I Spent 100 Days Morphing in Minecraft... Here's What Happened

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Welcome to Forge Labs! I review video games and discuss video game industry things. On the channel I post gameplay experience reviews, video essays, and satirical pieces that I hope you find entertaining. Enjoy!

#Minecraft #HardcoreMinecraft #100Days

I TRIED to Survive VR Hardcore Minecraft For 100 Days And This Is What Happened
• I TRIED to Surviv...

Video Includes:
Hardcore Minecraft 100 Days
Hardcore Minecraft 100 Days Gameplay
Hardcore Minecraft VR Episode 1
Hardcore Minecraft VR Lets Play
Hardcore Minecraft VR
Hardcore Minecraft VR 100 Days

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Forge Labs
Forge Labs Yıl önce
Install State of Survival for FREE: stateofsurvival.co/forgelabs for the chance to win a Lamborghini!!
Monica Phillips
Monica Phillips 6 gün önce
You are myFavorite TRvid ❤
Monica Phillips
Monica Phillips 6 gün önce
You are my favorite TRvidr
Unknown 24 gün önce
Tracy Mason
Tracy Mason 2 aylar önce
The villagers with green don't trade because they are the village nitwits
Venom Venom
Venom Venom 3 aylar önce
Oh, green villagers are useless they have no use
Teeny tiny kitty cat
Watching Forge play Minecraft is like watching a man who has simultaneously never played Minecraft and been playing it for years.
Ok Okk
Ok Okk 29 gün önce
@MagicalBread hey me too
He didn't even know about the green villagers, who can't have jobs, which is a feature present for a pretty long time.
Theodore Harrold
Theodore Harrold 2 aylar önce
@MagicalBread same
Oliver Pickering
Oliver Pickering 2 aylar önce
Cuz he plays so much modded
Kimberly Stillwell
Kimberly Stillwell 3 aylar önce
really though !
Angus Everist
Angus Everist 10 aylar önce
I love how Sean is constantly fighting with himself as he reads his own script.
PixlePlays305 25 gün önce
@TotallyNotJoy 👎😞😩😡🤢🤕😒😔
TotallyNotJoy 25 gün önce
@PixlePlays305 are you okay
Dawn DeJesus
Dawn DeJesus Aylar önce
It's really funny
TotallyNotJoy Aylar önce
@Amaze if you doubt it then why did you say it’s part of the script
fishbxne 10 aylar önce
The zombie villager you cured is called a "village nitwit". He doesn't work, doesn't trade. Just sleeps, roams around, and breeds. He's pointless unless you want to breed villagers. The reason why he ran around frantically at night is because he likes to stay up and sleep in late.
RosieBreeze127 5 gün önce
I was in pain watching him be confused about this guy lol
M3OW M1K3 2 aylar önce
He’s me fr
• System Witch •
• System Witch • 2 aylar önce
@fishbxne well it makes sense it couldn’t hurt villagers, how often you bringing hoglins into the overworld?
Korin Mereste
Korin Mereste 2 aylar önce
Fc m g 😮 G 0:17
Johnny Valiant
Johnny Valiant 2 aylar önce
I was going to say that
Frankies Dollz
Frankies Dollz 7 aylar önce
I love watching this guy because whenever he talks it sounds like he's constantly confused and checking to see if he read his script right
Dawn DeJesus
Dawn DeJesus Aylar önce
DaZebraffe 11 aylar önce
"Somehow, my helmet broke." That would be because you were strolling around outside of shade in the daytime, as a skeleton. For as long as you're doing that, your helmet will be taking damage constantly. Same applies to the helmets of actual zombies and skeletons.
nothing Aylar önce
@DaZebraffe that's cool
DaZebraffe 2 aylar önce
@Bbs1 Yeah, and?
Marcus 2 aylar önce
I didn't know either!
Bbs1 3 aylar önce
ForkliftCertifiedGuy 5 aylar önce
Wait so you can just stay in a safe place until armored Zombies / Skeletons die of fire? Now that’s pretty cool
Wisperjack 3 aylar önce
You sound like a suburban dad trying his absolute best to get into his kids favourite game. It's a real wholesome vibe and I'm here for it.
