I Ran a Bakery That Brings Customers Only Pain - Cooking Simulator Cakes and Cookies 

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PRO BAKING TIP: Bake everything at 9,000,000 degrees for 45 minutes. Remove from oven with your bare hands and sell immediately. Welcome to being a billionaire.
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More about Cooking Simulator (from Steam):
Become the ultimate chef! Take control of a highly polished, realistic kitchen equipped with all kinds of utensils and stands. Unlock and master over 80 recipes or use dozens of lifelike ingredients to cook everything you like. A simulator spiced up with a dash of real-life physics!
Key Features:
Career and Sandbox modes
80+ recipes
140+ lifelike ingredients
Perks and skills to unlock
Advanced cooking mechanics
Realistic physics
Your kitchen’s got all the gear a chef might need. Griddles, cookers, gas stands, ovens and tons of utensils like pots, pans, plates, knives, spatulas and blenders! On top of that there are over 140 ingredients available in the pantry: meat and fish, fruit and veggies, dairy products and various liquids. There’s also a full set of spices and herbs for adding that extra flavour!
Lifelike cooking experience! All the ingredients respond to your actions by changing temperature, appearance and taste. Every time you’re slicing potatoes, flipping steaks or boiling a soup, there are some real-life physics applied to it. Once you learn the cooking mechanics and start serving dishes, you’ll see yourself becoming a better chef with every new plate on the checkout.
Career mode is a culinary journey zero-to-hero style and your task is to gain fame for you and your restaurant. You’ll start from the basics and progressively unlock new more complex dishes and start serving more customers as your fame and experience grow. Once you master the recipes and workflow, you’ll be able to unlock various perks and skills.
However, if you’re not interested in playing by the rules, you’re going to love the Sandbox mode. Access all the recipes and ingredients and prepare whatever you like without any pressure. You don’t even have to cook anything! Game physics gives you unlimited opportunities. Throw knives like darts, set up cutting boards like dominoes, set the whole kitchen on fire, blow up the oven and save the day using a fire extinguisher!
Bake and decorate delicious pastries, cakes, and cookies! Run your own bakery and serve customized, delightful desserts. Sweeten your favorite simulator game!
Key Features
Brand-new bakery
New baking mechanics
New recipes, ingredients and utensils
Serving customised desserts
New Cakes and Cookies and Sandbox game modes
Brand-new bakery
Your very own european style bakery with all the utensils required for baking, assembling, decorating and selling your lovely desserts.
New baking mechanics
Prepare dough, add some flavours, stuffing, choose between various forms, slide it in the oven and decorate! The mechanics are easy to use and allow you to bake without hustle.
New recipes, ingredients and utensils
Got a sweet tooth? Well, you can now make your sweetest dreams come true! Master new recipes and learn how to prepare perfect brownies, cheesecakes, doughnuts and more! New ingredients include all sorts of products from flour and baking soda to fruits and toppings - everything a true confectioner might need. Let’s not forget about various new toys like baking forms, yolk splitters or icing spatulas. And of course, chocolate, lots of chocolate!
Serving customised dishes
Cakes and Cookies gives you the chance to add some personal touch to your sweet creations. Learn your clients always-changing fancies by following social media trends and serve customised desserts that will conquer their hearts.
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I Ran a Bakery That Brings Customers Only Pain - Cooking Simulator Cakes and Cookies - Let's Game It Out




2 Tem 2020




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Let's Game It Out
Let's Game It Out 3 yıl önce
BAKING CHALLENGE TIME: What will you bake? You only have these four ingredients: 1. Broken glass 2. More broken glass 3. Pool of food dye on the floor 4. Maple syrup GO GO GO
Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones 3 yıl önce
@Rolan Kavets So you just assume he isn't baked already?
