I Spent 100 Days in a Zombie Apocalypse in Minecraft

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I Spent 100 Days in a Zombie Apocalypse in Minecraft. Download and play The Battle Cats for free! Black Friday events are on now, including free log in bonus rewards, special discounts and capsule sets with awesome Cat heroes!: pixly.go2cloud.org/SH2mI



Modpack Used:

Inspired By Luke TheNotable:

Edited by Wisefish:

BIG THANKS to Artemin01 for making the map:

Kittyrules & Catsomniac for adding the loot!

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I TRIED to Survive VR Hardcore Minecraft For 100 Days And This Is What Happened

Video Includes:
Hardcore Minecraft 100 Days
Hardcore Minecraft 100 Days Gameplay
Hardcore Minecraft VR Episode 1
Hardcore Minecraft VR Lets Play
Hardcore Minecraft VR
Hardcore Minecraft VR 100 Days

Forge Labs

Edited By WiseFish:




27 Kas 2021




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Forge Labs
Forge Labs Aylar önce
Black Friday events are on now, including free log in bonus rewards, special discounts and capsule sets with awesome Cat heroes! Download The Battle Cats here: pixly.go2cloud.org/SH2mI
GamingBros123 9 gün önce
Hey Forgelabs you should spend 100 days in castle miner Z
domonator5000 15 gün önce
For future reference you can turn hay bales into wheat to make tons of bread
thegamer 2469
thegamer 2469 15 gün önce
One of your vids are in an advert
Essex 37
Essex 37 19 gün önce
What's the texture or resource pack/shaders you use that give you the fog and weather effects with the darkness?
Hamed Noor
Hamed Noor 20 gün önce
Your Chanel name should be my mans
James Toy
James Toy Aylar önce
The fact that he knows so much about minecraft, yet so very little about it completely astounds me
Collazo Gün önce
dig em out 😂
Yuen Yuriana
Yuen Yuriana 5 gün önce
@katie Plus, it wasn't entirely his fault for losing. If the game didn't lag so bad, he could've actually won.
ChikenFartz 6 gün önce
@Monkee thing is we watch his videos to see what HE did not to get flustered over what WE'D do, everyone plays differently and at the end of the day we're here cause the videos are entertaining
Rere:3 6 gün önce
@Monkee lol just enjoy the video. Not everything is supposed to be taken serious
P1neTea 7 gün önce
I know!!
Nolan Maldonado
Nolan Maldonado Aylar önce
I've got 3 ideas what he should probably play in these 100 day challenges. 1. Desert wasteland: The complete opposite of a frozen map, where he has to find a way to stop himself from burning up in the sun, all while the terrain is composed of desert, canyons, maybe a few oases or skeletons. Mobs he could find would be husks, snakes, camels, scorpions, hares, and lizards. As the days go by, the temperature raises, and it will become increasingly difficult. 2. Deep ocean: There is no land above water and the water surface is much higher than normal, as in you can't make tall structures outside of the water. Your spawn points and your only hope for oxygen and surface items are boats, submarines, underground bases, and caves. The deeper you go, the darker it gets and the more you become dependent on light sources. You can craft scuba gear, oxygen tanks, flashlights, flippers, and diving suits. Mobs to encounter would be sharks, fish, dolphins, squids, angler fish, crabs, krakens, and even megalodons. 3. Mythological monsters: A majority of mobs will either attempt to kill you or assist you (mostly kill). In addition to the well-known monsters such as cyclopes, sphinxes, vampires, werewolves, centaurs, satyrs, faeries, and dragons, there are also lesser known monsters such as girtablilu (scorpion centaurs), Nuckalevee, amphisbaena, and wendigoes. please like so forge labs can see this and reply which one's your favorite.
Jupiter Burrito
Jupiter Burrito 6 gün önce
Yeah any of them would be cool
Emma Kilgour
Emma Kilgour 7 gün önce
i would definitely watch all of these, this is a good idea
rc majo
rc majo 14 gün önce
these are so cool omg
Yeezy Mc Peezy
Yeezy Mc Peezy 14 gün önce
TsukiStuffs 14 gün önce
i like the ocean idea.
