I Survived 100 Days in the Custom END in Minecraft...

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25 Kas 2021




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SpeedSilver Yıl önce
Rec Room is free and available on all platforms! Get it HERE: recroom.sng.link/Da56h/7khe Hope you all enjoyed the video despite the huge wait! It was a really fun one to create :D
ChitiroGilp 4 gün önce
The ender lord's voice was done by preston right
annixity 4 gün önce
I'm mobile tho
MagicJax 8 gün önce
@Teru-Teru Bozu s r
Odin Blackthorn
Odin Blackthorn 10 gün önce
I'd like to know pls
McMakistein Yıl önce
That intro has me speechless, bloody hell! O_o The amount of effort and love put into this video is just absolutely next level! Give this man 100M views or I riot!
Dana Kurchanova
Dana Kurchanova Yıl önce
Sandra Fernie
Sandra Fernie Yıl önce
Sunshined123 Yıl önce
I disagree. He cheated in the video
DuoIingo Yıl önce
Did u do ur Spanish???
longify Yıl önce
he already got what he deaserved minecraft videos dont deserve 100m views minecraft is just a way overated game
Alejandro Silva
Alejandro Silva Aylar önce
mojang needs to add this as a update in minecraft
Chinmay Gokhale
Chinmay Gokhale 2 gün önce
Pls mojang
Tpog 20 gün önce
Never gonna happen
bean of blue
bean of blue Aylar önce
Definitely add more to the end at least
Vitia228 Aylar önce
59:25 what if You try putting prot 7 on your armor?
Tuna Crab
Tuna Crab Aylar önce
Hey, can someone please tell me the mod that adds the shulker armor?
How2Hippo 26 gün önce
There’s a bed in the end at 23:40
Painful Yıl önce
Worth the wait EVERYTIME!
Jade Bishop
Jade Bishop Gün önce
Flankss 9 gün önce
This guy a TRvidr?
Scarlett Macalino
Scarlett Macalino 19 gün önce
Hello painful! (Aka a TRvidr if anyone is confused why I’m saying his name)
fortnite gamer good
fortnite gamer good 21 gün önce
@Thick Boi i saw it
Just a simple doggo
VoidMonarch Aylar önce
I love how silver and craftee(Parker games) were in this 100 days
Formoly 19 gün önce
@A random hobo yes The Credits are in the description
I'm right lol
A random hobo
A random hobo 23 gün önce
Am I crazy or is that PrestonPlayz as the enderlord
Blooket Sweat
Blooket Sweat Aylar önce
Why does your health change from hardcore to not hardcore at 46:40...... lol
xZaps 24 gün önce
@Major Slayer oh i see, i wonder why he would do that, maybe to spawn in the custom mobs? cuz the normal mutant enderman doesn't talk to you
Major Slayer
Major Slayer 25 gün önce
@xZaps 26:58
xZaps 25 gün önce
@Major Slayer wait what can u send timestamp
Major Slayer
Major Slayer 25 gün önce
@xZaps bro he's in creative mode for a few frames -_-
xZaps 29 gün önce
@LegoPlays check the description ;-;
23:21 “Sooo let’s just kill these with my fire aspect” as you can clearly see the fish are in water-
That High Guy
That High Guy Aylar önce
How come throughout the video it changed from hardcore minecraft to normal minecraft
Yoshu126 28 gün önce
exactly i just noticed (btw it happens on day 80 while talking to the celric)
Adrian Yıl önce
These videos always leave me speechless, so well made, so COOL, AHHH
Joseph Tung
Joseph Tung Yıl önce
hi Adrian love your terria videos man
@LUCKY YT that's called a dimension glitch
thing from wednesday
@Egg wha-
nicholas baker
nicholas baker Yıl önce
Ay bro how u doin
MrHayMan1 Yıl önce
@Giga Chad he is also a silver enjoyer
H O N S E Aylar önce
Some of these items and tools are from minecraft dungeons
Raul Alvarez
Raul Alvarez 26 gün önce
No one gonna talk about how Preston voiced the boss?
