I regret selling my channel. WILL MATPAT? I spent a day with MATPAT

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I spent a day with MatPat to learn the truth about being an analyst and his career on TRvid. Sponsors ▸ This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp - go to betterhelp.com/padilla to get 10% off your first month

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27 Mar 2023




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AnthonyPadilla Aylar önce
come back next week for *I spent a day with JIMMY TATRO* UNCENSORED ON SPOTIFY ▸ open.spotify.com/show/5aOLuPenneHbhLh05fmkeu
Gregor Haire
Gregor Haire Aylar önce
@Don't Read My Profile Picture ok
random meme
random meme Aylar önce
I'll have to see who's this "tah tro"
End Qualified Immunity
Hey, Anthony! When will you spend a day with Vaush?
Hope Larsen
Hope Larsen Aylar önce
for a video could you possably interview people who has been possesed or people who have been involved/experienced a exorcism. Sounds like it would be really interesting, love you videos great jobbb:)
Bernadette Hilt
Bernadette Hilt Aylar önce
Can u spend a day with people with select mutism or people with high social anxiety might be hard to find people with this disorder who would have the courage to go on the show but i think its a very misunderstood crowd n would really appericate a viedo
The Game Theorists
The Game Theorists Aylar önce
I've got a great idea: next time, we do an hour-long video of us walking down the street where we don't say anything the whole time. It'll be BRILLIANT!
Jervis-Jehan Laurent
Guy 4 gün önce
Just a theory a Smosh Theory
Ayush 4 gün önce
Hex Melshenker
Hex Melshenker 4 gün önce
Matpat. why. there was no reason. youtube only went down when it was sold with smaller creators having to fight for a semblence of control like RT. you have doomed yourself.
Dr. Lobter
Dr. Lobter 5 gün önce
I’ll be waiting! Can’t wait!
DOOPDOOP Aylar önce
To learn that Mat was VALEDICTORIAN, got a PERFECT SAT, somehow doesn't surprise me, it just gives me more mad respect for him.
Nirmiti 7 gün önce
That makes his Mario is mental theory even _more_ stupid.
Chris The Fiend
Chris The Fiend 9 gün önce
@Chris Langstaff Don’t let that discourage you.
Chris Langstaff
Chris Langstaff 13 gün önce
This reinforces something I've assumed for a long time...the whole "normal people can make YT/social media a career" is horseshit. MatPat is literally a fucking polymath superstar with a similarly amazing hot wife. If he wasn't winning at this, he would be a hedge fund billionaire or something. Padilla is a male model. etc. These aren't regular Joes that can be emulated.
MissTrillium Aylar önce
And of course, one of his first game theory videos was on tiddies
Robert Hunter III
Robert Hunter III Aylar önce
Every time he talks about his wife he seems so genuinely into her. Not in a “wife guy” type of trash way, but in a “hey check out this amazing person….. who happened to have married me”
Marné not Marnie
Marné not Marnie 5 gün önce
@gamingpotatojust saying asshole isn't specific enough. and wife guy is a very commonly used term lol
Panda Q
Panda Q 7 gün önce
​@gamingpotato He aint a Ned Fulmer
Robert Hunter III
Robert Hunter III 22 gün önce
@gamingpotato but the term for it is “wife guy”….. it’s been around since about 2019…. Most of them end up the same way, with a cheating scandal. Adam Levine, John Mulaney, Ned Try Hard Fulmer, that’s the most notable three that you’ll hear associated with the term.
✬. 22 gün önce
the bare minimum
gamingpotato 25 gün önce
@Celi Galaxii I believe the word you are looking for is "asshole." Because, although you are 100% right here, saying "wife guy" just sounds goofy 💀
Karim Jovian
Karim Jovian 11 gün önce
This was a great interview. It was great to meet MatPat during the Assassins Creed premiere back then.
Colour :)
Colour :) 10 gün önce
Honestly having them interact with eachother is amazing. They are both amazing talkers, but matpat is used to talking and Anothiny is used to listening. It’s amazing.
