I Spoke To Dream's Sister

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Today TommyInnit speaks to the Real Life Sister of Dream in Minecraft. This was insane.

STREAMING DAILY, LIVE ON DREAM'S SMP - www.twitch.tv/tommyinnit

Edited by Tommy + Big Man Editor Larry ( @TalentLacking )

@Dream @Technoblade @BadBoyHalo

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Today Me and Dream have lots of laughs on the Dream SMP and I even speak to his Real Life Sister! Now, although this isn't a Vlog like I met Wilbur Soot in Real Life, I do speak to Dream's REAL LIFE Sister. It was so funny, fun, and crazy! POG CHAMP!!!!! it reminds me of the time when I Spoke To Dream's Mom which was awesome and fun and POG CHAMP HAHAH

Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is Dream and I starting a group! POG CHAMP!




14 Eki 2020




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Batata Yıl önce
Tommy: "Is Dream telling you what to say?" Dream: "I can't even hear you" There we have it, a rare Dream 10 IQ play
Geisler Eurie Daraog
Rose Brito
Rose Brito 14 gün önce
porque batata
Krazy.Avannah 17 gün önce
Thats what I said!!!
s7ic1de_YT Yıl önce
@KeepYourselfSafe jerk
Taqi Hassnain
Taqi Hassnain Yıl önce
@Batoon Ayana Gabrielle yeah thats what i was about to say ...😂
Vennela Kadavakollu
Vennela Kadavakollu 2 aylar önce
"you're losing to a girl" "That doesn't bother me" Despite all the jokes, he tries to hide it but tommy's actually really respectful lo. Props to you king
DefiniteBelt 450
DefiniteBelt 450 18 gün önce
@『Sunshine Sia』 .....
『Sunshine Sia』
『Sunshine Sia』 18 gün önce
Stolen comment
Elayna Stride
Elayna Stride 23 gün önce
@Irasman Roy it is a joke lov.
Ayo_Anny335 Aylar önce
@Irasman Roy it's really normal, maybe it's mean to you but my bff do that everyday, it's Bestie thing. Plus this is a game, it's okay.
DefiniteBelt 450
DefiniteBelt 450 Aylar önce
@Irasman Roy kid its a joke
Mady Aylar önce
I love how Drista and Dream have similar laughs it is amazing
AfraussieGal 17 gün önce
I love how dream is a great example of a big brother even if drista is being "mean" or did something wrong he doesn't put the blame on her and he takes the blame on himself. Good old times... Good old times
Mastercraft 12 gün önce
"Tommy is better than Technoblade" *Technoblade joined the game*
Snowy Yıl önce
Dream: She is actually a fan of yours, Tommy! Drista, the moment she takes control: *_Starts approaching Tommy with murderous intent_*
bacon 7 gün önce
@Jelly Bunny Lol
•DaLittleLemon• 7 gün önce
Jelly Bunny
Jelly Bunny 12 gün önce
Honestly I would do the same thing
MoonCloud Yıl önce
I think she wanted to that for a long time lmao
Chevy's ToyPlace
Chevy's ToyPlace Yıl önce
g.flashh 21 gün önce
Drista is literally the girl version of Tommy, he just needs to realize that.
Finnbar M
Finnbar M 2 gün önce
@IAmACat accent
IAmACat 7 gün önce
Jep, she really is, If I wouldn’t know I would literally think that she is Tommy’s sister xD
BellaBubblegum Aylar önce
21:40 honestly her impression of Tommy wasn't half bad 😀
Jaxon Wilkes
Jaxon Wilkes 2 aylar önce
Drista: "you're losing to a girl" Tommy: "That doesn't bother me" Me: "OMG! One of the few youtubers that AREN'T sexist!!!"
Tengomuchaspersonalidades Losiento
@Irasman Roy but did you even watched the start?
Lewa sigma
Lewa sigma 7 gün önce
@Irasman Roy dude it’s a joke learn to take a joke
Levente Dobay
Levente Dobay 11 gün önce
Yap but just saying Im.older than you...
koichi_777 Aylar önce
@Irasman Roy why do u keep replying to comment with the exact same words!Are u a bot or smth.