Björn Wendebaum
Björn Wendebaum 24 gün önce
bro someone alredy did like 6 motnhs before you commented this soooooo
Sukhbir Singh
Sukhbir Singh 25 gün önce
Adnan Kazimi
Adnan Kazimi 3 aylar önce
The Ender Lord sounded like Preston
Why does the floor look like an ore- 22:25
ARES ARCTIC 2 aylar önce
The block clutch, I don’t think I could’ve pulled that off, and I am extremely surprised and amazed about how quickly you thought of putting blocks under yourself to save yourself from the lava
ARES ARCTIC 24 gün önce
@Björn Wendebaum y didn’t I think of that, good idea
Björn Wendebaum
Björn Wendebaum 24 gün önce
You know you can do like this: 1:20 so people know wich block clutch you are talking about
Mr Black
Mr Black 15 gün önce
Honestly this is one of the few Minecraft TRvidrs that actually make interesting content keep it up man 👍
geodash plays
geodash plays 2 aylar önce
Wait, does enderite armor give additional protection points, making you reduce more damage without enchants (like 90%)?
Georgy12 Aylar önce
We can all agree that Silver makes the best videos!Well done 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Аноним1238 Yıl önce
If anyone needed a few mods used in this video: 1. Alex's Mobs (Mobs such as Spectres, Endergrades and More) 2. Better End (Gear such as Thallasium Gear and Terminite Gear. Also this mod have very many blocks and end fishes) 3. Enderling Invaders (I know, this mod doesnt have the models of enderlings that you see in the video, but you can use this mod instead an unknown datapack/mod) 4. The Endergetic Expansion (Mobs such as Boofloo and new end biome) 5. The Outer End (Mobs such as Chorus Squid and other mobs) 6. Enderite Mod (Adds Enderite Gear. Enderite Gear is similiar to Netherite Gear) Idk names of other mods. This is only the mods i know.
Creeper 4 saatler önce
Tardigrades are already scary enough irl,but endergrades also look scary in my opinion. I mean,lood at the tardigrade's face on google,it's scary
Lynn Ye Yint Thant
Lynn Ye Yint Thant 5 gün önce
@Alterry ofc
whygames 11 gün önce
thankyou legend
ThatCoderLicer; 12 gün önce
@Wolf Kid no
Wolf Kid
Wolf Kid 12 gün önce
sorry I know im a year late but do you know the mods for the nether one?
jian zhong
jian zhong Aylar önce
I can’t forget when silver said ITS SUCKING 😂
xZaps 28 gün önce
@VGbOyNJ trvid.com/u-clipUgkxE9Ro1v89BJ_8fOq04LmCOZAK_Is8v7M0
VGbOyNJ 28 gün önce
@xZaps tehe
xZaps 28 gün önce
@VGbOyNJ ...
Brody Thomas
Brody Thomas 28 gün önce
I thought it was even funnier when he started laughing historically after aging that
xZaps 28 gün önce
@VGbOyNJ ayo wtf
Aldin Jorge Traya
Aldin Jorge Traya Aylar önce
Wait the voice of the ender lord sounds like Preston
godly ghost
godly ghost 29 gün önce
I swear the ender lord was Preston
Arturo Leal Solano
Arturo Leal Solano 2 aylar önce
Even though in 13:35 the hardcore healthbar changes to the survival one, the video is sublime and SUPER entertaining. Amazing job as always, Silver!!
jjprs 306
jjprs 306 Yıl önce
Anyone can do a 100 days modded minecraft survival, but very few actually make it enjoyable to watch and make it so well structured. You are one of those few talented people.
V Games
V Games 17 gün önce
@Sir Charles "None of this is legit." ah man, thats disappointing to hear, kinda wish he would have told us it was not legit gameplay.
Sir Charles
Sir Charles Yıl önce
@Randomness it's okay Silver also cheates very often if u actually look for it in the video. one of the better examples is 27:29. He teleports away with the bow, then cuts and say "they are all right behind me!" but he magically has full health and food with saturation suddenly and bow off cooldown. but none of his food is eaten. this is all made for entertainment purpose. None of this is legit.
I was about be so mad at the first few words. But then I read the rest.
Declan Lipop
Declan Lipop Yıl önce
Agreed however the only thing was that it was slightly staged but with it also being staged he had the story which was really cool to watch and having other TRvidrs in the vid as certain mobs.