Abhi Aylar önce
As described by Keith from TheTryGuys, MatPat has not only helped the YT community, he legitimized content creators in the creative space, and made the businesses (who otherwise would've never understand it) realize creators' influence. Without him, a lot of current channels might not even exist
Eric Heide
Eric Heide 13 gün önce
He has been definitely one of the more influential TRvidrs as he has been a consultant for many of them as well as consultant to some of the biggest companies in the world
Wrap It Before You Tap It
He's one of the few unsung heroes of TRvid and seems like a genuinely good guy
Coralie of Jump With No Fear
@_ xlampix Woohoo, that’s it! Thanks. 😊
_ xlampix
_ xlampix 21 gün önce
@Coralie of Jump With No Fear I'm not 100% sure but I think it was in a Try Guys video where the guys talked about their favorite TRvidrs.
Delusaire Aylar önce
I adore their chemistry in this. That tangent about taco bell was gold
Eric Heide
Eric Heide 13 gün önce
To me this just like two old friends getting together to shoot the shit
Lila A.
Lila A. Aylar önce
I’m living for this dynamic. Two TRvid veterans, chilling in an interview room, five feet apart.
sandwich 4 gün önce
Cuz nobody can know they're gay
WhiteNorth Aylar önce
@Elena Rexach *both act kinda gay
Water Snort Moment
Water Snort Moment Aylar önce
@socialistrepublicofvietnam1500 It’s an old Smosh video reference
Rishith Prabhat
Rishith Prabhat Aylar önce
@Elena Rexach But that's just a theory, a GAY theory!!
flo Aylar önce
@Maguyon, Sean Lewis accusing ?? 😭😭
Ethabella Aylar önce
The amount of times as a woman becoming a physician I have been in a group of men and that same situation happened to me where a man says my ideas louder and they are acutally heard has been too many to count. I continuously have to prove myself by being asertive and repeating myself before my ideas are considered as equal to my male colleagues. I feel for Steph so much I am so glad she is getting more credit.
Joseph Daoud
Joseph Daoud 20 saatler önce
@Siege_Sensei but the male will then repeat the same idea and get recognized. Whether the idea is good or not is irrelevant here, what is relevant is how in some(most?) fields women have to put in more effort to be as acknowledged for their success
@Marné not Marnie tbh i wish i could, it's kinda painful to remember that people like him exist
Marné not Marnie
Marné not Marnie 5 gün önce
@ᴩʀᴇyꜰᴇᴀᴛʜᴇʀ i forgot about matt welsh for a while lol
Marné not Marnie
Marné not Marnie 5 gün önce
@ᴩʀᴇyꜰᴇᴀᴛʜᴇʀso true
nyssfromtheabyss 13 gün önce
@The Kaleni Channel fr like these guys don’t process any information
Coco Loco
Coco Loco Aylar önce
MatPat is absolutely adorable, he's so nerdy and cool and knowledgeable. Both Steph and Mat work so well together I'm so happy for them! Wishing to see what's in the store for the Theory channels
Lexie Conner
Lexie Conner 9 gün önce
Momento mori ❤
Garnet Aylar önce
I agree entirely! They're so cute and I love seeing them both in videos together! It's wholesome and refreshing in this chaotic world that feels full of meanness so often. I'm so excited for the new channel! Also: Memento Mori!! 🖤🤍
demi goddex
demi goddex Aylar önce
shout out to Davy for the immaculate captions. not only are they not auto generated, AND includes stuff like who's talking and [character voice] etc. but also describes the convo so well?? like. [belly laughing] and [guffaw] when they could've just said laughing but they specified. idk man I just think that the people doing the captions don't get enough recognition and as someone who almost always uses subtitles i really appreciate it
Kawaranai 2 gün önce
@Davy Does Things thanks for the personality you put into the subs Makes my day
loviepuppy 29 gün önce
Yesss!!!! People who do captions fully help me so so so much. I’m hard of hearing in one ear and also have ADHD to point I need captions to focus. People who do their captions seriously or who have fun with their captions make my days. Same with people who do trigger or content warnings. It’s the small things in life
Davy Does Things
Davy Does Things Aylar önce
omg thank you so much 😭😭
Gamma Centauri
Gamma Centauri Aylar önce
I like how this episode feels less like an interview and more like a conversation between homies who haven’t spoken in a couple months.
