I Paid Pokémon Artists to Surprise Me 

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i now have phone wallpapers for the next ten years.
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I Paid a bunch of Pokemon Fan Artists to 'SURPRISE ME' and this is the results of that! If you make any art make sure to use #CliffeArt so i can see it!
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13 Haz 2022




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calebstired Yıl önce
It was a pleasure working with you Purplecliffe! :D Thank you so much
ß.448 Yıl önce
The Sonic profile pic definitely set the bar a bit low and then ya blew it thru the roof!!!! Amazing art piece 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
emma games
emma games Yıl önce
MajinE Yıl önce
ur art went MORBIUSLY insane
Amethyst Rose
Amethyst Rose Yıl önce
Dude you deserve double whatever he paid you. That landscape and background was too good
Dragunzlayer Yıl önce
Ur art was one of the best I’ve ever seen good job man
Maria Aucoin
Maria Aucoin Yıl önce
Holy shit, Jack, I'm so happy you enjoyed the Piece I drew (I was the second one, Wegg) I wasn't sure i was going to be able to afford getting home from Uni, but because of you I was. Also, THANK YOU for realising gardevoir was a ditto!
BrookFox Yıl önce
good art
5t5 Yıl önce
No offense but community guidlines
Maria Aucoin
Maria Aucoin Yıl önce
@5t5 ??
Parker & His Brothers
@Maria Aucoin You said "shit" so all the little kids are going insane.
Toby Jones
Toby Jones Yıl önce
Damn you got talent 👏
WolfeyVGC Yıl önce
next time pay me to "surprise" you ;)
Purplecliffe Yıl önce
this scares me
XNook Yıl önce
Ja Li
Ja Li Yıl önce
@Purplecliffe lmao
@Purplecliffe u should play pal world lol if u don’t remember it’s the knock off Pokémon game with shoot farm and forcing your Pokémon to work in factories.
Jacorn_IDK Yıl önce
Calm down world champ
starikid Yıl önce
AHH all of the art is so amazing!! It’s always great to see creators supporting us artists
Cup Yıl önce
Hey good job!
Yağız Mehmet Türker
kokomis_fish 8 aylar önce
ParadoxRein Yıl önce
Purplecliffe, it’s amazing that you’re paying artists! We usually never get paid well so you doubling the price is amazing! Ty for supporting us artists!!!!! ❤️
bruh boya
bruh boya Yıl önce
Random stuff 😔🤟
Ey why u dump flamingo?
TheFyrsten Yıl önce
No way we finally found you albert have to see this snd have talk
Random stuff 😔🤟
Oh I know
Random stuff 😔🤟
I was there
Necrozma Yıl önce
The fact that almost every piece of fanart shown is incredible is just a proof of how impactful Purplecliffe is.
zZcottenZz Yıl önce
Necrozma Yıl önce
@zZcottenZz i'm trying to be genuinely kind here mkay
Necrozma Yıl önce
@ihaveaveryintrestingname the editor
*P L U R P L E C L I F F E*
Majestic Espeon
Majestic Espeon Yıl önce
If someone can make a portrait of him where he’s terrified of a wave of Bunnery coming down at him Or a picture of Cynthia running away in terror from him chasing her I will crack up laughing lol
Mythic_Ace 10 aylar önce
Victor Trevino
Victor Trevino Yıl önce
I like how Cliffe is giving flowers to a ditto pretending to be Cynthia in that artwork. Great touch
Drollbird Ygo
Drollbird Ygo Yıl önce
can we all agree, that triceps really showed us how amazing a fanart of a purple cliffe INCLUDING a whole cliffeside can be?
Triceppps Yıl önce
I'm glad you liked it
Wayne Yıl önce
That comic was awesome…and exactly what I’d imagine would actually occur… All the artists were amazing tho!
fr0ggz Yıl önce
my god this video was hilarious, the comic strip at the end though had me laughing, thank you for making this and making me laugh like you do whenever you post LOL Edit: last night literally the day you posted this i had a dream where you LEGIT CAME TO MY HOUSE, i almost started sobbing when i woke up because it felt so real.
DavidPlaysStuff Yıl önce
The comic strip was hilarious to me also
Lightning Leaf
Lightning Leaf Yıl önce
5:29 Holy shit-- all of those flowers are redrawn and not copied around... I wish I could draw flowers that easily! It is so gorgeous!