Every forge labs episode: "I nearly died" *Loses half a heart*
50.shades .of.shaxxs
50.shades .of.shaxxs 13 gün önce
Julianj Santiago
Julianj Santiago 14 gün önce
Blackmello Aylar önce
I thought I was the only one who noticed that 😂😂😂
Sage June✨
Sage June✨ Aylar önce
Socks the Chespin
Socks the Chespin Aylar önce
In the first part he almost got one-shot by a zombie lol
Pachimari Aylar önce
Was thinking id love to see you try this mode again but with a group of people, maybe 4 or 5. Although it might be easier to kill the zombies, you still would have to worry about rations, and keeping them alive. Would also like to have seen the use of the greenhouse, so maybe having all the required materials guaranteed in the chests would help :D Just discovered your channel and im subbing! Loving all the apocalyptical scenarios :)
Apoke 8 gün önce
Problem with that is that these challenges aren't actually hard, Sean is just really bad at Minecraft XD. The only reason he event was struggling is cuz he kept falling into his own trap and wasted 60 days on a base he never used, if you're 4-5 people you suddenly remove that unless he's playing with 5 versions of himself.
Camo Flag
Camo Flag 9 gün önce
@RedErmac56 The zombies are gonna start throwing themselves and really start becoming mutants
RedErmac56 Aylar önce
since it would be easier with that many more people, maybe the mode should be harder or maybe a mod that makes hardcore minecraft even *harder*
RVC Aylar önce
The 4-5 people will *hopefully* be a bit more prepared and smarter than my man Sean.
Ajeetha Govindaraju
Yesss 👍👍👍👍👍👍💅💅
Monique White
Monique White Aylar önce
I love how he's talking about running out of food and then there is 15 haybales just in his chest
Moon Lord
Moon Lord 6 gün önce
@Andriyko Kancir yes
KhatGaming 7 gün önce
@Andriyko Kancir yes
Andriyko Kancir
Andriyko Kancir 8 gün önce
15 haybales is t a lot right?
Moon Lord
Moon Lord 20 gün önce
Ikr he makes me angry sometimes
April and Emilio Becerra
Aureo Aylar önce
Sean's traps are so good, even he fell for them multiple times.
Niceturtle207 29 gün önce
Strawberri Doez Art ✨
damn Dio you won’t die like you came back like 100 times by now-
The Lord of luncheon
Dream spots potential.
Aditya Rasendriya
Aditya Rasendriya Aylar önce
@David Cheni agree
Fantastic Slimetastic
@Don’t Look My Playlist! k
Lethal Aylar önce
You know what's more impressive than 100 days? The fact that his pc can run absolutely big shaders, while having thousands of mods and mobs with thousands of blocks of chunks loaded and while recording the vid he still gets 144+ fps💀
Kaio Állan De Souza Costa
His gaming chair must be really good
Truck kun
Truck kun 8 gün önce
Absolute beast indeed
Competitive Minecraft
Competitive Minecraft 10 gün önce
My dude, thousands of mods doesn't work, we have a hard time finding compatability between 100 mods! And I can't see any more than 30 mods in this video anyway. But yeah his pc is a beast
JamesDoesYoutube Aylar önce
This has got to be the most stressed and frustrated I've seen him due to the outstanding amount of things that went wrong, his horse, his crops, his base, food, his resources, and even the villager. But some how died less than some of harder videos?
Stefan St
Stefan St Aylar önce
don't forget the chicken on his lead xD
ComradeBob Aylar önce
How everybody was expecting it to go down: "We shall end in a blaze of glory, and when our time comes, we will send of... with a bang." The zombies planning how it was actually going to go down: "Ok guys I got an idea, what if we force him to play at 1 frame per MINUTE leaving us the opportunity to strike and maybe we can kill him before his game crashes."
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel 26 gün önce
This Video here Stands as Proof that Minecraft needs Mobs that can at least Dig, and also not forget youre Existence. Being Hunted In this Game feels amazing and challenges you.
Sohtak Aylar önce
Does ANYONE know what mod he uses for his sounds? From the swords to the footsteps, to the armor..it all sounds really nice.