Sour NinjaPants
Sour NinjaPants Yıl önce
I love how forge just “recently learned” that endermen don’t like water. I think it’s extra entertaining how he’s been playing Minecraft for so long yet still doesn’t know a lot of things
JustAnAbsolutelyRandom Guy
@〈•》Zynifi《•〉 wtf did u even say, I cant find your original comment.
Marcus 9 aylar önce
And doesn't know the green coat nitwit villagers dont trade or sleep at normal times XD
Toxicwayste 9 aylar önce
He plays way to many mods
Mary Davis
Mary Davis 10 aylar önce
@Luxid z 000000090000000009⁰00⁰990ppppp9p00pppp0pppppppppppp990pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp
Nova Games
Nova Games 10 aylar önce
The guy that doesn’t know what a green coat is villager that cannot get a job
jroutthere 10 aylar önce
I love how Sean is the only TRvidr that I can actually teach things too. Also P.S. a compass points to where you first spawned, Not to your bead. Love your vids!!!
danni Mitchell
danni Mitchell 2 aylar önce
i never knew that and if it spawn in a good place ill build there or build a watchtower checkpoint thing
TheALRiGHTY 2 aylar önce
Forgot if its official or mod but you can put a magnet in ypur house and tune compass to point to it
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 5 aylar önce
You mean bed
MrTea 7 aylar önce
It points at your spawn.
Madkirk74 7 aylar önce
yothasgoofy 3 aylar önce
when using dynamic lighting with your shaders, try holding your torch in your offhand so that it acts as a constant light source while doing other things
riaz ismail
riaz ismail 9 aylar önce
I found it in my heart to help a man like you, a man who's changed so many times, a man who's morphed himself into many different feet.
Kayleigh Bennett
Kayleigh Bennett 7 aylar önce
I love how humble this guy is. Its so relaxing
Deja quejarme un rato
I've said it before, but I love how Sean doesn't even know most of the stuff in Minecraft, one gets bored after watching other creators that know everything and build the most complicated stuff. And here's my man, being surprised by the simple things.
RickWhite 11 aylar önce
He doesn’t even know that the villager was a green shirt
Beetheknee 0
Beetheknee 0 Yıl önce
@toffee1234100 I agree, sounds like mommy didn’t give him enough attention as a child 😂😪
Beetheknee 0
Beetheknee 0 Yıl önce
Couldn’t agree more!!!
Danny Wallace
Danny Wallace Yıl önce
He did run past a desurt temple
FoggyHaze214 7 aylar önce
Nitwit is a unique type of villagers that can spawn in any village. Players can differentiate between them and other villagers by inspecting their appearance. Nitwits go to sleep and wake up roughly 2000 ticks after every other villager. They also don't gather around the bell when it rings.
Marsha Thomas
Marsha Thomas 3 aylar önce
The loyalty enchantment means that whenever you throw a trident it comes back to you almost immedietly.
Patrick 29 gün önce
Good to see I don’t have to comment that.
syndeb 2 aylar önce
That is unless you throw it to the void
The Skull King
The Skull King 2 aylar önce
Thank you for the amazing content, a tad late but nevertheless you bring me a lot of joy watching your 100 days challenges.
Salad Cat
Salad Cat 7 aylar önce
I listen to this a lot trying to fall asleep, I love that you record yourself in and out of the real video
Harrison Silva
Harrison Silva 5 aylar önce
Seans voiceovers: crisp, clean quality mic Seans live commentary: sounds like he is using a dollarama mic in a mcdonalds parking lot on a computer from 2008
Vera Yıl önce
The villager you struggled with is a "Nitwit", a type of villager that has a random chance of spawning. They don't take any job no matter what.
casey Yıl önce
they also sleep in more than the others
DannyBoy Yıl önce
no there green >:(
Origami dolphin cometary
At least nitwit are the best for breeding villagers
AlorDawn Yıl önce
aww same...
agoraphobia25 10 aylar önce
just so you know, you cannot die from poison, you always have half a heart even if you have it forever. but if the witch throws poison then throws harming potions while your at low health you will die
Spiritflamegaming 10 aylar önce
I’d love to see a full 100 days as a bee, that’d be buzzin
JJerino 8 aylar önce
Kendra Komer
Kendra Komer 3 aylar önce
Forge You need to look up the enchants are and what they do Curse of vanishing means if you die it disappears or “vanishes” Loyalty if you put it on a trident, after you throw it, it comes back, the higher the level the faster it comes back
Jedi_Josh100 2 aylar önce
even though im 1 year late i found it in my heart to help a man like you a man whos changed so many times a man who morphed himself into many different feet.
