I Rigged a YouTuber Parkour Challenge 

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I Rigged a TRvidr Parkour Challenge
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🎬 EDITED BY - Mellomelt
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Today I got three TRvidrs (iTMG, Parrot & Target3DGaming) to complete a Minecraft parkour I made but it was completely rigged!
appreciate u a lot :D




1 Eki 2022




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@ParrotX2 Yıl önce
I genuinely don't think I've ever raged harder. GG
@JJJ-ti2ys Yıl önce
Oh hey I’m early… hello
@shadownight645 Yıl önce
@Justify970 Yıl önce
@Mellomelt Yıl önce
i'm honored 🤝
@Seizoo Yıl önce
halfway through the video i was asking how tf parrot died 400 times. 17:25 now i know
@Mark_catface Yıl önce
@mochaXX16 Yıl önce
my abcs
@deanacurtis7453 3 aylar önce
@Nothlng_Happend 3 aylar önce
400 ? It says 246
@iTMG Yıl önce
*seal noise*
@raymondzhu6685 Yıl önce
iTMG is a literal SEAL 🦭
@bubbles19746 Yıl önce
hello iTMG your content is absolutely amazing especially when you rickrolled Tommyinnits show, the editing was so good
@iiMoumen Yıl önce
Hey seal
@Aurora_Animates Yıl önce
Im a big fan :))
@iraadq1339 Yıl önce
iTMG is EXTREMLY talented with music blocks and parkour
@Hi.lo_ol.817tw Yıl önce
I want to be like ItMG too
@s1snk700 Yıl önce
i remember when it was 2019 and wach iTMG
Yes thats correkt
@kaka8635 Yıl önce
Nah he is bad
@BenTMCB 8 aylar önce
@@kaka8635 they're not amazing but they're def not bad
@ImPuffed Yıl önce
iTMG is silent but deadly lol
@bamboozled2697 Yıl önce
I love iTMG’s sound effects lol
@loyalty_guy Yıl önce
Itmg is so smart they used fov tech for checking for barrier blocks
@AaronPlayYT1 Yıl önce
And mid
@ImPuffed Yıl önce
@@AaronPlayYT1 no no no
@AaronPlayYT1 Yıl önce
@@ImPuffed k
@King_DiamondYT Yıl önce
Itmg was smart with the f5 trick for seeing barriers
@Naitsirch Yıl önce
@dartmonkey877 Yıl önce
@@Naitsirch f3 and f5
@bunny_5172 Yıl önce
yeah that was smat! :D
@modekiller. 15 gün önce
So I used F5,see,using F5 gives the player a whole new gameplay perspective
But then she had a very good idea....
@walcap8440 Yıl önce
I love how ITMG uses chat it is soo cool to see ITMG finally is random pieces of content Is it me or ITMG gets seal sounds everythime
@stevesong8388 Yıl önce
Yee Hee~~
@Potato-ko3oc Yıl önce
i have aids
@steins3699 Yıl önce
yh i dont love how she is a they
@raiden... Yıl önce
@@steins3699 what 💀
@raiden... Yıl önce
@@steins3699 you know they could just be someone using a girl skin too right 🗿..
As we know there was a secret button which could teleport them to finish but 4:01 if u look carefully look a little back , the green platform which had the button wasnt placed and u cant see it
@Dobryak359 4 aylar önce
It's all fake :(
@alpaxolotl Yıl önce
But then I had a very good idea. I used F5. See using F5 gave me a whole new perspective and I was to see a barrier block I couldn't have seen before.
@Hexablox_gaming 11 aylar önce
@MonsDez. 11 aylar önce
iTMG in a nutshell :
hopper escape room guy reference
@geenethmethmin2487 4 aylar önce
@user-cb2ne4si6x 4 aylar önce
this reference?? again???
@thegamingman-ye2ec 3 aylar önce
Parrot: *cant do the head hitters* Also parrot: " *We do a little trolling.* "
@Raskyz7 Yıl önce
i love how itmg is so smart passing all the phases
@megaminx6140 Yıl önce
when you saw itmg do headhitters, if you shift to the back of the block, hitting and holding jump, then hitting forward 1-3 ticks later will actually cause the jump to auto repeat on the 10th tick (7th tick after landing), which automatically bypasses the 1 tick forced timing if you start from the edge
I understood that
@megaminx6140 Yıl önce
@@TGKPostsSometimes basically if you shift to the back of the block for a headhitter jump, then jump and start sprinting 1-3 ticks (~50-150ms but not exactly, minecraft is weird) later, while continuing to hold jump, you will auto trigger jump on the correct tick to nail the headhitter timing and its much easier than the tick precise input most people do
@tick1618 4 aylar önce
@@megaminx6140 you can also jam/hh from the edge in front lmao
@Derpled Yıl önce
love the new type of video
@amj0sh Yıl önce
Jeez this was so interesting. I’m glad this came on my recommended!
