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I attempt to survive 100 Days in hardcore Minecraft, and if I die once I have to delete my world and start over!

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21 Tem 2021




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MrBeast Gaming
MrBeast Gaming Yıl önce
I spent over 20+ hours filming for this world, hope you enjoy the effort! I see comments about the nether portal at the start. I broke the messed up obsidian with my iron pick (you can do that just takes a while) and replaced it with lava/water! Wuv u guys
Amy Willuweit
Amy Willuweit Aylar önce
I know I love mr beast
Roisin Donnelly
Roisin Donnelly 2 aylar önce
@MLM [High Quality VlDEOS] stop spamming
Harry Maker OÜ
Harry Maker OÜ 2 aylar önce
Hey Mr Beast I'm I'm your friend almost your biggest fan
RazorSharp 2 aylar önce
I have never had a BB and iregret that.
muhammad akeel
muhammad akeel 2 aylar önce
You are so sweet I love you so much I 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 1:57
Painful Yıl önce
I respect the grind my man! ❤️
Azura Kakya
Azura Kakya 29 gün önce
@MLM [Amazing Quality VlDEOS] tf2 better than fartnight
E Aylar önce
Hi painful
tomlaf188 Yıl önce
@MLM [Amazing Quality VlDEOS] ooo spooky “the wrath of fortnite gamers” wtf they gonna do, tell their mum?
courierdubois Yıl önce
@MLM [Amazing Quality VlDEOS] just stop
Crazy8 7 aylar önce
Forgot Techno was in this video. Seeing him kinda hit hard man. The laughs he shared with MrBeast, the joy in his voice playing his favorite game; it's just upsetting man. Rest in peace my guy. You were a real one
Maverick LB
Maverick LB 4 gün önce
Oh it didn’t go through sorry
Maverick LB
Maverick LB 4 gün önce
RIP techno because whenever I found out that he died I cried for an hour straight😢
Frederik Bakker
Frederik Bakker 10 gün önce
@Codename_yt bro get over it
Codename_yt 11 gün önce
@Frederik Bakker Bro techno hater
James Miller
James Miller 6 aylar önce
The fact that Jimmy invited Techno to be in this video really proved that they were good friends. I will always miss Technoblade.
el destello canal
el destello canal 27 gün önce
i Love mr beast!!!!!!!!!!
Gangona Feraam
Gangona Feraam 2 aylar önce
Jimmy you are the best
Aaron prebeck
Aaron prebeck 3 aylar önce
Plush Day
Plush Day 3 aylar önce
Rip techno in the chat
Tayten Walker
Tayten Walker 12 gün önce
Thank you Techno for being an absolute Minecraft legend❤ Rest well, the grind never ends 😊❤
Titanity entertainment
Rest in peace to techno
BlackFire Gün önce
Gamer_girl 13 gün önce
xiao xing zhu
xiao xing zhu 14 gün önce
Ram Amella
Ram Amella 21 gün önce
Technoblade Never Dies
Shadow Aylar önce
Its been a year now
Corgiplays 2 aylar önce
I love it when Technoblade just enters and says “Hey what’s going on in here” and he just explodes and he finds out this is hardcore. I just love that part ! RIP Technoblade
xiao xing zhu
xiao xing zhu 14 gün önce
R.I.P Technoblade
Forge Labs
Forge Labs Yıl önce
My man, hell yeah!
Christian Freed
Christian Freed Aylar önce
It is my MAN FORGE!!!!
Jameson Moore
Jameson Moore Aylar önce
Mr b3ast
Mr b3ast Aylar önce
Hi forgelabs :D
BAAD 5 aylar önce
Sup my man’s
Kaylee-! 7 aylar önce
Mad respect to techno he is are hero that never dies.
Adam Shekoni
Adam Shekoni 3 aylar önce
@Your average Kurdish dude. how were they milking his death fatherless child
spiritz 4 aylar önce
@Kaylee-! thats the point
Rohnan Atkinson
Rohnan Atkinson 4 aylar önce
@Your average Kurdish dude. one word: *he’s
Anthony Dinh
Anthony Dinh 3 aylar önce
“If I jump and die, I have to restart 15 hours of work” Also Jimmy: *proceeds to jump to increase the risk*
Your cool
Your cool 2 aylar önce
It’s called ✨Content✨ LOL
Football edits
Football edits 3 aylar önce
@IAmBaba PUBG 12:08
IAmBaba PUBG 3 aylar önce
YoRaph 22 gün önce
it was so generous for Jimmy to invite techno, and the fact techno stayed till the end was heartwarming rip technoblade
Check bio for Roblox rewards
Thanks for all your hard work it really shows keep it up! Hope everyone apperciates the time he spends on his content!