Competitive Minecraft
Competitive Minecraft 10 gün önce
@dkskididjsj well duh
Competitive Minecraft
Competitive Minecraft 10 gün önce
Dynamic sorroundings, sound filter is only useful for versions lower than 1.16, since dynamic sorroundings already has sound filters included
GaKaGaKa 25
GaKaGaKa 25 27 gün önce
Dynamic Surroundings and Sound Filter mods
it is wednesday my dudes
Dynamic surroundings
dkskididjsj Aylar önce
I think it is a part of the modpack he is using
Kameran Myers
Kameran Myers Aylar önce
I swear this guy has to be the smartest, stupidest, most unprepared, and most prepared man
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel 26 gün önce
This Video here Stands as Proof that Minecraft needs Mobs that can at least Dig, and also not forget youre Existence. Being Hunted In this Game feels amazing and challenges you.
Jemuel PH
Jemuel PH Aylar önce
In the world
Jemuel PH
Jemuel PH Aylar önce
In the world
Rubis Cubis
Rubis Cubis Aylar önce
second smartest stupidest. number 1 goes to Micheal Reeves
Acelatorg’s channel
@Smaze promoting your channel I see
Clarens Kévin
Clarens Kévin Aylar önce
I love your vids especially the ones with zombies, parasites, ... It feels refreshing to watch someone playing who doesn't speedrun the game 2 times per week I think you should use your level with a table tho it might be very usefull :)
Ethan Aylar önce
This man is a man and survived, I count this as a win, the zombies were so strong they kicked the router and broke the game, the mustard virus is to powerful
Julian Aylar önce
I love how modest this man is he will always do his best not to cheat on anything plus if you are reading this why do you think that we are going to make fun of you for not making 100 days? We understand what happened you’re good my mans.
Wuft Chan
Wuft Chan Aylar önce
"i dont care about the food, im escaping being eaten" respect
Destiny Aylar önce
This is probably the most I have ever seen Forge Labs unprepared and disorganized. Usually, he has a plan and gets it down, with a few minor setbacks. But this challenge really put him to the test.
Mr. Anemoia
Mr. Anemoia 7 gün önce
@Not Dog-san didn't forge dig down to bedrock tho?
Mr. Anemoia
Mr. Anemoia 8 gün önce
@Yang Ran calling someone a nobody doesn't discredit them. Popularity is irrelevant when considering someones points. Saying someones opinions mean nothing because they arent famous is a nothing statement. You're probably just salty that they said forgelabs is bad at minecraft which he is but thats fine. Personally id like to see him play these mods with groups of people and have large teams try to establish their own bases and control resources. Watching him make stupid mistakes for an hour is getting tiring and id love to see how other people try to beat this thing.
Malcolm Morin
Malcolm Morin 11 gün önce
@N.C. Pictures By not putting myself in danger.
Jared Savage
Jared Savage Aylar önce
@Konstandinos Verzamanis imagine being proud about being a league player
Brain Dead Spy
Brain Dead Spy Aylar önce
@Konstandinos Verzamanis imagine being proud of being something in league
Kim Hå
Kim Hå Aylar önce
I can't believe you made it through 400 days, my man.
Ruti Aylar önce
49:25 people use pvp in fishing rods only in versions with old MC combat, as fishing rods dealt knock back, which was very useful in that old combat system
Dark_Archer_92 Aylar önce
There are several moments in a man's life where he realizes he continues to fall in his own traps. This is not good. The fact you survived multiple times is insane. Props to you
Frodo Baggins
Frodo Baggins 24 gün önce
I would have made a hanging base between the two apartments, with escape routes down either one in case the horde came up and swarmed me, but I remember Forge saying they wouldn’t build a floating base.
Ronit Shirsath
Ronit Shirsath Aylar önce
"Move your corpse already" The most realistic and practical words by Sean.
Atharya Bima Logginzi
@Cristina🔞👇 what the fuck?
CreamSamurai Aylar önce
@Cristina🔞👇 WHY.
The Clones 1234
The Clones 1234 Aylar önce
Cristina is a bot guys
2 idiots, one account.
@Cristina🔞👇 nice opinion, however i didn't ask
Beloved Sunryze
Beloved Sunryze Aylar önce
I'm counting it as 100, Forge labs went through so many struggles to make it to day 99 for the game to lag to the point of basically crashing so I think he made it.