Randi Humphries
Randi Humphries Yıl önce
Seeing this makes me want to draw something now, and I haven’t done any sort of fan art in years 😩 just seeing artists get noticed and seeing you appreciating your fans like this is exactly why we draw ❤️ absolutely love your content
Tor-Keeby Yıl önce
2:20 I like how Purplecliffe doesn't realize Cynthia is a Ditto and Pokemen7 is trolling him
BreezyCat128 Yıl önce
These artists put so much effort into their art because they think you’re awesome- your fans think you’re awesome, too! Keep up the great work, Cliffe! ⭐️⭐️⭐️
teiteika Yıl önce
Jack you are the absolute realest for tipping those artists double it must have made their weeks beyond seeing how excited you got at their artworks 💕 I know my friend you commissioned for an avatar was in disbelief and finding out it’s your habit and not the exception is just all kinds of amazing. All the kudos to you!
OneUpGlitch Yıl önce
Shoutouts to Purplecliffe for always making sure to notice and respect the artists' pronouns.
NijiMarii Yıl önce
With all the art theft and mistreatment of artists in the world it is so refreshing to see someone as big as you actually paying *double.* I hope you do this again someday not for the money but so that you can highlight more artists :)
Speedpoffin Yıl önce
I love jack he’s so great him supporting the animation community and double paying their commissions thank you jack for supporting the animation community in general we’re in the era we’re Netflix and Disney will cancel shows before there even done so thank you
All of these arts are amazing!Hats off to the artists!
Omelette Emily
Omelette Emily Yıl önce
Love this type of video, would love to see more art from all the talented artists out there! Y'all are so amazing :D
Harmonic Convergence
as time has gone on, plurplecliffe has become my favorite pokemon youtuber, despite not really vibing with the content at first. thanks for making wonderful content, and for using your money to enrich the lives of people around you. cheers, and here's to many more great vids. (couldn't quite resist calling you plurplecliffe in the comments today)
Roman Winter
Roman Winter Yıl önce
I understand your username and I respect you very much.
Mary Bonner
Mary Bonner Yıl önce
This video is fantastic. The artists are unbelievable. Triceps was hilarious too.
Styxl Yıl önce
There were so many references in a lot of them and it made me feel happy for how much this channel has gone through.
Alora Bechtel
Alora Bechtel Yıl önce
This video was amazing! I loved seeing all the different art styles from the many different artists! What a great video concept! I would totally be okay with seeing another video like this in the future. Not only is it heartwarming but it's amazing to see all the different art pieces. The comic at the end was hilarious too xD
VINX Yıl önce
Dang it, I do follow you on Instagram but I don't check it a lot. I would've love to be a part of this! Hopefully you'll do it again at some point Edit: not to mention I've already drawn something for you (nothing you specific) but it was something I mentioned in a Feb stream so I didn't think you'd want it 4 months late
Zexal Digisaiyan Ash
OH MY GOD THAT ENDING!!! Those artists are WAY too talented to just be some freelance comission artists. Where are the Online Artist Museums at man?? We need more OAMs out here!
janine Yıl önce
all this art is truly a love letter to your channel, these artists put so much care into these
Aayush Gupta
Aayush Gupta Yıl önce
Fantastic art, I’m so impressed by the quality of these art pieces. Would absolutely love to see a second part :D
greyscale Yıl önce
this was so cool! very interesting to see different artist's perspective on how to depict you! all came out so well! great video and im excited to see more!
Dab Monstr
Dab Monstr Yıl önce
I love how purplecliffe can laugh at the unfunniest thing and make everyone laugh too
KiosheKat Yıl önce
i'm sorry i missed this I havent been on my art instagram in a HAWHILE. these are all amazing. I'd love to send you a traditional piece one day. drawing pokemon is so much fun for me
ITz SHOYA Yıl önce
Man love it, shout out to all the artists involved, amazing work 💕
CamKoudo Yıl önce
The references in every artwork are so amazing! From the eggshell on rayquaza to the un un un on the cape xD
erinnnn :)
erinnnn :) Yıl önce
aw these people are so talented, i loved seeing these
The Thunderous Star-Knight
I was laughing the whole way through! I have been practicing my drawing skills to be just as good and awesome jobs to all the artists!