Brooks Chestnut
Brooks Chestnut 3 aylar önce
Just me or seeing and hearing Techno nearly brought me to tears, rest in peace Techno
Lost Mofo83
Lost Mofo83 9 aylar önce
Came back to this video to say Rest In Peace Techno, legend will never be forgotten
Melissa Kennedy
Melissa Kennedy 8 gün önce
pandu dewantoro
pandu dewantoro 9 gün önce
Remember r Techno never dies! just remember! But... It's just too.. Late... *sigh* R. I. P Our king
Matias Enos
Matias Enos 2 aylar önce
Me 2 😢
Karen Augustyniak
Karen Augustyniak 2 aylar önce
R.I.P. techno he was the king
Sport Playz
Sport Playz 3 aylar önce
He will not . He don't even cares
Simon Riley
Simon Riley 5 aylar önce
Really hard to believe that just 11 months and 21 days after this was posted techno died. He looked so healthy in this video.
Frederick_kun 26 gün önce
Watching this vid again and realising techno was in the vid really hit my heart and i really miss the Guy so much. I felt that i wanna cry hearing his voice again. Rest In Peace Technoblade 🕊️
JuliusGVlogs 3 aylar önce
Never played minecraft, just watching Jimmy and everyone playing makes me happy
Tiernan Davis
Tiernan Davis Aylar önce
It's a bit hard to see Techno gone now. I wish he was still here. R.I.P Techno.
Luke TheNotable
Luke TheNotable Yıl önce
Oh wow this is gunna be good
Family adventures
Family adventures 14 gün önce
No way the man who started it all
heloouwu7 14 gün önce
Bats Academia
Bats Academia Aylar önce
When Im sick I watch your videos
pyroraptorplayz Aylar önce
Wangari Kamau
Wangari Kamau 2 aylar önce
TheBroox2000 7 aylar önce
MAN I miss Techno. This video was so enjoyable when he came on.
shahani barrientos
shahani barrientos 5 aylar önce
Me to😢❤
The Gaming Galaxy 🌌
Yeah same RIP, the legend goodbye technoblade no goodbye Alex
Isaac 5 aylar önce
Me to 😢❤
Isaac 5 aylar önce
Me to 😢❤
Hdheh Heh
Hdheh Heh 5 aylar önce
Me to 😢❤
Just editz
Just editz 4 aylar önce
Let’s appreciate how much effort he puts in his videos.
kennylux 2 gün önce
He makes default minecraft survival look so exciting and I love it lol
Not_Kaz 6 aylar önce
I was unprepared for Techno being in this video. Rest in peace king.
jayden the memer
jayden the memer 5 aylar önce
@Luki Wei You don't understand. Imagine watching a video with someone in the video that died a year later, and hearing their voice, as if everything was fine. Then a year later, they're gone. It's just our opinions, maybe you don't understand and that is okay
Luki Wei
Luki Wei 5 aylar önce
Will you “RIP TECHNO” people pls STOP?!
jayden the memer
jayden the memer 5 aylar önce
Tim Farman
Tim Farman 3 aylar önce
11:31 Techno: What's going on over here- *BLOWS UP* Mr Beast: WAIT ITS HARDCORE YOU CANT RESPAWN! Techno: I see that now 😂
farah hallowed
farah hallowed Aylar önce
@Baconboi NAH-
Baconboi 2 aylar önce
Well that’s how techno died
aCookieGod Yıl önce
100 Days baby! Love to see it
Random Videos 86
Random Videos 86 4 aylar önce
Hi Cookie
slcmartinez818 4 aylar önce
Bro was up you are a god minecraft so is jimmy
NylahRW2323 4 aylar önce
The pie fishy
The pie fishy 4 aylar önce
You watch Mr Beast by the way I've been subscribed to you for over 2 years
Abd king
Abd king 4 aylar önce
love you acookie god
Lee Tucker
Lee Tucker 6 aylar önce
seeing technoblade makes it feel like hes not dead but he never dies rip techy
Some Random Channel :D
this video showed us that if Techno dies, he comes back as "someone different"
TYlolex 5 aylar önce
He reincarnated
Jace Evans
Jace Evans 5 aylar önce
H_R roblox5678
H_R roblox5678 5 aylar önce
Techno never dies ❤
Beez Plays
Beez Plays 2 aylar önce
Jimmy needs to start a hardcore series
REALLLLLLLL 3 aylar önce
Rest in peace techno The legend needs to return
Ghost of Spartans
Ghost of Spartans Aylar önce
@Shinro /: npc extra dialogue
Shinro /:
Shinro /: Aylar önce
@Ghost of Spartans NPC? No, I'm just normal, you aren't my friend
Ghost of Spartans
Ghost of Spartans Aylar önce
@Shinro /: npc
Ghost of Spartans
Ghost of Spartans Aylar önce
-Sixoman1234- 3 aylar önce
I love how Jim said that “A trader tried to scam me” like it isn’t normal lol
SB737 Yıl önce
Dirt houses are the best houses
AwesomegamerCaleb9 2 gün önce
bro I forgot about your channel I have to keep watching it.
