I Secretly Cheated with //PASTE in a Building Competition

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Today I cheated with //paste in a building competition in Minecraft...

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Today I invited my friends @Sirud @DirtBoy @CCrizzic to a build competition in Minecraft! We would build a random build in Minecraft and get 5 minutes to build. They had no idea that I wasn't going to be building ANYTHING! I secretly used world edit to paste Minecraft builds! Will my friends be able to find out?

Music: www.epidemicsound.com/




7 Ağu 2022




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landrieplayzz 14 gün önce
Jack has the best builds lol
benjamin smith
benjamin smith 2 gün önce
Love how everybody cheated and looked at Jack's side.
Wolfsquad 2 gün önce
10/10 for all of Jack’s build for all of Jack's build mode
Timmy The Impaler
Timmy The Impaler 23 gün önce
Jack you are the only man who I know that did that so I'm gonna give you 10/10 for all of them
Terri Walton
Terri Walton Aylar önce
Sword build from Beckbrojack 10/10 Sword build from Adam 2/10 Sword build from Christopher 4/10 Sword build from Alec 5/10 Boat build from Beckbrojack 9/10 Boat build from Alec 7/10 Boat build from Adam 1/10 Boat build from Christopher 6/10 Skyhouse build from Beckbrojack 10/10 Skyhouse from Alec 0/10 Skyhouse build from Adam 4/10 Skyhouse build from Christopher 3/10 McDonald’s from Christopher 0/10 McDonald’s from Alec 4/10 McDonald’s from Adam 3/10
Legendary_Godsilla Aylar önce
Finally, Jack did on 1.19 version.
Sweets Lad
Sweets Lad 2 gün önce
I love you/@
Richard von Abayon
Richard von Abayon 25 gün önce
Richard von Abayon
Richard von Abayon 25 gün önce
lazy6969 Aylar önce
•••Gamer Pro God•••
I give beckbrojack 100/10 on all of his builds
Zameer Parker
Zameer Parker 8 gün önce
Jack deserves 1000000000000000000000000000 subscribers, keep it up! 👍🍪
Kelsey Bierman
Kelsey Bierman 14 gün önce
First round is Adam=2 Beckbrojack=8 Alec=8 and the other one is a 7
Jessie Ong
Jessie Ong Aylar önce
Jack’s one is 10/10
Bentley Hart
Bentley Hart Aylar önce
I'm giving Jake a solid 10 out of 10 for all of them
Josop 19 gün önce
It’s jack
Banana Eats kid
Banana Eats kid 23 gün önce
Boat-adam=10 Modern house-Jack=7.87 Sword in the ground-adam=10
raghavendra munduri
raghavendra munduri 9 gün önce
Your scores are the worst
raghavendra munduri
raghavendra munduri 9 gün önce
C'mon bro
Amanda Baysinger
Amanda Baysinger 8 gün önce
Jack’s builds are amazing
ghost 2 gün önce
Jacks build is a 10/10
David Marques
David Marques Aylar önce
Hey BeckBroJack, have you ever heard of the L_Ender's Cataclysm mod? If you're into bosses, then this mod is a must-download.
Taishi miyamoto
Taishi miyamoto 5 gün önce
@BeckBroJack can i get a reply?
zonaira saifullah
zonaira saifullah 7 gün önce
@BeckBroJack ?
Carter Ok
Carter Ok 9 gün önce
Hey wow I'm sorry 😔
KiWi Gurl
KiWi Gurl 14 gün önce
no one asked
Pan KM
Pan KM 15 gün önce
Jack is a winner 🥇
JayTrooper Aylar önce
11:55 Alec 9.5 out of 10 Jack 10 out of 10 cris 8.9 out of 10 Adam... 2 out of 10
Kelsey Bierman
Kelsey Bierman 14 gün önce
Second round Beckbrojack=7 Adam=7 Alec=7 the other one is a 6
foxesly 2 gün önce
10/10 for Jack he is on fire
Nikola Korpová
Nikola Korpová 9 gün önce
Jack has The best builds lol
SIMP- Super Intense Minecraft Player
Marshallreact 11 gün önce
Boat Adam:7 Jack:10 Alec:3 Jake:5
The Creator of Gigachads
jack: we need to move it me: I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT, I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT
Ryan Duke
Ryan Duke 9 gün önce
every build is 10/10 :) love vids
Max Carson
Max Carson 21 gün önce
10/10for all of jacks builds
Marcus Brown
Marcus Brown 20 saatler önce
jack is so good at cheating
Baby donna Mantoyan
Baby donna Mantoyan 9 gün önce
Jack score cheating 😂 Boot:5/10 House:4/10 Shord:6/10 McDonald's:6/10 Skyhouse:100/10 I will build this to my world😀😇
Taishi miyamoto
Taishi miyamoto 5 gün önce
7:18 it actually looks good 6/10
SamGamerTV Gaming Animations Fun