Endlesss Journey
Endlesss Journey 3 yıl önce
@LetsGameItOut I love ur videos and im sure the amount of time u spend on the making of ur videos there is an endless amount of bloopers on ur raw footages. I would love to see a seriase about ur mistakes on the making of ur vides. If u r reading this comment plz consider it. Thanks
The21Savage17 3 yıl önce
I’d just give it to the customer to make it for themselves. idea from IKEA
H 3 yıl önce
crumchy pankac
Starstuff - S39
Starstuff - S39 2 yıl önce
Josh : "Is there a limit?" Frame Rate : "I'm in Danger"
Y33T 2 yıl önce
*Wheezes* hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
whiterabbit75 2 yıl önce
GPU: Oh, god, not again...
yeeyee gottem
yeeyee gottem 2 yıl önce
Rtx 3090: I'm in danger
Anne Kathrine Sonnichsen
His ram: This is fine
Michael Flarkin
Michael Flarkin 2 yıl önce
My wife is a baker, and actually worked in a donut shop for most of her career. I watched this for her, and the sheer horror on her face during this video was absolutely amazing. "The key to baking is improvisation" was the cherry on top.
Surya Panicker
Surya Panicker Yıl önce
As a person who enjoys baking. I can completly understand your wife.
GemRock Yıl önce
Deleted Devil Deleted Angel
@Tab9583 actually its not his mom its his wife you should read words more
Deleted Devil Deleted Angel
@Tab9583 I aint hating just sayin
Sawyer Fedderly
Sawyer Fedderly 2 yıl önce
Whenever Josh says “hold please” you know something magical is about to happen.
askme1243 2 yıl önce
Wonderstorm 2 yıl önce
Thatonepolishguy 2 yıl önce
# fax
Felix McKinney
Felix McKinney 2 yıl önce
Why is everybody saying “fax”?
Jihrexz 666
Jihrexz 666 2 yıl önce
@Felix McKinney fax
Matt Stanford
Matt Stanford Yıl önce
"Oh. My god. HOLD PLEASE!" The excitement in Josh's voice will never not make me laugh.
TheMushroomFairy 11 aylar önce
rasabuja 2 yıl önce
I like how he took us on a tour and in the middle of it he got distracted by how many jelly beans he can dispense
Ben Kleinman
Ben Kleinman 2 yıl önce
Ben Kleinman
Ben Kleinman 2 yıl önce
Pawprint1 Yıl önce
@Ben Kleinman BUS
Kaïzar Yıl önce
Jamie Parker
Jamie Parker Yıl önce
Quick To Tommm ,wm eIpp
CinnamonOfficial 9 aylar önce
Game: Here is our jelly bean dispens- Josh: IS THERE A LIMIT
RobloxGamer 10 gün önce
Game: oh god here we go again.
Laudado 3 yıl önce
i love how he finds a thing in every single game that he can abuse
Matthew Wilde
Matthew Wilde 3 yıl önce
Captain Stuhlgang
Captain Stuhlgang 3 yıl önce
###### ## ####### , CA
Will 3 yıl önce
I’m not gonna like cause 69
정하나 3 yıl önce
It’s called secret talent.
정하나 3 yıl önce
@Matthew Wilde wait that sounds wrong tf-
Calamity Cannon
Calamity Cannon 2 yıl önce
As someone who really prizes cleanliness in the kitchen, your cooking simulator videos give me a kind of existential dread I haven't experienced in 12 years. Never stop.
C J Yıl önce
Same!! I take it it's just a game and you can "clean up" with a click of a Restart button. Or, when it crashes lol
Jack Reidy
Jack Reidy Yıl önce
Wait what happened to you 12 years ago
Calamity Cannon
Calamity Cannon Yıl önce
@Jack Reidy The Military.
Erin MacIndoe
Erin MacIndoe Yıl önce
Pikawolf Yıl önce
its great isnt it :)
Orangey Studios
Orangey Studios 2 yıl önce
I love how confidently he said, “Yeah I set the whole kitchen on fire.”
Tilly n Dude
Tilly n Dude Yıl önce
Thats josh for ya!