Ryia Sandrez
Ryia Sandrez Aylar önce
@Irasman Roy are you being serious?
gipsy 45
gipsy 45 7 gün önce
8:54 "Is dream telling you what to say?" 8:58 "I can't even hear you so" *Yeah definitely.*
Kirsten Kao
Kirsten Kao Yıl önce
This should be called: Dream’s sister roasting TommyInnit for 27 minutes straight
U Kiran
U Kiran 5 gün önce
Don't forget the 27 seconds
Bec Calvert
Bec Calvert 3 aylar önce
Galaxy Dragon playz roblox
Yeah defo
Snowy Wolf
Snowy Wolf 3 aylar önce
So true tho
Kirsten Kao
Kirsten Kao 3 aylar önce
@Simran Bedi agreed but I don’t think he meant “love ❤️” I think he meant like just liking him instead of “bullying” him
Mazo 🔥
Mazo 🔥 4 gün önce
Lets all appreciate how much time he spends and tries his best to make us happy!
Jody Gayton
Jody Gayton 2 aylar önce
I just wanted to say something to Tommy. Your videos really make my day and I'm always so, so happy when I watch them. Thank you so much for creating this amazing content.
Banana Cheese
Banana Cheese Gün önce
i love how tommy says "he's telling you what to say isnt he" and then dristas like "no" dreams like "i can't even hear you"... totally didnt just reply to a question that he couldn't even hear
★ AdorbsxAloria ★
Drista(speaking to dream):Oh my god I heard him call me a dickhead Tommy: *looking genuinely concerned* who called you a dickhead Also Drista: My dad Also Tommy: *Bursts out laughing*
Anayah Skinner
Anayah Skinner Yıl önce
Tommy: "Dream's telling you what to say, isn't he?" Drista: "no" Dream: "I can't even hear you"
Khaled Magdy
Khaled Magdy Aylar önce
zAdosin27 Aylar önce
@Cent ao
Cent Aylar önce
@zAdosin27 Lososoosossoosso
Cent Aylar önce
Water Monstrosity
Water Monstrosity Aylar önce
pretty sus ngl
Mazo 🔥
Mazo 🔥 4 gün önce
Lets all appreciate how much time he spends and tries his best to make us happy!
Mazo 🔥
Mazo 🔥 4 gün önce
Lets all appreciate how much time he spends and tries his best to make us happy!
Mazo 🔥
Mazo 🔥 4 gün önce
Lets all appreciate how much time he spends and tries his best to make us happy!
Mazo 🔥
Mazo 🔥 4 gün önce
Lets all appreciate how much time he spends and tries his best to make us happy!
Ness Loves You
Ness Loves You Yıl önce
Alternative Title: Tommy struggles to talk to women his age for almost 30 minutes
yourlocalsimp 27 gün önce
Ash Jackson
Ash Jackson Aylar önce
She is a girl not a woman. You cant just call a minor "woman"
Lucky janna
Lucky janna Yıl önce
@Bryant Z 1 and a half
Bryant Z
Bryant Z Yıl önce
2 years younger cuz she 14
Red H
Red H Yıl önce
@Bae um.. no
Mazo 🔥
Mazo 🔥 4 gün önce
Lets all appreciate how much time he spends and tries his best to make us happy!
Mazo 🔥
Mazo 🔥 4 gün önce
Lets all appreciate how much time he spends and tries his best to make us happy!
mero_twitch Aylar önce
rewatching this for the 6th time this year but its crazy how similar both drista and lani act like their brothers
Emilee Chung
Emilee Chung Aylar önce
Whenever I see you're vids, it just makes me laugh, no matter what. My mom always asks me if I'm ok. I'm not, 'cause I really like your videos.
xlovelyblossom Yıl önce
Okay, but who is Dream? Like, everyone is talking about him..is that like Drista’s little brother or something?
csmalvi 5 gün önce
Its a joke right.......right
xlovelyblossom 6 gün önce
@Musical Fan it is
Mallory Byrd
Mallory Byrd 6 gün önce
@Musical Fan ikr
Musical Fan
Musical Fan 6 gün önce
Idk if this comment is sarcastic or not 😂
Mallory Byrd
Mallory Byrd 14 gün önce
You're done... you're done
🍳Egg🍳 5 gün önce
Alternate Title: Tommy speaks to his own kind
Hannah Young
Hannah Young 25 gün önce
i love who this series starts w/ Dream stressing supervision until it's Tommy supervising instead...