ChxmicaL Gasai
ChxmicaL Gasai 2 aylar önce
I agree, our hearts are huge mongus
MysteryMuffinCat 5 aylar önce
Man, my brain feels fuzzy every time I finish watching Sean beat 100 days in minecraft without dying... this guy is incredible!
Forks Aylar önce
Without dying ….
kenneth Yıl önce
it's so entertaining watching forgelabs do things like this because every time he does anything i'm reminded that this man still somehow just does not know how minecraft works
Madkirk74 7 aylar önce
@Donke oml
Evan Gonzalez
Evan Gonzalez 9 aylar önce
Pheonix Angel it's not really bad luck on his part. He sorta did it himself, it's bad luck it's the only villager he found. But still, you can see what clothes they have on while they're zombies to see the profession. He just didn't know.
Donke 9 aylar önce
@Evan Gonzalez oh
Issac Green
Issac Green 10 aylar önce
I know right it's kinda funny
Mibikchellai Mibikchellous
@Evan Gonzalez basically the same thing, and a more fitting name
Mister Whisper
Mister Whisper 10 aylar önce
I seriously love how well he builds D: I didn't know the brick walls and log pillars looked so good together
Mister Whisper
Mister Whisper 10 aylar önce
I can't express how much I love your builds! This build in particular is incredible! Otherwise every single build you do is so good!
ItsAspect 9 aylar önce
I found it in my heart to help a man like you, a man who has changed so much, through so many animals.
Le Banana
Le Banana 11 aylar önce
can we just apreciate how amazing his house looks like jesus i am one of those minecraft players where the only thing im good at is fighting and thats just wow i learn a lot from this guy great content :)
Micah 9 aylar önce
Tip: you can use water on ground and hostile mobs that go towards you since the water is going downwards and it’s not perfect it will push the mobs away
Svīre Yıl önce
I absolutely love his poor knowledge of things because it's so genuine and it creates so much foreshadowing for the story. I'm just watching and going like "oh... oh no, I know how this is gonna go already". :D Like curing a nitwit villager and fishing to add fish to a tank full of axolotls. It's like watching a movie.
AmnMusic Yıl önce
i agree
Landry Mabb
Landry Mabb Yıl önce
Nxh Yıl önce
@Random Dragon If it's clothes are half green half brown
Random Dragon
Random Dragon Yıl önce
@Moonlight Replay thank you!
syrupcist 11 aylar önce
"you ever see something like this before?" makes me feel so incredibly safe
Alex 10 aylar önce
honestly, this is one of my favorite in the 100 days series.... I would love to see a 200 days!
AaLynn Odell
AaLynn Odell 9 aylar önce
As a sea turtle you entered the reveen just nonchalantly passing diamonds like you haven't been looking for them the whole episode. I cant be the only one who noticed this. Ive only watched this video about 15x now because i ran out of your 100 days videos to watch after the first day of finding your channel. Ive watched them all umpteen times. Please make more 100 days videos. My son and i love them and noone else who does 100 days videos does it quite as good as you do. Your commentary is just the greatest and gives it that extra something others lack. Luke the notable is close 2nd. Sorry but its the truth. Turtl on a tower is just one of many lines that cant be matched lol
Eldhose Yıl önce
This man's knowledge about Minecraft is Evolving just backwards
Paige Ashcraft
Paige Ashcraft 10 gün önce
yaw hahahahahaha
Nightf200™ Aylar önce
​@FaristaBarista if he's faking it then how does he still not know how to tame a horse
Rock! Aylar önce
@Michael Marchant kid
×toasty× Aylar önce
Leave my man alone he's trying his best
peaxhpit Aylar önce
i don’t know how he still manages to make it this long. i think he plays so much modded minecraft that he just doesn’t understand the normal kind.
