraft is by mining a tree with your bear hands then go into your inventory and pick up the logs to the four squares in the top right corner of your inventory and from there you should be able to get things started
@SirAaronFox Yıl önce
Am so happy that you are making a star Wars Minecraft series!
@Cam_Reeb Yıl önce
His sanity has tanked ever since he switched to minecraft
@ashtonwilaby Yıl önce
It's crazy that even he's doing a variation of 100 days Minecraft
@SGM512 Yıl önce
The axe was being used to peel off the bark in 14:30
@alexcalderon193 Yıl önce
Hey Andrew, What is the best way to get studs in the Skywalker saga? I want to get the Invisible hand but don't have enough Studs
@Inactive100 Yıl önce
Honestly, do more there's so much you could do with Minecraft Star Wars mods
@Kyxh-ys7sq Yıl önce
The fire work rockets u should use them for "boost" while using the elytra
Survival tip:You can fight with an axe (you can also jump and when you fall,attack. Then it will do a critical.) Survival tip 2: When using an elytra,you can use a firework in a direction to fly there quickly (including up)
@WyaSlay Yıl önce
he dont care about minecraft dawg
@@WyaSlay Dawg that was 1 Month ago
he has to be insane now i’m telling you
@ceriumboss394 Yıl önce
Use fireworks mid air while you're gliding to keep your height.
@theCantinafan Yıl önce
Pretty sure those blue slime things are just slime replacements so they deal almost no damage so I wouldn't worry too much about them Andrew :)
@r0-ba21 Yıl önce
The big slimes can give em a bad time. Its the babies that do less damage!
@theCantinafan Yıl önce
@@r0-ba21 oh yes, true
@archues9075 Yıl önce
With the iron you got in the beginning you can craft iron tools with wood and armor
This is amazing I've been wanting to see you play Minecraft starwars for a while also at 14:29 you were stripping the bark off the wood you which makes it looks lighter
Andrew is so insane he swapped games
@rothgars8025 Yıl önce
I will try not too much (where to find structures) but here's 10 tips to get started tip 1: obi-wans house has a lightsaber (the best one) tip 2: the droid you saw in the sand crawler can be killed for food, as well as the dewbacks, and banthas tip 3: a crafting table can be made from 4 wood planks (any type) and 4 wood planks can be made from a log tip 4: spiders are peaceful until attacked, unless it's night time, then they will kill you tip 4: the droid from rouge one you saw will attack if you look at it's eyes tip 5: do not enter the portal in the sarlac pit (the sarlac pit has stuff) tip 6: press every button or lever in a building or ship, you may find some stuff or just a cool thing that happens tip 7: if you close grogu's pod he will stay put tip 8: a tie fighter is at the imperial outpost on tatooine, you can fly it, if you lose it you can press a button to respawnit tip 9: uncle owen's house has a lot of food tip 10: iron ingots can craft armour, or you can go to the mandalorian forge and get the best armour in the game
Tip: always bring a bed wherever you go,then you can sleep the night away.
Well at least you didn't like Endor's forest on fire, which I accidentally did
@jonumine6250 Yıl önce
Another tip: don't fight with a golden hoe. Use the axe. -Golden hoe- star wars advanced soil cultivator.
@baylorway7832 Yıl önce
He’s back on Minecraft Star Wars!!!
@Scootypuff616 Yıl önce
When you glide with the wings you can use the rockets to fly a lot more
@bruhbruh6721 Yıl önce
Tip:Use the fire works while flying with the elytra
I love how you’d rather play Minecraft than the Rise of Skywalker
@Liltrack674 Yıl önce
Tip: you can use fire works with the elytra to go faster
@highgroundhoss Yıl önce
I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.
@dybo3793 Yıl önce
Minecraft + Star Wars + Bombastic = YES.
@ItsMePopSquat Yıl önce
= Andrew is insane
@jorgev7936 Yıl önce
i love your videos i am a huge star wars fan and watching you just makes my day
@SephirothRyu Yıl önce
**watching him complain that the imperials have no where to sleep** ...Hmm, should we tell him how many toilets exist in the Star Wars galaxy?
@Zoroark_Master Yıl önce
Andrew being a minecraft noobs is even better by using a mod pack (twice the confusion, twice the fall)
@edspoons195 Yıl önce
I already know this will be chaotic🤣
@billykovacs1021 Yıl önce
There is some armor in the Sarlac Pit, that should help.
@noobedits64 Yıl önce
Fun fact: if you go to the Cartoon Network hotel in Pennsylvania you can find chairs in the lobby that look identical to the kamino chairs
Whoever made this texture pack should have made the enderman a Starweird
@RandoDoorsFan Yıl önce
My tip is to use fireworks to boost your elytra.
@RandoDoorsFan Yıl önce
14:33 you were stripping logs, which is just taking bark off of them.
@sege5664 Yıl önce
Is that a datapack or a mod you're using?
Full video 👆
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