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For the first time ever I watched a random episode of Greys Anatomy. And well that was a fun reaction! Greys Anatomy is a long running medical drama on ABC starring Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh and Patrick Dempsey.
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29 Tem 2021




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Rakhim Yıl önce
PART 2- trvid.com/video/video-UkCmRGy0qbA.html
Hana Omer
Hana Omer Yıl önce
The thing with Miranda was extra sad because she’s usually really stoic and a bit of a hard ass on her interns. So to watch her freak out after realizing her only way to save Charles was gone broke my heart. 😭 You should definitely watch more Greys anatomy! I’d love to rewatch this show again with funny commentary.
Rakhim Yıl önce
seems like people want to see more Greys Anatomy lol. More will be on the way soon!!
The Kuriboh 27
The Kuriboh 27 Yıl önce
“Are they bros? …They’re bros. I can tell they’re bros.” LMAOOO HE COULD NOT BE ANY MORE WRONG
Bel Marshall
Bel Marshall Yıl önce
“did she sleep with your boyfriend or did you sleep with her boyfriend?” actually they slept with each other💀
maddie Yıl önce
Liz Cywen
Liz Cywen 7 aylar önce
they are each others boyfriends xD 11:27
TayBear 5 aylar önce
Me: just wait until he realizes… 🤣🤣
r zi
r zi Yıl önce
sarah drew as april kepner is one of the best actors on this show. She delivered so many iconic performances.
Ethan Charles
Ethan Charles Yıl önce
"BRUH YOU KNOW DAMN WELL WE ARE GOING TO THE NEXT EPISODE." Now you know why the show has been going on damn near 20 years!
Meredith referred to the hospital as her sanctuary because she spent a lot of time there when she was growing up due to her mother being a surgeon there, and a legendary one at that! Meredith is considered "Inbred Royalty" among her group of interns because of her mother and her accomplishments, including winning the Harper Avery Award, not one time, but twice! Callie and Arizona (the dark haired one with the blonde haired one) get their own crazy episode in season 7, involving a car crash and a premature birth!
10 Yıl önce
You reacting like that without even knowing a thing. Imagine us that were connected to the characters, I cried A LOT.
Jessica Yıl önce
I hated Reed ("Anne Hathaway"), but nobody deserves to go out like that. I spent almost a month in the hospital and was too sick to worry about a guy walking in off the street and shooting people. Some hospitals do have very lax security, though- the biggest one in my area has the most non-existent security.
IloveShoBean Yıl önce
btw its not anne hathaway x
Jessica Yıl önce
@IloveShoBean I'm aware it's not actually Anne Hathaway- that's what the quotation marks are for. "Anne Hathaway" is what he called her.
I hated Reed from minute one with her insensitive remark about George! But she should have kept her mouth shut about being a surgeon and maybe she'd still be around!
beth 9891
beth 9891 Yıl önce
Yeah the hospital I work at had almost no security. It's kind of worrying when you think of how many distressing and potentially volatile situations happen there
Dana Yıl önce
@TheDarkElmStreetLagoon i mean she didn’t know the guy was gonna shoot her for being a surgeon
Catys.M Yıl önce
React to more episodes random! I would recommend episodes between season 1-10 cuz they are the best in my opinion, my fav seasons are 6-8
Rachel Ravenclaw
Rachel Ravenclaw Yıl önce
Agree on both counts
Valeria Zenoni
Valeria Zenoni Yıl önce
I don't really like seasons 1 to 3
Leedoodle Yıl önce
@Valeria Zenoni really?! Season 2 is great though, one of the best imo. I’d say my top 2 seasons are 2 and 6.
holocene Yıl önce
s6-8 definitely the best seasons of greys, id prob even include 9, i love the "buying the hospital" drama
Valeria Zenoni
Valeria Zenoni Yıl önce
@Leedoodle I didn't really like the plots. Meredith and Derek being on and off was fun for the first three episodes.
LEF2 Yıl önce
Meredith is not allowed to do a surgery on Derek cause he's her husband
Hana Omer
Hana Omer Yıl önce
That and Cristina had the most cardiothoracic experience after working under both Dr. Burke and Dr. Altman.