AAron TheWook
AAron TheWook Aylar önce
Sean's inventory management never ceases to amaze me 🤣
Emily W
Emily W 10 aylar önce
1:20:43 - you can only have one type of protection enchant on an item in certain updates. Not sure on the exact rules since they’ve changed a lot and I’m generally a casual creative player and don’t fight mobs that much. Projectile protection - high against projectiles Protection - general protection but not as good at specific aspects, such as projectiles etc.
Jacques Cilliers
Jacques Cilliers 27 gün önce
i found it in my heart to help a man like you a man you has changed so many times a man who has morphed himself into many diffrent features
TheZedMain 8 aylar önce
in hindsight, to be safe and prevent yourself from reaching that fate on day 100, you could probably put a bet in an open area near your base, lets call this the morphing room where you sleep there before you transform. and you sleep in that bed on the night of the morph.
Jing Yıl önce
Imagine seeing a bee buzzing around with a tiny sword, then it just starts a raid in your little village and abruptly leave.
bog water
bog water Yıl önce
Sigma bee grindset
Mark Danielson
Mark Danielson Yıl önce
Hehehehe 😂🙂
Deependra Netam
Deependra Netam Yıl önce
Bee evil bee man
JaysWing Yıl önce
Yeah I absolutely hate evil bees
Skully 11 aylar önce
I'm super proud of you, you did great this 100 days SUPER SUPER PROUD OF YOU MAN
Gay Vagina
Gay Vagina 6 aylar önce
He makes me feel so safe. Maybe next time I’m having ptsd or panic attack I’ll try watching him during it
User Out of commission
Eye Minecraft mc is also good to watch, personally helps me with anxiety.
Roo 10 aylar önce
every now and again i come back and watch this video. it’s my favorite of sean’s videos.
Alastor Barnes
Alastor Barnes 9 aylar önce
Keep up the good content man. Your entertainment at its finest. 💗
William Rinker
William Rinker 7 aylar önce
i found it in my heart to help a man like you, whos changed so many times. A man whos morphed himself into many different feet. :)) Keep up the great vids.
Sara Porter
Sara Porter 2 aylar önce
Loyalty 3 is an enchantment used on Tridents. When applied your trident will imitatly go back into your inventory after being used
Jeracraft Yıl önce
This man is a legend ^.^
Velky Jacques
Velky Jacques Yıl önce
Yeet Master
Yeet Master Yıl önce
True. Too bad he isn't the most educated on Minecraft. Still has great content.
Silvauric Yıl önce
So are you you've built so many amazing maps. And I enjoy playing them
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar Yıl önce
Vincent Nordström
Yes but his knowledge is lacking.
misterkennygee 7 aylar önce
Everything about Forge Labs is great, but the only part where I was mildly infuriated was when he was an enderman but still bridged and walked instead of teleporting
TheNewSaige 10 aylar önce
Great job on this 100 days! I loved the fish tank and how you didn't even die once in the 100 days
I love how he never really realized that if he was a mob, villagers would run away from him.
Jake 9 aylar önce
This man is the only other TRvidr that makes good "100 days" videos
Amaze Aylar önce
"Places water everwhere on the perimeter of the base as a fish" As a villager: "There's water everywhere... there's this glitch with glass panes" Yeah I'm sure that's what happened.
Halo Cb
Halo Cb Yıl önce
Brutally honest time, you’re my favorite 100 days survivor and I love your personality. But I’m shocked you can do everything you can with mods and have such a bare bones grasp on vanilla
The Too Gamerz
The Too Gamerz Yıl önce
@Dan Furtado n
Yakasuki Yıl önce
@Dan Furtado quite literally this, been playing modded 1.7 and 1.8 for the longest time, and then being on later updates after being tired of 1.8 is a whole new experiance. Honestly felt like i was watching paulsoaresjr videos again because I barely knew what I was doing with the new content. Learning I could swim in water now was eye-opening and I don't want to go back.
