I Survived 100 Days as a LAVA DRAGON in Minecraft

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I am going to be turning into the lava dragon for the next 100 days in Minecraft. Will I be able to survive until Day 100, or will the 3 Dragon Hunters stop me from completing this challenge!

►Episode - I Survived 100 Days as a LAVA DRAGON in Minecraft


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YouTube Aylar önce
the transitions between each level of the lava dragon were top-tier 🔥
Alounny Manivong
Alounny Manivong Saatler önce
Jenny Dickerson
Jenny Dickerson Gün önce
TRvid oh my gosh bruh
Marthy Grace Yngayo
Marthy Grace Yngayo 3 gün önce
U know that hes a real TRvid bc he has a check on the right of his name
rap1d 5 gün önce
bro legit got a comment from TRvid (and yes, I checked it's the real yt)
@Illusion They replied on some of his videos
Zak_zeek6773 Aylar önce
rocky "I'm a lava dragon so if i get in water its going to hurt" continues to jump in water. with no damage
Pheobie Collins-Pittuck
Pheobie Collins-Pittuck 5 saatler önce
King White
King White 11 saatler önce
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King White 12 saatler önce
King White
King White 12 saatler önce
The legend of Link
The legend of Link 14 saatler önce
Only weakness of a lava dragon
SushiKat Studios
SushiKat Studios 7 gün önce
This man mixed together so many Minecraft trends into one (ex: 100 days, manhunt, menu upgrade mods) and made a long format video to play in the background and laugh at while you play Minecraft. Excellent.
Mark Wayne Windle
Mark Wayne Windle Aylar önce
I recommend not putting a massive window in the side of a mountain; it kind of gives your base away real easily.
King White
King White 12 saatler önce
I don’t get it
Abel John Britto
Abel John Britto 4 gün önce
This guy likes windows that's y
Zxllix 12 gün önce
that’s what i’m saying-
Magical Caroline
Magical Caroline 13 gün önce
True didn’t think about that
minisamuri47 Aylar önce
Fun Fact about Goat Horns is that you can also find them in pillager outposts occasionally, tho not sure if that's an easier way to get them compared to the main way or not tbh
Laurel Chiaramonte
Laurel Chiaramonte 10 gün önce
It's not easier, you have a higher chance to get the goat horn from making it ram into a wall and a lower chance to get a goat horn from a pillager outpost
Meow meow kitty meow meow gameing
What’s the seed
OkayOman 29 gün önce
@John Watters ok
Mrflash1018 Aylar önce
Nicky Mejias
Nicky Mejias Aylar önce
Yeah but they can be dangerous if you are using data packs that have villagers as NPCs like the craftee one.
Roblox Videos
Roblox Videos 24 gün önce
Rocky: ''I made it pretty secretive''. The giant window in his base: ''Yeah, only you can see through it!''
Greek_Valkyrie 19 gün önce
Honestly, the final Lava Dragon stage is incredibly dope. I love the color scheme and how it looks. 😍 I wish we could become that in regular Minecraft. I'd totally rock that look.
shadow demon
shadow demon Aylar önce
You know what I want to see. I want to see the perspectives of the hunters during a 100 day challenge
Dan Achtor
Dan Achtor Aylar önce
Yeah 18:16
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson Aylar önce
Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life. 💙✨
Etniesfreak Aylar önce
SCP-049 Aylar önce
You know I think you should make multiple bases at once that way you can move to another or if one gets destroyed that way you won’t have to spend too much time rebuilding one of the sites is actually a pretty good precaution as well as sign up decoy basis to confuse your enemies it’s really helpful I will take people more time does the find you
Krishun Mayes
Krishun Mayes 22 gün önce
And make bass under lava pool
Abdel Chahaboddin
Abdel Chahaboddin Aylar önce
These are staged
RWLXXII Aylar önce
It might be rule to have one base at time
John Watters
John Watters Aylar önce
Sun tzu
Shadow King
Shadow King Aylar önce
One of the things I'd like to state that he doesn't seem to know is in the ancient cities the skulk shakers give you three strikes meaning you can let them scream or shriek three times before a warden gets summoned so next time you're in ancient city hunting for golden apples all you need to know is if you hear one of them three times you're screwed that's what that means
Laurel Chiaramonte
Laurel Chiaramonte 10 gün önce
Ninhpham 26 gün önce
Who remembers when instead he would have to escape UnicornMan’s factory? ❤❤ I hope he considers doing one more of that to remake all the memeries :)
Otniel Angelo
Otniel Angelo Aylar önce
I thought 100 days challenge videos won't be updating anymore, thank goodness the thing is still going
chris joy
chris joy Aylar önce
Yeah I thought too
AbsIsInHells Aylar önce
kyle anderson
kyle anderson Aylar önce
updating? u ment uploading ithink
natasha kabamba
natasha kabamba Aylar önce
Phew well i almost unsubscribe you. Hahaha.