Katie Sullivan
Katie Sullivan Aylar önce
Tommy-"dream is telling you what to say isn't he?" Drista-"no" Dream-"I can't even hear you" how did dream know to say that right then if he wasn't listening?
Cycloned 24 gün önce
Alternate title: 14 yr old has the best day of her life abusing older brothers powers lmao
f1amingo Yıl önce
Tommy: “Dream’s probably just telling you what to say” Dream: “I can’t even hear you...” as he proceeds to answer the question
Paxtyn Gibbs
Paxtyn Gibbs Yıl önce
I know no body caught that
RoseQuartz Yıl önce
@MDC not with the algorithm on TRvid 💀 like everyone else said you really should ignore it and stop telling other people what to do
AD Yıl önce
He probably wachtes the stream from Tommy
SkyleeKate Yıl önce
Kenji Aex
Kenji Aex Yıl önce
@Bae should I subscribe too?
Dovilė Čiukšytė
8:53 Tommy: Dream is telling you what to say isn’t he? Drista: No Dream: I can’t even hear you Then how-
IAmACat 7 gün önce
Derp Tastic
Derp Tastic 22 gün önce
“I am a child but I’m also the alpha male” - Drista 2020
Maddie Aylar önce
My favorite parts of the video 😭: 1:05 dream said where’s your hole 💀 4:04 drista kills tommy 😃 4:41 - 4:59 drista calls tommy a child 😭 6:19 drista chases tommy 😳 7:16 drista switched up on tommy 🥲 7:51 tommy says to dream “ur sister have problems 8:28 drista’s and dreams dad heard drista call herself a d!ckhead 😪 8:41 drista hates sapnap 😀
Random 14 gün önce
15:31 drista soo knows what she is doing, she is literally playing everyone over
Touchy Torchy
Touchy Torchy Yıl önce
Tommy: "Is Dream telling you what to say" Dream: "I can't hear you Tommy" *1000 IQ*
Ryxles Aylar önce
xAN0NYM0US_M3L0Nx he edited the comment so he isn't a bot.
Confusion Aylar önce
@Toca Moqa who is deists fr
Toca Moqa
Toca Moqa Aylar önce
I think deists said he said that so that’s why he knew what he said
Gabbi Lalala
Gabbi Lalala Aylar önce
✨Nobody✨ will ✨know✨
Gacha_Moonlight Aylar önce
bruh.itz.mee1364 Aylar önce
tommy : "i spoke to dreams mom" "i spoke to dreams sister" next stream : "i spoke to dreams great great grandpa"
Idun Pidun
Idun Pidun 2 aylar önce
5:13 Why can’t we just appreciate bbh for a moment
Turtlezz 20 gün önce
At 17:20 when Drista said “ Give it to me Tommy” I was dying 🤣
Larissa :)
Larissa :) 22 gün önce
Fun fact: We don't know for sure if her name is Drista. It was just a guess of Tommy and everyone accepted it
Jay Yıl önce
Dream at the beginning: I’d let her play but supervised Dream later: leaves room
your new girlfriend
Haikyuu fan 😄
Dialled clan
Dialled clan Yıl önce
@Jay lol
Jay Yıl önce
@RAM GAMING she definitely is tho
drista was cooler then you -tommyinnit
R E W I N D 4 gün önce
I love it how tommy was laughing so hard that he fell out his chair
Watch how Tommy gets so excited that Dream's sister watches him the most, lmfao😂😂😂
Truffles Pajarito
Truffles Pajarito 2 aylar önce
Dream: *slams door* Drista:where are you going ... clay?