Jhaidon Williams
Jhaidon Williams 7 gün önce
Misty Young
Misty Young 7 gün önce
I don’t agree
Lulubellgolden Loaf
Lulubellgolden Loaf 8 gün önce
is the best
Jon Velasco
Jon Velasco 16 gün önce
Filip 6 aylar önce
Rest in piece Techno ❤
Ghost of Spartans
Ghost of Spartans 3 aylar önce
Bot 🤖
Emanuel Mirzakhanian
Emanuel Mirzakhanian 7 aylar önce
Rest in peace Techno you made all of us happy and made us laugh. TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES. R.I.P TECHNO
Angel Amador
Angel Amador 2 aylar önce
I'm glad to see techno had fun
Paloma Castellobranco
Paloma Castellobranco 4 aylar önce
I actually cried hearing Technoblade’s voice again. Fly high Techno you are missed ❤️❤️
Joshua 27 gün önce
We only have ten days left! Techno: That’s how math works! 🤣 RIP my dude ❤️
Rohan Uchil
Rohan Uchil Yıl önce
The real reason techno never dies: He has infinite alt accounts
@KarmaEdits for real 😢😢😢😢
Ar-em Agulto
Ar-em Agulto 2 aylar önce
Sadly he oassed away rip technoblade
Axell Rebollar
Axell Rebollar 2 aylar önce
This didn’t age well😢
Shadow animates
Shadow animates 7 aylar önce
rip techno
Rockstar 7 aylar önce
@george36615984 so?
Ginger Tan
Ginger Tan 3 aylar önce
Also, I appreciate your effort and skills! 👍
Boiman2 3 aylar önce
DaylenD24 7 aylar önce
Came back to see this legend again. Rip techno
Kyle Parker
Kyle Parker 22 gün önce
25 hours of hard work Respect him
GreenStarsProductions 4 aylar önce
Techno was a good man. May he rest in piece 😔
TheAlanDude Aylar önce
It feels werid watching this for the first time and seeing Techno here, rest in peace
NitroNeedsLuck Yıl önce
I never knew Mr beast was actually this good at playing the game
c4itlin - #ROADTO1KSUBS
@Sawyer Boeke well you've never seen your brother give away millions
h Yıl önce
that a bit of an overstatement tbf
Sawyer Boeke
Sawyer Boeke Yıl önce
…I’ve seen better from my 5 year old brother
knocks Yıl önce
Well we can never know for sure if he edited out his deaths or something
Quezela Yıl önce
Ikr when did he get so good lol
nightingale_162 4 aylar önce
Techno just about pulling out every single alt he could get his hands on - rest in peace Blood God
Gavin Haselbarth
Gavin Haselbarth 6 aylar önce
Rest in peace Techno. Legends never die!
Mia Loop
Mia Loop 3 aylar önce
RIP Techno... You're a legend
Aldrin-147 5 aylar önce
I still cherish these times when Techno is still alive
Siti Marianne
Siti Marianne 22 gün önce
Let's go techno Blade never dies
cbry Yıl önce
he looked so proud of himself when he made the rail cart system
♡Yadira♡                                                                                         .
♡Yadira♡ . 7 aylar önce
@Gladius he has more subs than u
Privee Vetements
Privee Vetements 7 aylar önce
@MLM [Amazing Quality VlDEOS] did we ask?
