I Sunk My Brand New $400k Pavati Boat- 95 Foot Deep Recovery With

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Big thanks to Chuck Gros and the whole team at Pavati Boats for stepping up to help out with this unexpected and borderline unexplainable situation. Check out their channel here: / pavatiwakeboarding

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7 May 2022




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HeavyDSparks 10 aylar önce
Start playing Fishing Clash for free on your iOS/Android device by downloading it via my link fishingclash.link/HeavyDSparks and use my gift code FISHWITHDAVID to get a special reward for a total value of $20 for free!
Trista Booher
Trista Booher Aylar önce
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Trista Booher Aylar önce
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Trista Booher
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Trista Booher
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JMSJ 5 aylar önce
So what's the boat look like now? Or status
Adventures with Purpose
And here I thought it was going to be a quick and easy boat recovery within two hours. Always optimistic but in the end great minds always find a way even if it’s two days later. Had a great time with you and your crew. Looking forward to the next one.
Kids Amiss
Kids Amiss 5 aylar önce
@Masonails same
KimberlyM 6 aylar önce
Yall are great! Hats off 👏
Fisher Wasser
Fisher Wasser 8 aylar önce
True that bro
Shawn Henderson
Shawn Henderson 8 aylar önce
Be honest you forget the plug
who346 8 aylar önce
I guess not having enough equiqment so it was an extended play work thing.....
Zoe Walker
Zoe Walker 10 aylar önce
hey D , it's so surreal to see a big company pavati come out and watch one of its own boats being recovered and learn from it , not many companies will . that's a momentum movement in itself. and seeing you & AWP collaborate is very beautiful to see , hopefully more videos in the future.
Service dogo joke guys
Service dogo joke guys 12 saatler önce
@Jake so they only sell 10-12 boats a year?
MS 2 aylar önce
Seems like these boats suck tbh
Nicki Slade
Nicki Slade 5 aylar önce
@Jake it literally was a reason.. it was a drain bung + a failed unknown bilge pump… pretty sure thats a reason for a sinking, its not new just this is a big name with a new boat…..
John Meaney
John Meaney 6 aylar önce
Like it wasn’t sponsored
Chayce Wunder
Chayce Wunder 7 aylar önce
@Stu Pidass when u own a boat go ahead and say that L L
Patrick Vienneau
Patrick Vienneau 10 aylar önce
I just want to say that the shovel throw and catch were pretty darn impressive!
Kari Bird
Kari Bird 10 aylar önce
So glad your family got out safe. And I think that was an AMAZING RECOVERY
thi kim
thi kim 10 aylar önce
Dior 10 aylar önce
Love to see Alan still out there with the guys. Bad ass dude
Dunovan Carr
Dunovan Carr 9 aylar önce
Especially since Alan has 10,000 projects waiting for him....
Chad Thiem
Chad Thiem 10 aylar önce
Glad you acted fast and got your family to safety❤️❤️that’s always first priority. boats can be fixed and replaced no matter the cost. loved ones cannot. awesome boat recovery guy’s awesome work
Ryan Steiger
Ryan Steiger 10 aylar önce
It’s cool to see the Adventures with Purpose guys in a situation where they can show that they’re having fun and laugh. Usually it’s heavy situations so it’s not appropriate to show smiling and laughing. Both channels are so good, very cool to see them come together again.
Dave W
Dave W 2 aylar önce
I would be laughing and smiling too if you had millions to blow. I would laugh at just about every situation knowing it probably isn’t going to hurt that bad financially.
warren michael
warren michael 2 aylar önce
@466rudy Thats crazy! I watched quite a bit of AWP but stopped watching as much the last year, i hadnt heard this until you said this. I have been watching videos about it. My guy basically admitted it too it sounds like.
466rudy 2 aylar önce
@warren michael Charged with 2 counts.
warren michael
warren michael 2 aylar önce
@466rudy Really? The AWP guy was? Charged or accused? I guess i missed this news, wow
Mike Brunner
Mike Brunner 5 aylar önce
I see your emotion. Family is Everything. You have done a Fantastic job. The boat does not matter. You rock man. I wish i had the ability to help you like your friends do. I am thankful, you, family, crew, and AWP are all together for this. Way to go.