فهد الروقي
@lomein 22 ok your exaggerating about the dragon egg he got it at 48:32
Shiva Prakash Maktala
ender lord's dubbing is done by Preston it feels like his voice
Trent Leandon Orbeta
The cleric kinda sounds like carftee
Vishal Rehani
Vishal Rehani Aylar önce
Please tell us which mod ro mods is this and tell us how to download
Supremer 2 aylar önce
Love your channel and I really hope that you become much bigger than you already are.
TW 11 aylar önce
0:35 - 6:46 Chapter 1: The End 6:46 - 13:37 Chapter 2: The Shulker King 13:37 - 25:42 Chapter 3: The Hunt 25:42 - 37:55 Chapter 4: The Mutant 37:55 - 47:44 Chapter 5: The Calm Forest 47:44 - 55:33 Chapter 6: The Dragon 55:33 - 1:08:53 Chapter 7: The Beast of the End
Gamer Account
Gamer Account 2 gün önce
give this man a pin
Lauren Saville
Lauren Saville 8 gün önce
@The guy who asked • 3 years ago ijh v dnh fv grlgb nk
Boogiecat 20 gün önce
Epik names :)
X0FLOL0X 00 26 gün önce
@Hydroplayz its actually him
Vitia228 Aylar önce
Gigachad status aquaired
Vann_Stoked Aylar önce
Love how Preston voiced the end lord.
Javy Calleros
Javy Calleros Aylar önce
Thank you
Ivan 2 aylar önce
finally a Minecraft 100 days video that has less video cuts and I am glad that some people like to create content like this
BigOofersRock 2 aylar önce
I get it. Endergrade’s have a very similar look and name to Tardigrades.
Jayden Tailor
Jayden Tailor 2 aylar önce
I love how the ender lord’s voice sounds like Preston 🎉🎉🎉
Xblader1359 3 aylar önce
I’va seen many boring 100 days videos, and this is NOT one of them. It totally surpasses my expectations and it’s really fun to watch. The music, the mods, the storyline, the gameplay, and also the mobs talking is insanely high quality. Your videos are great.
Jai Fraser
Jai Fraser 34 dakika önce
So right
D Chinbat
D Chinbat 3 gün önce
And fighting to ender dragon his hp was survive and back to hardcore
D Chinbat
D Chinbat 3 gün önce
His game mode was changed hardcore to survive and back to hardcore
V Games
V Games 17 gün önce
​@average internet guy it is fake if he does not tell anyone that its scripted "minus the animated parts, since its clear as day that they are scripted " i mean if it was not fake then why would he then try to pass it of as real by saying this? "If you’re wondering why the hardcore difficulty turned off for a bit, I had to switch worlds to one that was just on hard mode for the dragon fight as the dragon didn’t spawn in the first world, then I switched back and kept my playerdata!"
average internet guy
average internet guy 19 gün önce
@Jordan Louro it's scripted. not faked.
Mr_destruction Aylar önce
I always chuckled when the black things were in like purple sleeping bags i frogot the name it always spawned using spawners
Olive Narwhal
Olive Narwhal 21 gün önce
Silver thank you for making videos as they are such high quality a fun to watch
ThatDude 18 gün önce
His modedded videos are so good compared to other modded videos especially his 100 day modded vids
Generally Infamous
Generally Infamous 6 gün önce
Can anyone tell me how he spawns in the end and gets achievements? I would really appreciate the help
Fearful Yıl önce
i feel like i’m watching a blockbuster movie with every one of these :o
Jeremy Rex
Jeremy Rex Yıl önce
you are amazing
Oofy_ Yıl önce
iiq Yıl önce
@Musti crusti cozy gang lol
dreambuds Yıl önce
Musti crusti
Musti crusti Yıl önce
Dead fear pog
Batman Lelyn
Batman Lelyn 25 gün önce
“I’m taking a lot of damage” While he still hasn’t even gotten a single heart down 1:03:05
Roza and Soha crazy sisters
Why did that cleric sounded like craftee ? Can somebody explain
lori jones
lori jones Aylar önce
It is Craftee
Alasdair Leggeat
Alasdair Leggeat Aylar önce
"And it leads to today's sponsor" Real smooth Silver... real smooth...
