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Dead Space (2023) is not only the definitive way to experience Dead Space, it's one of the best survival horror games you can play.

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Metal Turtle
Metal Turtle Aylar önce
I actually fell in love with DeadSpace all over again. It was that good! This is what a remake should be! Don't be scared, are you a man or mouse?
Phil Dalencour
Phil Dalencour Aylar önce
Ragnarok did this. I only just played it on PC for the first time and this stuck out to me too. It's a pretty rare thing
WebsterHelios Aylar önce
A remake done right. Good review.
Battleneter Aylar önce
HAHA hard crashed your deck
Gustavo Gus
Gustavo Gus Aylar önce
What happened to your voice? It feels... different.
Fulcrum 67
Fulcrum 67 Aylar önce
Who knew the spiritual successor to Dead Space was Dead Space.
Stephen Reed
Stephen Reed 7 gün önce
The makers of Dead Space?
Owen Pietromica
Owen Pietromica Aylar önce
@J j hey man you can like the Callisto protocol, I won’t be like these other guys and just shit on something you like But you have to admit, the Dead Space Remake is phenomenal, beautifully done, and sets the bar for this kind of game going forward
Sorcière Noire
Sorcière Noire Aylar önce
@J j 😂🤮
J j
J j Aylar önce
@Nancy I played Callisto 3 times not gonna play the same old game again
Andy Enderson
Andy Enderson Aylar önce
14:15 Isaac turning his head to face the slasher right behind him is actually a pretty genius way to warn the player of off camera threats.
Rug Carpet
Rug Carpet Aylar önce
It’s in re4
Dildo Jizzbaggins
Dildo Jizzbaggins Aylar önce
huskytzu Aylar önce
@Mercury Seven turning head in God of War wouldn’t work i feel like. The game is very fast paced and you wouldn’t notice Kratos moving his head cause he is moving all the time
JrocKnorth Aylar önce
Saved me a few times now lol.
Jandal Aylar önce
“He’s… right behind me, isn’t he”
GameRottenHD Aylar önce
I really like Issac being more talkative in the remake. I feel like he only speaks when spoken too, and everything he says is straight forward and smart. I feel it brings him some nice character outside of just being told what to do from a screen.
Christoph Luger
Christoph Luger 24 gün önce
Yep. And the voice actor does a great job. Isaac is not cringe, he's an engineer who was just on a mission because of a distress call, like a normal work day for him. Then he found himself in hell.
Monkey Chuka
Monkey Chuka Aylar önce
agree. He is pretty laconic so it isn't too jarring even if you prefer a silent protagonist. But in such a cinematic game, I prefer him talking and it made me actually think about his relationships with other characters. I still spent 90% of my time stomping, mind. And when he talks while stomping, it is hilarious!
Michael Lochlann
Michael Lochlann Aylar önce
me too. he's easier to empathize with especially with the Nicole stuff. I also like his relationship with the other crew members, makes it feel worse/more horror when they meet unfortunate ends.
Mr. Waffles
Mr. Waffles Aylar önce
@Ian I think that was the biggest improvement, that Isaac was suggesting objectives. In the original it felt way too "gamey" that Isaac would just do whatever he's told and never have anything to say ever, and that made it feel like he was just some mindless pawn in the story with no autonomy.
Baz B
Baz B Aylar önce
7:46 I found the Ishimura to be such a beautiful concept and notion. The idea of humanity tearing and cracking open dead worlds to feast on the ore inside? Sublime.
Xerand Aylar önce
@Ernesto Aguas Yep, and with technology like planet cracking they DO have a fair shot at taking down those Moons. We never really saw what proper, informed human response is like in Dead Space. I don't count Dead Space 3 since that game couldn't really keep it together
Ra.N Aylar önce
@Baz B Something I love is how some parts of the remake referencing the moons. I think one of the logs discussing The Chruch of Unitology mentioned "uniting The Brethren". I really hope that not only we get a remake of Dead Space 2 but a straight up reimagining of Dead Space 3. DS3's action feels so disconnected with its story.
Baz B
Baz B Aylar önce
@Ernesto Aguas sometimes it really do be poetry.
Ernesto Aguas
Ernesto Aguas Aylar önce
When you put it that way, humanity's motives are reminiscent of the Brethren Moons.
Gavin Fulton
Gavin Fulton Aylar önce
Having never played the original, I always felt like I had missed the boat a bit, even with the discourse surrounding 2 and 3, but I definitely wasn't into that type of game 10+ years ago. That said, things have changed and I am SUPER stoked to finally play this gem. I'm glad my impulse buy last night is solidified by this review. Lights out, headphones on!
jon c
jon c Aylar önce
Bro exactly like me, noise cancelling bang ulsen headphones and lights out, awesome!
Mr. Waffles
Mr. Waffles Aylar önce
I almost never play games at night with the lights off, just because spending too long in a dark room with only the tv for light eventually gives me a headache. But I definitely had to play a few hours with all the lights off with this remake, totally worth it.
