I PAID Bakeries $800 EACH to BAKE MY FACE!

Rosanna Pansino
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Would you buy ANY of these???
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I had so much fun making this buying all of these different types of for this ! It was really fun to try each cake as well as see what they were made out of. There were definitely some surprises in these! Would you buy any of these?

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This is not a sponsored video. All products purchased by me.



21 Oca 2022




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Next Ro, can YOU make yourself out of cake? Idk, it would be a good comparison to these cakes. Love you and congrats on 13 million! 💖
Cake 4 was most realistic, but with half of it being styrofoam, I couldn't justify the price they gave. For the price, and amount and quality of cake, #3 is best imo.
As far as I'm concerned, Cake 3 showed the most technical skill and artistry because so much of it was constructed with edible materials. If the picture was provided digitally, a monitor or printer at each bakery could have affected the perception of the hair color. Also, missed opportunity to use red velvet cake.
Amy Stewart
Minute of silence for the way that third cake was brutally destroyed... I hope the baker who spent ages making it doesn't see this 👀
Jelly Jess
The way Ro ripped off half of her cake head on the third one got me good hahahaha
Cottonie Hime
Cottonie Hime 14 gün önce
This makes me wonder what sideserf cake studio would charge for a portrait cake. If these went up to $800, hers must be like $1500+
I was really impressed with the amount of cake in the 3rd one but the fourth one definitely had the likeness down. It's a shame the fourth cake was made with lots of foam instead of something edible. That would've pushed it over the top.
congrats on 13 million!!! that last cake OMG 😍
I love how she asks if we’d pay that much those cakes 😂 ♥️ girl I don’t think I’ve paid more than like $30 for a cake!!
LJ Conrad
Thank you for cutting into them to see how much was actually cake! If I paid a lot for a fancy cake, I'd want it to actually be edible, otherwise I might as well have paid for an ornament instead.
Wendy Schlegel
The 4th cake looked the best out of all the cakes. But I was disappointed to find out that the only part of the cake that was edible was the base of the cake. I would not pay that much for a half of a cake that was square. The 3rd cake was the best design in my opinion because it was all cake, and the cake was delicious. However, if you could take the face from the 4th cake and put it on the 3rd cake then you have a winner. The whole video was really fun to watch.
I’ve been watching cake videos my whole life, and I have NEVER seen anything inedible (besides straws, pipes, and dowels) used for structure in a cake. Truly shocking
You know someone’s rich when they order $3,200 worth of cake. Lol. Love ya ro!
Tsubasachibi Streams
The first one actually did a really good and safe choice. While it's more common for people to have allergies from most things, a vanilla allergy is rather rare. So it was a safe and proper option if you didn't include a flavor request.
i kinda liked the first cake more than the second. especially for $175 instead of $500!
Madame Melone
Cake four wasn’t cake that looked like you… so I would say „task failed“…
Hannah Brooke
The most expensive piece of Styrofoam ever 😆 I'd be so mad if I spent nearly $800 for that
Yolanda Blake
I used to make cakes and these cakes made me realize I WAAYYY underpriced my work.
Rosanna Pansino
OMG Which Cake Was Your Favorite???
Elle Kay Gee
Cake three gave the most cake for the money so that’s my favorite. Although with cake four you might be able to save the structural piece for a long time and it looked the best, but still number 3 for me.
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