Payton Lanzara
Payton Lanzara 14 gün önce
Drista: "You are weirder than Skeppy's tweets." Tommy: "Say that to my face." Bad just casually in chat: "o_O"
IAmACat 7 gün önce
My brain just needed a whole minute to realize that Skeppy is his best freind TvT
Nicholas Spidell
Nicholas Spidell Yıl önce
Dream: "She watches you the most because you're funny." Tommy's brain: I N T E R E S T I N G
Duski Yıl önce
@Bae why must you spam?
Bae Yıl önce
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Bae Yıl önce
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SophSoph Yıl önce
Qouh & Helliqing
Qouh & Helliqing Yıl önce
Minecraft speedrunner vs 0 hunters trvid.com/video/video-Gf6LWIOhvHc.html
meginnit 10 gün önce
Why does dream and Tommy act like Best FREINDs for 10 minutes straight and then go straight to enemies again? Or is it just me.
Mr. Z. Andrés
Mr. Z. Andrés Aylar önce
“Are you friends with Georgenotfound?” “I am.” “My respect for you.. through the roof.” Lol.
JELLY Stepfather
JELLY Stepfather 3 gün önce
"Yeah she is a big one direction fan and watches dream Smp!" Me: have I met my twin?
House Of Stupidity :')
Tommy laughs like such a maniac😂😂😂 I love it so much...
ً Yıl önce
give drista a youtube account she'll become 1 million at one day.
Tubbo 13 saatler önce
Wuit lieing
Aggie Lamouche
Aggie Lamouche 19 saatler önce
Xhin Hope
Xhin Hope Gün önce
Lem lem 🍋
Lem lem 🍋 2 gün önce
Luca Yt
Luca Yt 3 gün önce
Yes please
peeps 18 gün önce
I love how she just called her brother by his real name lol.
Neutralized Aylar önce
The way dream said yeah at the end was a kinda way a father meeting there child with a small rabbit in there hands and the child says “can we keep it” then he realizes the rabbit has been deceased for 14 day 19 hours 2 minutes and 18 seconds so he with responds with the yes in hopes the child will throw it away.
𝐃𝐚𝐡𝐚𝐲𝐮 🎸
"I spoke to Tubbo's sister" "I spoke to Dream's sister" *tubbo I meant Tommy say "Simon says (Anything)" To someone you think is Annoying* . ┌(˵༎ຶل͟༎ຶ˵)┐
『løxe.exe』 24 gün önce
Oh, the good old times, when Dream wasn’t in prison.
Uno Reverse
Uno Reverse Yıl önce
“Look I acted like I hit you but I didn’t” “You hit me!” “No I did not!” This is precisely how real siblings act, take notes, everyone.
Suzanna Gleman
Suzanna Gleman 2 aylar önce
That’s why your a reverse card
Bomb DotCom
Bomb DotCom 2 aylar önce
@Astrid Cacay Everyone's families are different
Astrid Cacay
Astrid Cacay 2 aylar önce
ok having a sibling that is not how we act
krish 2 aylar önce
@Uno Reverse oops so your talking to me when I already knew that by all my friends who have siblings?
pusheen 28 gün önce
Imagine he just goes to drista like “hey wanna talk to tommyinnit?”
C.A.L -
C.A.L - 5 gün önce
Alternative title; *”Tommy being flustered for almost half an hour.*”
the rock ٠13 years ago
10:27 11:04 12:35 most hilarious moments
Ariel Gün önce
This video was so funny that I was dying I was literally crying when I was laughing I laughed too much I almost lost my voice
Vincent Tan
Vincent Tan Yıl önce
Dream: *Gets a Team wipe in Manhunt* "YES! LET'S GO!" Drista: *Kills Tommy* "YES!" Siblings.
Epsilon Yıl önce
@Vincent Tan Thanks!
Vincent Tan
Vincent Tan Yıl önce
How come the first thing I see when I wake up is people arguing. Stop insulting each other. I'm going off of what the stream shows.