TE᙭T ᗰE+①(⑥⑥②) ⑦⓪⑨-⑦⑤⓪③
Martin Zynda
Martin Zynda 6 gün önce
First thing i would like to say is you guys are awesome, i love the way you help people even if it costs you that's what this world needs more of so I say thank you very much. Im a little old (new to this social media stuff, been watching you on tv app but just got a laptop) but I was wondering about the BRITE green polish on your toes is that a new fad? lol love watching you guys
PHOTO FREE AMERICA 10 aylar önce
Shout out to Adventures With Purpose....For helping out with this task.🇺🇸👍🏻✊🏻✌🏻
JD Brown
JD Brown 10 aylar önce
That was an amazing recovery. The Navy boat is just awesome! Well done!
That Shiner Guy
That Shiner Guy 5 aylar önce
That Navy boat was perfect for that recovery. Great team effort, cool to see AWP come out to help.
wingerfan1 10 aylar önce
I would love to see a video of your team cleaning up and trying to get the boat running! That would be a cool end to the story. Jared and Doug are awesome aren't they? Was great to see them help you recover that awesome boat.
BrandiXo 6 aylar önce
That would be cool. Did they do video on boat cleanup? I was wondering what looked like and how cleaned it. Lol
Drew 8 aylar önce
@Marcus Linton I don't think the boat was sunk on purpose, but to make it profitable would take a lot less ten 200.000.000 views. Probably a lot less 50,000,000 views. Especially with a gaming app as a sponsor. He would probably got close to 100,000 just for that sponsor.
Jeff Mockus
Jeff Mockus 8 aylar önce
@Andy-GTIDo you think you only wear floatation gear if you can't swim? Do you only put a seat belt on if know you're going to crash?
James Brett
James Brett 8 aylar önce
HD in his video says it wasn’t his fault… still dirty . Dude used a drain plug that didn’t fit. Play it off. Hope he doesn’t do the same with his heli.
make*it*pay 10 aylar önce
that boat is now garbage. everything electrical is ruined along with the engine & tranny. in the old days when boats were simple & just ran a carb & points ignition you could clean it up & it might work out, those days are gone.
Shirley Porschatis
Shirley Porschatis 10 aylar önce
This was amazing video it’s so awesome to see you And your crew recover anything and everything I’m so thankful for your safety and for all that you do. It’s a miracle that you were able to be rescued from your sinking boat and now to see the plan you have devised to recover your boat. What a miracle I love your videos I watch them all and I’m blown away and what you can do you’re a genius and you and your crew are still my heroes thank you so much your friend Shirley
Joe H
Joe H 9 aylar önce
whoa crazy cat lady! in love with celebrity youTubers. calm down and take your meds
Canadian Quadders Review
So awe-inspiring to see so many people come together to help someone out! Great Team work, amazing equipment and smart tactics. Well done everyone! Would love to see a video of the PAVATI back in the water all cleaned up and Seaworthy!
Fish O'Connor (John)
Fish O'Connor (John) 16 gün önce
Also, gotta agree with what Dave said earlier, that is a beautiful lake and rock formation. The colour of the strata has gotta be a sight, when seen in person. Gorgeous..
Rob S
Rob S 10 aylar önce
Glad you and the family made it out of there safe. It could of ended up a lot worse, Glad it didn't. Awesome job to you your crew and every one else that helped with the recovery. you guy's are awesome.
Rhonda Kennedy
Rhonda Kennedy 19 gün önce
Thank you to Jared & Doug! People are idiots who said you sunk it on purpose. Be kind to one another. Stay safe. Love to all
Hunter Goodrich
Hunter Goodrich 10 aylar önce
I was a bit concerned about my 1am night-before-the-trip aluminum welds, glad they held and my winch didn't get ripped off😅
Feral Man
Feral Man 5 aylar önce
@C D Antarctica is a wall of ice.
Snarf 10 aylar önce
loving your work (Y)
Jack Kramer
Jack Kramer 10 aylar önce
Great job Hunter, you are a great fabrication specialist and I am glad everything worked out for all of you and your family and friends. I hope you have a great day and hopefully we get to see the cleanup and restoration of the boat.