Chase Herie
Chase Herie Aylar önce
Enjoy dude!
hi Aylar önce
Lights out also, make sure to play at night
JLB Aylar önce
I am absolutely in love playing this. It feels entirely familiar and yet completely brand new all at the same time. Loving all of the newly added areas to explore and how unpredictable the enemies are when you head back through spaces you’ve already cleared to find locked doors with the new security clearance system. The audio is *chiefs kiss*
Kim Possible
Kim Possible Aylar önce
Can you cut off the limbs anywhere or is it only near the joints like in the original?
JLB Aylar önce
@DJCR33P Yes I have. It’s almost too easy to use that gun but turning enemies into stick figures is highly entertaining lol.
DJCR33P Aylar önce
Have you tried to the force gun yet? It is absolutely glorious! Was never a fan of it in the original but after watching the flesh being literally blasted off a necro's skeleton in one tap there's just no going back :D I'm on NG+ now and can't get enough
Sentinel of the Old War
Something to keep in mind regarding Isaac's characterisation: While he didn't speak in the original, the mission objectives in your log were actually written from his perspective, and they did provide a window into what he was thinking throughout the events of the game (namely, that he was flat-out terrified).
Splattbinat Aylar önce
@Windy no only as mission objectives and only brief.
Splattbinat Aylar önce
I highly disagree with skill ups point on that matter. Isaac is an already predefined character and him being a stupid silent mute was very immersion breaking to me. He's not some tabula rasa character like the protagonist of Skyrim or anything like that. Thus I am extremely happy they decide against a silent protagonist. I never imagined Isaac as a killer in all the time I played Dead space original
Marsh Marshwell
Marsh Marshwell Aylar önce
@Windy Yes there are still journal entries on top of him speaking, I played it
Sentinel of the Old War
@Windy I don't know, I haven't played it yet.
Windy Aylar önce
Are those entries still in this remake?
Kyle Hallman
Kyle Hallman Aylar önce
I think Isaac talking is a huge improvement. I've never felt silent protagonists work quite well when it's not a self insert. For something like DS or Pokemon or whatever its fine. But Isaac has his own goals and mind, having him be voiced makes more sense. I get it, the first game has its own identity separate from 2, large in part to Isaacs silence echoed further by the silence and loneliness of the Ishimura itself. But for the sake of story and creating a character. His voice is a huge improvement.
Jacob Salcido
Jacob Salcido Aylar önce
100% agree this game is already blowing my mind 1 hour in. Interestingly enough, dead space 2008 was the survival horror that got me into this genre. Never before had i given it a chance. I'm glad I did because this has become one of my favorite genres ever.
DonOfTheDead Aylar önce
Issiac is more than than a basic engineer, as soon as the game starts you find a codex that gives you his backstory his dad was a highly respected and accomplished engineer and Issac followed his footsteps.
DecibelMAX Gaming
DecibelMAX Gaming Aylar önce
I have to say, as someone who missed a lot of great games back in the day, it's awesome to see classics rereleased with the glow-up treatment.
Joe Inzinga
Joe Inzinga 29 gün önce
Right? Resident evil 2, Final Fantasy 7, Demon’s souls - all I played only because they were remade. Can’t wait for RE4 remake
SevenWhite7 Aylar önce
@SkillUp 'This being one of the few games in the genre capable of converting players into the Horror Survival genre', is such a true sentiment! It's 100% exactly the case for me; this game (the original, technically) was *the very game* that converted me to the genre. I loved it so much, I literally binged through both 1 and 2 in the same game session. It might have been the very first game that I'd ever done that with.
Dirk Gibson
Dirk Gibson Aylar önce
Round of applause for EA Motive, they did great work for this remake.
Joey Berg
Joey Berg Aylar önce
@Robot Six I understand your point, but I'll be holding my applause until they've proven they can make the right decisions consistently and treat their studios like teams and not assets. They did good here, really good in fact, but one great success does not wash away a litany of embarrassments. Not yet.
Oriondawn Aylar önce
@The Rotten💯 Me spending money on a game I like after seeing the company that released the game stumble a bit and make bad games or good games with bad design choices is incomparable to abuse.
Marques Aylar önce
@Jamie R Funny how all I want to play are single player games when all I wanted was a good CoD or Battlefield. So sick of the shooter genre that Id rather take the time to get better at or enjoy more of games like elden ring, demons souls, sekiro, dead space, resident evil etc. Multiplayer slowly becoming my bane for gaming.
ResidentRecon89 Aylar önce
Yeah, they still eating their “single player games are dead” words
Dominitus Aylar önce
This review is epic. Kudos to both you and your editor. Top shelf work.
Drex Aylar önce
For those that can't get enough of Dead Space, you should definitely check out the Dead Space anime movie. It pairs so well with the game and really fleshes out the world. Also hyper violent ;)
Nathan Quinn
Nathan Quinn 28 gün önce
After beating this game and immediately starting NG+ this is 100% worth it. An overall complete improvement. I personally thought that the Voice actor that played Issac did it perfectly and it fleshed out the story in a more believable way. He just sounded so awesome with the helmet on. Also the old game still holds up and is still available to play with a silent Isaac.
Joel Underwood
Joel Underwood Aylar önce
I really hope the success and critical acclaim for this game allows EA to recognise how they are taking Motive for granted. I would love to see them create an original IP and utilise their talent and passion in a new way rather than being little more than support studio. Just reading their mission statement on their website has me excited to see what they make in the future.