Gamedog02 Yıl önce
Dr. Bright
Dr. Bright 9 aylar önce
While talking to the fire department about what happened
Mr Penguin
Mr Penguin 7 aylar önce
He’s proud of his work
COMaC47 Yıl önce
i love how he goes from trying to throw an egg in the bowl, to custom designing every wall possible, remembers he needs an egg, and just promptly drops in the egg.
Sac City Spidey / The Stupendous Spider-Man
As a baker, I can confirm this is how to ethically and efficiently make amazing pastries
ThatAverageGuy Yıl önce
13:29 I’m actually pretty sure he managed to put everything except the salt in the dough 🤣🤣
Teh Gundulf
Teh Gundulf 8 aylar önce
The big Nut
The big Nut 3 yıl önce
Imagine being joshs computer and you hear “is there a limit?”
Blob 3 yıl önce
Sad pc sounds
Kevin H.
Kevin H. 3 yıl önce
More like "Oh not again 😫"
Brockton Sorensen
Brockton Sorensen 3 yıl önce
*Guess I'll die then*
Cres Dc
Cres Dc 3 yıl önce
*sweats nervously and prepares mentally for the breakdown*
Olympique325 3 yıl önce
*why do I hear boss music?*
Metal Pipe
Metal Pipe 2 yıl önce
Normal people: *Grabs an egg from the fridge* Josh: *Stains the entire kitchen for the sake of decor*
Christian Hinkel
Christian Hinkel Yıl önce
Honestly Josh’s ability to absolutely break every game he touches is pretty impressive
N K Yıl önce
I like how even the most minor evil things he can do he does on purpose like leaving the fridge open lmao
Liam Cullins
Liam Cullins Yıl önce
The way Josh says “And now he’s REALLY UPSET.” at 12:27 never fails to crack me up. 😂
Morganic Smoothie
Morganic Smoothie 10 aylar önce
the food die & egg decor was actually visually appealing to me
Change 3 yıl önce
"Was there a bomb scare? Why is no one out here?" Josh they heard that you moved in, they made the right call.
Dead Locke
Dead Locke 3 yıl önce
Josh opening a bakery is a terroristic threat.
Roland Máté
Roland Máté 3 yıl önce
Pegasis Vera
Pegasis Vera 3 yıl önce
Josh, "Was there a bomb scare? Why is no one out here?" Also Josh, places about 10 tons of propane and TNT in a building and tosses a stick of dynamite at it from outside.
SpikesOmega 3 yıl önce
Just imagine him in charge of a military ammo storage facility. lol
the fun police
the fun police 3 yıl önce
Wow harsh but funny
Sean Lorenzen
Sean Lorenzen 2 yıl önce
I love the fact you make a living doing all the things in games that are as wrong as possible. Current favorite line is "how else are you gonna find the magic unless you test until your eyes bleed" from satisfactory
Axy the Axolotl
Axy the Axolotl Yıl önce
He is a professional software tester...
Korny 2 yıl önce
the amount of enthousiasm in this mans voice as he unleashes utter chaos will never get stale
Movie_Monster02 10 aylar önce
The excitement in his voice when he says “looks to be a blender” 💀
Nicholas Evans
Nicholas Evans Yıl önce
I died when he let off the fireworks and still had people buying his finest charcoal baked cookies off the floor 😂😂
Thunder Yıl önce
You're the kind of man to enter a buffet and make the owners regret "endless trips" to the buffet.
Emily Gim
Emily Gim 6 aylar önce
Is there a limit to how many trips we can make before we get kicked out? HOLD, PLEASE!
froggy woggy
froggy woggy 2 yıl önce
The worst possible thing to say whilst baking *“Let’s just add some of whatever this is”*
Vladimir K.
Vladimir K. 2 yıl önce
One other Josh says that pretty often.
Oh my true
Miloh🙈 2 yıl önce
But it's probably the best possible thing to say in Josh's scenario
Wonderstorm 2 yıl önce
Sky Render
Sky Render 2 yıl önce
Well I mean, that's basically how Worcestershire sauce came into existence...