Preston plays voiced the ended lord
Power Star
Power Star Yıl önce
Theory of how villagers got into end: Eventually the villagers found the portals the ancient builders had, and traveled to the end. But since there weren't normal overworld supplies, they had to use what they had. Meaning amethyst and thallasium golems. They also evolved away from there distance ancestors/cousins from the overworld, meaning better trades, ect. So, they populated the end like the overworld. With them they brought diseases that spread to the enderman(what came from ancient builders eating chorus fruit for to long), and they evolved too, making the different species. There is a totally non-related theory. Your Welcome😊
Aldo Banuelos
Aldo Banuelos 3 aylar önce
Bro shutup
Lavdije Hajdini
Lavdije Hajdini 3 aylar önce
It was so long
Mathias Barrientos
Mathias Barrientos 3 aylar önce
@to hell with Mattel Productions A GAME THEORYY
Katherine Spry
Katherine Spry 5 aylar önce
Lol ya
mehira tufekci
mehira tufekci Aylar önce
Speedsilver why were you in creative in 25:57?
Aiden Gibbons
Aiden Gibbons Aylar önce
And I love your building
Roxanne Mathews
Roxanne Mathews Aylar önce
If no one noticed prestonplayz is the ender lord that is so cool
No Name
No Name Aylar önce
Anyone else just watching the 100 days videos over and over 🤣🤣🤣
‏‏‎ Yıl önce
The creators of this mod are just genius. It adds more structures, biomes, mobs, and EVEN gear! It's just incredible, and it's the update this game needs. I genuinely wish this was added in the original game.
pipi ont kaki in pipi kakaland
@ILOVEFOOD yeah it is
ILOVEFOOD 17 gün önce
It’s multiple mods I believe
‏‏‎ 2 aylar önce
@pipi ont kaki in pipi kakaland Well, the creators are genius :)
pipi ont kaki in pipi kakaland
its like 10-20 mods together
‏‏‎ 9 aylar önce
@Delta whatever it is, i dont care, its still cool
SomeoneYT Aylar önce
7:50 poor enderman
SuperStarLegend#1 2 saatler önce
Did anyone realise for the ender dragon fight he wasn’t in hardcore? This might’ve been for other bosses as well but I wouldn’t blame you because I would’ve died like in the first boss
Dazhi Wong
Dazhi Wong 28 gün önce
I feel bad for the claric
Will Theman
Will Theman Aylar önce
Preston voiced the overlord
Sapphire Yıl önce
Can we just appreciate him for the effort he puts in his videos and the hard work he does in each of his videos to make them amazing. He is awesome.
V Games
V Games 17 gün önce
​@Bhavya Raj Bhati "the thing is there are other people who are actually working hard to make these type of video and he is cheating his way out of it." witch people is it that are actually working hard to make videos like this and how is silver cheating his way out of it?
Void Nexus
Void Nexus 7 aylar önce
@Bhavya Raj Bhati look at the description it says he changed worlds because the dragon didn't spawn in the custom end one so he created another world on hard mode only with his playerdata
walmart bag
walmart bag Yıl önce
@Bhavya Raj Bhati people like the lore it have lore in it just like the SMPS
Bhavya Raj Bhati
Bhavya Raj Bhati Yıl önce
@walmart bag the thing is there are other people who are actually working hard to make these type of video and he is cheating his way out of it. I don't have a grudge or something against him. It's just unfair to other people
walmart bag
walmart bag Yıl önce
@Bhavya Raj Bhati even if he did come on dude it's just for entertainment purpose and I enjoyed it so let's get over with it dude
Sunny._.Drawzzz 2 aylar önce
Ur vids are so good / amazing and whenever I’m sad / bored I watch ur vids and they always make me feel better :)
SuperStarLegend#1 2 saatler önce
But still I have been watching all of your videos and they’re sooooo entertaining keep it up! 😊
李亚丹 26 gün önce
Silver why is the ender lord's voice is preston's???
TankerTonker Aylar önce
4:05 Skip Sponser.