Misha Kudyakov
Misha Kudyakov Aylar önce
I watch them every day
Tracy Geller
Tracy Geller Aylar önce
I've been watching you since the daycare stories- Thank you for my childhood Rocky!! Edit: Can you maybe do a 100 days as a water dragon? Or maybe an Earth dragon!
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 11 gün önce
Search for the dragon survival mod. Hella good for such a video. Combined with the weapons from vampirism for the hunters this would be legendary.
Benjamin Nowlin
Benjamin Nowlin Aylar önce
anonymous Aylar önce
Or a thunder dragon
Evan Bowling
Evan Bowling Aylar önce
Ya the nether dragon needs more materials from the nether; like when you survived 100 days as THE WITHER STORM!!!!.
Ryan Dagatan
Ryan Dagatan Aylar önce
that would be amazing
Τιμόθεος Μαυριτσάκης
Hot damn man the nostalgia....I got this video as a recommendation and watched it along with a few other surviving 100 days, only until I realised this was the channel with the daycare. 🎉
Charlie Davies
Charlie Davies Aylar önce
fat lol
fat lol Aylar önce
@swarmster i miss it
Linda Blackert
Linda Blackert Aylar önce
swarmster Aylar önce
@Ethan Prince this used to be a roleplay channel
Christian Thomas
Christian Thomas Aylar önce
I’m kinda surprised no one mentioned the fact that he killed 20 animals of each without just setting them on fire. That was pretty funny.
TheAdypoker Aylar önce
@Sohamm Mahapatra same
Sohamm Mahapatra
Sohamm Mahapatra Aylar önce
I was just about to rant about that
Error Creed
Error Creed Aylar önce
What confuses me so much is that, ryan could put his base at the lowest point on the map and the hunters would still find the base… which makes me believe that during one of the cuts, he tells them his coordinates cause take a look at the second base, its inside a big cave yet the hunters still found it without much effort.
This is currently my favourite channel to watch, especially while gaming
Yobrocobro Aylar önce
I am so glad this series still exist! I thought you’d have stopped doing this series or stopped uploading Minecraft videos.
Jude Co
Jude Co Aylar önce
I am so glad he didn't quit Minecraft too 😃😁.
tamika murphy
tamika murphy Aylar önce
for real
Archit Mor
Archit Mor Aylar önce
I would love to see 100 day video in a special map like you use to do earlier
Echo The Dragon
Echo The Dragon 26 gün önce
all baby dragons are called wyrmlings some people just tend to think they are just called baby dragons Edit: this is surprisingly realistic to what a wyrmling would do it cant fly but it would be able to jump far with its wings
Xavier Cain
Xavier Cain Aylar önce
I love the way he calls evokers a totem of undying like they are just walking items.
Melanie Aprube
Melanie Aprube Aylar önce
@Corrupted Blood actually its a t-posing villager lol
Corrupted Blood
Corrupted Blood Aylar önce
A totem is literally T posing golden evoker with green eyes
Zoe Lycan
Zoe Lycan Aylar önce
I'm amazed your friends don't just use the nether portal to find your base, as 2 portals close to each other would get linked to each other. Unless you guys agreed, that would be too easy. Another thing I think that it could be interesting to see. You claim one of their destroyed base...ya know, "salt on would" In regard to the "hunters", they should really try to make a fake trap base, filled with TNT or traps, so when ever you walk in, you never know if it's the real one or filled with traps ;P Last tip for the Hunters. Make small individual spawn rooms with a hidden water elevator. That way each hunter spawns at a different place, and they don't have beds exposed in the same room
OkayOman 28 gün önce
Yeah you’re so right
My name Jeff
My name Jeff Aylar önce
My absolute favorite part about this entire video how you built the most awesome base and using the Birch wood looking like sand and redstone and how you use it is beautiful
Apepz 26 gün önce
NPc commet
Slenderbutta Aylar önce
Your next base could be under an ancient City so it would be unlikely to find you and you always have an escape Route through the ancient City because it takes time for the warden to spawn and when it is there the hunters would have to Deal with it
Tank Man
Tank Man Aylar önce
Banana Aylar önce
@Micah Heinrichs😂
Micah Heinrichs
Micah Heinrichs Aylar önce
Big brain 🧠
shrianshmakesart Aylar önce
The sculk sensors and screechers would keep spawning wardens
Neal Kinchen and Alton Kinchen shared account
That is an excellent idea
Danise Pirrus
Danise Pirrus 12 gün önce
I am so glad that you still make these videos 🎉
Esmira Pajazetovic
Esmira Pajazetovic Aylar önce
The thing to blame why they found your first base:THE WINDOWS
Malachi Winter
Malachi Winter 26 gün önce
Yeah right why so big windows
The Gaming Reaper
The Gaming Reaper Aylar önce
@Chelli Brown true
katherine edens
katherine edens Aylar önce
Chelli Brown
Chelli Brown Aylar önce
@Charlene See-Yang because if he didn't have windows it would be slightly harder for hunters to find his base
Charlene See-Yang
Charlene See-Yang Aylar önce
Yes why
JustAMan 7 gün önce
Ryguy: "As a lava dragon, if I will be in water, that's gonna hurt." Also Ryguy: Extinguishes fire from lava in water.