Charlotte SPN
Charlotte SPN Yıl önce
You just re-examining your personal biases with Callie & Arizona and then when Cristina said she'd do the surgery was hilarious :p
Jasmine Barton
Jasmine Barton 5 aylar önce
Interestingly these are the first episodes I saw of this series as well. It was an accident, I turned the channel and saw the guy kill Reed and I couldn't stop watching. I went back to the beginning and watched all of the episodes.
Aleigha McKenzie
Aleigha McKenzie Yıl önce
"This actress is killing it right now....well killing probably isn't the right term to use now but" 🤣🤣🤣 I spit out my drink that shit caught me off guard lmao. PS. Gotta watch that season 8 last 2 episodes plane crash episodes
Rakhim Yıl önce
Check out part 2, u might be surprised lol
Lexi 6 aylar önce
i can kind of see the frustration with meredith's miscarriage but because im not sure if you know, high amounts of stress does cause it. ive had coworkers who've suffered though miscarriages because of their stress and its a really hard thing for them to go through...
Shari S
Shari S 2 aylar önce
This was one of the best (and worst) episodes. The characters that died were just starting to become favourites... so it felt like their characters were unfinished. At the same time knowing someone was going to die you were just praying it wasn't one of the long term favourites.
That was a great reaction!! One of my absolute favorite shows.
246kisses Yıl önce
Your reactions are hilarious! I definitely would love to see you react to more grey’s
CL Williams
CL Williams 6 aylar önce
The Stephanie call out at the end 😂😂😂😂😂. Just gonna say, Stephanie was actually an intern/resident later on.
Katie Denmark
Katie Denmark Yıl önce
Well there is a hospital policy that family members aren’t allowed to do any surgery on other family members. so Meredith couldn’t do surgery on Derek.
ERAUPRCWA 6 aylar önce
You were affected by one episode. LOL, imagine how those of us who watched the show when this aired felt... We were losing our shit!
Cambria Tevis
Cambria Tevis 4 aylar önce
Grey's Anatomy is actually pretty accurate. When you do surgery every single day you know when you have to focus and when you can relax a little. Things aren't always "this person is seconds from dying". People talk about all kinds of things while doing surgery. They make jokes and talk about their vacation they just had. People come into the room to update the surgeons on the other patient they have. It isn't super common to have a shooter at the hospital but it is common for there to be domestic disputes. Some hospitals have Police on campus 24/7 to help with dangerous situations. I have heard first hand accounts of doctors being killed by patients.
More Greys Anatomy reactions pls. S1-S6 are the best seasons for me.
Logan O'Rourke
Logan O'Rourke Yıl önce
You have the exact same sense of humor as me and you crack me up 😂
Mags Yıl önce
you know when you have nothing to do so you are just doing different things on your phone but nothing is really making you “happy”/satisfied? Damn this reaction really broke my boredom cause I loved how into it you were, just like me when I was watching it the first time! I can recommend the other episodes that were on the list you showed in the beginning although all the crazy episodes hit you like 10x harder if you have watched the whole show, so if you enjoy it, def recommend watching the “slower” ones as well (esp. cause there’s some great humor in there too!) Whichever way, more greys reactions please!! Hahaha
M K Yıl önce
"he just shot Anne Hathaway right in the face" LMAO
Tammy Prevost
Tammy Prevost Yıl önce
This is also the first episode I ever watched from start to finish. I was hooked 😂
Elis Marques
Elis Marques Yıl önce
More greys anatomy pleasee
Rakhim Yıl önce
Well at least someone seems interested in seeing more 😂
Rachel Ravenclaw
Rachel Ravenclaw Yıl önce
Oo me! More please! 😂
Emillianna Martinez
More pls
Jelena Alison
Jelena Alison 5 aylar önce
those two eps were so had on me tbh. i did however want charles to die he was annoying but i wanted to see more of reed. also jackson the green eyed guy u kept calling an intern isnt actually an intern hes the same year as all of them ie mer alex (elevator guy) and cristina
Brandy Lee
Brandy Lee Yıl önce
Remembering that one time Owen hunt (the red headed guy) went to go turn on music while he was performing surgery but instead played the voicemail that was sent to his phone by accident of his fiancé (the blond he slept with this episode) having an affair with another doctor.
Megan Xx
Megan Xx Yıl önce
A few episodes you should watch Bomb episode - Season 2 episode 16/17 8x24 and 9x01 11x21 13x24
Rachel Ravenclaw
Rachel Ravenclaw Yıl önce
8x24 and 9x1 for sure!
