I Spent 2+ Hours To Set This IMPOSSIBLE Score! (Bloons TD 6)

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I Spent 2+ Hours To Set This IMPOSSIBLE Score! BTD6 / Bloons TD 6 - contested territory E2 - I decide to tackle this least tiers banner tile, and with it being hotly contested needed to put up a really good score... or in other words a score impossible to beat before decay! And that ended up taking a really large amount of time. Also featuring a solid score on a boss tile.

This is my series of Bloons TD 6 strategy, gameplay, challenges, or whatever else it may be. Likes are appreciated, and subscribe & hit that bell to catch up on all future videos!

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7 Ağu 2022




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In fairness, 75% of those 2 hours was spent waiting around doing nothing lol
I have to wait 90 days to change my name
ISAB could literally hours in this game without blowing his brains out while if I die during round 95 on chimps, my entire week is ruined
2 hours to get the best time… degrades to 1000 tiers in 15 minutes.
Random Person
When it takes longer to get the high score than it takes for the score to degrade to nothing
ISAB casually playing battles2 while waiting lmao
Arttu Kettunen
The score degrading is in most cases too harsh. After a few hours the enemy doesn't even have to think to beat the score no matter what your score was. Least cash and tiers stopping on an amount you can't even reach and bosses and races times going so high you actually can't go past them. Nerf degrading.
Edward Richards
Before I clicked on the video, my mind went to: "just for it to degrade in 2 seconds". I always go for the best performance but there is no incentive to actually spend more than 15 min in one tile. Best time/tiers/cash tiles should remain all week
Muzan Kibutsuji
Isab pulling up btdb2 mid game killed me 💀
the contested territory relics having powers is real cool
You know it's big when it takes ISAB 2 hours to do something
Sam Labbato
this is honestly such a cool event for isab specifically. all that niche optimization spent on setting unbeatable records for the rest of the board and claiming OP relics for his team
Jonas Jensen
I love this Contested Territory mode, its extremely fun and addicting, and love the content with completing the tiers, please more of this
Dailyhydration -
Geraldo has made us learn how useful the glue traps are
Dr Schwandi
When the score does degrade faster than beating the level
This is actually such a cool idea to include some selected powers to beat challenges.
Hi ISAB, could you do a video on btd battles where you explain the basics like how to efficiently eco, what makes a good tower comb, layering ect. It would really help as someone trying to get better at the game
Lizzy #778
i imagine part of why you didnt 1shot is due to the lack of alchemist, the potions really add up due to the pretty much full uptime
Please continue to upload more contested territory content it is amazing.
A Blue Thing
It feels like a really Isab thing to do , Spend 2 hours for the best possible result
Peter Mileo
welcome back to another episode of ISAB Grinds for 1% Better Stats
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