Kennui Muffins
Kennui Muffins Aylar önce
Never played dead space 1 so this will truly be a whole new experience for me.
Greta’s Stolen Dreams
Me too, and so far it’s amazing.
Suka Madik
Suka Madik Aylar önce
The decrease in uploads on this channel have really left a dead space in my heart recently. It's good to finally have you back Austin and the guy who does the voice over too.
CHR15 Aylar önce
Bro he took a break for Christmas you knob
The Rotten💯
The Rotten💯 Aylar önce
Don't worry, he took this time off intentionally since the next 3-6 months are going to be nuts. I'm wondering if they'll even resume FPS until after this rush of games is over.
MrDubya Aylar önce
@sam dixon Funny you bring that up, as this is an open platform. Just how you can say silly shit like "triggered" and "snowflake", anyone can say that you sound ridiculous for it. Free speech and all that.
Oisín O'Dwyer
Oisín O'Dwyer Aylar önce
@sam dixon so cringe
Evanz111 Aylar önce
Wow, I really wasn’t expecting this. It enters the annals of history that Resident Evil and Final Fantasy 7 made of defining remakes.
McRaoul Aylar önce
Damn, I never played the original and I never planned on playing this because I thought it was going to be just a reskin but hearing that they changed the bad parts and changed it for the better makes me excited. I’m gonna buy this
EndoPunkR0Ck Aylar önce
I find Isaac being voiced in my opinion very interesting. Him being silent was really good and I feel like for this they went with relatability rather imaginative. Either way in my opinion voiced or not they killed it
Micah Beckner
Micah Beckner Aylar önce
I had a good feeling about this one from watching all the promotional and developmental stuff about it. Glad to see it lived up to its own legacy
Derek Clair
Derek Clair Aylar önce
AHHHHH... this is MUSIC to my ears. A glowing review from SkillUp is a true badge of honor, and a guaranteed buy for me. Not to mention the blue balls we all still have from the Callisto Protocol. Thanks Ralph!!!
Simon Phoenix
Simon Phoenix Aylar önce
its genuinely nice to see an anticipated game do well. This seems like such a rare thing nowadays. Every game I hope will succeed ends up being badly flawed or mediocre, and I'm glad this isn't one of those.
James Mitchell
James Mitchell Aylar önce
Shame about Callisto Protocol. This was an underdog story where the super rich gaming company won.
Oriondawn Aylar önce
@Dankerbell, Ruriko's Chosen Bad games need to be criticized in the hopes the higher ups/devs will listen and do better next time, but I do agree with you regardless. Dead Space Remake was actually good so I think it deserves much more attention than that garbage.
Gamer in a Trance
Gamer in a Trance Aylar önce
@Red Death I thought people were generally quite happy with MW2, no?
AvengingFossil Aylar önce
@The Rotten💯 The original commenter said that an anticipated game living up to expectations is a rare thing. This is just not true. There are tons of games that live up to expectations, you just need to stop looking at the same AAA giants like Blizzard and Ubisoft. If you're in a position where every game isn't living up to your expectations, then you simply aren't expanding your horizons. Start looking at AA and indie games as well (2022 was especially good for them!) So no. I'm not pushing for the normalization of these issues because I don’t have a need to consume predatory games in the first place.
Colin Evans
Colin Evans Aylar önce
It's amazing how a game made in 2008 still holds up so well today. I feel like we've lost something in video games that we used to have back then.
Mark Mauk
Mark Mauk Aylar önce
Not the case
Lucky_Luch Aylar önce
Such great gaming memories from the first 2 dead space games. It was the first game I played (just released) after setting up my gaming room, it had surround sound and an HD projector. Scared the piss out of me. So happy the remake was made with care and I look forward to jumping back in on my current gaming set up.
wearsjorge55 Aylar önce
Even Isaacs weaponless walking animation has some personality to it. It's something you'd think they'd leave at the bare minimum work because it's barely seen but now he actually looks like a human being instead of a crab in a suit
Kiwi Dogo
Kiwi Dogo Aylar önce
After the Callisto protocol I was pretty worried and hesitant to get this but all the reviews are good so I’m about to sit down and play it, never played the originals so pretty excited 😁
M T Aylar önce
Enjoy man- I suggest you play this remake first, then play the original and be amazed at how well it holds up- and then the progression to DS2 will seem appropriate. Perfection
Smart Move Graphics
The original was Amazing.
King Crusoe
King Crusoe Aylar önce
I always trust your opinions on games; I understand your tastes pretty well after a few years of following your reviews really closely, so I can always watch them and just reference and compare the opinions presented therein with my own tastes to determine whether I'll enjoy it or if it's clearly not for me. I was interested in this remake since I never played the original, and the review put me over the edge, so I will at the very least buy it and give it a shot and see what it does for me as a result. Thanks for the fantastic review just as always.
