I Stacked Ability Haste on Ziggs and chucked 2 bombs a second (IT LOOKS LIKE URF) 

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I Stacked Ability Haste on Ziggs and chucked 2 bombs a second (IT LOOKS LIKE URF)
League of Legends season 13 Ziggs Gameplay!
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7 Nis 2023




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Fnino 5 aylar önce
"With haste comes a lot of mana consumption" an adage by a wise man.
Douglas Chace
Douglas Chace 5 aylar önce
Read this three times as "with hate...." I was super confused. Maybe I should wear my glasses?
Brennan Ochoa
Brennan Ochoa 5 aylar önce
13:42 I didn’t ever think I’d see a ziggs q trick shot. That was amazing
disconsolateness 5 aylar önce
that shit was actually sicckkk
Murphy Jacob
Murphy Jacob 5 aylar önce
I died watching it lmao
PEDRO SILVA 5 aylar önce
zwag was practicing on NBA 2k23 🤣
TJ Hooper
TJ Hooper 5 aylar önce
13:42 I'm not gonna lie, I've never seen a ziggs do a bomb jump + Q, and into a turret shot at that. That was super clean.
Onur Dilek
Onur Dilek 5 aylar önce
32:05 casual 2041 damage to nexus with an auto attack
griffo73 4 gün önce
For that entire fight i was saying "bro can litterally 2shot turrets and Nexus the fight does NOT need to be that long" and he just... didnt
beatles42o beatstreat
beatles42o beatstreat 5 aylar önce
i did a build like this on kayle today. 30 second CDR on her ult. funniest thing ever. start a fight saving a team mate. i was playing inside their base because all i had to do was stay alive with heal till i could ult again . making an 80 second CDR 30 seconds is rather insane to say the least. more than 50% cool down reduction. i should checked the other CDRs in theory that brings her E to a 2-4 second CDR which is just insane for sieging
Jocomotion 5 aylar önce
What do you call the organ that processes nutrients you eat Zwag: 12:48
HO DB 5 aylar önce
I’m gonna have to 🤓 this and say that’s (almost) every organ’s function. Should have gone with bile production since that’s liver specific
Kyle Berts
Kyle Berts 5 aylar önce
“Did Zwag Xerath get the first 6 CS?” Yes, he got all 6!! Win Streak: 2
El Directo
El Directo 5 aylar önce
Day 307 of writing here which day it is
Douglas Chace
Douglas Chace 5 aylar önce
You're doing the Lord's work!
Douglas Chace
Douglas Chace 5 aylar önce
@El Directo You're recording the Lord's work!
Christopher Arvin Vargas Vinluan
18:23 "Boom, right in the SENNA" Sometimes the chances for puns come in at the least expected opportunities
Robert Dartz
Robert Dartz 5 aylar önce
I would pay money to see the team chat for that enemy team. The absolute chaos that all those bombs caused.
Robert G.
Robert G. 5 aylar önce
Just hearing you laugh as you decimate them made my day, giggling galore.
Diogo Gonçalves
Diogo Gonçalves 4 aylar önce
7 :18 second time Lee misses his Q on the minion, hes actually blind indeed xD Also its feels like Zwag is living in the Twilight zone cause he says things that looks like hes not playing the same game, which i think its kinda funny though xD, the part when 12:30 " How did i got 4 kills?"or 8:30 "Did Yone flashed, ignite me?" GG Zwag its always fun to watch your vids, its entertaining and i even laugh 👍💪
Meh Bleh
Meh Bleh 5 aylar önce
that was a jump shot (vs senna after bouncing on your w), but had you done it while bouncing away from her that woulve been a fadeaway and the sickest thing you can do with ziggs
Willie Doyle III
Willie Doyle III 5 aylar önce
Video suggestion: "Machine gun Q Senna" Build: Tear start, quick blades, runaan's, manamune, mythic (eclipse or krakens) Senna's q Cooldown goes down 1 sec per auto attack. Runaan's hurricane autos count as well. Combine with quick blades for max Cooldown. Manamune is required cuz mana usage. attack speed and lethality would be good to build as well.
Akaboy4life 5 aylar önce
Nice one, will try myself.
Andres Lopez
Andres Lopez 5 aylar önce
That jump shot vs senna was definitely a highlight
Mafju 5 aylar önce
*yone q3 flashes to ziggz* zwag 1 sec later: wait he has flash im dead 8:30
skillethead15 5 aylar önce
Sometimes it’s hard to tell if Zwag is just being oblivious or is just playing it up to feed a kill so the enemies don’t surrender.
Eyelover67 5 aylar önce
@skillethead15 I was cringing but laughing when he was like "sure no enemy kills me" and "ups my base stopped" I'm imagining the phrase with zwags voice "oh no my base stopped oh what are you doing step yone?"