Strung 81
Strung 81 Aylar önce
I'm glad that Battle Cats is sponsoring one of my favorite TRvidrs since I've been playing the game on and off for about 4 or so years.
Εrror Sans
Εrror Sans 13 gün önce
Still impressive he survived to even reach the 99 night raid, especially with so many close calls to death like falling into his own traps so many times. If anything he had to survive while figuring out what works and learning everything that can help him. If he were to play it again with the knowledge he gained from the whole experience... there is a higher chance he'd even be able to do more than 100 days with a good plan. In all honesty if I had the computer to handle this i'd try it out at least once. Though half the time I'd be in a panic more. So I give this guy a applause for being able to deal with close calls with a cool head and ability to handle the problems he got himself into well. This second part also answered my question if they could dig, so definitely no safe place to be at all not up high or down below.
mattsterman100 9 gün önce
Alright i give this man props one thing in all of minecraft lets plays, and it's having a valid excuse for missing some quality diamond. I'm loving it cant wait for more
Andusz Aylar önce
So let me know if I got this right: The only, the ONLY REASON you had any issue surviving this was because you spent 60 days building a base you never ended up using and fell into your own traps... five times?
Mashed Potatoes
Mashed Potatoes 12 gün önce
He also rarely used his shield
Robert McBride
Robert McBride 13 gün önce
@Yeezy Mc Peezy yeah, it was most likely a bot. It was written by a person still. Don’t know why someone would spam it in reply to other comments.
Yeezy Mc Peezy
Yeezy Mc Peezy 13 gün önce
@Robert McBride its a bot because i've seen that exact reply on at LEAST 3 other comments, nobody would call somebody a bot for the writing and grammar just being 'choppy'
Robert McBride
Robert McBride 13 gün önce
@Yeezy Mc Peezy They don't seem like a bot. The comment is choppy, but not nonsensical.
Yeezy Mc Peezy
Yeezy Mc Peezy 14 gün önce
@Robert McBride that's a bot
Soru Aylar önce
Not gonna lie this is not only a show of skill, it's honestly an awesome story.
Competitive Minecraft
The story and video is awesome, however this is anything but a show of skill lmao
Benjamin Kuderick
Benjamin Kuderick 12 gün önce
Have you considered doing 100 days in a Fallout game? Fallout 4 might be a good choice due to the genuine difficulty of survival mode and the settlement building. Although, I would personally like to see you do Fallout: New Vegas hardcore mode. Of these two options, New Vegas hardcore mode would be significantly easier difficulty wise. You could always add mods to either.
Vale Santos
Vale Santos Aylar önce
This man keep me on the edge of my seat the whole time… 100% better than any zombie movie or show
Jemuel PH
Jemuel PH Aylar önce
Absolute master piece spend a lot of time building the map(idk) sacrificing his last braincells and keeping his cool during the video because if I was him I would just smash my God Damm pc, totally respect this man for his content, well done my man.
Olivia Ebling
Olivia Ebling Aylar önce
I love how every 10-ish minutes he just wonders where his horse is.
Guillaume Perron Nantel
@Mega shiny rayquza but then I count 5/32 with me in but Idk if I reported some bots (1 s*x bot, 2 without number/number and 2 links bots). Or is it 6/35?
Mega shiny rayquza
Mega shiny rayquza 23 gün önce
Can we make a new rule if someone forgets the number can we call then it a bot? 6/34
Mega shiny rayquza
Mega shiny rayquza 23 gün önce
@RVC you ruined it you were meant to put 6/31. 6/33
Guillaume Perron Nantel
@RVC let me help you. 6/32
RVC Aylar önce
@pvz gamer He truly lived up to the Houdini name, didn't he?
Rogue Soulz
Rogue Soulz Aylar önce
Random tick speed and or fire tick speed was off, thus the fire never going out and the crops not growing. You can change it with a /Gamerule command.
Dr. John "Bill" Stevenson
This man harvested potatoes without them actually not being ready, yet he had a horse
Chambered Forces
Chambered Forces Aylar önce
54:34 This is just truly incredible, a very good speech for a very nice man.
Wow,you survived 99 days!! Good job,Sean!