Lazerstorm227 Yıl önce
I totally agree!
doggone dog
doggone dog Yıl önce
@sammi Like when you evolve a Pikachu without teaching it quick attack
Lemmon Yıl önce
I can agree with ya there partner
Mel portals
Mel portals 10 aylar önce
His favourite word to say when he is stressed is “OK OK OK” - Forge Lab you are amazing and hilarious
bakugou 9 aylar önce
How amazing smart and just everything makes my day by watching him! I enjoy so much by watching this dude❤ GIVE HIM 200M SUBS HE DESERVES IT!!!!!
FishyBoi 2 aylar önce
The poison debuff will never drop you to zero hp. It can only go down to half a heart. Forge I gotta second something I saw on a newer video, I'd respectfully love to see "Surviving 100 days in Vanilla Minecraft," because there's something MC stuff that you could stand to learn. I hope I don't sound too critical because for someone who doesn't know that poison can't kill you and what curse of vanishing does, you build some really impressive structures in-game.
Jake Jossy
Jake Jossy 10 aylar önce
Those diamonds on day 91 you should've made an axe. Feather falling 4 is good for fighting the ender dragon (idk if you got feather falling on the diamond). Also you can only put one of the protections on any armor, just regular protection is the best one I would say. Projectile protection might be good for ender dragon
TheWilderCat 5 aylar önce
If you find one of those glow squids again keep them in the dark. They despawn in light IIRC. Also, you can find them in flooded caves and other dark underwater areas.
Nethaura Yıl önce
"Just found out endermen don't like water" - Forge labs, professional rock dweller
Lost marbles 20
Lost marbles 20 Yıl önce
🤔i remember when i first found that out, i was ender pearl hunting, then it started raining and they switched from agro to panic 😂😂😂.
FBI Agent #69
FBI Agent #69 Yıl önce
He just found out enderman doesn’t like water)- me: HOW DOES HE KNOW HOWTO MAKE POTIONS
Lost marbles 20
Lost marbles 20 Yıl önce
Oh god is that ken🙄
Reaver Lord
Reaver Lord Yıl önce
Such a random ass comment
Biohazard Films
Biohazard Films 8 aylar önce
i love your videos, you do them so well and have the perfect mods, thank you
Neo Crow
Neo Crow 7 aylar önce
I found it in my heart to help a man like you a man who has changed who has morphed
minecraftx 6 aylar önce
I just binged you for 3 hours, you're amazing
CubicAxo 7 aylar önce
Loyalty 3 is an enchant when if you throw a trident into anything but not in void it goes back to you automatically
why 2 aylar önce
I love how Sean leaves his commentary on his commentary in the video lol
Vuxigeck Yıl önce
Forge progressively beginning to enjoy being a fish was weirdly wholesome after seeing him dreading over it at first.
Saiqa Yıl önce
Ironically, a fish made him make one of the best builds he has made.
Jayeen Yıl önce
Jayeen Yıl önce
Yeah then he used his build againwhen he was a turtle
Will the zombofighter
Will the zombofighter 8 aylar önce
Don't let people tell you that you can't survive, you have made so many 100 day videos you are great at this game.
Useful Steamer
Useful Steamer 5 gün önce
You're supposed to put loyalty 3 onto a trident, in which it will bounce back to you after you throw it.
Echo 2 aylar önce
I loved the part where he said it's morphin time and morphed all over the place.
Cat 2 aylar önce
You can tell how good your armor is and how much protection it has by the armor meter (above your health bar)
KantoHylian 4 aylar önce
This needs a sequel I’ve watched this three times now lmfao
2xbarret Yıl önce
Never in my life have i thought that this man would be proud of his builds, he always looks at them at a negative way when in truth it's really beautiful
Joe Samuel
Joe Samuel Yıl önce
He’s just like Lilsimsie lol, they’re too hard on themselves
E A Yıl önce
il a le belle maison
Alfa26Gaming26 Yıl önce
are you ready to build?
Androidmk 10 aylar önce
I want to play with this guy. Mostly so I can help him not risk loosing everything.
Topaz ☄️
Topaz ☄️ 4 aylar önce
Loyalty 3 is for tridents (maybe for bows too) but it makes the trident come back to you when thrown.
nuhaila daniel
nuhaila daniel 5 aylar önce
Looking at this man play normal Minecraft makes me feel his still a starter 😢😢 watching this man plays with mods is just wow he was like a old pro My man forgot what was a creeper does
Bry Emperor
Bry Emperor 10 aylar önce
They took the saying "It's morphin' time!" to a whole new level.