@ItsDKPP Yıl önce
Parrot failed his patience test
@lilmustard Yıl önce
how does this not have more views? amazing video dude keep it up 👍
@Mellomelt Yıl önce
appreciate it lil mustard :))
@tan.kai.000 Yıl önce
@@Mellomelt first person to like your comment:)
@Creator.5_ Yıl önce
Soon little mustard will need to ketchup
@Creator.5_ Yıl önce
Horrible joke ik
@TrulyAustralian Yıl önce
“Invisible barriers” *visible confusion*
@ajbgames3775 Yıl önce
Wow your editing has been getting a lot better! The replay mod looks very clean and overall it’s very entertaining! Keep it up melt!❤ Edit: Pin?
@Mellomelt Yıl önce
thank you so much :)
@user-vk3yk6rk8f Yıl önce
Let’s go I was the first one who liked this melts comment
@urfavsleepy Yıl önce
@DAGGieWeirdVids uhm
@Jeremonkey90 Yıl önce
I like the Nintendo switch error sounds lol
@AAAZ22 Yıl önce
@@user-vk3yk6rk8f no one cares
@MineBuilder99_ Yıl önce
Itmg was just the only one with parkour knowledge
@sunnybabe6424 Yıl önce
Great Video Melt your Editing skills are indeed incredible Keep up The Great work ❤
@waterteafan9264 4 aylar önce
Melt new upload basically made me rewatch his videos now haha
@Target3DGaming Yıl önce
Dude I think I need to go to a therapist after this experience (but invite me back for round 2 pls thx)
@Mellomelt Yıl önce
hmmm... maybe i will ;)
@DouggieReal Yıl önce
@DouggieReal Yıl önce
I think this is one of the best Videos you ever made
@rileytodd8298 Yıl önce
hahahaha this video was so well done, i love it
iTMG using F5 to check for any and all barriers what a legend
@Jzombi301 Aylar önce
that was extremely big brained
@charismics3415 Yıl önce
I love how Zyph has 152 deaths LMAO
@holybots7622 Yıl önce
ITMG's "Woooo" sound for everytime she is on screen
I like how itmg is using the f5 mode to locate the barrier blocks
@heyitsjustmejj Yıl önce
You can use f3 too for more accurate info
@GhostedMemes Yıl önce
@@heyitsjustmejj 8:15
Cool video! Parrot is quickly becoming a celebrity in the minecraft community LOL
@Aradze Yıl önce
I’ve seen you before
@@Aradze ok?
@Aradze Yıl önce
@@-thebanditpenguin-9309 your just a average commentor
@@Aradze hmm? Thats not an “average comment” lol, an average comment is like: its a good day when parrot uplaods or like this is great” lol
Love your videos! Keep up the great work!
@doceco Yıl önce
I like everything from ur vids and im impressed by your Parkour really much I'd like to sub all the time so ur really good at commands and vids totally all of them I mean all of them the most
@kcpka2124 Yıl önce
0:30 "would you go running if you saw the real me?"
@alexlamasclimbs Yıl önce
ITMG's soundboard is hilarious
@jc41eiei41 11 aylar önce
I never saw parrot ran out of patient until this video
@AnirudhSaiLucky Yıl önce
Love your videos!
@Wqbel Yıl önce
legends say parrot is still killing himselv. (and you got me like 3 times with the switch sound)
i was in targets stream when you recorded this good job love you
@sowososmooth Yıl önce
Yo melt congrats on the massive video
17:21 gold expirience requiem moment
@InvestorDailyFX Yıl önce
Wow your editing has been getting a lot better!
@DouggieReal Yıl önce
@SSand_ Yıl önce
You Should have put the button at the start of the map and made them trackback
@vespero3282 Yıl önce
I feel like Parrot is in every MC TRvidr thumbnail😂
@Mark-ir1nk Yıl önce
Parrot is awesome
@Ummerdagoat Yıl önce
ITMG literally figured out most of the tricks
@Purple1.5 Yıl önce
Target: I’m really good at head hitters” “Intentionally dies” Me: Ur cracked!
@Kavaitsu Yıl önce
Parrot giving up after half an hour: Me still being stuck on a checkpoint trying for five hours:
It’s so funny that they didn’t know that there wasn’t a shortcut after the maze
@ipug2086 Yıl önce
You should do this again but with the portal mod
@Deadlyhuntxr_- Yıl önce
ITMG is actually smart i actually guessed that she would do f5 and seeing witch one is the right way and wrong way
@yourboykeyvill6477 10 aylar önce
iTMG -Parkour Pro -literal seal After the talking itmg's head just ah
@iamcakeman12345 Yıl önce
Keep up the great content melt been with u since 10k
@cattymonn Yıl önce
I love itmg!