R Thomas
R Thomas 10 aylar önce
Glad to see that’s not the only thing that held. The way I’ve seen you guys practice winching safety in some of these videos is cringe worthy.
Constable 10 aylar önce
Welds were killer, Hunter!
Benita Guinn
Benita Guinn 10 aylar önce
Pretty cool that you guys brought in the AWP team. Jared and Doug are awesome. I’ve been watching both your TRvid videos for a while now. God bless you all.
IGRojikku 7 aylar önce
Love that the one dude is just like “Well, I’m glad my welds are holding” 🤣
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..ʟᴇᴛ'ꜱ ᴛᴀʟk now⤴️⤴️
gsheac gsheac
gsheac gsheac 10 aylar önce
So glad you hooked up with adventures with a purpose!! They are good people like yourselves, combined a lot of good is going to happen for a lot of people!
aaron godderidge
aaron godderidge 8 aylar önce
i cant even imagine that happening with your wife and kids on the boat with you. glad everyone was ok
Tracey Kitchin
Tracey Kitchin 8 aylar önce
I've been on the edge of my seat watching this one. I nearly cried a few times. Im so glad the boys that did the diving were all up safe and sound, just another activity that l miss doing. Dam good job guys, and that means all of you for,cheers Tracey from Australia xo
Yup I Eat Crayons
Yup I Eat Crayons Aylar önce
Hans 6 aylar önce
Nearly cried?
HeavyDSparks 10 aylar önce
Just to be clear: the boat had already been on the water for 2 days before it sank, including spending the whole night after day 1 in the water tied to the dock with no problems. The plug I used was one of those cheap flip-tab plugs which somehow came loose while we were beached playing at a sandbar on day 2. The bilge pumps were working but one of them blew a fuse that I wasn’t aware so when I opened the ballast tanks to bring on an extra 5000lbs of water to make our surf wave…the combination of the water in the hull that the bilge wasn’t pumping out, the full ballast tanks, and rough waves in the channel was just enough to overload the boat and it sank within 30 seconds of us realizing the problem. There’s not much you can do in that situation in the middle of the channel surrounded by 500ft cliff walls. My family was perfectly prepared and everyone was safe.
dcskate1022 18 gün önce
That’s not a accident, that’s carelessness. Some people just shouldn’t own boats
D C Aylar önce
who cares what they said- great content non the less
Fire Plug
Fire Plug Aylar önce
@Shawn Masonmore than likely it was financed and uninsured.
75percent2infinity Aylar önce
Not that boat savy, but damn I always thought the check ur drain plug joke was a troll.
Robert Luce
Robert Luce Aylar önce
I’d rather recover a hundred boats over one body. Thank God you all did the right thing and were all safe. Sadly many people make bad choices in which we have to go recover them and a boat. Good Job overall. Proper lift bag work would of made for a quicker neater boat recovery however probably not as dramatic and shorter video 😂. But good job guys.
Simone Chiaretta
Simone Chiaretta 8 aylar önce
This video is a match to all those professional made recovery documentaries on Discovery channel or NG! Kudos!
request👉🏼 opt_crack on Instagram
Spppanky 8 aylar önce
I love how the navy boat is just the old reliable workhorse of the bunch that absolutely never fails to do its job 😂
Tara Foley
Tara Foley 8 aylar önce
And ... Another Adventure Success!! Amazing, guys. Love watching y'all 💕 from 🇨🇦
Jeff Shore
Jeff Shore 10 aylar önce
Nice recovery, I’m glad you and your family were safe when it went down, I always appreciate your content, good job!!
Kody (Kode Red)
Kody (Kode Red) 10 aylar önce
Awesome job guys glad it was a successful recovery an looks like no one got hurt you guys are badass crew an a great bunch of good men. Way to go keep up the hard work.
cam tran quoc
cam tran quoc 10 aylar önce
Aj W
Aj W 10 aylar önce
I work at SafeBoats and was part of the team on the construction side of these riverine patrol boats so I definitely know them from laying the hull plates all the way to the final finish welding side of the vessel. Going out on sea trials was a blast and will never forget, such an awesome boat!!
Aj W
Aj W 10 aylar önce
They are in Bremerton just off HY 3 near the airport. A second facility will be up and running soon which is located in the port of Tacoma.
