I Survived 100 Days as THOR in Minecraft 

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31 Mar 2023




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Ryguyrocky Aylar önce
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Miya Miya
Miya Miya Aylar önce
Nice thx
Notchapple_gamer Aylar önce
Notchapple_gamer Aylar önce
The real god is Technoblade
Elizabeth Cardy
Elizabeth Cardy Aylar önce
Hi love your 100 days videos
jhayar jhayar
jhayar jhayar Aylar önce
bro ill ask u a question rocky
DarkMuse Aylar önce
An Idea that might be cool would be a random wheel for 100 days. It has all his 100 days characters and each player gets to become one. It could be a 1v1, or if he wanted a 2v1, they could make it so the hunters could only get to like 2nd or 3rd level upgrades. That way they wouldn’t need the ended dragon egg and stuff but we could still see some old cool characters reappear
Alize Carlos
Alize Carlos Aylar önce
I subbed to ur channel DarkMuse
Johvi Leeck
Johvi Leeck Aylar önce
I would love to see a series of episodes where the 4 of you are in a Battle Royale. Each for themselves, and each person can choose any of the past mods Ryguy has used! I would love to see op player against op player! 🎉
Six wise Corban
Six wise Corban Aylar önce
Tamina Page
Tamina Page Aylar önce
Hell yeah
Christina Dohm
Christina Dohm Aylar önce
oh yeah
Alecia Myers
Alecia Myers Aylar önce
Yea I think that’ would be a good idea
Alic Stone
Alic Stone Aylar önce
Skeleton Demon
Skeleton Demon Aylar önce
This was a great video! Since we're on the topic of Lightning and thunder, can you consider a 100 days challenge with Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars? That would be awesome. Once again special thanks to you Ryan and MASSIVE thanks to Unicorn and the Hunters. Still no one says, "OH NOOO!!" like Permore.
Timmy Aylar önce
the guy who spawns vexes used to be hard, so he actually had a boss bar
Death wing Wolf
Death wing Wolf Aylar önce
I had no Idea
Mateusz Mrzygłód
Mateusz Mrzygłód Aylar önce
Fun fact if you make walls out of chests you can block your name in multiplayer, which is a usefull trick for creating hidden bases
Cas Aylar önce
Cas Aylar önce
Bedrock too?
Cody Smith
Cody Smith Aylar önce
@Cas I think that’s one of the few things that’s always been in both versions
Mr Red
Mr Red Aylar önce
He will not use this because he want the base to be found or they will be searching for the base all the 100 days
Six wise Corban
Six wise Corban Aylar önce
They need to stop the whole “I don’t know where he is, he’s to small” act while they have the health-bar mod installed
Elite Aylar önce
Another chad comment made by this man, thank you for pointing out the obvious things that the other six year olds watching this don't notice
Adahy Bullet
Adahy Bullet Aylar önce
​@Elitenot 6, I just pay attention to the everything else XD. I'm here for the "seeing if the hunters can somehow get lucky and beat rocky" moments at this point. Those are the best episodes cuz they managed to play things smart and effective
Elite Aylar önce
@Adahy Bullet see that's why I watch to, but when wad the last time that happened
Elite Aylar önce
@Adahy_Bullet all these are now a days are just him almost dying and then becoming to op to die. Then just destroying everything every half a week
Adahy Bullet
Adahy Bullet Aylar önce
@Elite yeah unfortunately. It is rare for him to get defeated.
