I Pulled Up On Nick Briz...

D'Vontay Friga
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They put the entire video together!



24 Eki 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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D'Vontay Friga
D'Vontay Friga Aylar önce
Sponsored by DraftKings. Use promo code FRIGA to get a deposit bonus up to $1,000 in free credits! Head to the app NOW to check out all of the other great odds and promotions DraftKings Sportsbook offers! dkng.co/friga
De'Angelo Turner
De'Angelo Turner Aylar önce
If you eva out that way agin let me kno bro if you can I got some hoopers we can link and go at it.
Johnwicksnipin Aylar önce
I NEED MY GET BACK ON HIM TOO 😩 trvid.com/video/video-BGsBN2GFWu0.html
Brandon Albarracin
Brandon Albarracin Aylar önce
Min 12:47 they’re making fun of Carlos by bopping the ball on his head
hm G
hm G Aylar önce
Hey fuck draft kings.. I don't gamble but I wouldn't promote wrecking family's with gambling addiction
AP Aylar önce
@Roseanna JUde uhhh "get backs" lmao imagine: respect, morals, integrity.. nahhhhhh got a get back to resolve. Smh lol
dwayne baines
dwayne baines 2 gün önce
Nicks team is doodoo. One kid has no business being there at all. The little Mexican looking guy that always sounds weird when dropping the N bomb.
SkillfulScott 2 gün önce
I can’t like anything associated w Briz Nick 😂
Jimbobway 2 gün önce
Stomped on him
VeDuDu 2 gün önce
The dude who was on nick briz was so good man damnnnn
Dangelo Washington
Dangelo Washington 2 gün önce
Did this nigga say size 14….?
Spencer Schubert
Spencer Schubert 3 gün önce
Aye who was friga guarding this game seen him on ig does he have youtube
Dakota Parker
Dakota Parker 3 gün önce
I wouldn't even pull up or give this dude or his channel attention his channel encourages violence in basketball like for real I can see you better than that big bro for real forget that dude and his squad their just out here selling wolf tickets encouraging violence
Chikush Odiz
Chikush Odiz 7 gün önce
😂😂😂😂nick disappeared after you hit game 😂😂😂😂clown doesn’t want no smoke all talk no action
Chikush Odiz
Chikush Odiz 7 gün önce
Nick is the clown of basketball TRvid period and blank
SANDRA Mccullough
SANDRA Mccullough 7 gün önce
He drunk right after him, hello covid?
Lue Walls
Lue Walls 8 gün önce
That dude Nick is only good for a fast break ugly ass dunk.. can’t dribble can’t shoot plays no defense like wtf
Begoz 8 gün önce
This is some pretty low quality basketball chasin highlights just watching each other miss
OnePumpMan52 10 gün önce
Crazy how polar opposite friga is from nick. Friga genuinely a nice guy trying to do good and nick out here trying to appeal to the toxic zoomer gen.
Dub4Lif3 10 gün önce
6:54 with the big ass travel, Happy Matt joined up with Nick, both them are fucking Clowns, that try so hard to act hard ... that its funny
Yard Greeting Business
Chris is a clown
EMoney Quarantino
EMoney Quarantino 14 gün önce
Nicks jumper ugly as shit with that leaning in girl shit, they play dirty and cry all the time. Salute Friga 💯💪. Good shit seeing Hezi there too.
HT Filmz
HT Filmz 15 gün önce
Never got so hype on watching a game winning shot on TRvid!
KINGH 17 gün önce
I justt got oout of rehab since sept. 15th can someone filll me in on all the beef
Dlynchious 18 gün önce
Nick talks a lot for being strictly a jumper
originalxkilla 20 gün önce
Every dislike is coming from Nick Briz entire fan base
Andrew Todd
Andrew Todd 21 gün önce
Carlos a clown lol dude is trash and so unathletic😂 he funny to watch though haha entertaining
Andrew Todd
Andrew Todd 21 gün önce
Everybody already knew you were better than Nick😂 let's be real lol
j s
j s 21 gün önce
Too much talkin. Friga gave him that Bquiet
Tre Smith
Tre Smith 22 gün önce
Carlos is just there
bruh3000 bruh
bruh3000 bruh 22 gün önce
That big dude needs some help on boards it's a 3v1 lmao
Crossfaded 24 gün önce
I had to rewatch this. Friga needs to 1v1 cash and TRY so cash can come down to earth.