Strictly_Deft_ 5 aylar önce
The imagery of zwag running around as ziggs shouting "where do I go, where do I go?" Is funny
Jan Wilczyński
Jan Wilczyński 5 aylar önce
Yet another reason why mana scaling is so strong. Because you can build a Haste Ziggs off this. BOOM. :D Day 20 of asking for a tank Cassiopeia. Please build these items: Heartsteel - for HP, ranged champs get easy procs Demonic Embrace - for AP scaling off HP... and the buuurns :) Abbysal Mask - for sustain and MR steal (which also scales off HP!) For the other 3 items, you might consider: Seraph's Embrace - for mana, AP and Lifeline Gargoyle Stoneplate - for defenses and a shielding active (again, scaling off HP...) Spirit Visage - for Mordekaiser-like shields from Seraph's and Gargoyle... and maybe a bit of extra healing from E? Frozen Heart - for Armor AND mana - an anti-ADC Cass likes it! Rylai's Crystal Scepter - for AP, HP and slows. In case you had problems with chasing things Force of Nature - for even more MR and Move Speed: beat up ALL the Mages Warmog's Armor - for a Garen passive, useful for hit-and-run tactics with Cass' ultimate (yeah, just like an actual Garen lol) As for runes, you can scale HP, mana, defenses and AP even more with Grasp, Demolish, Conditioning, Overgrowth, Manaflow and Gathering Storm, but standard Cass runes should be good as well. Aside from being tanky, this Cass will still shred enemies in teamfights because of Abbysal Mask and Demonic. Please consider it! "WHAT? This Heartsteel Cassiopeia can 1v5 the enemy team! (NEW META?)" My thanks for helping with this suggestion go to: GiovanniBoss, Lena Miaou, D.Lockholm
JayPeezy 5 aylar önce
Lee's egregious missed Qs every time he's on the screen, literally haven't seen him land 1 yet 27:42 was the promised Q But alas, 27:52 back to having the least luck a blind man could possibly have at throwing something
JayPeezy 5 aylar önce
I could be being a bit tough on the poor eyeless fellow, but 29:02 has confirmed it; he must be playing the most hardcore game mode ever conceived: Monitor unplugged.
JayPeezy 5 aylar önce
4:03 ... It begins 7:12 ... It almost takes too much skill to hit the space
Sam Lee
Sam Lee 5 aylar önce
That alleyoop bomb midair Q senna kill was the dopest league trickshot I've seen in a very long time.
leootp22 5 aylar önce
That dunk was nasty
Fun Nel
Fun Nel 5 aylar önce
Ziggs is always interesting!🔥🔥🔥
Mosquito Scholar One
Mosquito Scholar One 5 aylar önce
Try the Batman Talon build. You have so many gadgets. Electrocute or Predator + Ingenious hunter Cosmic Insight from inspiration. You take the free bots in the jungle or Hexflash in mid, since you dont take flash in the jungle but ignite instead. You build mostly objects that have a cooldown. Galeforce or Prowler's Claw (I recommend Galeforce in the jungle for faster clears) CDR boots (you will have your ignite almost every fight) Youumu's (optional, this is specially needed if you dont have a splitpusher or you are 1v9 carrying and have to do all the pushing and killing) Edge of Night -or- Guardian Angel. You want these 2 items in any order. Steraks or Maw of Malmortius. I highly recommend to Build Guardian Angel early since it provides so much value, Same goes for Edge of night. You want Guardian Angel against teams that dont have a lot targeted CC. Vs champs that can instantly stunlock you as you gank like ahri or vex you want Edge of Night. This build is really fun and Galeforce allows you to engage from really far and secure so many kills early, after you stack ingenious hunter Galeforce goes on a 50s Cooldown which is really cool.
Lukas Simmang
Lukas Simmang 5 aylar önce
That was a slam dunk and a half right there on that senna😂😂😂
RUBZ 8R0 5 aylar önce
heres a challenge, you should try shield thrower poppy, try to one shot squishy champs with her shield throw, you can use rapid fire cannon, divine sunderer, deadmans plate, both sheen items, and whatever runes you think would do most damage, fleet footwork or dark harvest maybe? please?
Malzahar, Prophet of the Void
Ziggs is what happens when you give a Florida man a lab coat and a bottomless defense budget, then task them to build the scariest thing that flies since the cretaceous period.
HerbanFarmer 5 aylar önce
Ziggs is my favorite champ. Great video :]
William Ruiz
William Ruiz 5 aylar önce
Tried the build, got to 23 sec ult at 171 haste with 3 hextech dragons XD. 2 ult per fight.
David s
David s 5 aylar önce
Zigg skill shots are hard to land 😅
TheChelas69 5 aylar önce
Jut thought of a Vlad stupid build that might just work: Given Vlad´s passive, build Stonehart into Nasher´s into AP. The idea is to make Vlad an AP tank that autos and scales like crazy.