AlienWerewolf Aylar önce
15:30 “I’m gonna do everything in my power to keep my base from being destroyed!” *builds an obvious base in the middle of the sky*
Doob Goob
Doob Goob Aylar önce
" im going to make this base impossible to find" "proceeds to light it up with glowstone"
kingbee Aylar önce
Toxic Kakashi
Toxic Kakashi Aylar önce
That’s exactly what I was saying
James Rodrigues
James Rodrigues Aylar önce
I feel like the last hammer should have let him fly like in the movies. The upgrade would have to include an elytra getting broken.
bastian steele
bastian steele Aylar önce
I agree
Keshaun Williams
Keshaun Williams Aylar önce
At this point, I already know what's going to happen, he goes through the door of his base, sets off TNT fights the hunters and has to relocate.
liam power
liam power Aylar önce
Anyone else gonna talk about the real hero the enchantment table how it survives everything that they do the base in all his 100 days videos
Panos Kapellaris
Panos Kapellaris Aylar önce
I love the series of 100 days and how good you are at it. I have an idea I would like to share with you. On modes like that were the hunters are diferent caracters each one should have ther own wepon
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
36:46 it is actually pronounced “Fen-rears” fang
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams Aylar önce
It doesn't matter how it is pronounced,it is spelled "fenris," so ryguy is correct
Julia Baker
Julia Baker Aylar önce
It does not matter!
kawaii Aylar önce
@Daniel Williams you know this is a bot...right?
kawaii Aylar önce
@Julia Baker you know this is a bot, correct?
Panic Aylar önce
@kawaii it's replying to something that happened in the video, so it's either a human, or it copied somebody else, I haven't seen anybody else have this comment yet.
Judy Jones
Judy Jones Aylar önce
"all it takes is a little lightning and everybody dies" -Ryguyrockey, 2023
W1NGZ Aylar önce
"The base was too easy to find" so he puts it under water with a million glowstone
Pro Gaming
Pro Gaming Aylar önce
People can use E Pearls to get to the other side of the Vault, as that is (technically,) what your thunderbolt-thingy is.
Maleeq Isaacs
Maleeq Isaacs Aylar önce
I love that he does all this work for us❤
Endless Aylar önce
You should do one of Greek mythology please also your videos are really glad so keep up the good work
Dove TheWolf
Dove TheWolf Aylar önce
Well since you did Thor, it’s time you do all the Norse mythos now huh? 😂 I would love for a 100 days Loki, Odin, and/or Fenrir. (I like Fenrir the most). Maybe someday, if you have it planned, you should make a 100 days Olympus where you get the powers of the gods and the hunters get the powers of the titans, monsters, etc. just an idea I had. Anyways! Awesome work! I love the video!!
Kian Langthorne
Kian Langthorne Aylar önce
What about jormangandr
Vhugala Nkhumeleni
Vhugala Nkhumeleni Aylar önce
Nice 👍
Botman Aylar önce
That's essentiallying kratos but a dope idea
Moonlight wolf gamer
I agree
Spoofy! Aylar önce
Spencer MacDougall
Spencer MacDougall Aylar önce
Idea: 100 days as a Magical Girl. The hunters would be the villians of the week, and you'd have abilities like a magical wand that shoots energy Bolts (a melee weapon that doubles as a powerful bow) the ability to jump really high, Regen and higher health, magical girl Transformation that gives armor (maybe different tiers up to netherite?) And a hammerspace that acts like a ender chest with 4 chests worth of storage? As a magical girl, your job is to hunt monsters, so all upgrades would require monster parts and player kills.
Blackbird332 Aylar önce
Even if Minecraft's popularity has waned it's still one of the best games to kick back and play with no anger
Jaius play world
Jaius play world Aylar önce
I love the part that he says:”and we are- DIE LOKI outta here!” (18:53)
BigCDO14 Aylar önce
How about 100 days as Gorr the God Butcher being hunted by three Thors? Or even better 100 days as a necromancer.
Danny Gray
Danny Gray Aylar önce
Wouldn’t mind seeing a 100 day farm video making a return, missing farmer unicorn
Bill Foight
Bill Foight Aylar önce
Yeah like a 100 day sniffer mob
Syndacate618 Aylar önce
Raise your hand, if you learned about him through his daycare videos
Sébastien Racicot
Sébastien Racicot Aylar önce
elvis dominator
elvis dominator Aylar önce
tyler tallman
tyler tallman Aylar önce
Liselotte Aylar önce
Jonathan Luna
Jonathan Luna Aylar önce
Ryan should become Tanjiro for a hundred day, but will he? 😉
Beans Aylar önce
Funny how he still hasn't learned to check his base first when he has to find the Hunters. It's actually pretty smart cause they're bombing his base every 20 days or so.