@MotorsMended Yıl önce
Target needs to learn the idea of low mouse sensitivity omw
@randomguy5668 Yıl önce
the first part wouldve been so much more frustrating if there was another block beside on either right or left
@ChocolatePeony1 10 aylar önce
I love the sound itmg makes when they dies
@voutable3276 Yıl önce
Make a full version of it this song is so cool
@boobas8127 Yıl önce
Now I know how parrot got so many deaths xD this video was very well done! i hope to see more from you :)
@qwertyuiop_4136 Yıl önce
Bro itmg using f5 to check for barrier blocks is.... It's just next lvl iq
@TheMediocrist Yıl önce
Hey Melt! Were the Astelina and Zyph deaths just to troll them or did they actually do it?
I watched this on a switch like a week ago and i remeber at 4:47 i was like WHATS WRONG ITS FULL BATTERY????
@sarad2487 10 aylar önce
I would troll people by making a life saving checkpoint… but putting barrier blocks around it XD
@DragonFitTiger Yıl önce
Imagine any of them found the button which lead them to win before they even do EVERYTHING
@urlocalvirgin. Yıl önce
Good laughs, broken friendships
@yenchung4168 10 aylar önce
I love how everytime iTMG dies she makes a seal noise
@Andreas0822 10 aylar önce
@Andreas0822 10 aylar önce
@Andreas0822 10 aylar önce
@09__02 4 aylar önce
they make*
@aveyac3881 Yıl önce
“I’m pretty good at head-hitters” 2 seconds later… *Dies*
ITMG is also a great noteblock musician
@AimL0l_ Yıl önce
this is basically the same thing skeppy and techno did like years ago but with different trolls
@GamerGuild07 Yıl önce
Rip techno
@3j_z183 Yıl önce
@@GamerGuild07 rip king
@wvsgaming 2 aylar önce
0:38 bombastic side eye
@Lightyboii Yıl önce
Less go itmg for the sealiest win ever
@johnellemar9376 9 aylar önce
You sound like kreek AND I LOVE IT IM SUBING
@MarbarMC Yıl önce
yooo the editing on this vid is insanely good :D
iTMG is so smart, she used third person so she could see if there was barrier blocks.
Early congratulations on 1m views
@RipRobi1 Yıl önce
*"Technically you can do a 4 block neo with enough momentum🤓🤓🤓"*
@risky1one Yıl önce
iTMG is smart as hell💀
Its cool how itmg used f5 to find where the barriers were
@aj_doge7734 Yıl önce
fr massive brain plays
@spirit4224 Yıl önce
The fact that none of them uses f3 to check for barriers amazes me
@cqrpet Yıl önce
i think you didnt watch the video
Parrot "accidentally" broke the server. me : accidentally?
@BobChess Yıl önce
Parrot broke the game completely 🤣
@mrnecrotic Yıl önce
20:50 **seal noise** **vine boom** **vine boom** **vine boom** *vine boom** **vine boom** **vine boom**
@jelly-butter Yıl önce
MelloMelt isn't even doing the parkour, yet he had the2nd most amount of deaths out of all of them fora while
@Cappotatomelon Yıl önce
wow just create small bits from stonecutter and make a string parkour😎🔥🔥
@minimingpk Yıl önce
Damn, they do be stuck at the triple neo.
@beanman9760 4 aylar önce
How did you not mention that itmg is the note block overlord and their numerous video about trapping people and playing some music for them
great video dude. im new to the channel and this was an instant sub
@SkylarIsStupid 3 aylar önce
if it was recorded please post Astelina doing it because i saw her on the scoreboard and was sad that she wasn't in the vid
@IMYOURPAPA77 Yıl önce
iTMG just cheesed the challenge by using f5 and f3
@ItsMeDurgesh001 2 aylar önce
Parrot had trust issues after this💀
@polarr8593 Yıl önce
ITMG had a smart way of checking wether their was barrier blocks cus in front f5 its closer if theirs a block their
@anthonyg6083 Yıl önce
this was awesome
Hmm yes lore momentum of parkour Mapps
@flysda Yıl önce
iTMG used f5 Parrot used attack cooldown and target just used luck i guess
@Shaadow_ Yıl önce
Great video melt 👍
@ava5121 Yıl önce
These guys have no idea what they’re doing if they struggle to even do a basic triple neo
the fail sound makes me think somthing is disconnecting
Let’s appreciate how does dude made all of this and had the cleverness to make this. GG parrot.k
@asmrjbuster8821 Yıl önce
Amazing work @ASMR JBuster
@NoorNoor-sc3en 11 aylar önce
🎉🎉Ilove your vids❤
You forgot to say that ITMG is a God at note blocks
the nintendo sounds got me worried for a sec omg
I Rigged a YouTuber Escape Room
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