Anthony Sanchez
Anthony Sanchez Yıl önce
you doubling the commission price is super sweet of you to do, im not an artist but thank you for doing that
You are amazing! Your content is halarious, I know you probably spent a LOT of money on this but I would love to see more videos like this!
Yo if you do another one of these I gotta get in on it it’s amazing We love genuine artist support in this house
lil_EON Yıl önce
I can't begin to explain how hard I laughed watching this video 😂🤣 especially that last part 😂😭
Keira Cross
Keira Cross Aylar önce
The one that drew dozens upon dozens of flowers...... I respect your commitment Flowers no matter how simple can take forever to get just right and aesthetically placed
Gummywurm :3
Gummywurm :3 Yıl önce
I hope you do this again some time! These artists are so talented!
Keydicken Yıl önce
Honestly I'd love to see another video of this! It's awesome to see artists I have never seen!
Ricardo Saavedra
Ricardo Saavedra Yıl önce
These artists are amazing and deserve more popularity great video like always👍👍
Dark Charizard Trainer
The talent of all of these artists are unreal and the last one made me laugh like Purplecliffe
Shannon Stanton
Shannon Stanton Yıl önce
so much talent on display, this was a great video
Bandersnatch Beauty
These were all really good, I hope you do this type of content again.
Keira Cross
Keira Cross Aylar önce
My favorite part is when you showed all the artist conveniently so I can screenshot and follow them on Instagram later. My other favorite part was the art. :)
neuraze Yıl önce
This is genuinely the best art I have ever seen I hade my mouth agap the entire video
tggamer175 Yıl önce
This is just Jake but being happy and wholesome This is what we need for content even if its once and awhile
Mallory Yıl önce
That was such a fun video! The art was all amazing, and I am sorry, I saw the award show, those people were just jealous because I honest to goodness thought you were the best dressed by FAR. But that's just me. You're awesome Purplecliffe! Don't let anyone get you down ever! 🙂🙂🙂
Douglas Davenport
Thank you for making me laugh every single video and making my day great. I appreciate everything you do. Once again thank you.
Konstantinos Yıl önce
I give all of the art 420 Chads out of 69 Gardevoir. Good job. Great video. And a very flipping big amount of Talent.
BigFatEgg_ Yıl önce
I would love to see more of this! I love Pokémon art, and this was awesome
serial designation Z
I absolutely love these art I wish I was this talented
All these amazing fan arts for an Amazing TRvidr! LETS GET CLIFFE TO A MILLION BY THE END IF THIS YEAR!
razzbexxa Yıl önce
It was so fun to work with you ;w;
Birds4life 7 aylar önce
Great art work
Christina Jenkins
Is there a way to send you art? Or is there a chance for a part 2? Also, the comic strip is everything, so accurate XD
Kie3 Yıl önce
How was every single piece of fan art incredible?! This makes you wanna become a youtuber!
jetstar miniatures
Hands down some of the best art I’ve ever seen
CxN14 Yıl önce
Wow!!! Man i always thought i was a good artist but these drawings made me feel like i can only draw Triceppps' drawings
Triceppps Yıl önce
That drawing was perfection
CxN14 Yıl önce
Sure it was Tricepps, sure it was...
RainbowRage 101
RainbowRage 101 Yıl önce
Awe I didn’t know he had an Instagram! I will totally make an artwork for him (not even as a commission but just because I love his content)
BrookFox Yıl önce
These artists are incredible dude
GREPAPA Yıl önce
Your happiness in this so good I couldn't stop smiling every artist in this was amazing
Pierre Wagner
Pierre Wagner Yıl önce
Oh my god the fibal of this video made my day,absolutely fenomenal. Keep the great work man
CamKoudo Yıl önce
Jack is back at it again with more amazing content :D
Albin Anderson
Albin Anderson Yıl önce
Jack is really the best comfort streamer I've seen
monkehboi Yıl önce
I really would like Purplecliffe to do nuzlockes again, tho it would mix with his current creative content which is kind of better but I would love to see it.
MelancholyNulla Yıl önce
At 2:28 I don’t think Jack realized that John is teaming up with the ditto behind the Cynthia and that Cynthia is actually the ditto playing Jack like a fiddle
Rose_Sylveon Yıl önce
Thanks for posting! Your vids always brighten my day!