Mister N
Mister N Yıl önce
What the hell? This is so well made. At first I wasn't sure when your next video was going to be since you uploaded 2 months ago, but just seeing the intro proves that you are the definition of quality over quantity. Keep it up!
I love how craftee is the voice actor as the cleric
Fish Gaming
Fish Gaming 2 aylar önce
His hearts are sometimes of a normal difficulty and then of a hardcore 😮 (normal hearts 16:10. Hardcore 17:42)
Master Dogge
Master Dogge Aylar önce
Did anyone realize his hearts changed form hardcore ones to normals through out the video
Tina Hickey
Tina Hickey Aylar önce
Silver: *creates a new end with new bosses, mobs and biomes*. Mojang: best I could do is a frog.
Sangeeta Jinder
Sangeeta Jinder Yıl önce
From where does this guy find so much incredible mods? These are always so interesting !
avid fanfic enjoyer
most of the mods are BetterEndForge Endergetic And a end cities enchancment datapack The rest for the shulker armour and shadow sword and etc i didn't find..
BadKarma Yıl önce
Yeah I’ve tried to find them and I can’t find them anywhere
luwi Yıl önce
@Bird Jesus Ah, alrighty 👌
Bird Jesus
Bird Jesus Yıl önce
He gets them from curseforge
Bird Jesus
Bird Jesus Yıl önce
@luwi no these mods have been around longer than this channel has been on TRvid
TotallyNotGlitchy 6 gün önce
"We are gonna take out all the villages in the overworlds" The Warden: I HEAR AN DISTURBANCE
tom King
tom King 24 gün önce
i love when he said im taking a lot of damage when he was down by half a heart lol 1:03:05
TheLodestone 29 gün önce
0:50 Could Have Just Made End Stone Dust Stone, Kinda Like Sand Stone.
Epic Five
Epic Five 15 gün önce
did you notice how his hearts are changing from hardcore to normal
Alexandre Vachon
Alexandre Vachon 11 aylar önce
It's quite interesting how some original mobs as well as a few mobs from Minecraft: Dungeons (such as the Blastling, the Endersent and the the Watchling) appear in this mod. The Shulker King really lives up to his name and that of a shulker box. It would be cool if Mojang updated the End with new biomes and new mobs, possibly even some from Dungeons. The only interesting things are the End Cities and the End Ships... We hope that once the Wild Update is done, alongside a few new Overworld biome overhauls (and perhaps even a season cycle), such an update might be official, unless some other project is in the works...
C.W. Lasserre IV
C.W. Lasserre IV 7 aylar önce
Did you notice that the cleric is the mystery merchant?
Katsudon 9 aylar önce
Do you by any chance know what mod pack(s) are used in this video?
Maria Theresa Mendoza
𝕀𝕥'𝕤 𝕔𝕣𝕒𝕗𝕥𝕪 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕧𝕚𝕝𝕝𝕒𝕘𝕖𝕣
marley ens
marley ens Aylar önce
The final boss sounds suspiciously like Preston… 🤔
teresa Nijakowska
teresa Nijakowska 2 aylar önce
anybody noticed he was in hardcore and then at the ender dragon boss fight he was in normal survival . . .
ThatTreeSloth Clips
ThatTreeSloth Clips 24 gün önce
I love how Preston has voiced two characters in this series
Duque01 Yıl önce
this is prolly my new favorite end related mod, i havent seen any end related mod with a story, humor of its own, and more unique biomes and gear than a lot of the end mods ive seen in the past, and from what i see this is also able to run on one of the newest updates so its just even better
Duque01 11 aylar önce
@mockery ok
mockery 11 aylar önce
"THEN IT STARTED- sUckING-" "HAHHAHAHHAHAHHA" "tHEn iT jUmpEd OntO mY fACe" "bUT iT waS tOO LATE O_O" "i hAD CAuGht tHE eNDer fLu" "the dEAdlY's dIseasE iN tHE eNd" "as YoU caN seE mY cHaraTER wAs sHaKIng lIke aN eNder mAN" "i oNly hAVE tEn miNuteS leFt tO lIVE" "but lucky this can be cured by eating chorus fruit" "whiCh i alREady HAve 20 oF"
its a modPACK
KidsuneWuzHere Yıl önce
End related modpack*
Mono Yıl önce
Its actually a combination of multiple mods and Silver being creative with a story for his videos
Starstricken Barrel
Starstricken Barrel 27 gün önce
6:06 bro, that Enderman up in the top left corner was just too excited to see speed. Silver started dancing like nobody was watching.