gamingpotato 27 gün önce
Hell yeah! Love these guys! I don't agree with everything MatPat and Anthony say/believe, but they are both really fun and likeable guys! This video was awesome! Edit: You shall never know what this reply said before the (edited) tag was added. >:)
Rat! Aylar önce
I remember when I first learned about this channel, I didn’t know Anthony Padilla was Smosh. I was only really active on TRvid after Smosh had already faded away. When I learned that Anthony Padilla was one of the Smosh guys, it was like… learning that you’re dating a celebrity, or someone you knew was secretly an immortal vampire, or like the old hermit in the desert is actually a master wizard… or something like that. Anyways, I love these videos, Anthony, keep making great stuff
AnthonyPadilla Aylar önce
D. all of the above
Rosanna Pansino
Rosanna Pansino Aylar önce
Two of my favorite people! Cant wait to watch this ❤
Lumi 13 gün önce
Eugeneman18 Aylar önce
Mr. Hankey
Mr. Hankey Aylar önce
Rosanna you should do a collab with EddiVR or Joshdub. It’ll be hilarious.
i love food
i love food Aylar önce
Anthony need to interview you next
Shrey Mathur
Shrey Mathur Aylar önce
So Ro, you should spend a day with Anthony next
cXspXr Aylar önce
matt is so wholesome, he truly has so much care and passion for an industry that doesn't share even a %1 of that passion. hearing him break down the eras, talk about stephanie, talk about his past history (with acting and analytics), along with his struggle to get a job aside from his intelligence. he's a treasure and i'm glad he's survived in this space
Fiction Lover
Fiction Lover Aylar önce
MatPat is inspirational I wanna strive to be like him in terms of Competence and compassion
misscrackwood Aylar önce
Okay but that 30+ minutes was way too short! I wanted it to last at least another 30mins! It was so interesting, we can always count on Mat for great interesting insight in the TRvid world! What a great conversation we were lucky to have access to!
Hinfold Aylar önce
Listen to the full version on Spotify!
Flo Oyarce
Flo Oyarce Aylar önce
MatPat always gives me this sense of pure joy. Ofc I don't know him but he seems to be such a goodhearted person. It brings pure happiness to my day. Genuenly hope the best for him, his team and his family.
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Grey Blories
Grey Blories Aylar önce
Their shared history and the chemistry makes me want to see them together more often. This was really fun to watch.
SenseiSharkTV Aylar önce
This guy is one of my favourite TRvidrs cause he fundamentally understands what he's doing and believes in what he's doing. Also works damn hard to do what he does! Great work MatPat!
Brock903 Aylar önce
Anthony should’ve asked Matpat, “What was in the box again?”, so he could witness him have a mental breakdown right infront of him about Fnaf Lore
Mohammed الحميداني
When mattpatt snapped at Scott cawthon because of the fnaf lore
AidenKarma Aylar önce
just something
just something Aylar önce
CoolGreen Bug
CoolGreen Bug Aylar önce
He says that fully expecting a mental breakdown, to which Matt ties Anthony down to his chair, pulls out a fully pre-made presentation about every single piece of FNAF lore and goes on a 4 hour talk about it
LemonPoppy0 Aylar önce
BAHAHA so true lol
Gaming and Non-Gaming
Gaming and Non-Gaming 23 gün önce
I would love to see MatPat and Anthony put together a 2 hour documentary about TRvid history
KanekiKendrick Aylar önce
MattPat and Steph are just so intelligent. It's clear in more than just their videos but hearing the behind the scenes, makes complete sense how they've had so much longevity.
The Flyfly
The Flyfly Aylar önce
yeah, they're like heckin masterminds
Username Taken
Username Taken Aylar önce
bro this half hour felt like 3 seconds. legit super interesting hearing matpat genuinely talk about the things he's passionate about.
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Charmynox x
Charmynox x Aylar önce
REPOST BECAUSE I WAS TIRED OF BEING BULLIED ON MY ORIGINAL POST 26:50 Stephanie is my role model. I adore that woman. She is extremely intelligent. When I found out she's educated in STEM as well as medicine, I was instantly inspired, especially since she's a woman. Seeing as we don't really get much intelligent female representation, still to this day. And seeing as I'm afab, she is an absolute inspiration to me. Any time she makes an appearance on any of the channels these days, I get so happy and literally squeal in delight like a little kid. I miss her on the channels so much but I understand why she isn't on there as much.