SillyMilk Yıl önce
Keep Up The Good Work Jack. Love Your Vids.
LNL Yıl önce
WasUp Yıl önce
keep up the great content we all love you and you make us smile so thanks 😊
Cute Icecream
Cute Icecream Yıl önce
So ... remember how you said that Volo from Legends Arceus was awesome. Well in the post game he is the final boss and forces Giratina to work for him. And to fight Arceus you have to catch all pokemon and legendaries then play the azure flute at spear pillar. A light staircase appears where you go to fight Arceus in a noble battle way. After that he gives you a "part" of him which allows you to use Arceus. Each plate you give him changes his type and the type of the attack Judgement.
Daniel Chang
Daniel Chang Yıl önce
I love how there’s people that are like “great video cliffe” when the video is less then 50 seconds old
RevySIMP69 Yıl önce
Fax tho how are u gonna say its a great vid when it hasnt been up long enough to watch it to the end
Richard Zussman
Richard Zussman Yıl önce
@RevySIMP69 that’s the point
Taylor B
Taylor B Yıl önce
All the artworks were amazing.
doodlesquish Yıl önce
Dang these are so amazing ;w; Inspired me to want to draw something tbh. Wish I had seen this but IG be a bit screwy and I never saw it ;w; Oh well, if you do a part two, that would be so cool :3
Darkrai Shadow
Darkrai Shadow Yıl önce
Perfect ending, you Never disappoint PurpleCliffe
Palaeo Cryptid
Palaeo Cryptid Yıl önce
Oh wow, thank you so much for putting my piece in the video (first one)!!! This is incredible :0 I love your videos sm
NabbSurge.X 5 aylar önce
We are slowly but surely making our way up to 1,000,000 subs. I share your channel with all my friends! You are my fav TRvidr and you totally deserve 1 mill.
Nerdy Yıl önce
I hope you do another one of these because I would love to participate!
Creeper King
Creeper King Yıl önce
I can’t believe Jack didn’t realize that triceps send him a purple Cliff
Polly Yıl önce
This is amazing! I wish i had the talent to be a recoglicable part of the cliffside (my talent at drawing about the same as purple (Absolute Garbo) :/)
0Zepar0 Yıl önce
One of the best communities and wholesome streamer i have seen yet on youtube❤️
Nadim Yıl önce
You should do a poll to see if the people want some Team Chad merch,also ask the artist if you can,that should be the step 1
Memes1996 Yıl önce
The artists really gave you the drip ☺️💕😍🥺🥺
Seffers Yıl önce
Keep the amazing vids up purple! I’ve watch every stream stream and vid since I sub your definitely my fav TRvidr!
Cosmic_ Kittee
Cosmic_ Kittee Yıl önce
I need to use Instagram more apparently. This is so happy. I wanna do some fanart for you now lol
NoNate Yıl önce
Man, I wish I was in this, I am an artist too.. I would have loved to do something for you purplecliffe..
Mr Trash Panda
Mr Trash Panda Yıl önce
All of these should play on rotation before streams and during brb moments with a link to their instas.
Markmillian Yıl önce
5:30 has so much desktop background potential. Holy shit it is beautiful
Cait Rose
Cait Rose Yıl önce
Sorry buddy but Stari made you WAY too handsome 😂😂😂😂😂 where’d that chiseled jaw come from???? As an artist I’m so happy that you’re going out of your way to commission and even overpay indie artist you’re doing gods work my dude
Abby Yıl önce
Please commission Pokemon fanfiction writers next!
Lord Breloom
Lord Breloom Yıl önce
Pls do more videos like this! This was really fun to watch
Cameron Orcutt
Cameron Orcutt Yıl önce
It's so hard to believe Jack only has 600K subs.
Sanjana Salkar
Sanjana Salkar Yıl önce
Great videos! keep it up!
Shiny Pokebrawlers
I guess you could say that these artists skills are ün ün ün believable
Blazerr__ Yıl önce
Would rlly funny if the artist made cliffe wearing crocs in some of the art.
Valenut Yıl önce
It was an absolute pleasure my good sir
Qrow_Studios Yıl önce
The final one got me cracking up!!🤣