Esc Key
Esc Key 9 gün önce
I love silvers way to showcase items.
AzRaiel 2 aylar önce
I subscribed to u , you seem a hard working person
Juliette McDonald
Juliette McDonald 2 aylar önce
Anyone else notice when he switched from hardcore to survival then back to hardcore?
Jongster Yıl önce
the amount of effort he puts into his videos are so clear just from the first few seconds of the intro. its absolute insanity, top notch quality!
mason crader
mason crader 9 saatler önce
gotta love how preston was the final boss fight voice actor
Gracey518 24 gün önce
Finally. I found a channel that cares for mobs that aren’t real 😊 40:20
Eric Z
Eric Z Aylar önce
anyone realize how the first dungeon he went to was made of enderite blocks
RivalRen 2 aylar önce
I have been so confused …. I see people start their world in the End but I can’t find anything on how to start in the end without having to do the portal stuff
Skeleton 9797
Skeleton 9797 Aylar önce
Did anyone else notice how his hearts changed from Hardcore hearts to normal hearts? On day 80 they just turn to normal hearts 46:31 the. They turn back to hardcore hearts later on
Robo Ted
Robo Ted 22 gün önce
Why the hell does the shadow pickaxe does more damage than the axe and sword? 😂
vito 3 gün önce
pretty sure he died at some point cuz his hearths changed from the hardcore ones 26:51 and 49:09
Bashteur 2 aylar önce
35:03 “i do not wanna risk dying so let’s be careful” *proceeds to do a death defying mlg bucket*
Emi Elf
Emi Elf Yıl önce
I love the story telling aspect of this video! Can’t wait to see what happens next
Kapmawia Mawia
Kapmawia Mawia 9 aylar önce
Silver beat the super King shulker with a shovel nobody can beat silver shovel
26:58 why does your health change from nothing to hardcore
Aztec Cat
Aztec Cat 2 aylar önce
"I'm taking alot of damage" still at 9 hearts
Mega Hero family
Mega Hero family Aylar önce
you know every time silver fights a boss his hearts are normal and not hardcore
Super_Sanic 2 aylar önce
I love seeing Bossfights. I also love 100 days videos.
I really enjoy the story like concept of this video. It makes this Ender mod review video stick out with unique gameplay that would be sick if it was actually added to the game.
@социопат человек Where do you download the modpack?
Octoxic Yıl önce
just play minecraft dungeons end dlc lmao
социопат человек
you can just download and play .
Kazakhstan obama run esports
I dont really like it bc it kinda implies that the playthrough was easier
Does anyone know these mods that you can get on Bedrock?😢
Xqvx 2 gün önce
Nope only java
Luiz Fellipe
Luiz Fellipe Aylar önce
Great video, my man. Really liked
FinP12YT🪑 2 aylar önce
Anyone notice his hearts went from normal to hardcore back and forth sorry silver but nice try on cheating still love your vids!
Cxlby 28 gün önce
Bro I would for real love to use the thallasium tools for diamonds tools. I swear if there was a texture pack out there like that it would automatically be the best.
Toni da lemon
Toni da lemon Yıl önce
Damn those bosses look sick And those biomes The mobs all have their own unique features it's amazing This is one of the best modpacks ever
PriinTz Yıl önce
Yeah i know the ones you know like betterend but im talking about the souls shulker armor etc
Bella Yıl önce
what mods you know
Toni da lemon
Toni da lemon Yıl önce
@PriinTz I know some of them but not all of them
PriinTz Yıl önce
Do you know if this modpack is public or what mods he used?
dont Yıl önce
*MR BEAST SQUID GAME* trvid.com/video/video-on6QqioXFRg.html trvid.com/video/video-on6QqioXFRg.html .
Behind the Scenes of You & Me stage
Minecraft, But Smelting Gives OP Items...
Minecraft Ultimate Castle Battle!
Düşünce gücüyle oyun oynamak!