I’m liking these consistent uploads. 3 uploads in the past few weeks makes my day. Just like old times
Rufus James
Rufus James Aylar önce
You should do 100 days as an elemental
Corbin scoville
Corbin scoville Aylar önce
Sarah Thompson
Sarah Thompson Aylar önce
ItsConstellation Aylar önce
I think we can all agree that ryguy is 100% the 100 days youtuber.
tokyoghoulfan53 22 gün önce
No lukethenotable is this is just some dude who makes a few mods then fakes the videos
Trenton Stewart
Trenton Stewart Aylar önce
I think it’d be funny if rocky starts building decoy bases and even staying in the hunters old bases
paige parker
paige parker Aylar önce
@Mohammed Yuan lol
Mohammed Yuan
Mohammed Yuan Aylar önce
Britney Mace
Britney Mace Aylar önce
Love how he went in water on day 2 after saying he can’t touch water without taking damage
Britney Mace
Britney Mace Aylar önce
@Moh Alwane are you ok?
Moh Alwane
Moh Alwane Aylar önce
Ya true You dummy haha Britney mase
Mrs Purple
Mrs Purple Aylar önce
Okay really awesome job on the mob design love them💜! Mod making is good as always "We don't attack the big spooky dragon" my favorite part of the video!😂 Anyone know of any good dragon mods?
CrimsonPlaugeXIII Aylar önce
Use dragon survival mod not the mod pack on curse forge for 1.18.2
The_Misfits:D 24 gün önce
Ry: “ I am a lava dragon” jumps in lava and proceeds to take damage. Yet takes no damage when going into water.
Chaspertje Aylar önce
You don’t need a compas in your inventory, you can always see the white dot on the map… 42:47
mordor middle earth beastmaster
This is awesome! Also will there be a 100 day challenge as a dinosaur or perhaps as an animal from the cenozoic era? Just wanted to ask. Have an amazing day.
CodKiller555 Aylar önce
next time you do a 100 days video as a mob with fire resistance, try hunting for ancient debris under lava. its a lot more common and way easier to find.
Otis 24 gün önce
He should’ve made a base made out of lava earlier in the challenge😊
AiLeaf Aylar önce
Whenever you make a base you should make it not too big like a simple base so it doesn’t take much time and you can get your upgrades much quicker and when your on your last 3 upgrades you should make a big base representing what every animal your surviving as
Fundamental Convolution
Do you ever release the mod packs you use to make these? Could make for some fun times with friends (when I find some lol)
Inrage Aylar önce
@Officialryguyrockyhey fake
silent Aylar önce
Another great video. Been waiting for a little, and I know that the videos take a while to code, but I still just cannot wait for the new videos. Keep up the great work!!!
Josh Lefelhocz
Josh Lefelhocz Aylar önce
Seems Ryan forgot that if you place water directly a chest, you waterlog it and save space for other stuff.
Cloud09 gaming
Cloud09 gaming Aylar önce
It's sad they didn't release a friendly dragon version. It can be like how the Tamed dragon in Craftopia could be. And we know they can do it cause of the "One block at a time" update that let you ride the Ender Dragon. I loved the bob up and down the dragon did while talking. XD Also when attacking the house when one of them yelled "he's killing the villagers" all I could think of was "Trogdor!!!"