Savage Jr
Savage Jr Aylar önce
wow, this man blazed through not 100 days, but 110 days.
EmbraceDaMeme Aylar önce
@Natanael Alberto Eusebio Matos unfortunately, botting your subs is bot against youtube TOS. There's nothing we can do EDIT: wrong type of bot, reporting now
Natanael Alberto Eusebio Matos
@EmbraceDaMeme its a bot just report it
EmbraceDaMeme Aylar önce
@Cristina🔞👇 oi frick you, you can't just steal my friend's name
Chanel Black
Chanel Black 25 gün önce
This man has so many close calls! I’m literally on the edge of my seat 🤯
Reshan Fernando
Reshan Fernando Aylar önce
This man managed to survive longer than most of us(that obviously means that I am included cause I suck at minecraft) in the most deadly word. He died to lag and some kind of walls glitch. This man will go down in history as a man who survived near death multiple times and fell to the horsesh*t that is hacking zombies. Congrats you fearless son of a gun.
Black Wolf
Black Wolf Aylar önce
Just a tip for the future: If you use a slab block or put down a carpet, mobs won't spawn on that block. (Also you can place a slab in any way and mobs won't spawn on it)
Titan Avenger
Titan Avenger 29 gün önce
Great job my guy! Even if you didn't survive 100 days you still did great! :)
AP lelli
AP lelli Aylar önce
I think the random tick speed may have been set to zero, which explains why the crops weren't growing but also why the leaves never decayed and why the fire never spread or went out.
Erom Crim
Erom Crim 4 gün önce
@I game I do research too I understand your pain
Richerdos 28 gün önce
@I game I do research too ma man, you know what lesson you just learned? As we say it here, talking is silver and remain silent is gold
Sapphic Solace
Sapphic Solace 29 gün önce
@Fatalia Vix your response is literally the embodiment of the kind of person I strive to be. Very well done
🥔just a potato🥔
@N.C. Pictures Ik that there is water now after looking at the comments and watching that part again.
🥔just a potato🥔
@Fatalia Vix you are correct. I was watching the video on my phone and with my brightness low.
Gavin Ruggles
Gavin Ruggles Aylar önce
What shaders do you use to make it look so much more realistic, it looks amazing.
Francisco Jorge
Francisco Jorge Aylar önce
This man survived 169 days with no off camera chests, just amazing. Proud of you man
what the dog doin
what the dog doin 29 gün önce
yooooo i love these videos! great to watch when youre relaxing. keep it up my mans 👍
ZlotyWest Aylar önce
I can feel the pain in the end. Still all these days and entertainment. It was worth it. Games fault, not yours haha. I want to see your plan of exploding the whole base but you escape on the cart.
ルナluna Aylar önce
31:20 *the moment when Sean uses his brain at 100%*
Caleb Cornell
Caleb Cornell 16 gün önce
Hey next time put slabs on top of your wall so they can’t spawn, and also u could do that to the inside, it’s more stone but solves your problem
The Unknown Horrors
I've watched lots of your vids and have noticed in a lot you tend to lose where things are have you thought of making a book and quill to write down where they are in it. I use it all the time in my normal Minecraft worlds and I can say that I have not ever lost a house that I labeled in my book. Just an idea for the next 100 days to help you
SpectralVoid Gün önce
Every time he says "i almost died" and only loses like 1 heart i think he's refering to real life because most of them are heart-attack inducing jump scares.
 ShortHax Aylar önce
Zombie Apocalypse starts in school: Teachers: “The zombies don’t dismiss you, I do”
CharminX Aylar önce
Teachers take responsibility, but can't keep it.
Karvast Aylar önce
A freaking nuke could drop that the math teachdr would stay unfazed and go on with the lesson
Planetneuros Aylar önce
@Clean Diverge trvid.com/video/video-PMOFdd0sv6Q.html
Planetneuros Aylar önce
@Pet adventure trvid.com/video/video-PMOFdd0sv6Q.html
Planetneuros Aylar önce
@satyr the yes no trvid.com/video/video-PMOFdd0sv6Q.html
Mr. Chai
Mr. Chai 7 gün önce
I feel like I just watched a full movie, like going to the cinema level of story telling.