Nolan Meg
Nolan Meg 3 aylar önce
when i watch you play i remember that there will always be someone worst than me. Thank you!
Livening Yıl önce
I love how he makes the video so immersive by using different microphones for voice-over and him actually playing, it's a small thing but really improves the experience!
Awab Yousif
Awab Yousif Yıl önce
Keremfon Anwana
Keremfon Anwana Yıl önce
So true
The Big O
The Big O 9 aylar önce
To a hardcore player, curse of vanishing means nothing as it basically make the item break upon player death. Edit: loyalty is for tridents to return to you once thrown.
Reversed Perspective
Reversed Perspective 11 aylar önce
I love the minecraft youtuber growth of learning posion will never kill but seeing the panic as their health bounces from one heart to half a heart. A classic point of growth as a crafter
Rick Astley
Rick Astley 9 aylar önce
I love how Forge was just like "What is this?" "WHAT is this!?" " It's like one of those things in the nether" he said when he was a strider.
HuntersonForge 88
HuntersonForge 88 10 aylar önce
i found it in my heart to help a man like you whose changes so many times a man who's morphed himself into many different feet
fana 4 aylar önce
watching sean name mobs he dont know randomly is both funny and making me lose braincells
Inay._. Yıl önce
It's funny that Sean doesn't know a lot about basic Minecraft stuff but seeing him figure most of the stuff out on his own is entertaining to watch.
MagicalBread Yıl önce
@Colton Smith He plays way too much modded Minecraft.
「kiirokris」 Yıl önce
I’m 100% agreed with this comment!
Edmar Gameplays
Edmar Gameplays Yıl önce
That's @Cap
Colton Smith
Colton Smith Yıl önce
@Cap I'm not sure how much is lack of knowledge and how much is for his character.
LookALikeJesus 10 aylar önce
I found it in my heart to help a man like you, a man who morphed, changed, and inspired. Idk you stopped telling me what to say. Love the videos
Dragon Animations
Dragon Animations 10 aylar önce
Man has been playing MC for years and knows nothing about it, I love that for him
Harry and Jack gaming!
I dont even know how many times i have watched this... a masterpiece ❤️👌
Bug In A Jar
Bug In A Jar 10 aylar önce
Hi, I really like your "100 days" episodes, but I wanted to ask what you used to download these mods. I'm currently looking for a way to get a few specific mods, and a lot are featured in this series. I'm waiting and looking around for a safe way to get them, and I decided to ask in the comments. any suggestions or help is appreciated 😅
Shi Liang
Shi Liang 5 aylar önce
😂I love how he doesn’t even know that endearment are scared of water and he’s installing all these mods and acting like he knows stuff.❤
Amanda J Begley
Amanda J Begley Yıl önce
On day 75, the villager you have saved is referred to as a "Nitwit." Most gamers call the green villager that because it is frustrating as it can not have a profession and just doesn't do anything helpful in villages. The only use I think they have is for breeding purposes. I love your videos, ForgeLabs!
Amanda J Begley
Amanda J Begley 11 aylar önce
@Anna Shobe ... You are the guy who started the "Fun facts with Squidward!" meme right? It was uh ... helpful.
LaKroiz Yıl önce
@Anna Shobe that isnt true. they dont have genders 😭
Randy Kalff
Randy Kalff Yıl önce
@Kumiko My system was a lot easier. I'd push them into the station, from where they'd either walk into the minecart or I'd have to push them into one myself, and with a single press of a button they're gone. Didn't have anything automated on the other side, but the guys I was sending them to would break the minecarts and send those back. At one point I even had a separate room for temporary storage with the idea being to flood one of those villages overnight after the guy owning it created an entire rebellion cult for the nitwits. (rebelling against him) I really had some great infrastructure on that server.