Aj W
Aj W 10 aylar önce
It has been an awesome company to work for. They take good care of their employees. 4 10’s with a three day weekend is hard to beat.
Mary Tate
Mary Tate 10 aylar önce
I have a $300 boat outback you can cut it in half and it will not Saint like that $400,000 boat should not seem like that people spend good money to be safe
LaserSailor00 10 aylar önce
Safe boats are awesome. I would love to own an old RBS one day
Camano man
Camano man 10 aylar önce
Bremerton, right...? I am over on Camano Island. I am super impressed with Safeboats.
Jessica & Dan Mortensen
Just wondering how your wife and kids are doing? That had to be pretty tragic to go through and as a mom of 5 and love boating at LP it’s my biggest fear I won’t have enough hands to help everyone. Hope they are doing well and glad to see you were able to recover your boat. Kind of amazing how it worked out.
S Lit
S Lit 9 aylar önce
Jessica...You see their not on the Recovery Boat...
EL Cheapo Luzman
EL Cheapo Luzman 10 aylar önce
True fans like me know you would never put your family in danger, and you would never hurt the environment for “views” keep your head up dave! Also would like to see you rebuild the boat that would be awesome 👏
Sherry Irbvin
Sherry Irbvin 5 aylar önce
Tough break dude. Glad u and family were safe. U got the best to help you which is AWP.
Ernie Sahagun
Ernie Sahagun 9 aylar önce
Yo bro I was going threw some tuff time these couple of days until I started watching ur videos and now ur all I watch now bro u have some awesome videos bro exploring new things and kool adventures also I saw u helped solved couple of cases like the remains u found keep up the great work and you guys are blessed and may god bless u guys even more love your videos bro 💯
Newbie 2015
Newbie 2015 9 aylar önce
Y’all sure do keep yourselves busy! Love your work. Thank you!
Beast Mode
Beast Mode 10 aylar önce
It's alright! Accidents happen, HeavyD! Good thing your family's safe and sound! Keep up the good work, homie. Stay strong!!! 💪😎
missingremote 10 aylar önce
.intentionally scuttled. The boy pulled the plug
Tristin Price
Tristin Price 8 aylar önce
29:10 I didn't expect Dave to be the type of guy with fluorescent green painted toe nails. I can respect it. Self expression and all that stuff.
D Ham
D Ham 8 aylar önce
You caught that, too. I had to do a rewind double take. Lol
Dragons of the Sky
Dragons of the Sky 8 aylar önce
Same haha
Tristin Price
Tristin Price 8 aylar önce
@Kenny Miller hey man, you can put socks on so it’s worth the smiles. I love to hear how people enjoy spending time with their kids.
Kenny Miller
Kenny Miller 8 aylar önce
I noticed it too... but I also have a little girl... when she wants to paint her daddy's nails my daughter is gonna paint my nails lol. Anyone who hates on that can kiss my butt
JB Robertson
JB Robertson 10 aylar önce
I live in a rain forest on the West Coast of Vancouver Island and I have never seen a landscape like Lake Powwel and I can't believe how low the water is. I already have watched AWP version and seen your first part and I really am looking forward to seeing this one so thanks guys
Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma 10 aylar önce
Absolutely shocked about how smooth that went.
Vaska Sooo
Vaska Sooo 8 aylar önce
Dave I wanna cry for you. What a sick boat. Glad your family is ok.
LuAnne Shii
LuAnne Shii 4 aylar önce
I love the green toenails. I also love the way you work with AWP. You all are amazing.
Flatspot 10 aylar önce
The main thing is that you and your family are safe! But also glad you had a successful recovery.
Danny Melton
Danny Melton 4 aylar önce
@jono prove it
jono 10 aylar önce
@Mike Smith i dont see why you would even pull a plug out of a brand new boat when it hasnt even hit the water yet like he is saying he did
jono 10 aylar önce
@Mike Smith i just like pointing out the obvious, now he made a folow up video saying "oh i didnt sink it on purpose" to try to cover from the fines, if he didnt think it was goin to be a problem why the cover up video, its not illegal if u say its an accident
jono 10 aylar önce
@Mike Smith as if this guy wouldnt have pulled his phone out at some point to get a photo or footage of it happening or aftermath, even after whoever came to "rescue them" nearly every modern phone is waterproof unless you go to deep
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 10 aylar önce
@jono you don't pay attention to the details, do ya?