Julia Smith
Julia Smith Yıl önce
I’m watching 13x18 now and I’m starting to worry there is gonna be some kinda plane crash again 😂😰
portia may
portia may Yıl önce
@Julia Smith not a plane crash, but I’ll only say that much lol. Good luck
Julia Smith
Julia Smith Yıl önce
@portia may I’m done watching it and I just don’t get how they keep doing this lol my mind would be empty if I had to come up with all of that 🤣 bombs, drowning, shootings, plane crashes 🛫🛬, John Doe that turns into George, explosions 😅 I mean I’m impressed 👏👏
Antonella Machado
Antonella Machado 8 aylar önce
Worst than arguing about who slept with who, is listening to a voice mail on speaker in which you hear your wife sleeping with another man. Epic.
Chicken Rex
Chicken Rex Yıl önce
You literally picked the weirdest episode to react to for the first time lol
Stan Liz Gillies And BlackPink
8:47 that guy is Dr.Webber he was the former chief of the hospital and the dr of the gunman's wife. 8:52 The blonde girl is lesbian and black haired girl is bi, they had a relationship but they were fighting cause the Blonde doesn't want kids but Callie want kids. Grey's anatomy is actually named after a famous medical book Grey's Anatomy. This show is crazy right? I don't know how did this become one of my comfort show. Yes Reed is your Anne Hathaway and she's dead. Miranda Bailey is a surgeon Please do moreeee
The dude was shooting up the hospital and looking for Derek because his wife was on life support and Derek followed his wife's DNR and the dude is going after surgeons bc a surgeon made the order but Derek is the chief and he was the one who made the order after she didn't wake up from the surgery he performed
Esmee de Groot
Esmee de Groot Yıl önce
I really liked youre video. you should watch season 8 episode 24 and season 9 episode 1 of grey`s anatomy. :)
Rakhim Yıl önce
Thank you!
Angel Cuellar
Angel Cuellar Yıl önce
Yess these two pls
Julia Smith
Julia Smith Yıl önce
Laura Eshelman
Laura Eshelman Yıl önce
Not those episodes 😭
Julia Smith
Julia Smith Yıl önce
Btw are you Dutch your username sounds Dutch
Cuttin-Edge Video
Cuttin-Edge Video 2 aylar önce
I have no idea how i found you today, but insta-subscribed! You bloody legend
Your_amazing 11 aylar önce
When you said you were watching season 6 I screamed. Definitely not a starter episode if your not prepared.
Smido83 Yıl önce
Yeah... random episode... sure... totally random! Complete luck that you watched one of the best episodes of GA ever aired...
Rakhim Yıl önce
Couldn’t risk picking some filler episode 😉
RamblingRose08 6 aylar önce
2x16 and 2x17 is one of my favorite two-parters.
faeyero 5 aylar önce
THIS was the episode he picked. 😂 (I mean, it could have been “Song Beneath the Song”….)
Svenja_1304 Yıl önce
Please more Greys🥺
Cornelia Lindblom
Cornelia Lindblom 6 aylar önce
The bold and the beautiful has been ongoing since my mom was younger, so I was gonna say that one xD
Lunisolace Yıl önce
you should react to more greys
Books with Aly
Books with Aly Yıl önce
You picked a great episode
Aria Demchy
Aria Demchy Yıl önce
Shortland street is also a medical show and it has 28 seasons
Sophie Palmer-Doran
i am not sure if the backround was explained basicly. the shooter is a widower who's wife died while under Derick 's care he was grief stricken and wanted revenge that is why he asks for Dr.Shepard i am not sure of the timeline so days / months tend melt in to each other but one thing is certain the shooter had a plan
L N 11 aylar önce
at one point you said "this is not the time to talk relationships" but you do need to understand, they practically live there. they get maybe enough time for a drink and a meal on their days off. most hospitals have people who will break rules, nowhere near the extent of these shows. but they have a goodish reason to have discussions at work. note that this comment only applies Befoee the active shooter starts marching through the hospital. at that point its ridiculous lol
Camila Ortega
Camila Ortega Yıl önce
you should watch the 4 or 5 last episodes from season 11
Gday mates
Gday mates Yıl önce
This is a really cool idea.