Adie Bernhardt
Adie Bernhardt Aylar önce
I never considered the horror of what the Ishimura actually IS, being a planet cracking machine, but you're dead on about that. The concept alone is scarier than I gave it credit for.
spaceidiot200 Aylar önce
honestly could see this type of vessel crafted in reality assuming we had the tech. Harvesting asteroids is already a pretty common idea, so this is just that but bigger. And there's plenty of floating lifeless rocks out there.
Agentcoolguy1 Aylar önce
@Anthony Fernandez The overwhelming majority of planets are empty and lifeless in the first place. If the Ishimura did discover a planet with a dead civilisation on it, they'd probably let someone know and I'd imagine archaeologists would claim the planet to study it.
TheMrDewil Aylar önce
@Anthony Fernandez it's a damn shame the series never shed light on who the hell made those moons and markers. Where it all began, how and why.
TheMrDewil Aylar önce
@Agentcoolguy1 My thoughts exactly. Nothing scary about the concept, as galaxy if full with empty planets that have nothing going on on them or in them, so it would be a waste not to take advantage of it. Although I have to admit that planet cracker concept gets a whole lot scarier if used in warfare, when the ship tears open planets with population still on them.
Anthony Fernandez
Anthony Fernandez Aylar önce
@Agentcoolguy1 probably only because the necromorphs killed most alien races off
cusman Aylar önce
Love the description that you "role play a hammer where everything is a nail" and that it is meant as a compliment to why the game and the character of Isaac works as the player avatar.
Power Belly
Power Belly Aylar önce
I’m only halfway through and it really does feel like a new game to me. It’s really really good. One thing I wish I knew to begin though, set the difficulty a notch harder from the outset, it feels too easy. That’s my 1 negative point at the halfway point.
Jonny Fandango
Jonny Fandango Aylar önce
Been waiting all week for this review... was starting to get worried. So relieved that they pulled it off, especially after how Callisto ended up turning out. Just received my code, can't wait to play it tonight! I hope this is the start of the return of the franchise... there's a lot of fun to be had with this IP still!
Frraksurred Aylar önce
The first time I saw one of your reviews, I thought "Who wants to watch a 20+ minute long video? Screw that." Now I prefer your reviews over everyone elses. Good stuff, and glad this rebuild is as good as we hoped it would be.
John Iredale
John Iredale Aylar önce
so refreshing that you are left with so much good to say about a AAA instead of "they got it wrong.....again" really pumped now for this one!
Molokki Aylar önce
If you followed the diary of the development of this game, you could see how passionate the devs were about this project.
Daniel Geronimo
Daniel Geronimo Aylar önce
I'm one of those people that did, they even changed the sound for the plasma cutter because people complained about it not sounding "punchier".
PSYMEDIC Aylar önce
@Tyler O'Toole Yeah and their work is not tainted by bad monetization.
MrDoggo Aylar önce
Something the internet didn't do and once again picked the wrong thing to support. What a surprise lol.
Tyler O'Toole
Tyler O'Toole Aylar önce
Probably because the devs didn't want to be forced to make some quirky multiplayer shooter for once and actually had the chance to work on a real game.
Troy Mealing
Troy Mealing Aylar önce
I have to give props. You have the best reviews on TRvid in my opinion 👍your writing, delivery, humour and passion for the games are all 10/10. Great work!
EndLevelBoss Aylar önce
Phenomenal review! I agree the level of changes they have made to improve this classic are definitely worthy of its inclusion in GOTY discussions. They really knocked it out of the park. I love the original and can't wait to get my hands on this amazing remake this evening!
Lucas Porter
Lucas Porter Aylar önce
Dead Space was one of my all time favorite IPs growing up and I was devastated when Visceral was shut down, and we wouldn't see another sequel. Very, very happy that this remake came out and adds so many fresh layers to an already great game. Well done Motive, and thank you for this experience!
Basically Godzilla
Basically Godzilla Aylar önce
The remade sfx for item pickups is EXACTLY what we want from a remake. Those sorts of noises capture a disproportionatly large part of our feelings for the game. For them to be remastered and not remade into something else is a subtle but significant indicator that the director behind this remake had the right vision.
Stuart Wilke
Stuart Wilke Aylar önce
I'm only through the first two levels, I forced myself to save and quit as soon as I saw the Chapter 3 title pop. But holy crap, it is so nice to see the Ishimura with fresh eyes. Every change feels intuitive, like a natural evolution of what was already there and a backfilling of Dead Space 2's best aspects into the slower burn of DS1. Literally the one thing that took some getting used to was the slightly different controls, and those are fully remappable OR you can use presets that mimic Dead Space 1 or 2. Otherwise, it's a perfect balance between returning somewhere familiar and seeing that familiar place for the first time.
MeridianUltra Aylar önce
As someone who never played the original, this looks so cool
Mspi Onage
Mspi Onage Aylar önce
The cool thing about this game is that even though I played the original, they made so many positive changes that even when I expected some things, they changed them to even better scenarios. So it's almost like I am playing it for the first time again.
American Gangster
American Gangster Aylar önce
If you have Xbox all 3 Dead Space games are on gamepass, pretty good deal for $10
foreskinthief Aylar önce
bros life is about to change
Prabhav Agarwal
Prabhav Agarwal Aylar önce
You MUST PLAY this!