Lol. I love how funny you are. Especially when you almost fall and die but make a statement from it
Asuna Kirigaya
Asuna Kirigaya Aylar önce
This was mind-blowing 🤯 I could not breathe 🙏 and you were robbed in the end 🥺 all your creations were amazing 👍 and to survive the pit of fire twice impeccable ✌️
Let's Play Games!
Let's Play Games! 13 gün önce
THis is why i love ForgeLabs even tho he don't know much about the game he still manage to survive for a long time
V L T N Aylar önce
Maybe ticks were set to 0.. Since the crops weren't growing, the leaves were not despawning and the fire wasn't spreading
garbage Aylar önce
@Magnus This Isn't Reddit
Jake Aylar önce
Smaze Aylar önce
YO I make compilations of me and my friends funny moments, they're short and funny so if you got time check me out, if not have a great rest of the day!!
Magnus Aylar önce
Upvote it to the top so he sees it
Lucian Armstrong
Lucian Armstrong Aylar önce
Game crash wasn't your fault. This series was amazing. Wish we could have seen the plan go all the way through
Hatred's Games
Hatred's Games Aylar önce
@Forge Labs, my man, we talk very similar. Love your videos brother, you do an awesome job producing content and making us laugh the entire time. Cheers bro. 🤙🏻
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel 26 gün önce
This Video here Stands as Proof that Minecraft needs Mobs that can at least Dig, and also not forget youre Existence. Being Hunted In this Game feels amazing and challenges you.
Raptor Lord
Raptor Lord 2 gün önce
Technically, you get a pass on this. The lag made it so you didn't even know there were zombies
Whatsername 2 gün önce
I agree with this. Good alligator. Also, don't worry, Sean. The death at the end doesn't count. It's not your fault your game was lagging so bad. In a real zombie apocalypse, the world wouldn't be lagging lol. So let's all agree that death doesn't count, because there was nothing Sean could do about the game lagging so bad.
Guilty Aylar önce
part 2 is everything i could have wanted and more, great job Sean!
Coaieman Dushman
Coaieman Dushman Aylar önce
Groove Connoisseur
Groove Connoisseur Aylar önce
When he tried to Gros potatoes I think he didn't use water
CaBBageCraze Aylar önce
My mans
M26A1 Pershing
M26A1 Pershing Aylar önce
Why are all the replies like this
The Glaze
The Glaze Aylar önce
I want 200 days
zander winters
zander winters 12 gün önce
You should do these with more people with you so that you don't have to struggle so hard
Silent Gamer
Silent Gamer Aylar önce
By Far the best one yet. Keep doing good my man. You survived 110 days... Great job.
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel 26 gün önce
This Video here Stands as Proof that Minecraft needs Mobs that can at least Dig, and also not forget youre Existence. Being Hunted In this Game feels amazing and challenges you.
Imprimiss 25 gün önce
Hey, you blazed through more than 100,000 zombies!! I am very impressed. In my opinion you passed the challenge. U should do one with kim sometime.
MechakittenX 23 gün önce
Crops require light level 9, Forge. And they need player proximity in the same chunk by default.
Lorena del C Ordóñez
i think the crops might not be growing because maybe you set the random tick speed to 0. wich would also explain the fire not going out and (maybe) why the floating leaves don't dissapear(unless you're leaving floating logs or dissapearing leaves just don't happen in custom maps).
Blake the Snake
Blake the Snake Aylar önce
@Lucius Wrath So that leaves don't decay/fires don't burn the house down before the rest of the fireplace is made/crops can be in a half grown state
Lucius Wrath
Lucius Wrath Aylar önce
@Yonael why map maker even needs to set tick speed to 0?
I game I do research too
@Slime Blue It was fulfilling all conditions after removing the mod (and before), and redstone doesn't turn off (the ore) after activating, definitely tickspeed.
Yonael Aylar önce
The map makers probably forgot to reset it after giving Sean the map.
LlamaInSuit Plays
LlamaInSuit Plays Aylar önce
yeah that's it
MADmemes Aylar önce
For future videos where mobs can mine, try water to slow down their mining and potentially drown whatever it is that’s attacking.
