I survived ??? days in Star Wars Minecraft…

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How many days can I survive in Star Wars Minecraft? Let's find out! For more Minecraft challenges and new Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga, stay bombastic 🕶


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30 Tem 2022




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Rizwan Zafar
Andrew has become crazy enough to switch from Lego games to Minecraft
Marc Palau
Hey Andrew! You can use fireworks while having the wings activated to boost your flight. Also, what you were doing with the axe was striping the wood. It serves no purpose other than to have a decorative block. Hope this helps!
Gustavo Azevedo
Andrew's been ignoring The Rise of Skywalker for so long that he's in a completely different game
Mack Moss
Tip: when looting a chest, and there are multiple of the same item scattered in different squares, double click one of them and it automatically collects them all into one square for you, instead of grouping them one by one
I Find It So Funny That He Fights With A Golden Hoe Instead Of Iron Axe
Tim van der Velden
I love how he literally looks at the monkey and asks him for food, while the nearest food source is probably the fricking monkey ITSELF
You were stripping the logs when you clicked on them, making them look different. It’s a cool tool builders use to make their builds look nice. Can’t wait for the next episode!
Andrew is so insane that he has gone from battlefront vids to Minecraft vids and doesn’t know if Minecraft is Star Wars or not
KlaraDeHuevo 874
Really cool! Andrew, by the way, what you were doing with the logs was stripping them (it works like that for decoration) by right-clicking, but to actually mine them you need to hold left-click.
I feel like Andrew shouldn’t have hints for this series so he can actually “survive” 😂 maybe he’d go more insane
Sheanan Scott
Andrew is so insane that he has went looking for a “teddy Bear” village only to nearly hit one off.
ARC 5555 Fives
I also have Star Wars Minecraft, and I completely flooded an entire Star destroyer and filled it with stormtroopers that try to kill you. Best experience ever, but I just wish they had a prequel version
Star Wars now
I remember when I first started playing minecraft I was playing like Andrew I pretty much had no idea what to do but you’re doing pretty good so far.
Waddle boy advance
I'm usually not interested in Minecraft but this this is beautiful
Usually watching people who barely ever play minecraft play minecraft really annoys me but watching Andrew play will always be fun :D
There are two things I really like: Star Wars and Minecraft. I love this
I'll love to see a series of this :D
Rushxhour 214
Andrew is so insane that he will start to play a different game just to not start the rise of skywalker……. God I love this
Mentos does Random stuff
With the wood, the axe strips the bark off the logs when you right click them
If you use fireworks while gliding with the elytra it would give you a boost
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