Steve Nesbitt
Steve Nesbitt Aylar önce
Been long enough for me to come at this as a new game
Prabhav Agarwal
Prabhav Agarwal Aylar önce
After this, we NEED a Dead Space 2 Remake by EA Motive! These guys are just 🔥
Kieran Duffy
Kieran Duffy Aylar önce
From what I have played thus far. This game is absolutely phenomenal and even better than the original. Everything they have improved makes a big difference. I especially love how they have the breathing and heartbeat now and how it reacts to the intensity of the player's situation. Feels more realistic and with headphones is just amazing.
Matthew Elwell
Matthew Elwell Aylar önce
As a HUGE fan and a veteran of the original game, I’m so happy that this remake turned out so well. I’m so excited to play this tonight.
Auxik Aylar önce
I'm absolutely loving it.. It's like the resident evil 2 remake all over again
Bad Request
Bad Request Aylar önce
still remember the first time i played the original dead space and encountered the first enemy. i immediately aimed for the head, cut it off and assumed it would fall to the ground. but then i was like "oh god it keeps coming" and started desperately firing at the body, which did very little. it was an amazing subversion of expectations
En Joshi-Godrez
En Joshi-Godrez Aylar önce
This gotta sting for the callisto protocol team with their game getting absolutely bodied by the critics (rightfully so), and now the remaster of their own game getting universal acclaim.
Fulcrum 67
Fulcrum 67 7 gün önce
@Sargent Doodle Found the Krafton employee. Salty that you spent all that money on those actors?
True Caliber
True Caliber Aylar önce
@Wolf_InSouL _"Rightfully so? Nah, Callisto was awesome. You can't compare them, the whole Dead Space trilogy had one of the biggest budgets in gaming...Yes Callisto had technical difficulties, but most of the reviews were laughable - missinformation, nitpicking and some didn't even finish it."_ Misinformation? So, the melee combat wasn't an automatic slug fest that gave you the power to bash Biophage zombies' heads in, thereby making them less scary? What about backtracking, _a staple_ of the survival-horror genre? Was that in the game after all and we just missed it? Maybe you found some _actual_ puzzles that required some interesting solution? Or how about weapons? Were they really more than just different sci-fi firearms, with specific functions to boot? Not just secondary firing modes but genuine roles during combat? In other words, were some weapons more effective at taking out certain enemy ty- OH, SPEAKING OF WHICH! What about the enemy types? Are they hiding under a rock or something? Di- Did we miss something? As far as I can tell, most Biophage zombies are just different variations of infected prisoners and guards, safe for a few. Perhaps I'm wrong? I mean, my eye balls might have tricked me. I am legally blind...or I forgot to take my schizophrenia medication....or your completely full of shit. 😁
hi Aylar önce
The remake would never exist without the first one.
MrDoggo Aylar önce
@NeThZOR you know sony supported the game massively right? dont even try to bring budget into this if anything callisto might be the most expensive game lol
Niki Hristozov
Niki Hristozov Aylar önce
@NeThZOR It was around what 160 million for calisto while visceral back in the day probably had way less ,not sure how much motive at ea has but probably less considering they already have the story ,the layout and the gameplay to work with
Esa Edvik
Esa Edvik Aylar önce
Kind of amazing to see a game launch at this state :D Well done, devs!
Armando Cardenas
Armando Cardenas Aylar önce
I absolutely loved the silent Isaac and true it made the much more immersive it made the game feeling like there was a lot more questions needed to be answered. But this new Isaac fits the role perfectly and adds so much more to the story and lore.
Gustavus Adolphus
Gustavus Adolphus Aylar önce
Man i feel so happy, dead space was always my favorite horror game, even more than resident evil, and to see it rise again, upgraded, better in every way, to see that EA did it right (something that doesn't happen very often) and that they did it right where it matters the most for me, this really, really makes me happy, this game was my shelter in one of the darkest moments of my life, so it has a special place in my heart, I even have glassy eyes rn.
radialdrift Aylar önce
The amount of new content is amazing. Never thought Dead Space could be made better, but they did it.
BasementMinions Aylar önce
My expectations were low, especially after Callisto Protocol. I am so unbelievably overjoyed that this classic game has been brought into the modern era for audiences to experience at an even higher level.
max cardif
max cardif Aylar önce
Imagine being a callisto protocol dev who worked on the orginal dead space right now. 💀
hi Aylar önce
I’m happy it’s a good remake. It deserves it.
deeman010gdj Aylar önce
@mvhess I considered it as a remake of X-wing and Tie fighter. I guess you can include Rogue Squadron there too.
deeman010gdj Aylar önce
​@Reanu Keeves oh I always considered it as a remake of X-wing and Tie fighter .
Reanu Keeves
Reanu Keeves Aylar önce
@The Rotten💯 ok thanks! Appreciate the help mate! Cheers!
The Rotten💯
The Rotten💯 Aylar önce
@Reanu Keeves You asked if Squadrons was a remake. I was replying it wasn't.
Aaron Ottermann
Aaron Ottermann Aylar önce
So happy about how this remake turned out, the original was my first horror game and among the first five games i ever played. Seeing it get one of the best remake treatments ever really warms my heart. I was really sceptical at first, this game didn't really need a remake but they proved me wrong, you can remake these iconic games and improve on what felt like perfection to me back in the day.