Dogey The Idiot
Dogey The Idiot Aylar önce
The map was so good that somebody made an unmodded bedrock version. (Or it was the original or a copy of an already made map but they share lots of similarities.)
Forgotten Hero
Forgotten Hero Aylar önce
*Uses Stimpack* Me who's been playing fallout 4 every weekend just about: "Ah, yes. The gods' favorite tool."
Melinda Blair
Melinda Blair Aylar önce
i would love to watch an unedited version of your runs!
FeudalWinner681 11 gün önce
You did so good this is the man that plays thru 99 days like a boss keep up the gud work and stay safe
Ziyan Hussain
Ziyan Hussain Aylar önce
Well done my man, 99 days is still better than almost anyone can do
ProbablyNotAFurry Aylar önce
I think the reason the food wouldn’t grow was that your tick speed might have been really low? Because it did grow but barely- and the snow seems to pile up a lot slower, implying possible lower tick speed-
JenkoRun Aylar önce
Try a 100 days Zombie Apocalypse with a modpack that adds automated weapon systems, that'd be interesting.
Nathaniel Marks
Nathaniel Marks Aylar önce
In the first 2 minutes, Sean broke the #1 rule of all horror movies: NEVER GO DOWN INTO THE BASEMENT
Matrix Aylar önce
@Tristan Panganiban how
Tristan Panganiban
Tristan Panganiban Aylar önce
@TK-317 bot
Nathaniel Marks
Nathaniel Marks Aylar önce
@TK-317 Long Live the Galactic Empire!
ToppatSheepProductions 2
True... :P
TK-317 Aylar önce
Glory to the empire.
Zsa Zsa Amelinda
Zsa Zsa Amelinda Aylar önce
Wow... This is amazing ✨✨✨ I love all of your vid my man!! Keep it up!!
b.m r.
b.m r. 2 gün önce
You should do a 100 days hardcore with rising sea levels. So on day 100 the whole world is totally under water. Maybe even with storms and waves and so on...
J Kozy
J Kozy Aylar önce
Played this mod - built a 2 layered wall with a gap in the middle that extended 10 blocks deep into the ground, and filled the gap with lava. Survived 200+ days so far.
50.shades .of.shaxxs
50.shades .of.shaxxs 13 gün önce
I love your videos so much fun to watch but if I had a pound for everytime you said man I'd be a billionaire 😂 keep up the good work always look forward to more vids! ❤️
J-117 Aylar önce
"An ominous holiday" fits the zombie Christmas feel, so I like it.
Karmaplayz Jr
Karmaplayz Jr Aylar önce
Whitty Aylar önce
@Aaron Gabrielle Miguel lol
Aaron Gabrielle Miguel
Sean Ferree
Sean Ferree Aylar önce
Same lol
Open Bo
Open Bo Aylar önce
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HelpfulDamage 28 gün önce
I’m pretty sure your crops weren’t growing because your tick speed was set to zero meaning the blocks couldn’t update, I’m pretty sure this is the same reason why fires wouldn’t go out after you’ve lit them.
John Thonus
John Thonus 19 gün önce
Aw man, thank goodness our man was able to get down the ladder on day 99 so that the zombies didn't eat him alive.
CobaltDefender 14 gün önce
Can someone link the pack that makes this look so good?
Luigi 23 gün önce
A cool addition to the mod would be he can take zombie blood with a syringe from the zombie but only on a blood moon and it increeses his speed and stuff
Myth_Succesor Aylar önce
Sean: "Right now i'm a man who doesn't have time for diamonds." Also Sean: mines coal
The Glaze
The Glaze Aylar önce
🤣 Yeah
Phantomile Aylar önce
Coal is infinitely more useful in a frozen wasteland than diamonds unfortunately. It warms you and lights your way as well as cooks your meats. Run out of that and you'd have to use wood, a resource that would be better off relegated to building shelter.
Myth_Succesor Aylar önce
@cnmmd qiuoo ikr
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo Aylar önce
"What a terrible previous.." Yeaa.. that was a terrible previous 85 days of manhunt, couldn't agree more
H2OÆ Aylar önce
These 100-day videos are truly entertaining
Occatus 13 gün önce
I know that nobody will see this, but I think a great game to survive 100 days on would be The Long Dark. It’s a criminally underrated game, and deserves more attention. I really love these videos, and bringing this man and my favorite game together would be a dream come true.