SeptixSkeptix 10 gün önce
I used to love game theory when I was younger. I was one of the people who were upset when Steph started becoming a regular on the episodes or GTLive. It took some growing up and some self reflection to determine why it bothered me so much and overall I think a lot of it was due to blatant sexism. It felt like she was invading our boys club. My go to excuse to hate on her was that I subscribed to MatPat, not Steph. Looking back, I realize that it wasn't just GT that these feelings surfaced, it was ingrained into my everyday life. I was even mad when they started letting women into my MMA gym, lol. I was being an idiot. So maybe something to think about there, Mark.
april 13 gün önce
same same same i hope she realizes how much she has inspired girls throughout her career im 20 now but been watching GT for 10 years at this point (omg) she made me feel better abt being a bit nerdy but more so being confident in being intelligent and not being afraid to take control
Charmynox x
Charmynox x Aylar önce
@*_Mark_* I assume you're attempting a joke but it fails because you misquoted my statement.
Supreme Clamitas
Supreme Clamitas Aylar önce
@*_Mark_* The Kardashians are business geniuses, but they're also just... not good people?
*_Mark_* Aylar önce
It’s slightly sexist to say we don’t see intelligent women representation when we have many intelligent women represented such as the Kardashians
Cartman Aylar önce
I could listen to MatPat talk about the functionality of TRvid all day. He's so passionate about it, and you could learn a thing or two.
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Angela Plays!
Angela Plays! Aylar önce
This feels more like Matpat interviewing Anthony than Anthony interviewing Matpat
Terrific Tortoise
Terrific Tortoise 24 gün önce
But are we really surprised?
toxci wtf
toxci wtf Aylar önce
zinukyo Aylar önce
Two guys just having a conversation
Kenna_King Aylar önce
It’s just what he doessss
N D Aylar önce
@MN8. What and who?
DJCarrotKing Aylar önce
I haven't watched MatPat in years, but now watching this has given me a different angle, he's a lot like Linus from LTT in so many ways. Smart, analytical and give the credit that other people deserve. It's a really good role model
Pandi Thompson
Pandi Thompson Aylar önce
Matpat is so precious and wholesome
Raina Aylar önce
I am loving the energy of these two together in the same room, it's actually mesmerizing how well they compliment each other
Owen Ehrlich
Owen Ehrlich Aylar önce
The more I watch MatPat, the more I see that he's amazing in interviews and streams. He can perfectly flow from topic to topic while still making complete sense lol.
Hannah Mew
Hannah Mew 23 gün önce
I love podcasts when you can tell the people are great friends because there’s so much chemistry
Numberer1 Aylar önce
I've been editing for Matt for almost a decade, he's an absolute legend and a wonderful bloke. Couldn't ask for a better boss or a better team :)
Taylor Horne
Taylor Horne Aylar önce
the editing MAKES THE VIDEOS!! your work is AWESOME man!
Confused Skittles
Confused Skittles Aylar önce
@nightblade628 Hated by nobody other than Olive Garden ofc
Silver_Eyes Aylar önce
You. Are. A. Legend.
Tomm Aylar önce
Never knew numberer1 edited for GT that’s acc mad
Lily Aylar önce
I just wanna thank you for your work , I grew up watching matt and I always loved the editing thank you 🙏
StrawberryGS Aylar önce
This was a really informative interview, thank you. I had never heard about the 5 eras of YT before, but it makes sense. That also makes sense why it's so hard to get started in this era, but I'm bringing my enthusiasm and doing my best.
Aspire C137
Aspire C137 12 gün önce
I’ve always heard that Anthony and Matt were really good friends, but I had no idea how much they build off of each other’s energy so well! They make a very good duo.
Cain Wallace
Cain Wallace Aylar önce
Matt Pat has one of the most iconic TRvid voices. Theorist channels wont be the same if he doesnt voice them
Amorcaecus Est
Amorcaecus Est 17 gün önce
Ya know it really says a lot about a guy when you read through comments and see so many people who know them commenting and saying how wonderful they are. It really makes me happy to see that.
Hunter Aylar önce
This is one of my favorite "I spent a day with" interviews. It was very entertaining to see how you guys interact with each other. I had no idea you guys got along like this.