DeathDragon1730 2 yıl önce
I feel like this guy and graystillplays would be best friends, since they both play games the same general way: torture and exploit society until they get bored or think they can’t do either anymore.
Q400 2 yıl önce
Ich stimme zu
Q400 2 yıl önce
aka "i agree"
Aurora Attempts Animation
I would describe them both as embodiments of chaos
Callie Higley
Callie Higley Yıl önce
I watch both of them for that reason alone XD
fabulousfangirl Yıl önce
They should colab sometime that would be great to watch tbh
Sienna Akamatsu Ch.
Sienna Akamatsu Ch. 2 yıl önce
13:43 "The key to baking is a little improvisation" - Gorden Ramsay probably
Pizzarules4 11 aylar önce
I know I’m a little late but could you imagine Gorden Ramsay reacting to one of his cooking videos just to see the horror on his face
Richard Žaloudek
Richard Žaloudek 4 gün önce
Oh boy, I think Josh just took his place of master chef
Angel Jauregui
Angel Jauregui Yıl önce
I love how josh gets really disappointed when he makes something that looks actually edible
nebula Yıl önce
"And lets give it a "hint" of sweetness, with 3 bottles of maple syrup!" -josh 2020
_Haloz _
_Haloz _ Yıl önce
I like the idea of josh looking like a professional pouring the food dye before he just raises it above his head and slams the bottle into the food
mi boi
mi boi 2 yıl önce
"Why is there no people? Was there a bomb scare?" 1 minute later: "Don't I have explosives or something somewhere?"
Brianna 2 yıl önce
1:42 for the first quote lol
Captie 2 yıl önce
It was the apocalypse
ULTRA GTR R34 2 yıl önce
Jay Nix
Jay Nix 2 yıl önce
True lol
*+ Shoto Todoroki +*
I love his laugh, it's so genuine and pure-
Kiri Kiri
Kiri Kiri 2 yıl önce
I wouldn’t say *pure*
*+ Shoto Todoroki +*
@Kiri Kiri ..Fair point
Inservio 2 yıl önce
Josh saying HOLD PLEEEEASE is the new christmas morning in my life. You KNOW what he's about to do, you can SEE what he has to work with, and yet... the frame that follows blows me away every single time. I just can't help giggling in awe at the carnage.
Astrid Rek
Astrid Rek Yıl önce
Isn’t it just the best to watch Josh’s cooking simulator videos right before and right after you ate dinner 😂
Matthew Prater
Matthew Prater 2 yıl önce
When you say your highly recommend eating a kiwi with the skin still on, I feel like there’s a good story behind you doing this lol
Damian! Emerys!
Damian! Emerys! Yıl önce
It’s good, just very tart
Kara Lloyd
Kara Lloyd 2 aylar önce
“ Yes, he’s ready to come to your children’s birthday party” got me laughing
Stormy Samreen
Stormy Samreen 3 yıl önce
Josh: "Is there a limit?" His computer: *sweats nervously*
TheYtNolan 3 yıl önce
His computer: y-y-y-yes 1 Josh: but I put 23457887234678824666422?
sakat 3 yıl önce
Computer be like cursed emoji one
bluehotboomer 3 yıl önce
His computer:why do I hear boss music
Nadia Tremblay
Nadia Tremblay 3 yıl önce
Ella 2 yıl önce
10:58 Love how Josh just casually yeets a knife across the room
Callie Higley
Callie Higley Yıl önce
I threw mine at the ceiling lights and stayed up there, im just waiting for it to fall on my character XD
ZaK K 2 yıl önce
Holy hell I forgot how hilarious these are. I’m literally in tears.
Matt Yıl önce
Josh: *Brings customer pain* French customer: Thanks, just what I ordered
Aronson Family
Aronson Family 2 yıl önce
Not five minutes in and Josh has already crashed the game ...I love it
Adamus Sutekh
Adamus Sutekh Yıl önce
My god, these videos are so funny. Every time I watch one I’m wheezing like a mad lad with how much I’m laughing at Josh’s antics
NerfedFalcon 2 yıl önce
I just love the way Josh reads the hashtags completely insincerely.