RealWunterslaush Aylar önce
I was 1000% ready for him to immediately perish after his monologue, good on him for pulling through though
Jellal Azban
Jellal Azban Aylar önce
Dream has Jack on forge he literally fell down the pit twice and survived with 2 seconds to react. insane
Skelly ton
Skelly ton Aylar önce
I noticed your mentions of crops not growing, and fire not going out. From the looks of it, your game's tick speed was set to zero, which stops time for things that despawn, or change (Such as fires, and crops growing)
Amirmohammad Alizadeh
U smart
Amirmohammad Alizadeh
U smart
Yahiko💦 Aylar önce
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Casey Allshouse
Casey Allshouse Aylar önce
True i forget if light has a role in crop growth in MC like mob spawning
Alexander McDonald
Alexander McDonald Aylar önce
That makes a lot of sense
That_Sky_Kid Aylar önce
Wow. This man blazed through not only 100 days, but 110 days.
Swi6 Aylar önce
If you want to know Hohhot people use fishing rods in pvp is so that each time they hit them with a fishing rod the opponents movement stops for a second meaning that they can quickly switch to their sword and combo them and maybe even combo lock them
red-eye ninja
red-eye ninja Aylar önce
My man, you could have just used that more advanced repeater. You know, the one with the Redstone torch. Just turn the torch on, then on the left or right side, place Redstone then on the torch side, place some more Redstone and then connect it. Now do not connect this with the 3. Place Redstone on the opposite side of the Redstone torch. Then give it power on that side of 1 Redstone.
ElysetheEevee Aylar önce
My 4-year-old figured out and abused the fishing rod mechanic when we played at age 2 haha. He STILL loves running around fishing for sheep and stuff.
DabbinNoob Aylar önce
Sean: "Dont think i got any Food" Also Sean: *looks into chest and has 12 blocks of haybales
A50ftfall Aylar önce
@Flow yeah it's so stupid you report these and TRvid's like nothing to see here and I when you comment something very mild TRvid's like gasp! Blasphemy! and then removes your comment
Crystalline The Ice`wing
I dont think he knew he could turn it into food, lol-
Flow Aylar önce
@The Lord Benson it would have been even more funny if yt DID actually block the hyperlink
The Lord Benson
The Lord Benson Aylar önce
Walter White
Walter White Aylar önce
……………….. *b r u h*
Nicholas Ling
Nicholas Ling 2 gün önce
assuming each minecraft day is 30 minutes, we multiply this by 100 since he is surviving 100 days. we get 3000 and divide this by 60 to find how many hours this took just to play, not counting editing. we end up with 50 hours. this man played 50+ hours of minecraft just for us. respekt.
4YMHOi YT 11 gün önce
I agree to your decision to remove mod, eventhough there are crops that grow in cold.
Kiegen Young
Kiegen Young 17 gün önce
The crop mod removal was a good idea because it should've been working and to make it fare he put rules without the mod that usually worked
James MacDonald
James MacDonald Aylar önce
Crops need a certain light level or higher to grow. Probs the case when the mod was turned off and you planted underground
Doen Snikduj
Doen Snikduj Aylar önce
Time to talk about spawning mechanics! Yes, light level is good, but mobs can’t spawn on anything but a full block. That means that stairs, slabs, glass, etc are great lightless ways of spawn-proofing areas. However, it’d have to be every single block. Also, you might want to try using pathfinding mechanics to your advantage. Mobs consider buttons and trapdoors as something they can walk on, even if the trapdoor is open, allowing them to fall. Minecraft can be weird sometimes.
Geomentry Dash
Geomentry Dash Aylar önce
I did not understand what you were saying at all so I tried doing and it is true
Tony Peppermint
Tony Peppermint Aylar önce
Huh, nice.
Elite Aylar önce
@Gordon RamSLAY 💅 ✨ nice
Gordon RamSLAY 💅 ✨
69th like. Nice.
syvulpie 2
syvulpie 2 Aylar önce
They can't walk on railways either for some reason. Check out Sandiction's video-- he trapped a zombie around a railway track and it couldn't leave.
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