Crossfaded 24 gün önce
Man thinks he has the 1v1 belt like stop it friga was chilling barely putting in effort 😴
riley 24 gün önce
people love to d ride nick so hard in this com 🤣 why y’all luv that bastard so much anyway like he don’t care bout y’all like Mr.Friga would 🤷‍♂️
Mereana Ransfield
Mereana Ransfield 24 gün önce
Much respect bro it takes a man to run it back humble as it is
I really enjoyed your video. It's so informative👏
Blake Mathes
Blake Mathes 25 gün önce
you wearin 14s????!
Trillaapino Oo
Trillaapino Oo 25 gün önce
Nick drinkin the moonshine got me dying🤣
Kevin Donald
Kevin Donald 26 gün önce
You don't talk to much and you are Humble that's why I subscribed
Roo 26 gün önce
5:37 LOL
Jared Wright
Jared Wright 27 gün önce
This looks like garbage time 😂
Jordan G
Jordan G 29 gün önce
cant wait till friga hits 1 mill
Marcos Lopez
Marcos Lopez 29 gün önce
Friga will always have more class than Nic
Cody Trumble
Cody Trumble Aylar önce
Nick is just bad I've seen him play go to his games if it's not a dunk he makes like 20% of his shots
san__pancrazio Aylar önce
no one passes
ZeahGoat Aylar önce
You got my sub, just for being classier than all those annoying noobs.
rentcq Aylar önce
ngl bro u a 🐐🐐
De'Angelo Turner
De'Angelo Turner Aylar önce
Bro I travel wit nascar and I worked that race
Eric Registrado
Eric Registrado Aylar önce
14:49 LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
The Trash Brothers
The Trash Brothers Aylar önce
I've been living under a rock. Who's Nick Briz bruh?
Elijah Davis
Elijah Davis Aylar önce
Carlos got something wrong with him
joshua velarde
joshua velarde Aylar önce
homie said average squad ooh dvontay slaps the whole average squad thats ong
V Ez
V Ez Aylar önce
Won’t watch anything with this bum Briz or bum Chris.
Jesstin De Leon
Jesstin De Leon Aylar önce
Nick is so annoying literally machine gun kelly
Leo Aylar önce
Greatest revenge ever
Alek Keele
Alek Keele Aylar önce
@cashnasty needs to react to this shit right here
not dead crewmate
not dead crewmate Aylar önce
JF92 Aylar önce
Damn boy, dry that hair off fam 😂
LaMelo Balll
LaMelo Balll Aylar önce
Ayydee23 x Friga 🤔🤔🤔
Datboykrug Aylar önce
Nick is ass boa 😂
Datboykrug Aylar önce
My Guy 💪🏼 You get more respect showing respect, most them guys internet thugs. You’re a real one Friga keep going hard dawg!
V Rapture V
V Rapture V Aylar önce
Just imagine if Nathan was there to play with D’Vontay! Nathan cold! Plus the fact they have so much chemistry together! I’d love to see that!
Matt Garcia
Matt Garcia Aylar önce
Nick didnt want smoke with hezi. Couldnt handle tay and hezi at the same time
Matt Garcia
Matt Garcia Aylar önce
friga got such a high release point
Matt Garcia
Matt Garcia Aylar önce
play against him again for the culture
Gallasek1 Aylar önce
But y’all didn’t win tho????
billybrooks1 Aylar önce
Where in Austin is this park?
Armymi33 Aylar önce
Basketball is unwatchable right now on TRvid. Get people off the court. You guys are the content creators. Tell them to gtfo and stay on the sidelines.