Joe Oglesby
Joe Oglesby 8 aylar önce
Good video, and great recovery. Thanks for putting this up for all of to learn from.
Luke Butterfield
Luke Butterfield 10 aylar önce
Amazing recovery, glade no one was injured and all went well , great work
swap66 4 aylar önce
Totaly insane what u guys are able to salvage. Would be so cool to spend 1 week with u. Continue with what u are doing. Best regard from Norway
gyromane 13 gün önce
I Really am enjoying the close up shots of sparks face in the sunset
george31380 10 aylar önce
FYI for those that don't know, in heavy Ds case it was probably to late with the balists full of water but if you can get the boat moving and up on plane the water will start to drain out of a unplugged drain hole. A useful trick if your bilge pump stops working and you have access to the plug after your moving pull it out drain it then put it back In while on plane.
gjballer 8 aylar önce
@Slick muck .
Jason Brannon
Jason Brannon 10 aylar önce
@Tyler McGuire Did you even watch the video..?
Jason Brannon
Jason Brannon 10 aylar önce
@Slick muck You must not have been on many boats or you've only been on open hull Jon boats. All of the boats I've owned (fiberglass) have had the same external plugs.
Jerry Wilcox
Jerry Wilcox 10 aylar önce
@Dustin Gould you sound like bs so what's your point.
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 10 aylar önce
@Slick muck not all boats. None of my offshore boats ever had a plug inside, because the bilge is enclosed and sealed up. Common senses. Of course little cheap aluminum boats are different.
The Village Blacksmith
The Village Blacksmith 10 aylar önce
a good lesson in checking, double checking and triple checking all the plugs and bilge systems before getting on the water no matter the size or cost of your boat.
The Browns
The Browns 9 aylar önce
@benthic able check this stuff regularly. Every couple of days is nowhere near enough
benthic able
benthic able 10 aylar önce
he mentioned it had been on the water for 2 days prior, it came out when he was backing out of the shore, so even if he had checked it that wouldn't have mattered, but yes checking is always a good practice.
chris demling
chris demling 9 aylar önce
How crazy that it happened never a dull day in the life of Dave sparks. Glad u were able to save it and happy everyone was ok
Dc Official
Dc Official 9 aylar önce
TEXT ME👆👆........ THANKS FOR WATCHING.🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲.
Manny Rodriguez
Manny Rodriguez 10 aylar önce
Dang I’m sorry man I know this is a nightmare. I’m glad all your family and friends made it out safe. Regardless of how much money you have that’s a crappy situation and I’m sure ruined the trip.
Lon Hoschar
Lon Hoschar Aylar önce
Awesome recovery!! Bad news is it's going to take a complete tear down, take apart and re-do of all the electronics, engines, upholstery, floor and side panels to get the moisture and dirt out. Happy project Dave!! LOL!! That was a very interesting adventure!!! Color me amazed!!!
SkyHunter 82
SkyHunter 82 8 aylar önce
Glad y'all & Family are safe as well as a safe recovery of y'alls boat I am a commercial Diver & know the risks Dat were involved with this time of recovery glad it was a smooth operation for the most part
BP 10 aylar önce
Hunter is such a geek. So excited about his welds holding!
Danny Guttridge
Danny Guttridge 10 aylar önce
@gapster46 apparently not his boat though haha
gapster46 10 aylar önce
Hunter keeps Dave's business afloat.
Danny Guttridge
Danny Guttridge 10 aylar önce
Yeah Hunter is the best kind of geek, I imagine he's great to work with, being so multifaceted in his skillset and chill demeanor.
Neal Denner
Neal Denner 10 aylar önce
He was also the first one to jump on top of the beach anchor to try snd keep it from moving
Murdered e46
Murdered e46 10 aylar önce
as a welder myself, we all are the same lol i build drift car parts for my buddies from time to time and i get geeked when they hold up wall taps and stuff
Evelyn Holcomb
Evelyn Holcomb 10 aylar önce
THAT MUST HAVE BEEN SCARY! Glad your family is okay! Glad you got your boat back!
carpe 64
carpe 64 10 aylar önce
This happens so often I don't know why especially for an expensive boat like that they dont have an electric valve gate that shuts automatically when the engine starts as a secondary safety for the drain plug. It's easy to forget or maybe not tight enough I've done it myself.