B 2 yıl önce
Wait, you're supposed to read them as sincere?
Sherman Powell
Sherman Powell 2 yıl önce
Hashtag buttery!
Dr. Kondraki
Dr. Kondraki 2 yıl önce
# c o f f e e
ok nooo
ok nooo 2 yıl önce
Wonderstorm 2 yıl önce
*# W E D D I N G*
Fei !
Fei ! 2 yıl önce
Bubba Bakeբ օպօ
Bubba Bakeբ օպօ 2 yıl önce
օպօ բ տ
Stan v
Stan v 2 yıl önce
16:20 Honestly looks more like a bucket of fresh void
As a void. I agree entirely with this statement.
Matthew Boire
Matthew Boire 5 aylar önce
MadeToSuck Yıl önce
12:12 the first time I've seen so far where Josh actually questions his lack of sanity,
someuncreativity 2 yıl önce
To those who don’t know, baking powder is added to cookies if they need to keep their shape. It’s different from baking soda, which makes them soft and loses shape. Basically, baking powder makes the cookies harder, but you really need to focus on the measurement. The amount of powder added to those cookies in the start will make them as hard as concrete.
SephirothRyu Yıl önce
Not gonna lie. The wall paint job actually looks awesome and I would actually put it in my real kitchen if it were wallpaper (and not, you know, actual eggs and food dye).
Hugh Mann
Hugh Mann 3 yıl önce
*"Was there like a bomb scare? How come there's nobody out there?"* Does... does Josh not know? ...
Akhil Unnikrishnan
Akhil Unnikrishnan 3 yıl önce
At this point, I just don't want to be the person to tell him. Ignorance is bliss, and such.
RoyalBack 3 yıl önce
He was working on this video. Obviously he hasn't gone outside for the last few months
allen YT
allen YT 3 yıl önce
Me: trying to get 100 like from a comment kyle:getting 106 likes in 30 minutes
allen YT
allen YT 3 yıl önce
Me: trying to get 100 like from a comment kyle:getting 106 likes in 30 minutes
Mishka 3 yıl önce
I'm pretty sure he *made* the bomb scare
Snorkel 2 yıl önce
Quite possibly the most uncomfortably hard laughter I've ever experienced.
I always laugh when he says "In fact I think this thing can stop a bullet"
ErrorSans_ 404
ErrorSans_ 404 10 aylar önce
Mission Impossible: Pastry Protection
MrWolf Yıl önce
Josh : "Is There A Limit?" His Computer : "Knows something bad is going to happen"
ErrorSans_ 404
ErrorSans_ 404 10 aylar önce
His computer: *screams internally
Chat N X
Chat N X Aylar önce
8:58 this is where Josh wasn't expecting perfection 😂
Michael Kaldwid
Michael Kaldwid Yıl önce
Josh: why's the street empty? was there a bomb scare? Also josh: Piles up propane containers and lights them before opening the store
Nick Kohlmann
Nick Kohlmann 3 yıl önce
Michael Mandry
Michael Mandry 2 yıl önce
I Love This Man Though
The Amazing Karnak
The Amazing Karnak 2 yıl önce
GrayStillPlays is like him on steroids
Carl 2 yıl önce
Call me Anon
Call me Anon 2 yıl önce
Hes the image you see for an example FOR chaotic engergy
Nick Kohlmann
Nick Kohlmann 2 yıl önce
@Carl Is that a more useful comment in your book?
Rm G
Rm G 2 yıl önce
9:21 Mary had little lambs, their hearts were black as coal, they crept into her room one night and ate her freaking soul
Qing China
Qing China 6 aylar önce
starswater 9 aylar önce
The best part is that they see this and go "Ah yes, I would definitely like to give him a copy of the newest version of this game for free, this is definitely what we had in mind" xD Thanks for being awesome, Cooking Sim team!