Simping for mmg
Simping for mmg Yıl önce
LspellsLogic Yıl önce
@JaAddin i watched the stream and im sure drista did it
LspellsLogic Yıl önce
@Shamzie Tzy boomer
Chase Man vids
Chase Man vids Aylar önce
He told me just to let you know I’ve been watching You for a while and I just let him know that you’re really funny keep it up I hope one day to be like you
LukeTheNoob 6 gün önce
The encounter that would start a legendary friendship
Daniel Hisoler
Daniel Hisoler 12 gün önce
The fact that dream is being an overprotective brother
Carol Abdalla
Carol Abdalla 5 gün önce
The way he died of laughing so hard: Im laughing so hard.
Loyal Scout
Loyal Scout Yıl önce
Drista is my hero now, she said everything I would ever want to say to Tommy in a span of probably 30 minutes
Chris Lasch
Chris Lasch Yıl önce
27 minutes so basically
blob person...
blob person... Yıl önce
@Einstein Aylward tru
Einstein Aylward
Einstein Aylward Yıl önce
don't forget she killed a child
blob person...
blob person... Yıl önce
i agree
Rajpal Singh Bagga
Random 14 gün önce
10:30 drista literally took down tommy and dream all at once drista can easily rule the server i believe in drista supremacy
Anna Paton
Anna Paton Aylar önce
Tom: “I’m making a hole and a tower, I guess u could say I’m Jesus” Dream: “ok so where’s ur hole that u dug”
TheCrown 17 gün önce
Its so cute how badboyhalo is watching the stream and responding in chat
XxCookie_ WingxX
XxCookie_ WingxX 15 gün önce
Tommy laughing His mom downstairs:what is wrong with my child
Lily 10 aylar önce
Tommy: “Dream’s telling you what to say isn’t he? Dream’s sister: no. Dream: “ I can’t even hear you so..”
Kelly & Rull
Kelly & Rull 10 aylar önce
Kelly & Rull
Kelly & Rull 10 aylar önce
Here can here XD
Kelly & Rull
Kelly & Rull 10 aylar önce
Parvathi Srivathsan
Parvathi Srivathsan 10 aylar önce
this is perfection
Slowed._s0unds 10 aylar önce
Huey Freeman  🗸
Huey Freeman 🗸 9 gün önce
Dream: talks about how much his sister loves watching him and all that dreams sister: STARTS WHACKING THE SHIT OUT OF TOMMY
🥀RoseyBoo🥀 2 aylar önce
Looking back a year later, this is the first video I ever watched of Tommyinnit
Although he have sins he still have the heart of pure gold
Raining Umbrellas
Raining Umbrellas Aylar önce
Imagine dream when he hears drista say “god im just a minor”
Peter Wesley M. Masinsin
I love how Tommy just gave Dream’s sister a nickname then it became like her official name on the internet lol
ItsMaddy! 5 aylar önce
It’s Sam look it up on google dream says it in a video
Astra 5 aylar önce
@ItsMaddy! its not- 💀
ItsMaddy! 5 aylar önce
Drista is her real name
Numari not found
Numari not found 5 aylar önce
Lol ik
Astra 5 aylar önce
Jamie-lea Allerton
Jamie-lea Allerton 7 gün önce
Tommy is practically playing manhunt but he is being chased by a mini dream
CurlyWasFound Aylar önce
the funny thing is when he laughed he threw himself to the door
BaconBoi Aylar önce
Imagine drista saying that tommy lies and dream watches tommy's stream with her lmao
gÆpanic 5 gün önce
Lol I love drista so much she’s such a mood 😂
swagmeister Yıl önce
“is dream telling you what to say?” “no.” “i can’t even hear you so” *wait a damn minute. WAIT A DAMN MINUTE*
akanetukasag -
akanetukasag - Yıl önce
@Sock yeah
Sock Yıl önce
@akanetukasag - lmao this is about how he responded when he's not supposed to hear what tommy is saying
MASAN 07 GAMING Yıl önce
help my channel by subscribing
akanetukasag -
akanetukasag - Yıl önce
Quick explanation; in the stream Drista told Dream that Tommy asked her if Dream is telling her what to say, and he responded that, basically, they cut off that part so it seemed confusing
Sophie Conjura
Sophie Conjura Yıl önce
@*directioner* hello fellow directioner
Daylight 14 gün önce
Can we just take a minute to appreciate that this video is 27 minutes and 27 seconds.