Wilfredo Diaz
Wilfredo Diaz Aylar önce
I really like the music that you put for when you were attacking the cave spiders
Bobby Jenkins
Bobby Jenkins Aylar önce
I think it be awesome if you did 100 days as Iron Man think about with all the suits and abilities This would be a awesome video
Was kinda hoping you'd do 100 days as a baby for april fools😂
Jelly Hayumi
Jelly Hayumi Aylar önce
Cant wait to watch it! It would be epic if you did Loki next
Julia Baker
Julia Baker Aylar önce
I love these videos keep it up
Fangle Lover LPS Gacha Channel
Ender pearls are meant to burn in lava, so, the ender pearl that fell into the lava when you were farming for them in the nether was meant to be burned but there must've been a glitch for ya, the only items that can't be burned by lava is Netherite items and Ancient Debris.
OathofOdin Aylar önce
one of these days, we will hopefully get another 100 days to escape.
Stiles ,
Stiles , 3 gün önce
Someone needs to add a scarlet witch mod Starting at a baby witch all the way up to scarlet witch. Could be similar to Strange but red energy
Antoio Benavidez
Antoio Benavidez Aylar önce
Wow Ryan your content is amazing with your team adding these cool mods into Minecraft, can't wait to see what hero or vilan your going to do next may be Tony Stark, Thanos who knows but keep it up with the great content.
Ky Cain
Ky Cain Aylar önce
Hey Ryan,would doing a 100 day challenge as a leopard be a cool idea?
Phoenix Demon14
Phoenix Demon14 Aylar önce
I think 100 days as Ant-Man would be fun
fatalerror 4 gün önce
i love the fact that he is definitly using creative mode to build his base but it what make it funny
Tristarnova Aylar önce
Something tells me chris emsworth is the April fools joke, he’s just an actor, but is somehow stronger than teen Thor.
Cole Moon
Cole Moon Aylar önce
Random thought. Ryan should do 100 days as a pokemon trainer. The pixelmon mod would add great variety and it might be able to be rigged to link pokemon to your hearts. And given the sheer variety the hunters and him would have any number of surprises up their sleeves
Ashley Harris
Ashley Harris Aylar önce
I wonder how will it be to live as Groot for 100 days
Six wise Corban
Six wise Corban Aylar önce
Fun fact: you can’t find stone swords in pillager outposts A better lie would to make the spawn right by a village with a black smith and but a sword in it
Elite Aylar önce
Adahy Bullet
Adahy Bullet Aylar önce
I, ngl, never knew this. But to be fair, could be part of when they make these mods. But faked or not, these videos can be pretty entertaining
skulleaters3v3n Aylar önce
You realize that the mods 5hey use make stuff like swords in outpost chests spawn right 😑
Adahy Bullet
Adahy Bullet Aylar önce
@skulleaters3v3n exaaaactly what I was thinking to lol
Arctic Lion Playz
Arctic Lion Playz Aylar önce
Him: “I have no idea what a Fernis Fang is” Me after reading Magnus chase and the gods of Asgard: 😎
John Campbell
John Campbell Aylar önce
Actually I think it would be interesting to see one of these challenges from the Hunter's perspective watching them build up their equipment and then suddenly get Sneak Attack by a giant block creature that could fly use AOE attacks that one shots with thorns and minions don't forget the absurd amount of Health Plus the infinite totems🙃🤣
MOON WOLF Aylar önce
Nice video really well made and fun to watch
Badatthegame Aylar önce
Can u imagine the fear he went through when he turned around to see thor chasing him down while wielding mjolnir
BabykittyAlexa Aylar önce
Hunter: Ironman! Same hunter:*looking at Thor*
Alex Floyd
Alex Floyd Aylar önce
You should do Hawkeye at some point. You could have upgrades boosting your damage and range with bows, quest requiring increasingly far distance shots, and overall focus in on using ranged weapons.