Don Morgan
Don Morgan 10 aylar önce
Glad everything went well. What a cool recovery! 👍
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin 10 aylar önce
D. When I did light duty towing, I had a anchor specific for beach recovery. You push it in the sand by hand and then hooked a line to it to anchor your truck or have a different angle. But as you put more tension on the beach anchor the deeper it dug in the sand. Super effective and well worth to have on hand.
Mr E
Mr E 3 aylar önce
I would proudly like to state you guys are the masters of the utilitarian universe. I am grateful to have this content in my life! D Bros n Gang thank Yall. So much love to you and all yours, you guys are it 🤙♥️🇺🇲♥️🤙
Living The Wood Life
Living The Wood Life 10 aylar önce
Jared and the AWP Crew are amazing people! Love what they do and what they stand for!
Anthony Malliris
Anthony Malliris 4 aylar önce
I am just glad no one was hurt. Great recovery by the best recovered.
Hal Davenport
Hal Davenport 10 aylar önce
Wishing you the best at getting your boat up and running again. Good luck from Prineville, Oregon.
Sharon Hixson
Sharon Hixson 9 aylar önce
Wow!! David, I couldn't stop watching. Congratulations on returning to the surface...
lakermatty 10 aylar önce
I’ve had a boat sink and I know the feeling. It sucks how fast you can lose it. Mine was at Colorado river. You guys have such a great team. And with the help of AWP you made recovery look easy. Great job all involved. Blessings.
Jesta Blitz
Jesta Blitz 10 aylar önce
Aussie here, Just wanna say that scenery is absolutely incredible. I bet its a popular place for boating
Ak Drogo
Ak Drogo 10 aylar önce
Glad that you & your family made it out safely!!! God speed
RJManeri1 10 aylar önce
This was a great video to watch. Your content never gets dull.Keep up the great work!!
Shane Show
Shane Show 10 aylar önce
I have been going to this lake since 91' and grew up there, seen more boats than I can count sink, but this is the first recovery I have seen-Props!
Walter Huskisson
Walter Huskisson 2 aylar önce
I just want to let you know I love watching you guys every chance I can get and I'm watching it on my tablet and I love watching the things you guys do keep up the good work 😉
Marni Thornton
Marni Thornton 10 aylar önce
Love Lake Powell! Been going since I was 5. We’ve been in some scary storms and scary situations. I always worry about the plug! Glad you’re okay and you got your boat back! Loved watching the recovery!
Thomas Johnson
Thomas Johnson 9 aylar önce
really glad you and the family made it out of that mess safely.
978twostroke Garage
978twostroke Garage 10 aylar önce
What a great recovery y’all don’t play around hats off to you guys .. adventure with purpose there amazing. Stay blessed guys
Shloopers 10 aylar önce
The comic relief cuts were much appreciated during the stressful recovery
MESSAGE +①(②①⑨)②⑥⑥-①④④①
Mikey T
Mikey T 9 aylar önce
I love that you guys do great work and have a blast doing it.
Doug Moran
Doug Moran 2 aylar önce
Nice to see Jerod & Doug AWP there to help y’all 👍
Wade Kelly
Wade Kelly 9 aylar önce
Dave rocking the green toe nail polish at 29:12 Lol. Well Done love watching you guys do recoveries.
unlink 8 aylar önce
@Dragons of the Sky oh yea same. color looks dope though
Dragons of the Sky
Dragons of the Sky 8 aylar önce
Okay, so it wasn't just me that noticed that lol. I was like wait, wtf? 😆😆😆 I had to rewind it haha
Justin Graff
Justin Graff 9 aylar önce
What a scary situation especially for the little ones! Glad everything is good!
Allen Barker II
Allen Barker II 10 aylar önce
The military boat did a damn good job! It sure holds alot of bodies even while winching, great recovery
cindarella1100 7 aylar önce
Amazing! Rescuing something from depth! That's a job!