Patrick Doig
Patrick Doig 3 gün önce
My favorite part of the whole 100 days was the waiting game.
uptostairs Aylar önce
Rocky: we're gonna build a basic base. also him:builds a base with tons of crafting tables and different furnaces
undonecheems 27 gün önce
he really said "since im a fire dragon we cant go in the water cuz it will hurt" proceeds to go in water. also says "my base is really hidden so they wont find it" yet he made a giant window out the side of a mountain
nothing Aylar önce
I'm glad that you are still uploading the 100 day challenges
Matt Freeman
Matt Freeman 26 gün önce
Man I wish this was available on the market place, I'd definitely pay
Raine guess
Raine guess 22 gün önce
I would to buy it and I'm only 9years old and I would probably buy it because I have money
Nolan Davis
Nolan Davis Aylar önce
I love these. Keep up the good work❤😊
ᴛᴇxᴛ ᴍᴇ ᴏɴ ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ 👉@Skallagrims
⬆️YOO 👋 Fan🎮 I have a special gift for you🧨🧨
Ray Ho
Ray Ho 9 gün önce
lava dragons are my favorite creatures!😊 great video!
Sharita Patterson
Sharita Patterson Aylar önce
My two favorite parts are surprising the hunters with new upgrades to destroy there bases and becoming a pretty broken dragon.
John Watters
John Watters Aylar önce
“We have to hurry up and get to the end” Crouches in his base instead of going to the end
Kael Cobb
Kael Cobb Aylar önce
I knew Ryguy wouldn't give up on these challenges.
Just a normal man
Just a normal man Aylar önce
Love the videos but just asking if you’ll ever do the 100 day farm videos again?
magnus chase
magnus chase Aylar önce
I love all the 100 day vids. Just could you please🙏🙏 make more 100 days farms, I don't know about everyone else but honestly those are my favorite.
Hey rocky, have you ever tried to make a base in an ancient city? It may be a good place to live
Scott Moss
Scott Moss Aylar önce
Also make ender chest to keep your upgrade materials safe from your friends the reason why is because only you can see what you put in it just like them for what they put in
Lucas Perez
Lucas Perez Aylar önce
Ryan do you think Luke can release these mods to the public? These would be incredible to play with!!!
Static sketch comics
I love how ryan makes all his videos with commitment and skill so i thank and support for all future vidoes👍
Dingoes United
Dingoes United Aylar önce
It would be cool if they added more dragons
Aryze-_-Pure Aylar önce
I like how he says that if he gets in the water he will take damage when he straight up jumped in the water and swam. 2:34
Cammerade TheKidd
Cammerade TheKidd Aylar önce
I really feel like there should be some weaknesses with some abilities, like the fireballs didn't work against certain blocks (kinda like ghast fireballs dont work on cobblestone), and the hunters should also get some more modded armor and stuff
Oliver Williams
Oliver Williams 15 gün önce
Rocky: I'm a lava dragon so jumping into water will hurt Also Rocky 30 seconds later: dives into the water
comicsans1358 Aylar önce
Should've gotten those blaze rods while breaking spawners
Haden Smith
Haden Smith Aylar önce
Also I have a fun idea for maybe in the future- why not have a partner to help you survive 100 days? It'd be fun and maybe the person who helps you could be a subscriber! Maybe like someone who has the most likes on their comment or- someone of your pick? Also I can't wait until there's 4 hunters! :D I also love your videos and it's really inspiring me to play Minecraft with some mods and do fun challenges like you do! :D
Diam Japan
Diam Japan Aylar önce
I never get bored watching your videos 😊😊😊
ReebVR 22 gün önce
“I made this base really hidden” *continues to look through glass*
Laura Bell
Laura Bell Aylar önce
Ryguyrocky never fails to impress
Cartoon Box
Cartoon Box 19 gün önce
The video content is so engaging that I can't stop watching it
Quinlan Dye
Quinlan Dye Aylar önce
Next is 100 as an ice/earth/space or elemental dragon
Icarus Aylar önce
I’m curious, has he ever tried going back to an old base that’s been destroyed. Cause I wonder if they’d think to check his old bases for him 😂
Spirit_Dragon Aylar önce
Dude i have a tip that will make getting your base found very unlikely. Build it near an ancient city or just near bedrock.
Matheus Cunegundes
Matheus Cunegundes Aylar önce
Rocky: okay so I need to get kills in the Nether. Hunters: *Immediately jump into the nether* At least make it look like its not scripted bro
Logan Morris
Logan Morris Aylar önce
Love the idea keep up the great work
Geese 3 gün önce
It’s funny how he just drops everything that he just got and then starts spam crouching 😂
David Cuthbertson
David Cuthbertson Aylar önce
Do 100 days as Bugs Bunny. The hunters can be Yosemite Sam, Elmer Fudd, and Marvin the Martian
Stephanie Morales
Stephanie Morales Aylar önce
That would be awsome!!