D_Rock Aylar önce
This remake is everything I wanted. Dead Space is my favorite horror game. The remake is a 10/10, its damn near perfect
Mr.GreenGrim Aylar önce
As always a master fully crafted and eloquent review I was always hyped for this game but now I cant wait!
basicnikolas Aylar önce
System Shock 2’s reboot would greatly benefit from a “Intensity Director” system as well. And I think it could flow better diegetically considering SHODAN and XERXES have control of different parts of the ship, almost like they’re psychologically tormenting you the player
Jamie R
Jamie R Aylar önce
This warms my heart. Finally a great game which delivers everything at a set price. Who would've guessed such a game would be published by EA. Single player to boot.
Yalden Aylar önce
What a stark contrast from The Callisto Protocol. Great port, scarier, looks better than ever and New Game Plus included. Leading up to release I constantly thought that The Callisto Protocol was going to be the better product between the two and had a whole lot more hype behind it. What a funny world we live in.
True Caliber
True Caliber Aylar önce
@Rossi Courvosi You're thinking of Antone Castillo from Far Cry 6. Though, both a pretty lackluster in their own rights. 🤣
SouthernFried19 Aylar önce
@Sane I think CP beats it graphically. My only complaint with Dead Space is that the textures seems a lil fuzzy. It’s not as polished as CP was. That doesn’t mean anything though in the grand scheme of things.
Sane Aylar önce
Agree with everything but i have to say that the Callisto protocol looks better than this
Corey Wilder
Corey Wilder Aylar önce
@MrDoggo My thoughts exactly. Like anyone who enjoyed Callisto and is not playing Dead Space clearly started gaming after 2010.
MrDoggo Aylar önce
@Corey Wilder i agree lol. From the very announcement i thought it would be a dead space knock off while Motive constantly asked for players's opinions and showed gameplay, trailers, general videos and talked so damn much about their vision, praise for Visceral, what will be upgraded and why. I think the only reason anyone can think the callisto protocol was going to be better was if they refused to see anything related to the remake lol.
americdeJ Aylar önce
Great review..I think they can remake this game, again, and improve it by giving Isaac multiple personalities you can choose from to play through.after all, him being silent in the original, left it up to your imagination on what his dialogue and reactions could be
Stretch35 Aylar önce
I think what surprised me the most about the game is that while Callisto pushed my graphics to the limit and even then still had a lot of stuttering/drops/freezing, this remake literally runs so buttery smooth for a day 1 release. I've hardly had any issues and my computer has no issues with it. Kind of rare in today's gaming world, which makes me hope Motive does the same with a Dead Space 2 & 3 remake if they decide to go through with it.
Buncent B
Buncent B Aylar önce
As someone playing through the Callisto Protocol right now and enjoying it, it makes me glad to know this means the Dead Space remake is gonna be phenomenal when I pick it up.
Double Dangerous
Double Dangerous Aylar önce
Delighted to see this turned out well. Now, EA, please give us a remake of the 2nd one.
Freud_Chicken Aylar önce
The monsters' flesh tearing off revealing the bones is a great addition
James Perkinson
James Perkinson Aylar önce
You are one of the first reviewers I have heard that wasn’t entirely on board with Issac having a voice in this game, but I can totally understand and appreciate your perspective on the topic. Personally I don’t have an issue with this change as we have pre-established character with DS2 and 3 that I have gotten used to, and it gives the reboot a fresher story experience. It’s awesome that they got the original actor on the project, and from what I heard and can tell, I believe they even used the actors face for this game’s depiction of Isaac.
holy ghost
holy ghost Aylar önce
@Tyler O'Toole exactly. i actually prefer older looking characters (makes their experience and competence more believable), but these two specifically are meant to be a couple, so a massive age difference is a bit jarring
holy ghost
holy ghost Aylar önce
@Kyle yeah, no shit. they used the voice actors model and i dont like that model. how is this an issue?
Kyle Aylar önce
@holy ghost they just used the voice actors face as a model.. lmao. People find the dumbest shit to be upset about nowadays
Tyler O'Toole
Tyler O'Toole Aylar önce
@holy ghost Funny how people rarely have a problem with characters being too young yet do have a problem with older characters.
Parcadia Aylar önce
Yeah I’m pretty sure a lot of the characters in the remake match their voice actors likenesses.
Luis Gonell
Luis Gonell Aylar önce
I’m super hyped this game got the love it deserves. It was my first horror game I’ve ever completed (might be the only series actually) since I’m a wuss. Everything about Dead Space was so good back in the day and to see them improve on everything is just cake. I said I’ll never preorder a game again, and I almost didn’t but Dead Space earned that preorder about 2 hours before it came out.
Kaliban 27
Kaliban 27 Aylar önce
Total War Warhammer 3 has a similar start up, when you press play in steam the launcher opens with "Play" which is normal or "Continue campaign" which takes you straight to your latest save. It's a small thing but it's nice to have
itsaUSBline Aylar önce
I don't know, I always imagined Isaac to just be a normal dude who didn't have a choice but to keep moving through his situation. I hadn't thought of him as some distant cold badass.