Darknight Alpha Wolf
I love watching your videos but I wish you could make them more often
nalex acen
nalex acen Aylar önce
it takes a lot of time pal
John Campbell
John Campbell Aylar önce
Op win again....honestly cheering for the hunters at this rate they need better stuff to actually keep up or even be a real threat 😅
PHOENIXKING1000 Aylar önce
Can you make a 100 days like the old 100 days I miss them
Christiaan Lavooij
Christiaan Lavooij Aylar önce
the hunters be like we get destroyed by a baby alot and he doesnt even realise the hunters can break into the base by breaking blocks
Dragonmanz Aylar önce
Love your videos you should do 100 days as a Chewbacca
Bob Dod
Bob Dod Aylar önce
Thor is hilarious and it’s cool that someone did a 100 days on him.
Valerie Ancel
Valerie Ancel Aylar önce
Thats rood for you to say
Adahy Bullet
Adahy Bullet Aylar önce
​@Valerie Ancelrude* and they are talking about the Marvel Thor, who very much can be hilarious. Actual legit Mythos Thor could be downright terrifying from what I remember
KairiOrJames Aylar önce
very curious, ryan, do you watch demon slayer and like it, i simply have the idea that you could do 100 days as one of the characters, i think it'd be fun for you all and interesting to watch
Anthony Brake
Anthony Brake Aylar önce
Very cool can not wait for you to do the xenomorphs from the Alien series
Sam Kyle Yuan Villanueva
I love your videos keep it up
TheFirstChealuck Aylar önce
When ever you post new videos I’m always watching them
marcus dickson
marcus dickson Aylar önce
1:25. did anyone notice the the stone sword in the chest was already damaged?
Bats Aylar önce
Fun Fact: Fenrir is Loki's son. (He is a giant wolf with the soul of one of his past smaller wolves)
Evan 223
Evan 223 Aylar önce
Don't do it
Joseph Scott
Joseph Scott Aylar önce
The “soul of a smaller wolf” thing was a God of War original idea. In the original myth, I believe Fenris was the offspring of Loki and the Giant Angraboda, along with Hel and Jormungandr (giants are weird, so don’t ask).
Adahy Bullet
Adahy Bullet Aylar önce
​​@Joseph Scottnd the horse Odin uses iirc, tho I forget it's name Edit: Sleipnir was the name
Joseph Scott
Joseph Scott Aylar önce
@Adahy_Bullet actually Loki was Sleipnir’s mother. The father was regular horse and Loki was in horse form at the time. Yeah it makes slightly more sense in context. Norse mythology is really weird sometimes.
This comment was true until you explained why XD
Green John Bot Color Crash Bots
You know what's funny about pillager outposts? They can't have stone swords or iron nuggets in the loot chests. We be seeing more ryguy magic
Laura Minor
Laura Minor Aylar önce
i really miss the farms they were so entertaining🥲
zairen ace gustelo
zairen ace gustelo Aylar önce
Hope you reach 10 million subscribers and im a huge fan i love your videos:)
Dragonking1337 Aylar önce
You really need to do a 100 days as Technoblade in Honor of that Titan of minecraft
Steve Smith
Steve Smith Aylar önce
Love the channel🤩
boredom Aylar önce
Hey Ryan I've been watching your videos for about a year now and I'm glad how your doing! My opinion you should have ATLEAST 10mil subs 🎉🎉❤
Adigun01 Aylar önce
True Facts
James Rodrigues
James Rodrigues Aylar önce
If you have a looting weapons and you're using another weapon that doesn't have looting put the looting weapon in your off hand. It applies looting to the non looting weapon.
Adahy Bullet
Adahy Bullet Aylar önce
It does??