Ni Mo
Ni Mo 5 aylar önce
Ziggs is my mastery 7 bro together with Fizz 🎉
The Lord of the lost luncheon
This is why you play ziggs, destroying towers
contentleech 5 aylar önce
Since in April Fools you collected hats, can you do an all hat/headwear build?
Meh Bleh
Meh Bleh 5 aylar önce
after witnessing zwag freaking out @08:45, if he isn't the next inner voice for jerry from tom and jerry, im gonna punch a puppy, dont mess with me warner bros
LMAO, I can tell you never played that sport Zwag. That was a fadeaway on that Ziggs combo!
Cmo 5 aylar önce
Love me some Ziggs videos
Fedor Afanasyev
Fedor Afanasyev 5 aylar önce
Go full ap /pen,call it Nagasaki Ziggs oneshots everything
Phoenix Elysia
Phoenix Elysia 5 aylar önce
day 1 of requesting my favourite build - off tank kindred. standard kindred runes, but swap to bone plating and demolish secondary. Your goal is to have damage (via kraken slayer and BoRK or titanic, or you can add an essence reaver if laning) while also building a shit ton of armour (sunfire + stoneplate + randuins is hilarious because you can dance around while cooking them alive, then you have 2 life saves with ult + stoneplate active). If you want to go full tank, i recommend heartsteel into titantic, then tabi or attack speed shoes, sunfire, stoneplate, and anathema's. if AP, swap the sunfire for an MR item. You will literally be able to dive into all five and survive. It's super fun and ridiculous to watch the enemy team try and kill you while you jump around and survive everything.
Joshua Gooding
Joshua Gooding 5 aylar önce
I'm surprised you didn't name the video "FULL AUTO GRENADE LAUNCHER IN LOL"
The Inflaster
The Inflaster 5 aylar önce
Day 6: Can u please play FULL DAMAGE Anivia?
Katana Jim
Katana Jim 5 aylar önce
I love how when Zwag gets hit for 25% of his HP the enemy "doesn't do any damage", but when he hits them for 25% of their HP it's "I half healthed them without even aiming for them."
Blemmo 5 aylar önce
i really liked that build!
Jsap 5 aylar önce
Holy shit 170 ap thats insane
Brian Marini
Brian Marini 5 aylar önce
Watching zwag hold on to his ult for like 10 minutes stresses me out lol. PRESS THE BUTTON! ITS FREE!
Scott Keath
Scott Keath 5 aylar önce
This Lee is allergic to landing a Q...
Justin Roylance
Justin Roylance 5 aylar önce
Thanks for the great vid Zwag!
mralkinoos 5 aylar önce
Shaco with Radiant Virtue (The clone heals as well) Day 4
LAM1895 Aylar önce
27:06 Someone needs to remix this
Brett Peterson
Brett Peterson 5 aylar önce
Best dunk ever 😂😂😂
Matheus Ferrão
Matheus Ferrão 5 aylar önce
Day 2 of asking Zwag to play jungle Sona
Matthew Zimmerman
Matthew Zimmerman 5 aylar önce
Quickblades fiora for zero cooldown
quieness 5 aylar önce
The fact that we still don't have a bkb themed Ziggs skin is a SIN
EnviROmaniac 5 aylar önce
My man was playing Jinx at the end :))
Surtile Cryx
Surtile Cryx 5 aylar önce
Did they take away his W killing towers or was Zwag just noobing it up?
Strelitzia Remtachi
Strelitzia Remtachi 5 aylar önce
13:42 Ain't no waaaaaayyyyy Space Jam Bugs? NAAAHHH We got Slam Jam Ziggs
RatsoMan20 5 aylar önce
Your killing me with this no tank ekko games 😂
Jero 5 aylar önce
Zwag what do you think about superheal irelia w omnivamp objects... Love ur content 😊
Geo P
Geo P 5 aylar önce
I was defending our pvp tower..we had no enemies ..like 0..so dissapponting
Marko Vučilovski
Marko Vučilovski 5 aylar önce
Why isn't Horizon+Rylai's a morr popular item combo on mages that don't have slow/stun
Ian Montemayor
Ian Montemayor 5 aylar önce
Could you play Pantheon on mid pls.
Benjamin Goodman
Benjamin Goodman 5 aylar önce
You need a 20 sec outro to your vids so the stats don't get covered up by recommended vids imo
Pedro Castro
Pedro Castro 5 aylar önce
Day 2 of asking for Tank Aurelion Sol Day 1 of asking for Full Crit ADC Kindred
Fitzgerald Stanbury Weiss the 5th
@Jonathan Russell Since when do people build tank Asol? He's normally built with Liandry's or RoA. And Kindred is normally more of an on-hit shred build with Botrk and Kraken, with BC sometimes as well.