Jaylen Elizabeth
Jaylen Elizabeth Yıl önce
watch 8x24 or 11x21 for more like this one, or 14x24 & 14x20 simply by they are very funny and I love them lmao
Tiffany Coates
Tiffany Coates 8 aylar önce
Trying to decide whether or not to follow….. Was loving the reaction but your thoughts come out…… and they’re extremely misogynistic. Always thinking a woman needs a man- when they need another woman, ala Callie & Arizona….. and thinking Jackson is the surgeon….. because he’s a man….. When it’s Christina Yang! Ugh! Going to watch your crash reaction and see how you do! I really hope you do better because I was literally with my hand over subscribe, and you were giving Jackson credit for doing McDreamy’s surgery. Ok- rant over but, please think about my comment. See you in your GA Plane crash episode reaction…… Btw- Doctors can work on their own family members….. Just FYI…..
This Is How It All Ends
What do you mean “random”? There are 19 seasons and you just happened to pick a best episode of the entire series? Highly doubt that
Adison Geiger
Adison Geiger Yıl önce
him: "that title just sounds delicious."🤣
Mal Carlos
Mal Carlos 3 aylar önce
You should watch the Chicago med hostage episode
lihihod662 Yıl önce
Pls see more episodes (season 8 last episode, season 7 episode 1 it show how they moves on)
Captain Cl04
Captain Cl04 Yıl önce
You: Idk how they top this Me: …plane crash?
Rachel 7 aylar önce
u have to see the "documentary" episode they did about the aftermath of the shooting
Tamila Sushkova
Tamila Sushkova Yıl önce
You should do Doctor who next haha
Rakhim Yıl önce
Maybe maybe
I_Just_Exsist Yıl önce
Why do you hv so little subs? This was a pretty good video imo. I'd just suggested turning up the volume of the show
Camila Ortega
Camila Ortega Yıl önce
24:49 omg there's a Stephanie but she came on season 9
KaylaMilano Yıl önce
Omg more greysssss
sophie Yıl önce
all of the episode names are song names!
Alison M
Alison M 3 aylar önce
High stress can induce a miscarriage 21:37
Mal Carlos
Mal Carlos 3 aylar önce
You should react to Chicago med
1000blunts Yıl önce
General Hospital has 67 seasons
Emily Watters
Emily Watters Yıl önce
thats not anne hateway it Nora Zehetner that got shot
una Yıl önce
You should react to 8x24 :)
Rachel Ravenclaw
Rachel Ravenclaw Yıl önce
Yes! In combination with 9x1
Captain Cl04
Captain Cl04 Yıl önce
7:24 | Nah, they were gonna get *McNasty*
Julia Smith
Julia Smith Yıl önce
Party venner2 Dansk
Can you react to season 11 episode 22 and 23??
•{rashōmon}• 8 aylar önce
Greys anatomy like there is gonna be a season 19 or sponge bob
Rene Gusmus
Rene Gusmus Yıl önce
More Grey's.. do the plane crash episode
Rakhim Yıl önce
Check out part 2 on the channel 😉
Amber Wilmot
Amber Wilmot 2 aylar önce
I know this was a year ago but did anyone tell him that this chick is NOT Anne Hathaway 🙄🙄🙄 Google a pic and you’ll know this isn’t her or type in Greys Anatomy cast for this season. Still not Anne Hathaway. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Mal Carlos
Mal Carlos 2 aylar önce
You should watch pretty little liars
samara maya
samara maya Yıl önce
Lol, bros no.. one in love with the others girlfriend yes
Sara Trautmann
Sara Trautmann Yıl önce
Her name is April
Stuart O'Mahony
Stuart O'Mahony 5 aylar önce
Scrubs and er I think used it how to save a life by the fray
Enzo Teles
Enzo Teles Yıl önce
Law and Order
Natasha Strydom
Natasha Strydom Yıl önce
So much comments, so little time...
Sara Rahkonen
Sara Rahkonen 8 aylar önce
levi vest
levi vest 10 aylar önce
Really got annoyed at how much you were criticizing the show.
ace Yıl önce
stop…… talking……. so… muchhhh
Celeste Mccauley
Celeste Mccauley Yıl önce
Law and order svu
6891 Yıl önce
Sounds like you have prosopagnosia, face blindness. You called someone Anne Hathaway that didn't look like her at all, and said you couldn't tell all the blondes apart.
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