OfHisSteveWays Aylar önce
I love the videos once again. Maybe 100 days as Spider-Man next?
Corbin scoville
Corbin scoville Aylar önce
I don’t know if I’m to late but the other person is a fake and they are trying to scam you
Corbin scoville
Corbin scoville Aylar önce
Trust me it happened to me before
OfHisSteveWays Aylar önce
@Corbin scoville I figured that it was a scam because someone had told me about this before.
ice_5k Aylar önce
i love how teenage thor is just like I:
Going Left With Mr. Wright
You should definitely make one about a snake dragon in an alligator and dinosaur one all combined
Dong Guo
Dong Guo Aylar önce
did anybody notice a random trident appear outta nowhere behind ryguyrocky’s back when he got back from the end?
Eva Bauknecht
Eva Bauknecht Aylar önce
He should do 100 day’s as Link from Zelda.
TheGamer167 Aylar önce
Hey ryan would you mind doing 100 days as luffy? Im a fan of one piece it'll be cool if you do it
3c0 Aylar önce
31:15 the best line in this video
Yes he made it finally
JesusSaves 985
JesusSaves 985 Aylar önce
100 days as Bowser would be really cool
John Weaver
John Weaver Aylar önce
Day 5, do 100 days as sun wukong. Please.
RG Gaming
RG Gaming Aylar önce
Rguyrocky: Throws his items, Hunters: steals them.😂😂😂
Evan 223
Evan 223 Aylar önce
So we just gonna ignore how permore called thor iron man
doger brooks
doger brooks Aylar önce
You are the best part of my day
JJ Hitt
JJ Hitt Aylar önce
I survived as a Scorpion would be cool to watch. Or see how it works…
elvis dominator
elvis dominator Aylar önce
You make the best video's out of everyone i watch
tph vlad
tph vlad Aylar önce
i miss the og 100 days with the custom maps and search aspects.
What Aylar önce
I’m gonna make this bass even more hidden than the flying island in the sky proceeds to light it up with glow stone, showing it all the hunters where it is
I loved it thank you
lil aeightz
lil aeightz Aylar önce
Does Ryan make these mods for the hundred days videos?
Waltwon McAdoo
Waltwon McAdoo Aylar önce
Can you do survive 100 days as Goku next?
adam gamer
adam gamer Aylar önce
who remember tina and his old roleplays like daycare and minecraft life and more
Mr. barker gaming
Mr. barker gaming Aylar önce
I love your videos. They’re the best and I want you to make more tutorials. I’ll try to make a server for you and everybody that is happy to join
Beat streamer
Beat streamer Aylar önce
I like how he’s like this one is going to be easy we just need 120 red stone the ender dragon egg and 50 diamonds
Garry🐐 Aylar önce
I love these type of vids I would love to see Spider-Man next
HuskeyLegend Aylar önce
Nightshade 46
Nightshade 46 Aylar önce
Day 3 of 100 Days as Toothless
Koby Kelley
Koby Kelley Aylar önce
Odin is so strong that not even Thanos wanted to destroy the universe until he was dead and Thor doesn't even compare
Emilia Okonji
Emilia Okonji Aylar önce
I always love your videos
Miya Miya
Miya Miya Aylar önce
Raise your hand if you've been watching ryguyrocky for a long time 🤚🤚🏻🤚🏼🤚🏽🤚🏾🤚🏿
Coloris Chen
Coloris Chen Aylar önce
Arham Virani
Arham Virani Aylar önce
Ricky Sethi
Ricky Sethi Aylar önce
Sean arise Q leopardo
Leah Fombuena
Leah Fombuena Aylar önce
Aqua Galaxy
Aqua Galaxy Aylar önce
I would love to see you play as Kratos for the next episode
Axel Fabela
Axel Fabela Aylar önce
I miss the old days😢
Eeveeo diamond
Eeveeo diamond Aylar önce
Also why not use waterlogged blocks to keep your base from being blown up the best you can or are you not allowing waterlogged blocks
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