Thea Bruun
Thea Bruun Aylar önce
Hearing MatPat explain the different generations of TRvid and basically being an encyclopedia of TRvid history is so interesting to listen to
april 13 gün önce
@Dacal LP he does have some videos abt how youtube works!! there’s not too many but there are some!! his videos are super entertaining i loved them growing up and love them even more now definitely worth watching!! i’m not sure what the names of the videos are where he talks abt the algorithm and stuff tho :(( sometimes he even sprinkles them into actual theories
Dacal LP
Dacal LP Aylar önce
does he talk about stuff like that in his videos? I don't really watch his content so often so I don't know. If anyone knows if he's got videos about that topic, please reply!
Al As 57
Al As 57 Aylar önce
Its insane that the Internet is now old enough to have deep cultural history.
Kutsuge Mind Urmoks
I mean.. he has been on the platform for a while. Makes sense
Brittany P
Brittany P Aylar önce
THE CHEMISTRY between you two is INSANE! What a phenomenal video!
Angela Wintering
Angela Wintering Aylar önce
Ok ok ok but hear me out: That last little bit where they were looking at the painting and trying to see a part of it for a code and stuff And the Fact that these two are such internet legends at this point I kinda want to see them do even just one video of them sleuthing something, or working together to solve a mystery, or SOMETHING. Idk, I feel like even in just a one-off thing it’d be super cool to see. 😄
Isaac Flores
Isaac Flores Aylar önce
This was the most wholesome video, I love both of them and it makes me glad to see them interact :’)) 10/10 interview
Immortal Jellyfish
Immortal Jellyfish 6 gün önce
Their chemistry in this video is absolute gold 😙👌
John Dough
John Dough Aylar önce
I think we’ve learned that this entire comment section once a “I spent a day with Steph” video on the behind the scenes work she does
TheWarriorscat Aylar önce
Matpat wearing his son’s bracelet is adorable. Best dad
Al As 57
Al As 57 Aylar önce
@Generic Dan Hahaha.
Paul Stephens
Paul Stephens Aylar önce
@Generic Dan Nah. That’s fine.
Generic Dan
Generic Dan Aylar önce
@Paul Stephens I know that. I was just nitpicking.
Nicolas Araya Bain
Nicolas Araya Bain Aylar önce
@Generic Dan Would be like saying, yeah I am 80% old
Paul Stephens
Paul Stephens Aylar önce
@Generic Dan oh I get it. 4 out of 5. Nice.
Dacal LP
Dacal LP Aylar önce
MatPat should do a Masterclass on doing TRvid, he knows so extremely much valuable information about it!
godlymarine Aylar önce
Genuinely smiled at this, I've watched Mattpatt and Smosh since the beginning and they deserve all the success that they have received, I hope they continue to do great things. Godspeed gentlemen.
Jedith Aylar önce
I had no idea Mat was so... involved? in everything Super impressed.
N D Aylar önce
I feel like the end wasn’t even a joke, they were just interviewing each other the whole time honestly 🤣
Social Taber
Social Taber Aylar önce
I remember watching that 1 hour special with them just walking waiting for something to happen, I ended up watching it all
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Angela Plays!
Angela Plays! Aylar önce
I’d like to thank matpat for being the reason why I over analyze things
GRIMM nova547
GRIMM nova547 Aylar önce
Me too
September Secret
September Secret Aylar önce
Naya101 Aylar önce
honestly, same here XD
MN8. Aylar önce
@kitty-kitten- this is the more positive one lol
I love that Anthony and MatPat started bonding over hard shell tacos during the interview, that was hilarious
Christina Xaiyavong
the producers really wanted EVERY angle of matpats face and i love it
Dona Aylar önce
God I can never get over how smart this man is cause you see all of his FNAF theories and think he’s insane but then you watch stuff like this and see he is in fact and insane genius. I love this dude 😊
Ailin Acedo
Ailin Acedo Aylar önce
Whenever they would get sidetracked it would result in the funniest and most interesting conversations.
Felix Aubert
Felix Aubert 17 gün önce
I think this is one of the only channels that can still successfully release 30 minute videos.
ghostmistwho Aylar önce
27:11 the devotion that Matt has to Stephanie and making sure that her work is recognized is truly inspirational
Androvsky Aylar önce
They made such an impact on me I couldn't possibly imagine it being only MatPat, and I'm not even a real casual fan!
Sundalo Sketch
Sundalo Sketch Aylar önce
Sarah is a Raccoon
Sarah is a Raccoon Aylar önce
Lil Cookie
Lil Cookie Aylar önce
This was basically a short podcast and not an interview and I’m here for it. They need a podcast together lnsooo
Lee Badenhorst
Lee Badenhorst Aylar önce
Matpat is seriously invested in data and his knowledge on everything is so so valuable.