Michael Alvarado
Michael Alvarado Aylar önce
Beyond happy friga drained that shot on nick like that.. and the half court shot before 🔥
Showtime Aylar önce
i almost had a seizure in class
01010101 Aylar önce
nah that last shot was fckn nuts
Oz Hexenholf
Oz Hexenholf Aylar önce
Dreads is garbage
Jumpeeeh Aylar önce
Nick finally got what he deserved 🙌🏻
champ voy
champ voy Aylar önce
This is not B Ball. This is 1 v1 with ten players.
Max Biggaveli
Max Biggaveli Aylar önce
Best video yet bro 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 killed that man nick for game #Epic
Illuminati2k Aylar önce
Nick didn’t even wanna guard you
Jess Polo
Jess Polo Aylar önce
Carlos look smoked out now smh
jaydoubleuem Aylar önce
Magic is who Carlos thinks he is and sees himself as
Skylar Beaudette
Skylar Beaudette Aylar önce
jeremiah johnson
jeremiah johnson Aylar önce
If that chubby guy hadn't missed like 20 shots, to hit only 2 layups, Frigs team would have won in a walk. Somebody needs to tell him to stop mouthing off and learn to shoot a shot outside of 5 feet.
Robert Hightower
Robert Hightower Aylar önce
can we please get cash to react to this
Rosdy Dimaporo
Rosdy Dimaporo Aylar önce
hezi god didnt even give his best shot while playing them It is fucking warm up game for him
Jeffrey Johnson
Jeffrey Johnson Aylar önce
D'Vontay - acts like he's been there before. Nick - acts like a punk kid. One is a pro, one isn't. Just that simple.
BoiiBuckets Aylar önce
M F Aylar önce
8:49 nice travel dude
M F Aylar önce
9:23 another travel
Andrew Barclay
Andrew Barclay Aylar önce
Bad basketball… crowded court, fouls everywhere. I literally couldn’t stop hitting the fast forward button. Painful to watch.
Andrew Barclay
Andrew Barclay Aylar önce
Watched about 5 min of the 16 min video. Very painful to watch
Amaree Campbell
Amaree Campbell Aylar önce
and he took a shot of the moonshine friga da g.o.a.t. Well deserved celebration shot
Bobby Nite
Bobby Nite Aylar önce
nick is ass only rim runs and can barely shoot or drible also these 300k views compared to the 1 mil he normally gets must be stinging he even apologized to cash after saying he wouldn’t on a video 😭😂🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
Thristan Espinosa
Thristan Espinosa Aylar önce
what a baller those shots at the end😶‍🌫️
sixseventy420 Aylar önce
All I see is Nick and Carlos trying to act up. Good you humbled them. GAAAAAAME TIMEEEEE
TG- Trill Ting
TG- Trill Ting Aylar önce
donald Man
donald Man Aylar önce
I used to fuck with nicks videos but that last three just made my year
Amos Nickens
Amos Nickens Aylar önce
Let’s go my boy boy friga game it 💪🏾💯💯💯
JAY Aylar önce
14:48 that's how you properly trash talk. You don't gotta do it endlessly with words every video, but sometimes you just gotta let em know.
JAY Aylar önce
Kid Beanss
Kid Beanss Aylar önce
Magyc fkn weak. Tell him to stop showing & pass the damn ball
TheSco415 Aylar önce
why do everybody on Nick's team look alike?
Ganja Joey
Ganja Joey Aylar önce
@6:25 game starts
YungGucci B
YungGucci B Aylar önce
This shit was cool asf bro, but next time can you put a score board up?
Charles Williams
Charles Williams Aylar önce
Is it me or is that blue face
Mariama Kane
Mariama Kane Aylar önce
Carlos defense is still ass. 💀
makaveli bien hoa
makaveli bien hoa Aylar önce
Brown shirt smooveth like iso joe johnson
A Bizzle
A Bizzle Aylar önce
You lost 16-8. Tell ya boys to learn how to count to 16.
C Coop
C Coop Aylar önce
Nick looks like he has lost about 10 pounds
WHO’ZFANS Aylar önce
😂😂 trvid.com/video/video-wHue_DU8uMw.html
Tokya Aylar önce
Why is blueface so tall
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