SomeThingGotYou 9 aylar önce
ricardios carbonara
I'm not really into games that much I just find this guy to be a star entertainer, genuine laughs every time, love the "outside the box" approach
Paxton Chambers
Paxton Chambers 2 yıl önce
I found this channel today..... and I haven't laughed this hard...ever. thanks for the laughs josh keep it up good sir.
Katie KA
Katie KA Yıl önce
I'm just appalled at how much dedication he has to finding glitches, I don't know how long he took to figure out the drawer thing
Bakudan Kame
Bakudan Kame 3 yıl önce
Josh's computer when it hears the words "is there a limit": Why must you make me suffer master.
WNShooter 3 yıl önce
His poor poor computer is suffering he must stopped
Yich 3 yıl önce
It’s gaming howtobasic
I just love this pic
Plot twist: He named his PC Grace
ij roblox and vr
ij roblox and vr 3 yıl önce
He will torture the sprinkles
Mr.Fusion Yıl önce
I'm dying of laughter every time I see Josh making a grumpy star cake🤣🤣
DrHamburgerJ 2 yıl önce
12:11 That's the first normal thing Josh has ever said
Celestiality Yıl önce
I love how his first reaction to there being no NPCs outside "Was there a bomb scare????"
Neon Rush
Neon Rush 4 aylar önce
A few minutes later: **blows up the entire shop**
AvoidSeth 11 aylar önce
He’s so patient but inpatient at the same time
Paul Talbert
Paul Talbert 2 aylar önce
No matter what this guy always makes my day with his shenanigans
Eddy Qi
Eddy Qi 2 yıl önce
i love how he makes something extremely funny out of nothing😂😂
eleithias Yıl önce
Damn Josh really knows how to break a game
Emma Gillis
Emma Gillis 5 aylar önce
The fact that he actually got the butter into the bowl on the second try really impressed me
Rob Thompson
Rob Thompson Yıl önce
I like how he always finds at least 5 things he can do wrong
VibrantVista Yıl önce
A round of applause to the man that can make donuts look like car tires
pro fortnite streamer
"I ran a bakery that brings customers only pain" French people: "Yes, pretty sure that's what they're supposed to do."
goef 3 yıl önce
pro fortnite streamer I was looking for a comment about that.
jopopo06 3 yıl önce
bien vu l'aveugle
Niklas Kristoffer P.
I'm impressed
EKRotte 3 yıl önce
Only that the french consider something strange to be bread.
National Security Agency
@jopopo06 Oui oui
rainbitgames Yıl önce
Josh is like an glich tester for the devs
ThatSkyPanda Yıl önce
Oh my goodness I remember before I had a youtube account this was the first Let’s Game It Out video I watched and it is still hilarious 2 years later ☺️
LittleDuck 4 aylar önce
I love the way that Josh always has to ruin a game in order for us to be happy.
Seth Demand
Seth Demand 2 yıl önce
Less than five minutes and he killed the game with jelly beans😂😂😂
Kecleo Yıl önce
I would love to see someone recreate the cookies in this episode using the exact recipe Josh uses. 18 liters of dough with a little bit of glass, and the terrifying decorations
El Duque Caradura
We already lost enough people trying to recreate the last recipes. No thanks
Bubba J
Bubba J 3 yıl önce
is no one impressed by the fact he literally glitched his way outside the store...
Alexander Holzer
Alexander Holzer 3 yıl önce
We're impressed but there's literally no game that can keep him in the boundaries.