Caroline Winn
Caroline Winn Gün önce
BadboyHalo’s chat messages make the video 32% funnier
Lighfury Omega
Lighfury Omega Aylar önce
This is the highest point of shame a guy can go through
• Itz_Cayne_Too •
• Itz_Cayne_Too • 21 gün önce
4:07 i like how dream's voice was really deep
Tally Blue
Tally Blue 9 aylar önce
I love how Dream was like "Yeah my sister likes your stuff, she thinks you're funny." and then the second she comes on she starts to bully him.
Aestheticbubbl3s 8 aylar önce
Ikr I just- I couldn’t even I had to pause the video and shove my face in my pillow because I was watching this at 3am and I was laughing so hard
XxxStrel._.SansXxx 8 aylar önce
@mcytgremlin true
mcytgremlin 8 aylar önce
To be fair tho were all tommy fans for a reason
XxxStrel._.SansXxx 8 aylar önce
Ikr? 😂
Tuzuku 8 aylar önce
Am your 1000th like (:
Geisler Eurie Daraog
Tommy:HIT HER! Dream:*Slaps and hit her* TOMMY:HOLY SHI
Galactic world
Galactic world Aylar önce
I wish I could play with them sometimes because that would be so fun
Fqrrell 2 gün önce
10:31 that laugh-
Dino Chicken
Dino Chicken Aylar önce
Drista’s weeze is almost as good as Dream’s
Raccoon Yew
Raccoon Yew Yıl önce
We need more Drista, she’s like a more chaotic being than Tommy.
Intil. 11 aylar önce
@Aoife Coffey Lmao Bully her? I said what I felt go cry somewhere else social reject
Aoife Coffey
Aoife Coffey 11 aylar önce
@Intil. the fact that your her age makes it worse. the fact that you will bully this girl who you’ve literally never met before just because she has a more interesting personality than u at the same age. you don’t even know her. get a fucking life and leave this poor girl alone.
What Huh?
What Huh? 11 aylar önce
@Katherine ok if it wasnt an opinion then it's a fact
What Huh?
What Huh? 11 aylar önce
I mean shes alright it was quite boring idk why tommy was laughing so hysterically.
Almas Mardhiah
Almas Mardhiah 11 aylar önce
80s gamees
80s gamees 9 gün önce
Who here is still waiting for him to do a stream with his mom
Zac Aylar önce
8:53 i love how dream literly responds to that
Dovilė Čiukšytė
i’m confused of how he said it if he couldn’t hear him? lmao i’m dumb ik
coolandstuff 10 gün önce
Drista:you are weirder than skepys tweets Tommy:say that to my face Drista:reapets herself
secret gamer
secret gamer Aylar önce
The start: What do you do when dreams sister, a girl joins?!
Lukas Yıl önce
When Dream said “WHAT” to Tommy calling Drista a dickhead it felt so genuine lmao
sharky sharky
sharky sharky Yıl önce
@annabel m yeah iy means little to nothing lol
annabel m
annabel m Yıl önce
i think in britian or whatever dickhead doesn’t mean as badly as it does in the us but still
Carly Cooper
Carly Cooper Yıl önce
@cami Sanchez 5:55
cami Sanchez
cami Sanchez Yıl önce
Time stamp?
シNight_Glitch Aylar önce
I’m not sure why but you are the funniest person I’ve ever seen and your my favourite out of the whole smp!
Oofery Aylar önce
Annija Grundmane
Annija Grundmane 16 gün önce
10:36 the way Tommy just fell out of the chair💀💀
605phamtrankhanhhuy 28 gün önce
He's hilarious
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