Promethyus_ Aylar önce
Love the review but respectfully, Isaac talking in 2 and 3 is what made me love the character. Sure I adored the original, but Isaac's arc in 2 and 3 made me love the character. Especially with how much 2 relied on Isaac resonating with the audience, and how it's typically viewed as just as good as the original (imo slightly better) so to hear Gunner return to Isaac made me feel like visiting an old friend again. And I love how he bounces off the characters this time around, instead of just doing what he's told.
Jim McLaughlin
Jim McLaughlin Aylar önce
For anyone who plays it, you can see this is a worthy game for a GOTY list. Motive did a phenomenal job.
Liquid Guns
Liquid Guns Aylar önce
I still remember when I first played the Dead Space game in 2008 that Asteroid shooting level was hard as fuck and even after all these years still gives me chills. I'm happy to hear that they've changed that level.
ResidentRecon89 Aylar önce
You really thought that the Astroid level was hard? I thought it was easy. Idk what you’re smoking lol
Aaron Sandman
Aaron Sandman Aylar önce
I would always unplug my controller and go keyboard and mouse for that section. Happy it has been changed too.
Budd631 Aylar önce
@Matt Sands and it’s actually random. The asteroids aren’t static so it’s pretty cancer.
Jorae Reegers
Jorae Reegers Aylar önce
Same here. I think that's where I checked out from the game way back then on PS3. Will be definitely checking this game out...again, but for good reasons.
David Anderson
David Anderson Aylar önce
I had to buy this game (also if this helps drive sales so we get the finale, with Ellie being a character you can play, I am all for it), I love games where you don’t mind killing things because they are already dead and will kill you
Behzad Mir Mozaffari
I've just finished binge playing all three DS games on my Series S and I was amazed how good those games still hold up today. I also was kind of a little sad how most modern games are objectively worse. This remake makes me hopeful that gaming might be at a point to take a good look at itself and realise the good and bad parts. And this seems definitely one of the good ones.
Billy Jenkins
Billy Jenkins Aylar önce
Was only slightly nervous that the embargo was so close to the release date 😬 Very happy to hear this one paid off though and cannot wait to play through this!
Eli Aylar önce
A subtle but cool addition is the dialogue can change in some areas depending on whether you have low health.
Jacob Sullivan
Jacob Sullivan Aylar önce
Hey man, we appreciate the videos a ton but if you need another break please take it! If you're getting sick or already sick we'll all be here when you come back. Your audience is dedicated to enjoying your quality of work so please don't feel over-encumbered!
H Sparky
H Sparky Aylar önce
Deadspace always held a special place in my heart , in 2008 when this came out it was the same week my grandpa died and while I was staying at home grieving (my school had a policy where you had to stay home for 5 days when a family member died) I spent the whole week playing and replaying it and it honestly helped me through the process by providing an amazing distraction during nights I felt sad needless to say I will be playing this after work today and drinking a cold one in honour of my grandpa lol
Bryce Allen
Bryce Allen Aylar önce
This game will scare all sorrows away... RIP H Sparky's Grandpa!
Drezon B
Drezon B Aylar önce
@H Sparky agreed. I'm a Carlsberg fan myself. Should have a few chilled. cheers.
H Sparky
H Sparky Aylar önce
@Drezon B Its crazy how much a good game can really help you through a loss and of course ! As long as it's not bud lite!
MK Burnt Teriyaki
MK Burnt Teriyaki Aylar önce
drink & play away my friend 🫡
H Sparky
H Sparky Aylar önce
@E M I should have reworded it I guess you werent necessarily forced to stay home but there was a policy where you were allowed to stay home for 5 days with no penalty - this was at a catholic school in Canada so I get it may not be the same across the board
Jonesy Grets
Jonesy Grets Aylar önce
I love that he talks in this version. What person wouldn’t talk in this situation?
Trever Travis
Trever Travis Aylar önce
A mute.
Chief Sazanami
Chief Sazanami Aylar önce
I appreciate Motive making so much effort to commit to the Dead Space lore and fleshing out old characters out too. This remake rocks. I'm pretty sure this success should be enough to convince EA to fund for a Dead Space 2 remake too, hopefully with no screw ups by the greedy CEOs
ADrunkHomeles Guy
ADrunkHomeles Guy Aylar önce
Just got it last night and I get to play it today after work. I'm so excited! Dead Space is one of my favorite games ever made and I was very nervous about the remake. It's nice that they respected the source material.
Road Warrior
Road Warrior Aylar önce
The quality of your reviews and commentary are top notch. Most excellent.
D.W. Aylar önce
Good work! Visually a very beautiful game. The sound in the game is awesome. When you play it, stop and remember this beautiful moment. This is one of those moments in life when you paid money for a great product - appreciate it!