LovJinxx Aylar önce
Man the vibes in this video were amazing, I loved hearing them reminisce on the past and hearing more about the how they felt at the time of olden day TRvid. I would absolutely love a video or podcast of them just hanging out and chatting.
Garrett Viewegh
Garrett Viewegh Aylar önce
I wasn’t sure back then what to think about the Smoah duo breaking up. But it seems Anthony is doing well! I love how his channel is just a talk show to discuss topic, talk with all kinds of people from every size and shape, and collaborate with other creators on TRvid.
Brooke Todd
Brooke Todd Aylar önce
I love Mat's tid bit on asking people to like and subscribe. He's stating data, but seeing it in real time is so interesting. One of my favorite channels, Mr. Ballen, asks that you subscribe if you like his particular content, but goes in depth on what you should do to the like button and it gets me every time. 'Waterboard the like button' if you will 😂
Call Me FausT
Call Me FausT Aylar önce
I forget how smart MatPat truly is. And he's so engaging with all the information he shares too. I would love to attend a class he teachers. I think it would sound so fun haha
kayrocket Aylar önce
I'd also like to attend a class he TEACHES* 😂
Mad Madam Meag
Mad Madam Meag Aylar önce
Some of the biggest TRvidrs are also the smartest. Markiplier was going into bioengineering, Mark Roberg worked for NASA, Mattpatt studied neuroscience, etc. There's genetesists, marketing geniuses, doctors, lawyers. It's endless, and awesome.
Samantha Keith
Samantha Keith Aylar önce
I would so attend his media courses at university
ashVGF Aylar önce
I havent watched an anthony vid in a while, this is sooo well done! The editing, the interview, and Matt is a perfect guest!
Kaylee Moreno
Kaylee Moreno 22 gün önce
ahh I absolutely loved this episode! props to both of you and how much you both have grown over time! crazy how long its been!!
Y H Aylar önce
Watching this was made me feel like I was meeting my friends after so many years! I was smiling the whole video❤
Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson 20 gün önce
I get the sense that these two are perfect examples of intuitive vs informed thinking. Anthony hits a lot of points where he's reasoning conclusions and thoughts with his experiences/discussions where Matt is able to agree, support and expand those points with his in-depth knowledge of the system. It's just a pleasure to watch.
willowflame13 Aylar önce
I honestly ADORE Steph, and She seriously does deserve all the recognition and love. Definitely miss her on the GT Live couch
Cheese Whiz
Cheese Whiz Aylar önce
I wanna see “I spent a day with Ian Hecox” and it’s just thirty full minutes of unbroken silence and awkward glances.
Delaney Russell
Delaney Russell 24 gün önce
@ShawnW aww man, that sucks
ShawnW 24 gün önce
Ian has mentioned he would like to do a project with Anthony unrelated to Smosh, but he knows the fan base is still so rabid for a reunion that anything they wish to collaborate on will turn into a shitstorm of fans going apeshit over a new collaboration and then getting disappointed when it's not Smosh, or anything close to Smosh. He's also said that's the big reason they don't make public appearances together, even something as innocent as going on a dinner double-date or playing golf, because fans will assume they're working on something, which is not the case.
Christian J
Christian J Aylar önce
I would want them to sing the Pokémon theme tune.
Delaney Russell
Delaney Russell Aylar önce
@Mr Middlestone 😭😭
Delaney Russell
Delaney Russell Aylar önce
BAHAHHA thats hilarious
KitBork_! Gün önce
I love the nervy between these two, just Anthony and Mat just being so comfortable to tlak with each other, just seemed completely unscripted, unlike a few videos. But this was just so cool to watch with just such a good energy.
OhHadivist 13 gün önce
I was a huge Smosh fan when that hour long video came out and I loved it. I watched the whole thing and felt such camaraderie with the other viewers who did the same lol
Andromeda Lps
Andromeda Lps 6 gün önce
Hearing about people ignoring steph’s ideas just to compliment matt for the exact same thing is heartbreaking. Steph is amazing and I always think of her when I think of the channel. She deserves so much love and appreciation and whoever pulled that sh*t needs to get their head outta their a** because she deserves all the credit for that idea.