Jason Balogh
Jason Balogh 5 aylar önce
Uhhhhhh 13:45 “Get dunked!!” That was just nasty lol
Kronos5001 5 aylar önce
Day 146 of asking for full attack speed Ornn or Tank Pyke with Grasp, Heartsteel and Overgrowth (Titanic hydra doesn't work on pyke).
MMS TheHoly
MMS TheHoly 5 aylar önce
Day 2: AD soraka
Jared Cleverley
Jared Cleverley 5 aylar önce
Day 23 asking Zwag for Yasuo/Yone with heartsteel, titanic, steraks. With crit at the end like IE and Bloodthirster
Flopilop 5 aylar önce
Man I hope I win the keyboard :D Student budget is rough, ive had this keyboard for like 10 years, its not even remotely mechanical haha :D + I have to buy a new microphone cause this one is also pretty old maybe like 5 years and suddenly it has lost all volume
Yimi Machado
Yimi Machado 5 aylar önce
The where did the teemo come from was cute af
Victoria R
Victoria R 5 aylar önce
Day 1 of asking for lissandra tank top ❄️
Master Yi
Master Yi 5 aylar önce
Day one of asking for Lee Sin Jungle please.
Jag Wray
Jag Wray 5 aylar önce
Day 4.5 of asking for Galio jungle
Random Damian
Random Damian 5 aylar önce
13:41 Bro thought he was safe :D I don't play LoL, i play Smite but holly shit my reaction.... :O.... AHHAHAHAHAHHAA
coretinker 5 aylar önce
I could be wrong, but that dance seems to be a reference to King Kong's dance in Adhisaya Piravi, or pigmi dance if you look it up in youtube
Fernando Cesar
Fernando Cesar 5 aylar önce
xD great build
mac mac
mac mac 5 aylar önce
Haste makes waste.. of the enemy.
Tom Applegate
Tom Applegate 5 aylar önce
Want to see an AD Malz
Clinton Griffin
Clinton Griffin 5 aylar önce
Stanko Nikolic
Stanko Nikolic 5 aylar önce
Can u try Lee Sin, anything u want? Fun for play and watch, hf
Pork 5 aylar önce
Day 4 of asking for crit Rek’ Sai
RJ Builds Pcs
RJ Builds Pcs 5 aylar önce
Your Lee sin was cosplaying actually blind
Tyler Buell
Tyler Buell 5 aylar önce
Best timed ad ever. 13:57
Михаил Маслов
Try ap nokturne mid pls
Doggobread 5 aylar önce
Day 2 of gnar jungle
Pizarro Labbé Enzo
Pizarro Labbé Enzo 5 aylar önce
Renekton full cdr pls
Victor Thostrup
Victor Thostrup 5 aylar önce
18:22 Right in the "Senna"
Chouaib Idrissi
Chouaib Idrissi 5 aylar önce
Day 4 of asking Zwagerino to try out some Wild Rift 😅
Dominik Khilji
Dominik Khilji 5 aylar önce
"COMMENT IF YOU SEE THIS" I'm literally just here to take the bait, GJ Zwag!
Trenten Snodgrass
Trenten Snodgrass 5 aylar önce
Great vid
Fnino 5 aylar önce
Skin of the day: BZZZiggs.
Axel Pepen
Axel Pepen 5 aylar önce
Day 64 of thanking Fnino Thanks you Fnino
Noki 5 aylar önce
Ziggs go brr
KnownAsPanda 5 aylar önce
I've been watching zwag for a while and I always think why tf does he talk so much but I forget he's streaming it live and this is just a video of that
iDarks1d3 5 aylar önce
Day 6 asking bruiser ap nasus with 600+ stacks
Tyler Buell
Tyler Buell 5 aylar önce
Day 14 asking for crit singed.
Cringe 5 aylar önce
Day 3 of asking zwag to add chat into his videos
Özgür Meriç Özer
Özgür Meriç Özer 5 aylar önce
You didn't ask for likes while dancing at the fountain but i still liked
JC 5 aylar önce
Kindred count Count since last video 154 days Last record of 88 days
MistyWolf 5 aylar önce
Oh yes I am in need of a new keyboard
Gabriel Herrera
Gabriel Herrera 5 aylar önce
Day 37 of asking for full ap Gragas
Andrew Bryant
Andrew Bryant 5 aylar önce
Keep it up until September 18th and you’ll likely get it. Assuming he sticks to the 200 day pattern
Nate Oehring
Nate Oehring 5 aylar önce
Day 66 of asking for a double Teemo video upload (one on each channel).
CZ2128 Delta
CZ2128 Delta 5 aylar önce
Day 28 of asking for sett jungle
Lo Lita
Lo Lita 5 aylar önce
Day 10 of asking ad fizz
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