Ravi Aklujkar
Ravi Aklujkar 11 aylar önce
@MLM [Amazing Quality VlDEOS] no
Ravi Aklujkar
Ravi Aklujkar 11 aylar önce
@MLM [Amazing Quality VlDEOS] no
tilon and toys
tilon and toys 11 aylar önce
Inex 7 aylar önce
Rest and peace techno it was so nice seeing him in this vid and hearing his voic
Aubrey Denning
Aubrey Denning 5 aylar önce
I’m just hoping he makes it through but it would be pretty funny to see his reaction at the end😅
Laydenn Aylar önce
Rip techno you will never be forgotten
Axa1anche :)
Axa1anche :) 5 aylar önce
coming back after technos death really was pretty sad earth lost a legend heaven gained a god
gerkremer 5 aylar önce
same that’s the exact reason I came back. RIP legend you will be missed
DecisiveDolphin 2 aylar önce
Techno: "hey whats goin on over here" cracked me up so hard
MatMicMar Yıl önce
Doesn't live in desert biome because it's "ugly" *builds dirt house*
Aviationboy 6 aylar önce
samantha Iredia
samantha Iredia 7 aylar önce
@MLM [Amazing Quality VlDEOS] who cares fortnite sucks anyways
samantha Iredia
samantha Iredia 7 aylar önce
He has good taste
Tuyetanh Nguyen
Tuyetanh Nguyen 7 aylar önce
@MLM [Amazing Quality VlDEOS] um actually its not the last warning cuz you said it multiple times 😐😳
-Sixoman1234- 4 aylar önce
I love how hey made a whole part where a trader tried to scare him like it never happens 😂😂😂😂
Masked_ghost_riley 6 aylar önce
rip techno the legend never dies
bandit troller
bandit troller 3 aylar önce
Dude that's insane i can't even survive 50 days
xthrone 6 aylar önce
rest in peace techno we all love you
Ghost of Spartans
Ghost of Spartans 3 aylar önce
Barkity 2 aylar önce
The way techno entered and my heart dropped
sana Yıl önce
Jimmy is literally the sweetest man on earth. He's either giving away money or spending time on high quality and good videos! Almost to 20mil!
Rickt Ramirez
Rickt Ramirez Yıl önce
@grant has clout first of all I don’t hate mr beast I don’t even dislike him all what I’m saying is that not everything is what it seems
grant has clout
grant has clout Yıl önce
@Rickt Ramirez I feel bad for you bro, so much hate in your pathetic heart 😩🤪
Rickt Ramirez
Rickt Ramirez Yıl önce
@grant has clout ok I’m not saying he’s a bad guy what I’m saying is he uses his money that he buys on cars for his friends as a tax write off
grant has clout
grant has clout Yıl önce
@Rickt Ramirez he literally has a video of planting 20 million trees...and raising 1/2 a mil for charity
Rickt Ramirez
Rickt Ramirez Yıl önce
For people who see my comment and think man this guy hates mebeast your wrong I like mr beast all I’m saying is not everything you see is what it seems just remember that
Paulius der III
Paulius der III 7 aylar önce
R.I.P Techno. It hurts to see him so alive and carefree, just a year ago.
Cerio Mary
Cerio Mary 6 aylar önce
I miss techno. Rest in peace legend😔
Spurkyy 6 gün önce
How come whenever he was mining near day 20, he brought his diamond pick to very low durability. But seconds later he has a almost full durability one, without no anvil being made. Correct me if im wrong but it just concerns me.
Jessica Henegar
Jessica Henegar 6 aylar önce
Ur the first youtuber to inspire me to play hardcore thx love the content keep up the good work
Darth Endersans
Darth Endersans Aylar önce
"Well there's no way a skeleton is actually out here in the middle of the lava." Literally 5 seconds later: "OH MY GOSH IT'S A SKELETON!!!"
Noob Chan
Noob Chan Yıl önce
I can't wait for Techno's video "I spent 10 days with Mr. Beast to sacrifice a baby"
Your local YouTube watcher
Rip technoblade
Walterjrgaming 2 aylar önce
@Nightmare studios isn't it obvious
Chip 2 aylar önce
Nightmare studios
Nightmare studios 2 aylar önce
he died 😢 rip
Asperkid22 3 aylar önce
When Jimmy couldn't get off the roof of the house, Technoblade literally had a water bucket he could of put down so Jimmy wouldn't die
Urdoom44 5 aylar önce
watching this video now really makes me miss techno even more RIP legend. 😞😞
Freedom-Gaming 2 aylar önce
Isn't only a mineshaft able to have a cave spider spawner?
TheTroopers 5 aylar önce
Omg when techno joined it instantly hit me Rest in peace Technoblade and always remember Technoblade NEVER DIES
Sychoma_ Aylar önce
im still wondering to this day why they didn't mention when techno got ancient debirs
Sir Craft Guy
Sir Craft Guy 9 aylar önce
Came back to this after hearing about Techo’s death. Really got into his content because of this video. Rest In Peace legend 💙
UnTiTiTlEd 3 aylar önce
me too. miss em
⚡𝓱𝓮𝔂𝓵𝓾𝔁 ⚡
@Potatismos! Rip legend missed never forgotten
Emily Jones
Emily Jones 4 aylar önce
@Arjun Ramakanth me too I was just about to say that
Lilyland 4 aylar önce
RIP 🪦 Technoblade
ItzRehman 4 aylar önce
yeah me too just cam 11 october 2022 8:20 pm
Augusto César
Augusto César 7 aylar önce
Rest in glory, King 👑. I'll always miss you.