Next Video Suggestion: You should troll your friends with 100 players or using the More TNT Mod but not in TNT Wars and Bedwars.
J S Aylar önce
@Asia Alaniz is sus
Asia Alaniz
Asia Alaniz Aylar önce
MarcJioAgaton Gün önce
Jack's build is even better even if he cheat
Little Kinder Club Coloring for Kids
var scoreJake = 1000000000000000/10
Idk What
Idk What Aylar önce
jacks build i mean the person who built the stuff jack put on his side they’re builds r 10 i would say honestly
Sazzad Hossain
Sazzad Hossain 19 gün önce
main cerecter backbrojack in lvl one was a 2/10 in lvl. 2 was a 10/10 and in lvl 3 1B/10
Robert Standard
Robert Standard 8 gün önce
Bro from Jack is so good at building totally didn't cheat 11/10👌🤪💅
Atomic rose
Atomic rose 20 gün önce
This channel brings back really good memories. I used to try to spawn the cow Bessy? I think? Correct me if im wrong. Anyways when I was younger I used to play minecraft alot on my iPad, yes I am a child that is the son of this yt acc. Anyways I used to watch this yter all the time and I loved this channel!
Magdolin Botros
Magdolin Botros Aylar önce
The boat build:Jack 10/10 The Mansion build: Adam 10/10 (The rest will be a separate comment
Dhven1008🍟 cute puppy’s
100/10 for Jack!!!!!!! the house
Alex Idk
Alex Idk Aylar önce
NO WAY JACK you didn’t do this in such a long time wow keep it up I love that series
Yume Yume
Yume Yume Aylar önce
Raymond Bacon
Raymond Bacon 6 gün önce
I'll give it a 100 out of 99 but good job boys
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Aylar önce
jacks 3 build was a 8/10
Nataliz Torres I hate your videos
Can you do a build battle with out cheating!
maria chavez
maria chavez 18 saatler önce
Big bro Jack 1 million out of 10
Deena Kayy Ganigan
Deena Kayy Ganigan Aylar önce
The first build I liked your build even though you didn’t actually build it 10/10
Zephanaia Mohamed Nishan
Im going to give jack a 45/10
FlameCreeper 22 saatler önce
That giant Steve was massive bro😮
Divané le Roux
Divané le Roux Aylar önce
Jack won all the rounds tbh
Matthew Siebke
Matthew Siebke 10 gün önce
Alec’s modern house 9.5/10
Fnaf and huggy wuggy world
Jack's home is a 100 out of 100
sonic Wacker 66
sonic Wacker 66 15 gün önce
all of the buildings from Minecraft, 10 out of 10 for Bech bro check
Piedabest Aylar önce
Jack is amazing
Cynthia J Long
Cynthia J Long 23 gün önce
Echo Jack has the best sort in the entire world that he just built did not cheat but he did not cheat
Seth Creed Gaming
Seth Creed Gaming Aylar önce
Love the videos Jack
Wolfsquad 2 gün önce
Jack 10/10 everyone loves a good
John  Steve
John Steve Aylar önce
For Jack I rate 10 for all of them
Chit Lulu
Chit Lulu Aylar önce
Everything of Jack one is 10/10
Jennifer Reetz
Jennifer Reetz 2 gün önce
The winner is Alex his boat was beautiful
Codeblad Aylar önce
I can't wait for this build challenge
Nico Miers
Nico Miers Aylar önce
When I watch your videos it calms my stress down
me and i gedeza
me and i gedeza 26 gün önce
Wow I also used these houses especially with the giant Steve
Pan KM
Pan KM 15 gün önce
Jack wins in a row in front 😍
MothMan9974 25 gün önce
17:05 alec was moving without touching his keyboard
RSg4m3r Aylar önce
17:06 he has magical powers that allows him to click without touching the mouse
Tristan Williams
Tristan Williams Aylar önce
I think yours is the best Love the paste by the way
Rowan Hernandez
Rowan Hernandez Gün önce
Jack's: 20/10
Dhyana Shastri
Dhyana Shastri Aylar önce
I really like the mansion and I am giving it 1out of ten
Morgan Marrow
Morgan Marrow 28 gün önce
Jacks boat because it’s one of the oldest boats which is a raft
Yonga Aylar önce
Considering the time and work that goes into these sets, I would love to see some behind the scenes clips of the creation process. The designs of these are truly next level.
Mmoargynn Fallonn
Mmoargynn Fallonn Aylar önce
@KswaggReacts d ducky dB hhftrr
KswaggReacts Aylar önce
I’m very Talented and Hilarious to watch 🔥I do Reactions and Football and great Vlogs as well💯
monkey tube🙉