Midnight_Demons Aylar önce
I actually genuinely loved this 😂 was more like 2 friends catching up than an interview type thing
Sadie Aylar önce
Stephs literally such a motherly online figure to me, it sounds silly but one day I wanna hug her and mat😅
Dani Carli
Dani Carli Aylar önce
It’s obvious these two are old friends because this feels more like a conversation than an interview 💜💚
Xenophacilus Aylar önce
The Taco Shell talk made it obvious XD
willow_de_mori Aylar önce
Yes, I love their chemistry and how they talk and react with eachother. You can tell that they are friends and that they both feel comfortable with eachother, it's awesome
Shortcake Aylar önce
Yeah I think interviews like this similar to the one with Dan are really fun and I think much more flowy and easygoing
Sun 🇺🇦
Sun 🇺🇦 Aylar önce
Lula Valentine
Lula Valentine 14 gün önce
MatPat is just amazing, not to mention absolutely brilliant (which is so obvious when you watch his content). I’ve always felt like he was just a good person. I don’t know. You see people sometimes and pick up on that right away, you know? I get the same feeling about Markiplier too.
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez Aylar önce
Anthony has had such a glow up. I love this man. Living legend.🎉
Merlin kim
Merlin kim Aylar önce
honestly, this is for sure one of the most enjoyable episodes to watch to boot. prolly for this year. i just had a smile on my face watching two dudes just talk it out. berrry nice
UnpaidIntern Aylar önce
15:10 I hope so badly that legal thing goes through, it sounds great! Make subs matter again. It also scares me how there's probably a pretty big audience out there watching this who are younger than TRvid, making us veterans (who remember youtube either being released, or at least the first era) feeling old
a.bondo_ Aylar önce
I've always loved both MatPat, Steph and his team and Anthony's team do much. I do wonder what it would be like to be in a room with them and just talk, because they are all such interesting people. Not because of fame, but because they are human beings that are so inspirational, funny, smart, and just have great stories with great people around them. In other words, they are all amazing people who are just great and I love them all.
Kailova Aylar önce
MatPat making sure Steph gets the cred she deserves is the kind of husband I want to be.
AuraMaster Aylar önce
Or need
@Exceptionally Riso tell me about it my dad still hasn’t come back with the milk. I have to eat cereal with water.
Exceptionally Riso
Exceptionally Riso Aylar önce
Doing the bare minimum is very surprisingly not common
Bonemarrow Aylar önce
Me too man
Nathan Danquah
Nathan Danquah Aylar önce
The pure struggle of getting a good name to roll of the tounge was amazing. I hope you, steph, the editors, and entire team will do well with this new change. Also I hope the new channel is system theroy
that's not me fellas
it's awesome to see mat getting some appreciation for his work as a data analyst!
Imatiredstudent 11 gün önce
I’m actually really intrigued by Anthony and Matpat’s previos work relationship. Like, now they talk as equals, both having their respective channels, but back then? Well, Anthony was clear he didn’t like the direction the company was taking his channel, while Matpat seems to have been a big part in deciding what that direction was! Like, board meetings and stuff! These guys have such a long history I didn’t know existed!
Ita C.
Ita C. 8 gün önce
It’s really crazy how someone like MatPat; excellent grades, intelligence, valedictorian would be treated like that when he was looking for a job. Really knows that everyone regardless of their talent is treated like garbage. It also makes sense why he felt he had to put on a persona because none of what he had done before had been good enough for anyone, when it was them not being good enough for him.
Mahael MBA
Mahael MBA 10 gün önce
i like how honest matpat is with his fans/ viewers
Brainiac Aylar önce
I know matpat is treated as this nutty character youtube stereotype (sans is ness, etc) but he is a youtube expert. man has survived on this platform as long as markiplier has which really says something. hes like the perfect guide for navigating youtube as a platform, as a business, and as a community. imagine if he made videos for aspiring creators teaching them how to grow a youtube channel with real statistics and that changed as youtube's own platform changed and evolved. its fascinating.
Bennett R. Davis
Bennett R. Davis Aylar önce
Are you asking for TRvid theory?
JayWalk Official
JayWalk Official Aylar önce
He had his days in the sun, but some of his later theories started to go off the deep end. I lost a lot of respect for MatPat after he sold out half of Subnautica's lore just to make a video shilling for teamseas
Nevermore Aylar önce
@TRvid is Censoring My Comments what's your facts?