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⤴️⤴️⤴️⤴️ Let’s talk now
Ashley Young
Ashley Young 10 aylar önce
Fantastic to see these specialist divers at work.
Chris Gallagher
Chris Gallagher 9 gün önce
Great Job Guys...Wow ! So what's next for it now that you have it back Dave. Again job well done !!!
Vinnie Campisi
Vinnie Campisi 9 aylar önce
I love everything that u guys do i hope u get a billion views! Im always entertained while i learn something. Maybe this is your next tv show? - thanks for great content
Kimms Cooking
Kimms Cooking 9 aylar önce
Amazing recovery amazing video coverage like you said got to see scenery we would have never seen before you have amazing crew and friends also, it was awesome to see you working with Jared from AWP.
Landon Williams
Landon Williams 10 aylar önce
Best. Recovery. Yet!! Hands down, the emotions, the excitement. The stress and hardwork. Your team, your support, your friends made this possible. Holy crap that was cool
jonny on the spot
jonny on the spot 10 aylar önce
sh!t always happens, how you come out of it is what defines your character....great job.
Text me 👆☝️ Thanks for watching...
Fisher Wasser
Fisher Wasser 8 aylar önce
This was a cool recovery and I had a great time watching
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Cameron B
Cameron B 10 aylar önce
Really hope Pavati does a restoration video that would be awesome content. Nice recovery work by all!!!
Canadian Eh
Canadian Eh 10 aylar önce
That was wild with what happened to your boat and family but good that it all worked out .
mllop aeet
mllop aeet 10 aylar önce
show smiling and laughing. Both channels are so good, very cool to see them come together again.
Kyle Davidson
Kyle Davidson 10 aylar önce
This is crazy I’m glad everyone is ok! We recently lost a family member from a boating accident. It was very hard to watch. So I’m glad that everyone is ok.
Kyle Davidson
Kyle Davidson 10 aylar önce
Heroinsniffer4life a storm no one saw coming just came out of nowhere . he was out fishing on a boat at lions ferry in the washtucna Washington area and it capsized their fishing boat. Lesson is always wear your life jacket he was not and the others wernt either. The currents were strong and one thing led to another. The hard part was searching for a night during a down pour looking for him in hopes he was just hurt somewhere to watch a dive team having to find him he was a great guy soo young he had so much ahead of him. Rip rojelio Saldana!
Owen Miller
Owen Miller 10 aylar önce
Sorry for your loss. God bless you and keep you and comfort you all today.
Margie Loya
Margie Loya 10 aylar önce
Sorry for your famlies loss
Catherine Ocon
Catherine Ocon 10 aylar önce
Sorry for your loss @Kyle Davidson 😢 love and light to your family for their loss.
I'm so so sorry May they Rest in Paradise ML&R
eye ball
eye ball 10 aylar önce
Glad to hear your family is all good maybe with the purchase of said $400K boat the $6 plug might have been a bad idea
tony atkins
tony atkins 6 aylar önce
Hi Dave I hope you’re family is doing well after that scary experience stay safe mate
Jared Morris
Jared Morris 4 aylar önce
Gotta say job well done seems to me this world starts jobs and doesn't finish them its nice to see a job from start to finish and glad you and the family is safe great job
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Mo 10 aylar önce
DAMN!!!!! The beat and how they were moving on the RPB, like they were going for action!!! Love the vids you make guys, always great content!!!
So Cool
So Cool 10 aylar önce
I can't imagine looking back at your family as the boat was going down. That would scare me as well. So glad your family is safe. A boat can be fixed.
brandi wynter
brandi wynter 10 aylar önce
I don't know if you bought the river boat before or after the Pavati sank but you sure ended up with the right boat and friends for the job. Epic set of videos! You guys are a couple of the good ones!
Daniel Pelletier
Daniel Pelletier 10 aylar önce
Unbelievable videos. You have an awesome and capable group. I can't imagine the payroll. I watched your show and couldn't of been more impressed... until now. Thanks and I will be watching.
Patrick Spillane
Patrick Spillane 10 aylar önce
Excellent recovery David & crew
TraderRyan713 10 aylar önce
Damn that was crazy. Hope yall got it fixed up and back out there. Now its a special boat.
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