monkey tube🙉 Gün önce
Beck 10/10 won
Arman Sh
Arman Sh Aylar önce
Ur pond looks good so it’s 7/10
Jaden Matthew Nathaniel
Boat-jack=100000000 Modern house-jack=1000000000 Sword in the ground-jack=1000000000
Netcrosystem Aylar önce
I’ve made the last build lol. Using bedrock mods
Magdolin Botros
Magdolin Botros Aylar önce
The sword build: crizzit 10/10 The restaurant build: everyone 10/10 SkyHouse build: alick 20/10
sn0w w0lf
sn0w w0lf Aylar önce
I really like jack,s mc,donalds
Demon slayer
Demon slayer Aylar önce
Brekbrojack had the best built to me
Wolf Awesomeness
Wolf Awesomeness 11 gün önce
Alec:0 Adam:1 Jack:10
RosieNJoli 16 gün önce
Jack's 1 is 10 out of 10
Noor Makhlouf
Noor Makhlouf Aylar önce
Keep up the good work jack
Hannah Martin
Hannah Martin Aylar önce
Yeah keep up the good work
Kelsey Bierman
Kelsey Bierman 14 gün önce
Third round Adam and Beckbrojack =10 Adam=9 the other one is a 8
Bec Carey
Bec Carey Aylar önce
I pick Jack all of them 10/10
Nataliz Torres I hate your videos
Jack got 0/10 he did not even build anything
Leon Rutter
Leon Rutter Aylar önce
Black road Jack I like the builds that you had but I don't like how you cheated but the build that you cheated with those boots were actually pretty awesome basketball Jack
Ray Smith
Ray Smith Aylar önce
You should scare them with realistic bugs and alligators and all of that
Edmond Chow
Edmond Chow Aylar önce
Vanny Afton
Vanny Afton Aylar önce
They should
Vanny Afton
Vanny Afton Aylar önce
Sean Ferree
Sean Ferree Aylar önce
For real!
svtcarrot 11 gün önce
the boat is adam 10/10 chris house 8.4/10 alex sword 9/10 jack fast food 5.3/10 jack sky house
Jennifer Reetz
Jennifer Reetz 2 gün önce
The winner for some modern houses jack
Carmen Arroyo
Carmen Arroyo 15 gün önce
I'll give a jack a 5 out of 10
Kelsey Bierman
Kelsey Bierman 14 gün önce
First round=boat second round=a modern house third round= a giant sword in the ground forth round=a restaurant
Inferno_Gamerz360 Aylar önce
Hey Jack! I cheated, and hit the like button 100 times! P.S. how's it going?
Kd foster
Kd foster Aylar önce
Kd foster
Kd foster Aylar önce
MitrisMommy Aylar önce
@BeckBroJack HO
Colf Cole
Colf Cole Aylar önce
@BeckBroJack help me my minecraft username is abc 33colehenni
Deni Jovanovich
Deni Jovanovich Aylar önce
Oh jack bro love you vids
ngakita caroline
ngakita caroline Gün önce
Alex won 10000/10 everyone else zero
Shanna Albert
Shanna Albert Gün önce
Beckbrojacks modern house 10/10
Vivek Jaiswal
Vivek Jaiswal 21 gün önce
Emma Whyte
Emma Whyte 2 gün önce
You were cheating! I vote Christopher. (Emma’s son)
monkey tube🙉
monkey tube🙉 Gün önce
Beck won!!!! And 10/10
Ara Aroyan
Ara Aroyan Aylar önce
I was sad cz of Alex He did pretty good But they all laughed at him Kinda sad At least he was happy then
Atomic rose
Atomic rose 20 gün önce
Also have you ever seen the bendy mod? There's loads of them! Just pick any one of them if they don't work I understand but get and delete them until you find a good one 💯 👌!
Basement Furby
Basement Furby Aylar önce
Ah yes I always say in my build challenges with my sis I'm like IM GOING TO BUILD THE BIGGEST BOAT!!
TheFlamingKing Aylar önce
Nice video you never fail to entertain us.
M1cannon Aylar önce
Yah well said
Sean Ferree
Sean Ferree Aylar önce
Well said!
Breck Roberts
Breck Roberts 24 gün önce
Beck for every round 100000000-10
paris end
paris end Aylar önce
Hey Jack can you just add in like Alec good boy he is a visible potion to see if you’re cheating and he saw you cheating on toast and also Christopher
Matthew 22 gün önce
17:06 how is he moving when his hands are off the keyboard
Cesar C
Cesar C 7 gün önce
Beckbrojack is always doing good when he accidentally messed up if you mess up one singe thing you are caught be careful beckbrojack
Joan Felmlee
Joan Felmlee Aylar önce
I give jacks second build a solid 10/10
borky the borking doggo
@liamplayz123 yes
liamplayz123 Aylar önce
infinite is better than 10
Mark Gronda
Mark Gronda 11 gün önce
jack i rate yours a 10 /10
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