Kumiko Yıl önce
@Randy Kalff damn that's cool. I originally made the dummy dumpster in a random house that no one lived in but the village was overcrowded so I made a new dummy dumpster 2.0 and used sand to suffocate the babies. But then I always have to try and catch them and drive the boat to the beach so I made dummy "dumpster" 3.0 which is magma blocks to drown the dummies, it actually is way more sufficient. You can just drop off the kids and turn your back, if you're going to build the same one tho I recommend putting some extra boats on the side just in case they escape
Randy Kalff
Randy Kalff Yıl önce
@Kumiko I once had a thriving village on a server next to two other people who owned a village. Mine was getting so crowded that I got noise complaints from people passing by and couldn't move through it properly with a horse after a few renovations. The other two, in the meanwhile, had a quickly dying population, having one villager between them at one point. So, I created the Nitwit Deportation Agency, which was just for show, and two cargo railways leading to those villages where I'd toss all my nitwits as a population gift. Given the unimproved defenses of those other villages, I was knowingly sending the nitwits to their deaths. Essentially, I had two convenient concentration camps where I was sending the genetically inferior by railway.
Nguyễn Gia Hưng
Nguyễn Gia Hưng 10 aylar önce
no matter what you morph into you'll always be the 🐐
PermaPaws🐾 11 aylar önce
I Absolutely love ur videos, and ur zombie one was so much better than any videos I’ve every watched of other Minecraft TRvidrs, ur really underrated and deserve a lot more for ur work, ur zombie invasion video was lit! ❤️
Kit-San 10 aylar önce
That was fun to witness, that ending was just... perfect. But honestly, I would've allowed you to cheat out death if you wanted to 200 days. You were killed by bs and you hit day 100 so I wouldn't have called it cheating.
The reason your helmet broke so much during days 30-39 is because you being a skeleton and shining to you stop yourself from burning probably just ate up all of its durability
jesse enck
jesse enck 10 aylar önce
I found it in my heart to help a man like you who changes his shape
The Trunkinator
The Trunkinator Yıl önce
The fact that he doesn't know some things in minecraft is cool because most youtubers just know everything about the game, it's cool seeing someone learning the simple things and evolving, reminds me of the old days of minecraft when people were just having fun
Polar Bear
Polar Bear Yıl önce
@Taya yeah i didnt say anything about it being bad. I really like it
Red Yıl önce
@Raven Moon I guess his intro should be: Here I am playing Minecraft again, learning new things. Not: I don't know what I'm doing It's kinda false info for him to say that. But this is just my opinion 😅 I still like his videos It's just that him saying he don't know what his doing is kinda weird for me.
Red Yıl önce
@Raven Moon he claims that he don't know what his doing yet his doing fine. So the claim "I don't know what I'm doing" is still true?
Red Yıl önce
@Raven Moon I know..but would you yourself say that you still don't know what your doing after some years of playing? I still don't know everything about Minecraft but still I won't say that I don't know what Im doing ,is all saying.
Raven Moon
Raven Moon Yıl önce
@Red anyone can play a game for years and still learn something new. Nothing wrong with that.
Snitch 10 aylar önce
i love how this dude doesnt know much about normal minecraft it adds anger for myself and it adds more suspense
Potato 10 aylar önce
Plz do this again on a new world, that’ll be AWESOME
The Dino Geek
The Dino Geek 3 aylar önce
Dude when I saw his build my jaw dropped, it looked so good i wanted to copy it off block by block
Mister Whisper
Mister Whisper 10 aylar önce
I just realized how he always uses spruce or dark oak and stone bricks to build and it's funny cause a few of my friends in my minecraft build group always use spruce / dark oak and stone bricks. It's easily the best most basic materials to use in my opinion. Something about the spruce wood and grey from the stone bricks just makes any build look good. Love your videos man, always has a positive vibe to it! If you ever see this comment, I'd love to see you play some sevtech ages, mineshafts and monsters, Shattered ring, forever stranded, valhelsia 3 and origins adventures. These are my favorite modpacks to play, but they do require abit more time to get used to. Otherwise I'd highly recommend you try them out! Keep up the amazing content
Minesniper1.25 4 aylar önce
the loyalty enchantment goes on tridents. they'll come back to you once thrown. also, the poison effect given by witches CANNOT kill you. it stops when you're at half a heart
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