Mr Matthew
Mr Matthew 4 aylar önce
There’s never a day when Karl never screams 💀😭
Brody 2 aylar önce
You should have made a shield almost immediately also killing skeletons would have been much more easier to get arrows
GOD_FLASH 7 aylar önce
He had a good run amazing to see him again rip technoBlade
Penguins4ever4K 2 aylar önce
I wish techno was still here 😢
Gwecko Yıl önce
This must be the first MrBeast let's play in 8 years
Zapper 6 aylar önce
If you look at the nether portal it shows that he should not have been able to light it
Zapper 6 aylar önce
fun fact he faked this
Summey Rae
Summey Rae 6 aylar önce
1. 2M likes
310.davidn Yıl önce
245 Like
Gwecko Yıl önce
@Saminations dude the irony is 1 hour before I write this comment I was scrolling through youtube on how to get lots of likes on comments (edit) lol I refreshed and it went from 190 too 222 likes
JDC732 6 aylar önce
I've always hated on this game, but the more videos I watch of you playing it, make me want to give it a try. I think I would actually like it a lot.
Benn cat lover
Benn cat lover 6 aylar önce
You should try it it’s fun
Braysuper11 4 aylar önce
Karl: You can bonemeal sugarcane!?!? Me: laughs in bedrock edition
Memesthememer 2 aylar önce
7:54 “chris must have forgot that if I die then I die forever” bro it was your own fault he was building goofy💀
tanner johnson
tanner johnson 4 aylar önce
you should do more content like this
Drew Danner
Drew Danner 10 gün önce
How did Techno die 2 times and he didn’t die once
Iuav Σuβiλiα
Iuav Σuβiλiα Yıl önce
Hardcore World : You can't respawn. Technoblade: What if.......
Xelious 8 aylar önce
This aged well
Remyish Yıl önce
Technoblade never dies. *I mean, his best friend is the creator of minecraft, of coarse he doesn’t die he has the power of Blood God™️ and Philza Minecraft on his side*
Zoe - Blockman Go
Citrus x Limon
Citrus x Limon Yıl önce
GigaChad 6 aylar önce
RIP TechnoBlade, legends never die. Even tho he might be gone, he will never be forgotten in our hearts and will always be alive in our mind and heart ❤
Daniel 7 aylar önce
The filter on Chandler was hilarious! :D
TuckerTYT60 Aylar önce
Jimmy:I’ve been on this world for over 20 hours Real Gamers: *pathetic*
Volley Benjamin A/B
Volley Benjamin A/B 4 aylar önce
It’s so nice to hear tachnoblade’s voice again and with so mutch happiness
Puffy_Fish Aylar önce
Jimmy makes it more dramatic than it actually is
RaiO_o Yıl önce
Hats off to the editor for editing 20+ hrs of footage
Sibani Yıl önce
@Ayush Vision i know
Muzan Jackson
Muzan Jackson Yıl önce
@Rhakjellg 100+
Ivolize Yıl önce
@Ayush Vision um
Arya Shekhar
Arya Shekhar Yıl önce
@Aditya Raj correct
Caedmon2 Behrens
Caedmon2 Behrens 5 aylar önce
Actually, when you go into the party list and delete and add yourself, you can reuse hardcore worlds
Neptune 5 aylar önce
Think Jimmy might be the first Minecraft player ever to make a dirt house in hardcore mode
banana 3 aylar önce
Techno: what’s going on over here- *blows up*
rakesh singh
rakesh singh 7 aylar önce
If it is intriguing to you, you won't be forgetting it easily
Astmar 9 gün önce
The legend never dies 😢
Goal Yıl önce
Quite the proof of: "Technoblade never dies, he respawns."
LFruity 8 aylar önce
@kattt nah he respawns he probably has an alt account
kattt 8 aylar önce
@Goal he isnt ded to respawn he is just hibernating for all of eternity
Goal 9 aylar önce
@tahamina dighi it did. he respawned :)
Vivi B
Vivi B 9 aylar önce
Rip techno :(
tahamina dighi
tahamina dighi 9 aylar önce
this didnt age well 🥺
Sam Miller
Sam Miller 7 aylar önce
thecno was a legend rest in peace
Marsh 7 aylar önce
TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES! rest in piece techno I wish you luck for your fight with god
JackCGM 2 aylar önce
RIP Technoblade he will never be forgotten 😢
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