TWBillionare Aylar önce
Alright what is your reasoning. Why do you say he is a pretender
Duckify Aylar önce
@Ethan Lockhart i think matpat did an interview doing that recently
JaRew Aylar önce
I always love these interviews, especially when it’s between to staples of the community who are pillars in their own rights. Thanks for the great piece of entertainment, I just wish it could have been 10 times as long!
aha 28 gün önce
I watched the full hour-long video when it was fresh, and I honestly loved it. It was brilliant.
Alpphire Aylar önce
This is such an interesting video, and super insightful into what TRvid was like as a content creator throughout time. On top of that, this basically feels like 2 great friends reuniting, its such a sweet and entertaining video!
Alex Napier
Alex Napier 24 gün önce
He mentioned having a moment that changed his life when approached by an MCN. I feel like I'm in that chapter for myself with my current employer. Not sure where things are headed in my field, but I have momentum again with my employment/career and I'm here for it. Not social media at all, but related to what I went to college for. We gotta stop and appreciate the things that can be missed or ignored. They could be the moment that sets you where you need to be going
Xio Figue
Xio Figue Aylar önce
I've been watching TRvid for a very long time. I have always been a fan of Matthew for a while. I have always admired him and how smart he is! I am so glad to see that you two have collaborated. Such thoughtful thinkers!
Starshiny33 Aylar önce
Yes!!! Steph getting long overdue recognition. She is a role model for me. Please please please please interview her. She has so much knowledge and creativity.
why Aylar önce
@William Van Niekerk and will was never heard from again.
Jay Chong
Jay Chong Aylar önce
@thebestPilot What a twist, it's been 7 days, that must've been it.
thebestPilot Aylar önce
@Starshiny33 Plot twist: that was the question
Starshiny33 Aylar önce
@William Van Niekerk Sure.
William Van Niekerk
Hey could i ask you a question real quick?
Terri Aylar önce
I keep relating more and more to the sentence "because sometimes existing is exhausting"
Complex2Live Aylar önce
The Fact Mat remembered how much watch time the 1 Hour Special has is Hilarious to me. Best Part of the Video. 😂
GardenSlug 13 gün önce
I feel like mathew would be the guy to memorize a script with lore in it for this interveiw
Anna Arnoldussen
Anna Arnoldussen Aylar önce
Yay and love for Steph!!! Also absolutely love watching Matt’s mind work! He’s brilliant and it’s so cool to see
ghosty Aylar önce
Honestly, Steph makes the game theory experience, especially with the older GT Lives. She was always so funny and smart and had great insight. I love her so much!
Invisible ButAin'tBlind
wow. wtf. I had no idea how much respect was to be had for Matthew. I had thought a lot of his success was due to luck, whether with finding the right things to analyse, or people stumbling across him online- now, I realise that with a personality, dedication and intellect like his, it almost doesn't matter how much lady luck favoured him. He feels like such an impressive force of nature here, that his success seems almost inevitable.
quantumwitcher Aylar önce
I feel with platforms like TRvid, luck will always have to be in the equation to a degree. That being said, I'm confident there aren't many people that could accomplish what Matt has with any amount of luck. Even though I've fallen off his content the last few years, I always have massive respect for his work.
naphy Aylar önce
this is why I love Anthony's interviews, it allows me to enjoy a creator even more, or start to emphatize with them, like in the case of amouranth
Jared Rak
Jared Rak Aylar önce
Well said! That's part of why I think his wife Steph is so important to work out. They're like a consultant team who've helped out plenty of TRvidrs directly. In a lot of ways I think this move to sell will help free some time for them to continue learning and exploring ways to help TRvid as a platform grow and be a great space for all creators
Joseangel Hernandez
It's funny you say that because all that theory stuff actually runs in his family where I think he said his father was also a theorists this was mentioned in a podcast between Markiplier and matpat where a lot more info is showed
Kalise 1d
Kalise 1d Aylar önce
I love Matthew and Anthony so much! And I love that within the span of two weeks Anthony interviewed Dan and Matthew who are both instrumental to my life!
Vanessa Harkins
Vanessa Harkins Aylar önce
"Gargle that lubed up beefy subscribe button...If you want." This made me laugh so hard I almost spat my Dr. Pepper all over my computer monitor. 🤣
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