You don't need to see his identification
@Alexander Holzer I'm waiting for there to be a game where it's part of the design that you have to glitch to complete it... ...and writing that reminded me of "The Giant's Drink" from Ender's Game_ o_O
Alexandra Melo
Alexandra Melo 3 yıl önce
u spoiled the video
Wolferton 3 yıl önce
@Alexandra Melo just don't read comments while/before you're watching. This is your own fault lol
Hana1LuLu 3 yıl önce
I just don’t understand how people figure that out. It’s like a different level of genius to me that Josh and SpiffingBrit find them!
masterboy 2 yıl önce
Josh should be in the Guinness book of world records for most patient person on earth
littledood 2 yıl önce
I'm convinced no game developer can stop this guy from breaking games
Imagine if Josh worked at a restaurant and cooked these weird foods? That would be CHAOS!
Schervonne 2 yıl önce
Imagine coming into a restaurant and Josh is your chef.
Hudson Crhonos
Hudson Crhonos Aylar önce
Josh just casually figuring out how to break out of the bakery
Zander Greenspun
Zander Greenspun 3 yıl önce
I almost passed out when he said "Oh something else is in there!" and the pumpkin just ever so gracefully fell out
Tymme Zinni
Tymme Zinni 3 yıl önce
I need to buy this solely to dig out the center of a pumpkin to put a firework into it
Kungfudragon 3 yıl önce
I feel like the tiny little "thunk" it makes as it lands just makes it even better
Pemuja Kufaku
Pemuja Kufaku 3 yıl önce
jinggu 3 yıl önce
timestamp please😔
jinggu 3 yıl önce
oh nvm it’s 17:11
bruhureadthis 2 yıl önce
i love this series, please keep it up!
Annabel Westwood
Annabel Westwood 2 yıl önce
Josh is so passive and I love it 😂
CoolDoge Yıl önce
Great Video! *Cooking Simulator + Josh = Pure Comedy Gold*
silverstar1178 2 yıl önce
the fact that game company give him their games just so he can break them is hillarious
Nanda Weinman
Nanda Weinman Yıl önce
Josh is so good at finding bugs he should be hired by a game to find bugs!😂👌
Fiore Fiore
Fiore Fiore 3 yıl önce
Beginning of the video: "Was there a bomb scare?" End of the video *becomes* *the* *bomb* *scare*
山の中のへび 3 yıl önce
obviously he glitched out of the map to experience the bomb scare
BongusTheGreat 3 yıl önce
Blake Broacher
Blake Broacher 3 yıl önce
that's just how it happens here
shxdyy 2 yıl önce
the developer’s really put a lot in thought to make the game enjoyable with the many shards of broken plates everywhere on the floor that magically disappear when the game is restarted. Epic
Azrael Mori
Azrael Mori 2 yıl önce
Within 6 minutes, The bakery is turned into a modern art studio that likes eggs. This is the content I come to enjoy. Pure chaos.
A Human
A Human Yıl önce
Lesson learned: never watch these videos while consuming anything.
Ralco Gaming
Ralco Gaming 2 yıl önce
I like how everyone forgot all those cookies had glass as a main ingredient. Just imagine that you go to buy a simple sprinkle cookie and instead your choices are burnt hearts and squares or a giant star shaped cookie, then you find out they all Contain love and glass. On the brightside internal bleeding is irrelevant since that's where your blood is supposed to be.
Jackson Laframboise
I kinda want somebody to try Josh’s recipe in real life.
TryonB 3 yıl önce
We need a "Developer Reacts to Let's Game I Out" series! I would love to see how developers react to Josh manhandling and breaking their games, haha.
Unidentified 3 yıl önce
Oh yes! That would be amazing
Ian Olds
Ian Olds 3 yıl önce
D33Z 3 yıl önce
Lily The Cat
Lily The Cat 3 yıl önce
I would pay to watch that
Roy-r 3 yıl önce
He has to react to Josh and GrayStillPlays. It would be a dream!
Bits Bits
Bits Bits 2 yıl önce
and this is why i love to watch Let's Game It Out
Mr Menova
Mr Menova 2 yıl önce
You just made yourself a how to basic video with all that egg tossing and cake baking.👍
ThisIsAnAccount 5 aylar önce
You know it's bad when Josh has a sudden realisation mid-catastrophe... "god.. what am I doing with my life?"
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