Major Aylar önce
It's ironic to me that Callisto Protocol was supposed to be a modern Dead Space meanwhile this amazing Remake was just around the corner
slateran Aylar önce
@F H god skin was annoying as hell sure but I really enjoyed the lava area with serpent soldiers. Reminded me of a expanded sens fortress from the first Dark souls. Also malenias area was entirely optional
F H Aylar önce
@slateran God skin duo bro... 🤢 Absolutely hated that area along with the path that leads to Melania
slateran Aylar önce
@F H do you mean the final area? Fara mazula or whatever? I think they were a difficulty spike but I still enjoyed it. But I'm one of those guys that thinks elden ring is a masterpiece so I won't pretend there's no bias.
F H Aylar önce
@slateran I'll be honest, I didn't really like the end game areas of elden ring. Hence why I didn't mention it
F H Aylar önce
@EXALTED REVERSE I totally forgot about sekiro lol
jcaashby3 Aylar önce
Among many things the original game did great was DEAD enemies did not disappear/vanish. There bodies could be moved around when you walked pass them. It is a small thing but it made me feel like these were real 3D monsters I was killing. So many other games just make the enemies disintegrate or despawn. Or you can walk right through the dead bodies.
Mark Underdown
Mark Underdown Aylar önce
I loved the original. Very excited to get back into the remake
Gondala Satvarsh
Gondala Satvarsh Aylar önce
I never played Dead Space before and this remake is easily the best survival horror game for me!
Caleb Harch
Caleb Harch Aylar önce
Really hope this game performs amazingly, so we get a great new sequel.
Artractive Aylar önce
I’ll definitely be saving up to get this on sale at some point, looks like a really fun game
Gangleri Aylar önce
Alright, it's been 10 years or so since I bought a game published by EA. But this looks too good to miss, incredible work.
adam comerford
adam comerford Aylar önce
It Takes Two was one of the best gaming experiences I've had in a long time, if you have a friend to play it with.
Gangleri Aylar önce
@minners71 I'm not a Star Wars fan and haven't played Squadron. Fallen Order was a neat little Souls Like and I enjoyed this one.
minners71 Aylar önce
What about Star Wars Rogue Squadron also by EA Motive? A fantastic game and also completely playable in VR. I'm just waiting for the news that Dead space will be playable in VR one day.
Rubenz343 Aylar önce
Not even Battlefield 1? Come on man
Japhet Aguirre
Japhet Aguirre Aylar önce
Last game I bought from EA was It Takes Two and it was awesome.
Boston Towny4life
Boston Towny4life Aylar önce
The next game I wanna see get this kind of remake treatment is “The Darkness“. That game was so underrated. Criminally underrated.
Brady Partain
Brady Partain Aylar önce
Dude the darkness is in my top 5 easily. I've beat it like 6 times and the story is so good it hits hard every time. Darkness 2 is also awesome but doesn't have that same feeling
Draken X
Draken X Aylar önce
I love this type of remake, not just a graphical upgrade. Just a complete overhaul from the ground up while keeping the look and feel to date.
7DragonEyes7 Aylar önce
Hob was the first game I played that loaded your most recent save during booting and the transition was seamless. Also loved that feature and want more game to do it.
GrimFanDango Aylar önce
Great breakdown and review. Really like your longer format with sections covering performance, mechanics, combat, sound design, visuals etc. Now I need to pluck up the courage to play the game. The original scared the crap out of me back in the day...and I was 25 when it came out, so its not even like I was a kid playing horror games for the first time (yes, I'm a wuss, it's the jump scares that freak me out). I'm feeling the anxiety just thinking about it 😳 😅
GrimFanDango Aylar önce
@Dirk Gibson yeah man, I'm gonna grab it. But I'll blame you if my heart gives out 😅
Dirk Gibson
Dirk Gibson Aylar önce
You should get it, it was truly a fantastic game. Also it's fun to be scared once in awhile.
Matt Aylar önce
Way to go Motive you have earned my respect well done team.
An Infinite Mind of Music and Dreams
I was pretty young in 08 when I played the original. I could only play it in increments of an hour or so before I had to switch out the disc in my PS3 to something more lighthearted like Burnout or Ratchet and Clank. It was a damn good game that still holds up to this day and it's fantastic to see Dead Space back again. I hope this leads to an eventual Dead Space 4.
Nicholas Bellisario
As nice as Dead Space 4 would be, it would probably have to be something entirely new. The ending of Dead Space 3 is pretty definitive haha
Michael Bush
Michael Bush Aylar önce
@americangangster1911 Most people generally don't like 3 as much as the other two. My favorite was always Dead Space 2, but it's been 10 years since I played it. I can't remember what made the first two better than the third.
LovelessWing Aylar önce
@Another Happy Landing oh Jesus lmao 😂 I was in highschool
Edwin Chiñas
Edwin Chiñas Aylar önce
@American Gangster Oh. Sorry haha
American Gangster
American Gangster Aylar önce
@Edwin Chiñas Dead Space 3 is my favorite of the trilogy, I never really knew what people thought of it, I just played the trilogy for the first timea couple months ago.
Eva Simpson
Eva Simpson 6 gün önce
Dude thank you for the rec I remember watching my cousins play the original on xbox over a decade ago and I finally get to experience that feeling again all grown up... playing with a controller in the dark is a must
Nevan Slone
Nevan Slone Aylar önce
We’re getting Dead Space and a Resident Evil 4 remake within 2 months of each other… what a time to be alive.
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