Ali Azimi
Ali Azimi Aylar önce
That would be a cool vid
Harrison Aylar önce
You really make my day. Pls keep up the good work and make sure the dragon hunters don’t catch you
Rhett K
Rhett K Aylar önce
I kinda miss being able to see the levels cuz that shows how long hes been playing
ᴛᴇxᴛ ᴍᴇ ᴏɴ ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ 👉@Skallagrims
⬆️YOO 👋 Fan🎮 I have a special gift for you🧨🧨
ALLdayGaming Aylar önce
He should make it so the hunter can get upgrades too, like in this video they could get knight like abilities or items, like a ballista that does a lot of damage but is slow to aim.
MoyaiMan. 25 gün önce
Maybe if you make the bases more hidden and not very much in the open then they wont destroy it that fast
Amongus Aylar önce
My favorite part of this video was the waiting game
sean Mills
sean Mills Aylar önce
Would love to see y'all do a video with the full of life texture pack
Jacob Ohnheiser
Jacob Ohnheiser Aylar önce
If the warden doesn’t hear anything for 1 minute it will crawl back into the ground. So if you don’t set off any sensors in 60 seconds he will leave. Love your videos.
RaspberryMixin Aylar önce
"Yea I'm a lava dragon!" Then proceeded to take damage from lava.
Caden Reed
Caden Reed Aylar önce
Thank you, you’re the one who got me into liking Minecraft, especially by these videos
EW Ingalls
EW Ingalls Aylar önce
I loved it when the sheep was like "I believe I can fly"
Reaper Productions
Reaper Productions Aylar önce
100 Days as Mewtwo with the hunters being members of Team Rocket trying to get you back
My Stand Reference
My Stand Reference Aylar önce
How about 100 days as a Genie? One of the abilities can give you a lamp that acts as a portable base but leaves a block in the shape of a lamp that the hunters can break. Either way love the videos
Ironwar Aylar önce
One of your next 100 days should be as a general who has to survive with 'warlords' hunting him. You get no combat upgrades; instead, you can summon troops to fight your battle for you. The first one should be bodyguards that give you 1 bodyguard with each evolution level you get and they get better the more you evolve from a 'Squad commander' all the way to Freid Marshal. They also act like totems of undying for you if you take fatal damage they 'pop' and you get 5 golden hearts and regan but one of the bodyguards dies, taking your place. Another good one could be to give an army unit new armor and weapons based on what ore you give them. Like you could summon a group of 20 footmen that have all leaver and if you give the captain in charge say x amount of diamonds him and his troops now have diamond armor and weapons. Things that improve both the number and qailty of your army. Your utility tree could also be things like miners that 'mine' iron, gold, coal, emelders, and diamonds for you with set chances on what there mine or farmers that not only feed you but have a chance to give you golden apples. I feel like this can be a very cool idea if you can pull it off.
Enduur Aylar önce
Keep the good vids coming ,Love them so much.idea:100 days as mario
Bryn Douglas
Bryn Douglas Aylar önce
these videos make me happy so much and Ryan is one of my favourite youtubers
elliott philips
elliott philips Gün önce
i really want to play that mod that looks so fun!
ScarHollow Aylar önce
who else misses his old vids? Like the ones where he was captured by unicornmann and had to escape by 100 days. Hopefully he'll bring them back soon
ScarHollow Aylar önce
@Jupiter Culberson i know right
Jupiter Culberson
Jupiter Culberson Aylar önce
My guy needs to go back to the old days
Jupiter Culberson
Jupiter Culberson Aylar önce
Jaels SCP Foundation
its been a while since the last time i watch a video good to see your still uploading ry
quinn flister
quinn flister Aylar önce
man says water is dangerous yet a minute later he swims fine
Fplayz Aylar önce
I like how you mixes 100 days and manhunt and I enjoy your videos
MEEP Aylar önce
Hey, I liked the part where you said you needed more subscribers. You totally deserve more! 😁 15:46
Charlie Davies
Charlie Davies Aylar önce
my fav part of this was day 14-19 it was so fun :D
Box Aylar önce
I like how Ryan forgot when doing the flambé chef ability he could have just used fire breath to precook the food so he just wasted his time😂😂😂😂
Box Aylar önce
Angie Holder I’m not makeing fun of him I just thought it was funny everyone forgets every once in a while chill
Josh Slater
Josh Slater Aylar önce
You should use enderchests for your upgrade items so they can't take them